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Akamba shuts regional offices P. 10 End of the road for oldest bus company Ministry workers probed over NHIF Back Page House team scrutinises their part in the Sh318m scandal Nairobi Thursday May 24 2012 KSh50 00 (TSh1 000 00 USh1 500 00) RFr500 00) No. 17225 AGRICULTURE Experts want infected plants destroyed seeds milled under security Food crisis alert as bug hits maize crop How to sway house buyers DN2 What s on your wall can clinch you that good deal. Deadly fungal disease detected in South Rift and Eastern but spreading fast by wind and water BY GATONYE GATHURA gathura security. Already 40 per cent of the crop in the South Rift is infected and the fungus causing it is spreading fast to the rest of the country according to government experts. The disease could wreak havoc on the early maize harvest pushing prices above last year s Sh5 000 a bag record. Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (Kephis) the government plant doctors agency say the disease is the leaf stripe of maize caused by the fungus Cephalosporium acremonium. In a CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 AND JACOB NG ETICH jngetich 40% The maize crop in the South Rift that has been infected by the leaf stripe disease A new disease is devastating Kenya s maize crop and threatens the country s food MPs give army Sh19.2bn more for Somalia war BY ALPHONCE SHIUNDU ashiundu The military has received MPs backing for an additional allocation of Sh19.2 billion the bulk of it -- Sh14.7 billion -- to bankroll its Somalia operation. Although Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) are in Somalia under the Africa Union Mission (Amisom) Parliament s Defence and Foreign Relations Committee says the soldiers are getting their mission subsistence allowances from Nairobi. The Ministry of State for Defence will be expected to pay the allowances and thereafter seek re-imbursement CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 CONTRABAND Sri Lanka seizes 1.5 tonnes of ivory from Africa Sri Lankan Customs officers inspect 1.5 tonnes of ivory seized from a warehouse in Colombo yesterday. The contraband is suspected to have been smuggled from Africa and was stashed in a waste container addressed to a buyer in Dubai. PHOTO AFP INDEX News P. 2-11 16 Back Opinion P. 12-13 Letters P. 14 World P. 20-28 Business P. 30-36 County P. 37-39 Sport P. 63-67 2 National News DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Spy cameras to boost war on terrorists BY NATION REPORTER Spy cameras will be installed across the country to catch terrorists and other offenders in one of the biggest local surveillance operations the country has witnessed. Prime Minister Raila Odinga yesterday said the cameras will be bought at a cost of Sh8.3 billion money which has been sourced from the Chinese government. The cameras are expected to boost the fight on terrorism by increasing surveillance on criminal elements including monitoring the Al-Shabaab militia group. Mr Odinga informed Parliament of the grant yesterday as he briefed MPs on the security situation in Sudan and Somalia and the implications for Kenya.The government is expected to use the money to install CCTV cameras in Nairobi Mombasa and Kisumu. Other areas will later be covered. The installation of CCTV will help police with surveillance across the country Mr Odinga said during the PM s time. The project will form part of government efforts to secure the country with the PM admitting that events across the border were affecting Kenya s security. Al- Shabaab has become a more complicated enemy to deal with because they have recruited Kenyans. You cannot tell the typical Al-Shabaab by how they look. It could be your own brother he stated. Mr Odinga was also put on the spot on measures the government had put in place to track Kenyan youth who were recruited to fight in Somalia. FIGHT ON TERROR Bulk of funds for Linda Nchi operation House supports KDF quest for Sh19 billion CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 from the AU UN system the MPs noted in a report tabled in the House. Military hardware -- armoured personnel carriers artillery and motor systems communication equipment and ammunition -- will take Sh12.5 billion of the Operation Linda Nchi budget. The KDF comprising soldiers from the Kenya Army the Kenya Air Force and the Kenya Navy will spend an additional Sh2.2 billion on food petrol oil and lubricants. The MPs have also agreed with the Sh98 million Treasury allocation for the purchase of drugs and specialised military treatment. The committee also roped the military into the tax-exempt class saying Sh4.1 billion will be used to cushion the members of the Kenya Defence Forces from taxation of monetised allowances in the financial year 2012 13 . Some Sh1 billion has been set aside for emergency security operations. It is important to note that this operation has reached a critical stage where it has to be sustained despite our forces having been rehatted to Amisom says the report. The military had asked Treasury for Sh3 billion for the maintenance and sustenance of the KDF troops deployed along the Kenya-Somalia border for close and rear operations but it was only allocated Sh1 billion. The amount provided will not be adequate to sustain the rear operations noted the MPs. Another Sh9.45 billion was sought for military modernisation programme but Treasury set aside Sh6.65 billion only. The MPs insist that the full request be granted. This amount will go a long way in improving the military capability in firepower to tackle the existing and emerging security threats in the region they said. The MPs said the money was needed urgently to ensure that military equipment was in the highest state of serviceability that meets pre-determined United Nations standards so as to accrue maximum reimbursement . The UN will also require that the ministry provides to Amisom other equipment which are not available at the moment due to inadequate funding and the ministry is obligated to procure and avail (sic) the same says the report. The committee also wants the government to fund a joint project by the military the National Security Intelligence Service and the Communication Commission of Kenya to upgrade the Microwave Communication Network. It will be in the interest of the government to fund this migration so that the surrendered frequencies can be commercialised added the committee. GUIDE TO YOUR DAY Regional highlights Nairobi The Prime Minister is expected to open a marketing conference at Laico Regency before opening another conference for state corporations chief executive officers at KICC -Amnesty International s Global Human Rights Report 2012 is scheduled to be released this morning -Civil societies are expected to hold a breakfast meeting on Public Benefits Organisation Bill -Standard Chartered Bank to hold its Annual General Meeting at the Safari Park Hotel Security Secure country I call upon Kenyans to be extra vigilant and to supplement the good work of our security forces... this way we shall be able to successfully contain any security threats President Mwai Kibaki while declaring Operation Linda Nchi a success. Page 6 In the news Nairobi The Speakers of the National Assembly and Senate Deputy President as well as the Chief Justice will earn the same salary if new proposals by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission are adopted. Page 8 Nairobi The battle over the new electoral units created by the electoral commission began in earnest yesterday before a bench of five judges. Page 9 Baringo Justice assistant minister William Cheptumo wants Internal Security minister George Saitoti and Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere to resign for failing to contain insecurity in Baringo. Page 37 Mombasa Mombasa Island and all coastal towns have no functional sewerage systems say regional water and sanitation officials. Page 39 This amount will go a long way in improving military capability House committee on Defence and Foreign Relations Vandalism Kaptagat police boss Salim Mwaguya displays rails that were seized while on transit on Tuesday night. Nine suspects were arrested at Tumeiyo centre in Keiyo South District while cutting the rails into small pieces using welding gas. JARED NYATAYA NATION WEATHER FORECAST 24 28 27 25 0600 1200 1800 2300 Mombasa will be foggy in the morning with high humidity Temperatures will rise to 28 degrees at midday It will be mostly cloudy as the sun sets at 1815HRS Chances of thunderstorms at night DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 National News 3 RESEARCH Findings startling considering that those at the top also experience stress which should suppress immunity It pays to be powerful even among baboons Researchers say top-ranking primates are less likely to fall sick and if they do they recover much more rapidly than those at the bottom BY GATONYE GATHURA gathura op-ranking male baboons in the Amboseli National Park may very well understand the unfolding leadership competition as the country heads towards the General Election. Being at the top as they have found out is a most rewarding experience -- socially materially and surprisingly even regarding their health as revealed by a new study. For human leaders there are obvious material benefits such as enhanced security first class travelling and a five-star life but a new study of the Amboseli baboons says leaders are less likely to fall sick and if they do they recover much more rapidly than their lower-ranked subjects. Researchers from the Institute of Primate Research University of Nairobi and other colleagues reached this conclusion after observing male baboons in the Amboseli for 27 years keenly recording illness and injuries and how the animals recovered. In a study published on Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences the team found that high-ranking males were less likely to become ill. Besides they recovered faster from injuries and illnesses than low-ranking males. The finding is somewhat surprising given that top-ranked males also experience high stress which should suppress immune systems says the lead researcher Dr Beth Archie of the University of Notre Dame in the US. The study brings into focus the question of who is more stressed between those at the top and those at the bottom of the ladder. T In humans and animals it has always been a big debate whether the stress of being on top is better or worse than the stress of being on the bottom says Dr Archie in the statement. According to the researchers findings both positions experience stress but it appears that several factors protect those at the top from the negative effects of stress. The study was trying to identify the biological mechanisms that may be conferring health benefits to high-ranking members of society. According to the funders of the project the US National Science Foundation it has long been known that humans have such benefits but it took meticulous long-term research on the baboon society to tease out the specific mechanisms . Baboons live in social groups with the alpha male being the top-ranking figure a position that calls for several expenses which according to the researchers could compromise the animal s capacity to fight off diseases. For instance the study says a high-ranking male is more likely to engage in energetically expensive mate guarding episodes where he has to keep other males from mating with his partner. These mate-guarding episodes called consortships may last from a few hours to a few days during which time male feeding is compromised. Despite this the males were still found to be able to ward off diseases or recover quickly from an illness indicating that biology may have ways of rewarding a leader so that they can work or endure much more than their Fight off disease OBSERVATION Experience high stress Experts monitored injuries and illness From 1982 to 2009 the researchers observed 633 cases of naturally occurring injuries and illnesses in 166 adult male baboons living in groups. Injuries that were observed included cuts or slashes puncture wounds and scrapes. Illnesses were characterised by digestive problems persistent respiratory problems or signs of weakness or lethargy. Observations of injuries were much more frequent than observations of illnesses. The Amboseli Baboon Project dates back to 1963. 27 Number of years taken by experts to record illness and injuries in baboons In the baboon community the topranking male lives a very stressful life Stan Kivai Institute of Primate Research low-ranking subjects. According to Mr Stan Kivai of the Institute of Primate Research in Nairobi who was involved in the study the new finding goes a long way in explaining how the body deals with responsibility-related stress in animals including human beings. In the baboon community the top-ranking male lives a very stressful life and it is surprising that instead of being kept down by illness he is in fact doing better than those with less responsibility Mr Kavai told the Nation yesterday. This new knowledge he said may throw some light in the management of stress and stress-related health problems in human beings. It also challenges the popular dictum that the rich also cry he added. A baboon at the Institute of Primate Research in Karen Nairobi. FILE NATION 4 National News DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Emotional farewell for Githae son BY NATION REPORTERS Six presidential candidates were yesterday among hundreds of mourners who attended the funeral of Finance minister Njeru Githae s son. Emotions ran high as Brian Karanga 24 was buried at his father s home in Kagio Kirinyaga County. Mr Githae broke down and sobbed as various speakers eulogised Mr Karanga as a brilliant young man whose life had come to an abrupt end. The minister s son is said to have committed suicide for unknown reasons on May 16 at the family s Runda residence in Nairobi. When he rose to speak Mr Githae told the mourners that the family had accepted the death of his son. He recalled the good times the family shared with the young man whom they had nicknamed Central Bank for his prudence in handling issues. Of the six presidential candidates only Uhuru Kenyatta Musalia Mudavadi and Mutava Musyimi got an opportunity to speak. The others Peter Kenneth Moses Wetang ula and Eugene Wamalwa waved to the crowd when called upon to offer their condolences by the master of ceremony S.K.Macharia. President Kibaki sent a message of sympathy to the minister s family describing Mr Karanga as a focused young man in a message read by Mr Kenyatta. Speakers said the death FOOD SECURITY Plant doctors want crop destroyed Maize shortage fears as disease identified CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 report to the Ministry of Agriculture Kephis wants all the infected crop destroyed and the farmers compensated by the government. It also recommends that the government buys all the grain from affected areas and moves it under security escort to milling facilities to ensure that none of it is replanted. Kenyans eat 44 million bags of maize every year. If the harvest is poor the effect is felt throughout the economy. Higher prices push up inflation -- and the risk of social unrest. Often the government allocates foreign exchange for maize imports. Yesterday the Daily Nation learnt that the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture Dr Romano Kiome was still undecided whether to adopt the Kephis advice or await further research from other institutions such as Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (Kari) and universities. Playing it safe in a delegated speech last week Dr Kiome said the disease could have been caused by a combination of pathogens but warned farmers that it was threatening their livelihoods as well as national food security. Yesterday the director of crop management at the ministry Dr Johnson Irungu told the Nation that Kephis and Kari were giving conflicting reports on the disease. WAY FORWARD Plants should be destroyed Kephis the plant doctors says that All farmers with infected crop to destroy it. Government to compensate all farmers affected. Government advised to buy all grain in affected areas and escort it under guard to millers so that none of the grains is replanted. When you see the scientists giving conflicting information you have to start digesting and that is why the ministry is advising farmers to apply good farming practices said Dr Irungu. The disease was first noticed in November in Bomet County which Dr Kiome said was crucial to food security as harvests from the area reach the market in July and August when the national stocks are at their lowest. In a speech read on his behalf by Dr Irungu at a field day in Singorwet Location in Bomet the permanent secretary said the disease had since spread to Nakuru Naivasha Kibwezi Yatta Embu and Rumuruti. Dr Kiome said a team comprising experts from Kephis agro-chemical firms Good times Finance minister Njeru Githae weeps during the burial of his son Brian Karanga at the family s Kagio home in Kirinyaga yesterday. of the University of Nairobi student who was pursuing a Computer Science degree was a big blow to the family. Mr Mudavadi wished the family God s solace and called on Kenyans to unite and respect one another for the progress of the nation. Mr Kenyatta advised parents to be open with their children and encourage them to share their problems. He at the same time called on the youth not to keep matters to themselves but share their troubling issues with those around them. Parents should learn to talk to their children when they have problems he added. JOSEPH KANYI NATION Egerton University Kari and the International Wheat and Maize Improvement Centre was investigating the cause of the disease. But a source at the ministry headquarters said Kephis presented a complete report. Maybe the PS wants to give other institutions a chance for their input or it could be a case of wanting to satisfy institutional rivalry among the organisations said the source who requested not to be named. Kephis head James Onsando was non-committal yesterday saying his organisation had given its progress report to the PS who would decide how the information was used. The Kephis report suspects the disease originated from a maize seed production farm in Taveta which had a similar problem in 2003 and wants it put under surveillance. The disease could distort the ministry s maize projections for the next few months which were based on early harvests from the South Rift. The latest food security report by the ministry shows the country will have only 190 242 bags of maize by the end September even after factoring in early harvests. TO COMMENT ON THIS ARTICLE SCAN THE CODE OR GO TO 24052012 DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 National News 5 POLITICS Parties in fight for supremacy Judge turns down plea on county chiefs BY NATION REPORTER A group of seven civil society organisations have failed in their bid to have the appointment of 47 County Commissioners quashed. Justice David Majanja declined to issue the orders sought by the activists ruling that there is a similar case pending before another judge and which is coming up for directions today. He directed the groups to appear before Justice Mohammed Warsame to be joined in the application filed by two activists. The seven groups were seeking an order to restrain any State officer or organ from carrying on with the swearing into office of the county commissioners or other nominations done in disregard of the constitutional provisions relating to gender equality transparency accountability and consultations. Parties take campaigns to Western ODM forced to change Raila s itinerary after being locked out of venue by Mudavadi s UDF BY LUCAS BARASA lbarassa amadalabenson AND BENSON AMADALA DM and the UDF parties are headed for another showdown this weekend with parallel rallies in Western Province. And yesterday the Orange party was compelled to revise its schedule after being locked out of Muliro Gardens in Kakamega town where they had planned to hold a rally on Saturday. The parties were fighting over the venue but the local authority said that UDF had booked the grounds first. This will be the third time in a month that Prime Minister Raila Odinga the ODM party leader and his deputy Musalia Mudavadi who defected to UDF head to the same region to hold rallies. ODM Kakamega county organising secretary David Malala had accused mayor Mattias Sichere an ally of Mr Mudavadi of attempting to scuttle the planned Orange party meeting. In Nairobi Orange House released the PM s itinerary showing that he will address a rally in Busia Town on O 10 The number of women appointed as county commissioners by President Kibaki. They wanted the county commissioners barred from assuming office performing the functions of the offices or drawing salaries and allowances until the case is heard and determined. According to the groups the appointment process has generated heat controversy and tension in a manner that threatens national unity. They argued that the president s action was in violation of the Constitution since it did not meet the requirements of Article 27 which provides that no single gender should occupy more than two thirds of State appointments. Through lawyer Judy Thongori they submitted that out the 47 persons 10 were women and 37 men translating to only 21.3 % of the appointees being female. This they argue is a violation of the Constitution which prohibits the State from discriminating against any person on grounds of sex. They also argued that the appointments were done without consultations with the Office of the Prime Minister which is against the law. My appeal to the people of Western is to behave in a civil manner. They should not succumb to provocation Mr Kibisu Kabatesi Mr Mudavadi s spokesman Saturday before holding another at the Muliro Gardens on Sunday. On his part Mr Mudavadi is scheduled to attend the Sabatia and Mumias Education Day tomorrow before hosting a leaders meeting on Saturday at Muliro Gardens. ODM MPs Alfred Khangati (left) and Ababu Namwamba after addressing a press conference at Parliament Buildings in Nairobi yesterday. The party will hold weekend rallies in Kakamega and Busia counties. His spokesman Mr Kibisu Kabatesi said the DPM would be in Kisii on Sunday for the Seventh Day Adventists Church centenary celebrations. However Mr Kabatesi expressed concern that ODM could be stalking UDF with the aim of provoking them and causing violence. My appeal to the people of Western is to behave in a civil manner. They should not succumb to provocation Mr Kabatesi said. Western is perceived to be Mr Mudavadi s stronghold although STEPHEN MUDIARI NATION most ODM MPs from the region have stuck with Mr Odinga. This weekend s events come after last weekend s ODM and UDF parallel rallies at the Coast. It also comes weeks after Mr Odinga and Mr Mudavadi s supporters clashed at a funeral in Vihiga county. Yesterday the ODM MPs dismissed complaints by UDF that they were fond of organising parallel events wherever the latter went with the intention of disrupting its activities. Karua reaches out to MRC on polls BY NATION TEAM newsdesk Narc Kenya presidential aspirant Martha Karua yesterday pleaded with the Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) to drop its secession demand. She said that although the group had genuine grievances on unemployment resources and land ownership breaking away from Kenya was not the solution. The solution is to participate fully in the coming elections and make sure you put into leadership the correct people who are credible and capable people who will bring the change that you have desired said Ms Karua when she opened an accountants conference in Mombasa. Ms Karua who is also the party s leader is the third presidential aspirant in a week to address the MRC issue. At the weekend Mr Raila Odinga of ODM and Mr Musalia Mudavadi of UDF said they would use Parliament to engage the group. Their parties have since moved separate motions in Parliament seeking to set up a select committee to address the issue. GRIEVANCES Why group is up in arms Land MRC argues that 70 per cent of Coast residents are squatters Jobs It claims people from other parts of the country are taking up all the jobs Poverty The region is the poorest in the country despite abundance of resources But the outlawed group has rejected these moves describing them as cheap politics . It insists that it will only hold talks with the government if it is legalised. Chairman Omar Mwamunuadzi yesterday said MPs and presidential candidates would not tackle the region s problems in the next five years. The problems of the region have been there since independence. These leaders have been in the system and have not offered solutions. We believe the problems will be solved by MRC Mr Mwamunuadzi said. INSURANCE REGULATORY AUTHORITY STANDARDIZATION OF NON MOTOR INSURANCE CONTRACT WORDINGS The Insurance Regulatory Authority ( IRA) is a state corporation with the mandate to supervise regulate and develop the insurance industry in Kenya. Pursuant to one of its strategic objective of protecting the interests of insurance Policy Holders the Authority has found it necessary to standardize wordings of the basic non motor insurance policies that are commonly sold in the market. The aim is to have uniformity in the basic cover provided as well as remove any terms that are unfair or ambiguous to the policy holder. This is as provided for under section five (5) of the Insurance Act CAP 487 of the Laws of Kenya. To this end a Taskforce was constituted to review and standardize the insurance contract wordings of Burglary Domestic Package Public Liability and Money insurance policies. Standardization of the 4 sets of insurance policies is at an advanced stage and the drafts developed by the Taskforce have been posted on our website ( for viewing by all stakeholders. Any comments on the draft policies may be forwarded for consideration by the taskforce through the undernoted address by 5th June 2012. The Chief Executive Officer Insurance Regulatory Authority P.O.Box 43505-00100 NAIROBI Email commins BRIEFLY SIAYA Tobiko orders arrest of MP over abusive texts Rarieda MP Nicholas Gumbo risks arrest for allegedly sending offensive short text messages to his constituent. The Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko has directed the police to arrest and charge the legislator who is accused of sending three offensive messages through his mobile phone to Rev George Odhiambo of Bondo ACK Church. Mr Tobiko said his office had perused the file and was convinced that an offence had been committed. 6 National News DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Kibaki says Operation Linda Nchi is a big success BY NATION CORRESPONDENT President Kibaki yesterday declared Operation Linda Nchi in Somalia a success despite the persistent threats posed by Al-Shabaab and other militant groups. He said that security had been intensified along the borders and inside the country. However he urged Kenyans to be vigilant following the spate of grenade attacks in Nairobi and Mombasa. Speaking during the pass-out parade for military cadets at the Kenya Military Academy at Lanet in Nakuru the President also urged Kenyans to cooperate with security forces by volunteering information on security threats. The officers are joining the ranks at a time when we are faced with security threats emanating especially from insurgents operating in Somalia. The insurgents have posed a threat to our peace and national security he said. I call upon Kenyans to be extra vigilant and to supplement the good work of our security forces... this way we shall be able to successfully contain any security threats he added. With the security threats posed by the instability in Somalia and the current standoff between Sudan and South Sudan the President called on the international community to intervene. He said that the developments in Sudan and South Sudan were of great concern to Kenya. He also called on the feuding parties to embrace peace and dialogue. As a guarantor of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement the President said Kenya would like to see a speedy resolution to all outstanding issues. He added that Kenyan soldiers had carried themselves in a pro- YARD STICK Draft law raises the bar for politicians Poll aspirants face tough integrity test But MPs are not comfortable with proposed provisions that will see many of them named in scandals locked out of race BY BERNARD NAMUNANE bnamunane eaders who have been named in parliamentary investigations into unresolved scandals will not be allowed to vie for elective seats if MPs pass a Bill on integrity. A similar fate will visit those who have been widely mentioned in various reports of commissions of inquiry that Parliament adopted. These are some of the rules spelt in the draft Leadership and Integrity Bill whose aim is to set high standards for holders of elective seats and other public offices. The Bill which is meant to effect provisions on Chapter Six of the Constitution also seeks to bar people who have been involved in grave crimes such as murder and burglary from vying for elective seats or being appointed to public positions. It says A person who has contravened the Integrity Code or has been convicted of a felony or adversely named in a Parliamentary Committee Report or a Commission of Inquiry Report adopted by Parliament shall not qualify for appointment or election to state office if the matter for which he or she has been named remains unresolved. The Integrity Bill aims to promote ethics inject professionalism and cultivate servant leadership among politicians and public officers. Its goal is to bring to an end corrupt and rogue leaders and penalise civil servants who abuse their offices. It is one of the two Bills which is facing stiff opposition from politicians some of whom have been adversely mentioned in commissions of inquiry such as the one on Goldenberg and the sale of the luxurious Grand Regency Hotel to Libya. Politicians and prominent people L who have also been named in reports of parliamentary committees which investigated several scandals such as the disappearance of maize from the silos of the National Cereals and Produce Board the sugar and cemetery land scams in Mavoko which are yet to be resolved could lose out. Politicians are also frowning upon the provisions in the Campaign Financing Bill which sets ceilings on campaign expenditure and proposes tough penalties for defaulters. Mandera Central MP Abdikadir Mohamed said the Bills were yet to land on the floor of the House because they touch on the careers of some politicians. The two Bills have delayed because of the sensitivity of the politics of the day. Some members are not comfortable with these Bills he said. The Integrity Bill gives the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission powers to vet people who will hold political offices. To be extra vigilant Newly-commissioned officers congratulate each other after the cadets commissioning parade presided over by President Mwai Kibaki at the Kenya Military Academy at Lanet in Nakuru yesterday. fessional and disciplined manner in the peace operations they have been involved in. He noted that the Kenya Defence Forces currently in Somalia were doing a good a job adding that a large portion of the war-torn country had been freed from the grip of Al-Shabaab. According to him Somalia refugees living in Kenya were now free to go back to their country and start reconstructing their nation. We look forward to a voluntary return of the thousands of Somalia refugees currently in camps within our country he said. SULEIMAN MBATIAH NATION The process of reconstructing Somalia by building schools hospitals and opening up the country must begin in earnest the President said. He appealed on the international community to work closely with the African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) in order to secure the remaining parts of Somalia. The President said that Kenya would continue offering troops during peace missions and get involved in regional security initiatives that facilitate peace and stability for Kenya and its neighbours. The two Bills have delayed because of the sensitivity of the politics of the day. Some members are not comfortable with these Bills Abdikadir Mohamed Mandera Central MP DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 7 8 National News DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Dirty fuel not on sale KPC assures public BY NATION REPORTER The Kenya Pipeline Company has assured the public that no contaminated fuel was being sold to the public. Speaking at a press briefing yesterday KPC managing director Selest Kilinda said the contaminated fuel was instead being returned to Mombasa where a decision will be made on what to do with the more than 600 000 litres of premium petrol. The fuel was part of 76 million litres of petrol delivered at the pipeline by Gulf Africa Petroleum Corporation (Gapco) in April. The 600 000 litres are said to have a high concentration of diesel. Gapco was asked to evacuate the amount from KPC slop tanks to enable continued operation of the pipeline. None of this product had been released from the Nairobi terminal through road tankers said Mr Kilinda. The Energy Regulatory Commission has maintained that the action will not lead to a fuel shortage given that the amount is less than the average quantity consumed in a day. About 60 million litres of fuel are consumed every month which translates into almost 1.9 million litres a day. WELCOME Karua opens forum COURTS She claims charges are harsh and exorbitant Court freezes account in Fourways cash row Gatabaki s wife accused of failing to pay her lawyer Sh61m legal fees BY RICHARD MUNGUTI rmunguti bank has been barred from releasing millions of shillings to a businesswoman who is accused of failing to pay her lawyer Sh61.2 million in legal fees. Mr Justice Jonathan Havelock froze the account of Mrs Nancy Wanja Gatabaki at Equity Bank until a case filed against her by lawyer Ashford Muriuki is heard and determined. Mr Muriuki defended Mrs Gatabaki 70 in the Sh30 billion Fourway Junction Housing project in which she was awarded more than Sh725 million. But Mrs Gatabaki (pictured) has denied that she owes Mr Muriuki any money in legal fees although she admits that she had engaged him to prosecute the case against court yesterday claims that she is not aware of the Sh61.2 million legal fees claim. She says she has already paid Mr Muriuki over Sh20 million for his services. Mrs Gatabaki says in the statement that she was coerced to sign the legal fees agreement before other clients in the advocate s office. She terms the legal fees demanded as harsh exorbitant unreasonable and unconscionable. She alleges that Mr Muriuki misled her to believe that she was bound to pay him an amount equivalent to 10 per cent the value of the property compared to the judgment entered in her favour. But Mr Justice Daniel Musinga directed the parties to appear before Justice Havelock to articulate their cases. Last week lawyer Cecil Miller for Suraya Property Group told the court that so far Mrs Gatabaki had been paid Sh402 million. The case by Mrs Gatabaki against her husband and others will come up for further directions today. A No shortage Sh725m Millions of shillings Mrs Gatabaki was awarded by court in Sh30 billion property dispute her husband Dr Samuel Gatabaki Muga Development Ltd and Suraya Property Group among other companies and banks. Mr Muriuki claims Mrs Gatabaki signed an agreement that she would pay him Sh61.2 million in legal fees. But Mrs Gatabaki in her statement of defence filed in Narc-Kenya presidential hopeful Martha Karua is escorted by Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) chief executive Carolyne Kigen (right) on arrival at Sai Rock Hotel Mombasa for the opening of the ICPAK 28th annual delegates conference yesterday. GIDEON MAUNDU NATION DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 National News 9 LEGAL BATTLE Lawyers to come up with issues they want determined Project to help voters record hate speech starts BY NATION CORRESPONDENT An initiative to enable Kenyans to report any politicians spreading hate speech or inciting violence has started. The Tuvuke Kenya-Peace 2012 campaign will create a platform where Kenyans can report recorded hate speech messages. The complaint will then be forwarded to among others the National Cohesion and Integration Commission. The commission can then forward it to the police for prosecution. The Sh168 million initiative will be officially launched by Chief Justice Willy Mutunga on Monday and seeks to commit Kenyans to peaceful and fair elections. BRIEFLY NAIROBI NGO council replaces chairman as row rages The wrangles at the NGO national council yesterday took a new twist after some members replaced Mr Ken Wafula as chairman accusing him of poor leadership. Speaking at a press conference in Nairobi the members led by former Juja MP Stephen Ndicho said they had appointed Mr Okweh Achiando in an acting capacity until a special general assembly is held next month. But Mr Wafula dismissed his removal as a big joke . PAUL WAWERU NATION Lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui (with microphone) addresses a five-judge bench at the Milimani Law Court s ceremonial hall yesterday during the hearing of 125 petitions challenging the creation of new electoral boundaries by IEBC. NAIROBI Stormy kick off for battle over new electoral zones Lawyers cry foul over decision to merge cases as a five-judge bench pledges to deliver ruling that is fair to all Kenyans BY PAUL OGEMBA pogemba he battle over the new electoral units created by the electoral commission began in earnest yesterday before a bench of five judges in Nairobi. Judge Mohammed Warsame presided over the first pre-trial of the 125 judicial review and constitutional petitions seeking to review the creation of 80 new constituencies and county wards by the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission. The judges promised that the decision they would give would be fair to everyone and aimed at promoting unity and peace. In finding the solutions the court shall be guided by the rule of law and respect for the rights of all Kenyans Judge Warsame said. Other judges sitting in the bench are Ruth Sitati Hellen Omondi Pauline Nyamweya and David Majanja. In an attempt to beat the 90-day deadline for concluding the cases as set by the Electoral Act lawyers representing parties aggrieved by the creation of the new boundaries agreed to come up with common issues they want the court to determine. Under the guidance of Mr Stephen Mwenesi the parties are seeking a determination of whether the IEBC s decision to gazette the new boundaries March 7 whereas Article 89 (7) of the Constitution states that the new boundaries shall come into effect on the dissolution of Parliament. They are also questioning whether IEBC should be held to account for allegedly disregarding the views and testimonies it received from Kenyans. The hearing was marked by complains from lawyers representing clients outside Nairobi who submitted that the cases should have not been consolidated. Those from Mombasa Kisumu Eldoret Nakuru Kakamega Kisii and Bungoma said that it would be better if the cases were taken back to the regions to give Kenyans who raised the complains a chance to participate in the proceedings. The judges ruled that the Chief Justice had already exercised his authority in appointing the bench and there will be no danger of any party missing the opportunity to be heard. He directed the parties to file and exchange their submissions by May 28 before the hearing on May 29. Man accuses police of detaining him for 72 hrs A suspect charged with stealing jewellery valued at Sh1.5 million from his former employer wants the police to explain why they detained him for three days instead of 24 hours before producing him in court. Mr Umari Hussein yesterday said he was arrested on February 24 but was arraigned in court on February 27. He has denied stealing assorted jewellery from Leo Investment Limited in Parklands last year. The court ordered the Parklands police boss to appear in court on October 15 to respond to the allegations. Our country almost burnt to ashes in 2007 and we can t let such a thing happen again Prof Kimani Njogu chairman of steering committee The programme is the brainchild of 17 organisations that have come together under the Ford Foundation and is coordinated by the Kenya Women Holding. In a media briefing in Nairobi yesterday the chairman of the programme steering committee Kimani Njogu said the initiative will ensure that politicians are held accountable for election-related violence. Our country almost burnt to ashes in 2007 and we can t let such a thing happen again. Politicians should face the law for their reckless utterances Prof Njogu said. Most Kenyans he noted had a phone with a recording tool and can act as guardians of peace during the next General Election. NAIROBI T Varsity student death probe adjourned again An inquest into the murder of a university student failed to start for the second time after it emerged that the presiding magistrate was out of the country. The inquest into the murder of Ms Mercy Keino is now set to begin on May 29. The inquest was to start in March but was adjourned after five people adversely mentioned in the case requested more time to prepare their defences. Ms Keino was found dead on a city road in June last year. 125 Number of judicial review and constitutional petitions seeking review of vote zones created by the electoral and boundaries team was constitutional. He said that IEBC s legal notice of the new boundaries stated that the new electoral areas took effect on 10 National News LIQUIDITY PROBLEMS Directors agreed to sell assets to raise cash to settle debts DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Akamba shuts regional offices Traders and students forced to find alternative means as bus company hits final nail on its transport operations BY PETER NG ETICH pngetich ransport business in East Africa has suffered a major blow after the Akamba Bus Company suspended its operations in Kenya Uganda and Tanzania. Passengers mostly traders and students were from May 10 forced to find alternative means after the company closed offices due to liquidity problems. At their booking offices on Lagos Road in Nairobi yesterday the parcel section was still operating but the passenger service had been suspended. An employee who sought anonymity because he is not authorised to talk to the media said they had stopped booking passengers headed to the region s capitals. The staff asked passengers to use the services of Crown Bus another transport company neighbouring the firm. He said the management had suspended some of their services and they might resume operations again next month. Services have been scaled down to parcels only and the passengers section might resume in June. We are just waiting for the management to give us instructions the employee told the Nation. He said the company would resume operations with the same Akamba Magistrate pulls out of terror case over security BY NATION CORRESPONDENT A magistrate disqualified herself from trying a terror case citing insecurity. I feel insecure. My court doesn t have sufficient security magistrate Teresia Murigi of City Court said on Monday while returning the file to the Milimani Law Courts. She directed that the case against Mr Aboud Rogo Mohammed and Mr Abubakar Sharrif Ahmed be allocated to another court which is secure. T The Kisumu offices of Akamba Bus that were closed last month. The company has also suspended its regional operations affecting hundreds of passengers. trademark. A visit at their main offices on Kitui Road in Industrial Area found auctioneers carting away the company s furniture. An employee said the company was facing financial problems and all they wanted was to be paid their dues. She said all the telephone lines which had been allocated to the company had been disconnected. Attempts to get a comment from the firm s chief executive officer Mr Karim Nathoo for the last three days through his secretary were fruitless. The closure of the regional operations come at a time when the firm s shareholders agreed on Monday to dispose of its assets to offset its debt and return to business. Mr Nathoo director Boaz Nathoo FILE NATION I feel insecure. My court doesn t have sufficient security Magistrate Teresia Murigi And yesterday at the chief magistrate s court in Milimani senior State counsel Edwin Okello said The issue of security is paramount. We also have witnesses who need to be protected. Senior principal magistrate Elijah Obaga sitting in the chief magistrate s court heard that the accused did not attend court because they commute from Mombasa. The court also heard that they were in court on Monday when Ms Murigi recused herself. Mr Obaga directed that the case be heard from July 24 to July 26. Mr Mohammed and Mr Ahmed are charged with engaging in organised criminal activities by encouraging recruitment of people to become members of Al-Shabaaab an outlawed criminal group. 55 The number of years the bus company has operated Resume in June 300m 50 The amount it owes KCB and Diamond Trust banks The number of destinations the company operated and main shareholders Peter Kamba Martin Malinda Richard Mangeli and Kioko Musau agreed to dispose of some property worth millions of shillings to pay off the creditors and resume service. The decision to offset debts amounting to Sh300 million most of it owed to KCB and Diamond Trust banks was arrived at Sarit Centre. On April 30 2012 Mr Nathoo was charged with failing to pay 580 workers more than Sh5.7 million in salaries and wages. Mr Nathoo and two other directors denied the charge and were released on a cash bail of Sh500 000. The collapse of train services connecting East Africa in 1977 led to the rise of regional bus companies like Akamba. Raila son opposes MP s bid to strike out case BY NATION REPORTER Prime Minister Raila Odinga s son has opposed a move by an MP seeking the dismissal of a defamation case he has filed against the lawmaker. Mr Fidel Odinga has sued Medical Services assistant minister Kazungu Kambi for linking him to a maize importation scandal. But Mr Kambi wants the case dismissed because the Prime Minister s son has not prosecuted it since November 2009. However during the mention of the case yesterday Fidel s lawyer asked trial judge Hatari Waweru to allow him more time to respond to the application for dismissal. The lawyer told the court that the law firm of Rachier and Amollo Advocates acting for Fidel had been unable to respond to the suit because the lawyer assigned the case had left the company. The judge directed Fidel s lawyer to file a response to the application scheduled for hearing on July 16. Mr Kambi wants the case dismissed because Fidel has refused to prosecute it from the last court attendance in 2009. He says the case is an abuse of the court process. The case was instituted in February 2009 after Mr Kambi addressed a press conference at Parliament Buildings on the importation of maize. Fidel claims that Mr Kambi maliciously and falsely associated him with the importation of maize into the country at the press conference. He wants the court to direct Mr Kambi to pay him compensation. DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 National News 11 LAND ROW Church secures plot DEBATE Committee had collected views from the public Kenyans want polls in December House told But some insist the elections should be held next March as per court ruling BY NJERI RUGENE nrugene PROPOSALS BRIEFLY GARISSA Man remanded over al Shabaab links A middle aged man has been remanded in Garissa police cells for associating himself with the Al Shabaab terror group. Thomas Mwanzia was arraigned before Principal magistrate Hannah Ndung u charged that on January 20 2012 in Liboi shopping centre contrary to the Act he was found in possession of a hospital card bearing the names of a mister Bilal Ibrahim. Changes sought The Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill 2011 proposes that the election date be changed from the every second Tuesday of August of an election year to December. The Bill wants to change the Constitution to ensure that not more than two thirds of those elected shall be of the same gender M ost Kenyans want the next General Election held in December this year according to a parliamentary committee s findings. The Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee (CIOC) says most people who spoke to the MPs support the proposal to amend the Constitution and have the elections held on December 17. The committee chaired by Mandera Central MP Abdikadir Mohammed visited various counties at the height of a controversy on the date of the next elections to collect views from the public on the matter. The MPs were sought public input on the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill 2011 proposing that the election date be changed from every second Tuesday of August of an election year to the third Monday of December. The report tabled yesterday by Ms Millie Odhiambo (nominated ODM) the vicechairperson of CIOC comes to Parliament at a time some MPs have launched a fresh bid to have elections held in December. Led by Mr Isaac Rutto (Chepalungu ODM) the MPs argue that December is the most convenient time for the General Election as has been tradition. They also argue that Kenyans favour that date. Mr Rutto yesterday asked the Speaker to give direction on the matter. He wants the government compelled to either bring the Bill to Parliament for debate or withdraw it. Justice minister Eugene Wamalwa and the Leader of Government Business VicePresident Kalonzo Musyoka are yet to give a clear position on the Bill. Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim told the House that the Speaker would rule on the matter in two weeks. In their report CIOC which has maintained it is against any amendment to the Constitution says a few Kenyans maintain that elections be held in August as provided for in the Constitution since this is what was voted for in the referendum and that it is too early to amend the Constitution . Others who gave their views to the committee opposed the amendment arguing that elections should be held in March next year in line with the court ruling. The interviewees were almost unanimous that Parliament should be dissolved at least two months before elections so that the incumbent MPs do not have undue advantage during the campaign period . According to the committee Kenyans who gave their views were split over the proposed constitutional amendments to ensure gender equality in elective positions. Those in support argued that the changes would be the best way to achieve gender parity and equity. However people opposed to the amendment argued that setting aside some positions for either gender would destroy the democratic ideals and principles as enshrined in the Constitution which require Kenyans to choose their preferred leaders freely. NYERI Textbook thief sent to jail for three years A textbook thief was yesterday jailed for three years. A Nyeri court convicted John Mathenge of stealing 120 textbooks worth Sh60 000 from Lavender Springs Academy in Kieni West on May 20. Mathenge unsuccessfully pleaded for leniency saying he was influenced to steal by his colleagues. MALINDI Gumo defends old councillors over law Old councillors should be exempted from the requirement for those seeking elective positions to have post-secondary education acting Local Government minister Fred Gumo has said. Speaking when he met councillors from the North Coast in Malindi yesterday Mr Gumo said civic leaders who had served for more than 20 years had already proven their leadership capabilities and it was unfair to ask them to go back to school. A bulldozer yesterday digs a perimeter trench around a controversial piece of land said to belong to God s House of Miracle Church in Ngara Nairobi to stop access by vehicles. Mechanics who were operating in the area said they had obtained a court order stopping their eviction from the plot. BILLY MUTAI NATION MAY OFFERS 1.6m Mahogany Executive Desk 44 000 .00 Leather Chair From Kshs. 12 999 - 4 Way Workstation 39 000.00 Reception Counter 1.6m 39 000.00 Desks Only Does Not Include Price Of Chairs. 2nd Floor Liberty Plaza Mombasa Road Nairobi Tel 020 2518189 Mob 0722 703166 0738 170666 MONTA DESIGNS Call us Today 12 Opinion DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Start preparing for serious food shortage K enya could face a serious food shortage with the outbreak of a disease that has so far infected up to 40 per cent of maize in the country s main breadbasket. The disease leaf stripe of maize was first detected in Bomet last November and has now spread to most of the southern Rift Valley. It has taken hold in Nakuru and Naivasha and spread further afield to Kibwezi Yatta Embu and Rumuruti. Indicators are that the maize harvest in July and August will be severely affected. Kenya must start preparing now for a serious shortages of this staple instead of waiting until hunger begins to bite. The situation is serious enough to call for drastic measures with a research agency asking the Ministry of Agriculture to consider recommending that maize in all affected areas be bought off and burnt. Before a new crop is planted farmland in the affected areas will also have to be treated with medicine to eliminate all traces of the fungus. The upshot is that an entire season s crop will be lost. That will mean a national food shortage and unless supported the farmers could be driven to bankruptcy destroying the regions economies. There is a proposal that the government support the farmers by buying up the contaminated crop for destruction but this should serve to remind us that little use has been made of the much-touted crop and livestock insurance schemes. The government can play an important role in supporting insurance and urging farmers to enrol as a vital element of the national food security policy. WHAT OTHERS SAY Charles Onyango-Obbo Send greedy MPs home K enyan legislators should learn a lesson from the new French government about personal and collective integrity especially in situations where their fellow citizens are facing hard times but unfortunately they won t. When new French President Francois Hollande came to power after upending the spendthrift Nicolas Sarkozy one of his first steps was to announce a pay-cut for himself and his ministers by a whopping 30 per cent. So instead of earning the equivalent of Sh2.2 million a month as Mr Sarkozy did President Hollande will earn only Sh1.6 million. By contrast our own Executive earns roughly the same figures and we are talking about more than 60 Cabinet ministers and their assistants and that in an economy that is perhaps 100 times smaller than France s. What justification is there for this state of affairs The fact that MPs have been agitating to award themselves a Sh15 million send-off package should be seen as what it is a gross insult to the majority of Kenyans who hardly take home Sh150 and that on a good day. It is time Kenyans stood up for their rights and sent these legislators home for good and here we include senior political leaders as well for few have ever stood up to denounce such obscene venality. A PUBLICATION OF NATION MEDIA GROUP LINUS GITAHI Chief Executive Officer JOSEPH ODINDO Editorial Director MUTUMA MATHIU Managing Editor Published at Nation Centre Kimathi Street and printed at Mombasa Road Nairobi by Nation Media Group Limited POB 49010 Nairobi 00100 Tel 3288000 0719038000. Fax 221396 editor Registered at the GPO as a newspaper wo events in the last few days have led us to peek into the future. One was the launch of Mr Uhuru Kenyatta s The National Alliance (TNA) with a razzmatazz that according to wags who know their politics has never been seen before in Kenya. The second event was remarkably dull. I was in Mombasa and for the first time I comprehensively studied the information manual in my hotel room. It made a passionate appeal for economical use of water because it said Mombasa is plagued by perennial water shortages. Though of course Indian Ocean is so salty it could kill you if you took several glasses of it the irony of a Mombasa sitting by the ocean and not having water was still quite ironical. In these two events I could see a future. nCoastal areas are usually richer than the hinterland. However Mombasa the tourists delights it offers notwithstanding is still a largely primitive region. Its wealth therefore is still to come. But it will never be a world-class economy until it sorts out the issue of water. So one of the richest companies in Kenya of all time in the years to come The secret of our future riches is in China and in selling New Age love T will be the one that figures out how to desalinate ocean water cheaply and pump it into Mombasa homes hotels and factories of the future. nThe launch of the TNA might not have told much about how much Kenyan politics has changed. What it revealed though is that the economy of politics has radically altered. I have this sense that African political consultants are really quacks who shake down politicians too eager to win. That said I see that political marketers offering events to better the TNA launch and harnessing the growing Kenyan multitudes on social media will just have money falling out of their ears. And there are a more. nTraffic in Nairobi has become a nightmare. People blame poor roads and lack of roads. I disagree. The main cause is housing prices. The new roads have allowed people to move further out of Nairobi where homes are affordable but public transport is poor and crime makes it risky to use public transport where it exists in the evening. Your best bet is to buy a small car (one reason why the price of the tiny fueleconomical Vitz has risen faster than the one for the Range Rover). This has opened new opportunities in pool transport and in the way school busing should be done. For now though we are thinking of housing. Last week in China a fancy office brick was built out of preassembled parts in less than a week using a new method the Chinese have developed The absolute gamechanger in Africa one that will also radically fashion the size of the continent s middle class is going to be smart housing. The richest jackpot perhaps even more than oil in Africa of the future is going to be struck by the businesses that will find a way to deliver good affordable housing which are not your old-style prefab. If the Chinese really want to make hay in Africa they should bring that little miracle they pulled off last week to our shores. I have this sense that African political consultants are really quacks who shake down politicians too eager to win Daily Nation relationship columnist the good Pastor Philip Kitoto is one of the hottest properties in the stable. Generally though the Kenyan and African FM radio scene is abuzz with callers looking for love seeking to salvage troubled relationships or to win back the man or woman stolen from them by another. The problem is that the solutions offered are mostly advice in media and second-rate counselling. We need to learn from the Americans practical approach. Recently I finally saw something on TV that might work for us because it is risk-free cuddle parties. At cuddle parties you gather cuddle squeeze but you are not allowed to take it beyond that. You get the emotional supply of human warmth and the satisfying illusion of intimacy without the burden and cost of a real relationship. The man or woman who will work out the right commercial African cuddling product will rival Bill Gates in wealth. We have 10 more future ideas but have run into an old economic reality unlike the Internet newspaper column inches are limited. cobbo & twitter cobbo3 DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Opinion 13 THE CUTTING EDGE BY THE WATCHMAN KURA ISN T SERIOUS. The Kenya Urban Roads Authority must do better than the small storm drains being constructed on Jogoo and Mpaka roads in Nairobi says Michael Wanjau. The shallow drains become totally useless whenever a little rain falls as they easily get clogged with soil. We need proper drainage. We will not let them hoodwink us. Jogoo Road floods right across swallowing up the dual surfaces the middle barrier and pavements. Let them go learn from Tanzanians how to improve drainage. CERTIFICATE STRANGE. Whoever gave the City Council of Nairobi an ISO certificate must be living in another planet says David Jasondu. With the mounds of garbage all over the city blocked drains crater-like potholes even on Kenyatta Avenue and other roads within the CBD unplanned constructions mushrooming all over the place and unlit streets it is the last organisation that should have been certified. What is this ISO certificate about Jasondu asks. PENSION DENIED. Retired teacher William Owino Okoth has had it rough since May last year when he decided to change his payment point from Postbank to Equity Bank as this disrupted the remittance of his monthly dues. He has not only been to the Pensions Department headquarters in Nairobi but has also made numerous telephone enquiries and written letters getting only empty promises. He was in Nairobi last in February and to date his dues have not been paid. His pension number is 82372 and his contact Tel 0720301136. RESOURCE NOT A CURSE Martin Mbogo Discovery of oil a great opportunity that comes with great responsibility R ecent progress on Tullow Oil s Ngamia1 exploration well in Turkana County moved Kenya one small step closer to establishing a commercially viable sector. Today Tullow and its partner Africa Oil are just over half way through drilling the Ngamia well and already we have encountered in excess of 100 metres of total net oil pay across multiple reservoir zones. Net pay is the thickness of an oil reservoir that may be able to produce oil. There is little doubt that this is a stunning result. However just as when we made our first announcement about Ngamia-1 back in March this remains one small step and there is still a long journey ahead of us. With the discovery of oil comes a great opportunity and great responsibility. We hear much about the resource curse and the potential effects on the underlying growth prospects of a country. Sadly in Africa there are many examples of where a country s natural resources have not been effectively utilised to deliver the lasting prosperity which is often highly anticipated. The reasons for this are many but crucially they are avoidable. Before any long journey you need to take time to plan and prepare. You need to make sure you are in good health and have the tools income jobs and growth opportunities which combined support a healthy domestic economy. A key part of our business is in supporting the development of Kenyan contractors and suppliers and ensuring that as many jobs as possible in our local operations are filled by local people. This practice is known as local content. Local content is not about meeting legislative requirements or ticking a box to demonstrate contractors have spent money locally or met a pre-determined job quota. It is about supporting the development of competitive and profitable businesses in the countries in which they operate. It supports capacity building for our industry maximises the use of Kenyan goods and services and promotes effective partnerships between international companies and local suppliers. At its heart it is about delivering a sustainable economic legacy. In 2011 Tullow spent 23.6 million with local suppliers. This represents 23 per cent of the company s overall spending in Kenya. This ratio will change in years to come as we expand our operations and work with more and more local companies. The benefits of supporting this approach are most clearly demonstrated in Ghana where we have helped to develop The writer Mr Mbogo at the Ngamia 1 oil rig site you may need along the way. You also need to understand your environment and the challenges you may encounter. Kenya s journey to becoming a competitive oil producing nation is no different. For the new oil and gas sector to flourish in Kenya explorers like Tullow Oil will require access to a wide range of competitive high quality goods and services. When the sector is new to a country these goods and services are often sourced from specialist international contractors. As the sector grows and matures many of them can more readily be sourced domestically. This brings many advantages. For investors it helps to reduce costs and delays which subsequently improves our competitiveness. For contractors it brings a strong supplier base to support our oil production operations. Between 2009 and 2011 we spent over 240 million with Ghanaian firms. In 2011 over 1 200 of our 1 500 contractors were local companies. These contractors represent a range of sectors from finance to logistics and transportation well-engineering catering human resources and health and safety. The lesson we at Tullow take from Ghana is to start early and work together with local companies to build a competitive supplier base. As a result over the coming years the oil industry will be working with the government and putting in place programmes which help new suppliers develop their standards processes and systems to support our industry. Local content is just one of the many things we will need on our journey but it is critical to our success and it can help to overcome the challenges which oil development can bring. There is also revenue transparency and good governance. These are important elements and the government has a leading role to play in promoting a meaningful dialogue with all stakeholders. Mr Mbogo is the Country Manager Tullow Oil Kenya. Fountain of Knowledge at the University of Nairobi UNBELIEVABLY RUDE. Caroline Njeri Githuka says she couldn t believe the treatment meted out to her recently when she called at the ISO-certified University of Nairobi to enquire about admission conditions. The woman on the other side was so rude that I asked her why she was being nasty and she hang up. When I called again she hang up again. I want to join the university and they are not doing me a favour as they make lots of money from the parallel programme says Caroline whose contact is njerigithuka FAITH RESTORED. There are still some good people out there says S. Waweru who lost a digital camera around the Oserian matatu stage in Naivasha while doing field work with his colleagues. After three days of an agonising search in collaboration with the flower farm s security team an employee Washington Kanyi called to say he had found the camera and handed it back. In the midst of all the greed corruption and thievery there are some good people like Washington. Keep it up says Waweru whose contact is wkindiga THIS WAS CORRUPTION. That the Queen of England and the Sultan of Zanzibar could have agreed between themselves to sign off ownership of the so-called Coastal Strip without the involvement of Kenyans just before independence is the best proof that corruption is not a new problem remarks Ben Munene. Mark you none of the two had a right to this land which rightly belongs to Kenya says Ben who is stunned that some people are now citing the fraudulent document to claim they are not Kenyans. Have a patriotic day won t you PROTECT THEM Juliet Torome The Turkana can no longer be marginalised here is a running gag that sums up how far away the Turkana people live from the rest of us. When a Turkana man leaves for the capital Nairobi the joke goes he tells his family I m going to Kenya . Ever since the government announced that oil had been discovered in the Lake Turkana basin more jokes have emerged. A picture of unidentified happy halfnaked black children I had seen on my Facebook friends profiles months ago began circulating again this time with the caption Discover Oil in Turkana...No More Dry Skin. At first I chuckled at the jokes. As a Maasai I have heard every Kenyan joke about how uncivilised my people are so I was happy that someone else was in the spotlight. But when I saw a photo of a topless Turkana woman doctored to look as if she were breastfeeding a white baby my attitude began to change. The creator of the picture was implying that now that oil has been found in northwestern Kenya Western oil workers will descend on the region and impregnate Turkana women. A British company discovered the oil and thanks to allegations that British soldiers raped hundreds of Kenyan women from 1965 to 2002 our former colonial master s reputation isn t good. But if the rights of the Turkana end up T The discovery of oil presents Kenya with a rare opportunity to end the Turkana community s neglect and discussions on the issue need to start now being violated it will be Kenyans not the British who will bear the blame. The Turkana are indeed as far away from Nairobi as one can be without being foreigners. For this reason we know very little about them which could be one reason why Kenyans have historically looked at them as archaic beings millennia away from civilisation . The lack of infrastructure in the region is evidence of this. Unlike the Maasai the Turkana inhabit a region that until now was of little or no value to the country. Indeed Turkana is one of Kenya s most neglected districts. Whenever there is a famine chances are high that Turkana will be affected. In addition the Turkana have endured decades of raids by cattle rustlers from Ethiopia and South Sudan. The discovery of oil presents Kenya with a rare opportunity to end the Turkana community s marginalisation. Discussion of how the oil exploration and extraction will proceed needs to start now. Pastoralists and indigenous people often rely heavily on their immediate environment for their livelihoods says Ikal Angelei the director of Friends of Lake Turkana. My fear is that if the oil exploration and drilling happens without community participation there is a great possibility of conflict. Africa s numerous resource-driven conflicts validate Angelei s concerns. Some of the precautions that she suggests to safeguard her people s welfare include establishing a regulatory body that fosters transparency in contract negotiations balancing oil production with conservation of the area s unique biodiversity enforcing high standards of corporate responsibility and regulating land sales to prevent conflicts. If Kenya approaches oil extraction in Turkana the way my Facebook friends have and fails to implement these common-sense recommendations a few years from now Kenyans might be sorry that oil was ever found. Ms Torome a writer and documentary filmmaker was awarded Cinesource Magazine s first annual Flaherty documentary award. (c) Project Syndicate 2012. E-mail watchman or write to Watchman POB 49010 Nairobi 00100. Fax 2213946. 14 Letters DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 To the editor Act now to end teacher shortage in the country The government should act and end the shortage of teachers. Since nothing meaningful has been done to tackle this problem teachers are justified to go on strike on July 1. Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) chairman Wilson Sossion has criticised the government for not setting aside enough funds for employment of more teachers. Learning in schools particularly public ones is being hampered by the staff crisis. The authorities need to act to end this problem. According to the teachers union 40 000 teachers should be hired. There are many jobless graduates who should be considered for these positions. Yvonne Andiva via email The editor welcomes brief letters on topical issues. Write on e-mail to mailbox You can also mail to The Editor Daily Nation POB 49010 Nairobi 00100. Letters may be edited for clarity space or legal considerations. TALKING POINT SHORT TAKES Emails from correspondents EDUCATION Although Kenya is one of the African countries said to have a good education system some changes need to be introduced. The government should consider coming up with a mechanism that ensures that a learner is taught only what he or she is best at as is the case in some countries. Since many students find it difficult to successfully go through the 8-44 system more village polytechnics where one majors in a course one understands best should be set up. The current system is to some extent unrealistic. Viden Ochieng Kisumu IRRIGATION The suggestion by the parliamentary Committee on Agriculture to ban flood irrigation saying that it is expensive and archaic shows how our politicians are keen to embrace new ideas before digesting them. Drip irrigation which is being favoured by the committee is one of the three irrigation methods commonly used. Sprinkler irrigation is the third. The MPs should realise that the choice of an irrigation method depends on various factors such as soil texture topography climate and type of crop. David Ndegwa Nyeri POLLS President Kibaki s recent reaffirmation that the next polls will be free fair and peaceful is welcome especially now that political temperatures are rising. The Head of State seems to be aware that to cement his legacy the last thing he needs to do is to ensure a transparent election. He will set a precedent by ensuring that the rule of law prevails as Kenyans cast ballots in picking their preferred leaders and by ensuring a smooth transition thereafter. These are the kind of messages Kenyans yearn to hear. Marcus Kipng etich Eldoret RECYCLING Thank God old tyres and used engine oil have become precious. Old tyres used to be dumped everywhere and were commonly used by mobs in setting suspected thieves ablaze. Used engine oil polluted our environment. But our prayers have finally been answered. It is now rare to find old tyres all over the place as there are some people who are collecting them for recycling. Used oil is also being collected for recycling. This development is welcome since it will ensure that our environment is not polluted. Justin Osey Peter Mombasa Kenyans need to vote for a president with ability to unite all communities ive years have elapsed since the last General Election and we are once again approaching that time of choosing new leaders. The choice of who will be at the helm steering the country as it makes its maiden voyage under a new constitutional dispensation is important. While most Kenyans would simply pick a presidential candidate who has the potential to fulfil their needs -- tribal interests -- we must first pause and think critically whether this is really the way we should go every five years or so. As we ponder over this pertinent matter it is important to note that what we really need to do is choose a leader who first and foremost believes in one Kenya. The phrase one Kenya may sound utopian or even abstract to many people but what does it really mean Is it possible to achieve one Kenya If we look back at the pre-independence days we see that all Kenyan communities living in different regions demarcated by the colonial powers were united. What brought them together was the common objective of liberating themselves from colonial bondage. All the communities had to work as a united force in fighting to rid the country of the oppression that prevailed. Since Kenyans once worked together to bring about freedom it follows that the same can be done today as we tackle various challenges. F Uhuru cartoon portrays the youth in bad light Cartoons are supposed to be funny but they can also influence people s thinking and beliefs. Gado s cartoon of Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta being massaged by boys and girls gives the impression that there is nothing better the youth can do in this country (Daily Nation May 22). It portrays young people in a bad light they appear to be idlers without a vision. This helps to perpetuate the mentality that only elderly people can be leaders. Many young people are serious with their studies and are working even harder than the elderly in nation building. Janet Kui Spy Nairobi Mr Ebrahim Ahmed (left) ready to vote in mock elections at the Uhuru Garden polling station in Malindi in March. Doubts over whether one Kenya is achievable can therefore be laid to rest. If it was once achieved why not today The man or woman we need to elect for the post of president must be a firm believer in a Kenya that is united. The leader should bring together Kenyans in fighting poverty unemployment negative ethnicity food insecurity drought and water shortages among other problems facing the country. FILE NATION Kenya must boost use of solar power Given the high cost of electricity and petroleum products Kenya should seriously exploit alternative energy sources. They include solar and nuclear power. The abundant sunlight in the country is a godsend. It should help us generate uninterrupted power supply for both domestic and the ever-growing manufacturing factories in Industrial Area. Solar and nuclear power if harnessed properly also have an advantage over use of diesel engines to generate power. The two rarely pollute the environment and are affordable and sustainable. Duty on solar panels should be reduced to boost use of power from the sun. Okwaro Oscar Plato Nairobi This leader needs to steer Kenya away from the notion that some tribes need to unite against other communities. We must remember that the deadly 2007 2008 post-election violence was fuelled by negative calls of unity among some tribes against others. We must refuse to have such a divisive leadership. Let us vote with our heads and not with our evil hearts. Felista Wabukala Bungoma Lock out civil servants from election jobs to achieve fairness The next General Election no doubt will be the toughest and most competitive in Kenya s history. It is therefore important for the authories to conduct it in a fair and transparent manner. The announcement by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission chairman Mr Issak Hassan that civil servants will take up positions as election officials at various levels is worrying. First there will be a conflict of interest since civil servants swore allegiance to the government. Some may be tempted to use their positions to sway the votes for their selfish ends. A teacher or police officer hired to conduct voter education may for example seize the opportunity to influence the public to vote in a particular manner which is contrary to their feelings. Many civil servants can do anything to create a situation that will ensure their status and ill-gotten wealth are protected. The government should instead consider giving these jobs to educated youth who are not employed. In my view the youth will do a better job as they have fresh minds and crave to see the dawn of a democratic nation that will embrace them economically. Robert Amalemba Kakamega YESTERDAY S QUESTION DEBATE QUESTION How should the government respond to secession calls by the MRC MOSES NGAII The government should put its foot down and prosecute leaders of the outlawed Mombasa Republican Council as they are not above the law. Leaving politicians seeking votes to talk about possibilities of engaging the group in negotiations is a recipe for chaos. It could lead to the resurrection of other proscribed groups like Mungiki and the Sabaot Land Defence Force. Experience has shown that such groups are a danger to society. ALLAN LODENYO The government should listen to MRC s grievances and make an effort to address them. The members have a right to demand better services from the government since they are taxpayers just like other Kenyans. SAMWEL MAYAKA Let the government tackle their grievances amicably to avert chaos which this group can cause. DANIEL KIMA The government must not engage this outlawed group in talks as this will prompt other proscribed groups to come out with their own grievances. The MRC should be dealt with according to the law and politicians should not turn to them in their hunt for votes. Does IEBC deserve to be given Sh35 billion that it is seeking to run the next polls Send your comments to mailbox ke. DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 15 Silver Sponsors St Johns Ambulance Kuscco Sacco society regulatory Authority(SASRA) Kengen Diamond Trust Bank Huawei Technologies ltd Commercial Bank of Kenya Kenyan Alliance Toyota Kenya Atlas Copco Pacis Insurance Smart Applications Limited Dots and Graphics limited Parapet Cleaning Services Sports Stadia Management Board Cfc Stanbic Britak Laborex Isolutions company Limited Githunguri dairy Farmers Co-op Harleys Limited Eagle Africa Insurance Brokers Sai Pharmaceuticals Kenya Education Management Institute Mastermind Tobacco Nairobi Bottlers National Hospital Insurace Fund Physical Therapy Services Imperial Bank Oil Libya Nic Bank Kenya Police CITI Bank Total Kenya Kenya Bureau of Standards Philips Healthcare technologies Ernst & Young kenya Methodist University Bronze Sponsorship Hotel Intercontinental Red Court Hotel Knight Frank Kenya Limited Healthcare Direct Kenya Association of Hotel Keepers Dentmed Kenya Limited Jomo Kenyatta Foundation Afritech General Supplies Syngenta Old Mutual UAP Insurance Carbacid (co2) Limited Elisatech Diagonistic Chemlabs Suleiman Shahbal Foundation Longhorn Publishers Schindler Chairmania Custody & Registars services Ltd Security World Technology Access Kenya Constituency Development Fund Symbion Kenya Limited National Oil Corporation of kenya Omaera Pharmaceuticals lancet Kenya East African Portland cement Stantech Motors 16 National News DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 TRADE Ministry denies banning sales to Gulf countries Minister warns traders over UAE meat exports Kuti puts on notice unscrupulous export dealers who fake KMC stamps for meat products BY CAROLINE WAFULA cwafula he government has put on notice unscrupulous businessmen exporting sub-standard meat products to the United Arab Emirates. Unscrupulous traders have been faking Kenya Meat Commission stamps for meat products destined for the UAE markets according to Livestock Development minister Mohammed Kuti (right). Yesterday assistant minister Dhadho Godana told Parliament that stern action would be taken against any trader found violating the laid down export procedures. He denied reports that the government had banned exports to the UAE and the wider Middle East market. He clarified that they were only concerned about substandard exports which were discrediting Kenya s quality records and risked earning Kenya a red card. I would like to take this early opportunity to assure Kenyans that our meat and meat products for local and export markets are of high quality and safe he said. Dr Kuti in a statement read exports. This I stated could lead to UAE banning imports of meat and meat products from Kenya the statement read in part. Last month Dr Kuti presided over the signing of a meat and meat products supply contract between KMC and Blue Mountain Meat and Livestock Trading Company and Global Food LLC of Dubai. So far KMC Farmers Choice Ltd and Quality Meat Packers are the companies approved to export meat and meat products to Dubai. Government records indicate that Kenya exports 34 tonnes of meat and meat products to Dubai every week. The ministry has predicted an increase in the exports due to what it terms great demand for Kenyan meat in the Middle East. Kenya has enjoyed good trade relations with UAE over the years and especially in the export of meat and meat products according to Dr Kuti. The government of Dubai said the minister conducts frequent inspections in Kenya s slaughterhouses to ensure that certification and food safety management systems are in place. The inspections are carried out by UAE veterinary officers. The minister said Kenya s veterinary certification system had been ranked highly in the region and therefore its animal products are safe and acceptable worldwide. T 34 Tonnes of meat and meat products that Kenya exports to UAE every week This I stated could lead to UAE banning imports of meat and meat products from Kenya Livestock Development minister Mohammed Kuti by Mr Godana told MPs that he was quoted out of context by the media when he was issuing caution to unscrupulous traders not to export substandard meat in the name of Kenya Polls Bill hit by quorum hitch BY NATION REPORTER Debate on a Bill seeking to regulate the publication of electoral opinion polls was again hit by a lack of quorum yesterday. The House was only able to transact business on a few questions and a ministerial statement in the one-and-ahalf hour morning session. Parliament holds two sittings every Wednesday with the morning session lasting from 9am to 12.30pm. Yesterday Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim was forced to adjourn the morning sitting after North Horr MP Chachu Ganya raised a quorum alert just before debate on the Publication of Electoral Opinion Polls (Bill No 59 of 2011) resumed. The Bill is awaiting consideration in the committee stage where MPs consider Bills clause by clause. It was the third time the Bill was suffering a quorum hitch with fears of sabotage from the government side. Most ministers and MPs that the publications of the results of opinion polls influence voters to vote in certain way. As such there is need for a law to ensure that such opinion polls are conducted in a scientific and transparent manner and all the relevant information disclosed to the public he has stated. MPs supported the regulation of electoral opinion polling in the country but proposed an amendment to prohibit the publication of any poll findings a week to an election. But the government has drafted another Bill to regulate opinion polls. Justice minister Eugene Wamalwa said recently that he would present the Bill to Parliament after it is approved by the Cabinet. And like Dr Khalwale s Bill the government s draft proposes outlawing of opinion polls a week before elections. It also makes it mandatory for those conducting political opinion polls to declare their source of funding margins of error and methodology used. Fears of sabotage were said to be attending the burial of Finance minister Njeru Githae s son in his Ndia constituency. The Bill requires that publishers of results of an electoral opinion poll should provide sufficient information to the public including the name of the sponsor of the poll the name of the person who conducted the poll and the population sample from which respondents were drawn. Clause 8 provides that violation of the Act is an offence punishable by a fine not exceeding Sh500 000 or imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year. Dr Boni Khalwale (above) the Bill s sponsor has argued Source of funding DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 17 TENDER NO KNCHR 15 2011 2012 PREQUALIFICATION OF SUPPLIERS SERVICE PROVIDERS FOR THE FINANCIAL YEAR 2012 - 2013 The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) is an independent government body entrenched in Article 59 (1) of the Constitution of Kenya (2010) and subsequently established under an Act of Parliament Act number 14 of 2011. The Commission s core mandate is the promotion and protection of human rights in Kenya. The Commission wishes to invite interested eligible firms for registration of suppliers and service providers for the period ending 30th June 2013 for the categories of goods and services listed hereunder No CATEGORY NUMBER DESCRIPTION 1 KNCHR 01 2012 - 2013 Supply of General Stationery 2 KNCHR 02 2012 - 2013 Supply of Office Equipment including computers photocopiers printers scanners and other related accessories 3 KNCHR 03 2012 - 2013 Supply of Office Furniture and Fittings 4 KNCHR 04 2012 - 2013 Supply of Motor Vehicle Tyres Tubes and Batteries KNCHR 05 2012 - 2013 Supply of Printer and Photocopier Toners 5 KNCHR 06 2012 - 2013 Supply of Electronics Equipments (Cameras Voice Recorders cell phones etc) 6 KNCHR 07 2012 - 2013 Supply of fresh cut flowers plants and maintenance of indoor plants 7 KNCHR 08 2012 - 2013 Provision of Car Hire Services 8 KNCHR 09 2012 - 2013 Provision of airtime scratch cards 9 KNCHR 10 2012 - 2013 Provision of Hotel Accommodation and Conferencing Services 10 KNCHR 11 2012 - 2013 Provision of Corporate Catering Services 11 KNCHR 12 2012 - 2013 Provision of Corporate Branding Services e.g decor 12 KNCHR 13 2012 - 2013 Supply of Library Textbooks 13 KNCHR 14 2012 - 2013 Supply of Corporate gift items 14 KNCHR 15 2012 - 2013 Design and Supply of branded promotional materials (T-shirts Caps goody bags banners etc) 15 KNCHR 16 2012 2013 Provision of Travel Agency Services IATA Registered Firms 16 KNCHR 17 2012 2013 Provision of Taxi Services Nairobi Mombasa Kisumu Eldoret and Kitale 17 KNCHR 18 2012 2013 Provision of Insurance Brokerage Services 18 KNCHR 19 2012 2013 Provision of General Printing Services 19 KNCHR 20 2012 2013 Provision of Bulk Photocopying and Binding Services 20 KNCHR 21 2012 2013 Provision of Human rights related consultancy services training and facilitation rapporteuring report writing and technical editing services 21 KNCHR 22 2012 2013 Provision of entertainment services (DJs Bands Musicians theatre groups etc) 22 KNCHR 23 2012 2013 Repair and servicing of motor vehicles Ministry of Roads and Public Works approved garages dealers only 23 KNCHR 24 2012 2013 Provision of General Cleaning Services 24 KNCHR 25 2012 2013 Maintenance and Repair of Servers computers Local Area Networks Printers photocopiers FAX machines and UPS 25 KNCHR 26 2012 2013 Provision of media monitoring analysis and management services 26 KNCHR 27 2012 2013 Provision of event Video services production of documentaries TV and Radio Infomercial services 27 KNCHR 28 2012 2013 Provision of translation services (English-Kiswahili Kiswahili-English) 28 KNCHR 29 2012 2013 Provision of Counseling Services 29 KNCHR 30 2012 2013 Provision of Photography services 30 KNCHR 31 2012 2013 Provision of minor office maintenance works e.g. Repairs plumbing and electrical works 31 KNCHR 32 2012 2013 Repair and maintenance of PABX system Interested and eligible suppliers service providers are requested to obtain prequalification documents from the Procurement Office 1st Floor CVS Plaza Lenana Road upon payment of non-refundable fee of Kshs. 3 000 per set of forms for a particular category. The fee is payable to the Cashier. Completed Prequalification documents in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked with the relevant category number and description should be addressed to The Commission Secretary Kenya National Commission on Human Rights 1st Floor CVS Plaza Lenana Road P.O. Box 74359 00200 NAIROBI and deposited in the Tender Box located at the Reception on 1st Floor CVS Plaza so as to be received on or before June 14th 2012 at 10 00am. Opening of the submissions will be done immediately thereafter in the presence of the tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend. Mohamed K. Hallo Commission Secretary UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI TENDER NOTICE The University of Nairobi invites tenders from duly registered and qualified firms for supply of Goods Services and Works Tender Number UON T 46 2011-2012 UON T 47 2011-2012 UON T 48 2011-2012 UON T 49 2011-2012 Tender Name Tender Fee Bid Bond Closing Date Prequalification of Garages for Ksh.3 000.00 10 000.00 13 06 2012 Spares Accessories Servicing at 10.30am and Maintenance of Vehicles Prequalification of Suppliers of Ksh.3 000.00 10 000.00 14 06 2012 Office Furniture at 10.30am Tender for Supply of Staff Ksh.3 000.00 10 000.00 15 06 2012 Uniforms at 10.30am Tender for Supply and Delivery Ksh.3 000.00 10 000.00 18 06 2011 of Stationery Items and Printing at 10.30am Consumables to The University of Nairobi Business Centre Prequalification of Suppliers Ksh.3 000.00 10 000.00 19 06 2012 for Supply of Hardware at 10.30am Timber Building Materials and Plumbing Items Prequalification of Book Ksh.3 000.00 10 000.00 20 06 2012 Printers at 10.30am Prequalification of Suppliers Ksh.3 000.00 10 000.00 21 06 2012 for Provision of General at 10.30am Printing Services Tender for supply of Detergents Ksh.3 000.00 10 000.00 25 06 2012 and General Cleaning Materials at 10.30am Proposed Re-Roofing of Hall Ksh.3 000.00 10 000.00 26 06 2012 10 at 10.30am Student Welfare Authority UON T 50 2011-2012 UON T 51 2011-2012 UON T 52 2011-2012 UON T 53 2011-2012 UON T 54 2011-2012 Interested firms may obtain the complete tender documents from the Procurement Manager at Main Campus Administration Block 1st Floor Room A104 on payment of a non-refundable tender fee as stated above at Barclays Bank A C 03-094-8245531 Queensway House Branch and obtain an official receipt from Income Section Room G4 Mahatma Gandhi Wing Ground Floor. Prices quoted must be net inclusive of all Government taxes and remain valid during the whole contract period. Tenders should be accompanied by bid bonds as stated above in the form of banker s cheque or letters of guarantee from banks or insurance companies. The completed tender documents must be submitted in plain sealed envelope marked with Tender Number and Name to The Procurement Manager Secretary University of Nairobi Tender Committee P.O. Box 30197- 00100 Nairobi The tender documents should be placed inside the Tender Box at the reception area ground floor Administration Block Main Campus. Opening will be done on the same day thereafter at the Council Committee Room in the presence of representatives of tenderers who choose to attend. Late bids will be rejected and returned unopened. MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS Bidders MUST provide the following information and provide copies of documents to support the information given 1) Certificate of Incorporation Registration 2) Business Permit 3) Tax Compliance Certificate 4) Audited accounts for Last three (3) years 5) PIN Certificate 6) Form of Tender and Confidential Business Questionnaire Duly Filled and Signed 7) Name of at Least 3 Clients Supplied With Similar Goods Works Services 8) Bid Bond as stated above Non submission of any of the mandatory requirement documents leads to automatic disqualification The University of Nairobi reserves the right to accept or reject a tender in whole or in part. Canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification. PROCUREMENT MANAGER UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI 18 DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 COUNTY COUNCIL OF MAKUENI Popo Road off Mombasa Road P.O. BOX 67839-00200 Nairobi Kenya Tel (254 020) 6005522 6001945 Fax (254 020) 6008997) E-mail Website National Environment Management Authority P.O. BOX 78- 90300 MAKUENI KENYA. Email makuenicounty TEL NO. 044-33329 FAX NO. 044-33391 Website NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC TO SUBMIT COMMENTS ON AN ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT STUDY REPORT FOR THE PROPOSED MOMBASA NAIROBI 400kV TRANSMISSION LINE (KIBWEZI FOREST SECTION) Pursuant to regulation 21 of Environmental (Impact Assessment and Audit) regulations the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) has received an Environmental Impact Assessment Study Report for the implementation of the proposed Mombasa - Nairobi 400kv 8km Transmission Line (Kibwezi Forest Section). The Proponent (Kenya Electricity Transmission Co. Ltd) for the Proposed Mombasa Nairobi 400kv 8km electrical Transmission Line (Kibwezi Forest Section) intends to construct own and operate the line. The following are the anticipated impacts and proposed mitigation measures Mitigation measures Ensure identification of the waste types segregation into the various categories and the establishment of suitable mechanisms for collection storage transfer and final disposal. Provide refuse bins temporarily before being taken away for proper disposal by NEMA licensed waste transporters Ensure construction solid waste generated by activities that are unsuitable for use are disposed in areas approved by the local authority council and NEMA that will be identified before commencement of construction activities. Excavated earth would be held on locations of the site not susceptible to storm water runoff and deposited Soil erosion and carefully on selected sites without the risk of being washed away. sedimentation Re-vegetation of exposed areas around the site would be carried out rapidly in order to mitigate erosion of soil through surface water runoff and wind erosion No uncontrolled burning to be carried out Risk of Fires Burning would adhere to application of regulations fire suppression equipment and monitored by fire watchers Establish network for fuel breaks of less flammable materials or clear land to slow progress of fires and allow fire fighting access. Spray water or water based mixtures on stockpiles and on unpaved road accesses regularly and at handling Air Quality sites for cement to suppress dust. Provide protective equipment (PPE) such as dust masks to be worn in the immediate vicinity of the operations Maintain machinery and equipment in good working conditions to minimum emissions including carbon monoxide oxides of Nitrogen and Sulphur as well as suspended particulate matter Cover trucks removing soils from the site delivering sand and cement to minimize dust blowing into the surrounding neighbourhood Regular maintenance of site equipment and machinery to ensure any leakages are detected and controlled Risk of leaks and Fit catalytic converters for heavy equipment to convert harmful substance in the exhaust fumes to less harmful spills substances Observe safety procedures for fuel storage and refuelling Oil residuals including waste oil lubricants used filters would be carefully collected and stored for safe disposal in order to prevent migration of contaminant hydrocarbons into storm water or groundwater resources. Occupational Health Ensure all equipment are inspected before use for appropriate safe guards and that the machine operators are trained on machine safety and Safety Issues Ensure the working hours are controlled and employees not allowed to extend beyond an acceptable time Provide appropriate road safety signage are placed and drivers adhere to the requirements of such signage Ensure strict access controls to the electricity power lines Enforce way leave requirements for power lines Deactivate and ensure live power distribution lines are properly grounded before work commences Ensure live wire work are conducted by trained workers with strict adherence to safety and standards Ensure that structures are tested for integrity prior to commencing work Implement a fall protection program that includes training in climbing techniques and the use of fall protection measures Noise and vibration Determine levels and extent of harmful noise and provide PPE (hearing protection) to persons who must operate within or visit the identified high noise areas at construction site Create a barrier well beyond the perimeter of the high noise level area to protect the unsuspecting public who May approach the project site Sensitize construction vehicle drivers and machinery operators to switch off engines of vehicles or machinery not being used Ensure that construction machinery are kept in good condition to reduce noise generation Ensure that all generators and heavy-duty equipment are insulated or placed in enclosures to minimize ambient noise levels Site transmission lines and distribute right-of-way access roads lines and towers to avoid critical use through Terrestrial Habitat the use of existing utility and transport corridors as well as existing roads and tracks for access roads Alternation and Installation of transmission lines above existing vegetation to avoid land clearing Disruption Re-vegetation of disturbed areas with native plant species and removal of invasive plant species during routine vegetation maintenance. Maintain a 1.5 meter spacing between energized components and grounded hardware Avian and Bat Cover energized parts and hardware and Install visibility enhancement objects (marker balls) Collisions and Electrocutions Consult with regulatory air traffic authorities prior to installation Aircraft Navigation Adherence to air safety regulations Safety Schedule maintenance activities to avoid breeding and nesting sessions Right of Way Avoid clearing in riparian areas and use of machinery in the vicinity of watercourses Maintenance Observe manufacturer machinery and equipment guidelines procedures with regard to noise as well as oil spill prevention and emergency response The full report of the proposed project is available for inspection during working hours at 1. Permanent Secretary Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources NHIF Building Community P.O. BOX 305211 NAIROBI 2. Director General NEMA Popo Road off Mombasa Road P.O. BOX 67839-00200 NAIROBI A copy of the EIA report can be downloaded from NEMA invites members of the public to submit oral or written comments within thirty (30) days from the date of publication of this notice to the Director General NEMA to assist the Authority in the approval process of the project. (EIA 5 2 825) Comments can also be emailed to eia ZEPHANIA O. OUMA FOR DIRECTOR GENERAL This advertisement is sponsored by the proponent 3. Provincial Director of Environment EASTERN PROVINCE Possible Impact Construction Waste Generation PUBLIC NOTICE RE INTENTION TO MAKE BY-LAWS 2012 BY COUNTY COUNCIL OF MAKUENI REVISE EXISTING BY-LAWS IN FORCE Pursuant to section 203 of the Local Government Act Cap 265 of the Laws of Kenya notice is hereby given to the public for general information that this Council is in process of making the following By-laws 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. (Environmental management) By-laws 2012 (Solid waste management) by-laws 2012 (Parking spaces and omnibuses stations) by-laws 2012 (Building and constructing-adoptive by-laws grade II)by-laws 2012 (Cemetery) by-laws 2012 (Conversancy) by-laws 2012 (Public lavatories) by-laws 2012 The By-laws shall be open for public inspection any time during official working hours free of charge from the date of publication of this notice until 30th May 2012 at 3.00pm and any objection to any of the proposed By-laws or part thereof must be submitted to the Clerk to Council within the aforesaid period. Also the Council is intending to revise the following by-laws 1. (Crops and product inspection) by-laws 2. (Licensing of premises trade and occupation) by-laws 3. (General nuisance) by-laws 4. (Commercial colleges private schools and nursery schools) by-laws 5. (Stock markets Auction and sales) by-laws 6. (Pounds) by-laws 7. (Hides and skins cess) by-laws 8. (Hawkers) by-laws 9. (Public markets) by-laws 10. (Refuse receptacles and collection) by-laws 11. (Sand harvesting) by-laws The above said By-laws to be revised are approved By-laws existing in force. By order of the County Council of Makueni. FREDRICK O. NDEDE CLERK TO COUNCIL. 4. District Environment Officer MAKUENI DISTRICT DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Special Report 19 EDUCATION Permanent secretary has written to the Treasury seeking urgent allocation of money Sh11.3bn sought to save free learning School heads complained of lack of money after schools reopened for the second term Prof George Godia Nyeri s Temple Road Primary School pupils on May 7 the first day of the second term this year. BY SAMUEL SIRINGI ssiringi he Education ministry has written to the Treasury seeking urgent allocation of Sh11.3 billion to save the twin free learning programmes this term. The ministry admitted it was yet to release cash for the free primary and free day secondary school learning programmes due to funds shortage. Schools opened for the second term two weeks ago and headteachers complain they have no money to buy teaching and learning materials. Acting Education permanent secretary George Godia has written to Treasury permanent secretary Joseph Kinyua explaining the crisis that threatens the programmes. The free primary school education programme was introduced at the start of President Kibaki s first term as Head of State in January 2003. The free secondary school programme was introduced later. The shortfall which must be plugged over the next month has been caused by a sudden rise in school enrolment and a change in the formula of disbursing the funds explains Prof Godia in the letter dated May 22. He has asked the Treasury for the release of cash to fully fund the programmes. Prof Godia s letter says the ministry needs an additional Sh8 billion to go to primary school pupils for teaching and learning materials. Under this programme each of the 8.7 million pupils is allocated Sh1 020 per year. At the secondary school level Prof Godia says part of the shortfall (Sh1.5 billion) arose from inadequate budget allocation in the 2009 2010 financial year. The deficit he said was carried forward from the last financial year. According to Prof Godia the Education ministry was allocated Sh16.1 billion this financial year. It requires Sh9.5 billion to meet the tuition needs for secondary school students in the second term that started two weeks ago. The acting PS wrote on the day the parliamentary Committee on Education tabled a report detailing the financial shortfalls facing academic programmes in the country. The committee said it was concerned with the underfunding of the free primary and day secondary learning programmes to the tune of Sh15 billion. The committee recommends that actual enrolment statistics must be provided to ring fence the amount required because (the funding) is mandatory says the report. The committee said the free secondary school programme had faced many challenges including shortage of schools to match the growth in enrolment arising from COMPOSITION JOSEPH KANYI NATION T Education team membership David Koech chairman Francis Thombe Nyammo vice-chairman Muturi Mwangi David Njuguna Joyce Laboso Mohammed Sirat Wilbur Khasilwa Alfred Odhiambo Dache John Pesa Shakila Abdalla by Mosop MP David Koech. The MPs report expressed concern that the Kenya National Examinations Council had built its headquarters Mtihani House in a record 26 years. The cost of the project according to the report had increased by Sh1.5 billion due to the delays. The team recommended that the government allocate Sh1.3 billion to complete the work. To help needy students in universities the committee recommended that the bursary kitty be doubled from the current Sh100 million. The bursaries will go to the Higher Education Loans Board which the MPs recommended should be allocated Sh1.5 billion to finance fast-tracking of admissions to public universities. This follows a move by the public universities to cut down the period qualifiers wait before joining the institutions from two years to one year. According to the lawmakers the money allocated to nine new university colleges was inadequate. The money should be increased from Sh30 million to Sh630 million they said. The committee recommended that the government should allocate Sh8 billion to recruit 30 000 teachers in the next financial year. This is however 10 000 less than the number Education minister Mutula Kilonzo has proposed at a cost of Sh15.4 billion. The team also suggested that a further Sh500 million be set aside for promotion of teachers. It also proposed that the Treasury pay retired teachers Mr David Koech Sh3.4 billion allocated this financial year. At the same time the Teachers Service Commission secretary Mr Gabriel Lengoiboni told the committee that the institution would be underfunded in the next financial year by Sh7.8 billion. According to the financial estimates the commission had not been allocated Sh10.2 billion to recruit the targeted 30 000 teachers. The Cabinet only recently approved plans for the commission to recruit 10 000 more teachers. Mr Lengoiboni said the commission promoted 12 000 graduate teachers every year through various schemes of service. It also promotes three in every 10 P1 teachers annually. Mr Lengoiboni said the commission required Sh950 million for the establishment of county offices and purchase of motor vehicles. The commission also seeks Sh250 million to meet expenses of travel and accommodation. TO COMMENT ON THIS AND OTHER STORIES GO TO New university colleges Sh15bn Amount by which free learning programmes was underfunded according to House committee The committee recommends that actual enrolment statistics must be provided to ring fence the amount required because (the funding) is mandatory Parliamentary Committee on Education a big number of graduates from primary schools. This had been compounded by a large number of secondary school dropouts and shortage of teaching materials in the said schools says the report. It recommends that the private sector be given incentives to build more schools to reduce congestion and low transition to secondary schools. More public schools should also be established said the team led 20 DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 WORLD DISCIPLINE Ballot opens with men queuing separate US PARTY TICKET Romney wins two more states as he speeds towards nomination Page 28 Excited anxious Egyptians vote for new president I can t imagine that we re really voting for our president says a poll observer BY SARA HUSSEIN CAIRO Wednesday HANDOVER BRIEFLY BAMAKO Mali pro-coup group wants leader back E xcited anxious even a little confused Egyptians across this vast capital city went to the polls on Wednesday to cast their ballots in the first presidential vote since the 2011 uprising. Meanwhile an Egyptian policeman was shot dead today when he was caught up in a gunfight between supporters of two presidential candidates outside a polling station in Cairo security officials told AFP. Another person was injured in the same fight which erupted as Egyptians were voting to choose a successor to president Hosni Mubarak ousted last year in a popular uprising. The police officer was killed by a shot to the chest while the second person a civilian was hit in the leg security officials said adding the incident occurred in the northeastern Cairo district of Rod al-Farag. At the Gamal Abdul Nasser school in the Dokki neighbourhood voters arrived an hour before polls opened with men queuing to the right women to the left of a school gate guarded by armed soldiers. Rania Mohammed 37 wearing a grey trouser suit and a light scarf tied back to reveal her pearl earrings was second in line on the women s side. Fifteen months after the fall of president Hosni Mubarak in last year s popular uprising Mohammed was still trying to make up her mind who to vote for even as she waited to cast her ballot. I m choosing between two I Fears despite army pledge The ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) in power since Mubarak s ovethrow has vowed to hand power to civilian rule by the end of June after a president is elected but many fear its retreat will be just an illusion. The army with its vast and opaque economic power wants to keep its budget a secret by remaining exempt from parliamentary scrutiny maintain control of militaryrelated legislation and secure immunity from prosecution. Mubarak 84 and ailing may watch the election from a military hospital on the outskirts of Cairo as he awaits the verdict of his murder trial on June 2. An Egyptian woman shows her ink-stained finger after voting in the country s first free presidential election as others queue at a polling station in Cairo yesterday. worried about the Islamists he said quietly. Over 60 years I haven t even thought to elect because I wasn t confident in the process he said. This is the first step and it s a new era. Inside the school a judge administered the process handing certified ballots to voters in return for their national identity cards. The voters stepped behind screens to make their choices under educational posters including one with numbers in French hung on the school s chipped walls then placed their folded voting paper in the ballot box. One woman in a green scarf and smart brown trouser suit seemed to pause as she placed her vote in the ballot box slot as if savouring the moment. KHALED DESOUKI AFP Supporters of Mali s coup leader dealt a fresh blow to a return to democratic rule by saying they had chosen him to head an interim government defying a deal mediated by regional leaders at the weekend. The pro-coup Committee of Malian Patriotic Organisations (COPAM) said it had decided on Tuesday at a meeting to institute Captain Amadou Sanogo as president of the transition in the west African nation. Meanwhile Mali s interim leader Dioncounda Traore left yesterday for Paris to undergo medical tests after an assault by protesters angry at his appointment to head a post-coup transition government. (AFP) KAMPALA don t want to say who but I ll decide when I m in the booth. You can say that the pen will decide she laughed. Despite her last-minute indecision Mohammed said she was excited. I m very happy that we are actually going to choose our president. In the men s line 62-yearold Nabil Girgis said he had thought long and hard about who to choose. I prayed in the morning and asked Jesus to lead me to the right thing he said declining to identify his chosen candidate in front of other voters. I m crossing my fingers hoping for the best but I m Goodbye she said to the vote as she dropped it in smiling before dipping her finger in indelible ink and taking back her identity card. Watching the process was Amena Ibrahim 24 an observer for the campaign of Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi. Her eyes ringed with bright turquoise eyeliner sparkled as she described casting her vote in a presidential election for the first time. I can t imagine that we re really voting for our president she said. I don t know what to say I m just really happy. In a notebook she kept a tally of voters coming in to the station where over 4 000 people were registered. (AFP) Uganda issues order to screen refugees As thousands of Congolese refugees fleeing intense fighting back home arrive at the Ugandan border town of Bunagana in the western district of Kisoro the Ugandan government has ordered screening of new arrivals. Security concerns arose following reports that Uganda s rebel Allied Democratic Forces hiding in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was regrouping to attack Uganda. Uganda s Police Chief Lt Gen Kale Kayihura while addressing the refugees over the weekend instructed that the screening exercise must done to avoid negative forces infiltrating into the country. (Xinhua) ABUJA Gay laws won t be repealed soon says Malawi minister BY REX CHIKOKO NATION Correspondent LILONGWE Wednesday In a sudden twist of events leader of government in parliament Henry Phoya says the law that criminalise same sex marriages will not be repealed in the near future. President Joyce Banda in her first national address in parliament last week said Malawi will repeal all bad laws that the late President Bingu wa Mutharika s government had imposed on Malawians. In her speech President Banda among other laws alluded to the law that criminalises same sex marriages as one of the laws to be repealed. However Mr leader of government in parliament who is also Minister of Lands said government was not tabling the said law in the current sitting of parliament or any time soon. The way I understood the president s speech she said she would like to see those laws repealed. She did not say when. Looking at the current business in parliament that law will not be tabled. We have to consult widely. Nigeria to produce tablet computers The Nigerian government yesterday said all is now set for the country to commence production of tablet computers. Minister of Communication Technology Omobola Johnson announced the news to reporters in Accra at the Ministerial Platform to showcase the achievements of her ministry in the last one of the Goodluck Jonathan administration. Some Nigerians had commenced the local design and fabrication of the tablet computers the minister said noting that the product would be better than the Ipad in terms of functionality. (Xinhua) Malawians have not decided whether they want that law debated or not Mr Henry Phoya Minister Malawians have not decided whether they want that law debated or not he said. President Banda s assertion of repealing the law that criminalise same sex marriages attracted mixed reaction among Malawians with Non Governmental Organisations that promote human rights welcoming the president s speech while the faith community and most ordinary Malawians stood against it. A day after the president s assertion that the law that criminalise same sex marriage will be repealed in Blantyre two young women staged a public marriage engagement putting the president s statement to test and increasing Malawians anger on the president s move. DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 21 Government of Kenya Export Promotion Council INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THE KENYA NATIONAL DAY AND BUSINESS FORUM ON 5TH AND 7TH JUNE 2012 DURING EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA The Expo is a multi billion dollar business opportunity. With Korea s economy growing faster than most economies the Expo2012 as an avenue for networking and marketing is bigger than ever before. Practically everyone with a stake in Korea s market is at the Expo which is running from 12th May 2012 to 12th August 2012. Kenya like other participating countries is utilizing this window of opportunity provided by the exposition to showcase her trade investment and tourism opportunities. Kenya s National Day at the Expo 2012 Yeosu will be celebrated on 5th June 2012. This is a day to celebrate Kenya s achievements in areas of Trade Investment Tourism Technological Development and our Cultural Heritage. Come 7th June 2012 there will be a Trade Investment and Tourism Forum where Kenya s opportunities in the areas of trade investment and tourism will be highlighted. Korean companies in the following sectors have been lined up to facilitate match making between the Korean and Kenyan business community Target Export Sectors Tea and Coffee Services (ICT Education Building and Construction) Tourism (Tours & Travel Hospitality) Horticultural products Fish Pyrethrum Chemical Products Leather and Leather Products Edible nuts Gemstones Target Investment Sector Energy Sector Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Environmental Management Services Electrical Equipment Synthetic fibres Transport Anticipated Benefits Business to Business linkages Understand the buyer requirements and emerging market trends in the Korean and Asian market. Opportunities for negotiating licensing distributorship and agency agreements Investment trade and joint ventureship opportunities Increased tourism traffic among others The Kenyan delegation of top government and private official is scheduled to travel to Yeosu Korea to market Kenya as a preffered destination for trade investment and tourism. If you are interested to be a member of the Kenyan delegation to Yeosu Korea to participate in Kenya s National Day celebrations and also to take part in the Forum Contact Export Promotion Council for registration. Interested companies are invited to register for participation in the delegation through Export Promotion Council by 28th May 2012. Limited number of participants will be considered based on first come first serve basis. Invitations have also been sent by the Ministry of Trade to specific targeted sectors. The delegates briefing will take place on 28th May 2012 at 11.00 A.M. at EPC Office at Anniversary Towers. Members of the delegation are expected to meet their own travel and subsistence expenses. For information contact The Chief Executive Export Promotion Council P.O. Box 40247-00100 Nairobi. Tel 254 20 2228534 8 Fax 254 20 2228539 2218013 Email chiefexe Regional Manager Coast Region P.O. Box 90143 80100 Mombasa Tel 041- 2319247 Email coast Regional Manager Western Region P.O. Box 853 Eldoret Tel 053-2030154 2030164 western 22 INVESCO ASSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 The Board of Directors of Invesco Assurance Company Limited are pleased to announce the results for the year ended 31st December 2011. STATEMENT OF COMPREHENISIVE INCOME FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31ST DECEMBER 2011 2011 2010 KSHS KSHS Gross written premium 1 106 271 335 562 852 899 Gross earned premium Less Reinsurance premium ceded Net earned premium Investment income Commissions earned Other income Total income Net incurred claims Operating and other expenses Commissions payable Profit before taxation Tax credit (charge) Profit for the year Other comprehensive income Change in fair value of available for sale financial assets Total comprehensive income for the year attributable to the owners of the company Key Ratios Solvency Ratio Capital Adequacy Ratio Claims Ratio Expense Ratio 1 005 436 931 (30 253 526) 975 183 405 10 917 834 908 206 1 120 882 988 130 327 (329 879 363) (505 237 510) (103 011 512) 50 001 942 27 107 662 77 109 604 458 510 004 (19 786 143) 438 723 861 7 741 737 661 537 157 391 447 284 526 (155 774 224) (224 758 341) (48 231 190) 18 520 771 (3 967 989) 14 552 782 STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION AS AT 31ST DECEMBER 2011 2011 2010 KSHS KSHS Assets Motor vehicle and equipment 60 383 270 35 040 095 Prepaid operating lease 185 777 778 Intangible asset 2 450 000 Non-current assets held for sale 14 000 000 14 000 000 Quoted equity investments - available for sale 3 214 758 4 407 908 Reinsurers share of technical provision and reserves 53 458 567 46 539 744 Deferred acquisition costs 14 819 479 7 877 149 Other receivables 10 470 387 8 054 508 Government securities held to maturity 50 000 000 50 000 000 Deposits with financial institutions 332 485 099 184 338 643 Amounts due from related parties 265 666 526 165 018 247 Cash and bank balances 57 237 676 56 070 218 Deferred tax asset 58 220 870 31 113 208 Total assets 1 108 184 410 602 459 720 Equity Share capital Investment revaluation reserve Accumulated deficit Total equity Liabilities Insurance contract liabilities Provision for unearned premium Payables arising from reinsurance arrangements Other payables and accruals Bank overdraft Taxation payable Total liabilities Total equity and liabilities 600 000 000 460 074 (214 299 543) 386 160 531 300 000 000 1 653 225 (291 409 147) 10 244 078 (1 193 151) 75 916 453 1 653 225 16 206 007 153% 129% 33% 55% 102% 3% 34% 49% 401 648 610 149 111 949 28 714 964 117 624 850 7 922 619 17 000 887 722 023 879 1 108 184 410 333 712 940 83 122 899 27 370 591 89 180 802 2 160 017 56 668 393 592 215 642 602 459 720 COMMENTARY Website http DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Africa News 23 BRIEFLY FREETOWN TARGET Mission is to capture Afgoye Shabelle and other areas so as to have direct access to Baidoa Amisom advances on Al-Shabaab base Al-Shabaab militia claims to have repulsed the attack boasting of killing several soldiers BY RISDEL KASASIRA NATION Correspondent and Agencies combined Amisom force comprised of Ugandan Burundian and Somali Transitional Federal Government troops yesterday launched a massive dawn assault on al-Shabaab positions outside Mogadishu marking the second phase of the Somalia war. Ugandan contingent commander Brigadier Paul L okech declined to comment on force numbers he said the surge operation was going on well . The essence of this strategic offensive is to capture Afgoye Shabelle and other areas so that we have a direct access to Baidoa he said in a phone interview yesterday. The first phase of the war ended with the capture of Mogadishu in December last year. Brig L okech told the Nation that Ugandan forces were 30 kilometres outside Mogadishu. However the Al-Qaeda-linked Shabaab militia claimed to have repulsed the attack boasting of killing several soldiers including Western military advisors. Witnesses reported several casualties but the claims could not be independently verified. Liberian minister survives murder bid Liberian police say they have thwarted a possible assassination attempt on the country s Finance Minister Amara Konneh who survived an arson attack on Tuesday at his private residence. Preliminary investigations identified two strange objects discovered under the minister s car as petrol bombs reinforcing belief of an attempt on his life. A trusted ally of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Konneh has attracted criticism for implementing controversial policies which have seen scores of employees at the ministry of Finance lose their jobs amid suspicion of corruption. (Kemo Cham nation Correspondent) A BATTLE KINSHASA MOHAMED ABDIWAHAB AFP Significant gains by force AU and Somali troops have made significant gains in recent months against Shabaab militants although the Islamists have switched to guerrilla tactics in Mogadishu including a series of suicide and grenade attacks. Somalia s weak and Western-backed transitional administration has until August to set up a permanent government. Somalis with their belongings flee the Islamist Shabaab stronghold of Afgoye yesterday the world s largest displaced people s camp as African Union (AU) and government pushed forward their assault on the militia in Mogadishu. We will continue advancing on remaining locations Somali military commander Abdikarin Yusuf Dhegobadan told reporters. The fighting on Tuesday was just the preparation to pave the way for the big battle he said. More than 400 000 people around one third of all the displaced people in Somalia were 29 planes grounded by aviation authority The Civil Aviation Authority of the Democratic Republic of Congo (AAC) on Tuesday published a list of 29 chartered planes that have been grounded since May 15. According to AAC officials the planes belong to about 20 companies and they include four aircrafts that belong to the newly launched Fly Congo airline and three belong to African Aviation Company (CAA) the two biggest airlines in DR Congo. (Xinhua) living in the Afgoye corridor at the start of the year fleeing war or drought according to the UN which warned that civilians must be protected. Mark Bowden the UN humanitarian coordinator for Somalia said that as yet there were no reports of significant movements of people from the corridor . Agro-Chemical and Food Company Limited NOTICE FOR DISPOSAL SALE OF COMPANY USED VEHICLE TENDERS ARE INVITED FOR PURCHASE OF THE VEHICLES WHOSE DETAILS ARE AS BELOW REGISTRATION NUMBER MAKE MODEL YEAR OF MANUFACTURE MILEAGE COVERED PETROL ENGINE REGISTRATION NUMBER MAKE MODEL YEAR OF MANUFACTURE MILEAGE COVERED PETROL ENGINE KAN 277U TOYOTA RAV-4 ACA21R 2002 281 225 KMS KAR 346 L TOYOTA HILUX LN 147R 2003 259 623 KMS INVITATION TO STUDENTS FORUM ON ACCESS TO INFORMATION Making access to information a RIGHT not a FAVOUR Access to information 35. (1) Every citizen has the right of access to-- (a) Information held by the State and (b) Information held by another person and required for the exercise or protection of any right or fundamental freedom. (2) Every person has the right to the correction or deletion of untrue or misleading information that affects the person. (3) The State shall publish and publicise any important information affecting the nation. The Constitution of Kenya 2010 The right of access to information is provided for in Article 35 of the Constitution. It is central to public participation in the enforcement and protection of the Constitution. It is also key in enabling citizens to play their watchdog role in safeguarding public resources. Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill has been developed to provide a legislative framework that will effect this critical constitutional right. TI-Kenya invites university students to a forum to discuss the role of the youth in pressing for Kenyans constitutional right to information. Topics to be discussed include 1. Key provisions of the draft Freedom of Information Bill vis- -vis model FOI laws 2. The role of Freedom of Information in promoting public participation and integrity in local governance 3. Youth and access to information Responsibilities and opportunities. Date Venue Time Saturday May 26th 2012 Ufungamano Auditorium 9.00 am 1. 00 p.m Entry is free. Transparency International-Kenya is a non profit organisation founded in 1999 with the aim of a transparent and corruption free Kenya. TI-Kenya is an autonomous Chapter in the Transparency International movement a global coalition against corruption with which we share knowledge and exchange ideas for the greater good of Kenya. Please forward any inquiries or confirmations to jotachi Tel 254-020-2727763 5 2730324 5 Mobile 0722-296589. THE ABOVE VEHICLES ARE COMPANY MAINTAINED. ANY INTERESTED PARTY TO ENCLOSE DOWN PAYMENT EQUIVALENT -TO 10% OF THE QUOTED PRICE THROUGH A BANKER S CHEQUE PAYABLE TO AGRO CHEMICAL AND FOOD COMPANY LIMITED. QUOTATIONS WITHOUT THE SAID ADVANCE PAYMENT WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE DISQUALIFIED. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF OFFERS WILL BE AT CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON THURSDAY JUNE 14 2012 AT 12.00 HOURS. OFFERS IN SEALED ENVELOPES TO BE ADDRESSED TO THE ADDRESS BELOW AND CLEARLY MARKED SALE OF USED MOTOR VEHICLE REG. NO . THE RESIDENT DIRECTOR & CHIEF EXECUTIVE AGRO CHEMICAL AND FOOD COMPANY LIMITED P. O. BOX 18 40107 TEL 020-233 4180 1 MUHORONI KENYA 24 ATHI WATER SERVICES BOARD KITALE DISTRICT HOSPITAL MINISTRY OF MEDICAL SERVICES PREQUALIFICATION OF SUPPLIERS 2012-2013 Kitale District Hospital Kapsara District Hospital Endebess District Hospital Saboti Sub-district Hospital Huruma Sub-district Hospital and Ziwa Sub-District Hospital invites eligible bidders for the supply and delivery of various products and services for the financial year ending 30th June 2013. 1. Supply and delivery of dry foods. 2. Supply and delivery of perishable food. 3. Supply and delivery of meat products. 4. Supply and delivery of Human drugs 5. Supply and delivery of Non-pharms. 6. Supply and delivery of Dental Material. 7. Supply and delivery of Laboratory Reagents. 8. Supply and delivery of X-Ray items. 9. Supply and delivery of medical & industrial Gases. 10. Supply and delivery of firewood charcoal gas kerosene. 11. Supply and delivery of general medical printed stationery. 12. Supply and delivery of cleansing material. 13. Supply and delivery of general office stationery. 14. Supply and delivery of hardware building materials paints. 15. Supply and delivery of electrical items & refrigeration. 16. Supply and delivery of tyres tubes and batteries. 17. Servicing and repair of motor vehicles cycles and spare parts. 18. Supply and delivery of computers installation maintenance & servicing. 19. Supply and delivery of light fuels petrol diesel e.t.c 20. Maintenance of building sewerage flowerbeds e.t.c 21. Provisioning of minor Construction Services. 22. Supply and delivery of Medical Equipment. 23. Provision of cabling and networking Services. 24. Servicing of hospitals machines. 25. Provisioning construction and commissioning of bio-digester. 26. Disposal of hospital waste garbage e.t.c. Tender and Pre-qualification documents are obtained from procurement section Kitale District Hospital. Telephone 0725946566 and 0710-131747 from Monday to Friday between 9am-4pm upon payment of non-refundable fee of Ksh. 2000 - for all tenders. The price quoted must be net inclusive of all taxes. The same should be paid to the hospital cashiers and a computer receipt issued. Complete tender document in plain sealed envelope clearly marked. Tender number.........................for supply and delivery of........................should be deposited in the tender box situated in the Administration Block outside Medical Superintendent s office Kitale District Hospital or addressed to District Medical Services Officer Trans-Nzoia Uasin Gishu Districts P.O Box 98 KITALE A copy of official computer receipt MUST BE ATTACHED Tenders shall be closed on 14th June 2012 at exactly 11am and bid documents will be opened thereafter in the VCT Resource Centre Hall in the presence of tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend. Benson Atonya Procurement Officer For Medical Superintendent KITALE DISTRICT HOSPITAL DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Invitation of Tenders DRILLING AND EQUIPPING OF ALLIANCE GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL BOREHOLE IN KIKUYU TENDER NO. AWSB T HQ 001 2011-2012 1. The Athi Water Services Board invites sealed bids from eligible and qualified bidders for Drilling and equipping of Alliance Girls High School Borehole in Kikuyu. 2. Bidding will be conducted through the National Competitive Bidding (NCB) procedures specified in the Government of Kenya s Public Procurement and Disposal Act and Regulations and are open to all eligible bidders as defined in the Tender Document. 3. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from Athi Water Services Board and inspect the Bidding Documents at the address given below from 0800 hours to 1700 hours local time from Monday to Friday except during lunch hour (1300 hours to 1400 hours) during weekends and public holidays. 4. A complete set of Bidding Documents in English may be purchased by interested bidders on the submission of a written Application to the address below and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs. 3 000.00 per set. The method of payment will be cash or bankers cheque from a reputable bank in Kenya. The Bidding Documents will be collected from the address below upon production of a purchase receipt. 5. Bids must be delivered to the address below at or before 1200 Hrs local time on 15th June 2012. Electronic bidding will not be permitted. Late bids will be rejected. Bids will be opened in the presence of the bidders representatives who choose to attend in person at the address below at 1205 hours East African time on 15th June 2012. 6. All bids shall be accompanied by a Bid Security in the form a Bank Guarantee of Kshs. 100 000.00 or acceptable bid security under the PPDR. 7. The address (es) referred to above is (are) Chief Executive Officer Athi Water Services Board 3rd Floor Africa Re Building Hospital Road Upper Hill P. O Box 45283-00100 NAIROBI KENYA Tel 254-20-2724292 3 Fax 254-20-2724295 Email info Website REPUBLIC OF KENYA MINISTRY OF MEDICAL SERVICES KITUI MUTOMO DISTRICT HOSPITALS REPUBLIC OF KENYA KITUI DISTRICT HOSPITAL KAUWI KANYANGI IKANGA KATULANI MUTITU SUB DISTRICT HOSPITALS Kitui District Hospitals invite eligible and qualified bidders for the following tenders. TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO TENDER NO KTI DH 1 2012 KTI DH 2 2012 KTI DH 3 2012 KTI DH 4 2012 KTI DH 5 2012 KTI DH 6 2012 KTI DH 7 2012 KTI DH 8 2012 KTI DH 9 2012 KTI DH 10 2012 KTI DH 11 2012 KTI DH 12 2012 KTI DH 13 2012 KTI DH 14 2012 KTI DH 15 2012 KTI DH 16 2012 KTI DH 17 2012 KTI DH 18 2012 KTI DH 19 2012 KTI DH 20 2012 KTI DH 21 2012 KTI DH 22 2012 KTI DH 23 2012 KTI DH 24 2012 KTI DH 25 2012 KTI DH 26 2012 KTI DH 27 2012 KTI DH 28 2012 KTI DH 29 2012 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 - 2013 Supply and delivery of foodstuffs. Supply and delivery of fruits and vegetables. Supply and delivery of cleaning and sanitation items. Supply and delivery of stationeries. Supply and delivery of dental and x-ray materials and equipments. Supply and delivery of electrical items. Supply and delivery of hardware. Supply and delivery of drugs. Supply and delivery of laboratory items. Supply and delivery of paints and thinner. Supply and delivery of fuels oils lubricants and wood fuels. Supply and delivery of linen. Supply and delivery of non-pharmaceutical items. Prequalification for repair of motor vehicles. Prequalification for repair of office machines e.g. computers printers and photocopiers. Provision for security services. Supply delivery installation and service of fire fighting equipments. Prequalification for supply and delivery of medical equipment. Prequalification for supply and delivery of furniture and general office equipment. Supply and delivery of medical records. Prequalification of building contractors. Supply and delivery of medical gases. Supply and delivery of tyres tubes and batteries. Prequalification for service of plant and equipment. Prequalification for landscaping in the hospital. Prequalification for cleaning services. Supply and delivery of timber and timber products. Proposed construction of maternity ward at kanyangi sub district Hospital. Disposal of assorted assets. OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT DISTRICT COMMISSIONERS KIBWEZI AND MAKINDU DISTRICTS TENDER NOTICE FINANCIAL YEAR 2012 2013 Tenders are invited for supply and delivery of goods and services to Government Ministries Departments and Institutions within Kibwezi and Makindu Districts for financial year ending 30th June 2013. TENDER NO. 1. KBZ MKD 01 2012-2013 2. KBZ MKD 02 2012-2013 3. KBZ MKD 03 2012-2013 4. KBZ MKD 04 2012-2013 5. KBZ MKD 05 2012-2013 6. KBZ MKD 06 2012-2013 7. KBZ MKD 07 2012-2013 8. KBZ MKD 08 2012-2013 9. KBZ MKD 09 2012-2013 10. KBZ MKD 10 2012-2013 11. KBZ MKD 11 2012-2013 12. KBZ MKD 12 2012-2013 13. KBZ MKD 13 2012-2013 14. KBZ MKD 14 2012-2013 15. KBZ MKD 15 2012-2013 16. KBZ MKD 16 2012-2013 17. KBZ MKD 17 2012-2013 18. KBZ MKD 18 2012-2013 19. KBZ MKD 19 2012-2013 20. KBZ MKD 20 2012-2013 TENDER NAME - Supply and delivery of food stuffs fruits and vegetables - Supply and delivery of meat eggs chicken and pork - Supply and delivery of building and construction materials. - Supply and delivery of timber paints and painting materials. - Supply and delivery of GI PPR PVC pipes and fittings - Supply and delivery of stationery printing services and photocopying. - Supply and delivery of cleaning materials detergents non pharmaceuticals lab reagents and medical drugs. - Supply and delivery of fuel oils and lubricants. - Supply and delivery of tyres tubes and motor vehicle Batteries. - Supply and delivery of computer equipments and networking of related accessories. - Supply and delivery of farm inputs veterinary drugs and other related items - Hire of private security and cleaning services. - Provision of catering services. - Prequalification for repair and services of office machines computers photocopiers fax machines and telephones. - Prequalification for provision of building works renovation of government houses and electrical contractors. - Prequalification for repairs and service of GK motor vehicles and cycles. - Prequalification for construction of Dams reservoirs irrigation canals and water works - Prequalification for hire of transport machines and equipments. - Prequalification for supply of fire equipments services and training of fire works - Sale of boarded GK motor vehicles. Tender documents with detailed specifications can be obtained from District Procurement office Kibwezi and Makindu Districts upon payment of Kshs. 2000.00 (two thousand only) non refundable. Payable to District cashier of the respective Districts. Interested bidders MUST attach copies of VALID TAX COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE VAT & PIN certificate Business Registration and or Incorporation certificate. NB For TENDER NO.. KBZ MKD 20 2012- 2013 detailed tender documents will be obtained from District Procurement Office Kibwezi and additional Kshs.2000.00 is paid as deposit refundable to unsuccessful bidders. Price quoted MUST be net inclusive of all applicable taxes and costs and must be in Kenya shillings and remain valid for ninety (90) days from the closing date completed tender documents in plain sealed envelops clearly marked Tender NO....... should be deposited in the Tender Box situated at District Commissioner s office Kibwezi and Makindu Districts or send by post to DISTRICT COMMISSIONER KIBWEZI DISTRICT P.O BOX I-90137 KIBWEZI. AND DISTRICT COMMISSIONER MAKINDU DISTRICT P.O BOX 1- 90138 MAKINDU. Prices quoted should include VAT and other Taxes and must remain valid for at least ninety days from the day of closure. Tender documents may be obtained from the procurement office upon payment of a non refundable fee of ksh 2 000 and ksh 3 000 for tender No. 28 made in cash or bankers cheque at the hospital s revenue office. Completed tender documents in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked with the tender reference number and description should be addressed and delivered to THE MEDICAL SUPERINTENDENT KITUI DISTRICT HOSPITAL P. O. BOX 22-90200 KITUI OR be deposited in the tender box located at the administration block so as to be received not later than 10 00 am on Thursday 14th june 2012. Received bids will be opened the same day at 10 30am in the medical superintendent s office in the presence of the tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend. HOSPITAL PROCUREMENT OFFICER FOR MEDICAL SUPERINTENDENT. So as to reach him her on or before Thursday 14th June 2012 at 11.00 am. Tenders will be opened the same day at District Commissioner s Board Room in the respective Districts. Tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend the opening are welcome. NB The Government reserves the right to reject any tender in whole or part and does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender nor give reasons for it s decision. C.N. KATHINGO FOR DISTRICT COMMISSIONER KIBWEZI E.M. MUGAMBI FOR DISTRICT COMMISSIONER MAKINDU. DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 International News 25 CONFLICT Both sides have not complied with the UN Security Council s demand that they resume their dialogue Sudan South to resume talks says Mbeki Claims of air strikes but this could not be confirmed independently KHARTOUM Wednesday SHUTTLE DIPLOMACY Tension over many issues The talks aim to settle critical issues left unresolved after the South s separation in July last year following a 1983-2005 civil war. These include oil payments the status of each country s citizens resident in the other the status of the contested Abyei region and resolution of disputed and claimed border areas as well as demarcation of the frontier. South Sudan s Information Minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin told reporters on Tuesday that Sudanese bombings had resumed this week. He said they targeted the Werguet area of Northern Bahr el Ghazal state a border region close to Sudan s South Darfur. The air strikes could not be independently confirmed and Sudan s army repeatedly denied earlier Southern claims of air strikes. (AFP) S udan and South Sudan will resume talks next week that were suspended after border fighting in April African Union mediator Thabo Mbeki said yesterday. Now we have an agreement from both presidents President (Omar-al) Bashir and President Salva Kiir that the lead negotiation panels from both sides will meet next week Mbeki said after meeting the Sudanese leader. His announcement came despite allegations hours earlier by South Sudan that Khartoum s warplanes had bombed a border region on Monday and Tuesday. If confirmed the bombing would violate a May 2 United Nations Security Council resolution which demanded the two nations cease weeks of hostilities that the UN said posed a serious threat to regional peace and security. Mbeki said the negotiators will next week look at all the elements of the decisions made by the African Union and Security Council . An African Union resolution formed the basis of the UN s May 2 demands which threatened sanctions if they are not met. Mr Mbeki did not give a precise date for next week s negotiations. The former South African president has shuttled between Khartoum and the South Sudanese capital Juba since last week in an effort to push both sides back to talks. Chief mediator former South African president Thabo Mbeki has been shuttling between the two states. Tensions have flared over a series of unresolved issues including the border the future of disputed territories and oil. South Sudan broke away from Sudan in July after a 2005 peace deal ended one of Africa s longest civil wars which killed about two million people. Sudan and South Sudan did not comply with the UN Security Council s demand that they resume their dialogue by last Wednesday. After meeting with President Kiir on Monday Mr Mbeki said It is important that our panel convene the two parties as urgently as possible . Following months of AUled meetings in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa Sudan withdrew from the process after South Sudanese troops seized the north s main oil region of Heglig on April 10. A subsequent 10-day occupation coincided with Sudanese air raids on South Sudanese territory leading to fears of wider war. Arrested sex workers to undergo skills training BY TAMBA JEAN-MATTHEW NATION Correspondent DAKAR Wednesday 25 A group of sex workers who were rounded up from the streets of Monrovia are being screened at the YWCA ahead of skills training exercise sources said. Officials said the girls would be given training in various fields in an attempt to reduce the escalating rate of prostitution and improve living standards in the country. Police Director Chris Massaquoi led the operation on Monday night along with Gender Minister Julia Duncan Cassell. He said the exercise was warranted by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf after she set up a task force to remove sex workers off the street and give them skill training that could enable them to earn a decent living. Some of the The number of girls arrested in police swoop girls claimed they were not sex workers but had gone out on that Monday night just to enjoy themselves with no intention to indulge in prostitution. But the police argued that it was easy to distinguish between sex workers and other girls from their attire. The training for the 25 would include dressmaking catering book keeping and secretarial skills depending on the aptitude of the girls. For their part the owners of the entertainment centres are claiming unpaid food and drinks which the police operation caused. But it is unlikely that many of the 25 girls would continue to survive on the skills after they would have left the centre. 26 International News REPUBLIC OF KENYA DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 FALL FROM GRACE Cases build for former IMF boss THE SELECTION PANEL FOR CHAIRPERSON AND MEMBERS OF THE NATIONAL LAND COMMISSION (The National Land Commission Act 2012) Strauss-Kahn seeks right to brief media Lawyer says ban on his client was unfair as issue was being discussed all over DOUAI France Wednesday DECLARATION OF VACANCIES Pursuant to the provisions of Sections 7 and 8 of the National Land Commission Act (No. 5 of 2012) and the First Schedule thereto the Selection Panel invites applications from suitably qualified persons for the positions of Chairperson and eight (8) Members of the National Land Commission. In the spirit of promoting the national values and principles of governance of inclusiveness equality and protection of the marginalized women and people with disability are encouraged to apply. A. VACANCY FOR THE POSITION OF CHAIRPERSON OF THE NATIONAL LAND COMMISSION (NUMBER OF VACANCIES 1) For appointment as Chairperson of the National Land Commission a person should (a) hold a degree from a university recognized in Kenya (b) have knowledge and experience of not less than fifteen (15) years in matters relating to any of the following fields (i) Public administration (ii) Land management and administration (iii) Management of natural resources (iv) Land adjudication and settlement (v) Land law land survey spatial planning OR land economics OR (vi) Social Sciences. (c) meet the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution and (d) have had a distinguished career in his her respective field. D B. VACANCY FOR THE POSITION OF MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL LAND COMMISSION (NUMBER OF VACANCIES 8) For appointment as a Member of the National Land Commission a person should (a) hold a degree from a university recognized in Kenya (b) have knowledge and experience of not less than ten (10) years in matters relating to any of the following fields (i) Public administration (ii) Land management and administration (iii) Management of natural resources (iv) Land adjudication and settlement (v) Land law land survey spatial planning OR land economics OR (vi) Social Sciences. (c) meet the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution and (d) have had a distinguished career in his her respective field. isgraced former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn sought today to lift legal restrictions placed on him after he was charged in a vice case in the northern French city of Lille. Strauss-Kahn arrived at the appeals court in Douai near Lille in a car with blacktinted windows and left around three hours later an AFP correspondent reported. We contested the legal restrictions notably this very strange ban on speaking to the Press about a matter that the media discusses a lot one of Strauss-Kahn s lawyers Henri Leclerc said after the hearing. The appeals court s verdict is expected in a week s time on May 30 Mr Leclerc said. Mr Strauss-Kahn two businessmen and a police WOES Former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Khan leaves the State Supreme Court in New York May 19 2011 photo. chief were in March charged with aggravated pimping in an organised gang in Lille for allegedly organising a prostitution ring for orgies in France the United States and elsewhere. Legal restrictions slapped on Mr Strauss-Kahn after he was charged include a ban on speaking to others who have been charged in the case witnesses and media concerning the case. Lawyer Leclerc said after his client was charged that the ban on talking to the media was persecutory and pointless . The pimping case in Lille centres on accusations that prostitutes were procured for sex parties attended by Mr Strauss-Kahn and paid for by executives who corruptly charged the parties to company expenses. Strauss-Kahn admits he attended a string of orgies in various cities but insists he had no idea that many of the female guests were paid to attend telling police in a reported interview that he may have been naive . A former head of the International Monetary Fund and one-time frontrunner for the French presidency Mr StraussKahn suffered a stunning fall from grace after his arrest last year on accusations he sexually assaulted a New York hotel maid. (AFP) RICHARD DREW AFP NATION C. PLEASE NOTE In compliance with Section 8 (3) of the National Land Commission Act 2012 a person shall not be qualified for nomination and appointment as Chairperson or Member of the Commission if the person (i) is a member of Parliament or County Assembly (ii) is an official of a governing body of a political party (iii) has at any time within the preceding five years held or stood for election as a member of Parliament a county assembly or as a governor (iv) is an undischarged bankrupt (v) has been convicted of a felony (vi) has benefited from or facilitated an unlawful or irregular allocation acquisition or use of land or other public property or (vii) has been removed from office for contravening the provisions of the Constitution or any other written law. Problems in the US and France Hotel maid Ms Nafissatou Diallo has launched a civil suit against Strauss-Kahn in New York seeking unspecified damages while he has in turn filed a 1 million countersuit for malicious prosecution and defamation. Adding to Mr Strauss-Kahn s legal woes French prosecutors on Monday opened a preliminary investigation into accusations he took part in a gang rape in the US according to testimony from a prostitute. 30 The date verdict will be issued D. HOW TO APPLY Manual applications should be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked Application for Chairperson National Land Commission OR Application for Member National Land Commission and addressed to The Chairperson National Land Commission Selection Panel Public Service Commission of Kenya P.O. Box 30095 00100 NAIROBI Applications may be posted to OR hand delivered and signed for at the Commission Secretary s Office on 4th Floor Commission House off Harambee Avenue. Electronic applications may also be submitted as a MS-Word attachment to landcommission Each application should be accompanied with a detailed curriculum vitae a copy of the National Identity Card or Passport and certified copies of academic certificates testimonials and other relevant supporting documents. Scanned copies of these documents must accompany applications. NB (i) The names of all applicants and those shortlisted for each post shall be published in the print media after the closure of the advert. (ii) Shortlisted candidates may be required to submit additional information and will be subjected to a public interview process. (iii) The salary and benefits for these positions shall be determined by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission. (iv) The Chairperson and Members of the Commission shall hold office for one term of six (6) years. All applications should reach the Public Service Commission on or before 30th May 2012 latest by 5.00 p.m. BRIEFLY Britain s Supreme Court sets Assange ruling date Britain s Supreme Court said on Wednesday it will give its judgement in the case of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange s long-running fight against extradition to Sweden on May 30. The court announced the date in a statement on its website saying the judgement would start at 9 15 am next Wednesday and would last around 10 minutes. Mr Assange took his case to the Supreme Court in February in a last throw of the dice within the British legal system arguing that the Swedish prosecutor who ordered his arrest in December 2010 was not a proper judicial authority. (AFP) LONDON SEOUL BUENOS AIRES South Korea to chemically castrate sex offender South Korea will this week chemically castrate a man repeatedly convicted of sexually assaulting children in the country s first use of the punishment an official said. The 45-year-old surnamed Park is due to be released from prison in July after serving a 10-year sentence for the attempted rape of a 10-year-old girl. He will be given an injection every three months for the next three years to reduce his sexual urges by manipulating his hormones whether he likes it or not justice ministry official Kim Hyung-Yul told AFP. Bomb found before ex-president s speech Authorities found and deactivated a bomb on Tuesday at a Buenos Aires theater where former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe was due to deliver a speech. Mr Uribe known for tough law-and-order policies during his 2002-2010 presidency in Colombia had been scheduled to speak at the Grand Rex theater in downtown Buenos Aires and still intends to honour the engagement. Theater security and maintenance personnel found bomb.(AFP) Dr. Daniel W. Ichang i Chairperson National Land Commission Selection Panel DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 27 28 International News UNAUDITED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS AND OTHER DISCLOSURES FOR THE PERIOD ENDED 31ST MARCH 2012 I STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION 1 ASSETS 1.1 Cash ( both Local & Foreign) 1.2 Balances due from Central Bank of Kenya 1.3 Kenya Government securities 1.4 Foreign Currency Treasury Bills & Bonds 1.5 Deposits and balances due from local banking institutions 1.6 Deposits and balances due from banking institutions abroad 1.7 Kenya Government and other securities held for dealing purposes 1.8 Tax recoverable 1.9 Loans and advances to customers (net) 1.1 Investment securities 1.11 Balances due from group companies 1.12 Investments in associates 1.13 Investments in subsidiary companies 1.14 Investments in joint ventures 1.15 Investment properties 1.16 Property and equipment 1.17 Prepaid lease rentals 1.18 Intangible assets 1.19 Deferred tax asset 1.20 Retirement benefit asset 1.21 Other assets 1.22 TOTAL ASSETS 2 LIABILITIES 2.1 Balances due to Central Bank of Kenya 2.2 Customer deposits 2.3 Deposits and balances due to local banking institutions 2.4 Deposits and balances due to foreign banking institutions 2.5 Other money market deposits 2.6 Borrowed funds 2.7 Balances due to group companies 2.8 Tax payable 2.9 Dividends payable 2.1 Deferred tax liability 2.11 Retirement benefit liability 2.12 Other liabilities 2.13 TOTAL LIABILITIES 3 SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS 3.1 Paid up Assigned capital 3.2 Share premium 3.3 Revaluation reserves 3.4 Retained earnings 3.5 Statutory loan reserves 3.6 Proposed dividends 3.7 Capital grants 3.8 TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS 3.9 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS 31-Mar-11 Un-audited Shs. 000 839 964 8 044 4 794 367 933 311 10 758 11 069 576 504 913 31-Dec-11 Audited Shs. 000 1 109 236 725 792 3 725 023 65 876 22 132 760 000 16 332 359 706 273 31-Mar-12 Un-Audited Shs. 000 1 213 875 1 131 734 3 864 809 715 661 209 614 760 000 17 117 445 705 162 DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 SWEEP Rivals gave up race for party ticket Big win for Romney in Arkansas Kentucky Candidate likely to reach magic number of 1 144 delegates in Texas next week WASHINGTON Wednesday epublican Mitt Romney won primary votes yesterday in the southern states of Arkansas and Kentucky bringing him within arm s reach of scoring the delegates needed for his party s formal White House nomination. The Republican nomination race has been largely academic for months since the other main candidates have dropped out and Romney is the party s nominee in all but name. In Arkansas Mr Romney had around 71 per cent of the vote against 14 per cent for his nearest rival Rick Santorum who has already dropped out of the race according to data from the Arkansas secretary of state with four percent of precincts reporting. And in Kentucky Mr Romney won around 67 per cent of the vote against 12 per cent for his nearest rival Ron Paul the Kentucky state board of elections said with nearly all precincts reporting. A total of 75 delegates were at stake in the primaries. Mr Romney is likely to reach the magic number of 1 144 delACCUSED 30 070 1 055 059 8 600 180 153 88 572 973 397 20 496 785 15 945 906 474 428 57 978 399 805 514 17 284 225 484 185 1 644 429 44 076 943 033 96 837 3 212 560 20 496 785 31-Mar-11 Un-audited Shs. 000 479 793 115 622 678 14 755 610 848 56 753 4 032 60 785 550 063 96 501 178 536 22 603 9 383 307 023 857 086 126 584 228 071 7 015 99 021 68 573 41 198 730 728 035 129 051 129 051 55 818 (12 037) 85 270 31-Mar-11 Un-audited Shs. 000 1 251 316 132 224 1 119 092 691 201 427 892 427 892 220 430 319 846 540 276 227 356 5 963 233 319 3 029 011 500 000 2 529 011 8 832 3 037 843 13 428 606 19.00% 8.00% 11.00% 22.52% 8.00% 14.52% 22.59% 12.00% 10.59% 39.50% 20.00% 19.50% 71 400 1 516 039 176 410 354 897 436 316 26 001 754 21 443 926 677 264 16 853 983 25 875 513 135 22 678 036 484 185 1 644 429 85 314 868 294 144 659 96 837 3 323 717 26 001 754 31-Dec-11 Audited Shs. 000 2 366 232 391 846 6 181 80 203 2 844 462 377 907 112 173 490 080 2 354 382 462 459 806 397 30 623 112 179 1 411 659 3 766 040 337 215 1 165 689 27 962 462 651 282 453 1 509 965 996 3 243 475 522 565 522 565 187 736 (19 775) 354 605 31-Dec-11 Audited Shs. 000 1 824 592 178 984 1 645 608 916 524 729 083 729 083 99 104 526 650 625 754 419 719 299 065 718 784 2 996 908 700 000 2 296 908 153 491 3 150 398 18 519 221 13.98% 8.00% 5.98% 16.18% 8.00% 8.18% 17.01% 12.00% 5.01% 28.20% 20.00% 8.20% 71 400 1 530 480 176 410 354 987 448 908 28 300 485 22 510 901 1 856 074 59 911 980 17 047 431 728 24 876 643 484 185 1 644 429 85 314 967 526 145 551 96 837 3 423 842 28 300 485 31-Mar-12 Un-Audited Shs. 000 934 635 93 879 8 002 20 179 1 056 694 387 318 44 687 432 004 624 690 87 986 209 316 10 376 9 231 316 908 941 598 106 636 314 868 4 127 120 908 54 974 205 710 807 223 134 375 134 375 43 078 (8 828) 100 124 31-Mar-12 Un-Audited Shs. 000 1 805 158 216 013 1 589 145 996 312 592 833 592 833 112 797 671 590 784 388 508 870 5 963 514 833 3 046 078 700 000 2 346 078 154 383 3 200 461 19 636 224 13.53% 8.00% 5.53% 15.51% 8.00% 7.51% 16.30% 12.00% 4.30% 30.50% 20.00% 10.50% Obama team in new attack R II STATEMENT OF COMPREHENSIVE INCOME 4 INTEREST INCOME 4.1 Loans and advances 4.2 Government securities 4.3 Deposits and placements with banking institutions 4.4 Other Interest Income 4.5 Total interest income 5 INTEREST EXPENSE 5.1 Customer deposits 5.2 Deposits and placement from banking institutions 5.3 Other interest expenses 5.4 Total interest expenses 5.5 NET INTEREST INCOME 6 OTHER OPERATING INCOME 6.1 Fees and commissions on loans and advances 6.2 Other fees and commissions 6.3 Foreign exchange trading income 6.4 Dividend Income 6.5 Other income 6.6 Total non-interest income 6.7 TOTAL OPERATING INCOME 7 OPERATING EXPENSES 7.1 Loan loss provision 7.2 Staff costs 7.3 Directors emoluments 7.4 Rental charges 7.5 Depreciation charge on property and equipment 7.6 Amortisation charges 7.7 Other operating expenses 7.8 Total operating expenses 7.9 Profit before tax and exceptional items 7.10 Exceptional items 7.11 Profit after exceptional items 7.12 Current tax 7.13 Deferred tax 7.14 Profit after tax and exceptional items President Obama has unveiled a new video portraying Mr Romney (left) as a pitiless multimillionaire who forced another firm Bainacquired office products supplier Ampad of Indiana into bankruptcy and walked away with 100 million in profits. To me Mitt Romney takes from the poor and the middle class and gives to the rich laid off factory worker Jerry Rayburn said in the video. He s just the opposite of Robin Hood. Mr Romney claims to have created 100 000 jobs at Bain. egates to formally clinch the party nomination when Texas voters cast primary ballots on May 29. For weeks Mr Romney has been in a general campaign mode raising money nationally and attacking President Barack Obama a Democrat who is seeking a second White House term in the November 6 poll. The Republicans formally nominate their presidential candidate at the party s convention in August in Tampa Florida. Meanwhile Mr Romney said yesterday he was greatly disturbed that President Obama s administration had granted a visitor s visa to the daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro. Mariela Castro a sexologist who supports gay rights was granted the visa to attend the annual conference of the Latin American Studies Association on May 23-26 in San Francisco. We shouldn t be extending an open hand to a regime engaged in the systematic and flagrant denial of basic human rights Republican presidential hopeful Romney said in a statement. The Obama administration defended its decision on May 18. We don t link visa policy in cases like this to our larger political and economic and human rights relationship with countries said State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland. But Mr Romney insisted the visa for Mariela Castro who is a government official was a mistake in handling ties with the Americas only one-party Communist state. (AFP) Pakistani doctor gets 33 Inventor of years over Osama hunt first wireless PESHAWAR Wednesday A Pakistani surgeon recruited by the CIA to help find Osama bin Laden was today sentenced to 33 years in prison for treason officials said. Shakeel Afridi who was sacked as a government doctor two months ago was found guilty under the tribal justice system of Khyber district part of Pakistan s semi-autonomous tribal belt. In addition to his jail sentence he was fined 320 000 rupees ( 3 500). The doctor had worked for years as a surgeon in lawless Khyber part of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda infested tribal belt. Afridi was not present in the court and not given a chance to defend himself officials said. Under the tribal system he would not have had access to a lawyer. He has been sentenced for 33 years on treason charges and has been moved to Peshawar central jail after the verdict was announced by the local court said Mohammad Siddiq spokesman III OTHER DISCLOSURES 10 NON-PERFORMING LOANS AND ADVANCES 10.1 (a) Gross Non-performing loans and advances 10.2 (b) Less Interest in Suspense 10.3 (c)Total Non-Performing Loans and Advances (a-b) 10.4 (d) Less Loan Loss Provision 10.5 (e) Net Non-Performing Loans and Advances(c-d) 10.6 (f) Discounted Value of Securities 10.7 (g) Net NPLs Exposure (e-f) 11 INSIDER LOANS AND ADVANCES 11.1 (a) Directors Shareholders and Associates 11.2 (b) Employees 11.3 (c)Total Insider Loans and Advances and other facilities 12 OFF-BALANCE SHEET ITEMS 12.1 (a)Letters of credit guarantees acceptances 12.2 (b)Other contingent liabilities 12.3 (c)Total Contingent Liabilities 13 CAPITAL STRENGTH 13.1 (a)Core capital 13.2 (b) Minimum Statutory Capital 13.3 (c)Excess (a-b) 13.4 (d) Supplementary Capital 13.5 (e) Total Capital (a d) 13.6 (f)Total risk weighted assets 13.7 (g) Core Capital Total deposits Liabilities 13.8 (h) Minimum statutory Ratio 13.9 (I) Excess 13.1 (j) Core Capital total risk weighted assets 13.11 (k) Minimum Statutory Ratio 13.12 (l) Excess (j-k) 13.13 (m) Total Capital total risk weighted assets 13.14 (n) Minimum statutory Ratio 13.15 (o) Excess (m-n) 14 LIQUIDITY 14.1 (a) Liquidity Ratio 14.2 (b) Minimum Statutory Ratio 14.3 (c) Excess (a-b) 3 500 The amount surgeon was fined for exposing terrorist for the administrative head of Khyber. The United States on Wednesday rejected that Afridi had in any way committed treason. Anyone who supported the United States in finding Osama bin Laden was not working against Pakistan they were working against Al-Qaeda Pentagon press secretary George Little told reporters in Washington. In January Defense Secretary Leon Panetta confirmed Afridi had worked for US intelligence by collecting DNA to verify bin Laden s presence and expressed concern about Pakistan s treatment of him. The surgeon was arrested shortly after US troops killed the Al-Qaeda leader on May 2 2011 and in October a Pakistani commission recommended that he be tried for treason. (AFP) TV remote control dies CHICAGO Wednesday Message from the Directors The above statement of financial position statement of comprehensive income and disclosures are extracts from the Bank s Financial Statements. Signed T. K. Muya Peter Munyiri Chairman Managing Director & CEO Eugene Polley who in 1955 invented the first wireless remote control for television has died of natural causes his longtime employer Zenith Electronics said Tuesday. He was 96. In a statement Zenith -- a subsidiary of South Korea s LG Electronics formerly known as Zenith Radio Corporation -- said the Chicago native passed away in hospital on Sunday. Polley joined Zenith Radio in 1935 where his 18 patented inventions included the Flash-Matic remote control a flashlight-like device that could turn a television set on and off and change channels as well. It functioned with four photo cells fitted on each corner of the television screen but it was not without its problems -- notably on sunny days -- and it was succeeded by the ultrasonic Zenith Space Command in 1960. (AFP) DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 29 30 DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 BUSINESS COMPETITION Family Bank quietly kicks out historical opponent Equity from Fourways Towers Family rebranded the building under its name on acquiring it and transformed it into its headquarters and main retail centre BY PAUL WAFULA pwafula TOYOTA DRIVES PAST GM TO REGAIN NUMBER ONE SPOT Firm steals back lead automaker position in first quarter of 2012. P.36 BRIEFLY BEVERAGE Bankers rival under public glare A Coca-Cola opens plant in Somalia Coca-Cola opened a new bottling plant in Somalia yesterday. The company said in a statement that the Sh1.2 billion plant is located in Hargeisa City Somaliland. We are delighted about this new opportunity to refresh our consumers with high quality beverage choices. This investment will create about 135 direct jobs and 2 500 indirect jobs and contribute to a healthy distribution and retail sector in Somaliland Mr Nathan Kalumbu president of Central East and West Africa said. We bought Fourways last year but Equity offered to leave on its own volition Mr Henry Karugu decades-old rivalry between Family Bank and Equity Bank is playing out on the streets of Nairobi as the two fight for dominance. Family Bank has quietly kicked out its historical rival Equity Bank from Fourways Towers on Muindi Mbingu Street near Jevanjee Gardens in Nairobi s Central Business District after it acquired the building. Until three years ago Fourways housed Equity Bank headquarters before it moved to Equity Centre in Nairobi s Upper Hill. Family Bank has already rebranded the building to Family Towers. Head of Marketing Mr Henry Karugu downplayed Equity s exit saying it had opted to move out of the building to an adjacent one voluntarily. We bought Fourways last year but Equity offered to leave on its own volition Mr Karugu told the Nation in a telephone interview. However in a move not to let go of its customers at the branch Equity has earmarked a building less than 50 metres away from Fourways. Sources familiar with the deal say Equity had no choice but to leave given that Family Bank with a network of 54 branches around the country is transforming the building into its headquarters and main retail branch in Kenya. The Fourways branch holds the number two code in Equity s 135 branch network in Kenya. Family s move to brand the building thus swallowing Equity Bank and its corporate colours in the process has replayed the TECHNOLOGY Google introduces new payment card Internet giant Google has introduced a transport payment card in Kenya using technology that could shake up the mobile money dominated payments sector. The Beba Card currently on use in Citi Hoppa buses serving Nairobi routes uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to allow users to make payments by tapping the card on a hand-held device in the bus. Google Kenya s communication manager Dorothy Ooko said the project is still in its pilot stages and that an official launch with more partners was in the offing. AVIATION Left former Fourways Towers which has now been branded by Family Bank still having Equity Bank branding. On the right the building that Equity has now moved its former Fourways Tower branch in Nairobi s central business district. lifelong rivalry between the two banks. Their rivalry dates back to the time when they were building societies. They both trace their roots to Murang a County and their expansion model was largely designed to focus on the lower end of the market. However Equity s push to a fully-fledged commercial bank seems to have had an earlier start while initially the two institutions went toe to toe opening branches almost side by side. Equity Bank is the country s largest bank by customer accounts and second in branches. Family Bank has in the recent past increased activity and presence as it moves to grow its market share. EMMA NZOIKA NATION KQ leases aircraft to boost its fleet Kenya Airways has leased a 235 seater aircraft to support its expansion. The airline received the Boeing 767 plane yesterday from International Leasing Finance Corporation. KQ said in a statement that it will use the new aircraft to service mid to long range routes on its network. It is the sixth Boeing 767 to join the airline s wide body fleet. The aircraft is similar to existing KQ Boeing 767 with no fresh training required for the pilots crew and engineers said KQ CEO Titus Naikuni in a statement. 54 Number of branches owned by Family Bank around the country. The bank bought Fourways Towers which used to house a branch of Equity Bank Nestle and NMG enter into health partnership BY NATION CORRESPONDENT Nestle is entering into a partnership with Nation Media Group to enhance sensitisation on poor dietary habits which lead to avoidable nutrition deficiencies in the country. The one-year awareness campaign dubbed Listen To Your Body will use mass media and NutriMovil a mobile truck that will be used to take the message to county levels. Nestle s CEO Pierre Trouilhat is banking on the expansive media platforms to inform the public on methods of preventing lifestyle diseases like diabetes and lack of micro-nutrients like iron zinc iodine and vitamin A. There is a basic general awareness of eating healthy and living well in Kenya. What we are seeking is a deep knowledge about the actual requirements and deficiencies in food and lifestyle and that is what we are going to drive home he said. Children aged five years and below and are vitamin A deficient are projected to hit 87 per cent in a year increasing their chances of contracting life threatening diseases like measles. Also over two-thirds of school-age children and half of pregnant women in the country are anaemic which increases their mortality rate during child birth. Left Mr Pierre Trouilhat and Mr Hakan Misri MD Nestle-K DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 31 32 Business News CONTROVERSIAL Court nullifies earlier re-appointment DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Process to hire new CCK boss begins Ministry set to advertise post and follow procedures BY PAUL WAFULA pwafula he ministry of Information will start the process of hiring a new Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) boss afresh in line with the law. Information permanent secretary Bitange Ndemo said the ministry has no choice but to comply with last week s court ruling which nullified the controversial re-appointment of Mr Charles Njoroge as the CCK director-general. CONVENTION Economic zones Lafarge has last word on its shares Bamburi says BY NATION REPORTER The decision on whether to sell shares in East African Portland Cement or not lies with Lafarge Bamburi Cement has said. The cement maker moved to dissociate itself from an ultimatum by the Government of Kenya asking French conglomerate Lafarge its parent company to voluntarily offload part of its shares in East African Portland Cement (EAPCC) on grounds that it is a separate entity. Lafarge is not Bamburi. As Bamburi Cement we only own 12.5 per cent of Portland and have no influence at the firm s AGM. We also do not appoint directors at the firm said Mr Hussein Mansi managing director of Bamburi Cement in an interview adding that Bamburi cannot speak on behalf of Lafarge. A shareholder can only be entitled to appointing a representative to the company s board if his or her stake is above 15 per cent. It is understood that the director of the Competition Authority has threatened to force the French multinational to sale its stake to reduce its influence on the cement sector. T The ministry will advertise the post and follow the procedures in filling up this position Mr Ndemo told the Nation in an interview during the launch of Jamii Telecoms upgraded fibre optic cable. Mr Ndemo sits on the CCK board which is tasked with hiring the communications regulator. The position has been vacant since August last year when the High Court stopped Mr Njoroge from assuming office following an injunction sought by the Consumer Federation of Kenya (Cofek). The position is currently being filed by Mr Francis Injunction Wangusi in an acting capacity and the new boss will be expected to push forward the competitive telecoms and communications industry. This is set to be a win for the country s push towards transparent appointments as envisioned in the new Constitution. The ministry cannot do anything fishy but follow the law Mr Ndemo said. The federation had challenged the appointment of the CCK boss and asked the constitutional court to revoke a gazette notice which announced his appointment. The appointment had been done by Information and Communications minister Samuel Poghisio. A. RESULTS OF 182 DAYS TREASURY BILLS ISSUE NO. 1934 VALUE DATED 28 05 2012 This week the Central Bank of Kenya offered 182 day Treasury Bills for a total of Kshs 2 Billion. The total number of bids received was 87 amounting to Kshs 444 Million representing a subscription of 22%. Bids accepted amounted to Ksh. 444 Million. The market weighted average rate was 10.915% while the weighted average rate of accepted bids which will be applied for non-competitive bids was 10.915% down from 12.078% recorded in the previous auction. The other auction statistics are summarised in the table below. Due Date Amount Offered (Kshs. M) Bids Received (Kshs. M) Performance Rate (%) Number of Bids Received Number of Accepted Bids Amount Accepted (Kshs. M) Of which Competitive bids Non-Competitive bids Purpose Application of Funds Rollover Redemptions Net Repayment Market Weighted Average Rate Weighted Average Rate of accepted bids Price per Kshs 100 at Weighted Average Rate for accepted bids 26 11 2012 2 000.00 443.70 22 87 87 443.70 35.28 408.42 639.94 196.24 10.915% 10.915% 94.838 Delegates from various African countries follow proceedings during the opening of the Africa Carribean Pacific Economic Zones Convention at Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort. The three-day workshop organised by the EPZ in Kenya was opened by Industrialisation minister Amason Kingi. GIDEON MAUNDU NATION This month the Central Bank of Kenya offered a 5-year Treasury Bond for a total amount of Kshs 3 Billion. The total number of bids received was 329 amounting to Kshs 6.2 Billion representing a 204% subscription. The number of bids accepted was 306 worth Kshs 4.9 Billion. The Weighted Average rate of accepted bids was 11.855% and the Market determined Coupon rate was 11.855% per annum. The other auction statistics are summarised in the table below. TENOR Due Date Total Amount Offered (Kshs. M) Total bids Received (Kshs. M) Performance Rate (%) Total Number of Bids Received Number of Succesful Bids Total Amount Accepted (Kshs. M) Of which Competitive bids Non-competitive bids Market Weighted Average Rate Weighted Average Rate of accepted bids Price per Kshs 100 at Weighted Average Rate for accepted bids Coupon Rate (%) Purpose Application of funds Redemptions New Borrowing 5 YEAR 22 05 2017 3 000.00 6 224.90 207 329 306 4 979.59 3 708.99 1 270.60 12.624% 11.855% 100.000 11.855% 4 979.59 B. COMPARATIVE AVERAGE INTEREST RATES Value Dates Weighted Average Rate of Accepted bids (%) This Auction 28 05 2012 10.915 Last Auction 21 05 2012 12.078 Variance 1.163 C. NEXT WEEK S TREASURY BILLS AUCTIONS ISSUE NOS. 1954 91 & 1935 182 DATED 04 06 2012 TENOR Offer amount (Kshs. M) AUCTION DATES & BIDS CLOSURE RESULTS ANNOUNCEMENT Redemptions Net Repayment 91 DAYS 2 000.00 31 05 2012 01 06 2012 182 DAYS 2 000.00 30 05 2012 31 05 2012 TOTAL 4 000.00 5 747.64 1 747.64 The actual amount to be realised from the auction will be subject to Treasury s immediate liquidity requirements for the week. Where several successful bidders quote a common rate the Central Bank of Kenya reserves the right to allot bids on a pro-rata basis. The Central Bank reserves the right to accept reject bids in part or in full without giving any reason. Individual bids must be of a minimum face value of Kshs 100 000.00. Only CDS holders with updated mandates are eligible. Bids must be submitted using the specified format and must reach the Central Bank (HQ Branch or Currency Centre) by 2.00 p.m. on Wednesday 30th May 2012 for 182 and Thursday 31st May 2012 for 91 days Treasury Bills respectively. Payments above Kshs.1 Million must be made by electronic transfer using RTGS. Payments below Kshs. 1 Million may be made by Banker s Cheque or RTGS and must reach the Central Bank not later than 2.00 p.m. on Monday 4th June 2012 for Cheques and 3.00 p.m for RTGS electronic fund transfers. Please provide the following details with each payment Name Reference No. the New CDS Portfolio and the customer s Virtual account No. OFFER AMOUNT (at cost) of which Redemptions Net Repayment Kshs (M) 3 000.00 5 999.08 2 999.08 D. NON-COMPETITIVE BIDS Non-competitive bids are subject to a maximum of Kshs. 20 Million per investor and are issued at the weighted average of accepted bids. GERALD A. NYAOMA DIRECTOR FINANCIAL MARKETS DEPARTMENT Wednesday May 23 2012 (i) The forthcoming issue(s) will be dated 25th June 2012. (ii) The specific features of the Bond(s) that is the Tenor Amounts Coupon rates and issue terms will be provided in the prospectus and in the press before the issue date. GERALD A. NYAOMA DIRECTOR FINANCIAL MARKETS Wednesday May 23 2012 DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 33 DIT NO DIT TRN 814 CERTIFIED ENERGY MANAGER (CEM) The Centre for Energy Efficiency and Conservation (CEEC) based in KAM in conjunction with the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) in the USA is presenting an 8-day Certified Energy Manager Course which will culminate with an international certification exam to become a Certified Energy Manager (CEM). This training will be held at Sarova Panafric Hotel from July 10th-19thJuly 2012 STATEMENT OF COMPREHENSIVE INCOME FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2011 2011 Kshs 000 178 158 (39 651) 138 507 83 059 43 408 3 965 10 721 1 096 59 190 61 781 (29 948) 31 833 141 858 8 320 182 011 (122 821) 40 881 (81 940) 2010 Kshs 000 4 827 4 827 13 858 13 858 (9 031) (9 031) Why Energy Certification Course This special in-depth seminar is ideal for professionals who seek to acquire skills to become Certified Energy Managers and Auditors. At the end of the course participants will take a 4 hour open book International Certification Exam Outline. The course outline includes the following INCOME Gross written premium Reinsurance premiums ceded Net Written Premium Gross earned premiums Net earned premiums Commissions earned Investment income Other income Total income OUTGO Gross claims payable Less amounts recoverable from reinsurers Net Claims payable Operating and other expenses Commissions incurred Total Outgo Loss before taxation Taxation credit Loss for the year Codes &standards & indoor air quality. Energy accounting and economics Energy audits and instrumentations Electrical systems HVAC systems Motors and drives Industrial systems Building envelope Cogeneration and CHP systems Energy procurement Building Automation and control systems. Green Buildings LEED and energy Star. Thermal Energy storage systems Lighting Boiler and Steam systems Maintenance and commissioning Charges Kshs. 150 000 V.A.T. Eligibility The course is open to candidates with an engineering background especially those working with industry service sectors and Consultants. Contact Beatrice Kithinji on beatrice.kithinji Tel.No 254 20 3744886 3741634 37460222 Fax 254 20 3746030 Wireless 254 020 8070594 5 020 2324817 8 Mobile 0722 201 368 Cheques payable to Kenya Association of Manufacturers strictly before the training date. How to register. STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION AT 31 DECEMBER 2011 Total 2011 Kshs 000 385 203 (95 827) 289 376 Total 2010 Kshs 000 328 203 (13 887) 314 316 CAPITAL EMPLOYED Share Capital Retained Earnings Shareholders Funds REPRESENTED BY Assets Equipment Intangible assets Deferred taxation asset Receivables arising out of reinsurance arrangements Receivables arising out of direct insurance arrangements Deferred acquisition costs Reinsurers share of insurance provisions Other receivables Taxation recoverable Government securities held to maturity Deposits with financial institutions Bank and cash balances Total assets Liabilities Unearned premium reserve Insurance contract liabilities Payables arising from reinsurance contracts Other payables Total liabilities Net Assets Key Ratios Capital Adequacy Ratio Solvency Ratio Claims Ratio Expense Ratio 57 694 20 493 40 881 3 965 82 072 9 510 57 554 3 737 637 27 668 101 864 102 718 508 793 121 284 48 882 23 634 25 617 219 417 289 376 128% 222% 73% 40% 97 18 605 212 000 83 724 314 426 110 110 314 316 The above are extracts from the financial statements of the company which were audited by Deloitte & Touche and approved by the Board of Directors on 25th April 2012 Eng. Abdirahman Sheikh Chairman Edwin Otieno Director Hassan Bashir Principal Officer Head Office 3rd Floor CIC Plaza Mara Road Upper Hill P.O Box 1811-00100 Nairobi Kenya Tel 254 20 272 5134 5 Eastleigh Branch Mezzanine Floor Madina Hall General Waruinge Street Nairobi Kenya Tel 254 703 281 148 Mombasa Branch Ground Floor Oriental Building Nkurumah Road Mombasa Kenya Tel 254 41 2313435 6 CBD Branch 2nd Floor Rehani House Koinange Street Nairobi Kenya Tel 254 20 2222744 5 E-mail info Website 34 Business NAIROBI SECURITIES EXCHANGE Last 12 Mths High Low Security Yesterday Prices Prev deal Shares traded DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Manufacturing & Allied 155.00 338.00 155.00 228.00 3.05 10.20 12.60 89.00 166.00 85.00 148.00 1.35 4.40 8.20 UNIT TRUSTS 110.00 335.00 219.00 1.80 5.75 12.25 11.10 110.00 335.00 102.00 219.00 1.80 3.00 5.70 12.55 1.300 8 800 272 800 36 900 1 033 700 5 800 Money Market Funds African Alliance Kenya Shilling Fund Old Mutual Money Market Fund British-American Money Market Fund Stanbic Money Market Fund CBA Market Fund CIC Money Market Fund Amana Money Market Fund Suntra Money Market Fund Zimele Money Market Fund ICEA Money Market Fund Madison Asset Money Market Fund African Alliance Fixed Income Fund CIC Fixed Income Fund Stanbic Fixed Income Fund B1 Stanbic Fixed Income Fund A Standard Investment Income Fund Standard Investment Equity Growth Fund African Alliance Kenya Equity Fund ICEA Equity Fund British-American Equity Fund CBA Equity Fund CIC Equity Fund Dyer and Blair Equity Fund Old Mutual Equity Fund Stanbic Equity Fund Suntra Equity Fund Madison Asset Equity Fund African Alliance Managed Fund British-American Managed Retirement Fund Amana Growth Fund ICEA Growth Fund Amana Balanced Fund British-American Balanced Fund CIC Balanced Fund Old Mutual Balanced Fund Toboa Suntra Balanced Fund Madison Asset Balanced Fund Zimele Balanced Fund CFC Simba Fund Old Mutual East Africa Fund British American Bond Plus Fund Dyer and Blair Bond Fund ICEA Bond Fund Old Mutual Bond Fund Daily Yield Effective Annual Rate Kenya Shilling 11.67% 12.31% Kenya Shilling 13.37% 14.22% Kenya Shilling 12.34% 13.13% Kenya Shilling 11.24% 11.84% 12.69% 13.52% Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling 16.03% 17.26% Kenya Shilling 17.34% 20.76% Kenya Shilling 11.89% 12.62% Kenya Shilling 9.0% 9.31% Kenya Shilling 12.60% 13.43% Kenya Shilling 15.10% 16.19% Kenya Shilling 11.01 10.66 Kenya Shilling 10.34 10.61 Kenya Shilling 100.10 100.10 Kenya Shilling 100.43 100.43 Kenya Shilling 89.66 90.20 Kenya Shilling 66.10 66.87 Kenya Shilling 116.41 109.32 86.28 90.82 Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling 132.67 141.26 Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling 11.19 11.77 Kenya Shilling 128.23 134.97 Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling 108.04 114.03 Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling 59.06 63.40 Kenya Shilling 17.15 16.15 Kenya Shilling 112.42 115.71 Kenya Shilling 85.18 89.66 Kenya Shilling 98.00 103.16 Kenya Shilling 84.29 87.80 Kenya Shilling 148.25 157.44 Kenya Shilling 11.02 11.54 Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling 71.03 74.38 Kenya Shilling 4.09 4.21 110.06 115.85 Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling 154.42 157.57 Kenya Shilling 114.33 116.66 91.86 92.79 Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling 98.67 100.68 58.00 90.00 135.00 451.00 21.00 15.05 315.00 Agricultural 19.00 63.00 90.00 290.00 13.00 7.40 130.00 Eaagads Ord 1.25 Kakuzi Ord.5.00 Kapchorua Tea Co. Ord 5.00 Limuru Tea Co. Ord 20.00 Rea Vipingo Plantations Ord 5.00 Sasini Ltd Ord 1.00 Williamson Tea Kenya Ord 5.00 81.00 16.00 11.95 270.00 32.00 82.00 120.00 451.00 16.70 11.85 270.00 10 300 8 300 4 100 400 A.Baumann & Co. Ord 5.00 B.O.C Kenya Ord 5.00 BAT Kenya Ltd Ord 10.00 Carbacid Investments Ord 5.00 East African Breweries Ord 2.00 Eveready EA Ord 1.00 Kenya Orchards Ord 5.00 Mumias Sugar Co. Ord 2.00 Unga Group Ord 5.00 68.00 15.00 19.00 8.00 Automobiles & Accessories 19.50 9.25 11.40 3.55 Car & General (K) Ord 5.00 CMC Holdings Ord 0.50 Marshalls (E.A.) Ord 5.00 Sameer Africa Ord 5.00 12.50 4.50 28.00 13.50 12.50 4.60 79 000 23 700 14.90 3.50 AccessKenya Group Ord 1.00 4.55 4.60 2.70 Safaricom Ltd Ord. 0.05 3.40 3.50 4.05 NSE All Share Index(NASI)-(1 Jan 2008 100 Down 0.37 points to close at 79.14 NSE 20 Share Index Up 5.66 points to close at 3678.02 Equity Turnover Close sh331 883 260 Previous sh209 628 916 Telecommunication & Technology 11 500 13 434 900 Banking 18.00 60.00 160.00 26.00 30.00 27.00 48.00 54.00 253.00 18.00 10.40 38.00 70.00 15.00 12.00 14.75 16.00 22.50 153.00 9.60 Barclays Bank Ord 0.50 CFC Stanbic Holdings Ord.5.00 Diamond Trust Bank Ord 4.00 Equity Bank Ord 0.50 Housing Finance Co Ord 5.00 KCB Ord 1.00 NBK Ord 5.00 NIC Bank Ord 5.00 StandardChartered Ord 5.00 Co-op Bank of Kenya Ord 1.00 13.10 42.00 101.00 20.50 16.40 22.00 21.75 35.00 179.00 14.35 13.20 41.75 101.00 20.50 16.50 21.75 20.50 36.25 180.00 14.45 1 193 400 100 16 100 2 186 900 80 800 2 858 300 67 700 35 300 7 000 2 045 500 BANK RATES Euro BANK ABC Barclays Co-op Equity NBK KCB CBA CFC Stanbic GulfAfrican FCB Prime buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell 108.18 108.48 107.44 108.24 109.36 109.65 107.91 108.54 106.99 107.31 106.95 107.25 107.41 108.23 107.86 108.12 107.86 108.13 107.60 108.00 107.45 108.30 82.20 82.40 84.85 85.35 82.65 82.85 82.75 83.05 84.45 84.70 84.20 84.40 85.15 85.35 85.15 85.35 85.10 85.30 85.10 85.30 84.90 85.40 128.60 128.96 133.64 134.60 131.18 131.52 129.44 130.24 133.05 133.42 133.15 135.45 134.11 134.58 134.15 134.46 134.02 134.36 133.70 134.20 133.65 134.45 C 82.98 83.16 82.93 83.58 83.62 83.36 83.33 83.80 82.92 82.94 82.95 83.15 82.47 83.54 83.28 83.48 83.22 83.44 83.10 83.40 83.80 84.50 SF 89.48 90.00 89.44 90.16 90.63 90.86 89.07 89.69 89.05 89.34 89.00 89.25 89.79 90.15 89.82 90.03 89.79 90.05 89.55 89.90 89.50 90.155 IR 1.64 1.65 1.54 1.55 1.64 1.64 1.53 1.54 1.54 1.55 1.52 1.56 1.52 1.52 1.52 1.52 1.51 1.52 1.52 1.53 JY 99.82 100.18 106.50 107.40 99.05 99.30 99.89 99.46 106.53 105.28 104.95 105.25 106.96 107.38 107.12 107.37 106.95 107.24 107.05 107.45 106.65 107.30 ZR 10.88 10.97 10.14 10.22 10.78 11.10 10.80 10.84 10.01 10.05 10.05 10.10 10.12 10.28 10.18 10.20 10.20 10.23 10.15 10.20 10.15 10.45 9.00 44.00 190.00 68.00 46.50 69.50 19.75 Commercial & Services 3.40 12.55 130.00 35.00 21.00 42.00 6.50 Express Ord 5.00 Hutchings Biemer Ord 5.00 Kenya Airways Ord 5.00 Nation Media Group Ord. 2.50 ScanGroup Ord. 1.00 Standard Group Ord 5.00 TPS EA (Serena) Ord 1.00 Uchumi Supermarket Ord 5.00 3.70 16.20 165.00 53.00 23.00 43.50 19.35 3.40 20.25 16.30 164.00 53.00 23.00 44.50 19.05 300 70 800 1 100 12 500 200 1 900 861 000 206.00 101.00 207.00 125.00 35.25 19.00 21.50 10.00 119.00 51.00 Construction & Allied Athi River Mining Ord 5.00 BamburiCement Ord 5.00 Crown Berger Ord 5.00 E.A.Cables Ord 0.50 E.A.Portland Cement Ord 5.00 199.00 145.00 26.00 10.95 60.00 199.00 145.00 26.00 10.85 60.00 14 400 1 400 1 100 126 200 700 CBK RATES 1 US Dollar 1 Sterling Pound 1 Euro 1 South African Rand Ksh Ush 1 Ksh Tsh 1 Ksh Rwanda Franc 1 Ksh Burundi Franc 1 UAE Dirham 1 Canadian Dollar 1 Swiss Franc 100 Japanese Yen 1 Swedish Kroner 1 Norwegian Kroner 1 Danish Kroner 1 Indian Rupee 1 Hong Kong Dollar 1 Singapore Dollar 1 Saudi Riyal 1 Chinese Yuan 1 Australian Dollar 17.50 13.00 25.00 30.00 Energy & Petroleum 6.80 8.90 13.75 13.50 KenGen Ord 2.50 KenolKobil Ltd Ord 0.05 KP&LC Ord 2.50 Total Kenya Ord 5.00 8.40 14.80 16.00 8.45 12.50 14.80 16.50 633 300 218 600 51 000 9.00 3.80 20.00 5.50 225.00 145.00 6.80 13.40 55.00 18.00 Insurance British American Investments Co.0.10 CFC Insurance Holdings Ord.1.00 Jubilee Holdings Ord 5.00 Kenya Re Corporation Ord 2.50 Pan Africa Insurance Ord 5.00 5.85 7.80 185.00 12.50 29.25 6.00 7.70 185.00 12.50 27.75 295 100 46 500 1 500 1 286 500 77 500 24.25 10.95 280.00 90.00 6.00 3.05 60.00 20.00 Investment Centum Investment Co Ord 0.50 City Trust Ord 5.00 Olympia Capital Holdings Ord 5.00 Trans-Century Ord 0.50 15.00 25.00 14.95 245.00 3.90 25.00 65 100 Mean 85.1625 134.1063 107.8571 10.1899 29.0739 18.6703 7.0749 16.3571 23.1861 83.2986 89.8635 107.0352 11.8729 14.2298 14.5175 1.5250 10.9658 66.7078 22.7082 13.4483 83.2166 Buy 85.0611 133.9330 107.7170 10.1675 28.9806 18.5893 7.0019 16.2202 23.1579 83.1981 89.7438 106.9198 11.8594 14.2091 14.4965 1.5227 10.9526 66.6049 22.6805 13.4318 83.0962 Sell 85.2639 134.2796 107.9972 10.2122 29.1673 18.7512 7.1479 16.4940 23.2143 83.3991 89.9832 107.1506 11.8864 14.2505 14.5385 1.5272 10.9790 66.8108 22.7358 13.4647 83.3369 Algerian Dinar Bahrani Dinar Djibouti Franc Egyptian Pound Jordanian Dinar Kuwait Dinar Lebanese Pound Libyan Dinar Omani Riyal Qatar Riyal Saudi Riyal Syrian Pound Tunisian Dinar UAE Dirham ARAB CURRENCY 73.70 0.377 175.85 6.0353 0.7075 0.27774 1501 1.2406 0.3850 3.6405 3.75 57.3 1.5069 3.6725 Currencies are quoted against the US Dollar 11 300 MARKET UPDATES FOR NATIONmobile ALERTS ON YOUR CELLPHONE SMS THE STOCK E.G. STOCKS KENGEN SAFARICOM TO 6667 Each alert costs Sh10 KITENGELA & ONGATA RONGAI PLOTS RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL ONGATA RONGAI- Commercial Residential Plots Near Nazarene University Touching TUALA Shopping Centre 1 8 Acres and ideal for commercial residential use. Borehole & Electricity On site. OFFER Deposit Title Deeds ready Kshs.100 000 Only Price KShs.649 000 Few remaining Balance Payable in 3 Months. KITENGELA Residential Plots (Site 1) PARK VIEW ESTATE (Noonkopir)-The most devp d area in Kitengela. Beautifully Developed VERY PRIME FOR IMMEDIATE DEVP T. 1 8 Acres Gated Concept & Ideal for Residential. Borehole & Electricity On site Title Deeds ready Deposit Ksh.250 000 Only Price kshs. 599 000. Few Remaining Balance Payable in 3 Months. KITENGELA Residential Plots (Site 2) ACACIA Area and Neighboring Acacia School off YUKO S petro station highly devpd area with beautiful neighborhood. About 200 Metres from the prestigious Acacia School Entrance Main Road. 1 8 Acres with Title Deeds Gated Concept & Ideal for immediate devp t. Price kshs.649 000 Deposit ksh.250 000 Balance payable in 3 months KITENGELA Residential Plots (Site 3) YUKO S Area behind Kaputiei Hotel and neighboring Kitengela International School in a highly devpd area. 1 8 Acres with ready Title Deeds Price kshs.549 000 Deposit ksh.200 000 Balance payable in 3 months SITE VIEWING RONGAI PLOTS Call Mr. Gathambo on 0728 818 590 KITENGELA PLOTS Call Mr. Kayaya on 0721 672 048 NATIONAL SOCIAL SECURITY FUND NSSF STAFF RETIRMENT BENEFITS SCHEME NOTICE OF THE 7TH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Notice is hereby given that the 7th Annual General Meeting of National Social Security Fund Staff Retirement Benefits Scheme will be held on Friday 22nd June 2012 starting from 2.00 p.m. at the Amphitheater Room Kenyatta International Conference Centre. AGENDA 1. Chairman s Report. 2. To receive Report on changes to the benefits and contributions structure by the Scheme Administrator. 3. To receive Report of the Scheme Investments. 4. To receive Report on the Custodial Services for the year ended 30 June 2011 5. To receive Report on Remuneration of Trustees. 6. To receive Report on the Audited Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2011. 7. Questions and Answers. BY ORDER OF THE SCHEME TRUSTEES. CAROLYN OKUL SCHEME SECRETARY 6th Floor Shelter Afrique Centre (Next to KUSSCO & TSC) Upper hill. Nrb Tel 020-3525210 2472011 0722 947 611 info INVESTMENT - RETIREMENT - REAL ESTATE DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 35 36 Business News ECONOMY Country struggling to stave off a recession DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Lack of appeal hits Brazil s growth Higher imports and falling competitiveness a threat to country SAO PAULO WEDNESDAY FERTILISER Farmers a worried lot Toyota passes GM to regain world number one spot TOKYO WEDNESDAY Japan s Toyota Motor regained its position as the world s number one automaker in the first quarter of 2012 stealing back the lead from US giant General Motors according to manufacturers figures. The Japanese firm which includes the brands Toyota Lexus Daihatsu and Hino sold 2.49 million vehicles in the three months to March 31 ahead of General Motors with 2.28 million and Germany s Volkswagen with 2.16 million. Toyota spokeswoman Dion Corbert said the carmaker had faced major hurdles in recent years which resulted in it giving up its lead to GM in 2010. We had the financial crisis some quality issues the earthquake and Thai floods in 2011 during which we were not able to produce as many cars as we wanted to she told AFP on Tuesday. Toyota had been the world s biggest automaker from 2008 and sold 8.42 million vehicles in 2010. But it was overtaken after slipping to 7.35 million vehicles in the year to March behind General Motors with about 9.0 million unit sales and Volkswagen with more than 8.0 million vehicles sold. (AFP) L ack of competitiveness is the main threat to Brazil s economic growth experts said Tuesday as the Finance minister announced a downward revision of the South American giant s growth forecast. Brazil is the world s sixth-largest economy and the region s powerhouse. Still it has recently been struggling to stave off a recession and is therefore seen as susceptible to economic woes in Europe. On Tuesday Finance Minister Guido Mantega told the Senate the official growth forecast was being revised downward to 4 per cent GDP from 4.5 per cent. Analysts saw that as a sure sign that government efforts to curb fallout from the eurozone crisis by boosting consumption potentially will not do the trick. Zeina Latif an economist at the University of Sao Paulo noted that consumption is being met by imports and no longer by (domestic) production. Therefore she said the government s new stimulus measures such as lower taxes on car makers and easier credits for car buyers will not be enough. Structural problems You need to tackle structural problems such as cost of transport energy or labour Latif added. Interest rates will not resolve this and the trouble is that if industry is fragile this will affect other sectors due to lower investments. Despite the sobering analysis the government remains determined to press on with its strategy of cutting taxes and pressing private banks into lowering their interest rates in an effort to spur consumption in this country of 192 million people that posted a whopping 7.5 percent growth in 2010. President Dilma Rousseff for one appears confident Brazil is ready to tackle any trouble from across the Atlantic. I can assure you that we are 100 per cent 200 per cent or even 300 per cent prepared Rousseff said in a speech Monday in the southern state of Santa Catarina. We will resist the crisis by creating jobs by investing in infrastructure and social activities she added. Economists meanwhile warn that failure to properly prepare for ramifications of the eurozone crisis could fuel inflation. Reeling from higher imports and the loss of competitiveness caused by the strong Real over the past few years industry last year grew an anemic 0.3 per cent. (AFP) Worried farmers Ms Jesca Luka and Ms Joyce Simwa of Ingavila village Malava constituency Kakamega North District top dressing their crops with little fertiliser. They have not been able to get enough of the commodity from the Cereals and Produce Board despite being given registration receipts. ISAAC WALE NATION TENDER NOTICE The Geothermal Development Company Ltd (GDC) invites sealed tenders from eligible candidates for supply of the following TENDER NO. GDC HQS 071 20112012 GDC HQS 074 20112012 TENDER DESCRIPTION Tender for supply of Environmental Monitoring Equipment Tender for Drilling Twenty Two (22) Seismic Shotholes and Drilling & Testing of ten (10) water boreholes at Paka-Silali Geothermal Prospects in East Pokot and South Turkana Districts (Mandatory Site Visit) Tender for Supply of Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps BID SECURITY 2% of Tender Sum 2% of Tender Sum CLOSING DATE 15 06 2012 at 2.00pm (1400HRS) 22 06 2012 at 2.00pm (1400HRS) KENYA FORESTRY RESEARCH INSTITUTE TENDER NOTICE Kenya Forestry is ISO 14001 2004 certified on Environmental Management System. Bidders are informed that the Institute or its representative will periodically inspect their premises or product for compliance. Kenya Forestry Research Institute invites the following tenders from interested bidders. 1. Tender No. KEFRI HQT SMI-13 2011-2012 2% of Tender Sum 15 06 2012 at 2.00pm (1400HRS) KEFRI STAFF MEDICAL INSURANCE COVER. Tenders are invited from interested and eligible medical insurance companies and medical service providers. GDC HQS 075 20112012 Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information and inspect the tender document from the office of Manager Supply Chain at Riverside Office along Riverside Drive between 9.00am and 4.00pm during week days. An Electronic copy of the tender document may be obtained by interested firms upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs.3000 payable to our accounts office in cash or by banker s cheque. The completed tenders in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked with Tender No. and Tender reference name shall be addressed to The Managing Director Geothermal Development Company P.O Box 100746-00101 NAIROBI KENYA And deposited in the tender box at GDC Riverside Office 1st floor located along Riverside Drive on or before the dates specified above. Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend at GDC Riverside Board Room. Late tenders will not be accepted. There will be a mandatory site visit for Tender No GDC HQS 074 2011 2012 on 7th June 2012 at Paka Silale Block. Prospective bidders are required to assemble at Kampi Samaki Soi Lodge at 10.00am MANAGER SUPPLY CHAIN 2. Tender No. KEFRI HQT BSCT-14 2011-2012 BALANCED SCORECARD TRAINING. Bidders for Tender No.1 are required to provide Security Bid Bond of 2% of the proposed total Bid Price should be from a reputable commercial bank valid for ninety (90 days) from Tender Opening date. Tenderer s are required to submit along with the Tender a security Bid Bond from a reputable Bank PPOA approved underwriters of 2% of the proposed total Bid Price valid for ninety (90 days) from Tender Opening date for tender No.2. Tender documents with details can be obtained from the office of the Senior Supplies Officer (KEFRI) during working hours i.e. Monday to Friday upon payment of non- refundable fee of Kshs. 5 000 per set of documents for tender No.1 and Kshs. 3 000 per set for no.2. Payment should be made in cash or bankers cheque to the cashier KEFRI. Any Tender that is not properly completed and does not fully comply with the requirements will be disqualified. All bids must be submitted in plain sealed envelopes and must bear the Tender Number but without the Tenderer s name and be addressed to The Director Kenya Forestry Research Institute P O BOX 20412 00200 City Square NAIROBI Or be delivered and placed in the Tender Box situated at the entrance to the Directors Office at KEFRI Headquarters Muguga so as to reach him by 12.00 Noon or before 14th June 2012. Tenders will be opened in the KEFRI Boardroom at 12.30 p.m and bidders are invited to attend the opening if they so wish. The Institute reserves the right to accept or reject any bid without giving reasons for the decision taken. Agnes Omija (Mrs). For Director KEFRI. DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 County News 37 COAST TOWN HIT BY SEWAGE DISPOSAL CRISIS Alarm raised as residents dump effluent into sea and forests. P.39 COUNTY NEWS Plant fast maturing maize type farmers told BY NATION CORRESPONDENT Farmers in western Kenya have been urged to plant new maize seed varieties that mature faster in the next planting season. According to an official of Kenya Seed Mr Michael Kidebe Wafula DH04 maize seed matures in three months compared with the 614 variety that is ready in six months and 513 type which is harvested after four months. Farmers in Bungoma Kitale Homa Bay and Oyugis were also advised to plant sunflower and sorghum in August to September because the short rains then are not enough to produce good maize yields. He also predicted that due to floods and shortage of fertiliser during the planting season farmers would harvest less maize than last year. Most of the fertiliser was washed away in the last one month by the heavy downpour Mr Wafula said. A spokesman for area farmers Mr Zachary Odero urged them to prepare for the August and September short rains as crops planted this season had been destroyed. Maize seeds with shorter maturity time will boost our yields if we plant them in the next season said Mr Odero. Mr Edwin Bundi a Gucha farmer said his two-hectare maize farm was destroyed by floods and landslides. I am planning to take a loan to prepare my land and plant in the next season Mr Bundi said. INSECURITY Leader extends and an olive branch to Pokot leaders Minister tells Saitoti and Iteere to resign over clashes Cheptumo says the two should take responsibility for the conflict between the Tugen and the Pokot BY WYCLIFF KIPSANG wkipsang n assistant minister wants Internal Security minister George Saitoti and Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere to resign for failing to contain insecurity in Baringo County. Justice assistant minister William Cheptumo said the two should be held responsible for the conflict between Tugen and Pokot communities that has claimed seven people and displaced 12 000 others in the cattle rustlingprone Bartabwa Division. The clashes are said to have been sparked by cattle rusting. If the government cannot guarantee our people their security they better be issued with firearms so that they can protect their lives and property. It is a shame that 49 years after independence bandits still terrorise innocent Kenyans said the Baringo North MP. Speaking yesterday during a visit to families camping at Terenin Barbarchun Kalabata Chemindany Maregut Kuikui and Kampi Nyasi Mr Cheptumo said the displaced were living in deplorable conditions and called on the Red Cross to open food supply centres in the affected areas. Livestock a major source of livelihood to our people has been stolen by the armed raiders and many people have now been rendered paupers. How long will this continue for the government to act he asked. Mr Cheptumo said the most affected villages were Chepkesin Chemoe Kapturo Kapkechir Kalabata Kaborion and Kamwetio. He said that security personnel based in Bartabwa Division had not been of much help to the residents as Police asked to explain man s killing BY NATION CORRESPONDENT Mombasa Human rights activists and the family of a man shot dead by police in Likoni on suspicion of being a gangster want security agencies to explain the circumstances of his killing. Mr Henry Amuga Mugwalla was shot dead at 8.30pm along Shelly Road on May 9 as he walked home from work. His family yesterday challenged the police to give the reasons of shooting their relative in a cold blood. The man s widow Mrs Lilian Mugwalla said they were shocked by police report that her husband was a gangster who had been trailed from Nairobi. Police report that the suspect had been trailed from Nairobi for many weeks is false. I have been with him for years in Mombasa and he has never left the town she said. She said the duty roster at Kensalt Company in Changamwe where Mr Mugwalla worked shows that he never absconded duty. We have our evidence to prove Mr Mugwalla was innocent. That is why we are challenging police to produce their report to ascertain the facts surrounding his death she said. Police had denied arresting or killing the Mr Mugwalla when his family went to report his disappearance but later confirmed they shot him in self-defence during a robbery. Likoni police boss Abbaguro Guya said the suspect was trailed from Nairobi and was among the gang that robbed and killed a white man in Kilifi last month. Mr Caleb Ng wena of Genesis for Human Rights Commission said they would push police to issue a statement on the killing failure to which they would sue the officers who were involved. A Challenging police Effects of floods 12 000 17 Number of people displaced by the tribal clashes Loruk residents stage protest against banditry and cattle rustling in Baringo North constituency early this month. FILE NATION Number of primary schools closed in Bartabwa Division they lacked equipment to deal with armed bandits who had superior weapons. Mr Cheptumo stressed the need for an Anti-Stock Theft Unit post to be set up at Chemoe to stop clashes between the two communities. He said that leaders from the Tugen community were ready to negotiate with their Pokot counterparts to find a lasting solution to the conflict. He dismissed claims by Rift Valley provincial commissioner Osman Warfa that leaders from pastoralist communities were to blame for inciting their communities to war. He urged him to deploy more security officers on the porous border. BRIEFLY BUNGOMA KISII BORABU MIGORI BARINGO Police arrest chemist owners seize drugs Police in Webuye have arrested two suspects for selling expired and counterfeit drugs. The two Ms Monicah Wachera Mwangi and Ms Grace Lusike Wanjala operate a chemist in the town. Police raided the shop and impounded several drugs that were allegedly past their sell-by date. According to police some of the seized drugs expired almost 10 years ago while others had been banned but were displayed on the shelves and their labels tampered with. Bus runs over woman and her two children A woman and her two children died on the spot after they were knocked down by a Nairobi-bound bus at Magena trading centre in Kenyenya District. The woman was crossing the road with the children aged four and six during the Tuesday night incident. Police moved the bodies to Nyamache District Hospital Mortuary while the bus was towed to Ogembo Police Station. Gucha police boss Richard Ng etich said they are looking for the driver who fled after the accident. Sh10m milk plant to save farmers losses The government will put up a Sh10 million milk cooling plant for dairy farmers in Borabu District. Livestock officer Thomas Sagwe said that dairy farmers in the area have in the past incurred huge losses due to the absence of the facility. The cooling plant will store milk and save farmers from incurring losses said Mr Sagwe. He was speaking during a security meeting convened by Eastern Nyanza regional commissioner Lydia Muriuki. The project is set to start next week. Traders threaten to sue firm over power outages Traders and leaders in Migori and Homa Bay counties yesterday threatened to sue Kenya Power for the losses they have incurred due to frequent power outages over the past one month. Hoteliers and cybercafe owners in Kendu Bay Oyugis Kadongo Rangwe Rodi Kopany and Rongo said they had incurred losses running into millions of shillings due to the blackouts. The urged the electricity supplier to set up step-down transformers in the area to stabilise power supply. Two deny theft of Sh130 000 tyres Two suspects were yesterday charged with stealing tyres valued at Sh130 000 from a district commissioner s home. Kabarnet resident magistrate Evanson Bett heard that Mr Nelson Masakwe Echom and Mr Julius Makau Musyoka committed the offence on diverse dates between May 3 and 14 this year at the residence of Baringo Central DC Obel Ojwang They denied the charge and . were remanded at Kabarnet police station until tomorrow when the case will come up for hearing. 38 County News CRISIS 2 000 displaced families in Turkana appeal for aid DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Four drown as raging floods wreak havoc Police say some slipped and fell into rivers while others were swept away as they tried to cross BY NATION TEAM newsdesk our people were killed after drowning in swollen rivers in Central Province. Provincial police spokesman John Katumo yesterday said some of the victims slipped and fell into the rivers while others were overwhelmed by the waters as they attempted to cross. Three year-old Fredrick Kaburu drowned in Kiambu after slipping and falling into Kaigui river while playing with his friends. His body was later retrieved by area residents. At Thiba River in Kirinyaga the body of a 45-year-old man who was yet to be identified was found floating in a canal near. Police suspected that he might have fallen and drowned in the swollen canal. In Mukurwe-ini District the body of a 58-year-old Lawrence Kagio was retrieved from Tana River after being swept by raging waters. Police said the deceased was swept away by water as he attempted to cross the river. SHAME Rape suspect arrested Residents urge probe into CDF BY NATION CORRESPONDENT Nakuru Naivasha residents want the accounts of Naivasha Constituency Development Fund frozen over alleged misappropriation of funds. More than 2 000 residents from Naivasha and Gilgil districts yesterday took to the streets to protest at alleged misappropriation of more than Sh120 million by CDF committees in the two districts. Led by their councillors the irate residents called for immediate investigations at the National CDF Management Board over failure to monitor funds allocated the Naivasha constituencies. The residents presented a petition to the President through the Naivasha Senior DO Michael Kioni seeking accountability for the funds. They supported the report that was recently published by the National Taxpayers Association which indicated that forty per cent of the funds had been misused. There has not been any transparency or accountability and the CDF operations have been shrouded in secrecy Councillor Ngugi Ngure of Gilgil said. He accused committees of arbitrarily allocating funds to projects not identified by the communities. F The victims especially the children and the elderly are at risk of contracting pneumonia Ekuam Lomokiriong a displaced person And in Igembe North 13-year-old Edman Mwirigi drowned in River Kariorale on Monday as he went out swimming with his friends. The Thamare Primary School pupil had attended athletics competitions before meeting his death. Police took the body to Maua Methodist Hospital mortuary. Elsewhere thousands of families displaced by floods in Turkana County have expressed fears of contracting waterborne diseases due to pathetic hygienic conditions in their camps. The more than 2 000 families yesterday appealed for food and non-food aid as floods continued to wreak havoc in the area. The victims especially the children and the elderly are at risk of contracting pneumonia and waterborne diseases such as cholera due to poor hygiene in camps said Ekuam Lomokiriong a displaced person from Nadapal. However Turkana West DC Patrick Muriira said three medical camps had been set up at Lokichoggio Oropoi and Kaukam refugee camps to provide services to the families. We have distributed drugs water purifiers and mosquito nets to victims in various camps he said. By Barnabas Bii John Njagi and Dickson Mwiti A policeman leads away a young man yesterday who allegedly raped two elderly women aged 84 and 86 years at Gatiri in Nyandarua district on Tuesday. The man gained entry into the women s houses by pretending to be their grandson. He was caught when at the second house he fell asleep after the rape and the granny sneaked out and raised the alarm. JOYCE KIMANI NATION 1st NATIONAL CONVENTION Founded on principles of democracy justice equality and freedom. Key objective is to promote National unity through justice liberty equality transparency accountability and respect for the rule of law Alliance Party of Kenya will hold its First National Convention on Saturday 26th May 2012 at Bomas of Kenya Nairobi starting 8.00 am. The Agenda for the Convention shall include Introduction of Delegates Unveiling of APK Website and Unique Social Media Reports from the Secretariat Presentation of the Party Constitution Continuation of Party membership recruitment drive Discussion on cooperation with other political parties Discussion on the mechanism for picking a Presidential Candidate Formation of a National Steering Committee Participants to the national convention will include 1. The 20 elected County Officials of the Party. 2. Members of Parliament who are friends of APK 3. All aspirants for Senator Governor Women Rep. & M.P. on APK ticket. 4. The Party Secretariat 5. Special guests on invitation by the Secretariat For any enquiries please contact the secretariat on 0202094430 0202094424 0723339472 0732838077 Yusuf Aboubakar Executive Director DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 County News 39 PAYMENTS Total cost of vessel was put at Sh3.6 billion House team approves Sh2.8bn for navy ship Transaction was one of those Anglo leasing type deals stopped over graft seven years ago BY NATION TEAM newsdesk Parliamentary committee has approved Sh2.8 billion as payment for a navy ship that was part of the 18 Anglo leasing-type deals stopped seven years ago over corruption. Parliament s Defence and Foreign Relations Committee said payments for the ship whose full cost is Sh3.6 billion (34 million euros) had to be given priority so that it is delivered on July 2 this year just one day after the beginning of the financial year. This makes it one of the first payments that will be made in the 2012 2013 financial year. The maths in the committee report however does not seem to add up. In the supplementary budget the Treasury dished out Sh1.2 billion (10.2 million euros). But curiously the balance for the ship still remains Sh2.8 billion (26.2 million euros) even after the supplementary allocations. In what is a detailed report Amount Treasury allocated in supplementary budget Sh1.2b 2007 A The year when MPs visited Spain to inspect the ship on other items the rationale for the difference of Sh331 million in the scheduled payments has been left out. In the report to the House the MPs noted that the Ministry of Defence had already agreed on the payment terms and the delivery schedule for the naval vessel. The report tabled in the House and which will inform the approval of the next national budget rekindles memories of a May 2 2007 debate in which the same committee though with different members- told the House after a visit to Spain that the ship s cost is Sh3.9 billion. Then committee chairman Mr G.G. Kariuki told the House that the ship was 98 per cent ready and that because Sh1.6 billion had already been paid the ship would be ready as soon as the balance was cleared. All that is remaining and expected by the builder of this ship... is for the officers to be chosen to go for training Mr Kariuki said five years ago. ...the Committee is convinced that the Oceanographic Survey Vessel is still urgently needed by the Kenya Navy. he added. The matter has been on ice since then. The obvious coincidence that the payments get to the floor of the House every five years just when the elections are around the corner fuels the speculation that surrounded the controversial contract especially the said links to well-connected individuals in the current regime. As it approved the payments the House Committee got even with the National Security Intelligence Service as it slashed the budget of the crucial body by Sh2.8 billion. The cash was allocated to other ministries. MPs have had a rocky relationship with the agency s director Michael Gichangi after he snubbed their summons. Alphonce Shiundu Njeri Rugene and Caroline Wafula Election cycle Opinion polls MPs split on police Bill hit by perks during ballot quorum hitch Debate on a Bill seeking to regulate the publication of electoral opinion polls was again hit by a lack of quorum yesterday. The House was only able to transact business on a few questions and a ministerial statement in the one-and-a-half hour morning session. Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim was forced to adjourn the sitting after North Horr MP Chachu Ganya raised a quorum alert just before debate on the Publication of Electoral Opinion Polls (Bill No 59 of 2011) resumed. The Bill is awaiting consideration in the committee stage. It was the third time the Bill was suffering a quorum hitch with fears of sabotage from the government side. Most ministers and MPs were said to be attending the burial of Finance minister Njeru Githae s son in his Ndia constituency. The Bill requires pollsters to provide the name of the sponsor and the population sample from which respondents were drawn. Ikolomani s Dr Boni Khalwale has argued that opinion polls influence voting. The government has drafted a parallel Bill. MPs are divided over the payment of allowances to police officers who will handle the next elections. While one House committee wants the police officers to take up the job of manning the polls as part of their duty of maintaining law and order another one has weighed in and asked the Treasury to give Sh1 billion for allowances to police officers. In the report of the House Committee on Administration and National Security the MPs have asked that the Treasury sets aside Sh1 billion for security coverage during the forthcoming General Election . However the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee which had earlier met the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission argued that there was no point of paying the police for manning the polls yet that was part of why they were on a salary. The IEBC is in favour of the police allowances. The National Security Committee also called for the suspension of a multimillion-shilling contract awarded to a Chinese company to supply vehicles to the police. A similar contract for the supply of the infamous mahindra vehicles in yesteryears had cost the country lives and loss of revenue due to their substandard conditions the MPs said in their report. The committee has also recommended Sh3.2 billion as hardship allowances for all civil servants. 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The deposit slips should thereafter be submitted to the Secretariat for exchange with an official receipt. QS.GEORGE C. OMONDI REGISTRAR Tel Fax 254 - 020-2728444 0726243005 boraqs Dated 24th May 2012 46 RELI CO-OPERATIVE SAVINGS & CREDIT SOCIETY LTD DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 REPUBLIC OF KENYA IN THE HIGH COURT OF KENYA AT NAIROBI MILIMANT LAW COURTS JUDICIAL REVIEW CASE NO. 239 OF 2011 IN THE MATTER OF AN APPLICATION FOR PREROGATIVE ORDERS BY CAPT. FRANICS E. K. HINGA AND IN THE MATTER OF THE CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES ACT REPUBLIC.................................................................................................................APPLICANT VERSUS COMMISSIONER OF CO-OPERATIVES ....................................................1ST RESPONDENT ANNE OCHOKI............................................................................................2ND RESPONDENT VINCENT NYONGESA................................................................................3RD RESPONDENT AND EX-PARTE................................................................................CAPTAIN FRANCIS E.K. HINGA AND INTERESTED PARTY......................................................AMBASSADOR NJUGUNA NGUNJIRI IN COURT ON 20TH MARCH 2012 BEFORE THE HON. MR. JUSTICE KORIR DECREE PRESS RELEASE KISUMU KANYAKWAR PLOTS ALLOTTEES Reli Sacco Board of Directors wishes to remind all those members who were allocated plots in Kanyakwar Kisumu that during our meeting held on 21 4 2012 it was agreed that every allottee pays Kshs.68 000 to meet the additional costs incurred by the Society. Every allottee is therefore required to pay this amount not later than 31st September 2012 after which the Society will proceed to repossess the plots from those who will have not paid the full cost. For further details kindly contact the office on Tel.No.020 2223526. Juma Dafala HON SECRETARY MINISTRY OF MEDICAL SERVICES MOUNT KENYA BOTTLERS LIMITED REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) CONSULTANCY SERVICES Mount Kenya Bottlers Limited is a franchise of The Coca-Cola Company based in Nyeri and deals with the manufacture and distribution of the Coca-Cola range of products in the Mount Kenya region. The company invites Expression of Interest (EOI) from qualified consulting firms for the following service Consultancy Services for concept development and project management for construction of a Warehouse. This is under the Phase 1 implementation of the Master Plan of year 2011 within the factory premises capable of holding 350 000 cases of soda. To qualify the interested firms must meet the following minimum requirements. Provide the following experts (Architects- Lead Firm) Civil Structural and Electrical Engineers Quantity Surveyors. Firms may associate with others to enhance professional capabilities and as necessary. Professional registration documents. PIN VAT and Certificate of Incorporation registration Tax Compliance Certificate Proof of work of similar magnitude and complexity undertaken in the last two years Firms profile including areas of capability human resources partners. Audited Financial Statements for the past 2 years. Interested firms including those who had previously shown interest are encouraged to make arranged factory visit to familiarize themselves with the specific requirements of the service being sought. Arrangement should be made with the Finance Manager s office during normal working hours. The EOIs clearly Marked Expression of Interest (EOI) Consultancy Services should be deposited to the tender box located at the Administration Block of the company and addressed to THE MANAGING DIRECTOR MOUNT KENYA BOTTLERS LTD P.O. Box 623 10100 NYERI KENYA Tel No. 061 2030634 41 0721 908 427 And not later than 7th June 2012 at 2.00pm. Tenders will be opened thereafter in the presence of Consultants or their representatives who wish to attend. Claim for 1. An Order of Certiorari removing into this court and quashing part of the inquiry report by the Respondents on the affairs of Balozi Housing Co-operative Ltd dated 31st December 2010 at page 5 thereof that states there was a strong feeling that two members to the committee whose ownership of their houses is questionable (in that they acquired their houses in lieu of payment for services rendered while there is little evidence to show they rendered services of that magnitude) were working for the previous committee. As such the two Captain Hinga were always bringing quarrels and argument in the committee thereby derailing the purpose of the committee . 2. An Order of Mandamus compelling the Respondents to make full disclosure of the names and or identities of the person(s) upon whose information the 2nd and 3rd Respondents in their inquiry on the affairs of Balozi Housing Co-operative Ltd dated 31st December 2010 arrived at the decision that there was a strong feeling that two members to the committee whose ownership of their houses is questionable (in that they acquired their houses in lieu of payment for services rendered while there is little evidence to show they rendered services of that magnitude) were working for the previous committee. As such the two Captain Hinga were always bringing quarrels and argument in the committee thereby derailing the purpose of the committee . 3. An Order that the cost of these proceedings be borne by the Respondents. UPON READING the Application presented to this Court on 21st October 2011 by Counsel for the ex-parte Applicant under Order 53 Rule 3 of the Civil Procedure Rules 2010 AND UPON READING the Statutory Statement and Verifying Affidavit of CAPTAIN FRANCIS E.K. HINGA sworn on 12th October 2011 and the annextures thereto AND UPON HEARING Counsel for the ex-parte Applicant and Counsel for the Respondents AND WHERE AS coming up for Judgment on 20th March 2012 before Hon. Mr. Justice Korir IT IS HEREBY ORDERED 1. THAT an Order of Certiorari be and is hereby issued removing to this court the inquiry report and quashing the part in pages 5 and 6 which adversely refers to the ex-parte applicant and the Interested party. 2. THAT the court declines to grant Prayer No.2 of the application. 3. THAT the Ex-parte Applicant and the Interested Party shall get costs from the Respondents. GIVEN under my hand and the seal of this Court on this 20th day of March 2012. ISSUED at Nairobi this 22nd day of May 2012 DEPUTY REGISTRAR HIGH COURT OF KENYA NAIROBI NAIVASHA DISTRICT HOSPITAL GILGIL SUB-DISTRICT HOSPITAL TENDER NOTICE Tenders are invited from qualified and competent tenders for the supply and deliver of the under listed goods and services to the above institutions on as and when required basis for financial year 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 1 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 2 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 3 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 4 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 5 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 6 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 7 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 8 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 9 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 10 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 11 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 12 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 13 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 14 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 15 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 16 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 17 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 18 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 19 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 20 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 21 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 22 2012 2013 NDH GSDH 23 2012 2013 CATEGORY A TENDERS Supply and delivery of human drugs Supply and delivery of Non-Pharmaceuticals Supply and delivery of Laboratory reagents Supply and delivery of X-ray materials Supply and delivery of Dental Items Supply and delivery of Food stuffs (perishables) Supply and delivery of food stuffs (non-perishables) Supply and delivery of printed medical records and general office stationery Supply and delivery of fuel (petrol diesel oil and lubricants) wood fuel and charcoal and motor vehicle accessories Supply and delivery of hardware electrical plumbing materials paint timber and timber product. Supply and delivery of cleansing materials insecticides fungicides and pesticides CATEEGORY B PRE-QUALIFICATION Supply and delivery and maintenance of fire fighting equipments Supply and delivery of medical Gases. Supply and delivery of medical equipments and instruments Servicing repair and maintenance of medical equipments plant and machinery including anaesthetic machine. Supply servicing and maintenance of computer office machines equipments telephone and furniture Supply and delivery of uniforms textile materials and fabrics Supply and delivery of spare parts services maintenance and repair of motor vehicles. Provision of security services Provision of catering services Hotel and conference facilities Supply and delivery of cutlery and utensils Provision of cleaning Services Sanitary Bins Services and other related services Contractors in Building and other Assorted Works TENDER NOTICE INVITATION FOR PREQUALIFICATION OF SUPPLIERS Tenders are invited for supply of the following goods and services for the financial year 2012-2013. Tender documents can be collected from our offices at Athi River off Namanga-Nairobi Highway next to the Athi River Post Office during normal working hours from 24th May 2012. The cost per tender and prequalification document is KSh 4000 - (Four thousand shillings only). Invitation for tenders 1. MAVWASCO Tender 2012 01 2. MAVWASCO Tender 2012 02 3. MAVWASCO Tender 2012 03 Tender for Security Services Tender for Legal Services Tender for Supply and Delivery of Water Meters Invitation for Prequalification of suppliers 1. MAVWASCO Prequalification 2012 01 - Supply and Delivery of Pipes & Fittings 2. MAVWASCO Prequalification 2012 02 - Supply and Delivery Water treatment chemicals. 3. MAVWASCO Prequalification 2012 03 - Supply and Delivery of Printing and Stationery 4. MAVWASCO Prequalification 2012 04 - Supply and Delivery Building Materials 5. MAVWASCO Prequalification 2012 05 - Supply and Delivery of Protective Clothing and Safety Equipment Completed tender documents in plain sealed envelopes cleared marked with the tender number and tender descriptions should be deposited in the Tender box at our Athi River offices or be sent so as to reach before 14th June 2012 at 12.00 noon to The Managing Director Mavoko Water & Sewerage Company P.O. Box 582-00204 Athi River. The tenders will be opened the same day on 14th June 2012 at 12.30pm in the Company Board Room in the presence of the tenderers and or their representatives who choose to attend. The Company reserves the right to accept or reject any tender and to annul the tendering process and reject all tenders at any time prior to contract award without thereby incurring liability to the affected tenderer. Tender documents with detailed specifications and conditions are obtainable from procurement department. Naivasha District Hospital upon payment of non-refundable fee of Kshs 2 500 (Two Thousand) per document in cash or by bankers cheque. Bidders must attach to tender document copy of tender purchase receipt copies of registration certificate VAT and PIN Certificates and Tax Compliance Certificates. Prices quoted must be inclusive of VAT and other charges must remain valid for 120 days from closing date of tenders. Tenders must be submitted in a plain sealed envelope marked with tender number and addressed to MEDICAL SUPERITENDANT NAIVASHA DISTRICT HOSPITAL P.O BOX 141 20117 NAIVASHA. Tender documents may be placed inside tender box next to medical superintendent s office not later than 10.00 a.m Wednesday 13th of June 2012 Tenders will be opened immediately after in the presence of the tenderers who choose to attend or their representatives. The institutions reserves the right to accept or reject any tender in all part and does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender or give reason for its decisions. Mr. PAUL .K. GATIBUI. SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT FOR MEDICAL SUPERITENDANT -436 06 75 43 .12 % &% ) % % &% ( % &% ) % &% )( % &% ) % &% )& % &% ) % &% )%) % &% ) DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 47 United Nations Development Programme Somalia THOGOTO TEACHERS COLLEGE P.O. KIKUYU CELL 0716113560 0735357608 EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) Ref. UNDPSO EOI 2012 001 GROL Programme- Community Security Police and Access to Justice Projects Ref. UNDPSO EOI 2012 002 GROL Programme- Access to Justice Project. UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME To Potential Bidders Project Title Participating Agencies Deadline for Submission Documents Other links in which the EOI has been posted Clarifications Expression of Interest (EOI) UNDP Somalia Thursday 7th June 2012 Go to http index.php ProcurementBids.html UNDP Corporate - http UNGM - http Notices Notices.aspx Go to http index.php ProcurementBids.html 60TH GRADUATION CEREMONY The Board of Governors Thogoto Teachers College invites you to the 60TH GRADUATION CEREMONY which will be held on Friday 8th June 2012 at 8.00 a.m. Each graduand should pay a convocation fee of Kshs. 500 (Five hundred shillings only) by 7th June 2012. Graduation gowns will be collected for rehearsals on Thursday 7th June 2012. A compulsory graduation rehearsal will be held at 2.00pm on Thursday 7th June 2012. Those with fee balances will be expected to have cleared before this date. Accommodation for the graduands will not be available. REPUBLIC OF KENYA REPUBLIC OF KENYA MINISTRY OF HIGHER EDUCATION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY SRI LANKA GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIPS 2012 2013 The Government of Sri Lanka is offering scholarships in undergraduate and postgraduate studies to qualified Kenyans as follows PhD -4 Masters -3 Undergraduate -3 The Scholarships are open for courses of studies other than Medical & Dental Sciences. Eligibility Applicants must meet the following conditions (i) Postgraduate Should hold bachelors degree of at least upper second class honors level. For PhD applicants they must have a very good Master s Degree. Are serving the country in the public sector Are below 35 years for masters and 45 years for PhD (ii) Undergraduate Minimum KCSE Mean Grade of B plain Not more than 23 years of age Strong grades on the major subjects that are key to the preferred speciality Application Procedure Preliminary application forms are obtainable from the Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology Offices at Teleposta Towers 27th Floor Room 2702.The application forms can also be downloaded from the Ministry s website Applicants for postgraduate studies should submit their applications through their Heads of Departments. Completed application forms with attached certified copies of ID academic professional certificates transcripts birth certificates birth certificate proposal on the area of study (for PhD applicants) and other testimonials should be sent to Director Higher Education Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology P. O. Box 9583 00200 NAIROBI Or delivered to Teleposta Towers 27th floor Room 2702 The application forms should reach the Ministry not later than 31st May 2012. Director Higher Education FOR PERMANENT SECRETARY KENYA RURAL ROADS AUTHORITY RE-ADVERTISEMENT INVITATION TO TENDER FOR REHABILITATION AND REPAIR OF KASOIYO SAOS - SOCIETY (D350) ROAD The Authority hereby invites bids on behalf of Ministry of Roads from eligible construction companies registered in class C or above by the Ministry of Roads for rehabilitation of the above road to be funded through the Development vote as detailed here below 1. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) SCOPE OF WORKS Site clearance Minor earthworks Drainage works Repair of potholes and road sections with either cement Stabilised Gravel or AC type I Reconstruction of carriageway and shoulders using gravel of subbase quality in sections Laying of 35 mm AC type I as instructed in sections especially between Kasoiyo and Tenges & Saos to Society. Single surface dressing along the entire road using 10 14 mm pre-coated chippings and 80 100 penetration grade bitumen Road marking and road furniture. Any other ancillary works as may be instructed by the Engineer The defects liability period will be twelve months. 2. QUALIFICATION FOR BIDDING The requirements for Bidding are as follows Certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation Certified copy of proof of registration with Ministry of Roads in category C and above. Thresholds specified in the Bid documents covering the following (i) Similar previous experience (ii) Equipment holding (iii) Professional and Technical Personnel (iv) Turnover and liquid assets supported by audited accounts for the previous three (3) consecutive years. Current workload in road works not exceeding three billion shillings in total contracted sums. (v) (vi) Litigation history. d) VAT registration e) PIN registration f) Valid Tax compliance certificate Procurement will be based on the post qualification method and the above details will be submitted with the priced bid. Bid documents will be available from the KeRRA Offices Blue shield Towers 10th floor from 28th May 2012 on payment of a nonrefundable fee of Kshs. 5 000.00 (Five thousand only) by banker s cheque against an official receipt of the Authority. A pre-bid site visit for the project shall be held on 8th June 2012 at 10.00 a.m starting from the Regional Manager s Office at Kabarnet. Completed Bid documents should be submitted to The Director General Kenya Rural Roads Authority Blue Shield Towers 6th floor P.O Box 48151 00100 NAIROBI. a) b) c) Or deposited in the Tender Box on the 6th floor Blue Shield Towers Hospital Road upper Hill so as to be received on or before 10.00 am 21st June 2012. Opening of the Bids will take place from 10.30 am on the same day at the conference room Blue Shield Towers 6th floor in the presence of Bidders Representatives who wish to attend. Eng. Mwangi Maingi OGW DIRECTOR GENERAL 48 DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology P. C. Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute P O Box 21280 - 00505 NAIROBI Tel. 020-204736 0721 480 199 kinyanjuitechnical2008 info Website ISO 9001 2008 certified 1. TENDER NOTICE P.C. Kinyanjui Technical wishes to invite Pre-qualification tenders for 2012 2013 FY a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) PCKTTI PRE 012 013 05 PCKTTI PRE 012 013 06 PCKTTI PRE 012 013 07 PCKTTI PRE 012 013 08 PCKTTI PRE 012 013 09 PCKTTI PRE 012 013 10 PCKTTI PRE 012 013 11 PCKTTI PRE 012 013 12 PCKTTI PRE 012 013 13 PCKTTI PRE 012 013 14 Stationery Cleaning Materials Laboratory Equipment tools & Materials Computer & Computer Accessories Electrical Electronic Materials & Equipments Hardware Goods Timber and Construction Materials Sanitary Bins Services Petroleum Products Printing Services Tender documents can be picked during working hours from the institute upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Ksh.2 000 either in cash or in a banker s cheque in the name of the institute. The documents should be enclosed in a sealed envelope properly labeled with the number and name of tender and dropped in the tender box on or before 11th June 2012 at 12.00 a.m. 2. SECOND GRADUATION CEREMONY The institute will hold its 2nd Graduation Ceremony on 22nd June 2011 starting at 9.00 a.m. All graduands are asked to confirm participation by clearing and paying a non refundable fee of Ksh.1 000 for the graduation gowns by 20th June 2012 to A c No. 011200810680500. Rehearsals will take place on 21st June 2012 at 9.00 a.m. REPUBLIC OF KENYA MINISTRY OF MEDICAL SERVICES MACHAKOS LEVEL 5 HOSPITAL KATHIANI MWALA HOSPITALS TENDER NOTICE The Machakos level 5 Hospital invites sealed tenders from interested and potential firms suppliers for the supply delivery and pre qualification of various goods and services to the hospital for year ending 30th June 2012. CATEGORY A SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF GOODS. 1. MKS MED 1 2012-2013 - Supply and delivery of Non-pharmaceuticals and dressings 2. MKS MED 2 2012-2013 - Supply and delivery of drugs pharmaceuticals 3. MKS MED 3 2012-2013 - Supply and delivery of laboratory chemicals & reagents 4. MKS MED 4 2012-2013 - Supply and delivery of X-ray supplies 5. MKS MED 5 2012-2013 - Supply and delivery of dental supplies 6. MKS MED 6 2012-2013 - Supply and delivery of dry foods stuffs vegetables fresh milk meat chicken and eggs 7. MKS MED 7 2012-2013 - Supply and delivery of Electrical medical equipments spares & plumping fittings 8. MKS MED 8 2012-2013 - Supply and delivery of medical gases L.P.G Cooking Gas firewood and charcoal 9. MKS MED 9 2012-2013 - Supply and delivery of petroleum products oil and Lubricants 10. MKS MED 10 2012-2013 - Supply and delivery printed medical records and general stationery 11. MKS MED 11 2012-2013 - Supply and delivery of cleansing materials 12. MKS MED 12 2012-2013 - Supply and delivery of tires tubes and motor vehicles batteries 13. MKS MED 13 2012-2013 - Supply and delivery of Kitchen cutlery Hollow-ware and Accessories CATEGORY B PROVISION OF SERVICES 14. MKS MED 14 2012-2013 - Provision of security services 15. MKS MED 15 2012-2013 - Provision cleansing services CATEGORY C PRE-QUALIFICATION OF WORKS AND SERVICES 16 MKS MED 16 2012-2013 - Pre-qualification of contractors for building works 17. MKS MED 17 2012-2013 - Pre-qualification of contractor of contractors of repairs and services of medical equipments & plants 18. MKS MED 18 2012-2013 - Pre-qualification of contractors for repairs and servicing of G.K Motor vehicles 19. MKS MED 19 2012-2013 - Pre-qualification of contractors for supply of building materials & paints 20. MKS MED 20 2012-2013 - Boarded stores The tender documents with detailed specifications and conditions are obtainable from PROCUREMENT OFFICE- PHARMACY BLOCK MACHAKOS LEVEL 5 HOSPITAL upon payment of non-refundable fee of Kshs. 2 000 per document in cash at cash office situated at the main maternity block. Bidders must be net inclusive of VAT PIN Certificates and other charges and must remain firm for 90 days from closing date of tenders. NOTE Ksh.1 000 - for boarded stores. Completed tender documents in plain sealed envelopes indicating TENDER NO....... and bearing no indication of the tenderer. It should be addressed to THE MEDICAL SUPERINTENDENT DMSO MACHAKOS LEVEL 5 HOSPITAL P.O BOX 19-90100 MACHAKOS OR Be deposited in tender box situated at the administration block of the hospital on or before 14th June 2012 at 10 00am. There after tenders will be opened immediately in the presence of bidders or their representatives who choose to attend. The Government reserves the right to accept or reject any tender and is not bound to give reasons thereafter. SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT UNIT FOR MEDICAL SUPERINTENDENT MACHAKOS LEVEL 5 HOSPITAL DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 49 MUNICIPAL COUNCIL OF KARATINA RATE DEFAULTERS Pursuant to the provisions of the Rating Act Cap 267 of the laws of Kenya the Municipal Council of Karatina is hereby giving notice to all ratable plot owners who will not have cleared all the outstanding arrears of rates and interest by 30th June 2012 that the following measures will be taken I. For developed plots the Council will attach the rent payable to you and the tenants will be required to pay directly to the council (Cap 267 section 18 (1) II. For undeveloped plots the Council will dispose off the plots through public auction. All ratepayers should ensure that we have their current addresses to facilitate effective communication. NB 1. All rate defaulters whose names appear below will pay an extra Ksh.1800 to defray the cost of this advertisement. 2. This is the final notice to notify you of the council s intention to dispose off the plot if you do not pay the rates owed by you. 3. Anyone who is dissatisfied or has any queries on the details may visit our customer care office Room No. 5 at the Town Hall for verification of the records. Plot Number CustomerSupplier Name BII 107 BI 428 BI 430 BI 599 BI 442 BII 109 BI 440 BI 433 BII 133 BI 248 BI 307 BI 436 BI 61 BII 32 BI 575 BII 176 BI 434 BII 72 BII 194 BII 196 BI 282 BI 720 BII 432 BI 296 BI 524 BII 299 BII 291 UNS PLT4 BI 559 KENYA RAILWAYS SIMON MURIITHI KABURU PETER MACHARIA G. N. NYAGA DOMINIC C. G. KIMANI RIVERSIDE CLUB KIRANGI COMPANY BERNARD GITUIKU PATEL ENTERPRISES F. NJOGU MATHENGE WACHIRA WANGAI MARGARET W. KARIGITHO MATHIRA DAIRYMEN CO-OP SOCIETY KENNETH S. NJINDO MATIBA & FRANCIS MWAI PATRICK MURIUKI KOMU F. A. KOMBONYA CAXTON MWANGI MUNDIA JULIUS MUGWANDIA G. N. NDUNGU EUSTACE MACHARIA WERU MWAI S LIMITED PETER THINWA NGARI BARICHU FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LTD S.K.NYOTA & W. WACHIRA MERCY KAGENDO NGURU ERASTUS NYUGUTO MURERIA CHRISTOPHER R. WANGOMBE PATRICK N. NDIRANGU C O LUCY WERU MARY WANJUGU & CO AMOS MUTHUI WILSON NGATIA KARUNGARU DUNCAN W. KABETHI MUNDIA KIGATHI & WERU MURIITHI WILSON NGATIA KARUNGARU MINISTRY OF WATER DEVELOPMENT JANE NJOKI WACHIRA Esther Gathoni Mithamo LYDIAH WANGU & LEAH NYAWIRA DAVIDSON NGIBUINI KUGURU HUDSON NJOGU JAVAN MAHUGU EUSTACE.M. WANGAI KIMINA WANGAI & G.MWENDWA PETER MACHARIA K. A. N. U. PETER THINWA NGARI JOHN GITHUI MITHAMO CALTEX OIL (K ) LTD Current Balance 74 831 480.00 5 183 698.00 5 182 618.00 5 179 900.00 5 034 401.00 4 748 595.00 3 977 349.00 3 558 086.00 3 394 735.00 3 366 326.00 2 940 740.00 2 518 830.00 2 430 434.00 2 378 905.00 1 938 185.00 1 814 750.00 1 347 207.00 1 217 293.00 1 171 429.00 1 101 494.00 1 092 153.00 972 624.00 947 563.00 897 965.00 735 319.00 589 384.00 580 461.00 479 108.00 478 128.00 399 226.00 329 865.00 293 551.00 255 596.00 220 308.00 188 866.00 183 880.00 144 325.00 138 059.00 111 621.00 105 233.00 92 094.00 88 456.00 87 741.00 85 723.00 81 775.56 75 294.00 75 184.00 73 545.00 69 367.00 69 060.00 66 497.00 63 293.00 61 497.00 59 542.00 53 524.00 52 161.00 50 706.00 49 315.00 49 211.00 Uns Resd Plot D BII 180 BI 422 BII 18 BI 654 Anne Wambui GLADYS G. GERALD EPHRAIM WAHOME MURIUKI KIGERA PROPERTIES LIMITED JOHN PATRICK MACHIRA 47 647.00 45 330.00 43 472.00 41 920.00 40 545.00 39 487.00 39 200.00 37 503.00 33 942.00 33 118.00 32 561.00 32 516.00 31 776.00 31 535.00 30 760.00 28 398.00 27 982.00 27 266.00 23 477.00 22 767.00 21 130.00 20 412.00 19 771.00 19 662.00 18 710.00 18 094.00 17 855.00 17 648.00 17 549.00 17 545.00 16 929.00 16 925.00 16 877.00 16 730.00 16 730.00 16 514.00 16 403.00 16 121.00 15 462.00 15 326.00 15 217.00 14 739.00 14 488.00 14 145.00 13 712.00 13 623.00 12 845.00 12 816.00 12 795.00 12 482.00 12 214.00 11 537.00 11 401.00 11 037.00 10 924.00 10 667.00 10 400.00 10 400.00 MINISTRY OF MEDICAL SERVICES P.O BOX 329-10101 KARATINA TEL 061-72140 1 EMAIL.karatinamc MWINGI DISTRICT HOSPITAL P.O BOX 16 MWINGI TENDER NOTICE Mwingi District Hospital invites application for supply and Pre-Qualification of Suppliers for the provision of various goods and services for financial year 2012-2013 SNO TENDER NUMBER ITEM DESCRIPTION 1. TENDER NO.MDH 01 2012 2013 - SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF DRY FOOD STUFFS 2. TENDER NO.MDH 02 2012 2013 - SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF ONIONS AND ENGLISH POTATOES 3. TENDER NO.MDH 03 2012 2013 - SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF NON-PHARMACEUTICALS 4. TENDER NO.MDH 04 2012 2013 - SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF FIREWOOD. 5. TENDER NO.MDH 05 2012 2013 - SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF HUMAN DRUGS 6. TENDER NO.MDH 06 2012 2013 - SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF LABORATORY REAGENTS 7. TENDER NO.MDH 07 2012 2013 - SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF CLEANSING MATERIALS DETERGENTS AND DISINFECTANTS 8. TENDER NO.MDH 08 2012 2013 - SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF TYRES TUBES BATTERIES 9. TENDER NO.MDH 09 2012 2013 - SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF XRAY FILMS AND CHEMICALS 10. TENDER NO.MDH 10 2012 2013 - SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF OFFICE STATIONERY 11. TENDER NO.MDH 11 2012 2013 - SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF PRINTED MEDICAL STATIONERY 12. TENDER NO.MDH 12 2012 2013 - SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF FUEL OIL LUBRICANTS 13. TENDER NO.MDH 13 2012 2013 - SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF ELECTRICAL MATERIALS AND FITTING 14. TENDER NO.MDH 14 2012 2013 - SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF BUILDING MATERIALS PIPES FITTING TIMBER AND HARDWARE 15. TENDER NO.MDH 15 2012 2013 - SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF FRESH MILK. 16. TENDER NO.MDH 16 2012 2013 - SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF MEAT CATEGORY B.PRE-QUALIFICATIONS 17. TENDER NO.MDH 17 2012 2013 - SERVICING AND MAINTENANCE OF MOTOR VEHICLES AND SPARE PARTS 18. TENDER NO.MDH 18 2012 2013 - CONSTRUCTION RENOVATION AND MAINTENANCE OF BUILDINGS 19. TENDER NO.MDH 19 2012 2013 - SERVICING AND MAINTENANCE OF COMPUTER OFFICE MACHINES EQUIPMENT TELEPHONE AND PHOTOCOPIER Interested bidders may obtain relevant tender document with detailed specifications from procurement office upon payment of NonRefundable fee of Kshs.2 000(Two thousand) from the hospitals Revenue Office.Bidder must attach -Tender Documents Copy of Tender Purchase Receipt Copies of Registration Certificates VAT and PIN Certificates.Price quoted shall be inclusive of all taxes and applicable transport and other incidental expenses and must remain firm for 90days from closing date of tenders. Tenders must be submitted in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked with tender number and addressed to THE MEDICAL SUPERINTENDENT MWINGI DISTRICT HOSPITAL P.O BOX 16 MWINGI. The document must be placed inside the tender box next to the medical superintendent s office not later than 14th June 2012 at 10 00 AM Thereafter tenders will be opened immediately in the presence of bidders or their representatives who choose to attend.The Government reserves the right to accept or reject any tender and is not bound to accept the lowest or any tender nor give reasons for the decision thereof. SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT OFFICER FOR MEDICAL SUPERINTENDENT MWINGI DISTRICT HOSPITAL. UNS.RESD. MISHEK THERI NO.E UNS PLT6 BI 74 BI 432 BI 655 BI 581 BI 656 BII 24 BII 86 BI 24 BI 397 BI 472 GRACE N. WANJIRU LEYIAN ENTERPRISES MUTEITHIA WAHOME JOHN PATRICK MACHIRA ANN WANGUI KINYUA JOHN PATRICK MACHIRA JOHN MWANGI KAROKI ROBINSON WANGOME NYAGA MECHANICAL ENGINEERING LIMITED ELIUD MATU WAMAE JOEL MWANGI MUCHINA UNS.RESD. JACKSON KIBOCHA MWANGI PLOT 19 BI 121 BII 189 BI 348 PLOT.C BII 9 BII 297 BI 634 BII 193 BI 323 BI 352 BI 578 BI 358 BI 343 BI 577 BII 322 BII 349 UNS HI3 BI 585 BI 737 BI 247 BI 71 BI 450 BII 296 JOSEPH NGATIA KABUGU MARGARET WAMBUI & BILDAD MITHAMO CHARLES GITHEMO JAMES MUREITHI JORAM JOSIAH K. WAWERU ZAKARIA MUCHINA WILSON MWANIKI KAMAU JOSEPH MWANGI KARIUKI MURIUKI RURUTIKA SAMUEL KANJA KINUNU TIMOTHY WANGAI MWATHE FRANCIS KARUMWA GATHEKIA ANN WAMBUI NDERI NELSON GUANDARU MURIUKI P.C.E.A GIKORORO SIMON MUTUKU THOMAS & MARY W. MUTUKU JAMES MWANGI KIHARA FRANCIS KARUMWA GATHEKIA Godfrey M.Ngochi & E .W.Ngochi D .M. KIGO & PARTNERS KENYA NATIONAL TRADING CORPORATION WATSON A. MURIGU ELIUD KAMWARO COUNTY COUNCIL OF MARAGUA County Hall P. O. Box 145 01020 Kenol Tel Fax 020 2089518 2099022 Hotline 0726 585 482 Email ccmaragua or ccmaragua BII 191 BI 18 BII 292 BI 522 BI 21 BII R153 BI 713 BI 398 BI 509 BI 448 BI 1 BI 596 UNS JII BII 122A BII 383 BI 741 BI 285 ANNUAL TENDERS FOR FY 2012 2013 Tenders are invited for supply and delivery of various items as listed here below to the council for financial year 2012 2013 as and when required basis. CCM TEN FY 12-13 1 CCM TEN FY 12-13 2 CCM TEN FY 12-13 3 CCM TEN FY 12-13 4 CCM TEN FY 12-13 5 CCM TEN FY 12-13 6 CCM TEN FY 12-13 7 CCM TEN FY 12-13 8 CCM TEN FY 12-13 9 CCM TEN FY 12-13 10 CCM TEN FY 12-13 11 CCM TEN FY 12-13 12 Supply of office stationery and computer accessories Supply of staff uniforms sports clothing and equipment and footwear Supply of motor vehicle tyres tubes and batteries Supply of fuel oil and lubricants Supply of business permits and billing forms Supply of accountable documents receipt books and other documents Supply of detergents and cleaning materials Provision of general insurance services Provision of security services Provision of group medical insurance services. Computers Laptops & UPs Servicing and maintenance of computers & printers. UNS PLT16 ROSE M. MUHINDI BI 519 BI 101 BI 294 BI 57 UNS HI2 BII 8 BI 149 BI 567 BII 325 BII 188 BILHA WANJERI & MUMBI WANJAMA PETER WANJOHI & OTHERS MWANGI STEPHEN MURIITHI NGURU MUREGI WACHIRA & ETHAN H. IRUNGU RWARIO M. THOITHI K. N. PATEL MITHAMO WACHIRA MARGARET GATHONI KIMATA MWANGI KIHARA GEORGE MWANIKI & PARTNERS PRE-QUALIFICATIONS OF CONSULTANTS CCM PREQ FY 12-13 1 - Baseline & Exit Surveys on a) Gender & disability mainstreaming b) Customer satisfaction &employee satisfaction c) ISO Certification d) Work environment e) HIV AIDS Drugs & Substance Abuse . Requisite tender documents may be obtained from the County Council s headquarter offices at Kenol upon payment of a non-refundable fee of kshs 3 500 (three thousand five hundred only). Prices quoted must include VAT other government taxes and cost of delivery to the Council headquarter offices at Kenol. Tenders in plain sealed envelopes endorsed with appropriate tender number and description bearing words Annual tender followed by the item or items to which it relates may be deposited in the tender box at the County Hall Kenol on or before Friday 22nd June 2012 at 12.00 p.m The council is not bound to accept the lowest or any tender or give reasons for rejection. Further the Council reserves the right to accept wholly or part thereof of any tender. Tenderers wishing to witness the opening may do so at the above mentioned offices at 12.00 p.m NGUGI D.N CLERK TO COUNCIL UNS PLT G SIMON MURIITHI KABURU BI 423 BII 272 BI 374 BI 131 BI 566 BI 510 BI 373 UNS PLT5 BI 243 BII 283 BII 1 BI 142 CHRISTOPHER WARUIRU N. M. WACHIRA ANN WANJIRU NJOGU AND DAVID NJOROGE NJOGU P. G. NJUKI & OTHERS CHARLES GATHONDU MUITA STEPHEN MURIITHI NYAMU J. W. MBICHI BONIFACE WAMBUGU EPHRAIM KABUI NGETHA MATHENGE Agnes Njugu Weru NJIIRI GITHONGO RESD PLOT SAMUEL MAINA GICHURU NO.A BII 81 BII 57 UNS HII STEPHEN NJOORO PAUL MWANGI STEPHEN MURIITHI M.PATEL UNS PLT A KENYA ENVIRONMENTAL HOUSING UNS A8 PETER WANJOHI &CO. TOWN CLERK F.K KARIUKI 50 DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 51 MOTOR VEHICLES CONSTRUCTION MACHINERIES FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTON Duly instructed by our principals THE FINANCIERS we shall sell by public auction the under mentioned motor vehicles on 1. TUESDAY 5TH JUNE 2012 AT LEAKEY S STORAGE LIMITED LUNGA LUNGA ROAD NAIROBI STARTING AT 11.00 A.M. REG. NO 1. 2. 3. KBP 006E KBJ 089R KBF 234B MAKE MODEL NISSAN UD MK2010 ISUZU FVZ D DIFF FAW TH B TYPE TANKER LORRY TRUCK TO BE VIEWED AT LEAKEY S STORAGE LTD KITUI RD LEAKEY S STORAGE LTD KITUI RD LEAKEY S STORAGE LTD KITUI RD 2. WEDNESDAY 6 JUNE 2012 OUTSIDE KCB NKUBU BRANCH STARTING AT 11.00 A.M. REG. NO 1. KBJ 269N MAKE MODEL XUGONG XS120 VIBRATORY B TYPE ROLLER TO BE VIEWED AT KCB NKUBU BRANCH 3 WEDNESDAY 6TH JUNE 2012 AT CMC MOTORS GROUP MERU BRANCH STARTING AT 12.30 P.M. REG. NO 1 KBJ 612K MAKE MODEL XUGONG WHEEL B TYPE LOADER TO BE VIEWED AT CMC MOTORS GROUP - MERU CONDITIONS OF SALE 1. Viewing of vehicles can be done at the various locations indicated above to verify the details as these are not warranted by the Auctioneer or our principals. 2. Interested bidders are required to pay a refundable deposit of Kshs. 100 000.00 by banker s cheque to obtain a bidding number. 3. The declared purchaser must deposit 25% of the purchase price at the fall of the hammer and the balance paid within seven (7) days from the auction date failure to which the money received including the deposit is forfeited 4. Sale is subject to reasonable reserve prices. Duly instructed by our Principals on behalf of the Chargee we shall sell by public auction the under mentioned properties together with all the improvements erected therein on - PUBLIC AUCTION 1. THURSDAY 7TH JUNE 2012 OUTSIDE GENERAL POST OFFICE MATUU TOWN STARTING AT 11.00 A.M. PRIME VACANT COMMERCIAL PROPERTY FOR AUCTION WITHIN MATUU TOWN All that parcel of land known as L. R. NO. MACHAKOS MATUU 4175 in Matuu Township Yatta District. The property is situated in Matuu Township. It lies at approximately 200 metres off Thika Matuu Mwingi Road. The turn off to the property is on the right hand side immediately after Matuu Nursing Home. The parcel of land measures approximately Nought Decimal Nought Four (0.04) of a hectare with all improvements thereon. Title is Freehold interest registered in the name of Dominic Chiira Mwariri. IMPROVEMENTS No structural improvement on the property and therefore it is VACANT. SERVICES - No services are connected to the property but both water and electricity supply lines are within easy reach. Immediate access is an earth road but the Thika Matuu Mwingi main road which is tar surfaced is about 200 metres away. 2. TUESDAY 12TH JUNE 2012 OUTSIDE GENERAL POST OFFICE KISUMU TOWN STARTING AT 11.00 A.M. PRIME RESIDENTIAL CUM COMMERCIAL PROPERTY FOR AUCTION WITHIN MIGOSI ESTATE KISUMU MUNICIPALITY All that parcel of land known as TITLE NO. KISUMU MANYATTA A 3537 MIGOSI ESTATE KISUMU is situated on an unnamed murram surfaced road off Kibos Road within Migosi Site and Service Scheme in Kisumu Municipality. The property measures 0.06 of a hectare or 0.148 of an acre. The title of the property is a freehold interest registered in the name of Rose Dalima Akwiri Ndong of P.O. Box 1330 Kisumu. IMPROVEMENTS - The plot is developed with a three storied building that can be easily identified as Galaxy House external kitchen and toilet. SERVICES Mains water electricity and sewer line are connected. Access road to the property from Kibos Road is murram surfaced. HOSPITAL FURNITURE AND LABORATORY MACHINES FOR AUCTION PUBLIC AUCTION Under instructions received from our client the chargee we shall sell by Public Auction the under mentioned property together with buildings and improvements standing and erected thereon. (5 423.9 ACRES) RANCH WITHIN WAMBA -SAMBURU COUNTY ON FRIDAY 15TH JUNE 2012 STARTING AT 11.00 AM NEXT TO CO-OPERATIVE BANK ISIOLO TOWN All that parcel of land known as L.R.NO. SAMBURU LODUNGOKWE 8 registered in the name of JOB MOIKA LALAMPA as freehold interest of P.O.BOX 2 WAMBA. The property is situated 100kms from Isiolo to Wamba Town along the road to Londung okwe and 13.5 km from Londung okwe market. It measures approximately 2 191.5 HA (5 423.9 Acres).There are no developments and currently the whole farm is only for grazing. CONDITIONS OF SALE 1. All interested purchasers are required to view and verify the details of the property for themselves as these are not warranted by the auctioneers or our client.2.A deposit of 25% must be paid in cash or bankers cheque at the fall of the hammer and the balance to be paid within 30 days to the chargee. 3. The sale is subject to a reserve price and where applicable to Land Control Board Consent.4.Conditions of sale are available on request at our offices and viewing of the property can be done on prior appointment. Duly instructed by our Principals A MAJOR PRIVATE HOSPITAL we shall sell by public auction HOSPITAL FURNITURE AND LABORATORY EQUIPMENTS AND OTHER GOODS on - THURSDAY 31ST MAY 2012 AT LEAKEY S STORAGE LIMITED ALONG LUNGA LUNGA INDUSTRIAL AREA NAIROBI STARTING AT 11.45 A.M. HUGE ASSORTMENT OF HOSPITAL & OFFICE FURNITURE - DESKS CHAIRS METALLIC DRAWERS & CABINETS HOSPITAL BEDS & STRETCHERS WHEEL CHAIRS COMMODES WHEEL CHAIRS INCUBATOR WEIGHING MACHINES ASSORTED LABORATORY MACHINES AND MANY OTHERS. CONDITIONS OF SALE 1. Viewing can done at our offices at Leakey s Storage Limited Lunga Lunga during normal working hours to verify the details as these are not warranted by the Auctioneer or our principals. 2. Interested bidders are required to pay a refundable deposit of Kshs. 20 000.00 for the machines and Kshs. 5 000.00 for the rest to obtain a bidding number. 3. Cash at the fall of the hammer. CONDITIONS OF SALE 1. All interested purchasers are requested to view the properties and verify the details as these are not warranted by the Auctioneer or our clients. 2. Interested bidders are required to pay a refundable deposit of Kshs. 100 000.00 to obtain a bidding number and catalogue at the auctioneer s offices before the auction date. 3. A deposit of 25% of the purchase price must be paid by bankers cheque at the fall of the hammer. The balance will thereafter be payable within thirty (30) days to the chargees advocates. 4. Sale is subject to a reserve price and necessary consent. 5. Further details and conditions of sale are available on request at our offices and viewing of the property can be done during normal working hours by prior arrangements with ourselves. ALL ARE WELCOME. 52 REPUBLIC OF KENYA IN THE HIGH COURT OF KENYA AT NAIROBI COMMERCIAL & ADMIRALTY DIVISION CIVIL SUIT NO. 498 OF 2011 SAFARICOM LIMITED ..........................................................................PLAINTIFF DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 LAKE REGION CLUSTER P.O. BOX 198 40404 RONGO. TENDER NOTICE Lake Region cluster comprise of five (5) Community Based Organizations (CBOs) working with ChildFund Kenya within southern Nyanza (Kuria West Mbita Rachuonyo North Kenyenya and Rongo districts) with interventions in early childhood care and development integrated management of childhood illness and water & Sanitation. The organization intends to construct ECCD blocks in some schools within its coverage area as indicated below KANGARU SCHOOL P.O BOX 17 TEL 068-31511 EMBU MOBILE NO 0711162859 EMAIL kangaruschool WEBSITE -VERSUSALFA GATES COMMUNICATION LIMITED..............................1ST DEFENDANT AMAL COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED.......................................2ND DEFENDANT ANGEL BEAUTY SPOT LIMITED.............................................3RD DEFENDANT CIMU MOBITEL LIMITED..........................................................4TH DEFENDANT GATURI MOBILE EXPERTS LIMITED......................................5TH DEFENDANT INTER MIDDLE LIMITED..........................................................6TH DEFENDANT KASO COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED.......................................7TH DEFENDANT OLKITIRA ENTERPRISE LIMITED............................................8TH DEFENDANT PLUST INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED........................9TH DEFENDANT PIONEER ENTERPRISES LIMITED.......................................10TH DEFENDANT SILVER AND GOLD INVESTMENT LIMITED .........................11TH DEFENDANT TAQWA COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED...................................12TH DEFENDANT WELL COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED......................................13TH DEFENDANT SUBSTITUTED SERVICE BY ADVERTISEMENT (Pursuant to leave granted by the Court on 8th May 2012) TO 1. GATURI MOBILE EXPERTS LIMITED 2. KASO COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED 3. PLUST INTERNATIONAL LIMITED 4. SILVER & GOLD INVESTMENT LIMITED CONSTRUCTION OF ECCD BLOCKS Tender Number LRC ECCD 01 2012 Tender Name Construction of two classrooms and office at Kamser Seka Primary school Construction of two classrooms and office at Sumba primary school Construction of ECCD Kitchen at Riamo primary school Location East Karachuonyo division Rachuonyo North district Rongo district division Rongo The B.O.G parents staff and students of Kangaru School invites the old boys partners stakeholders friends and well-wishers to our Achievers Day to be held on Saturday 9th June 2012 at 9.30 a.m. On the same day there will be dedication of the new school gate to the late Hon. Dr. J.J. Nyaga and presentation of the new school bus to the parents. The guest of honour will be Mr. Kithinji Kiragu Director African Development. Your presence will highly be appreciated. Old boys are requested to confirm attendance. Principal Secretary B.O.G LRC ECCD 02 2012 LRC ECCD 03 2012 Ibencho division Kenyenya district TAKE NOTICE that a Plaint has been filed at the High Court of Kenya at Nairobi (Commercial and Admiralty Division) in Civil Suit No. 498 of 2011 in which you are named as the 5th 7th 9th and 11th Defendants. Service of the summons upon you has been ordered by means of this advertisement. A copy of the summons and the Plaint may be obtained from the High Court registry or from our offices. TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that unless you enter appearance within fifteen (15) days from the date hereof the suit shall be heard in your absence. DATED at NAIROBI this 23rd day of May 2012 ISEME KAMAU & MAEMA ADVOCATES FOR THE PLAINTIFF DRAWN & FILED BY ISEME KAMAU & MAEMA ADVOCATES IKM PLACE TOWER A 5TH FLOOR 5TH NGONG AVENUE OFF BISHOP ROAD P.O. BOX 11866-00400 NAIROBI [IKM CIV-92 2011 09] MUNICIPAL COUNCIL OF MAUA Tenders are therefore invited from interested qualified competent contractor who should demonstrate submit 1. Proof of works of similar magnitude. 2. Adequate equipment and key personnel capabilities to undertake the works (attach list of personnel and machinery). 3 Registration with Ministry of Public Works as building contractor 4. Proof of financial capability to complete the works (attach copies of bank statements for the last six months). 5. VAT tax compliant and PIN certificates (attach enclose copies of the current compliant certificates) 6. Bid bond equivalent to 2% of the tendered sum from a reputable bank. The tender documents are obtainable from the Administration & Finance office ChildFund Lake Region Cluster- Rongo upon payment of Non-refundable fees of kshs 2 000.00 (cash) per set of the tender documents during normal working hours. Completed tender documents in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked with Tender Name and Number to be addressed to The Procurement Committee Lake Region Cluster P.O. Box 198 Rongo. Or be deposited at the tender box in Rongo Child & Family Programme not later than 10.00 am on 6th June 2012. Kindly sign the delivery book. The tender documents will be opened immediately after the closing time in Rongo Child & Family Programme board room in the presence of the bidders or their representatives who choose to attend. Late bids will not be opened and accepted for evaluation irrespective of the circumstances. Prices quoted should be inclusive of government taxes be expressed in Kenya shillings and remain valid for 120 days from the time of opening. The programme reserves the right to accept or reject any tender without giving reasons and does not bind itself to the lowest bidder. DIRECTION Rongo Child & Family Programme is located about 500 metres from Rongo Town off Kisii-Migori Road. For more information contact telephone number 0202681788. TEL 21524 21046 EMAIL- municipalcouncifofmaua P.O. BOX 37 Maua THE VALUATION RATING ACT CAP 266 THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL OF MAUA 2011 DRAFT VALUATION ROLL CAREER OPPORTUNITY Africa Merchant Assurance Company Limited (AMACO) is undergoing planned rapid growth in its portfolio in the provision of both motor and non- motor insurance products. We therefore seek to recruit a Research and Development Manager. Position Ref MKT 5 12 Reports to Marketing Manager Location Nairobi The Research & Development role will provide oversight on product innovation and commercialization in close collaboration with the marketing team. Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to Coordinate quantitative research studies such as brand perception customer service and product satisfaction client customer termination or awareness trial and usage tracking and advertising Analyze research data and write reports that highlight some of the key findings from the quantitative research Responsible for the design and pricing of insurance products valuation reports in conjunction with the marketing team. Responsible for reviewing and repackaging of existing insurance products in order to assess the adequacy of premium rates and recommend measures to make them profitable Identify opportunities in the market for new and existing insurance products for AMACO Experience and Qualifications A University graduate in a relevant area of business insurance or marketing Have five (5) years experience in the insurance sector three of which should be at the managerial level Possess strong interpersonal communication and negotiation skills Display a unique blend of creativity and analytical skills Show good planning organizing and ability to work independently and with teams Able to conceptualize new ideas carry out research and evaluate them objectively from a market and financial perspective Possess a high degree of tolerance for uncertainty The person must have skills and understanding of marketing research sales forecasting and promotional planning taking a product from concept to commercialization Self-driven individual with impeccable integrity AMACO is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on grounds of gender Disability religion or natural origin. A competitive remuneration package will be offered to the successful candidate. Interested candidates should forward their application letter stating the reference number CV with daytime telephone contact and names & addresses of three referees to Email careers Closing date 1st June 2012 Pursuant to the Provisions of Section 9(3) of the Valuation for Rating Act and Section 10(1) of the Valuation for Rating (Public Land) rules notice is given that the 2011 Draft Valuation Roll has been laid before a meeting of the Municipal Council of Maua as required by section 9(2) of same Act. Notice is further given that the said Draft Valuation Roll is open for inspection in the Town Hall during working hours - 8 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. Any Person who is aggrieved (a) By the inclusion of any rateable property in or by the omission of any rateable property from the said Roll or (b) By any value as described in the Roll to any rateable property or by any other statement made or omitted to be made in the same with respect to any rateable property may lodge an objection with the Town Clerk at any time before the expiration of twenty eight (28) days from the date of publication of this notice in respect of private land and six (6) months in case of public land. The attention of the public is drawn to the provisions of section 10(2) of Cap 266 which states that No Person shall be entitled to urge any objection before a Valuation Court (hereinafter referred to) unless he has first lodged such notice of objection as aforesaid. Dated the 24th Day of May 2012 F.K. RIMBERIA TOWN CLERK VACANCIES Safaricom Investment Co-operative invites applications for the following positions GENERAL MANAGER The jobholder is responsible for overseeing all aspects of SIC operations using financially sound and cooperative-oriented business practices to increase its net operating income while providing high quality services to its customers. Requirements A Business related Degree. CPA ACCA qualifications. Additional training in facilities management or basic building maintenance is an added advantage. At least 6 years experience carrying out administrative functions in a busy office. MARKETING MANAGER The jobholder is responsible for marketing activities which will increase new membership to the organization retain existing ones and enhance awareness of the SIC to the SIC member in the Safaricom Ltd Fraternity and where the SIC has members. The position holder will also be charged with providing world class customer service to members. Requirements Degree in Business related field Part qualified professional certification such as CIM At least 3 years experience carrying out Marketing functions in a busy office For more information visit our website the application should reach us on or before 8th June 2012 please send your CV to recruitment and copy (CC) sic MISSING CHILD AGED 4 Name John Harry Wachira 4 son of Mark Karugu and Jeddy Njeri of Kilgoris town. Anyone with information leading to his find to call 0720225703 0721965581 report to the nearest police station. You can also bring him to St. Joseph s Mission Centre Kilgoris. Call Father Sankale Sang 0721557162. Harry was last seen in school uniform Red and White checked shirt Navy blue sweater and short. John Harry Wachira He speaks Kiswahili and a little English. DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 REPUBLIC OF KENYA 53 Ministry of Finance WANTED CLARIFICATION ON TENDER CLOSURE DATE PUBLIC FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT REFORMS PROGRAMME - REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST NO.MOF PFMR 01 2011-2012 FOR CONSULTANCY SERVICES FOR PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF THE PUBLIC FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT REFORMS STRATEGY (2006-2011). Reference is made to the above tender that was advertised on Wednesday 16th May 2012. We hereby clarify that the tender closure date will be on Wednesday 30th May 2012 at 10.00 a.m. and not Wednesday 30th May 2011 as was advertised. The other terms and conditions of tender remain the same. PFMR CO-ORDINATOR FOR FINANCIAL SECRETARY OFFERS INVITED Premier Nightclub for Sale Offers are invited for purchase of one of Nairobi s premier Nightclubs. Located in the Nairobi Central Business District the club is fully licensed and has a regular mature clientele. Occupying approximately 4000 sq. ft. the club has two bars and a seating capacity of 300 on the lower level and 200 on the upper level. Sound proofing air-conditioning and all other amenities are available and in good serviceable order. The club is being offered as a going concern. Inventory Stock Furniture Fixtures Revenue value details available on request. Serious interested parties may contact us as the address below for more information. The Director Two Worlds Enterprises Limited twoworldsenterprises RYCE EAST AFRICA LTD USED VEHICLE FOR SALE NO. REG NO. 1 KAZ 754B 2 KAZ 750B 4 KBD 296P MODEL ISUZU TFS 54 D C P.UP ISUZU TFS 54 D C P.UP ISUZU TFS 77 D C P.UP MIN. OFFER 1 400 000.00 1 400 000.00 1 000 000.00 2 000 000.00 2 450 000.00 400 000.00 495 000.00 1 450 000.00 420 000.00 450 000.00 300 000.00 1 450 000.00 YEAR 2007 2007 2006 2008 2006 2006 2007 2007 1994 2003 2006 2007 Mourice Ogola Oluoch ID No. 24896944 The person whose name and photograph appears above is wanted by the Police pursuant to a warrant of Arrest issued by the Nakuru Chief Magistrate in CM Criminal Case No. 1745 of 2012. Anyone with information as to his whereabouts is requested to report to the Nakuru Police Station on Telephone No. 0720-697909 or 0722368716. 3 KAW 101Y ISUZU TFS 77 D C P.UP 5 KAW 753G ISUZU NPR BUS-29 SEAT 6 KAV 698M TATA S C P.UP 7 KAY 728Q 8 KAZ 708V 10 KAQ 129J 11 KAZ 864L B120 1 2 T S C P.UP ISUZU TFS77 D C P.UP D. ROCKY S W MARUTI ALTO H B 9 KAG 638D D. APPLAUSE SALOON 12 KAW 102Y ISUZU TFS77 D C P.UP CONDITION OF SALE AS IS WHERE IS BASIS CONTACT SAMMY 0733446123 54 Classifieds PERSONAL NOTICES A109 Lost L PORT Abdirahman Musa Nasir PP. No A1808725 tel 0727-560498 DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 PRO-EXTENDER machine (USA) PROSTRATE enlargement treatment in 14days 0715383054 for size 100% guarantee 0722-506355 Visit A836 Electrical Appliances THE PHYSICAL PLANNING ACT CAP 286 CHANGE OF USER The owner of plot No. MITIMINGI MBARUK BL 5 99 located along Nakuru - Nairobi Highway opposite Shiner s Boys High School Proposes to change its use from AGRICULTURAL to RESIDENTIAL subject to the Approval of the Nakuru County Council. Any Individuals Institutions e.t.c.with comments objections on the proposal are requested to forward them in writing within 14 days from the date of this notice to The Clerk to the County Nakuru County Council P.O BOX 138 NAKURU A906 Secondhand MITUMBA Mix shoes available at Gikomba Mumbai Bld basement Rm11 good quality 9.5k per sack hurry while stocks last. 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Quantity - an average of 300kgs per collection. Collection time 7.00 a.m to 8.30 a.m Tenders should be emailed delivered to the Carnivore Restaurant not later than Tuesday May 29 2012 and addressed to the address email below The Managing Director Carnivore Restaurant P. O. Box 56685-00200 NAIROBI Email central.purchasing BMW X5 03 Top spec KBL expat BMW X5 04 0722-767752 BUS UD KAT 51pax 0721963480 CANTER 3 ton c b 04 0733981906 FOTON FORLAND A857 Furniture Asking 900 000 O.N.O D.O.M 2007 Long chasis carrying capacity 3tons open box well maintained with new tyres leather upholstery accident free HEALTH &Body fitness 0712-301776 MENS big size & confidence 0726272266 MENS instant hardrock 200 - 0726272266 MEN spinal alignment 0708198740 PARKLANDS Pedi 0722763034 Physical Planning Act (Cap 286) Change of User The owner of Plot No. Makueni Unoa 2527 & 2528 Sheet No. 5 located in Wote Town along Makueni-Kathonzweni road is proposing to Change the use from Agricultural to Hospital & Mortuary subject to approval by Town Council of Wote. Individuals institutions e.t.c with objections to the proposal are requested to forward them in writing within fourteen (14) days of this notice to The Town Clerk Town Council of Wote P.O. Box 183 Makueni. 0723 - 416669 CHEV Optra 05 KAU qs 0726035369 CHEV p up clean 200K 0750811369 CRV Honda KAT d blue auto roofrails alloyrims from 680K 0723 091 259 020 5004401 2 3 4 5 8 020 2194401 2 3 0734 440444 0721 378629 CRV RD4 YR 02 750K 0722 882 182 DAT 1200 fbr bdy 360k 0721632770 DISCOVERY KAD 95 0722744906 FAW Tipper 08 32ton Premio 04 P W Prado 99TZ m green 0703436114 CONTAINERS 4 Sale 0722712877 DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Feilder KBJ aloys 575k 0725633804 FH215 09 KBJ c b 3.95m 0716355145 FH215 CB 2010 4.2m 0722812398 FIGHTER KAR 1.1m 0721795047 HILUX Pup KBA 1.1M 0722784395 HONDA crv auto 590k0721417135 HYUNDAI accent 260k 0722316590 HYUNDAI KAD efi new engine clean 195k 0727296755 Classifieds 55 NIS B15 KBA 380k 0723930034 NIS Caravan KBC 02 900k 0721435081 NIS Navara D CAB 04 05 06 0722228273 NISSAN Avenir 690k 0721714483 NISSAN B14 KAR 245k 0723080473 NISSAN B15 KBL yr2003 auto v-clean 455 000 0722529069 owner NISSAN Hardbody p up 1tonne KAQ yr 02 980 000 Tel 0733507120 ISUZ NQR bus KAJ 700K 0724268552 Isuzu npr 4.3 AS 900k 0715437011 ISUZU 3.6 AH 25pass 0721592052 ISUZU 4.3 07 29st 0771409495 I.0M neg ISUZU bus lorry & p up new & used NISSAN Hardbody s cab KAM green 4WD diesel 980K Call 0723 091 259 NISSAN Navara 2006 model Ex UK Ksh2.7M 0710833983 0722512534 NISSAN Patrol KBE 0722650811 Dep from 500K bal financed Call Afri 0703-134437 ISUZU D-Max p up 05 06 & 08 mdl 2.5L diesel turbo n tyres alloyrims side steps from 1.1M 0726 933 895 NISSAN ISUZU Dmx s dmge KBK 0733892536 ISUZU Drt v cln 1.35 0733978032 ISUZU ELF 2004 mdl short long chassis refridgerated body from Kshs 1.49M Call 0723 577 726 ISUZU FRR 03 04 & 07 mdl local & imported refridgerated & covered body from 2.65M Call 0725 498 847 ISUZU FRR bus 41 seats KAW ksh 1 900 000 Tel 0722509918 0202120935 ISUZU FVX KAQ-B Ksh 3.9M closed body Tel 0737-651200 Sahara KAJ v clean 0722680488 NISSAN X-Trail 2005 mdl blue auto 4WD optional leather seats alloyrims v clean 1.6M Call 0723 574 352 NISS B15 KBH 335K 0722611448 NIS Staff van KBA 14seat 0722743852 NISS vans 4choices 650k 0721714483 NIS Xtrail 02 03 04 0720-831744 NIS Xtrail KBN 1.25m 0722784395 NOAH 2003 700k 07223799197 T Allion 05 1.8lt Silver f l 0722743852 T ALLION 03 850k 0713-338133 T Caldina 06 KBR R silver 0729009111 T CARINA 375K 0720244581 T Carina KAY 420K 0722-870078 T crown royal KBN R 0725847805 T EE 103 KBF 02 auto 0721285044 T EE80 KAC v c 195k 0736219685 T Fielder BJ silver 590k 0718837682 T Fielder KBF 720k 0722733747 T Fielder KBM 03 885k 0721380340 T HARRIER 650k ono 0739820217 T Hilux d c KBA 1.4M 0722866735 T IPSUM new 0725653476 owner T IST 05 1.3& 1.5 Grey White KBR v clean from 780k 0723344388 TOY Luxel KBR 1080K 8airbags n shape 0721880297 Beige col TOY Nadia KAX 550k 0722704497 TOY NZE 00 550k 0722-420866 TOY NZE bk 690k 0721417135 TOY NZE BL 03 800K 0722211801 XTRAIL 03 BN 1.35m 0722555253 XTRAIL 04 BP 1.28m 0722631468 A Restaurant in Nairobi is looking for a B113 Motor Vehicle Repairs WINDSCREEN Repair 0725766799 qualified experienced and accountable Accountant Restaurant manager Chef Supervisor Baristers Cooks Cashiers & Waitress. Apply enclosing your CV and a passport photo to Box 9818-0100 Nairobi TOY NZE BM 03 750K 0721459789 TOY NZE KBN 850K 0727296153 TOYO 110 auto 430K 0722781954 TOY Opa KBG SIL 02 0726035369 TOYO Prado 4choices 0721714483 TOYO Premio 03 1m 0722-420866 TOYOTA 110 KBA tel 0722520040 TOYOTA Avensis 0722457540 TOYOTA Corolla st wagon KBB & B127 Taxis BUILDING Manager rqd commercial T IST KBM v c 660k 0722732432 T KLUGER 03 BL 1.55m 0726036702 T NZE 04 bp white v clean 0728316855 T NZE 05 silver KBR 0721285044 T NZE KBA 650k 0722691502 T pickup 4wd 01 1.35m 0716021870 T PRADO 05 3.0L diesel sunroof leather Navy v clean 0723344388 ISUZU FVX Lorry tel 0722520040 ISUZU FVZ KAS and KBB 3.8m and 5.7m co. Maint 0722260630. NOAH KBL v-clean 850K 0727682466 N-XTRAIL BR 1.55M 0723935518 PAJERO io Kaw 400k 0722781954 PAJERO V45 clean 780K 0726888606 PEUG 405 clean 120k 0725795020 Peug405 SR KAC 240k 0718306515 PEUGEOT 406 ex-UK Import 2004 PEUGEOT 480k call 0725-505229 504 salon year 1989 white g condition one owner 0722321412 0737689095 T Prado 04 BR 3.0L 3.4M 0722292251 T Prado BR 05 6spd fwd manual 3L turbo dsl owner 0720790457 T Prado KAW v c 1.2m 0722732432 T Prado KAX 96 auto m green s roof 7 seater clean 1.55m 0722742486 T premio 05 KBR 5units 0722506355 T Premio KAT a t 99 420k 0710746831 T Premio v clean KBM 900k 0723474214 T PROBOX 05 1.5L power window un-used sale 650K 0723344388 KAW auto from 480K 0724 735 727 TOYOTA Duet 295k 0721714483 TOYOTA Hilux d cab p up 2005 mdl 3.0L diesel manual v clean from Kshs 1.35M Call 0724 571 990 TOYOTA Hilux Vigo s cab n import D4D diesel engine 1.98M 0726933895 TOYOTA Lexus RX 300 2005 mdl black spoiler alloyrims v clean Kshs 3M neg Call 0724 735 727 TOYOTA Mark X KBR 2005 model f loaded 1.9M ono 0721212789 TOYOTA Noah KBM yr-3 auto Silver alloys clean 800K 0721348280 TOYOTA Noah KBR 2005 model v clean 1.2m 0722856871 0729577923 To make appropriate enquiries and take appropriate advice before sending money incurring any expense or entering into binding commitment in relation to an advertisement. NATION MEDIA GROUP shall not be liable to any person for loss or damage incurred or suffered as a result of his her accepting of offering to accept an invitation contained in any advertisement published in the Nation. READERS ARE ADVISED building Upperhill Nrb Bsc Land Economics min 2yrs exp. Send to Admin Comm po box 29981-00100 Nrb by 30 05 2012 state salary expectations info CPA Tutors with 2yr Exp. Send Cv DRIVERS Required with ABC & E licence & ten years experience minimum with heavy commercial vehicles. Apply P.o box 34003-00100 Nairobi DUBAI-JOBS Our client Serveu B148 Tyres Spares and Accessories LLC Dubai requires 100 female cleaners Able to pay airtickets Acco mmodation provided. Call 0720606020 0733601687 Come to Madonna hse Westlands rd 3rd flr suite 302 Email shixrayjoblinks Registered by Min. of Labour MLHRD NEB ORG 8 553 13 needs 50 sales & marketers across the country O-Level graduate. Salary 24 000 p m 0727320504 Nairobi 0721752642 Homabay EA Company Exp. Sales Rep - Nyanza region available immediately 0750967196 TOYOTA NZE KBJ manual 02 lady owned White 750K Call 0721553173 TOYOTA OPA 03 mdl silver auto 1.8L v clean 680K neg 0721754760 TOYOTA Premio KBR yr05 auto alloys clean 1.2M 0725652287 TOYOTA Premio o shape silver & white KAV KAY & KAZ auto 1.6 & 1.8L alloys from 480K 0725 498 847 TOYOTA Probox 2004 mdl white auto & manual petrol & diesel choice of 6 from 630K Call 0724 571 990 TOYOTA RAV4 2004 mdl silver KBR manual sunroof alloyrims Kshs 1.69M neg Call 0726 933 895 TOYOTA Townace KBJ 480K Probox KBQ 520K & Nissan B13 KAG 220K all v clean & nego Tel 0721926412 TOYOTA Wish 03 04 & 05 mdl black blue gray red silver & p white auto 1.8l alloys spoiler & fog lights choice of 12 from 850K 0723574352 TOY Passo KBR 600K 0721618275 TOY Prado KBJ 02 0721812645 GENERAL manager. Believer BA MOTORCYCLE Tyres 0721472730 ISUZU Fvz KBC 4m 0722527882 ISUZU KXB 409 1.4m 0722799021 ISUZU NKR 4.3 h sided 2008 1.3M Prado 2004 Dsl Auto v cln 3.94M o.n.o Trade in o.k 0721718161 Prado Diesel 1.65m 0722876102 2.9m negotiable 0714970635 call 0722854150 or 0202330466 ISUZU NKR KBK 2M 0721211547 Isuzu NPR 07 KBA 1.3 0710456884 ISUZU Tougher p up KAN 2.5L diesel v clean 630K Call 0721 754 760 KENOL 1 2acre tel 0708877585 LANDCRUISER VX Petrol 05 Ex Japan KBR-X f loaded 4.8m 0733714014 Lexus 2004 Extremely clean 2.69M o.n.o 0736659034 LEXUS Rx300 2002 KBA f loaded Gold colour 1.6M 0732346788 L Touring KBB 01 470k 0727486411 M COLT 05 1.3L KBR Grey jst landed v clean 600K 0723344388 M Demio BJ 420k clean 0722534960 M Galant KAS auto 270k 0724909517 M Pajero (salvage) KBP 04 0722594570 MERCBENZ E230 KAK round light v clean 880K local 0721212789 Merc C180 YR 01 850K 0722 882 182 MERC E200 Blue KAJ v clean f loaded 900K 0722524557 PRADO TX KBK 03 full house Ksh. PREMIO 06 silver1.5c 0733981906 PROBOX 05 KBR 600k 0728316855 PROBOX 04 KBR 615K 0786528011 PROBOX BR 1.3L 610K 0723724700 PROBOX KBH 480K 0722-440506 QUICK Sale Mercedes 190 Tel 0722518836 T PROBOX 05 KBR 630k 0715360351 T Probox KBL 0722302700 550K T PROBX 05 KBR manual 0716457435 T SHARK fully equiped hearse KBJ 1.2M. Tel 0729292922 0722391349 Silver q sale 760K 0723344388 B173 Motor Cycles (LE) U2 REA RV. Over 5years great track record in property marketing & management 30-45yrs Email cv sbrbrecruitment HUMAN Resource (all) 0714429032 T SIENTA 04 1.5L alloy fogs tint T STRLT EP91 v clean lady owner 380k ono 0722784235 Mr Zully RAV4 04 05 auto man 0722-228273 RAV4 2003 1.2M 07223799197 RAV4J KBN 96 630K 3dr 0722263071 RAV4 KAL clean 470k 0723930034 RAV4 KBR man sl 04 0751645703 RENAULT Megane Toyota engine UK import 350k call 0725-505229 T Succeed 4wd F L 05 695k 0720840671 T Towance BQ 780K 05 0786-817716 T TOWNACE 05 810k 0724624668 T Townace KBR 06 pet 865k 0714805753 T WISH 04 Red 1.8L KBQ alloy fogs bdykit unused 1m 0723344388 T Wish 05 KBR 1.15m 0721269616 T WISH BK04 760K 0710701278 T WISH KBL v c 850K 0731411766 T.DUET AY 250k 0720-721742 T. NZE bj G. auto 770k 0720339801 An International Holiday Sales and Marketing Organization is looking for young and energetic & self motivated sales people between 23 - 35 years. Preferably sales insurance experience. Call 0737-020-061 020 4454390 1 2 MERC E200 KAA mnl 370k 0723930034 Merc E220 CDi KBN 03 w red auto tradein ok 0722733747 MERCEDES BENZ C240 Steel Silver year 2003 Kshs. 1.95M call 0720722960 0721969487 Merc S500 KAT 620k 0727755807 S impreza KBQ 770k 0720214454 S Legacy KBJ n trb 670k 0721960017 S Leone KAC 199k 072490951 SCANIA Tipper 07 2 0720171895 SPACIO AZ silver 465K 0787572679 SUB Forester 00 KAZ 580K 0722588890 SUB Forester KBM 03 0733918200 SUB Impreza BR silv 05 0725654288 TOYPremio KBL vcln 800k 0721438091 TOY Premio n s KBN 0722310259 q s TOY Probox KBR KBS yr 2005 dep HEAVY COMMERCIAL B212 Tractors for Sale CAT Backhoe 416B Ex USA 0722714875 CAT Loader 930 Ex USA 0722714875 MF35 135 290 385 350 tel 0722767740 SONALIKA 4WD 1.7M 0722866735 T.ProboxKBR(fridge) 660k 0714805753 T100 KAE efi 285K 0722-377583 TE96 with v c body 310k 0723352141 TERIOS Kid BR 05 black 0720013086 T Hilux dcab 5L KBA 2.3M 0721859585 TIPPER Truck Scania d steering gd working cond. 5.2M neg 0717-295952 250k Tel 0705807203 TOY RAV4 KAQ manual 0726035369 TOY Shark QD Probox NZE Premio Fielder Wish Harrier & many more dep 250-900k bal 12-36 months 0720-616300 0710-260436 07146-27051 Call now JOBS available in dubai china qatar kuwait bahrain afganistan germany canada. Email your cv for interview to cmuthui41 or call 0707471131 0718552712. LOOKING for Teachers in Chem Bio Phy Eng Swa and Busin for more info call 0722775229 or 0720870404 B243 Domestic 5H Girls wanted urgently 0721531412 NEEDED 30 F4 leavers as marketers 4 cosmetics beauty & electronic prdts free training 15k basic 0721755812nbi TOY Shark KAS 0721736242 400K TOY Starlet KAT yr97 1300cc white auto clean 350K 0722841625 MIT Canter KAY company 0727-286386 MIT Fuso 10 wheeler s diff 2004 c body 4m. 0722260630. TOY KLUGER TOY HARRIER TNZE v clean 620K 0721812004 Toureg 2004 Dsl v cln 3.59M o.n.o Trade in o.k 0722790643 MIT KAV 33ps vclean 0726769110 MITS 4D32 kal 750k local 0722889979 MITS Canter 2005 1.5M 0722253464 MITS L 200 4WD 470k 0722461469 MITS Lancer station BN 0722534960 MITS RVR KAR 320 000 0722833300 MITS single cab 05 1.3m 0722-420866 MITSUBISHI Pajero (io) 4WD KAM 99 manual 480 000 Tel. 0733507120 ML 200 D cab 05 call 0733981906 N Datsun d c KAQ 1.2M 0722767740 N HB dsl 05 pup 980K 0721816560 N Navara p up KBP 1.7M 0722866735 N Nav KBR d cab 04 1.55M 0724268552 N SUN N16 LCL 380K 0722312460 N Terrano KAV 520k 0718306515 N Tiida 05 KBS High Grade from 900K 0721576684 2003 Petrol 03 choice of 2 Auto..2.2M from 1.6M MERC C180 C200 04 05 from 1.8M MERC S320 04 2M SUB LEGACY OUTBACK 04 from 1.3M NIS NAVARA outaw 06 choice of 5 2.3M CALDINA 04 960K NISSAN MARCH 04 535K MAZDA DEMIO 04 595K MERC E200 01 05 choice of 6 1M CRV Honda 05 Kbs 1.89M WRX Subaru 04 choice of 2 1.35M VW Polo 05 920K TOY AVENSIS 04 1.25M BMW X5 auto 03 2.15M TOY Ist 04 auto 780K 0722316590 TOY 100 KAM 295k v c 0728658666 TOY 100 KAN vcln 355K 0729535564 TOY110 480k KBE man 0728067226 TOY 110 KAT 380K 0722631747 TOY 110 KAY 400K 0724489733 TOY 111 man 440k 0721417135 TOY 91 KAL efi 285K 0720653122 TOY Allex BN 04 700k 0721876230 TOY Caldina 02 BH 565k 0723361557 TOY Camry AP 300k 072277818 ono TOY Carina BB 520k tel 0723727193 TOY Carina KAU 1800cc v clean Silver 0721880297 asking 525 000 Toy Surf 05 f l KBR 2.52M 0724 148261 TOY Surf KAY 600K 0722291932 TOY Tour KBA 500K 0721-978306 TOY Townace KBR 05 0733918200 TOY Vista 2001 KBC 0727-450601 TOY Vitz n shape KBR v clean 1300CC 765 000 0724887427 B250 0700005182 Trailer Turnboys rqd 0700008508 new s mket in town urg P1 Teacher wanted 0720322665 PROF. CV writing 0725-061303 PROF CV Writing 0722773221 PROPERTY Sales manager BA (LE) U2 B com (marketing) U2. 3 years Outstanding track record selling high income properties. REA RV Preffered. Email cv sbrbrecruitment Executives required experience in selling school items an added advantage. Call 0720671692 0701388649 rqs 8att 5store k 4cashiers 2recep 3customer c 6clners 3office a 4tea g 2msger 6driver&t boys 0704-813200 0700026862 new hotel rq all att TOY Voxy KBR 05 white 0721216443 TOY WISH KBQ Blac 1M 0715901179 TOY double cab 04 2.5m 0722-420866 TOY Fielder 1800cc Silver cln 1050k Sub WRX 07 KBA 1.3m 0725847805 SUZ ESC KAN 5dr 500K 0735055814 SUZUKI Escudo v c 315k 0738744888 SUZUKI Siera 4WD 0733724468 SUZUKI vit 96 460k AR 0722974659 T 103 KBD 650k 0722691502 T 110 KAQ mnl 345k 0721960017 T 110 KAQ SE LTD manual original colour 350 000 Call 0775-547136 KBR n shape 0721880297 350K 0734460819 TOY Fielder 05 BR 1.050M T Duet BB TOY Fielder silver 1500cc 03 KBK 730k 0725878942 TOY wUsh KBQ 0722523758 Tractors MF135 385 290 0722866735 T SHARK 500KKAUV C 0721680165 T SHARK kbk v.clean 0722374276 TSUCCEED 05 BR 700k 0722601529 TWISH 03 KBN 870k 0753924373 T Wish KBN 870k 0722219486 TYTA Duet 520k ono 0722487534 UD Bus KBC 29pax KBS 0721318742 VITZ AZ clean 280k 0720-721742 VITZ KBR silver 580k 0718100740 VITZ with body kit KBG 02 manual 440k Tel 0725172051 0700130899 Bankmesengers & clnrs rd 0700351966 Trailer Turn boys rqd 0700391918 10aircraft casuals rq 0700472854 new Bank rq 20clnrs 0700683837 ngo rctp t.boy & drivers 0700724946 airport rq 20 clnrs 0700747454 20 airline cleaner 0700903420 Cashiers & waiters rq 0701223872 new bank messenger 0705609927 20airport cleaners rq 0706498595 NGO rq drivers&t boys 0707535921 supermarket att (20) 0708445252 Drivers Turnboys rq 0708760446 Ngo req driver clerk cashier messenger tea-g cleaner SALES SALES Team- Kibera 0720751389 SECONDARY SECURITY School Principal required urgently 0716-755613 Guards Guardettes wanted qual. O-Level 0707505634 STUDY & work in malaysia cruise ship management job guaranteed after study earn 1000-3000 per month 4 months training call 0202323548 0722636896 4500 CCNA 15K Bell Inst 0721-992065 N Wingroad BL 03 auto 400k 0724268552 N Wingroad KBR 05 650k 0716457435 Navara 2006 v cln 2.79M o.n.o Trade in o.k 0724297500 NIS Sylphy BM 03. gold 609k 0714805753 NIS Advan KBQ 450k 0705566545 NIS B14 KAT manl 365k 0722245112 TOY Fielder white 1500cc 03 KBM 730k 0725878942 TOY Harier 01 KBD 1.3m 0733788970 VITZ with body kit KBG 02 manual 440k Tel 0725172051 VW Toureg 05 3.0Td V6 Black auto leather super clean 0723344388 0724537689 Aircraft cleaners 0729879009MPESA & shop attendant 30 PSV drivers needed in Nairobi Call 0723-889081 0737-576496 STUDY Auto ArchiCAD TOUR Consultant Job in Safari Company in Nbi 2positions for Ladies E-mail safariscompany NIS B15 AZ 365K 0722627263 T 110 KAT 350k 0722691502 T 110 KAU mnl 400k 0722720936 T AE 100 auto 95 385k 0722316590 T Alex KBJ silver 649k 0727755807 TOY Harrier 03 1.8m 0722-420866 TOY Isis KBR W blue 1M T Wish KBN L 900K 0724939670 VW Golf S wagon 1600cc 2004 Model KBP W Black Color 0712009637 0772360450 Contact AIRLINE CASUALS 0738908730 AIRPORT Cleaners Bce driver tboys loaders messengers 0700592889 rq ug UN Jobs SMS ur E-mail to 0720627263 W AITRESSES wanted Club Lipstixx Uhuru Estate Shopping Centre Wanted Outdoor TEAM BUILDING experts and marketing Reps. mikewamae TOY kluger 04 BN 1.65m 0713389744 TOY Kluger 2003 KBL 2.4cc 1.65m grey v clean 0753094416 VW Touareg 04 0722-767752 WINGROAD slver 0715901179 680K BCE drivers t boys rq 0700592889 BISMATT supermkt att 0706589100 FH drivers & T Boys 0720-461484 56 Classifieds B250 KERUGOYA GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL P.O. BOX 8 10300 KERUGOYA TEL. 060-21155 CEL 0717357874 Email kerugee VACANCIES We invite applications from qualified persons to fill vacant posts of (A) SCHOOL NURSE MATRON. Those interested in these posts and wish to apply must posses the following qualifications (i) Minimum qualification of K.C.S.E O level . (ii) Certificate of registered Nurse Midwifery or its equivalent. (iii) Have at least I year experience in the field. (B) ENGLISH TEACHER Interested candidates must be holders of either B Ed - English and Literature or Diploma holders with English as a major teaching subject. All applicants must be in a position to produce testimonials and original certificates during the interview day. Attach photocopies of relevant certificates and testimonials Applications should reach the undersigned on or before 8th June 2012 THE PRINCIPAL SECRETARY B.O.G. DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 DISTRIBUTORS AGENTS WANTED We are looking for Wholesalers Stockist for the following commodities in all major towns in Kenya. 1. Pakistan Rice - over 2 000 units 2. Jute bags nylon bags from 20 000 units Please write an expression of interest indicating your telephone contacts to info or agent or Advertiser P.O. BOX 61520-00200 Nairobi B733 Stalls Available CBD Stalls No goodwil 0735708052 KIAMBU Rd next to village Inn 1 2acre 12.7M. 0721484036 B740 Land Plots for Sale 1 2 Acre Industrial Area 30M 3brd ORIGINAL HONDA VIBRATOR WITH MALAYSIAN FITTING POKER For Discounted prices Visit Us at Lusaka Road Shop No. 29. Tel 0770 333034 Industrial Area Nairobi KIAMBU T Plot 2M 0723405795 KIAMUMBI 1 4acr red soil dam view KIHARA B490 Computer Services Good quality Chaff - Cutter Machine Heera Toka & Shyam Toka from N. India manual and Motorized Wholesale and retail prices Available at SITUATIONS WANTED B277 Domestic 0722516342 0721834778 trained h g KENYAN ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTORS LTD Mobile 0724-411637 0727-941097 Nyayo Embakasi NSSF 6.3M Call 0202034671 or 0722113610 1 4ac Gitaru tamarc Tel 0722859970 177 Ac Kajiado 200K 0720416615 2ACRES Mbeere Hse elec water 1.3m ono owner 0722-533444 300K 1 8 titles plots 0722606618 7.5ACRE 3km from Oyugis town ready title 2.2m 0725583959 ATHIRIVER Gimu estate opp KMC 1 8 acre res 950k comm 1.2m with title negotiable Tel 0722822243 ATHI River opp. KMC 1m 0722784395 BURGURET 3.5acre 0722707929 BYPASS Ruiru 40x80 0723626860 CHUMVI 2.5a prm 3.2m 0722260243 CLAY W Kasa plot 4 flat 35x70 call 0752606892 CLAY Works Kasarani 65x75 13.5M Ideal for Petrol Station Tel 0724771787 0722971559 COMMERCIAL plots 40x80 Kdo rd dep. 100 000 bal 4months titles ready 2610923 0700497890 D Holm Phs8 68x38 owner 0732904786 Daystar Lukenya 5 acre block 2.9m per acre 7 pcs of 0.5 acre plots ready title 0720 680 170. No brokers. 4.5m 0722420951 Ribarori 100x100 near Roselyne Hielight Nairobi boundary 8M. Call owner 0735165440 KIKUYU Karai area 1 4acre 2plots 750k each ono 0722166005 KILE 1 4ac 35M Tel 0727474645 KILELESHWA 0.25acres 40M tel 0720838680 0707760761 0722384476. No brokers KILELESHWA 1 2acre Kshs 260M KILELESWA 1 2ac 70m 0720273985 KINANIE 5acs 2.2m p.a 0732346788 KINOO 1 4ac Tel 0722859970 KINOO 1 8 & 1 4 PLOTS NEAR SHOPPING 0722790200 CENTRE 4.6M &11m KINOO 1 8 & 1 4 PLOTS TOUCHING TARMAC 5.6M &11M 0722790200 JUJA Kalimoni 50x100 250 000 10ac 1.8M Juja farms 50x100 250 000 Gachororo 1 4acre 1.2M Chipro 0734 730041 0724406111 JUJA Muigai Inn 50x100 (Chai) clean title 1.9 2243039 0722467225 JUJA town 40 80. 900m from highway. Owner 0725967235 KAHAWA Sukari 5.9m 0733253761 KISERIAN 1 4 on tarmac 0724952296 KISERIAN 5ac 4.2M 0719823002 KISERIAN p line 1 4acre plots 300meters from tarmac 800k each quick sale 0735868612 KISERIAN p line 1 8acre plots 800 meters from tarmac 650k each ono 0722985588 0735868612 KISUMU Airport 2acres Kiboko Island 10acres 0722486187 EASTLEIGH B324 Building ALUMINIUM PVC shower cubicles doors windows etc Tel 0722849632 B497 Contracting NATURAL & HR mgt experts send CV to reedsconsult B403 Colleges STUDY theorogy in canada admission letters available call 0707471131 0718552712 B525 Financial WEIGHBRIDGES Features 6 -12 loadcells Length 9m-21m x Width 3m Surface mounted or pit mounted Sizes 6m 12m 18m Capacity 40T-120T FIELD SCALES Features Capacity 1Kg-150Kg Ideal For Tea & Milk industry Sec 3 near Suncity Cinema Tel 0710654312 ELDORET Sertwet - Cheplasgei 11.4 acres 2.6 KM from Nbi H way fully developed with farm hse. Call owner on 0715 774 847 EMBAKASI bypass with title. Call 0722-813686 0724-421914 EMBU Siakago 5acres with Eacalyptus Kshs 2M. Tel 0722866103 FINELANDS Isinya Kitengela 50x100 s offer 60k 0722417074 0724816611 165K offer 0724816611 2472045 KAJIADO Meto 121 acres 120k 0722290438 KAJIADO township surveyed plots KAMULU JOSKA PLOTS for SALE with ready title. 0723156789 COMMERCIAL B462 Business for Sale AUTO Spares Shop stocked Tel 0739-359276 Baricho Rd. FINELANDS Kitengela Isinya 50x100 FINELANDS Kitengela Isinya 50x 100 65K offer 0722417074 2472045 Price 90 000 Few Remaining. FINELANDS Kitengela Isinya 50x FINELANDS Bar Butchery Kasarani 0710114355 BUSY hardware shop on Outering rd. Asking 500K. 0708481135 CHEMIST sale Alsop 0721528372 COMPUTER shop for sale only serious buyers 0738044955 Day Nairobi Vision Plaza 1st floor RM 15. Tel 020-2013976 0722 303505 Eldoret KFA Bldg opp Uchumi S MKT Tel 053-2032561 0738 829064 Email sales SELFLOADING Concrete mixer Robin vibrator 0724318305 100 150K offer 0722417074 2472045 RuaI 50x100 120k 0724816611 2472045 FINELANDS RuaI 50x100 180k 0724816611 2472045 FINELANDS Ruai 50x100 Kshs. 350 000 Call 0724816611 2472045 0722-312387 0724-334234 0733-582208 KAMULU 1 & 30 acres 0720-221010 KAMULU 50x100 dep. 50 000 bal KITENGELA 1 8acre 0722420907 KITENGELA1 8acs 1.3m 0722503136 KITENGELA 10acs 5m 0722440647 KITENGELA 13km from tarmac KITENGELA HAIRDRESSING School & salon in CBD 3.5M 0775549204 VOLVO Gen-set spares 0721643252 0202214396 Advance selling your car plots laptops. 0724268552 0710746831 HEALTHY foods Rest & Pub quick sale Hurlingham 0722441902 B581 Printing MPESA 4 sale 120K 0715957482 PUB in Umoja1 walk in walk out. Busy place Call 0722871633 020-2245564 spot loans on Toshiba Leasing outright sale for multifunctional copier printer. (New refurbished) Also available ETR machines HP printers Epson SHARP RICOH HP PANASONIC KYOCERA 10% OFF FOR E.T.Rs (portable) Nairobi Agip House 1st Floor Wing A Haile Selassie Avenue Tel 2215933 313731 Fax 313414 2211337 Mobile 0729859841 0733439930 0729859841 Email bititec info Meru Kirukuru Rd Opp. Barclays Bank Mobile 0711509558 0735216776 Mombasa 0726 526668 0733 439930 Website SHOP on Tom Mboya St. Mpesa computer acc. other services. Tel 0714333691 B469 Business Offers 0733880818 Company registration BUSINES plan proposal 0720435343 MBA PHD prop Analysis 0718823883 REGISTER a Company in ten days. Call 0731-806602 Macpros& HP Laptops btwn 20K-50K 0720701678 Cash on Cars Laptops 0729840857 A loan on ur car (1hr) CASH against cars logbook. Call 4441921 0787610083 0706622516 0786468463 0713036528 CASH on cars 0713389744 FINANCE we advance you cash as we sell your car 0713266196 LOANS against cars 0728733192 50X100 Plots Price 80 000 Clean Titles 7km off tarmac ISINYA 3 ACRES CLEAN Title 750 000 per acre Viewing Tuesday Thursdays & Saturdays at 11.00am 4mths. Ready titles. 0202-164920 0733-626672 0707-965632 Sideway Proper ties Ltd. Vedic Hse 7th Floor KAMULU 50x100 dep. 50 000 balance 4months titles ready 2610923 0751201267 Viewing free KAMULU 50x100 dep 100k bal 4mths. Ready titles. 0720287678 0723504714 Brookton Properties Ltd Shankardass Hse 3rd flr rm 303. Viewing free daily KAMULU 5ac Kdo rd 0727631645 KAMULU- Joska at KBC 500m 50x100 250 000 0722312387 KAMULU- Joska at KBC Dev. area 50x100 titles 180 000 0722312387 50x100 titles 150 000 0733582208 KAMULU- Joska at KBC farm C KAMULU- Joska at Sunshine 50x100 dev. titles 200 000 tel 0722-312387 ICT City 50x100 100 000 - 0733582208 15km from tarmac behind ICT Malili City 50x100 95 000 - Viewing Wednedays & Saturdays Time 9.00a.m 0722312387 KITENGELA 1acre next to KAG and Kampala Universities 3.2M Call owner 0202619739 KITENGELA 20acres Ksh1.3m per acre owned by Sacco. Tel 0705192875 KITENGELA Acacia View Est 1 8ac plts 500K. 0720043288 020550287 Vineyard Properties Ltd KITENGELA behind New Light Academy 1 8acres 580k 2220019 KITENGELA Milimani bordering Orchards Sch Title Serviced 2 acres 5.5M p a 0738-786725 KITENGELA plts KITENGELA twn 1 8 4.8m 0726341993 KITENGLA 50X100 820k prime title Gabbie Ltd 0202610966 0715086866 West 3 4 & 1 2acre redsoil 35m & 25m ono 0722420951 KIUKENDA 1 2ac 7M 0722329180 KIUKENDA 1 2ac 7m owner quick sale Call 0722-835045 KAMULU- Joska special offer 50x100 FORTCOM Gachie 1ac 0722876198 FORTCOM Kawangware Msalaba titles 120 000 0722-312387 KITISURU LOANS on the spot between 15-40K with laptops as security 0723408602 KAMURU Kipawa Shopping Centre 1 8ac Ksh700 000 Tel 0721588211 SKIRT suites wholesale 800Ksh. Cell No. 0719759497 Umoja 1 Market 235 Online Cash advances within 24 Hrs. SPOT cash on cars 0723145428 B476 Business Opportunities BARSOAP making machine candle making machine charcoal briqquete 0700713387 or 0715606099 for salaried individuals 0202695325 B595 Security Services Rent a walk through metal detector for events 0707640242 SHARP 0720884391 B546 Machinery for Sale 200 KVA Generator Ksh 1.3m Tel 0722860434 0738651482 INV. Any amt 7% 0706258588 INVEST 12% secure 0786822433 INVEST 100k to 1m and earn 10% monthly in a genuine manufacturing biz. Tel 0708377242 0712053735 2 new candy floss machine 0722756941 30KVA Generator new 0722-283928 ATLAS Copco compressors flood light towers mig arc welders 0722399631 AGRICULTURE & HOME B650 Building Repairs EUCALYPTUS mature for electricity poles 0720989729 0722703585 near ACK 1 8 acre 0722226198 FORTCOM Rimpa Rongai 1 8acre 1.5M 0722-226198 FORTCOM Syokimau 1 4acre opp Kapa Oil Refinery 0722876198 GARDEN Estate 1 2ac 0722530226 GATUANYAGA 50 x100 Kshs. 350 000 Call 0729-480447 0727 439644 0724-406111 0723-043623 KANGUNDO Rd Kantafu 4km off tarmac 50x100 180K pay by instalment free transport. Royal Property Developers 0700469070 GITHUNGURI Town commercial plots 50x100 4.5M next to the new DCs office 0720414966 title no agents 2.4m ono 0731234265 KAREN 1 2acre 17M 0720787477 KAREN 10 25 100acre 0720818277 KAREN 1acre KCB 30M 0722503136 KAREN 5acres 30M per ac 0722599886 KARIOBANGI Light industries plot (near Solai Paints) 1.5M 0720855278 KIU KENDA Half Acre Call 0728393005 KONZA City 7.8ac blocs&50x100 plots comm&resd 0727631645 LAKEVIEW Hillview Estate 1 2ac. Serious buyers only 0726450240 LAND WANTED.jointventure GITHURAI- 45 plot big 50ft by 140ft ISINYA 15 50 100AC 0708821511 ISINYA 15ac 700k acre 0723871556 ISINYA 50 x 100 insallments allowed 100K.Call 0704 592971 KASARANI Mwiki 50x100 plots 850k Tel 0721562293 0707074221 LEARN how to make and sell African theme cakes african pot modern cake making & decoration guitar football teddybear blackforest swissroll plastic icing samosa bread meatpies yoghurt pizzas cookies tomato sauce juices sweets jam e.t.c. 2 3 4 & 6wks practicals. Continuous intake. 25% sponsorship available.Call Principal NCBCT 0722237181 0203504453 or visit 1st Flr NHC Hse Aga-khan walk Nairobi. Mombasa branch now open next to summerlink hotel Meru rd off Digo rd. UNDER 25yrs n own profitable Biz Want a partner 0722876198 LATHE machine Tel 0723-233316 MINERAL water machine 0720121644 KASARANI near Laverna Sch 1 2 acre 14m Neg 0722127702 B664 Farm Services POLES Firewood 0720444552 For sale KATANI 1 8acre next to Syokimau prime 680k 0202610966 0715086866 Jubilands Isinya Malili rd 50x100 75k 0714915424 0728879191 0736901000 0714915424 0728879191 0736901000 KATANI 1 8acr near Syokimau & KATANI 5 10 20 acres 0722869101 020-2610923 B671 Fertilizers Seed & Seedlings MIRAA Miraa (Khat) seedlings for ORIGINAL 350LTR CONCRETE MIXER WITH AIR COOL DIESEL ENGINE. HEAVY DUTY MIXING BARREL FROM MALAYSIA For Discounted prices Visit Us at Lusaka Road Shop No. 29. Tel 0770 333034 Industrial Area Nairobi near Utawala r titles Aberdeen Hol dings Ltd 0722829195 0734572994 Tel Jubilands Isinya Malili rd 50x100 55k JUBILANDS Kitengela Isinya 50x100 s offer 150k 0714915424 0728879191 sale the hybrid seedlings that produce best quality for export. Can grow well in all types of soils. Contact 0720-989919 0750-153272 KATANI 50x100 dep. 100 000 bal RESIDENTIAL & BUSINESS PROPERTIES JUJA 12acs 12M p.a 0734949425 JUJA 3kms 500K Call 0722717406 JUJA Farm 40x80 with title deeds 170k 0724890202 4mths. Ready titles. 0202-164920 0733-626672 0707-965632 Sideway Proper ties Ltd. Vedic Hse 7th floor in re-devpt s-division 0786822433 LAVINGTON 0.78ac on sewer 90m 0722825801 020-3861345 LAVINGTON 1 2acre Kshs 160M tel 0720838680 Lavington1.3ac 180m 0736519163 MAI Mahiu 200K 0721595726 MALINDI Beach hse on 1acre 20M Call 0722938098 0737272564 MANYANJA Thika rd 140acs 35m 0722-825801 MATASIA 1 8ac plots few remaining 750k ONO 0722166005 MAZIWA plot for sale. Call 0722-813686 0724-421914 MEMBLEY 80x40 2.3m 0722657720 KATANI 50X100 dep. 100 000 balance 4months Titles ready 2610923 0715 514989 Viewing free MEMBLY b p 1 8 1.6 0716355040 ownr MOMBASA rd 1acre 25M 0714137144 MSA Rd 40acs 9M p.a 0734949425 DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 MOMBASA rd 2acr Dev. plt fronting RUAI 50x100 320 000 very prime O RONGAI executive offices. Tel LAVINGTON 8bdrm hse 0722938714 LAVI off Kingara rd 5br town hse 45m ono 0722985588 Classifieds 57 0722986680 0789767109 Nemuge Ltd RUAI Kingoris 1 8 50mts 0720623741 RUAKA 1 8 1 4acre 0726025215 RUIRU Ruai bypass 4acre on tarmac Kshs 21m owner 0722-508793 RUIRU 1 8ac 2.8M 0722329180 RUIRU 40x60 250k 0722936698 RUIRU 40x60 380K 0731321554 0715219780 Geomark RUIRU 60x60 near s hway 0716391627 RUIRU b.pass 500m frm Thika rd 1 8 2.5m title residential only 0722557356 RUIRU Bypass 1 8 2.2M 0720549915 RUIRU Bypass 500K 0714370476 RUIRU Bypass 50x100 800k 800m from tarmac title deed 0727-647646 0721-951533 owner RUIRU Murera 650K 0725799241 RUIRU Town opposite Ruiru District Hospital 40x60ft 2.5M tel 0722506998 0738115242 SHOP Space ground floor Westlands Tel 0732504916 SHOP To Let Ongata Rongai 7k 0706616630 0722524236 TASSIA Big hall for Bank Agency S Market Hospital Church Hardware 95k pm. Goodwill 1m 0752-695315 WESTLAND Offic 35k 0723521594 Highway Best Loc 0722938714 MSA rd Godowns 7400sq on sale 55M ono Tel 0727474645 MUA Hills 6acrs w&pwr 0733742200 MUGUGA site 2)1 4 6m 0721797550 MUIGAI Inn 1.5m 0721595726 MUIGAI Inn 40x80 red soil 100m to super H Way 2M 0714496699 MUSHROOM Garden 1 2 0735553282 MUTHAIGA North 1 2acre plot very prime. Smart & elegant neighbourhood titled 26M 0726341993 G FIELD 3br 16k 0733236106 owner TASSIA 1b rm 15k pm 0752-695315 Thika Rd 2BR Aparts 0722250712 THIKA rd Thome executive 2brm ensuite Comfy cozy convenient Tel 0721295585 GODOWN To let Msa Rd & Road A 0728570069 0735126622 MADARAKA 2br flat 0736519163 MADARAKA 3br 10m Quick sale 0711204686 0733884696 NEW Muthaiga 5br bungalow 0.65ac 60M T. 0202243039 0721579956 NGONG 3br M ens 0722723512 NYAYO Embakasi 3bd m ensuite 5.8M ono 0722313971 owner ONE flat 44 along Kamiti rd 0721993101 0726865986 O RONGAI 3br near Thorn tree & Osupuko on 1 8 6.5m 0722-367058 HARAMBEE Ph1 3br 0707734015 HMX opp Taj mall 1br big 12k small 10k & b s 7500 0720081032 0729817896 ICIPE 2br m ensuite 0723514013 IMARA Daima 2b r bungalow Tel 0202222901 0700001429 owner THINDIGUA Kiambu rd. Spacious 2br s c DSTV 17k & 19k 0721935689 WESTLAN DS Office Park Compound of 11units Tel 0722-446055 KAHAWA Sukari mansion on 1 2 acre sale or let owner 0722-233032 THK Rd 5bd Willmary Est 0722264890 UMOJA I Core 2brd 12k 0722450819 V ROAD 0705513293 1BR 9K OWNR NAIROBI Makadara 40x50 ideal for B782 Properties for Sale flats 7m 0722420951 NANYUKI 3 4acre on tarmac Safari Club junction 0723211535 owner NDARAGWA 500Acs 0714222138 NGARA Stima 1 3 & 1 4 ac sh 115 & 75m tel 0723-309017 0729-933450 KAREN 4br 2sq 200k 0722-768378 KARIOKO 1br 10000 0723220185 KIAMUBI 1&2br 5-8k 0724674808 KIKUYU 2broomed Ksh 15000 Tel 0722831093 NGONG Matasia 1 8 1 4 1 2 plots 1.5m 2.5m & 5m 0722166005 NGONG Matasia 1-16acres 1Km from tarmac 0735553282 NKOROI 0.5acre 6.5m 0733484677 NKOROI 1acre Ksh16000000 quarter titles available 0720838692 NKOROI Prime res 1 4acre 4M neg no agents contact owner 0722824329 0738824329 0722310846 NYARI Nrb 1 8ac comm residential 17M serious buyers0733652038 ownr NYARI Nrb plots hses 0722-233690 CHICKEN & CHIPS PLACE 24 HOURS SERVICE STANDBY GENERATOR AND MPESA SERVICES AVAILABLE LOCATED IN WESTLANDS MPAKA ROAD 10 YEAR LEASE CALL 0722512512 OR 0716864941 PANGANI Ngara Blding 0722938714 RONGAI ole kasasi 3 BR bungalow G Hse 1 4 acre 11.5M 0722831903 RUIRU Nyakinyua 1 4acre 1.8m clean title Tel 0721405394 RUNDA 7br 1 2ac 70M 0724829489 RUNDA Kigwaru 1 2ac prime area Kshs. 16.5m ono owner 0720390188 Kile1 br hse to let call 0700934965 KILE 2-3brms 60-75K 0707770309 KILE 3brms ensuite 0707770309 KILELESHWA 3bd all ensuite pool gym gen 68k 0714-238844 with sq sq 80k 0722480500 WESTLANDS 3br apt near Sarit 75K Tel 0716236799 WESTLANDS 3br furn d apartmt 2 ens study T. 2243039 0722467225 RUNDA Mae 1 2a 18M 0735726325 SYOKIMAU 1 4ac 3.9M 0720685632 SYOKIMAU 1 4acre clean prime NYERI Kangemi 40x80 1M 0722648462 O RONGAI 1 8 1.3M 0723573789 OLEKASASI 1 4ac 6M 0722226198 OLSIRIKON 1Ac 2.2m 0722825904 O RONGAI 5acres 0707-140610 O Rongai Laiser 200m to tarmac 1 8ac very prime 2.6m 0724952296 title Tel 0724993290 0722212290 SYOKIMAU 1 4acre Ksh 4 000 000 Tel 0722555205 SYOKIMAU 1 8ac 2m 0720961144 SYOKIMAU Two 1 8 s Clean Title 2.5M ono Tel 0720391697 TASSIA 25x66ft 1.4m 0726341993 TENA 40x120ft 7.5M 0722234780 THIKA 50x100 150K 0721595726 2 HOUSES American Kitchen tiled Locked garage Thika rd. Owner only 8m no agents 0705351152 A block of flats of 1br units income 240k pm price 26m 0738208849 units Tel 0721389539 0722805764 P.O BOX 11504-00400 Maendeleo Hse 2nd Flr Tel 343644 5 Mobile 0726663849 0721209684 0728400696 Email greenplots GREENPLOTS PROPERTIES KILELESHWA 4beds maisonette KILI 3brms furn 60K 0707770309 KILIMANI 3br apt (Riara) 2 ensuite 120K T. 0202243039 0710908985 B817 Wanted to Rent WANTED 2 3brs Zelpha 2405252 TOURS & TRAVEL PAGOAIRWAYS get your dubai visa in 2 days dubai fare from 32 000 25 vacancies for IATA course 9 months hotel course 2 yrs galileo 3 months practical electricity hse 020 311388 0722583759 PROPERTIES FOR SALE Waiyaki Way 4 Bedroomed Maisonettes 19.0m Golden Gate 4 Bedroomed Maisonette 13.5m Embakassi 3 Bedroomed Maisonette - Corner Hse 8.5m Golg Course 3 Bedroomed Maisonette 12.0m South C 5 Star 4 Bedroom Maisonette 13.5m Eastleigh Property With Several Units 20.0m Fedha Estate 4 Bedroom Bungalow 9.5m 350 000 P a 8 Namanga 300 Acres Rongai Oloosirkon 27 Acres 2.5m P a Athi River Kenanie 1 Acre Plots 1.2m KILIMANI Valley Arcade 5br town hse 250k per month 0735868612 THIKA commercial 40x80 0723626860 THIKA Gatuanyaga plots 50x100 Freehold with title 0736900501 BAHATI Estate 1br 2br bungalow CLAY W Kasa flat 2 units of 2br Plan 4 storey 0722908821 0752606892 KINOO Rungiri 2b roomed0722701142 KISUMU Ukweli Pastoral 2br secure parking 20k 0729880703 LANGATA 1b s 13K 0722774842 LANGATA 3brm sq maisonette 50K pm rent Tel 020-2518925 0722200001 THIKA Kiganjo 2.5a 3.5m 0722744685 THIKA -Landless 100x100 0722813696 THIKA Ngoingwa (Tola) 1.5Km behind Mang u High School overlooking Ngoingwa Estate 127 plots remaining 40x80 titles ready deps ok 750K 0728267725 THIKA Ngoingwa 1 8acre Ksh 1 800 000 title ready 0710518808 THIKA Ngoingwa 50x80 fenced & gate asking 1.6M 0717693680 THIKA -Ngoingwa Tola 50x100 offer price 700K 0708706790 THIKA rd 1 2acre opp. Roasters suitable for flats 40m 0711-340449 THIKA rd 70x70 plot 0722705938 THIKA Town 75x75 0733370828 Ben THOGOTO 1 4ac Tel 0722859970 THOGOTO bypass 1 4 0722902710. THOME 1 1 2acre 9.5M 0724689744 THOME 5 1 2ac 22m 0720273985 D279 Notice THE PHYSICAL PLANNING ACT CAP 286 NOTICE OF COMPLETION OF DEVELOPMENT PLAN TITLE PROPOSED SITE FOR NEMA HOMA BAY COUNTY OFFICES Ref. No. HMB 162 2012 1. Notice is hereby given That the preparation of the above Development plan was on 16-012012 completed. The plan relates to the land situated within Homa-Bay Municipality. A copy of the plan as prepared has been deposited for public inspection at the office of the DISTRICT PHYSICAL PLANNING OFFICER PUBLIC WORKS BUILDING and TOWN CLERK MUNICIPALITY COUNCIL OF HOMA BAY TOWN HALL. A copy so deposited is available for inspection free of charge by all persons interested at the above mentioned address between the hours of 8.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Any interested person who wishes to make any representation in connection with or objection to the above Development Plan may send such representation or objection in writing to be received by the DISTRICT PHYSICAL PLANNING OFFICER P.O. 529 HOMA BAY within 60 days of publication of this notice and any such representation or objection shall state the grounds on which it is made. DAGORETTI Kikuyu rd 2&3b room flats on 1 3 acre 0723560455 P Lands Ngara 0.3acs 0721377227 PLOT-Kihara Kiambaa 50x50 0713164901 LAND AND PLOTS FOR SALE AT KITENGELA 1. Kitengela Near Thorn Groove Academy 1-2-3-5 and 6 Acres............................................. Kshs 3M Per Acre 2. Kitengela Sifa Farm 1 And 2acres kshs 3m Per Acre 3. Kitengela OL Turoto 10acres..... Kshs 850k Per Acre 4. Kitengela OL Turoto 3.5acres.....................Kshs 2.5M 5. Kitengela OL Turoto 30 And 50 Acres............................. ................................................. Kshs 500k Per Acre 6. Kitengela After Hawa Children s Home 1 And 3 Acres .................................................. Kshs 1.3M Per Acre 7. Kitengela Behind Newlight S girls School 1 Acre ..................................................... Kshs 2M Per Acre 8. Kitengela Reserve 10 Acres..... kshs 600k Per Acre PLOTS FOR SALE 1. Kitengela Behind Prison Near Bible College 1 8acre Plots........................................................ Kshs 550k 2. Kitengela Sifa Farm 1 8acre Plots............ kshs 550k 3. Kitengela Near Thorn Groove Academy 1 4acre Plots ................................................................... Kshs 1M 4. Kitengela Milimani 1 4acre Plots.............. Kshs 1.5M 5. Kitengela Milimani 1km From Tarmac 1 8acre Plots ........................................................................... 950k 6. Kitengela Police Sacco 1 1 8acre Plots....... Kshs 1M 7. Kitengela Police Sacco 2 1 8acre Plots... kshs 900k 8. Kitengela Korompoi Prime 1 4acre Plots 700m From Tarmac.................................................... Kshs 1.2 M WRISCO AGENCIES SARAFINA BUILDING 1ST FL RM 24 TEL 020 262 8632 0721455870 0736356280 E-MAIL wriscoproperties DONHOLM 5beds m ensuite maisonette 8m 0722480500 DONHOLM Ph5 modern 4b r all ensuite Classic finish offers to 0722-524270 LANGATA 6BR 5 ensuite -owner LAV 4bd 3ensuite 65K 0714-238844 LORESHO 4br bungalow on 3 4acre 200 000 - p.m 2243039 0722467225 HOUSES TO LET Kileleshwa 4 Bedroom Apartment Nyayo Embakasi 3 Bedroom Flat Harambee SACCO 4 Bedroom Maisonette Kahawa Wendani 2 Bedroom Flat Thindigwa 3 Bedroom Flat 60 000 25 000 30 000 14 000 35 000 DOUBLE stalls 4 sale Outerring rd opp Naivas Donholm 0715-499175 FEDHA 24Rm self cont. 0722673899 FEDHA-2 v c 4br hse & sq. v neat compound 16.95m 0717023089 LORESHO 6broomed Ksh140 000 Tel 0722831093 LOWER kabete 2br. New. Tiled. Spacious. 18k. 0714876643 SOUTH B Akiba Est 3br maisonete sq 13m 2220019 0722831903 Executive four bedroom all ensuite maisonettes with one bedroomed dq parking for 3cars. Benhill Estate MUTHAIGA NORTH next to Balozi Estate. SOUTH C Akiba 3br maisonete S Q LOWER Kabete town hse 4br 170k 0723991400 0733737795 UMOJA 80x100 4M owner 0720476480 UTAWALA 30x60 w t 0722893663 UTAWALA 40x60 30x60 0723540531 UTAWALA from 400K 0722-706260 UTAWALA prime plots 100m from bypass 0722871633 0723324672 FRONT grd floor shop for sale ZIMMER 50x50 sh 5.2m 0722748972 NAIVASHA SHAMBA FOR SALE 10Acre plots with free hold titles available in Kinamba area above the quarry. Situated about 2kms from the highway turnoff the land is well drained with fertile soils and has a nice view of the lake. Asking price Ksh 700 000 - per acre. 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Contact 0726002819 Email serenehouse12 DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 E546 Machinery for Sale GENERATOR 60KVA Perkins sound proof Ex-UK clean 0734364397 PRESTIGE Apartments Mtwapa fully E740 Land Plots for Sale NYALI off Beach Rd prime 1 2 acre walled 25m neg 0721-718375 Furnished 2&1b room Self Catering Swimming Pool Retaurant AC DSTV Parking Conference Best Rates for Daily Accomodation Tel 0716268058 0722351275 REMBO BB 1300 CBD 0726455445 E782 Properties for Sale DIANI 2br ens f f 4m 0713279767 MTWAPA busy hotels 31DSTV rooms conf. hall bar restaurant 60m. Shanzu near serena hotel with 8 apartments 10 DSTV rooms 10shops s pool 80m Tel 0705632013 We the Akicho Family regret to announce the sudden death of our beloved brother the late Edward Oduka Akicho who passed on 18thMay 2012 at Kendu Mission Hospital (Gendia). Husband of Alice Oduka Father of Evans Violet and Jane Oduka of Gendia Adventist Academy (GAP). Brother of Samson Michael Julius Akicho (Ministry of Public Health Nairobi) Miriam Rose Late Herine and Jane. Brother in-law of Perez Abigael and Hannah Bula of Kimathi University College (Nyeri). Cousin of George Andrew Nyaliech Dr. Ogeta (Kenyatta University) Samson Ogweno James Ougo Mosi Muga Okeyo Muga Henry Osumba and Michael Ariko Ogeta. Son in-law of Joseph Ogonyo Owiti and Mercelle Ogonyo. Brother in-law of Nelson Steven and Gerorge Ogonyo. Death and Funeral Announcement It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the passing on of Evanson Githinji Muya son of the late Melchizedek Muya Githinji and the late Beatrice Wacheke Muya. Beloved husband of Jane Wambui Githinji of Muhoro Primary School. Father of Fridah Wacheke Langat Maxwell Muya Diana Njoki and Mary Wangari. Brother of Bilha Stephen Elsie the Late Thuku Wairimu Gathoni and Geoffrey. Brother-in-law of Lydia Peter Rose Wainaina Munene Martha Tabitha Githiri Njoroge Kinyanjui Leah and many others. Grandfather of Victoria Langat. Friends and Relatives are meeting daily at his home in Gatamaiyu at 3pm. Death and Funeral Announcement Burial will take place on 27th May 2012 at Gendia Village Kendu Bay Town Homa Bay County under pastor Hesbon Omune. (Cell phone 0723885368 Mr. Julius Akicho) Edward Oduka Akicho The cort ge leaves Mukoe Funeral Home Githunguri on Friday 25th May 2012 at 8 30am for a funeral service at PCEA Kiamuya Church at 11am in Gatamaiyu Nduriri Sub-location Lari District. The burial ceremony will follow thereafter at his farm. In God s hands you rest in our hearts you live forever. Amen Evanson Githinji Muya 1946- 21 5 2012 Rest in peace our loving brother father and uncle E789 Properties to Let 3BD Room hse CPD old Nyali harambee est behind Nyali pri rent 30k Call 0720666851 D857 Furniture KHIMJI S Office Furniture Antiques Tel 0733767070 & 4B R flat Kizingo 50k 0722845519 SHOPS Flats plot room 0723973113 It is with humble acceptance of God s will that we announce the passing on of Mzee Onyancha Arogo which occurred on 17th May 2012 at Tenwek Mission Hospital. Loving husband of Teresia Mokeira. Loving father of Nyatuka Koina Onyancha (Advocate Kisii) late Ogando Richard Jason Joseph Josephine Jackline Arogo and Everline. Son of late Jairo Arogo Gianko and late Mama Sabina Nyakerario. Son-in-law of late Anyona and late Nyakara. Father-in-law of Joram Nyabuto Jane Bathsheba Eunice Jacky Albert Jeremiah and Charles. Nephew of Auka and Mogire. Brother of Otieno late Nyabwari Maeri Nyandieka Ogando Charles Ong ayo Isaac and Gianko. Korera of Nyambati James Onchiri Samwel Momanyi late Angima Joshua late Miencha Nyansarora Rasky and Oino. Grandfather of many. Great grandfather of Three. Family friends and relatives are meeting daily at his home Randani Hotel Storm Kisii and Garden Square Nrb for funeral arrangements. Main fundraising will be held on 29th May 2012 at the said venues. The cortege leaves Ram Hospital Mortuary on Thursday 31st May 2012. He will be laid to rest on 1st June 2012 at his home Randani Village Igorera Sub1940-17 5 2012 Location Kenyenya district. Indeed Good Men Must Die But Death Cannot Kill Their Legacy Visions Ideas and Dreams. A memory of a good person is a blessing to many. Rest in peace Arogo. Amen. Death and Funeral Announcement It is with humble aceptance of God s will that we announce the promotion to glory on 21 May 2012 of Stephen Marangu Iruura of Karanene village Kibirichia Meru County. Son of the late Elijah M Iruura and Late Margaret Munyange step son of the late Evangeline Kaburo. He was the Husband of Florence Marangu. Father of Henry Kinyua (KDF - Nanyuki) Patrick G Marangu(KURA Nrb) Peninah Karimi (MCF Kibirichia) Lucy Gatwiri (Meru) and Douglas Muthomi(Meru). Father in law of Sarah Josephine Mbaya Gatobu and Naomi. Brother of Meme Late Ngutiku Mwirigi and Kanugu. Step brother of Late Muriuki Ndereba Late Kinoti Kajuju and Kagwiria. Grandfather of Kinya Nkatha Kirimi Kithinji Mwendwa Kagendo Murithi Makena and Kathure. Friends and relatives are meeting for funeral arrangements at Rosette Restaurant Harambee Sacco Plaza from 5.30pm. The main fundraising to offset the hospital bill and funeral expenses will be held at the same venue today 24th May 2012 starting from 5.30 pm. Contributions can be sent by M-pesa to 0722634037. The cortege leaves Chiromo Mortuary on Tuesday 29th May 2012 at 7.00am. Funeral service will be at Karanene Methodist Church at 11.00am and therafter burial at his Karanene home. Indeed good men must die but death cannot kill their legacy dreams ideas and visions. Rest in peace our Dad Celebration of a Life Well Lived Eileen Skilton Eileen Skilton n e Maynard passed away peacefully on Sunday 13th May 2012 in Eastbourne East Sussex UK aged 85. Loving mum of Anthony Robert and Diane and mum-in-law of Carolyn Julia and Mick. Much loved grandma of Tim Robin William Licia Emma Sophie Samuel Daniel and Michael. Devoted sister of Sylvia Rodney and Dennis. Cherished in-law of John and Esther Ndungu. Stephen Marangu Iruura 1927 - 2012 Now reunited with her beloved husband Ron. The funeral will take place in Eastbourne on Wednesday 6th June 2012. Kyanguli Memorial Secondary School Mzee Onyancha Arogo Death & Funeral Announcement It is with great sorrow that we announce the sudden demise of Elizabeth Kanini Muindi Teacher Kyanguli Secondary School. Wife of James Maingi Nzau. Daughter of Daniel Muindi Itumo and Phoebe Muindi. Daughter in - law of Johnson Nzau and Regina Nzau. She was sister of Lucy Dorcus Zipporah Josephine Laurine Stephen Andrew Nelson and Fredrick. She was sister in-law of Bernard Charles Joseph Patrick Benjamin Benson Mwangangi Muema and Patrick. Cousin of Edward Ndivo Patrick Munyala Paul Maingi Kakenyi Kiio among others. Aunt of Carol Mumbua Moses Kimeu Lilian Musau Jeniffer Mutie among others. The funeral arrangements meetings are taking place daily at T.tot Hotel Machakos Salvation Army Church Nairobi and at her home Kimutwa village form 5.30 pm-8.00pm for funeral arrangements. There will be a final fund raising to offset medical and funeral expenses today Thursday 24 5 2012 at T.tot Hotel Machakos. The cortege leaves Machakos Funeral home on Saturday 26 5 2012 at 9.00am for funeral service and burial ceremony at her matrimonial home at Kimutwa village Kimutwa location Machakos County. 2 Tim 4 17 you have fought the good fight you have finished the race you have kept the faith . Promotion to Glory It is with deep sorrow and humble acceptance of God s will that we announce the death of William Ntabo Aruba which occurred on 13th May 2012 while undergoing treatment at Hema Hospital. Dear and loving husband of Pauline KeruboMarucha. Father of Frodina Andrew (Nyamira D.H) Polycurp Lilian Judy Edwin Millicent and late Oliver. Son of late Aruba Maoncha and late Serefina Sarange Mandere. Fatherin-law of Everline Felistus Evans David Julius and late Vincent.Brother of late Kerubo late Mokeira Moraa Hellen and Aruba. Korera of Moraa Kemoni Agnes Bathlomeo Kathreen and Miruka. Grandfather of Mary Thomas Dorothy Brenda Sheilla Mitchell Victor Vivian Elvis Travox Alexia Gliffins and MaryAnn. Family friends and relatives are meeting daily at his home Suneka starting from 2 00 pm for funeral arrangements. Main Harambee will be held on Sunday 27th May 2012 at the Post Office Suneka opposite the D.O s Office. Contact no Mpesa Donation 0726099185 or 0725011314.The cortege leaves Hema Hospital Mortuary on Monday 28th May 2012. He will be laid to rest on Tuesday 29th May 2012 at his home Suneka Kisii South opposite Suneka Primary School. In God s hands you rest Daddy in our hearts you live forever. Amen. Celebration of a Life Well Lived Elizabeth Kanini Muindi 1969-2012 Mzee William Ntabo Aruba 1947-2012 Death and Funeral Announcement It is with humble acceptance of God s will that we announce the passing on of Mzee Benjamin Ojude Gari which occurred on Thursday 17th May 2012. Husband to Margaret Ojude and the late Mama Filgona Juma Ojude. Son of the late Mariko Gari Apiyo and the late Mama Sara Ondiek Gari of Kano Kabonyo. Brother to the late Mzee Shadrack Opaa Gari and Mama Jenipher Adika of Koru. Doting Father of Japuonj Cladius Owaka Ojude the late Herine Agutu Japuonj Silas Ogola Ojude (Head Teacher Chemelil Factory Primary School) Jeremiah Ojude (ICIPE Nairobi) Blasto Otieno Ojude Rhoda Otieno Deborah Kabaka (all of Nyando County Council) Lawrence Ojude and Henry Ojude (Manager Gakwamba Society Muhoroni). Beloved uncle to Jackton Opaa Benard Opaa (NEMA-HQs Nairobi) Mathew Opaa Rose Opaa Jared Opaa William Opaa Emmanuel Adika Pamela Adika among others. Stepson of the late mama Damar Mirito Gari the late Joice Gari the late mama Monica Odek Gari and the late Salina Gari. Step-Brother of Adera Gari Hesbon Apiyo Gari the late Nashon Ogutu Gari Samwel Opiyo Dick Gari Charles Otieno Gari the late Evans Agumba Gari Flora Roselyne Owuor Jane Pamela Opiyo among others. Loving father in-law to Rose Owaka Monica Ogolla Rose Otieno Hellen Odhiambo Eunice Ouma June Adoyo and Margaret Onyango (Nyamira Girls Sec Bondo) among others. Cousin to Alphayo Kondi Prof Agumba Muma among others. Son-in-law of the late Ouma Nger (Kano Lela) and the late Jaduong Okoth (Seme Kombewa). Brother-in-law of the late Alfred Adika the late Perez Aloo Opaa the late Yunia Adhiambo Opaa the late Regina Opaa Mary Apiyo Christine Osele Margaret Ogutu Risper Agumba Pheobe Okuom Herenia Kondi among others. Grandpa to Benter Akoth Daniel Owaka (ministry of Defense) Nowel Adhiambo (Chemelil Sugar Co.) Ibrahim Owaka (Wera Sec) Isaac Owaka (Ministry of Public Health West Pokot) Jackline Otieno Eunice Adhiambo Adoyo Godfrey Obiero (IEBC Chemelil) Zablon Ogolla (Moi University) Effie Odhiambo among others. The body leaves Star Hospital Mortuary on Friday 25th May 2012. Burial will take place on Saturday 26th May 2012 at his farm plot number 20 Gatundu Village God Abuoro Muhoroni - Kisumu County. I have fought a good fight I have finished the race and kept the faith (2nd Tim 4 7) It is with humble acceptance of God s will that we announce the promotion to glory of Mama Jane Kamene Phillip Muinde on 19th May 2012 after a long illness bravely borne. Wife of the late Phillip Muinde. Daughter of the late Ruth and the Late Lawrence Kavale. Beloved mother of Doris Mbithe (USA) Deogratius & Jane Munywoki (Kitui) Mwengi and Catherine (Msa) Charity & Apollo Muinde Advocate (Msa) Catherine & Munyithya (Joseph Munyithya Advocates Msa) Loise & Kasina (Nbi) Naomi & Kioko (Kitui) Gibrian Mbisi (Lodwar) & Agnes Muinde (Musengo Secondary School). Sister of Rose Kavale the late Kimanzi Kavale Josephine Ndambu Eunice Ndulu & Rev Festus K. Kavale (USA). Grandmother of Ruth Museo Charity Munywoki Brian & Jennifer Mwengi Ronaldo Mutemi Don Muinde Charis Kasina among others. Aunt of Susan Nzasu Videma & Muimi Kimanzi Agnes Moki Victor Mwendwa & Kavale Kilonzo among others.Family and friends are meeting at Rossette Restaurant Harambee Plaza in Nairobi and at Caf Havilla in Msa.The cortege leaves Chiromo Mortuary for a funeral service at the graveside on Saturday 2nd June 2012 at 11 a.m at her home in Wikililye Kyanika Sub-location of Kitui County. Death and Funeral Announcement Phoebe Kakwasi Kamuya (Rtd Teacher) It is with deep sorrow and acceptance of God s will that we announce the passing on of beloved wife our mother and grandmother Mrs Phoebe Kakwasi Kamuya (Rtd Teacher) on 17th May 2012 at Karen Hospital after an illness bravely borne. Beloved wife of Mr. David Kamuya Ndambuki former Head-Teacher and Retired Chief of Nguu location Makueni county. Daughter to Late Mwania Ngui and Late Mbeneka Mwania of Emale Mbooni. Daughter-in-law to the late Daniel Ndambuki and his wives the late Elizabeth Ndoti and the late Naomi Ndindi. Mother of Paul Kyalo (Teacher Mweini Primary School) Jane Kamuya (Daystar) Richard Mutisya (Hass Nairobi) Mrs. Sarah Mativo (Machakos District Hospital) Abbey Munyao (Businessman Machakos) Dorcas Kamuya (KEMRI-Wellcome Kilifi) Shadrack Kamuya (Businessman Nairobi) Stella Kamuya (Equity Bank Mombasa) Eng. Steve Sumbi (Huawei Nairobi). Mother in-law to Beatrice Kyalo Fransisca Mutisya Benson Mulwa Joyce Munyao Syekonyo Musyoka Faith Sumbi. Grand mum to Emanuel Erick Carol Frida Martin Ndambuki Kyalo Dorothy Kamuya Kyalo Mwania Ndambuki Mutisya Kamuya Mutisya Mbuvi Ndanu Esther Watson Pendo Angela and Neema. Sister to Esther King aa Late Jeremia Mwania Late Mulinge Mwania Harrison Kiamba Late Musau Mwania Late Esther Munyao late Monica Mbenya Ann Munyao Late Mbithi Mwania Beatrice Wambua among others. Sister-in-law to Lucas and Late Dorcas Jonathan & Lydia late Michael Kawea Peter & Susan Joel & Rachael Paul & Jane Annah & Ben Joshua & Margaret Rebecca & Philip Phillip & Angela. Daily meetings are taking place at Gardens sqr Nairobi and Machakos T.TOT restaurant from 5 30 p.m and at her rural home. The cortege leaves Montezuma Funeral Home Nairobi on Saturday 26th May 2012 at 6.30am for funeral and burial service at her home in Kwamukonyo Village Nzaui District Makueni County. Jane Kamene Phillip Muinde Mzee Benjamin Ojude Gari Death has occurred of Alphonce Kalume Kenga formerly of Customs (KRA). Son of the late Cyril Kenga and the late Philomena Nzale. Husband of Lucy Mnyazi Kai. Father of Philomena Kalume (Mnazi Mwenga Pri School) Thomas Yaa (KIM) and Cyril Kenga (UoN).Brother of Anthony Kazungu AB Safari Lucy Chisenga Christopher Kenga (Athi River Mining Kaloleni) the late Maria Dama Catherine Sirya Michael Mure (CDA) Margaret Jumwa the late Veronica Kanze and Gerald Kenga. Uncle of Victoria Gorro Tomas Furaha (High Court Msa) Johanna Chisenga (KPA) Zawadi Mzenge Faith Mure (KPA) Jackline Sirya Philomena Pato Nzale Gerald among others. Death and Funeral Announcement The cortege leaves Pandya Memorial Hospital Mortuary on Friday 25th May 2012 noon. Burial will be held at Mwabayanyundo Kaloleni on Saturday 26th May from 12 noon. In God s hands you rest In our hearts you remain forever Alphonce Kalume Kenga (Baba Chanja Balozi) There will be fund raising to offset medical & funeral expenses on Thursday 24th May 2012 at Chrisco Church Nairobi Railway club next to uhuru park and at TTOT restaurant from 5 30 p.m. I have fought the good fight I have finished the race I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness... (II Tim 4 7) DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Transition 59 Death and Funeral Announcement We regret to announce the passing of Mary Wanza Kimwele wife of the late Francis Kimwele. Daughter of the late Jonathan and the late Agnes Musila of Kangundo. Daughter-in-law of the late Muthisya and the late Mary Kaswii. Mother of Joseph Musyoka Lydia Ndanu Annie Nancy & Sammy Mukwate. Step-mother of Kevin Muthisya. Sister of Pius Martha late Philip & Tilas. Sister-in-law of the late Mwangangi late Mumo the late Musembei Wambua Mbithe Mutisya Kyutha Kyaai among others. Grandmother of Alex Maureen Nicole Hezron Nelly & Mutheu. Mother- in- law of Ann Mawia Fouris Mwaniki & Gregory Mwaniki. Auntie of Margaret Mwelu Wambua Musila Muema Mutheo Kiteme Mary Mutunga Musau and many others. Family and friends are meeting daily at Jamiat Central Hotel next to city market from 6pm-8pm. The cortege leaves Kenyatta University Funeral Home on Saturday 26th May. Burial will be at her home in Ngiluni Village Mwingi District Kitui County. Mum Rest in God s loving arms until we meet again II Tim 4 7 It is with humble acceptance of God s will that we announce the death of mama Felgona Mola Ogonya. Daughter of the late mzee Ogolo Okwiri and the late mama Sarah Awiti of Uyoma Kokwiri. Wife of the late James Ogonya Olal. Co-wife of mama Norah Ogonya and mama Hanna Ogonya. Mother of the late Otiende Kijuola Jane Owenje the late Emma Philip Ogonya George Ogonya the late Jaboma Eunice Ouma and the late Rachael and Ruth. Foster mother of Janet Okwach Aloo and Selina Aoko. Mother-in-law of Dennis Owenje John Ouma-Daniel Isaac Aloo Martha Ogonya and Julie Ogonya. She leaves behind granchildren and great grandchildren. The cortege leaves Matangwe Mortuary on the 1 06 2012 for burial at her home in West Uyoma Kagwa Pap Kolal on the 2 06 2012. A fundraising meeting will be held on the 26th May 2012 in Nairobi at Garden Square starting from 2 00 pm. God s Servant Goes To Rest Celebration of a life well lived It is with humble acceptance of God s will that we announce the death of Samuel Ndungi Maangi Rtd Army (WO1) of Ngaa village Kiteta Division Mbooni East after a short illness. Son of the late Maangi Kilungu and late Katuku Maangi. Husband of Grace and Mbatha Ndungi. Brother of Mutisya Maangi and Kavata Maangi. Father of Rose Elizabeth Simon (H teacher) Isaac (H T Tulya pri) Daniel (H teacher Itulu pri) David (Adv Mks Makueni) Agnes Ruth Lydia Maangi Kitonyi (Teacher Kaumoni boys). Son in-law of the late Kikata and Kuni. Uncle of Willy Stephen among others. Father in-law of Hellen Christine Lucia Damaris Florence and Brigit. Father-in-law of Paul Jeremiah Kasyoka. Grand father of Mumo Ndungi Silas Josphat Eric Peter Ndungi Tim Mutua Ken Mwendwa Ndeto Ngumbau Kyalo Mwania Nancy Mwende Mwikali Minoo Edna Mercy Mwende Mumbua Mutheu among others. Grand father of Kamau Muia Mwendwa among others. Friends and relatives are meeting daily at T.tot Restaurant (Mks) Mid land (Wote) Masii (Shamma hotel) and at his home Ngaa for funeral arrangements. The cortege leaves Machakos Funeral home on Saturday 26 5 2012 at 8.30 am for burial at Ngaa village Mbooni East Makueni County. Felgona Mola Ogonya Mary Wanza Kimwele 1942 - 2012 WO 1 (Rtd) Samuel Ndungi Maangi 1928 - 16 5 2012 Mama in God s hands you rest in our hearts you remain forever. Amen Dearest Dad Rest in peace in our hearts you will remain forever. Death and Funeral Announcement We announce the death of our beloved dad Mzee M Arimi M Itome which occurred peacefully in his sleep on May 20 2012. He was son of late Mr & Mrs M Itome Mugerua and brother of Njogu Karungi (late) and Mwaja. Beloved husband of Stella Kanyata and late Alice Nkatha. Devoted father of Jane Naitore Samson Kiambi Susana Gacheri Paul Magaju Dr Peter Arimi (USAID East Africa) John Mutea (KNH) Abraham Koome Joshua Murangiri Fridah Nkirote and Faith Karuku. Father-in-law of the late Kiara Margery Gitiri Catherine Mparu Irene Kathambi (KeMU) and Purity Ntinyari. He leaves behind several grand and great-grandchildren. Appreciation The Wakubwa Family wish to thank you all for the support both materially and prayers that you gave us in our time of grief when our beloved mother passed on to glory on 19 04 2012 and was later laid to rest on 26 04 2012. It couldn t have been successful and colourful without your input in whichever special way you did best. May God bless you abundantly. Death and Funeral Announcement 1928 - 20 5 2012 Funeral arrangements are taking place at Anniversary Towers San Valencia Restaurant Nairobi and at his home in Meru. The cortege leaves Nkubu Hospital Mortuary on Saturday May 26 2012 at 9.00am for funeral service and burial at his home in Thaene Village Kiria location Imenti Central Meru County. Mzee Dauti M Arimi M Itome Mama Esther Muchimbi Wakubwa 1931 - 19 04 2012 Charity Tsindoli Ambaka The entire fraternity of Tradewinds Aviation regrets to announce the passing of our beloved colleague Charity Tsindoli Ambaka who until her untimely death on the 18th of May 2012 was our Senior Administrator. Loving mother of Angela Kagota (Kenya Airways) and Kevin Otwele (Sunshine High School). Daughter of the late Isaiah Ambaka and the late Mama Grace Ayuma. Niece of Henry Obaga. Sister of Fiona Ambaka late Randy Ambaka and the late Victor Ambaka. Friends and Relatives are meeting daily at her Fedha Residence from 5 pm. There will be a major fundraising at Railways Club on 25th May 2012 from 5 pm. The cortege leaves Lee funeral home on 31st May 2012 for a requiem mass at Friends Church Ngong road and thereafter proceed to her home in Kamukuywa Settlement Scheme Bilibiki Village Tongareni Division for burial on 2nd June 2012 at her home. In God s hands you rest in our Hearts you remain forever. We thank God for the life you shared with us. Mama you fought a good fight finished the race and kept the faith. May God rest your soul in Eternal Peace. Amen. Gone Too Soon It s with deep sorrow and acceptance of God s will that we announce the passing on of James Njenga Kimani (Wakili). Son of Peter Kimani Kibe and Teacher Naomi Wanjiku Kimani of Racecourse School Eastleigh. Brother of Mark Kibe of Nyahururu High School Juliet Wangui of Naaro High School and Joseph Njuguna of St. Teresas Boys. Nephew to many. Friends and relatives are meeting daily at the parents home in Eastleigh and at Hot Dishes Restaurant next to City Hall Opp. Holy Family Basilica from 5.00 p.m. The Cortege leaves KNH Mortuary on T uesday 29th May 2012 at 9.00a.m and then proceed for prayers and burial at Mirichu Matasia Ngong as from 11.00 a.m Celebration of a life well lived James Njenga Kimani (Wakili) 2 5 1982-19 5 2012 Its hard to believe its been a year because your memory lingers with us intensely. You were a Mother to many an aunt and grandmother to more and a teacher to countless others. All who knew you miss you dearly and our hearts still mourn. We love you we miss you and we continue to live by Perpetual Wanjira the lessons you taught us. 1st Anniversary Weru There will be fundraising on Friday 25th May 2012 at Hot Dishes Restaurant from 5.00pm to offset the Hospital bill. For contact Cell 0710 930003 In God s hands you rest in our hearts we cherish you forever Rest in Peace. A family mass shall be held at her resting place on 26th May 2012. Mariga Wang ombe wa Thoithi It is with humble acceptance of God s will that we announce the final resting of Mr Mariga Wang ombe wa Thoithi retired lecturer-Kenyatta University on Sunday 20th May 2012. Husband to Mrs Abishag Wambui Wang ombe retired Deputy Principal-Kamwenja College. Father of Wachuka and Steve Njoroge Gachie Baru and Grace Wang ombe Thoithi and Josephine Wang ombe Wanjugu and Ronald Bukusi and Wanjiku and James Kaniaru. Grandfather of Melissa Gachie Isaac Wambui Mariga Wambaire Matu Martin Andrew Benjamin Jordana Nandi and Ndung u. Great grandfather of Kanyi. Brother to the late Kuira Githaiga of Kanjuri Gladwell Wanjiku wa Kabubi (Muriithi) of Kanjuri the late Rwario Mundia of Kanjuri and Epharus Wambui Muriithi of Miiri. Step-brother to Ngima Murage of Njoro. Brother-in-law to Charity Waichungo of Nairobi Steven Karaba Baru of Tumutumu Pity Nderitu of Marua Annah Mathenge of lhururu and Samuel Mathenge Baru of Tumutumu. Meetings and Prayers are being held daily at his Kanjuri home and today 24th May 2012 at The All Saints Cathedral-Nairobi from 6.00pm.The cortege leaves Tumutumu Mission Hospital on Saturday 26th May 2012 at 10.00am. The Funeral service and burial shall be at his home in Kanjuri village Magutu location Nyeri County. We treasure the time we shared with you. For death is no more then a turning of us over from time to eternity. We wish to announce the death of James Gathinye Muhia of Riverside Photo Studio Eastleigh. Son of the late Samuel Muhia Gathinye (Bushi) and Margaret Wanjiru. Father of Samuel Muhia Mercy Wanjiru Antony Karugu Ruth Njeri Francis Mwangi Paul Mburu and Stephen Ndung u all of Riveside Studio Eastleigh. Brother of Francis Maina (Mwangaza) Mary Wangari Stephen Ndung u Jane Wambui the late Peter Muriithi and Tabitha Wanjiku. Death and Funeral Announcement It is with humble acceptance of God s will that we announce the passing on of Dr Samuel Gikonyo at the Mater Hospital Nairobi on 15 May 2012 after a long illness bravely borne. The late Dr. Gikonyo (formerly of Kona Chemist Uchumi Hse) was the beloved son of the late Mr Zacharia Njoroge Kamau and the late Mrs Monica Wangui Njoroge of Komothai Kigumo Githunguri. Death and Funeral Announcement Father-in-alw of Winnie Mwangi (KPA) the late Bell Nderitu (Garissa) Anderson Waweru (K24) and Catherine Njeri. James Gathinye Muhia Loving husband of Mrs Rose Wambui Gikonyo of Mega Farm Ondiri Kikuyu. Loving father of Ken Njoroge Gikonyo (Ireland) Eva Wangui Gikonyo( formerly of (I&M) Bank Victoria Wanjiku Gikonyo Griffith (USA) and Moses Chege Gikonyo (Schedl Enterprises). Dr Samuel Gikonyo Friends and relatives are meeting daily at Thindigua and Eastleigh Riverside Photo Hotel staring from 4.30pm for prayers and funeral arrangements. The cortege leaves Lee Funeral Home on Tuesday 29th May 2012 at 8.00am for burial at his Thindigua home from 11.00am. May God rest his soul in eternal peace. Amen. Brother of John Kamau Jeremia Kimani Esther Mukami Agnes Nyambura Gabriel Maina the late Patrick Karanu James Kariuki Njoroge (Kenya Polytechnic University College) late Lawrence Ngure. Family and friends are still meeting at his Farm in Kikuyu and at St Andrew s Church Nairobi at 5.30pm today Thursday.The cortege leaves Mater Hospital at 8.30am on Friday 25 5 2012 for funeral service and burial at his Mega Farm Ondiri Kikuyu. In God s hands you rest in our hearts you remain forever. Amen. 60 Transition DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Transition 61 62 Transition DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 6 2 3 4 DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 63 ATHLETICS Kipyego steals the thunder from Kirui at Administration Police meet as Cherotich conquers on her 5 000m debut. P.67 SPORT CHARITY Zeitz s new venture in Nanyuki will draw on the 25 years of experience of MYSA Eto o to set up football academy in Laikipia as Zeitz starts league Star says he was touched by two girls appeal to invest in the school BY ELIAS MAKORI emakori amuel Eto o the footballer with highest salary in the world at about Sh250 million a month landed in Laikipia on Tuesday evening and flew out yesterday. This was however not before untying his purse strings for the local residents with a huge announcement that his foundation will set up a football academy in the area. News that the Cameroonian star s Sh2.6 billion-a-year salary at Russian club Anzhi Makhachkala will trickle down to Laikipia County was received with huge acclaim from the residents who had just concluded a month-long football tournament in pursuit of peace and environmental conservation. Eto o s announcement came hot on the heels of another piece of great news the Zeitz Foundation will sponsor the Laikipia Unity Football League a new annual tournament that kicks off next year around Nanyuki. Zeitz also sponsors the annual Laikipia Unity and Beyond Cup (LUC) where Eto o was the chief guest at yesterday s finals along with the foundation s founder Jochen Zeitz. Nation Media Group was the official media partner of the tournament. The Laikipia Unity League will build on LUC whose aim is to create unity peace and understanding amongst the diverse communities whilst raising awareness of environmental issues the Zeitz Foundation said yesterday. Zeitz a long-time CEO of German sportswear company Puma added that the idea of starting the league was based on his vast experience in sports and conservation drawing on the 4Cs approach of his foundation conservation community culture and commerce. My 25 years experience with sports has taught me that it can be an incredibly powerful tool for unifying communities and strengthening peace initiatives as well as providing a platform through which environ- Mathare lads run show as Grevys win it BY ELIAS MAKORI Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA) teams dominated the finals of the Laikipia and Beyond Unity Cup tournament at the Nanyuki Municipal Stadium yesterday defeating home team Laikipia United 1-0 in the final. Kelvin Masinde scored the all-important goal of the exhibition match that followed the final proper of the month-long tournament that saw Central Rhinos fall 5-4 to Eastern Grevys on post-match penalties after a barren draw. In another exhibition match MYSA floored North West Elephants 3-0 with goals from Peter Kinyanjui Jacob Bashir and Hassan Chacha. Haron Kariuki was named Man of the Tournament and rewarded with a trip to Switzerland for a leadership course courtesy of the United Nations represented at the tournament by Wilfried Lemke the UN special advisor on sports peace and development. The winners were handed prizes by Cameroon football star Samuel Eto o the tournament s patron. Eto o said the football academy that he will set up in Laikipia should be able to churn out finished products on the pitch. I hope the academy will produce better players than me and who will make a lot of money from football he said. Among the guests were MYSA founder Bob Munro who also represented Football Kenya Federation (FKF) chairman Sam Nyamweya who was away for tomorrow s Fifa Congress in Budapest Hungary German Ambassador to Kenya Margit Hellwig-Botte and Laikipia Wildlife Forum chairman Maj-Gen (rtd) Peter Waweru. S Churn out finished products Build on LUC Cameroon and Anzhi Makhachkala football star Samuel Etoo enjoys a light moment with Zeitz Founder Jochen Zeitz during the Laikipia and Beyond Unity Cup at Nanyuki Municipal Stadium yesterday. Right Eastern Grevys players celebrate their win over Central Rhinos 4-3 in the tournament. mental and social activities can be strengthened. I am very happy my foundation can play its part in Laikipia and Beyond through the introduction of the Laikipia Unity League Zeitz said. Eto o said his idea of the academy was inspired by his visits for the Laikipia Unity Cup. On his way to the hotel on Tuesday he added two girls implored him to invest in a football academy in Laikipia and he was touched by their appeal. My foundation will build a football academy and give education to the young people here the French-speaking Eto o said through an interpreter. Right now I don t have much details but I hope the young people who will go through the academy will have a CHRIS OMOLLO NATION bright future and be good role models to the community. The Cameroon striker a four-time African footballer of the year and a team mate of Kenya s McDonald Mariga at Inter Milan last season said his love affair with Kenya is largely due to the friendliness of the people. He added that he hoped to some day settle down in Kenya. Eto o s academy will be the first fully fledged such academy that Settle in Kenya is principally a football training school intertwined with education for youths. Zeitz Foundation s new league will draw on the 25 years of experience of Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA) of organising similar community football events starting in the slums of Nairobi. MYSA has partnered with Zeitz in the two editions of LUC by providing coaching to children at all venues as well as coaching and selecting the combined teams that represented their respective units. I hope the academy will produce better players than me and who will make a lot of money from football Samuel Eto o on his proposed football academy in Laikipia BURKINA FASO O CONNOR TO NAME WC SQUAD MISS TESTS Burkina Faso s new World Cup back Belgian coach Paul James O Connor said Put has named a 24yesterday he would man Australia s home miss squad for the upcoming World Cup internationals against second-round qualiScotland and Wales next month becauseon fiers against Congo of a liver injury. June 2 and Gabon on MAGELO STAYS ABIDAL SET TO COURT RULES LEAVE HOSPITAL A Milimani Court Barcelona s French yesterday dismissed defender Eric Abidal the yesterday given wascase filed by Ssemi Aina seeking the green light by to dethrone Alex doctors to leave ole Magelo following his hospitaland his team from managing AFC liver transplant last Leopards SC. month the club said. CRICKET RICH LAD 10 2.6 CYCLING BADMINTON CRICKET CYCLING Rodriguez star Lee gets back to winning ways Malaysia s strengthens overall lead Months that New Cameroon football Zealander Mike star Samuel Eto o s Hesson served in annual income as Kenya cricket team billions of shillings. coach be in he He willbeforeLaikipia resigned today. this month. Spanish rider Joaquim Chong Wei steered Malaysia World number one LeeRodriguez strengthened his to a first group tie win at position as and Uber Cups the Giro yesterday where the Thomasoverall leader ofin Wuhand Italia yesterday the injury-hit shuttler after winning the 186km before the Olympics. hopes to regain his form 17th stage in Cortina d Ampezzo Italy. The 33-year-old who has never won InGrand Tour tie against South Africa Lee success of work of Jacob Malieka a Malaysia s recorded his second stage made quick drop shots and effortlessly switching play from smash drives to delicate the race seeing off a group of six riders including his showing no sign of the flu Italy had hindered his preparations. major rivals Ivan Basso of that and Canada s former pink jersey very important even if Today waswearer Ryder Hesjedal. the opposition was not strong Lee said afterwards between shouts from adoring fans in the crowd. Ramdin urges Windies on Sprint star McEwen retires West Indiescycling star Robbie McEwen retired said Australian wicket-keeper Denesh Ramdin has it would be amazing forstage of the Tour of on Sunday after the final a youthful side if they were to beat world number onesprofessional career California concluding a 17-year and hosts England during their Test series12 Tour de France stage that saw him capture in Nottingham. The tourists showed plenty39-year-oldtakingBrisbane was the victories. The of heart in from England into fifth daythethe first Test at Lord s before the peak among of world s greatest sprinters at going down to a five-wicket defeat concluded of both the of his career in which he won 12 stages Monday to fall 1-0 behind in the homeland s Tour Down Under. Giro d Italia and his three-match series. 64 Sport DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Odoyo and Obuya want local cricket coach for Kenya BY RICHARD MWANGI rmwangi A Kenyan should succeed Mike Hesson as the coach of the national cricket team former vice-captain Thomas Odoyo has said. New Zealander Hesson resigned as Kenya coach 10 months into the job and left the country days ago Odoyo said A local coach will be better and Kenya has a pool of experienced players who have appeared in five consecutive World Cups who can do the job. He added Money spent on paying and sustaining a foreign coach would be enough to hire three local tacticians one each for batting and bowling plus the main coach. to the local environment. Odoyo was dropped from the national side after last year s World Cup in Asia along with team captain Jimmy Kamande and team coach Eldine Baptiste. His sentiments were echoed by Collins Obuya the national team captain. Obuya said Our cricket is currently not competitive. We can therefore do with a local coach. Former players like Kennedy Obuya Martin Suji and Joseph Angara are capable of handling the side. Cricket Kenya elections will be held on Sunday. Odoyo is currently based in Mombasa with Kamande and Steve Tikolo where the three engage in coaching youngsters at Burhani Club Mombasa Sports Club and Mombasa Jaffreys Club. They also participate in the local cricket league as part of the Mombasa Jaffrey B team. Odoyo said a majority of the players in the teams they coach are boys aged below 17 and who are taking part in the league for the first time. Donald fixes his Luke on a fresh start Wentworth Luke Donald is eyeing a return to the top of the world rankings as he starts the defence of his European PGA Championship title this week at Wentworth. Donald is currently ranked number two behind Rory McIlroy and is the only player in the field of the European Tour s flagship event who can overhaul the Irishman when the event starts tomorrow. Last season Donald s win here when he beat Lee Westwood in a play-off propelled him to the top of the rankings for the first time in his career and the Englishman says he is as desperate as he was 12 months ago to get to the rankings summit. I m very motivated as a player Donald said at Wentworth yesterday. Ask my wife. I don t really like to lose at anything whether it be golf or whatever the challenge is. (AFP) Familiar environment Former Kenya cricket team coach Mike Hesson. Odoyo said a local coach would better understand the local cricket scene and would not need time to settle down. He also said a foreign coach usually hired on a two-year basis would spend his first year on the job getting used RUGBY Coach Ocholla says challenges have made the side stronger but tensions need to be addressed Drastic changes loom in 7s team KRU chief hints at major restructuring of the squad s playing unit and technical bench following lacklustre showing in the just-ended IRB World Sevens Series BY AYUMBA AYODI sayodi rastic changes are expected in Kenya s sevens rugby team in a week following the lacklustre performance by the squad in the just ended International Rugby Board World Sevens Series. Kenya Rugby Union chairman Mwangi Muthee said major restructuring will be done in both the team s technical bench and the playing unit ahead of the forthcoming Rugby World Cup and new plans on promotion and relegation of teams in the IRB Sevens Series that takes effect next year. Muthee said changes in the team will mainly be pegged on analytical reports including those from the IRB consultancy firm that monitored the team in Hong Kong and Tokyo. We are not taking chances since the World Cup is next year and the IRB is set to introduce a new plan on promotion and relegation of teams during the same period Muthee said. eight only to end up using 30 in the just ended season. The focus is on more than just their salaries. We are now wiser and know what to do since some players in the core team ended up doing nothing said Muthee. Muthee down-played divisions and power struggles in the team that ended with several coaches on the technical bench as conditioning coach Geoffrey Kimani resigned. Former international Mitch Ocholla became head coach after Benjamin Ayimba was fired in July last year after a disastrous season. To me those are mere rumours. Let s review and analyse the reports first and see what needs to be done Muthee said. On tension in the technical bench Ocholla said they are challenges he has to go through to grow as a coach. However the board will have to look into that Ocholla said. Muthee noted that although the team has faced challenges during the season they now have a launching pad. The most inspiring thing is that youngsters like William Ambaka and Michael Wanjala are coming of age. We shall come out stronger and rise to the next level said Muthee. The team was relegated to lower tiers reaching the Shield GOLF D KGU Chairman s Prize at Muthaiga Draw for Kenya Golf Union (KGU) Chairman s (Mwaniki Gachoka) Prize golf tournament at Muthaiga tomorrow First Tee Am 8.04 Kiondo J (Pro) Ndegwa G (Pro) Njuguna N(Pro) 8.12 Njoroge B (Pro) Kingori J (Pro) Abuto K (Pro) 8.20 Okello J Rokoine N Njagi P 8.28 Abraham A Opati D Wangai C J 8.36 Gitau L Warigi G Madoya J Pm Draw 11.30 Karugu G Githiaka M Kangangi W Bekah A 11.38 Gathu G Mediratta R Kihara D Kabera G K 11 46 Karumwa E Thande R Nishit Patel Ndiritu N 11.54 Waweru P Okwara F Warui P Mugo D 12 02 Awale Y Maranga L Vitisia E Gidoomal A 12.10 Mahihu W Njoroge H Wamiti R 12.18 Karanja S W Githinji F K Burugu P Wambugu P N 12.26 Lenana A Muiruri J Kinyua E Githinji O G 12.34 Kimondo J Kingori K Ngonjo A Waruhiu S 12.42 Irungu M Kimunya A Njoroge M N Mwangi S 12.50 Kariuki F G Kihanya J Waiharo T Thuku W 12.58 Matheka A Mbanya O Muita D Gachoka K 1 06 Muindi P Maina G Mugambi J Ndehi A 1.14 Kairu S Gacheru C Maina J T Bachia K Tenth Tee 8.04 Shah A (Pro) Charania R (Pro) Thethy C (Pro) 8.12 Giddie G (Pro) Kimani A (Pro) Kutwa H (Pro) Kamau F (Pro) 8.20 Karanja J W Matilo F Gitau S N Omondi M 8.28 PE Afternoon 11.30 Murungi T Kihanya K Kariuki N M Nyaga 11.38 Gitura C Kiboi J Irungu F S Mbue P 11 46 Mungai G K Mugambi M Mbugua M Ndiga K 11 54 Kieu C Kariuki A Mburu S Ano 12 02 Njagi F N Njihia T Chege K Wamburu N 12 10 Mbaranya D Patel Hitesh Shah Kamal Njuguna D 12 18 Kimani Fr Wamugunda Fr Munene Fr Gichinga Fr. 12 26 Wambugu K Maingi D Matindi P Ndiritu W 12 34 Mungai J Kimathi A Mithamo S Gikera S N 12 42 Njoroge Eng Thagana J Gathecha J Kahura C 12 50 Mburu K Muhoro A Kiarie A Kariuki J 12 58 Itote M Kiai C Muchiri K Kibui B 1.06 Gatiramu H Chubi A Mpenda E PE1 14 Kagwe D Kariuki J Thuguri J Koimbuthu P. We are not taking chances since the World Cup is planned for next year and the IRB is set to introduce a new plan on promotion and relegation of teams during the same period Mwangi Muthee KRU chairman Mere rumours Team analysis Kenya s Oscar Ouma runs through Argentinian defenders during the Plate Final on day three of the USA Sevens Rugby at Sam Boyd Stadium on February 12 in Las Vegas. six times Bowl final twice and played in one Plate final to finish outside the IRB top 10 for the first time in five seasons. Ocholla termed his maiden IRB World Sevens Series a steep run- JONATHAN FERREY AFP The board will take a retreat to analyse both the technical bench and players from the reports. Muthee said they would seek the best way to remunerate the players after they committed ning curve in management . We tried to put together a whole set up but there is room for improvement said Ocholla adding that they used many players than before to develop the team. Big field expected to grace KGU Chairman Gachoka s event BY LARRY NGALA lngala Kenya Golf Union chairman Mwaniki Gachoka is exepected to host a big field of over 150 golfers including Kenya s professional players as he winds up his term of office at Muthaiga Golf Club. The professionals include home pro Nicholas Rokoine Sigona s John Kiondo and Ganeev Giddie as well as Professional Golfers of Kenya (PGK) chairman Riz Charania and Royal s Charan Thethy. Gachoka was elected last May to succeed Sigona s Parshu Hirani. He is set to hand over to his vice-chairman Alfred Kariuki tomorrow evening at the KGU annual general meeting. Kariuki Gachoka s deputy for the past one year along with all the other officials are going in unopposed. They include new treasurer Richard Wanjala who lost to Francis Okwara last year. Okwara has moved to fill in the vice-chairman s post while Vet Lab s Peter Warui remains secretary. The only new face in the executive committee is Karen s Anthony Gacheru replacing Paul Kaguamba. The other members are Anthony Muhoro Ndiga Kithae G.K. Mungai M. Githiaka and Peter Wartnaby. All the candidates are also drawn to battle it out in the Chairman s Prize tournament. Also invited are six members of the national amateur golf led by Golfer of the Year (Goty) leader David Opati of the Golf Park. DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Sport 65 Karatina farmer gears up for Concours d Elegance By Nation Correspondent Motoring enthusiast Maina Muthuma a dairy farmer in Karatina Nyeri is rebuilding a 1954 Morris Minor and a 1972 VW Beetle for this year s Africa Concours d Elegance to be held at the Nairobi Racecourse on September 30. This is the sixth year Maina Muthuma is participating in the classiest event on the Kenya Motor Sports Federation (KMSF) calendar. He entered the Concours for the first time in 2006 with a 1980 Morris Mini. In 2007 this vehicle was placed second in the up to 1 000 touring car class which was an achievement for Maina Muthuma. Backed by his mechanics at the Joogens Auto Shine Garage in Industrial Area in Nairobi Maina Muthuma is steadily preparing the VW and Morris Minor. He said I am working hard to rebuild the VW which will make its first appearance at the Nairobi Racecourse in September. I bought this VW from the Kariobangi junkyard for 50 000 shillings. Its condition was so bad that it had to be towed to the garage. The car has been stripped down completely and I am rebuilding the engine and the body. The interior requires entirely new upholstery. I am hoping by the Concours day on September 30th it will be a sight to behold. Talking about his 1954 Morris Minor Maina Muthuma explained I entered this car for the first time last year and it had taken me two and half years to rebuild. I was so pleased to be honoured with a most meritorious award and I was also placed second in the up to 1 000 cc touring car class. The 2012 edition will be the 42nd annual Concours organised by the Alfa Romeo Owners Club (Kenya). The centre piece of the event is the judging of 70 classic and vintage cars and 40 motorcycles under regulations approved by the Kenya Motor BRIEFLY SCHOOLS Title defence goes awry as Kitui team fails to tick Mutomo District s quest to defend their Kitui County Primary Schools Athletics Championships title suffered a major jolt yesterday when most of their athletes failed to tick in the finals at St Joseph Seminary Mwingi. The athletics events pitting 16 districts started on a high with the boys 10 000 metres final giving spectators a rare treat. Musili Mbungu from Ngalange Primary School Tseikuru District and Philip Jacob of Kalwa (Kyuso) covered the entire 25lap in a neck-and-neck contest. Mbungu however had the last laugh at the finish line as he edged his newfound archrival a standard seven pupil who vowed I will beat him at the provincial championship. Other athletes to score points in the event were Philip Mutemi from Kilunga (Migwani) and Musyoka Juma (Makele Mutomo). Motoring enthusiast and dairy farmer Maina Muthuma (right) and his mechanic Peter Magambu rebuild a 1972 VW Beetle for this year s Africa Concours d Elegance due September 30. CORRESPONDENT NATION ATHLETICS Proceeds of inaugural varsity run to aid vulnerable children at baby care centre Jerotich to headline Kabarak race Event to see Kenya s first Commonwealth women s marathon winner compete at home BY FRANCIS MUREITHI fmureithi FORMULA ONE K enya s first Commonwealth Games women s marathon winner Irene Jerotich led elite marathoners during the launch of the inaugural Kabarak University Half Marathon race in Nakuru yesterday. The ceremony which was held at Kabarak University was also graced by three other leading marathoners in the country. They included Nicholas Kamakya who last year won the Gold Coast Marathon in Australia and also finished fourth in the Amsterdam Marathon. Also present was Patrick Ivuti who won the Chicago Marathon in 2008 after conquering the Prague Marathon in the Czech Republic in 2007. and since the Kabarak University Half Marathon will be held a few kilometres from my home village I will be on the starting list as I want to appreciate my home fans and family. The runner further disclosed that she was preparing for the Berlin Marathon which will be held in September. Jerotich who trains at Lembus Central Forest in Eldama Ravine in Baringo County finished 10th in the World Athletics Championships in Daegu South Korea. The Kabarak University vice-chancellor Prof Dankit Nasiuma said the proceeds of the race would be used in helping vulnerable children at Ngata Baby Care Centre and building a modern fitness centre there. He said the winners of the event which will be held on June 30 will walk home with a heifer valued at Sh200 000 while other winners will get cash prizes ranging from Sh500 to Sh100 000. The race has three categories 21 kilometres for senior men and women 5km for corporate sponsors and a children s race. Registration is ongoing at the TransNational Bank branches countrywide and at the Kabarak University at a fee of Sh300. The race was officially launched by the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Public Works Prof John Lonyangapuo who is also the Kabarak University Council chairman. MANAN VATSYAYANA AFP Brawn takes blame for Schumacher struggle Mercedes team chief Ross Brawn has accepted the blame for seven-time champion Michael Schumacher s struggle to turn speed and potential into strong finishes this year. The bespectacled English pit-wall boffin who has been involved in all of the German s title winning seasons said he is confident Schumacher will make it onto the podium this year and end up matching compatriot Nico Rosberg s performances in the same car. Rosberg scored his maiden Formula One victory earlier this year when he won the Chinese Grand Prix. In a season of five different winners in five races Schumacher is one of the champions yet to claim a triumph. Win a heifer Jerotich the two-time Standard Chartered Nairobi International Marathon winner and the reigning Milan Marathon champion said she would participate in the race. I have looked forward to participating in a home-based marathon said the 32-year-old mother of two Preparing for Berlin I have looked forward to participating in a homebased marathon and since the Kabarak University Half Marathon will be held a few kilometres from my home village I will be on the starting list as I want to appreciate my home fans and family Irene Jerotich Kenya s first Commonwealth women s marathon champion CRICKET Broad seeks new Trent Bridge triumph Stuart Broad will be back on his home ground when the second Test against the West Indies starts in Nottingham England tomorrow with the seamer keen to follow up last year s Trent Bridge triumph. In 2011 the 25-year-old paceman took a hat-trick against India at Nottinghamshire s headquarters as England won the second Test by 319 runs. That was definitely one of the highlights of my career Broad said yesterday. I love playing at Trent Bridge. It s a fantastic ground. The home support is brilliant and looking back to last summer it was great to get the win. June 30 Date when the inaugural Kabarak University Half Marathon will be held Kenya s Irene Jerotich Kosgei wins the Commonwealth Games marathon in New Delhi on October 14 2010. OLYMPICS Heat roll over Pacers to lead Eastern Conference Miami Miami got their swagger back as they scored the opening three points and never trailed to easily beat Indiana 115-83 in game five to take a 3-2 lead in their Eastern Conference series on Tuesday. LeBron James scored 30 points and Dwyane Wade 28 for the Heat who can wrap up their best-of-seven series with a win in game six in Indianapolis today. I felt good today Wade said. I just let the game come to me. It is good for me to get two good games in a row. League MVP James also had 10 rebounds and eight assists for the Heat as he and Wade combined for 27 points in the first half to put Miami up 49-40 going into the third quarter. Forward Shane Battier also scored 13 points for the Heat who shot a franchise playoff record 61.4 per cent from the field. Shane came out very aggressive Wade said. (AFP) TO COMMENT ON THESE STORIES GO TO Ukraine suspends top official over tickets claim Ukraine yesterday suspended the general secretary of its National Olympics Committee to limit a growing scandal over claims he had sought to sell tickets for the London Games on the black market. The suspension of Volodymyr Geraschchenko was swiftly announced by the president of the Ukrainian National Olympics Committee Sergei Bubka the former pole vault legend who has now forged a successful career in sports politics. LeBron James against Pacers. MIKE EHRMANN AFP 66 Sport DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Loew ready to unleash Germany s Messi Berlin Teenage rising star Mario Goetze has been dubbed Germany s Lionel Messi and despite an injury-hit 2012 coach Joachim Loew has said he plans to give him a key role at Euro 2012. Goetze only turns 20 on June 3 six days before the Germans begin their Group B campaign against Portugal in Lviv Ukraine. Having joined his hometown club as an eight-year-old he made his Bundesliga debut in November 2009 and was part of the Borussia Dortmund squad crowned German champions for the last two seasons. In October 2010 Goetze became Germany s second-youngest player to make his debut just five months after turning 18. Great vision and the ability to put team-mates into goalscoring positions with an array of passes the attacking midfielder has already proved he can lead Germany s attack despite his tender years. He announced his arrival last August with two standout performances. Dazzling in Dortmund s opening game of the season as Hamburg were hammered 3-1 Goetze scored one goal and creating another as German daily Bild ran the headline Goetzlich a play on words meaning Divine in German. (AFP) BRIEFLY SHANGHAI Drogba s China talks on track says mogul Dortmund s Mario Goetze celebrates a past goal FOOTBALL Officials blame drought of strikers on lack of academies to nurture world class point men Huge crisis at Harambee Stars over striking force as crucial ties beckon Inconsistency at the forward line portends dire outcome as injuries absences stalk Kenya BY CHARLES NYENDE cnyende ho will be counted on to score for Kenya in their June 2 World Cup qualifier against Malawi Kenya coach Francis Kimanzi must be pondering over this question at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies where the team is camping as he grapples with a striking crises exacerbated by the absence of his lead forwards. Auxerre s Dennis Oliech withdrew from international duty over an image row with team sponsors Tusker while Allan Wanga is out with an Achilles tendon injury. Sofapaka s Bob Mugalia consistent for Stars over the last two year is just coming back from an injury and his match fitness is questionable. Added to that is this interestingly statistic In their last five (three won two lost) international matches Harambee Stars have scored eight goals all by different players. Defender James Situma and Wanga scored in the 21 African Cup of Nations qualifier victory against Togo in Nairobi on February 29. Defender Pascal Ochieng and Mugalia scored when Kenya beat Ethiopia 2-0 in last year s Cecafa Senior Challenge Cup in Dar es Salaam. Defender Brian Mandela midfielders Titus Mulama and Victor Wanyama and Oliech scored once each in Kenya s 4-0 thrashing of minnows Seychelles in pre-World Cup qualifier in Nairobi on November 15. In essence Harambee Stars do not seem to have a point man in attack. Currently strikers in the team s camp available to Kimanzi are Mugalia rejuvenated Thika United hit man Kepha Aswani and Tusker s front runner Paul Were. Kepha has plundered 10 KPL goals this season Were one while Mugalia is yet to open his account. KPL top scorer John Baraza with 12 goals thus far this season and currently enjoying great form is not even in Kimanzi s rooster. The proven goal scorer has averaged almost a goal a match. Football Kenya Federation technical director Patrick Naggi attributed the dearth of quality strikers in Kenya to lack of football academies. It is very hard to get accomplished strikers because they must have special qualities. Our problem is we do not have proper (football) academies that start training players at under-8 upwards Naggi said. Bob Oyugi secretary of Kenya Football Referees Association shared Naggi s sentiments. We do not have nurseries for football in this country and our players train by themselves to climb to the top level. All top players in the world go through the hierarchy of football academies. When we start doing that we will produce many quality players who will be able to break into the European market Oyugi said. Oyugi at the same time said he understood Kimanzi s reluctance to name his complete squad. He is in a dilemma. He does not know whether or not to include foreign-based players in the team whether or not they are available. Kimanzi said he will name his team 48 hours before kick off. W Shanghai Shenhua s talks with Didier Drogba are continuing just as planned a report said yesterday raising expectations the striker will move to China after announcing his departure from Chelsea. Shenhua bankrolled by colourful video-game mogul Zhu Jun signed Drogba s ex-Chelsea team-mate Nicolas Anelka in December and they have been in talks with the Cote d Ivoire international since at least January. As of now Shenhua s negotiations with Drogba are continuing just as planned Zhu told the Oriental Sports Daily. Drogba was given a rapturous welcome as he carried the Olympic flame yesterday. He was mobbed by thousands of people lining the route as he jogged through Swindon town centre in western England with his torch. PARIS Paris officials reject Parc des Princes plan A senior French local government official yesterday dismissed a plan by Paris SaintGermain s Qatari owners to knock down the historic Parc des Princes and build a new stadium in its place calling it unworkable. In our opinion this proposal seems impossible said Jean Vuillermoz who holds the sports portfolio for Paris under city mayor Bertrand Delanoe. Problem lies in lack of academies THE HAGUE Dutch Euro squad naming for Saturday Nethherlands coach coach Bert van Marwijk will announce the 23 players he will take to the European championships on Saturday Dutch media reported yesterday. I won t be waiting for the deadline of May 29 to decide. I imagine I ll already have a clear idea on Saturday before the friendly match with Bulgaria he was quoted as saying by the Dutch news agency ANP. Kenya s Bob Mugalia (right) and team mate Paul Were during training at Nyayo Stadium on November 9 2011 ahead of the team s preliminary World Cup qualifier against Seychelles in Victoria. Kenya is facing a crisis of strikers. MOHAMMED AMIN NATION Kinje Mudde off to Tanzania giants Simba BY ODINDO AYIEKO oayieko AFC Leopards Tanzanian midfielder Salim Kinje and Sofapaka s Mussa Mudde are set to join Tanzania champions Simba in lucrative deals after being released by their clubs which are rushing to sign new players in the June transfer window. Leopards confirmed Kinje has been given leave to start negotiating terms with Simba although both clubs are yet to agree on the transfer. As it stands now Kinje is exiting the club. We have allowed him to talk to Simba but we are also waiting for the club to approach us officially said Leopards Dutch coach Jan Koops. We will dearly miss him but if it s to better his career we cannot stand on his way added Koops who however dismissed rumours that the player will fetch Leopards Sh5 million in transfer fees. We are yet to talk to Simba. No amount has been agreed on but they have expressed interest on Kinje and we have allowed him to talk to them. We will officially release him when Simba place their offer on the table. Mudde meanwhile limped off his last game for Sofapaka when he was substituted against Leopards a week ago. He has quit the club to seek greener pastures in Tanzania after his two-year contract expired. Sofapaka have signed former Gor Mahia duo of Collins Okoth and Dimonde Selenga. In Kakamega Western Stima have released Ster Biko Mike Khaduli Francis Okello and Andrew Diego and are in talks with Tusker forward Obadiah Ndege AFC s Abraham Cookie and Muhoroni Youth s Geoffrey Simiyu. Karuturi Sports have also signed Ugandan playmaker Hussein Nzindi from Utoda. The transfer window officially opens on June 1. JAKARTA Inter Milan to open schools in Indonesia Inter Milan will open football schools in Indonesia the club said in the capital Jakarta yesterday following a trend started by Arsenal and Liverpool. We are planning to build several football schools here club chief executive Ernesto Paolillo said. Indonesia is very important for us because the country has a lot of Inter Milan fans he said without giving further details. AFC Leopards s Salim Kinje. MOHAMMED AMIN NATION DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Sport 67 ATHLETICS Cherotich conquers the women s 5 000m field on her debut in the category Kipyego steals the thunder from Kirui at AP meet Last year s London Half Marathon winner leaves it late to beat national champ to 10 000m title BY AYUMBA AYODI sayodi he 2011 London Half Marathon champion Edwin Kipyego stunned national champion Peter Kirui to win men s 10 000m title at the Administration Police Athletics Championships yesterday. Competing in his first 24-lap race the 22-year-old Kipyego surged past Kirui with two laps remaining to triumph in 28 minutes and 09.8 seconds at Nyayo Stadium. Kirui who won the 2011 National Championship title on his way to posting personal best time (27 26.0) at Daegu World Championships with sixth place finish clocked 28 15.8 as 2012 Africa Cross-country silver medallist Henry Chirchir came third in 28 47.1. Kipyego AK Claims of doping are far-fetched BY AYUMBA AYODI Athletics Kenya (AK) yesterday strongly discounted reports of widespread doping among Kenyan athletes saying the claims by a Germany journalist are meant to distract the team s preparations ahead of the London Olympics. AK chairman Isaiah Kiplagat termed the claims by renowned German sports journalist Hajo Seppelt on Germany s national TV ARD at the weekend a serious case of bad journalism . Kiplagat flanked by top AK executive and National Olympic Committee of Kenya chairman Kipchoge Keino challenged anyone with evidence to forward it for thorough investigations. He should have had the guts to come to the AK to furnish us with the details to enable us conduct investigations and make arrests if indeed it s true Kiplagat said. They are trying to destract and distabilise our athletes moral standing ahead of the Olympics. Kiplagat said the reports have been spurred by hatred for Kenyan athletes who have reigned supreme at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games 2010 Commonwealth Games World Cross-country Championships 2011 Daegu World Championship and all the World Junior and Youth events. T who floored the likes of 2011 London Marathon champion Emmanuel Mutai and the World marathon bronze medallist Bernard Kiprop to win Eldoret Half Marathon in January has now set his sights on Kirui s national title. It feels great to win the race on my debut. I stayed behind Kirui to gauge his power before going for it with two laps to go said the Iten Fast-Run Athletics Club athlete who came second at Lago Maggiore Half Marathon in March before winning Reading Half Marathon in April in England. The New York Half Marathon champion Kirui was satisfied with his performance as he pleaded with Athletics Kenya to include him the 10 000m team for Oregon for the Olympics trials. If they don t consider my request I will concentrate on making the Africa Senior Championships team said Kirui. The team for the Africa Senior Championship planned for June 26 to July 1 in Benin will be selected during the National Champions on June 14 15. The 10 000m team will be selected at the Prefontaine Classic on June 2 in Oregon USA. Administration Police runners compete in the women s 5 000 metres during their championship at Nyayo National Stadium yesterday. Administration Police 800m champion Susan Cherotich won the 5 000m in her debut in 16 46.8 ahead of Jane Chelangat (16 58.2) and Albina Muiru (17 05.8). The 2010 Commonwealth Games 800m silver medallist Richard Kiplagat posted 1 MOHAMMED AMIN NATION 58.8 to reach today s final of the twolap race final. Peter Ajore won men s discus title with a throw of 38.37 metres as Perpetua Ngutu claimed women s long jump in 4.71m with Brigid Makena reigning supreme in women s shot put with 9.91m. DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 MAJOR CHANGES EXPECTED IN SEVENS RUGBY TEAM KRU chair Mwangi Muthee hints at restructuring in technical bench playing unit ahead of World Cup. P.64 SPORT INSIDE FOOTBALL SCANDAL Anti-graft agency finalising investigations into alleged irregularities at national insurer CRISIS OF STRIKERS PLAGUES STARS NHIF probe targets top officials House team says officials authorised payments to health providers before services were delivered BY PETER LEFTIE pmutibo parliamentary committee is investigating the role of top Medical Services ministry officials in the payment of Sh318 million to private healthcare providers in the controversial civil servants medical scheme. Members of the parliamentary Committee on Health disclosed that they had established major irregularities in the manner in which the NHIF implemented the scheme. The MPs who requested anonymity for fear of appearing to pre-empt the committee s report disclosed that they were investigating top officials at the ministry and the NHIF who authorised the payment of the millions of shillings to private health providers before services were delivered. The committee feels that the manner in which NHIF went about implementing the health scheme is questionable. The committee s opinion is that the sourcing of service providers was questionable right from the pilot project said one member of Inconsistency at the forward line portends dire outcome as injuries absences stalk Kenya ahead of qualifiers. P.66 A We had initiated investigations into the NHIF matter some time back and we are progressing well. Investigations are at an advanced stage. We will make necessary information public once we complete our investigations Mr Simani told the Nation. Criminal Investigations Department (CID) director Ndegwa Muhoro said he would await the report by the parliamentary team before deciding whether to open criminal investigations against anybody found culpable. It is the outcome of the probe that will determine whether the matter is taken over by the EACC or the CID Mr Muhoro explained. House Health Committee chairman Robert Monda (left) and member Fred Outa during hearings on the NHIF scandal in Nairobi on May 9. FILE NATION Download free QR Readers from the web and scan this QR (Quick Response) code with your smart phone for pictures videos and more stories. There were delays in delivering services yet money was paid upfront to service providers MP in House team the committee. There were delays in delivering services yet money was paid upfront to service providers. The fact that this money was being used by private service providers to upgrade facilities means that it was basically enhancing private healthcare and not public healthcare he explained. We want to establish who was authorising what and who paid money before services were offered he added. The MPs spoke as the head of communications at the Ethics and Anti-Commission Mr Nicholas Simani confirmed that their investigations into the alleged irregularities at NHIF scheme were at an advanced stage. On Tuesday Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim ordered the team chaired by Nyaribari Chache MP Robert Monda to table its report in Parliament next Thursday. The committee had sought a twoweek extension to enable it compile the report but Mr Maalim declined saying the matter was of national importance. The MPs denied that divisions among the committee members were slowing down its work. There are no divisions in the committee said one MP adding that the delay had been occasioned by the absence of some of the committee s members who are away on official business. National importance MONEY INSIDE Making a fortune from election campaigns INSIDE Rendering your house irresistible to the discerning buyer P.6 DN FREE WITH YOUR DAILY NATION. Daily Kenya Living Thursday May 24 2012 Short memories A few months after the Mlolongo demolitions property buyers have dropped their guard PAGE 2&3 2 DN We will be careful when there s another demolition Lawyers surveyors and property agents say Kenyans learnt little from the Syokimau affair and still prefer short-cuts in property transactions meaning that fraudsters are smiling all the way to the bank and that it is a matter of time before tears are shed again By FRANCIS AYIEKO francisayieko hen Mary Matemu and her husband Daniel lost their plot in Syokimau in November last year she was so shocked that she had to take a few days off to recover. The Syokimau demolitions came just when the couple was beginning to construct their dream house. We had fenced off the plot built a septic tank and planted trees. We were in the process of bringing in sand gravel and stones for construction work to begin she says. The couple bought the 50 by 120 plot in 2007 from the Mlolongo Brothers company paying Sh270 000 and acquiring all the accompanying paperwork. Ms Matemu says they did a search at the Mavoko Municipal Council before entering the deal. Mlolongo Brothers even provided surveyors who showed us the beacons on our plot she says. But when it came to the actual transfer she did not use a lawyer. Instead she was assisted by the chairman of a 2 COVER STORY DAILY NATION Monday January 11 2010 DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 W Whatever number of Kenyans there is out there willing to obtain professional services is easily offset by the high interest rates that exclude many Kenyans from buying and building. Land valuer Stephen Kamau group of land owners in Syokimau. Looking back now Ms Matemu acknowledges that she and her husband should have done things differently. That was our first plot. We didn t have any experience how land deals are conducted she says regretting the loss that left them with a loan that GROUP EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Joseph Odindo MANAGING EDITOR Mutuma Mathiu ASSOCIATE EDITOR Wambua Sammy FEATURES EDITOR Bernard Mwinzi REVISE EDITOR Mary Wasike PHOTOGRAPHIC EDITOR Joan Pereruan GROUP DESIGN EDITOR Kathleen Bogan CHIEF GRAPHIC DESIGNER Roger Mogusu they are still repaying. Like other victims memories of how the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) used heavy machinery under police security to demolish expensive homes that had been erected on the disputed land is still fresh in Ms Matemu s mind. The land belonged to the KAA but had been sold to unsuspecting buyers like Ms Matemu. About 300 households and 5 000 people were a old ways. Nowadays we receive five to six inquiries on issues such as the right professionals to consult. I think Kenyans tend to have short memories. Right now the hot item on the public plate is the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) scam. But when another hot issue comes up the NHIF issue will be quickly forgotten says Mr Mugambi. However he acknowledges that it is likely that a good number of Kenyans read ISK s press statement and noted down the contacts provided and may call when the time comes for them to enter property deals. But a spot-check with a number of estate agents and valuers confirms Mr Mugambi s fears that Kenyans still do not appreciate the need to consult professionals when transacting real estate business. Mr Paul Mwangi a valuer with Prestige Management Valuers Ltd says his company has been handling an average of two to three clients every day before and after the Syokimau incident. There have been a couple of clients calling in for general information touching on land transactions but the numbers are nothing to write home about he says. Ms Ann Githiri an administrator with Mak Property Company says there has been a change in the quality of information now in the public domain rather than in the number of Kenyans calling in for services. We have not seen any increase in the number of Kenyans seeking help from us since last year. However there is a distinct change in the level of awareness and knowledge about land issues that Kenyans now have that they did not have before she A happy Mary Matemu at the family s Syokimau plot that turned out to be a mirage. COURTESY DAILY NATION says noting that before Kenyans were grossly ignorant about the intricate details of land transactions. For example she says the average Kenyan thought that once he she got his her hands on a title deed the transaction was complete not aware that a piece of land can have a title deed that still needs verification. Titles can be and are forged says Ms Githiri. However nowadays we get calls from Kenyans asking for services such as searches which points to the fact that Kenyans have become more informed. Her comments bring to mind the words of the Commissioner of Lands Mr Zablon Mabea who speaking after a shake-up in the Lands office after the Syokimau incident said What we ve seen are attempts by the group (Uungani and Mlolongo Brothers) to legitimise fake documents. The titles and the letters of allotment are not in our records. Mr Stephen Omengo a senior valuer at Tysons Ltd and the chairperson of the Valuation and Estate Management chapter of the ISK is also of the opinion that there has been no significant change in the public s use of professionals since the demolitions. His marketing manager Mr Isaac Maira says business at Tysons Ltd has been the same as it was before the Syokimau incident. Mr Omengo says there are many forces preventing Kenyans from seeking professional services. Apart from the high interest rates there is the persistent fear that engaging the services of professionals would 270 000 eat into their limited budget and so they choose to by-pass professionals with occasional attendant disastrous consequences. Mr Stephen Kamau a valuer and team leader with Wamae Mureithi and Associates notes Whatever number of Kenyans there is out there willing to obtain professional services is easily offset by the high interest rates that exclude many Kenyans from buying and building. He adds that real estate business in the country is currently doing poorly due the high interest rates and that many valuers and surveyors are idle. The shillings the Matemu s paid for the Syokimau plot in 2007 But it is not just individual Kenyans who disregard expert opinion on property matters. Mr Michael Kamau is a site agent working with Sava Builders Ltd. Drawing from his 17 years experience in the field he agrees with Mr Omengo that Kenyans including some private developers tend to shun expert services to save on construction costs. He talks of rogue developers who seek to circumvent rules. For example you will find a developer who wishes to put up a construction in an area with controlled development regulations say GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Nzisa Mulli Andrew Anini Dennis Makori Alice Othieno Davis Mulyango Michael Mosota Ken Kusimba Peter Munene Benjamin Situma Joy Abisagi Virginia Borura Felix Miring u REPORTERS Joy Wanja CORRESPONDENTS Mwaura Samora COVER PHOTO File is published every week by Nation Media Group Limited. It is distributed free with every Daily Nation. Unsolicited manuscripts artwork transparencies are submitted at the sender s risk. While every care will be taken on receipt of such material the Nation Media Group Limited cannot accept responsibility for accidental loss or damage. Nation Media Group Limited 2009. All rights reserved. DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 3 CONTROVERSY By Jacob Ng etich Syokimau land Where s the truth Kileleshwa where one is not allowed to build beyond four storeys. Such a developer will submit architectural plans to City Hall showing he is building a four-storey development. But once the plans are approved he goes beyond four floors. His comments highlight an issue that has come to the notice of the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK). In August last year the AAK released a report that showed that 57 per cent of the violators of development control regulations are developers 32 per cent are local authority staff and 11 per cent comprise built environment professionals. The main reason for these violations is the quest by the developers to maximise profits by increasing the plot coverage and ratio. Thirty-five per cent of respondents cited laxity of local authorities to enforce development controls whereas 29 per cent of the respondents attributed developers violation of the density approved by the authorities to the high demand for construction space for housing and commercial projects. The report further said that enforcement of planning and building laws and regulations has been hampered by political interference inadequate technical capacity partisanship and hostile developers and the public. But as Mr Mugambi points out that the consequences of disregarding expert opinion by individuals are the same as those brought about by people who disregard procedure. Cheap is expensive. Kenyans should be advised to use professionals and follow the right procedure. Using an expert is an investment he says. That makes sense to people like Ms Mary Matemu who has learnt this truth the hard way. This teacher couldn t take it when Viwakwe Children s Centre Academy in Bombolulu Mombasa was demolished by a private developer. GIDEON MAUNDU DAILY NATION Protesting against the Syokimau demolitions. The Syokimau case where hundreds of people lost heavily after the Kenya Airport Authority demolished their property to reclaim land was a poignant reminder of the rot in Kenya s land transactions. It started in 2006 when land speculators acquired 1 000 acres of land and eventually offloaded it to eager buyers. By the time it was being sold the land had been sub-divided into quarter-and one-eighth-acre plots. The land buyers were emboldened by the apparent genuineness of the all process with including what looked like authentic land documents from Mavoko County Council. Mr Ben Avega one of the victims who lost a school and a house both worth over Sh19million still has the genuine letters from the County Council. The all process was genuine we got all the papers from the Ministry of Lands offices including physical plans and approvals for construction -- all of them original said Mr Avega. While appearing for at the Parliamentary Committee on land on the Syokimau demolition Commissioner of Lands Mr Zablon Mabea termed as irregular all allocations in Syokimau where hundreds of houses have been demolished. The title deeds letters of allotments and the gazette notice given by these groups to justify their claim on the land are all fake Mr Mabea told a joint parliamentary committee investigating demolitions in Syokimau and other residential areas in the FILE DAILY NATION FILE DAILY NATION Parliamentary Committee on Environment and Land chairman Mutava Musyimi questions a Kenya Airports Authority representative about the Syokimau land in the wake of last year s demolitions. city bordering airports. In an earlier interview one of the founder members of the Mlolongo Brothers Association which sold the land Mr Peter Mbiti said the land was properly acquired. According to Mr Mbiti officials in the Ministry of Lands who had all along been aware of the goings-on in Mlolongo and Syokimau were being economical with the truth. The government cannot dismiss what is genuine the allotment was listed in the official Kenya Gazette and we are not afraid to show these documents to any one who cares said Mr Mbiti who is the councillor for Mlolongo Syokimau ward. He denies claims that his group duped the public into purchasing land that did not belong to them. From the official government records Mlolongo Brothers were allocated some 300 acres Jumbo got about 266 and Uungana were given some 400 acres he said. After the investigation into the demolition the Parliamentary Committee on land led by Gachoka MP Mutava Musyimi recommended that they should be compensate. The Committee which tabled its report on the demolition in December recommended that the Syokimau demolitions were done unprocedurally. Mr Musyimi is in record as explaining that the Committee concluded that most of the evictees were third parties who acquired the land believing supporting documents were genuine. 4 DN 2 INTERIORS DAILY NATION Monday January 11 2010 DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 Shaping rooms with colour So you don t like the shapes of the rooms in your house... these tricks will help you solve your problems BY LIZ NJENGA liznjenga108 ore often than not we find ourselves living in houses that we have very little control over in terms of architectural design size or even shape. We find ourselves in rooms that are either too square or very rectangular or others with ceil ings that are either too low or very high. You may choose to overlook these shortcomings and get accustomed to them with time or you may choose to act. There are some things you can do without having to raid your bank account to alter the structure the use of colour being one of them. You can use colour not only to create the atmosphere you want but also to play decorating tricks that will give you the kind of room you desire. M alter the square shape of the room. If you have a window on one of the walls use floor-to-ceiling curtains with bold patterns in a colour that contrasts with the other walls. Alternatively you can try painting the walls in different shades of the same colour. Another way you can lose the square shape is by creating a focus wall placing a sizeable piece of art on it or having in-built shelves can also help reduce the square shape of your room. the eye. Avoid ceiling lights as they will make you feel the like the light is on your head use wall bracket lights instead. Go for wall-to-wall carpeting. Bold colours mixed with antiques and modern fabric will give balance to a large room. Use contrasting colours and go for bold patterns to fill up the space these patterns and colours make the walls appear to be advancing. Divide the room into smaller areas defining areas for reading conversation or even entertainment. Rugs or carpets can help you divide your large room. Different colours can also be used to define the room but ensure that you keep some form of unity do not make the room appear too busy with many colours. Avoid having spaces that are dead that is areas that are not used. This of course does not mean that you clutter the room or fill it up with all manner of furniture. Place a plant here and an occasional chair there to make every empty space appear useful. Making a large room cosier And if you are the type that loves echoes (minimalist that is) in your room just plan your furniture to complete the look without looking like there s something missing. Remember to use lots of texture to take up visual space cushions throws and rugs will make your room look cosier. can achieve this too by painting the ceiling a slightly lighter tone than that of the walls. Alternatively paint the sky on the ceiling to open the room to the heavens and make it feel like there is no ceiling at all. If you have a narrow room and wish to add some width to it fool the eye by painting your longer walls in cool receding colours like blues and greens. Darker shades on the smaller walls will make them appear as if they are advancing and reduce the narrow effect. Add mirrors on the longer wall and use stripes on the floor rags to make the floor width appear larger. All these small alterations will go a long way in enhancing the visual effect of your rooms without literally moving a single inch of wall or slab. Go ahead and do it and surprise not only yourself but also your neighbours landlord and most importantly the architect who designed the house. Adding width to a room Lowering a ceiling Making a small room appear larger Use cool colours as they make the walls appear to recede. Small patterns in a small room give the illusion of more space and as you choose the colours go for harmonious and monochromatic colour schemes. Fool the eye with mirrors which will amplify light and make the room appear twice as big. Furniture made of metal or reflective surfaces are ideal for small spaces. Remember that the eye will see everything in a small room so invest in furnishings that have strong shapes and are catchy to The height of a ceiling generally affects the overall feel of the room and you can make your ceiling appear lower by painting a warm advancing colour on it and then painting the walls with a cool contrasting colour. Another way you can lower a ceiling is by investing in tall items of furniture or painting the cornices in a colour that contrasts with that of the ceiling. Making a square room seem less square To make a room appear less square paint one wall with a bold colour and let it stand out from the other walls. This will automatically Draw attention away from a low ceiling by having patterns on your wall. The drama on the wall will ensure that people do not notice the low ceiling too quickly. Painting the ceiling a cool receding colour will also add height to it. You Adding height to a ceiling DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 DN MORTGAGE CLINIC 5 The self-build option Last week we looked at the option of buying a ready-made house. Today we look at what it takes to build your own house from scratch the joys and the pains BY FRANCIS AYIEKO francisayieko It may take a little longer to build but they finally finish building. They sometimes opt to move in as soon as the home is habitable and quickly get out of the class of renters finishing the final touches while in occupation. Others will occupy their masterpiece when everything including the gardens are in order and the house has been well aired to a point where you can hardly smell the paint she says. Building your own home helps you avoid paying the developer s profit on cost which ranges anywhere from 25 per cent to infinity and is loaded on the price of the home especially new homes. A developer can easily make a profit of 200 per cent if he is good at what he does says Ms Wakaba noting that you can avoid a bank loan if you are not in any particular hurry to finish building. This way you save on the cost of finance by channelling funds to the construction site as it comes. You can also use the economies of scale to save on the cost of construction by buying building materials in bulk. Building also allows you to budget for what you intend to spend on construction seasonally and being your own master you are able to build at your own financial pace as determined by your cash flow and financial priorities without the banker breathing down your neck. You can even sell the house in its incomplete state whenever you want if the going gets tough or more serious demands come up and start again later or sell and relocate if the neighbourhood disappoints you especially if the property is not on loan she says. Also don t forget that when you decide to build for yourself you have the freedom to make alterations during construction and design with the provision for future expansion. But above all when putting up your own house the design is all yours. You choose the size of the rooms the location of everyone s domain the colour scheme of your investment and even the trees that you want to plant and where to plant them. And you can make changes as time goes by to improve on the look of your new home because you not only know the land on which it is built well but also how the house was erected notes Ms Wakaba. Although self-build is cheaper when it comes to cost it can be time-consuming and very demanding. You should be ready to spend a lot of your time at the construction A ccording to industry experts many of those who choose to build their own homes do so to avoid long-term loans as much as possible. This option is for those who want to be home owners at their own pace. They have not set aside enough savings to enable them to buy a ready-made home or for some reason they have several other demands for their funds and resources and do not want anything to stall while they pay back bank loans says Ms Grace Wakaba a valuation surveyor. Others simply prefer to build a home that they have designed themselves under their personal supervision. They want custommade houses to suit their taste. They are artistic people who will not settle for other people s ideas about how a home should look and want to watch their ideas translate into a house. The advantages The disadvantages site to ensure everything goes as planned. Sometimes it can completely take over your life. There is also the issue of staying within the budget or construction schedule which can be rather frustrating. For example you may want to have completed the roof before the rainy season sets in but by the time the rains start not a single tile has been laid such delays can also be very costly like if the house becomes flooded and the flooring is destroyed. When you decide to build from scratch you must also be ready to pay for the mistakes the builders may make in the process. Whereas those who plan to buy a ready-made property can easily abandon it should they detect a defect during inspection a selfbuilder must bear the cost of rectifying the defects in his or her new house. Now if you consider all these it shouldn t be hard to decide whether buying a ready-made house or building one is the right choice for you. 6 DAILY NATION Monday January 11 2010 TRENDS DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 What s on the walls can sway a discerning buyer In London pieces of art especially by famous artists are the new selling point for real estate agents and developers attracting wealthy clients willing to pay tidy sums to be unique he walls are in bleached sycamore the matte-white Bulthaup kitchen has a granite work top the bath is by Agape the taps by Vola. But these are all but routine attractions in London s seemingly unstoppable super-prime real estate market. So some developers and real estate agents would tell you that what those sycamore walls really need to complete the image of fashionable wealth is a work of art -- whether it is a Renoir an ersatz Matisse or just some random abstract. Consider Neo Bankside which will eventually arise as four glistening pavilions alongside the Tate Modern Gallery on Thameside. With two of the pavilions completed and 105 of the 270 apartments sold Nick Evans sales and marketing director of the developer Native Land is finding that most of the new owner-occupiers tend to be arty. So the buildings are like informal galleries with paintings in the lobbies on the landings and lining every available wall in the show apartments. They are attracted by the Tate and by modern art and architecture he said. We both commission and buy the works which we use as marketing tools as well as for the aesthetic effect they have on the development. We have buyers who want exactly the same look T as the main show apartment Evans added estimating that buying all the apartment fixtures and the artwork would add 300 000 pounds (Sh40 million) to the price. Interior designer Anthony Collett has gone for simple lines in the apartments which cost 5 million pounds (Sh670 million) for about 278 square metres of space and boast huge triangular windows overlooking the Tate the Thames and St Paul s Cathedral. I have an imaginary client in mind maybe a 35-year-old whiz-kid banker so I wanted the design to be young with no frilliness no chintzy curtains he said. The first thing visitors see as they enter the show apartment is a large splashy mural by the London-based abstract artist Fiona Gallagher. It separates the lobby-cum-dining room from the living space. My brief to her was to paint something colourful and captivating that would fit into the overall style -- bold but easy Collett said. I wanted the works to be vaguely familiar so I asked one artist to be like Paul Klee and another to capture Henri Matisse. The carpet design in the living area is based on the style of Ben Nicholson. With Neo Bankside attracting buyers from 22 countries Native Land does not attempt to match the art to national and cultural preferences but it does try to be sensitive to them. We have a nude in the style of a Matisse Evans said. But we made sure it was not in the brochure because we cannot afford to offend anyone. In contrast Sotheby s International Realty can and does identify the tastes of various nationalities thanks to its relationship with the auction house of the same name. We target buyers very deliberately said Charles Smith the agency s managing director. For example in the foyer of the Bond Street auction house we have a display of our properties which we adjust to suit the art being auctioned. If it is contemporary work we might show properties in New Zealand because the architecture there is so innovative and cutting edge. If we are selling a period property then we would decorate it with a more formal classic piece Smith said. We sold a Georgian property near Westminster recently and were able to display JMW Turner s Heidelberg which we borrowed before its auction. But you have to be careful he said. Our clients are not the sort of people who want what others have. They want everything bespokely created for them from the dinner service to the furniture and bed linen. -- Matthew Carlisle creative director at Candy & Candy an interior design and development management company Someone had the idea of putting Merda d Artista by Italian artist Piero Manzoni in a kitchen. As it is a sample of the artist s excrement in a can we moved it very swiftly. Few have spent more exploiting art as a marketing tool than the vendor of a 7 million-pound (Sh938 million) apartment in Lowndes Square Knightsbridge. He called on MDG Fine Arts to put together a collection worth 100 000 pounds (Sh13.4 million). It included pieces like Pearly Queen by Ann Carrington priced at 17 000 pounds (Sh2.3 million) and one of the paper cuttings by Adam Ball inspired by the Taman Negara rainforest of Malaysia priced at 9 500 pounds (Sh1.3 million). They were only rented and returned to the gallery when the property was sold but as Smith noted the expense was unusual. Alex Michelin director of the niche developers Finchatton said Art is absolutely integral to the level of design we offer and therefore to the sale. Almost 75 per cent of our clients buy the entire contents of the show house -- lock stock and barrel -- so we do not see the art as an extra. The company s latest project a three-bedroom triplex in Manresa Road Chelsea has pieces specially created by the British company Quintessa Art Collection which Finchatton describes as a bespoke artwork manufacturer. The developer s publicity describes the process as Customising the painting allowed Finchatton to tailor the size and style to our interior design. A palette that harmonised with the colour scheme and selected oil on canvas was chosen to further enhance the luxurious quality of the rich furniture finishes. At this point the fine line between art and slick designer accessories becomes blurred. Art by the yard Perhaps. Michelin admitted The majority of people do not know what to buy and need help in spending their money wisely especially as art can be so pricey. Needless to say Candy & Candy the creators of the relentlessly hyped One Hyde Park in Knightsbridge where sales begin at 6.8 million pounds (Sh911 million) for a one-bedroom apartment can top that. Temptingly displayed alongside the essential accoutrements of a super-prime apartment -- shelves of shining glassware rows of cutlery on dining room tables the size of tennis courts -- is the original Renoir pastel Bather in Profile and a version of Rodin s The Kiss. They are for sale but as Paul Green president of the Halcyon Gallery in Bruton Street which provided the works said The key thing is to match fine art with fine design and to marry one beautifully with the other. They enhance the value of the apartment. We expect clients to take an interest in the art though a lot of them are mystified by it and take us on board to help he said. We cannot make generalisations about what different nationalities prefer though Middle Eastern clients like paintings of birds and falconry and the sculptures of Lorenzo Quinn who specialises in bronzes of large clasped hands are popular. Matthew Carlisle creative director at Candy & Candy said Our clients are not the sort of people who want what others have. They want everything bespokely created for them from the dinner service to the furniture and bed linen. With artwork the process is somewhat more complex. Often clients either don t have the time to invest in selecting pieces or may not know what they want so will say Tell me what I should have Carlisle said. At which point we make the selections we feel would be most appropriate and present the options to the client. Or as Sotheby s Smith succinctly put it Nobody wants to be a Philistine. (NYT) DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 DN 2 IN THE NEWS 7 REAL ESTATE by DN2 Correspondent airobi s Eastlands area is set to get a Sh3 billion housing estate targeting the growing middle class population in the capital. The estate known as Oyster Village is being developed by a consortium of developers and is located about 1.5 km from the Donholm-Savannah turn-off off Outer Ring road. The development which sits on 14 acres will consist of two- and threebedroom apartments with each block having seven storeys. The apartments will be serviced by lifts which may well be a first in the area. There will also be three- and four-bedroom maisonettes and an ultra modern shopping complex that will be developed on three acres. Another major housing development for Eastlands N shower glass cubicles. Having open spaces for children to play and individual compounds for maisonettes. The unit price ranges from Sh5.8 million for the two-bedroom apartments to Sh12 million for the four-bedroom maisonettes. And with an extra Sh1 million you will get your unit fully furnished. The project is being financed by KCB and mortgage financiers include Fina Bank Cooperative Bank and KCB. Oyster Village follows hot on the heels of Greenspan Estate in the same area. The two developments aim at opening up Eastlands area for occupation by discerning middle class Kenyans. Mr Mutahi Wariithi the MD of Azizi Realtors the estate s agents said that most property owners residing in high-end areas like Lavington Karen Runda Kyuna had their humble beginnings in the Eastlands area of Nairobi and this never dulled their ambition to live in palatial homes today. With this new project we are basically telling our potential house owners that with Oyster Village we have brought their dreams forward by bringing quality both in design and superior finishes to Eastlands. Once in the estate or in your house the only thing that reminds you of where you are is the buildings outside the complex. Mr Wariithi added that the development of Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital in the neighbourhood the upcoming upgrade of Outer Ring Road into a dual carriage way and new link roads like Manyanja Road had improved Eastland s real estate market rating. We are serving both the high-end and middle-class markets he said. Growing demand Going green Some of the unit features will include open kitchens a TV room and a study area covered carports and large windows to encourage use of as much natural light as possible. All the maisonettes will also tap solar energy which is expected to greatly reduce power bills while all apartments will be connected to a standby generator to ensure residents don t spend nights in the dark. The finishes range from wallpaper natural walls granito tiles on all floors (except the master bedroom which will have floor boards) and jacuzzi and According to Mr Wariithi the demand for averagely priced houses has gone up as a number of people have been forced to revise their plans due to high interest rates which have hit the top-end section hard. Though developers in the high-end market may be able to absorb the high interest rates the buyers are unable to do the same this means the developers will have a demand problem as most buyers shift downwards he said. For houses like ours some people are even paying in cash to benefit from discounts . Due to various factors construction has become a very expensive undertaking pushing house prices up and in Mr Wariithi s view unless the government gives more incentives to developers the trend will hold. It s like fuel he says. Prices never really come down to where they were. We may have more developers but reducing interest rates alone won t bring down house prices. 8 Title Author DN Joseph Ngunjiri HENRY WANYOIKE 2 CHILDREN S CORNER WORK IT OUT Working from left to right find the missing answer at the end of each row. Do the same for the columns working from top to bottom (IGNORE BODMAS). It should take about 30 seconds to work out all the rows and columns. Challenge your friends and see who can work the equations and get the right answers in the shortest time. DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 BOOKS QUIZ 1. Which is the most expensive restaurant in the world 2. True or False Dog meat is a delicacy in China. 3. True or False An oyster can change its gender. 4. Who is an arbitrator 5. Kenya is to State House as USA is to ...... 6. Which is the next prime number after 7 7. How many sides does a nonagon have 8. Which lake is the source of the River Nile 9. True or False Half of Egypt s population lives in the Nile Delta region 10. True or False There have been three presidents in Kenya since Independence. KIRIMI ACHIENG 1. Aragawa in Tokyo Japan. Average cost per person per meal is 368 (about Ksh. 30 544) 2. True. 3. True. 4. A person who is appointed to hear both sides of a dispute and make a judgment. 5. White House 6. Eleven (11). 7. Nine. 8. Lake Victoria. 9. True. 10. True. Victory Despite Blindness Henry Wanyoike Foundation Publisher Longhorn Publishers THE OLYMPIC GAMES CONTINUED FROM YESTERDAY JOIN THE DOTS AND COLOUR CONTINUES TOMMOROW ANSWERS A 42 B 14 16 F 50 G 90 ANSWERS C 33 D 71 H 84 E After telling him my story he informed me that the trials were to be held the following day. He also added that he was only looking for serious athletes. That night Mum gave us bus fare and the following day we headed for the trials at Nyayo National Stadium. By this time my mother had somehow come to terms with the fact that I could actually run. This was after I took home the second Tshirt and certificate for the Olympic Day Run. I wanted to run in the 5 000 metres race which was my favourite. There was one problem though. There was a particular runner called Kimutai from the Rift Valley who the officials had earmarked as early as May as the favourite to run in Sydney. The qualifying time for blind athletes was seventeen minutes and thirteen seconds. That day we beat the qualifying time by almost a minute The officials could not believe it. Kimutai fell way below the qualifying time. I had qualified to represent my country at the Sydney Paralympics That was beyond my wildest dreams. The officials asked us to go back the following Monday for further instructions. That night I broke the great news to my mother who found it rather hard to believe. Were you the only ones on the track she jokingly inquired. No Mum I said a bit offended. There were other people competing against us and we beat them all. We also went to Thogoto to relay the good news to Petra. As expected she did not believe a word I said. IMPROVE YOUR CASH FLOW THEN INVEST ACCORDINGLY MAKEOVER PAGE 2 FREE WITH YOUR DAILY NATION. May 24 2012 Gifted artisan who breathes life into polythene waste PAGE 6 How to reap from the poll campaigns Election periods need not mean financial misery. Whether by printing T-shirts banners posters and hats or enhancing digital brands companies and experts can boost their revenues Take legal action on Samsung dealer CAPITAL LETTERS PAGE 3 P.4 5 Mechanic warms up to incubators to the benefit of farmers ENTERPRISE PAGE 8 WEALTH DON T WAIT FOR LADY LUCK START SMALL AND GROW RICH PAGE 8 2 Thursday May 24 2012 DAILY NATION FINANCIAL MAKEOVER WHEN THE EXPECTED RETURNS ARE HIGH SO TOO ARE THE INHERENT RISKS Improve your cash flow then invest according to set goals am a recently employed accounts clerk in a private company. I work from 8am to 5.30pm. I earn a net salary of Sh12 000. I have been living with my parents at home but I would like to move out and rent a house. The only problem is that I would like to make investments too but I am at a loss as to what to do in view of the limited time and resources at my disposal. Which is the best way to invest -- Kiseu Stewart IT IS NORMAL to feel this way. However first consider all the facts on the ground before setting your goals which should be reasonable and timely. Availability of resources and time are the main constraints in your case. Therefore pay special attention to them. Basically you should strive to improve your cash flow. This may include enrolling in a careerboosting course to enhance you earning ability in the future. Whereas being ambitious is important being too ambitious only makes you vulnerable to frustration when the plan does not work out. Be realistic when setting your goals. Moving out from your parent s house is probably right socially I but it carries a significant financial implication. Your financial obligations will increase on moving out and your ability to undertake considerable investments will be undermined by the fact that you will have to allocate most of your income to significant new expenses especially rent. A discussion with your parents concerning your plans might be useful. But the decision to move out lies entirely with you. Investing is a dynamic and continuous process which can be quite involving. The two most fundamental concepts of investing are risk and reward. It is important to understand these concepts and what they mean to you financially before committing your hard-earned resources. When the expected returns from an investment are high it is most probable that the inherent risks are equally high. There is no best way to go about investing this often depends on the underlying circumstances. These may range from availability of resources to risk tolerance. The fact that you have limited resources should not worry you considering that you just started employment there is still plenty of time to accumulate resources to achieve your goals. Saving diligently but continue being on the lookout for viable investments that fit your profile. Tie every investment to a definite goal. To illustrate this if you intend to go back to college then this becomes your goal. The next step would be to save up for it. Note that the choice to save is informed by the specific goal. This process of goal-driven saving and investment has an enhancing effect on personal financial planning. Weigh your current situation and the financial implications of every decision you make. As we have mentioned moving out may seem right at the moment from a social perspective but ultimately if it causes a financial strain you can defer it. Identify the investments available to you given your resources and time limitations. Then evaluate yourself as an investor in terms of resource capacity your risk profile and your time frame. Nonetheless you do not need to wait until you have enough money to start investing you NEXT WEEK S QUESTION HOW CAN WE SET UP A LIVESTOCK GOODS FIRM My friend and I want to start a business dealing in livestock products in our rural area of Meru. Currently we are both in formal employment. We want to raise Sh200 000 as starting capital by December 2012. We also aim to be the sole distributors of one of the companies products. We have not registered a company yet. How do we go about this -- the legal procedures for instance and how to get links to manufacturing companies Mike and David Embu could start by undertaking small investments depending on your ability. The investments including the savings will eventually accumulate into something big. Living a financially healthy lifestyle requires patience determination and self-awareness. Moses Korir research analyst at Zimele Asset Management. Write to financialmakeover ke.nationm HAVE YOUR SAY First weigh the costs and risks of the proposed startup venture LAST WEEK S QUESTION I END UP WITH NOTHING AFTER PAYING MY MONTHLY BILLS I AM A married woman working at a small firm. I earn a net salary of Sh30 000 a month which hardly meets my expenses. I pay my son s education cover of Sh5 000 my parents allowance of Sh5 000 and monthly shopping Sh8 000. I also pay a loan I took for my college fees at Sh6 300 a month which will clear in June 2013. I use the balance on bus fare. I usually find myself with nothing at the end of the day. I want to venture into business but I don t know how to get the capital. Please advise. Akinyi I COMMEND you for prioritising loan clearance and education cover. It is important to augment your income and a business is a good idea towards achieving this. That said I trust you have identified what exactly you want to venture into. And that you have weighed the risks involved the costs before your business breaks even and the growth potential of the said business. If the cost implications for the startup you intend to venture into are higher than you can afford right now I would advise you to hold off until you complete repaying the loan. You could use the time to do market research save up toward the initial capital and create a plan of execution (business plan). Meanwhile you could find out what your partner husband can contribute towards the capital. It is not advisable to take on another loan at the moment. To ensure efficient use of your shopping you can monitor your monthly expenses seek saving opportunities like switching brands changing the quantity or supervising the usage of the items you purchase. Like they say if you take care of the pennies the dollars will take care of themselves. -- Eva Kimathi To contribute to this week s topic send your reactions to - financialmakeover ke.nation EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Joseph Odindo MANAGING EDITOR Mutuma Mathiu EDITOR Wachira Kang aru SUB-EDITOR Bernadette Murgor James Wambua PHOTOS EDITOR Joan Pereruan STAFF WRITERS Paul Wafula Immaculate Karambu CONTRIBUTORS Isaac Ng aru Gisesa Nyambega Charles Wokabi Paul Letiwa Patrick Wameyo Lillian Nduati Muthoki Mumo Joshua Masinde Griffins Omwenga PRODUCTION EDITOR Peter Wangai GROUP DESIGN EDITOR Kathleen Bogan CHIEF GRAPHIC DESIGNER Rogers Mogusu GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Benjamin Situma Michael Mosota Nzisa Mulli Andrew Anini Dennis Makori Alice Othieno Kenneth Kusimba Joy Abisagi Virginia Borura Davis Mulyango Peter Munene COVER GRAPHIC ILLUSTRATION Hassan IM is published every week by the Nation Media Group Limited. It is distributed free with every Thursday s Daily Nation . Nation Media Group Limited 2011. All rights reserved. Unsolicited manuscripts artwork transparencies are submitted at the sender s risk. While every care will be taken on receipt of such material the Nation Media Group Limited cannot accept responsibility for accidental loss or damage. Email money DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 3 MONEY FIGHTS FOR YOUR RIGHTS WITH IMMACULATE KARAMBU Take legal action on Samsung phone dealer to be coming my way. My mails are simply forwarded from one person to another but no one seems able to give clear direction on the resolution of this problem. My outlet is still operating and I am not certain that I will receive this month s commission. Please follow up this issue for me. -- Robert Obura Thank you for being an ardent reader of this column. We appreciate your comments about the work we are doing according to your email to us. We spoke to Safaricom about your issue and apologise for taking time before getting back to you. This was because Safaricom requested that we give them time to investigate the case. From the response we have received indeed you suffered loss of commission for the said month a matter that Safaricom says is regrettable given that you were not directly involved in the cause of the suspension of payment of the commission. According to Safaricom your sub-outlet was among sub-agents that were part of Rockland Agencies whose services were terminated last year for malpractices in money transfer services. As a result its several sub-agencies including yours were terminated which explains why you did not get your commission. Safaricom has however assured us that de-linking of these agencies from the suspended agency has now been completed and that your payment will be done at the end of this month. We therefore advise that you wait and see if this will happen. We hope that Safaricom will keep its word and make the payment as promised. Feel free to share the outcome with us and even to request any other assistance if need be. Looking for answers Send your queries and daytime telephone numbers to Immaculate Karambu. E-mail capitalletters ke.natio I took my Samsung phone for repair on 8 December 2011. To date there has not been any communication from the agents despite the many phone calls I have made to them. I kindly request your help on this issue. I have suffered since I am so used to the gadget that I cannot another make well. -- Moffat Kabuuri Thank you for your email. We are sorry about what befell you in your search for a solution to a problem with your handset. It must be a horrible experience for you given that you seem to have a lot of confidence in the company s products yet its agents have been unconcerned about you. Allow us to apologise for taking more than three weeks to get back to you with an answer to your problem. This is because Samsung took long to answer our request for an explanation on the whereabouts of your handset. We still have not got an answer although we have sent reminders to Samsung to give us the status of your phone. We spoke with you on the telephone on Monday. From our conversation it sounded like a case of a customer seeking after-sale support from Samsung. Being in a competitive environment locally Samsung should have been more responsive. They should at least have informed us about the progress they are making with the phone. In your email your we gathered that you had tried to send the complaint to Samsung. By not responding to your mail as you said on Monday and by subjecting you to suffering by not using your handset since December we feel that someone at Samsung is not taking their job seriously. Since we have tried to get to the bottom of this issue and give you a concrete answer we advise that you take further action possibly even consider the legal route to get this problem sorted out once and for all. Start by recording this issue with the police and engage their help in demanding your phone back from the Samsung agent. The agent will be able to reach Samsung for an explanation on the movement of the phone since the time you took it for repair. We wish you the best in this. Please let us know whether you require any other assistance from us in regard to this issue. YOUR M-PESA SUB-OUTLET WAS AMONG THE SUBAGENTS THAT WERE PART OF ROCKLAND AGENCIES WHOSE SERVICES WERE TERMINATED LAST YEAR. Safaricom M-PESA COMMISSION WILL BE PAID SAYS SAFARICOM I own an M-Pesa sub-outlet in Mombasa s Kongowea market. I have been operating there for almost a year and a half now. I write to you because I have not received my commission for the work I did in the month of March. We normally receive our commissions by the fifth day of the month. I have written several letters to Safaricom and even visited their branch managers since 10 April but no help seems Pirated software affects everyone negatively--from software developers to retail store owners and ultimately to all software users. Furthermore the illegal duplication and distribution of software has a significant impact on the economy. In this view the Business Daily issue of 30th May will carry special feature on Clean Genuine Software. This pullout will offer licensed software dealers a platform to showcase their products and to educate the consumer about the advantages of using authorized software. To advertise kindly contact Rose Osanya on Tel 0726 570611 or Email rosanya 4 DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 This is the biggest ever election to be staged in Kenya and with it comes bigger business opportunities Robert Njoroge Symbion EA Printers Ltd GOOD CHOICES BOOM TIME DIVERSION OF RESOURCES BY THE GOVERNMENT AND THE PRIVATE SECTOR TO EXPENSIVE POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS AND V How to make handsome profits Campaign periods need not mean financial misery. Whether by printing of materials such as T-shirts banners posters and hats or enhancing digital brands firms and experts can count on the polls to boost their revenues BY CHARLES WOKABI he National Economic Survey 2012 that was released last week projected depressed growth of the economy as a result of political developments as the country prepares for the General Election. Election years are typically viewed as spells of doom for the economy with the government and the private sector diverting resources to expensive political campaigns and voting processes. Coming at a time when the T cwokabi economy is suffering as a result of erratic weather which curtailed the performance of the agricultural sector and with a projection of depressed rainfall this year the effect of the elections is expected to be severe. The 2007 polls are a perfect example. They were followed by a sharp decline in the performance of the economy -- down to 1.5 per cent. This was against the backdrop of constrained agricultural activities as post-election violence took a toll on farming. But election years do not necessarily mean financial misery for all Kenyans. As the country prepares to go into the biggest election ever in Kenya some people and companies are looking forward to high profits. Whether by printing of branding materials such as T-shirts banners posters flyers and hats or enhancing strong digital brands through the Internet these businesses are counting on the elections to boost their revenues. Party of National Unity (PNU) supporters wearing branded sun glasses in the run-up to the 2007 elections. FILE NATION THE INDUSTRY PLAYERS SYMBION EA PRINTERS LTD ROBERT NJOROGE Started in 2000 the firm has been around for two elections (2002 and 2007) and two constitution referendums (2005 and 2010). According to the company s owner Mr Robert Njoroge this round of elections is the most promising in terms of business volumes expected as candidates fight for votes. This is the biggest ever election to be staged in Kenya and with it comes bigger business opportunities than we have seen in the past. This is a direct impact of having more people vying for more elective posts as created by the new Constitution he said. In 2002 the company could not stage a good competition since it was too young and had not acquired the right printing machinery. However in 2007 the company managed to get six clients vying for parliamentary seats. The fact that they would also come with the councillors with whom they shared a political party was a plus for us says Mr Njoroge. In total the company printed campaign tools worth over Sh5 million. But it is this round of elections that holds the key to a turnaround for his business. Mr Njoroge said he had shortlisted at least 18 candidates vying for various positions in the new governing structure. We are focusing on positions at the county level since the presidential candidates will definitely choose bigger companies he said. Mr Njoroge is eyeing at least Sh2 million from each client because printing prices have gone up. PRINT & BRAND TITUS MUTHAMA The elections will be the second to take place during the company s existence. Going by earlier experience Mr Titus Muthama who owns the company has high expectations of the elections widely expected to be held in March next year. His company was formed in 2006 when he was a Second Year student at the United States International University. Today it is the source of livelihood for five Kenyans. Having started as a way of sourcing additional pocket money the company is steadily joining the market leaders in printing and advertising. We are counting on the magnitude of the election to boost our growth said Mr Muthama. Print and Brand Ltd was in business during the 2007 elections but was then owned by Mr Muthama and a friend. Between May 2007 and January 2008 the company had transacted business worth over Sh10 million. This was largely in printing of posters flyers and banners. However the company s focus has shifted from concentrating on printing and wants to tap into the huge Internet penetration and social media. We want to build a brand for candidates rather than just printing posters and pasting them by the roadside. Some of the candidates websites leave a lot to be desired. A professional touch can change their impact on voters he said. With an increase in the number of elective positions we expect business to be better than it was in 2007. Mr Muthama expects a 40 per cent increase on the 2007 turnover of Sh10 million. AIRCRAFT LEASING SERVICES (ALS) LIMITED Started by two brothers more than 20 years ago the company has matured into a leading aircraft service provider leasing aircraft to individuals companies and NGOs. The company operates 25 aircraft and four helicopters. Its frequent customers include the United Nations the World Food Programme the Red Cross and other organisations taking humanitarian support to communities out of the city. We expect a significant increase in helicopter flying during the campaign period before the elections said the company s chief executive officer Mr Cornwell Muleya. The leasing is done on the basis of aircraft complete crew maintenance and insurance (ACMI) where it provides the aircraft together with the crew conducts all maintenance work and arranges for insurance for the client. According to Mr Muleya this ensures that the fleet is properly handled to avoid losses arising from mishandling. The cost of hiring a helicopter varies between Sh150 000 and Sh200 000 per flight hour. We are counting on election campaigns to reap from politicians seeking these services either to gain popularity or for convenience he said. Mr Muleya said the company is expecting to at least double its revenue this year on the background of increased leasing especially when the campaigning period officially starts. WE EXPECT A SIGNIFICANT INCREASE IN HELICOPTER FLYING DURING THE CAMPAIGN PERIOD Cornwell Muleya Aircraft Leasing Services 06 SLICE OF PIE KENYA IS gearing for the largest electioneering process in its 49-year history. Passions will be high as candidates strive to make a case for themselves. In such a situation it is easy to get carried away. But as a business person doing so could spell doom for your profit margins. It is crucial that you retain professionalism throughout the process. Appearing to be biased will ruin your chances of getting as much business as possible from different players. Experience has also shown that parties come and go on the political DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 5 GIFTED ARTISAN WHO BREATHES LIFE INTO POL YTHENE WASTE Mrs Odaba turns garbage and paper bags into woven hats capes bags beads necklaces mats and shoes HELPING POULTRY FARMERS WARM UP TO INCUBATORS After his attempts to run a garage and a chicken farm failed Mr Waithaka devised machines to hatch eggs with 90 per cent success rates - Pg 8 VOTING PROCESSES USUALLY THE NORM from the elections gravy train Season of plenty for marketers printers and PR agents scene. During the next elections candidates might be wary of contracting the business person who supported their rivals. Although you want to come out as being politically neutral it is crucial to understand the client s political ideals and his stand on various issues. Spending some time learning these could help your efforts to create better customised products. It could also save you from potentially awkward situations. Anyone with a good printer can produce a political poster and the odd brochure. You need to set yourself apart from the flock of businesspeople trying to make a quick shilling during the elections. With an increasing number of Kenyans getting online marketers could create a packaged campaign product that includes social media branding. You could also provide additional marketing for a candidate by helping to mobilise supporters into volunteer corps. Time is of the essence during the electioneering process. Voters could be easily swayed by the first candidate to hit the ground during the political rally circuit. The first posters on the streets may become the most memorable. As a supplier you must be punctual in delivering expected goods and services. You must also be constantly aware that your services could be required at a moment s notice. As much as you would like to you cannot do everything. If you are a marketing firm that has earned a contract to manage the campaign for a certain candidate be ready to sub-contract professionals to handle printing transport and audio-visual aids. Kenya s electioneering history is punctuated with violence. As you mobilise staff on the campaign trail keep this at the back of your mind. Avoid potentially volatile situations. If you must go formulate an evacuation plan for your staff that is independent of the one of the political party and the government. Additionally ensure that all expensive equipment is adequately insured. -- MUTHOKI MUMO 6 Thursday May 24 2012 DAILY NATION GREEN GOAL SHE HAS TRAVELLED TO VARIOUS PARTS OF AFRICA AND EUROPE TO GIVE TALKS ON CONSERVATION Gifted artisan who breathes life into polythene waste A trainer in recycling Mrs Odaba turns garbage and paper bags into woven hats bags beads necklaces mats and shoes hen Faustine Lutta Odaba left a well-paying job in 2009 and started collecting waste polythene bags in Jerusalem estate in Nairobi s Eastlands area many people thought there was something wrong. Mrs Odaba is the founder and chief executive of Natural Resources and Waste Management Alliance (Narewama) an organisation that promotes and encourages use of renewable energy and environmental conservation. We walk around the neighbourhood gather raw materials for free and make products of good value she says. The former Solar Cookers International employee considers refuse a gold mine and rarely discards anything before assessing its real value. Using shredded waste paper she makes colourful necklaces that are held together using super glue. Some of her table and floor mats are made from woven waste polythene bags. She also makes tissue holders and aprons from waste polythene and sacks with the support of a team of 12 volunteers from various professions. Mrs Odaba is a also a trainer in waste recycling. She is considered W ronchagwa BY RONNEL ONCHAGWA by many to be a pioneer in teaching people how to turn waste into profit through re-purposing plastics into woven hats bags beads necklaces mats and shoes. She trains women groups in Nairobi slums and in the rural areas on conservation methods that are income-generating. She uses her artistic talent which she says can be learnt easily to make beautiful and glamorous products. Entwined sheets of polythene and shreds of colour add to the choice of shapes giving her products a machine-made look. At 54 the mother-of-six is going strong and is determined to make life cheaper and affordable for citizens. She believes that by using naturally available materials most of which is referred to as junk life becomes better and less wasteful. Mrs Odaba has also successfully worked on homemade coolers warmers and cookers mostly using locally available materials or items that she says she buys cheaply at local markets. She also integrates environment conservation works from different parts of the world to achieve her ambition -- safe and cheap ways of conserving the environment. I make these things depending on the need of the customer hence the various shapes and colours she says. Some of her products for instance the mats baskets and Mrs Faustine Odaba with some of her products made from waste polythene. She also has a kitchen garden that blooms with kales passion fruit. and pumpkin. PONCIANO ODONGO NATION handbags are made from waste polythene second-hand clothes and even used sacks. Using this concept she says hopeful entrepreneurs can set up businesses with little capital. I keep a lot of waste products and make them useful and beneficial she says. At her home in Jerusalem estate Nairobi her kitchen garden for instance blooms with kales passion fruit and pumpkins. I make my own organic fertiliser from my kitchen waste and this (the garden) is the result she says. She has been invited to many parts of the country and abroad due to her skills and rich knowledge of conservation. She has travelled to various parts of Africa and Europe to give talks on environmental conservation. She particularly likes motivating other women. Her efforts were recognised in 2009 when she became the first person and the only one outside the United States to receive the Order of Excellence Award. This is an award by the California-based non-governmental organisation Solar Cookers International which appreciates people who have helped spread practical environmental conservation concepts. ASK ABOUT INSURANCE Insurance packages as viable investment options Q . A recent poll I took part in had a question on whether one thinks taking up insurance as an investment option is viable. Then as now I was not quite certain of the answer. What is your take on this issue -- Allan K.N. Murang a The answer to the poll query depends on the object of the study and the context of the query vis- vis the related questions. I guess you were asked about several investment options and then insurance was singled out to get respondents perception of the subject. Insurance particularly life insurance has two roles protection and investment. But even when one takes the protection role of insurance in general there is a school of thought that holds that expenses towards protection are an investment rather than a cost. The argument goes that since such expenditure is for preservation of wealth a protection instrument such as insurance should be perceived as an investment. Thus as insurance promises compensation should your house get burned down or your car gets damaged then paying up for that protection is an investment. Of course there are people with contrary opinions. The main problems arise because of the contingent nature of the event against which insurance is taken. When this event doesn t happen there is a tendency to consider having lost the premium to the insurer. But they forget that had they suffered a loss they would have been compensated. Even those who suffer losses and are compensated do not gain for they are just indemnified that is put in the same position as they were before. Let s particularise on life insurance where protection and investment roles are clearly distinct. The general argument about protection being seen as investment also applies to life insurance. We take life cover to prevent loss from our estate of one s future earning a loss which would be caused by death. Life cover helps in preserving and creating one s estate. For example a mortgage protection policy that liquidates the balance of the loan on the death of a borrower preserves the family s property whose possession they now assume without encumbrances. Equally when one takes out a life policy one creates an immediate cash estate out of proportion to the premium one contributes. Most life insurance contracts also have a savings investment component. This is what particularly highlights life insurance as an investment instrument. There are the traditional whole life and endowment policies (with all their variants) as well as the recently introduced unit-linked life insurance plans (ULIPs). In our market the with-profits endowment policy has been dorminant. The product is taken out for a specific term 20 or so years. It provides for protection during the term and payment of maturity proceeds usually the sum assured and the accrued bonuses if the life insured survives the term. ULIPs modify the traditional with profits endowment by de-linking the protection and savings investment components. The smaller portion of one s premises secures life cover while the balance is invested directly into unit funds of the insurance company. Returns to the policyholder are linked to the investment performance of the insurer s portfolio. Returns on traditional endowments could be high even though one s investment value cannot be determined as easily as in a ULIP. But generally life insurance as a long-term investment instrument has posted reasonable returns. And when one factors in its protection role this makes insurance a unique and viable investment option. Isaac Ng aru. For questions on any aspect of insurance write to isaac DAILY NATION Thursday May 24 2012 7 8 Thursday May 24 2012 DAILY NATION INNOVATION MACHINES RUN ON MULTIPLE ENERGY SOURCES -- BIOGAS SOLAR AND EVEN LPG PICK OF THE WEEK Insight Mechanic helps poultry farmers warm up to smart incubators After his attempts to run a garage and a chicken farm failed Mr Waithaka devised machines to hatch eggs with 90 per cent success rates Mr Livingstone Waithaka of Lime farm Nyeri packs day-old chicks hatched in one of his incubators. ANTHONY OMUYA NATION FACEBOOK AND THE NEW ERA OF TECH IPOS Facebook went public last week amid skepticism over its valuation. Skeptics argued that a valuation of more than 100billion -- equivalent to Inc and exceeding Hewlett Packard and Dell Inc. combined -- was far too high for a company that posted 1billion in profit and 3.7 billion in revenues in 2011. Concerns over Facebook s earnings potential were highlighted by GM s announcement this week that it would no longer buy paid advertising on the site. There s a lot of excitement and exuberance but it seems that the market is starting to do some hard math an analyst remarked as the share price declined from its day s high to the IPO levels of 38.25. As investors and analysts stay wary of the IPO it looks like the days of tech companies reaping big from investors on future earnings potential are long gone. And among investors in the region who are keen on value there in a general consensus that Africa s unlocked value still lies in tangible investments and not in the tech innovations of Silicon Valley and beyond. is first business was a small garage in Nyeri which he established soon after completing a course in mechanical engineering at a local polytechnic in 1996. The business however faced many challenges including delayed payments by clients and lack of capital to expand operations. To supplement the income from the garage Mr Livingstone Waithaka ventured into poultry -- mainly rearing chicken for eggs to supply to restaurants and individuals. This business also had various challenges as the chickens would stop laying eggs after a short while and he would incur heavy losses. I started with 300 layers but they started having problems and I sold them. Later I bought another 400 layers but they also stopped laying eggs after a short time. I sold them too Mr Waithaka said. This got him thinking about what else he could do to shore up his income and increase his capital base. Drawing from his mechanical engineering knowledge he decided to make incubators for hatching chicks. The first electric incubator that I made had a 300-egg capacity. Of the initial 286 eggs that I put in 168 chicks hatched. This motivated me H jmasinde BY JOSHUA MASINDE to make more incubators. On improving the incubators I attained an 80 per cent hatching rate. Many farmers were impressed with his work and started placing orders for incubators. The district agricultural office also requested him to showcase his work at agricultural shows in Nyeri. This got more people interested in getting the incubators which would use alternative energy sources other than electricity alone given the challenges of accessing power in the villages. Currently the incubators can run on multiple energy sources -- biogas solar electricity and liquefied petroleum gas. Use of solar energy and biogas has proved popular in rural areas which have erratic or no electric power supply. Most of the orders I get are for incubators with capacities of 1 000 to 2 000 eggs. But I can make bigger ones depending on the orders he said. The biggest incubator he has made has a capacity of 20 000 eggs. He uses it to hatch chicks for supply to customers. Day-old chicks go for Sh90 earning him additional revenue. On average he makes and supplies five incubators a month. He says the hatching rate has improved to 90 per cent given proper handling procedure. The incubators turn the eggs automatically elimi- nating the need for manual input. They also regulate the room temperatures to the recommended 37 degrees Celsius. When electricity goes off the biogas or gas units are switched on automatically hence maintaining the required temperature and humidity levels. This guarantees high success rates and repeat business from clients referrals and consistent orders even by senior government officials. For larger incubators like the 20 000-egg capacity walk-in incubator he works on the client s site and charges between Sh1.2 and Sh1.5 million. He sells a 1 000 capacity incubator at Sh250 000 while the 500 capacity one goes for Sh90 000. The demand is very high right now. I used to make and sell only two incubators a month but the orders have risen to over five each month he says. He says the large incubators are more economical for those venturing into commercial hatching of chicks given the fact that they use almost the same amount of energy as the small incubators. Now he makes incubators on a full-time basis operating under the name Limer Farm Local Digital Thermostat Incubators in Nyeri Central Kenya. He also looks to make incubators that can run on sawdust which is used by many households for cooking. The Kenya shilling lost further to the dollar even as the Central Bank moved to soak up excess dollar supply in the market. Yields on Treasury bills are set to fall to single digits this week owing to high demand and declining inflation. More activity expected from institutional investors on the buy side in the near term as the yields on Treasury securities fall further. We might see a slight pull back on profit taking after the week-long rally. Week s highlights THE MARKETS Most stocks closed higher in a weeklong rally that saw the indices record a remarkable gain. All the sectors gained led by banking investment and insurance. Several stocks traded higher with Uchumi with Kenya-Re penetrating their 52-week resistance levels. The NSE-20 surged to a ninemonth-high of 3 699.69 points ( 2.8%) backed by gains on Uchumi SCBK BBK Sasini and KQ. The NASI settled at 80.09 points ( 2.1%). 20 000 The egg capacity of the biggest incubator he has made. He uses it to hatch chicks for sale to customers. WEALTH MANAGEMENT PATRICK WAMEYO Don t wait for lady luck start small and grow rich IN Shift your paradigm and transform your self-worth we introduced the natural path children go in developing their wealth paradigm. A paradigm is a way of seeing and thinking about yourself an aspect of your life or someone else s or indeed anything -- a sophisticated set of thoughts excuses or defences that have become our reasons for poverty. Paradigms are not corrected by facts or external data such as achievement but rather by recognising them and taking action. Shifting a wealth paradigm is a four-stage process beginning inward and going outwards. It starts with discovering your most (present) limiting paradigm followed by unearthing your thoughts feelings and perceived benefits. At this stage you are a like a bird that has escaped from a trap free yet confused. The third stage involves creating a new paradigm to provide a fresh direction and impetus -- a new way of thinking and perceiving the outcome you want. Finally learn the art of self-transformation -- a change in the way you relate to who you are what you do and what you have. For example how you perceive money matters. If you do not believe in small beginnings you will keep waiting for lady luck to bring you plenty to enable you to start the projects you have been thinking about. I have met retirees who had never undertaken any form of investing despite thirty-plus years of employment. Upon retirement they suddenly have a lumpsum to invest but do not have any idea of where to start. This is the kind of person who always passed over money to others to manage because he or she did not believe they could learn how to invest. So how do you transit First do not put limits on the wealth you want to create for yourself. Decide the level of wealth you want and write a statement that expresses it clearly -- a personalised positive statement pointing towards a new and exiting possibility. It is not about being reasonable as people tend to suggest. Create wealth first in the intellectual field then experience it through your results and relationships. -- Patrick Wameyo is a financial literacy educator and coach Scangroup ahead of the 31 May book closure for the Sh0.70 dividend payout. Kakuzi ahead of the 31 May book closure for the Sh3.75 dividend payout. Jubilee Holdings ahead of the Sh4.5 and 1 10 bonus issue on 22 May 2012. Holding Short Holding Long Uchumi Equity Bank KPLC. Barclays KenolKobil INVESTMENT QUOTE There are two key concepts that investors must master value and cycles. For each asset you re considering you must have a strongly held view of its intrinsic value. When its price is below that value it s generally a buy. When its price is higher it s a sell. In a nutshell that s value investing. Howard Marks MICHAEL MUSAU WORKS WITH EMERGING AFRICA CAPITAL