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Description: In this edition we feature kayak, bass and crappie fishing, our trip to Music City, choosing a hunting dog and of course food and music! Enjoy!

Issue XII THE BASS FISHING THE SPAWN UTPOST CATCHING CRAPPIE KAYAK FISHING GRILLING WHAT YOU RE KILLING CAMPING BREAKFAST THE OUTPOST GOES HONKY TONKIN LOVELESS CAFE LEIPER S FORK CHOOSING A NEW HUNTING DOG SHOTGUN SHOOTING TIPS NASHVIL LE RADIO FOR THE GREAT OUTDOORS PLUS THE OUTPOST MUSIC ING COMBO AYS A WINN ALW PARTIES & 1.00 COUPON http 5MveCGisXgg http IieVrZhItOw TABLE OF CONTENTS 11 NASHVILLE HONKY TONKIN 21 KAYAK FISHING 28 CHOOSING A NEW HUNTING BUDDY 33 THE OUTPOST RADIO 35 48 BASS FISHING THE SPAWN 15 LOVELESS CAFE 19 LEIPER S FORK SHOTGUN SHOOTING SKILLS FISHING FOR CRAPPIE FACEBOOK FLASHBACK 40 CAMPING BREAKFAST GRILLING WHAT YOU ARE KILLING PHOTO OTM GUIDES BACK WOODS THE OUTPOST MUSIC 52 55 57 60 61 65 LIKE US ON FACEBOOK 43 Editor s Letter So What Why does an outdoor sportsman in California or South Dakota care about Kudzu in Georgia There are several good reasons. Introducing man-made or even natural elements that are not native to an ecosystem even if they have the best of intentions can cause unintended consequences that can be devastating to the wildlife and its habitat. That fertilizer and herbicide that family farmers and gigantic agri-behemoths use to increase their yield and ultimately feed the world could have unintended consequences. Recent research has suggested that these substances are polluting the native habitat and killing the quail and pheasant populations. The wild hogs with few natural predators since the wolves have been trapped and hunted close to extinction are destroying millions of acres of wildlife habitat every year. The fishermen who catch shark and a half-dozen other species in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico can t eat them because the scientists at the fish and wildlife agencies say they re loaded with commercial grade mercury. Kudzu. Most people outside of the southeastern U.S. have never heard of it. When I first heard the word I thought it sounded like an involuntary utterance that comes out of someone s mouth as they re sneezing. Kudzu Bless you. Kudzu Hey are you coming down with something This vine which goes by the name of kuzu in its native country of Japan is a climbing coiling and trailing plant. It was introduced to the U.S. in Philadelphia during the 1876 Centennial Exposition at the Japanese pavilion to show us curious Americans what a decorative plant from Japan looks like. It s extremely fastgrowing spreading over about 150 000 acres annually and it relentlessly climbs over trees shrubs and any other plant killing them with its dense shade. Kudzu was introduced to the southeast U.S. as a part of an erosion prevention program in Georgia and Alabama and some felt that the plant would be a hearty plant for livestock feeding. Because the climate in this part of the country is perfect for Kudzu it spread like the proverbial wildfire. It s now out of control and nobody knows how to stop its spread. The introduction of Kudzu has caused what social scientists would call an unintended consequence. Being social scientists they have three versions of these unintended consequences (1) a positive unexpected benefit (2) a negative detriment and (3) a perverse effect contrary to what was originally intended. People who have to use a machete to keep the Kudzu from devouring their homes most likely rank the unintended consequences of Kudzu s introduction in the 3 category but it s probably just 2. These situations and countless more are the result of shortsighted actions that have had the unintended consequences. Fishermen hunters and outdoor enthusiasts in general must be aware of the potentially devastating effects the unintended consequences of the latest wiz-bang chemicals and herbicides genetically modified super plants water pollution from Mexico and those shiny new suburban developments foreign vegetation and cute critters that turn into pests. Otherwise we can expect a lot more Kudzu. Gesundheit. This issue of The Outpost Magazine has some intended consequences of making you smile. The cover feature is all about the hottest outdoor sport on the planet kayak fishing. We also have some tips on ways to improve your shotgunning techniques in the off-season catching bass during the spawn cooking up a mean breakfast when camping and picking out that perfect hunting dog. We ve also got a big announcement about the first and only radio station dedicated to the great outdoors The Outpost Radio. Let us hear from you and tell us how we re doing. I answer every email and you can get me at art Later Art Young Editor of the Outpost Magazine THE oUTPOST Gentlemen FIELD NOTES FROM OUTPOST READERS Outpost That hog hunt sounds like a disaster. I ve had some of those. Thomas Flannigan El Paso Guys I enjoyed Reading Streams in your last issue. My grandfather used to give me tips like those when we were fishing. Nice job. Darrell Townsend Little Rock AR Outpost I always enjoy the music you guys pick to talk about. I especially liked Blackberry Smoke. Keep rocking. Tammy Wells Lexington KY Guys How about something on Duck Dynasty in the future. It would make me Happy Happy Happy Tim Hanners Out in the sticks somewhere I enjoyed reading about the best sunglasses for fishing. Now I know why I don t catch many fish. I got my sunglasses at a trade show three years ago and they must be the wrong color. Keep up the good work Randal Cavness Grants Pass OR ISSUE XI THE SEEING IS BELIEVING SUNGLASSES REVIEW UTPOST READING STREAMS HOW TO TRICK TOMS TALKING TURKEY RECIPES TAXIDERMY PLUS FACEBOOK FLASHBACK & BLACKBERRY SMOKE THE OUTPOST Gorilla Marketing LLC 770-675-7200 Jason Martin Partner Jim Zegers King of the Jungle Art Young Editor in Chief Contributing Writers Art Young Kirk Driskell Jason Martin Tracey Mayo Street Tonly Eckler Photo Credits Sandy Earle Jason Martin Kirk Driskell Tonly Eckler Tracey Mayo Street Flickr Commons Poot McFarlin Art Young Scott Ogg THE OUTPOST is produced and copyrighted 2013 by Gorilla Marketing LLC Marietta GA 30062. Reproduction in whole or part without permission is expressly forbidden. THE oUTPOST ISSUE II ISSUE II ISSUE III HAVE YOU MISSED ANY ISSUES OF WADE FISHING THE SURF GOING HOG WILD ALL HAIL KING MACKEREL CHOOSING A HUNTING DOG EARL SCRUGGS ONE OF A KIND VENISON RECIPES BASS FISHING THE SPAWN THE NEW LAKE EFFECT ON FISHING WOMEN WITH WEAPONS HOW TO KEEP A HUNT ING DO G IN SHAP E IN TH E OFFSEA SON HUNTING AXIS DEER CATCHING CRAPPIE CATFISH RECIPES BETTER BANK FISHING WHAT S THE MOST POPULAR FISH WILLIE NELSON HEROES They re all waiting for you at our website WWW.THEOUTPOSTMAGAZINE.COM GO AHEAD. TAKE THE SAFETY OFF AND SQUEEZE THE TRIGGER. CAN YOU SWING A SHOTGUN OR CAST A LINE LIKE YOU USED TO PROBABLY NOT Maybe your shoulders and arms are sore. You might need some upper-body rehab. Before your next adventure try this. The all new Stand Up Grinder by Hudson is perfect for the hunter or fisherman whose shoulders and arms have been worn down by repetitive motion. Why go the gym when you can build upper body strength while you re watching the game on TV. Don t let soreness or the onset of arthritis affect your hunting and fishing fun. To shoot better and cast farther order the Hudson Fitness UBE now. Call (888.239.4559) say you heard about Stand Up Grinder in The Outpost and get 600.00 off. You can also click here HowtoTrickBigTomTurkeys WELCOME TO NASHVILLE By Jason Martin THE GUYS FROM THE OUTPOST GO HONKY TONKIN If you are reading this we have to guess that you are a lot like we are. The guys from The Outpost would far rather be out in the woods or on the water than in the city. The love of the great outdoors is what has inspired this entire e-magazine. Did you know that over 83% of our population in the United States is now considered urbanized That being the case it is no wonder that men and women are clamoring to get lost in parts unknown and disconnect. However there are times that you just cannot avoid having to travel into the city. So when those days occur the staff at The Outpost can swallow that inner city pill a bit easier if it is a place that we like to visit...Austin New Orleans Atlanta Chicago as long as it is in the warmer months. But one place that beckons like no other is Nashville. Perhaps it is because I grew up about 30 miles east of Music City that I take any chance I can to get back. Maybe it is our love of music. Nashville actually has all kinds of music and not just country music. Or it could be the people in this city. Whether they are native or have transplanted in looking to be a star you cannot beat the Southern hospitality of Nashville. After a long day of meetings stuck in a conference room we were ready to cut loose and enjoy the sights and sounds of Music City. 11 We began our evening out at one of my favorite spots South Street. By their own admission they are an Authentic Dive Bar . This has been a preferred watering hole for over 20 years for locals and tourists alike. Just around the corner from music row the restaurant could be described as a convertible. The garage doors can roll up instantly turning an indoor eatery into an outdoor atmosphere. The open air makes it all the more appealing on beautiful spring days such as the one we enjoyed. How s the food you ask South Street is an interesting combination of Smokehouse and Crab Shack combined with Southern Urban cuisine. We only chowed on appetizers this visit but the raw oysters were delicious. The food there is good but honestly the ambience is the overall attraction of this corner spot. The newly added Tree House was an incredible idea to enhance the establishment even further. If you visit South Street make sure to head upstairs for a perfect hideaway. As happy hour began to slip away and night started to fall old friends began to appear and new friends were made. It was great to see that not much has changed in Nashville. Everyone there has some sort of plan to be the next big thing. We were honored to meet an aspiring young lady who was either going to be the next Faith Hill or possibly her agent. Gotta love Music City Our journey moved next from the established to the new. As we worked our way toward lower Broad we stopped at Whiskey Kitchen for dinner. It is located in what is called The Gulch with many newer bars and restaurants. Whiskey Kitchen is quite the hot spot with an abundance of cocktails beer and wine offerings. Staying true to it s name they have a huge collection of world class whiskeys bourbons and scotches. As with South Street WK is open air and has an extensive patio. Our food was outstanding the company excellent but it was time for us to get our country on and head to the Honky Tonks. What a better place to hit the Honky Tonks than lower Broad. During its hay day the area around the Ryman Auditorium was a hot bed for musicians ranging from Hank Williams Patsy Cline to the outlaws Willie and Waylon and the boys. But as time past anything from West End to the river was not safe. As I mentioned earlier in this article I grew up about a half hour outside of Nashville. During the 80 s the area that is now a mecca for country music tourist was a cesspool of prostitutes drug dealers and murders. The city has done miraculous work by transforming the river front to a spot that any city would be envious. Kuddos to Nashville for reviving its city and has created a thriving music environment. If you have been reading The Outpost regularly you will always find a great music feature. That s because not only do we love the outdoors but we also have a passion for music. You can read about how that has also helped create the first radio station produced for the great outdoors later in this issue. Music City never disappoints in this regard. Our first stop was Tootsies Orchid Lounge. A landmark honky tonk Tootsies stage has seen just about everyone who is anyone in Nashville. Countless records have either been recorded or been inspired by Tootsies. If only the walls could talk. Although steeped in history Tootsies was not the place for us to be this night. The TO crew meandered to our next destination The Stage. As with Tootsies you never know who will show up and perform while you are there. Be fair warned this is not a place for the mild mannered. You better put on your big boy pants and bring all your rowdy friends if you want to endure the party scene at The Stage. And the parties have known to go all night long. This is your kind of place if you want to kick up your heels and have a good time. During our visit the bands were changing over for what seemed like an eternity so we moved on to our final locale. Robert s Western World As if it were beckoning us to come in this was our home for the duration of the evening. The sounds pumping out into the street invited us to take a gander at what or more like who was on stage making that delightful music. We bellied up to the bar and knew we had found our spot for the night. But what drew us in that night was the impeccable sounds of Sarah Gayle Meech. Not your typical music row wanna be Sarah Gayle looks more like a suicide girl than the likes of bubble gum artist like Taylor Swift. Covered in tattoos from wrist to shoulder on both arms jet black hair to match her eyeliner and ruby red lipstick Sarah Gayle s appearance is more of that of a heavy metal band. But make no mistake this gal is country as a turnip green and could sing the phone book to the joys of those listening. She has a soulful country voice of that of Loretta Lynn with a western swing attitude along with a taste of bluegrass. You can hear her new album One Good Thing at http music Robert s Western World actually started as Rhinestone Western Wear which was a boot and apparel store. I can recall going here as a kid. If you have ever watched the Grand Ole Opry you probably saw Porter Wagoner wearing something from Rhinestone Western World. In the 90 s owner Robert Wayne Moore added a jukebox and beer to the store. Shortly after live entertainment began. According to their website you could Enjoy a porkchop sandwich drink a PBR try on some boots and listen to an old hillbilly singer. In 1992 the name changed to Robert s 3 Doors Down because Robert had once owned Tootsies which was literally three doors down. The name eventually became Robert s Western World and is now owned by Jesse Lee Jones of the house band Brazibilly. Our party of honky tonkers had dwindled down to three by the time Sarah Gayle had taken a break between sets. During the intermission I made friends with a young man who evidently had taken note from Duck Dynasty as his beard was half way down his chest. About that time the band started back up and my new friend moseyed up on stage. I never did find out who the young fella was but man could that kid belt out a song. If you happen to find yourself on a hunt around Nashville or perhaps want to fish one of Tennessee many lakes and rivers be sure to take the time to stop in the city for a spell and enjoy some of Music City s finest live venues. HUNTING FOR SOME GOOD HOME COOKING IN NASHVILLE 14 The Outpost Visits The Loveless Caf & Motel by Tracey Mayo Street If you are planning hunting fishing or other naturific expedition to the Nashville area a visit to the Loveless Caf & Motel is a Must Do on your list of places to eat while you are there. Just along the road and over the hill a bit the Loveless has been a Nashville eating tradition since the early 1950 s. Every plate of biscuits comes with a sample of their homemade strawberry peach and blackberry preserves. (Try not to clean the inside of the little cups out with your finger ) Then there is the gravy the eggs the country ham the bacon (oh the bacon) the grits the best hash brown casserole...and we haven t even gotten to the dinner menu yet. Our waitress Jess told us that Some days we make over 7 000 biscuits. And the smell outside on the day they make the strawberry jam is heavenly. HOW IT GOT STARTED The Harpeth Valley Tea Room owned by Lon and Annie Loveless served fried chicken and biscuits right off the front porch to travelers and tourists. They soon converted to a restaurant added home-cured country ham to their menu and 14 motel rooms were built for the travelers who might have eaten a few too many of their delicious biscuits. Eventually the business changed ownership and today the Loveless Caf and Motel offers a menu that brings visitors from all around the world to sample their Southern fare. A flourishing Hams & Jams business provides the restaurant and is also available for mail order at http Order some biscuit mix while you re at it. https watch v 1csuFmZ_Kyc TO REGISTER CLICK grand_prize.php WORTH THE TRIP The motel has been converted in retail space and offers the craftsmanship of several local artisans as well as a children s boutique. Smell the biscuits cooking while you buy your wife a little something nice after your four day stint with the guys. Not to mention coming home unshaven smelling like woods gunpowder too much after-shave not enough bath that strawberry on your camo shirt Yep a trip to Middle Tennessee is worth a small hike to Loveless Caf . Tell em The Outpost sent you and they might just make you sit in the back room. Visit the Loveless Caf online at Did we mention the biscuits 17 The drive into Leiper s Fork in Williamson County Tennessee is like taking a nostalgic trip back in time. Things seem to slow down and as the roads move through the hills and you pass the 1960 s era classic police car on the side of the road. You somehow know that you have arrived someplace special different. Pre-historic Native Americans liked the plentiful water supply and made this area their home near Franklin TN. Eventually the Steed Family and then the Benton s made it their work to provide help and even supplied land to settlers in the area. The Little Village atmosphere survives today. After an enormous restoration preservation and revitalization effort the town is a secret little haven for great live music local artists and artisans stars of all kinds and successful business people alike. This small safe and even sacred little piece of yesteryear beckons to be remembered and respected. Slow down a bit the walls of the old buildings seem to say and enjoy yourself for a while. Rummage through the antique stores peruse one of the art studios or kick back to some tunes and eat some bar-b-que. Hungry You can get a fried bologna sandwich at places like Puckett s Grocery or the Half-Way Market. Their food will satisfy any Southern palette or tease more sophisticated tongues with a taste of how they do it in the South. There are also historic back roads and parkways to travel nearby which pass country stores farmsteads and beautiful countryside each has a story to tell as roads flow beside streams into the quaint little town. There is not a single traffic signal in Leipers Fork but there are plenty of hello waves from locals who have been there for generations and always have room for another. As far as Nashville goes Leiper s Fork is a well-hidden jewel. LEIPERS FORK 18 RADIO FOR THE GREAT OUTDOORS The Outpost Radio is the first radio station dedicated to hunting fishing and the great outdoors. You can hear us on your smartphone desktop or tablet...just about anywhere. The Outpost Radio is a mix of great music and information that celebrates the outdoors Give us a listen. Click on The Outpost logo below to listen now 19 19 KAYAK FISHING 20 Paddling a 10-foot long kayak over class 2 whitewater rapids in search of that perfect spot on the river to find game fish like largemouth bass is anything but leisurely. Other words like intense extreme or challenging are more accurate in explaining this experience. Kayak fishing has been described as close quarters combat and it s all that and more Holding on for dear life making quick turns using one end of the paddle for a rudder while hoping that the rod is secured and feeling the scraping of the gravel of the stream on the bottom of the boat are all a part of this extreme version of fishing. However for some anglers such as professional kayak fisherman Alan Sladek who love up-close-and-personal non-motorized fishing there is nothing more fun than kayak fishing. We ll get his thoughts on this sport later. At one time kayaking was merely another way for crazy adrenaline junkies to get their daily fix by hopping in a small one-man craft grabbing a double-bladed paddle and heading for either the open ocean or a whitewater infused stream. Now it has become a very effective way to find fish in either fresh or salt water. Kayak fishing has become a hot sport but it s definitely not for the faint of heart. Have You Got a Warrior Spirit Kayak Fishing Might be Your Next Battlefront WHAT S A KAYAK It may surprise you to know that there is not one single type of kayak. No. That would be too simple. Wikipedia notes that kayaks are classified by their use. There are eight primary classifications polo slalom whitewater surf touring expedition light touring day tripping sprint racing and general recreation. From these primary classifications stem many sub-classes. For example a fishing kayak is simply a general-recreation kayak outfitted with accessories that make it easier from which to fish. Kayaks are also different from canoes. The Grand Poobahs of canoes and kayaks The International Canoe Federation define a kayak as a boat where the paddler faces forward legs in front using a double-bladed paddle. While most kayaks have closed decks the sit-on-top kayaks are growing in popularity (especially among fishermen) as are inflatable kayaks which come without decks but which have air chambers surrounding the boat. More on this later. Due to their design which is geared toward carrying one person kayaks have outstanding maneuverability in all types of water. They have outstanding range and adaptability because they are powered by paddles in the hands of the individual and as such are ideal for exploring diving and fishing. The fact that there is no sound from even a trolling motor also enhances the craft s value in getting an angler close to high-potential spots without surprising wary fish. 21 First how will the kayak be used For example will you be fishing in low-water streams during late summer If so this is when the stream s flow will be decreased exposing gravel bars a ledges. This means that there could be a lot of getting in and out of the kayak dragging it over the gravel bars and a sit-ontop kayak might be easier for this activity. Secondly go to a kayak retailer with a wide selection climb in a few and test how you feel in the various types of rigs. If you feel cramped ask the sales guy gal to adjust the seat and foot pegs. Climb in and out of as many kayaks as they have for sale and see if it feels comfortable to you. Check each kayak s weight specification and make sure you have enough room for your fishing gear and you. Next decision involves the length of the kayak. The websites of kayak retailers suggest that most fisherman as comfortable using a recreational sit-in or sit-on-top of boat. Boats with a hull length of 12 to 14 feet are the best choice for anglers who fish flat water or mild moving water with an occasional class 1 rapid. The boats which at between 10 and 12 feet are best for fishing excursions where there is flat and moving water. The smaller kayaks 10 feet and shorter are the most maneuverable and are best for float trips where the angler is likely to encounter class 2 or 3 rapids. There are hundreds of other considerations when choosing a kayak. In fact there are entire books and websites dedicated to this subject. The best approach is always to personally try on the boat at the store talk to sales reps at the store and talk to anyone who is involved in the sport. CHOOSING A KAYAK FOR FISHING Before deciding to take up the sport of kayak fishing it s a good idea to think about what this entails. Kayaks have no motors so the only way to get to the fish is by human power. This requires a level of fitness that many old and even young anglers don t have. Fishing from this type of boat also requires some training padding turning guiding the craft balancing etc. and this adds another layer of work before you can actually wet a line. Also because of the limited space kayak fishing put a premium on multipurpose fishing tackle and gear. Finally because of the constant threat of turning over and being dumped into the water kayak anglers must be willing to wear a life vest for the entire time they are on the water. If any of these things sound like they would be a pain in the butt and put a crimp in your fishing style you might want to stay away from kayak fishing. However if you decide that this sounds like fun the first question anyone who s thinking about taking up kayak fishing asks is what s the best kayak for me to buy. As old fishing guides like to say Well that depends. As noted earlier there are lots options in kayaks and one size does not fit all. There are sit-in kayaks sit-on-top kayaks whitewater kayaks and so forth. Experts in the sport suggest that a newbie kayak angler answer a few questions. http watch v 5ZeYbdnVSuc DON T GET UP A CREEK WITHOUT A PADDLE After the decision on the type of kayak is made there are a three other necessities one must obtain before hitting the water. You will need a paddle rod holder and life vest and as with the kayak itself there are several considerations that go into choosing each of these. The question about length and composition of a paddle is a little more complicated when the kayak is being used for fishing. If a 6 foot tall person was just paddling a 12- foot kayak not trying to catch fish most experts would suggest that he use a paddle of 230 cm. However when fishing from a kayak it is often necessary to pick up the paddle to rudder the boat while you are holding the rod in your other hand. If the paddle is too long or too heavy this becomes onerous. Therefore a shorter paddle (203 cm) made of some lightweight material carbon or fiberglass is much more effective for kayak fishing. Part of the fun of kayak fishing involves dealing with rapids. Keeping a rod secured while this whitewater is knocking the boat around is the job of rod holder. There are all kinds of rod mounts top mount or flush mount holders and most will do the job adequately. However deciding where to put them on the boat is very important because (remember) you re paddling this silly thing It s important to take your paddling stroke into consideration when installing the rod mount in order to avoid a situation where you are striking the mount while paddling. Most kayak fishing websites suggest that the best way to position these mounts is to have them pointing either straight ahead or straight behind not out to the side where they can get tangled in overhanging branches. While it s not a cool as choosing the type of kayak choosing to wear a life vest could save your life. Comfort is the key consideration on this piece of gear. Since no one knows when the kayak will hit a patch of water that tosses the angler into the water a life vest can be the difference between going home and drowning. Ask retail salespeople to show you the types of vest that whitewater kayakers like to use and try these on. They should fit snugly without impinging on your ability to paddle and cast. 23 ADVICE FROM A PRO ALAN SLADEK With the idea of shedding some light on this relatively new fishing sport recently we talked with Alan Sladek a professional kayak fisherman who is based in the North Texas area. He had some interesting answers about kayaks gear and why the sport is so compelling to fisherman. TO What got you interested in kayak fishing I became interested in kayak fishing when I saw some guys doing adventure trips in the Gulf of Mexico and catching some great fish and having a great adventure. I knew that I couldn t get out to the coast so I purchased a kayak from a box retailer and started hitting lakes rivers and learning how to balance paddle and fish all at the same time. TO What are the biggest challenges of fishing from a kayak as opposed to fishing from a larger more traditional boat There are a lot of challenges to kayak fishing. Just like there are challenges for traditional boats. You just magnify them by 5 or 10 in a kayak 24 I would say that the biggest factor is the wind. The wind makes it hard to position and present the bait to the fish. In a traditional boat you have a trolling motor that helps you stay in position and keep the bait in the strike zone longer. Kayakers have to find a drift and chose a bait that works in those conditions. The equipment that you have makes a lot of difference in wind conditions. I fish the Hobie Pro Angler 14. This boat is 14 long and 40 wide making it easier to handle wind and with the mirage drive it allows me to hold my position on a windy point much like a traditional trolling motor. This enables me to fish various baits and do it effectively. TO What are the greatest benefits an angler gets from fishing from a kayak rather than a traditional boat The benefits are that you are the motor so you get great exercise. Secondly you operate in stealth mode and are able to fish in extremely shallow water. Most of the time we can get where traditional anglers can t go and usually that provides a quality opportunity on a big fish that hasn t been pressured. I enjoy the peaceful silence of the early morning paddle gives me time to think. TO Tell us a little about your kayak rig and fishing gear. What type of kayak do you use and why What type of fishing rod and reels do you use How important is the kayak paddle for fishing I fish the Hobie Pro Angler 14. This is the top of the line for Kayak fishing. It is 14 long and 40 wide. It lends itself to fishing large lakes back bays and even the open water of the ocean. I enjoy the boat because it has great stability and allows me to stand and fish. This helps with hooks sets and bait presentations. Standing is a great plus. The gear is always evolving. I carry a Black-Pac from Yak Attack. This piece of equipment allows me to have excellent tackle organization and storage. It also allows me to keep my rods stored securely. I always carry my Yeti cooler so that I have plenty of hydration and nourishment on the lake. The Pro Angler offers excellent storage and is able to carry 6 rods horizontally. I use a Lowrance Sonar. I use Temple Fork Outfitters Tactical Bait Casting rods. It is important to use rods over 7 feet long because you need to pick up line quickly. Temple Fork makes an outstanding product at a great price. TO How do the kayak fishing tournaments work Are they 2-day events Is it a best-of-five fish weight contest Tournaments are local and are 1 day events. With the sport growing as it is there are new tournament trails popping up everywhere. The Granddaddy of all kayak tournaments is the Kayak Bass Fishing Open and it is put on by Chad Hoover. This event is the largest kayak fishing tournament over a 2-3 week period. I am hoping to qualify for 2014. TO What type of water do you most enjoy when kayak fishing - whitewater flat river ocean I enjoy trophy bass lakes such as Lake Falcon Lake Fork O.H. Ivie and a ton of private ponds and small lakes in the North Texas area. 25 TO What s the best advice you can give someone who loves fishing and is considering taking up kayak fishing My advice is to try every brand of kayak before you purchase. Find a reputable dealer that has demo days so that you can try at no cost. Every kayak is different just like every angler. The dealer that I recommend is Mariner-Sails. This company has been in the kayak business for over 20 years and has the knowledge and expertise to advise the expert down to the novice. You can check them out at KAYAK FISHING IS NOT FOR EVERYONE If you enjoy fishing because its slow pace helps you relax and renew from the chaos of the real world kayak fishing might not be for you. There s no motor so the angler has to be in good shape. It s strenuous and requires a constant concentration on balancing rod paddle and boat so there s no snoozing involved. However if you like going to places on the water where there is no fishing pressure because no traditional craft can get there - Hello Kayak Fishing This sport can do nothing but explode as more people discover it. It takes a warrior spirit because it s hand-tohand combat with the fish. 26 It s about Time. It s about Certainty. Welcome to 401K ProAdvisor Isn t it about me somebody was firmly focused on improving re rement outcomes How has your 401(k) plan been performing How much commission is your provider drawing from your plan That s where 401KProAdvisors excels because our team of dedicated re rement plan specialists are qualified to provide a comprehensive suite of re rement plan services. Crea ve Plan Design Customized Educa on Ongoing Plan Review Plan Benchmarking ERISA 3(21) & 3(38) 403(b) & Pension Consul ng To get the whole story call George Richerson at 770.436.4097 or visit Securi es offered through Triad Advisors Inc. Member FINRA SIPC. Advisory Services offered through Wealth & Pension Services Group Inc. Wealth & Pension Services Group Inc. is not affiliated with Triad Advisors Inc. CHOOSING YOUR NEW HUNTING BUDDY by Kirk Driskell 28 As soon as duck season ends the phone starts ringing from folks who have decided that they have to have a retriever. Most of them have hunted with someone over duck season that had a great retriever and others have told themselves this was the last year that they were going to pick up their ducks. Needless to say everyone wants that dog that everyone talks about in their hunting stories. The issue lies in matching their expectations with reality. You can expect a Labrador to live on average between 10 and 12 years though it is very possible that they can go until they are 15. Do you know where you will be in a decade You have to plan for a Labrador to be part of that picture. A fully trained retriever is developed over time and is a major commitment. Great puppies are bought year after year and the new owner often doesn t understand the commitment required. Needless to say their puppy will not end up matching their expectations and will not reach its true level of capability. HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT PUP Ask any dog nerd and they have their special way to pick a pup out of a litter. Puppy tests are just that - puppy tests. While some traits are more visible than others at 7-8 weeks I believe there are more important questions that you should be asking. Some of these questions you need to ask yourself and others you need to be asking the breeder. Picking the right litter is far more important than picking what you think is the best puppy from a litter. I believe that you need to match the breeding to your lifestyle and expectations. For example if you are looking for a companion house dog an occasional hunting dog an extremely well bred field trial puppy may not be the best fit. If you re looking to compete in the AKC field trials and want a hard charging dog then that puppy might be the perfect fit to meet or exceed your expectations. 29 THE OUTPOST HUNTING BUDDY SO HOW DO YOU PICK THE RIGHT LITTER Start by looking at the pedigree of the puppy and research the dogs that are in the pedigree. Good old fashion research on what you are buying. When you look at a three generation pedigree do the dogs represented have any titles from the AKC or HRC You can look at the following links below for more information on the titles. http events titles.cfm http You can learn a lot about the puppy by looking at the pedigree. Ask the breeder questions about previous litters testimonials on previous litters testimonials on the Dam and Sire of the litter. Have the Dam and Sire been tested for general health certifications hips elbows eyes EIC and CNM to name a few. Ask the breeder to provide the OFA certification. You can also look up the records on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals website at the following link http You can search by entering the dog s name. In addition you can go back several generations to research other dogs in the pedigree. How the puppy is whelped and the environment in which they are raised is crucial. Early stimulation plays a huge role in the development cycle of a puppy. Puppy socialization is not easy. It takes effort and commitment from the breeder. Ask the breeder how the puppies will be raised and will the puppy be introduced to gun fire water birds etc. Invite friendly healthy vaccinated dogs puppies and even cats to your home to meet and play with your new puppy. Take your puppy to the homes of these pets preferably with dog-friendly cats. Carry your pup to shopping centers parks school playgrounds... places where there are crowds of people and plenty of activity. Take your puppy for short frequent rides in the car. Stop the car and let your puppy watch the world go by through the window. Introduce your puppy to umbrellas bags boxes the vacuum cleaner and other household items. Encourage your puppy to explore and investigate his environment. Get your puppy accustomed to seeing different and unfamiliar objects by creating your own. Set a chair upside down. Lay the trash can (empty) on its side set up the ironing board right-side up one day and upside down the next day. Introduce your puppy to new and various sounds. Loud obnoxious sounds should be introduced from a distance and gradually brought closer. Accustom your puppy to being brushed bathed inspected having its nails clipped teeth and ears cleaned and all the routines of grooming and physical examination. Introduce your puppy to stairs his own collar and leash. Introduce anything and everything you want your puppy to be comfortable with and around. SOCIALIZATION DO S Make sure that each of the following events is pleasant and non-threatening. If your puppy s first experience with something is painful and frightening you will be defeating your purpose. In fact you will be creating a phobia that will often last a lifetime. It s better to go too slow and assure your puppy is not frightened or injured than to rush and force your pup to meet new things and people. Invite friends over to meet your pup. Include men women youngsters oldsters and different ethnic backgrounds. SOCIALIZATION DON TS Do not put your puppy on the ground where unknown animals have access. This is where your puppy can pick up diseases. Wait until your puppy s shots are completed. Do not let your pup socialize with dogs that appear sick or dogs that you don t know that may not be vaccinated. Do not reward fearful behavior. In a well meaning attempt to sooth encourage or calm the puppy when it appears frightened we often unintentionally reward the behavior. It s normal for the puppy to show some signs of apprehension when confronting anything new and different. 30 Do not allow the experience to be harmful painful or excessively frightening. This can cause lifetime phobias in your dog. Do not force or rush your puppy. Let your puppy take things at his own pace. Your job is to provide the opportunity. Do not do too much at one time. Young puppies need a lot of sleep and tire quickly. It is much more productive to have frequent and very brief exposures than YOU VE GOT A FRIEND Even though this process sounds onerous it s important to go through these steps in order to find and train the best hunting dog for you. When you complete this you ll have years of hunting experiences to look forward to. More importantly you ll have a new friend for life. Want to know more about selecting the right pup email Kirk 31 32 THE NEW OUTPOST RADIO IS LAUNCHED Radio for the Great Outdoors The Outpost Radio. At any given time on this unique station you can hear Stevie Ray Vaughan followed by Blackberry Smoke followed by George Jones. While all of this is going on you can be given a chance to listen to podcasts that feature tips on hunting whitetail deer or catching crappie in the Atchafalaya Basin or learning why blue quail would rather run than fly. In the words of more than one recently converted Outpost Radio fanatic I ve never heard anything like this station. Exactly. This combination of music and outdoor sports information presented 24 7 available wherever you are worldwide on your mobile device has never been offered. Until now. If you can do without the little girl pop stars and auto-tuned crap that passes for country and rock and roll these days you might want to try The Outpost Radio. If you want to know the weather wherever you re sitting in a duck blind it s here. If you re on the way to hunt pheasant or fish for walleye and you d like to know if anybody s seeing any this might be your new favorite radio station. The stories in The Outpost Magazine are about the simple joys of living an authentic life. This includes outdoor sports such as fishing hunting camping hiking and biking. It involves good food and strong drink and it also includes music from every genre that sportsmen and sportswomen enjoy. Unfortunately most of the music you hear on traditional (terrestrial) radio is so sanitized analyzed and peroxized that the tunes and words are cotton candy for the brain. Plus most of the outdoor sports radio programs come on the stations between 3 and 4 am. That s a little too early for most of us. It s is for this reason that we joined some friends who are experts in the radio business and launched The Outpost Radio. We re calling it Radio for the great outdoors and that s more than just a catchy phrase. A typical radio station would never play the diversity of songs you ll hear on The Mavericks Back in Your Arms Using the Offseason to Work on Shotgun Shooting Skills MOST HUNTERS TAKE A SIMILAR PATH in their road to maturity. Of course some of you hunters never mature but we can t really do much about you guys. There s psychotherapy in watching reruns of Duck Dynasty but not much else. Actually in this context what we mean by maturity is the process by which someone learns the nuances of shooting different types of firearms. Most kids start their road to shooting maturity with a BB gun. If they manage to avoid shooting their eye out which is a phrase I have never understood but have heard from countless well-meaning adults they move on to the next level of gun usually a .22 caliber rifle. Hopefully no eyes are shot out on this level either Both of these guns are rifles and encourage the shooter to focus on the sight at the end of the barrel. Some parent or uncle or buddy typically makes a big production about the intricacies of the various bullets trajectories and the importance putting the target squarely in the sights. If you want to kill rabbits or squirrels they say you must make sure that they are in the sights. At some point the young hunter might talk his way into a high-powered rifle maybe a 30.06 for deer hunting and there is even more emphasis this time with a fancy scope on aiming the rifle carefully. All of this is well and good until the young hunter finally gets a shotgun. He or she needs a 410 20-guage or a 12-guage shotgun to hunt birds like dove quail pheasant ducks or geese. Reality hits when the young or even mature hunter who has been shooting rifles gets in the field and does what every shooter who has not gotten some advice and spent some time of the sporting clays range he misses the moving targets by a mile. 35 THE OUTPOST SHOOTING SKILLS The fact that this is a common problem does not make it any less worrisome. Hunters especially young hunters want to hit not miss the game even if it is a mourning dove that s flying by at 50 miles an hour. Hunters who have spent most of their life shooting rifles must relearn some techniques in order to be successful with shotgunning. While there are thousands of videos websites podcasts and even old fashion books that have been written on this very subject learning how to hit moving targets with a shotgun blast comes down to mastering 3 or 4 techniques and then practicing these at the shooting clays range. Then just like the football players who lift weights and try and increase their speed in the summer for the season in the fall and winter anyone thinking about upland bird hunting or waterfowl hunting in the fall and winter should be training in the offseason of May June July and August. In other words the time to get ready for bird hunting is right now. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE Our brains have been described as computers. Actually they re much better than most computers because the software is built-in and completely customized to each individual and there is very little chance of getting a virus in your brain unless you count the effects of reality TV. Using this computer brain analogy it makes a lot of sense that the input to this computer should be as concise and complete as possible. The old adage about computers garbage in garbage out works for brains too. In order to hit a moving target such as a duck coming into a group of decoys or a dove speeding left to right across the sky it s necessary for the brain to process critical data on the bird s speed its trajectory and its speed. Plus all of this data must be processed in milliseconds in order for the brain to send the signal to the hands holding the shotgun. Here s the most important part of this little story. The data to the brain comes from both eyes and in order for the brain to get the most accurate data it is critical that both eyes stay focused on the moving target. If one or both eyes are diverted from the target to say the bead at the end of the shotgun barrel the brain is forced to re-calculate data which has nothing to do with the moving target and this leads to faulty calculations. This phenomenon of checking the bead at the end of the gun instead of staying focused on the target even has a name barrel checking. OK. That s simple. Don t check the barrel and aim the shotgun. Stay focused on the target and the brain will direct the hands holding the gun. Easy right Nope. This is very hard especially since the shooter has probably grown up aiming a gun rifle at a target. The trick to overcoming this natural tendency to aim the gun is to develop a confidence that comes from trusting that the shotgun is correctly mounted under the dominant eye and wherever the shooter is looking the gun will be pointed there. FOLLOW THROUGH IS EVERYTHING Shooters who have been trained to take a deep breath exhale aim and squeeze the trigger are often flummoxed by the follow-through that is critical to hitting a moving target like a quail. Once visual engagement has occurred (see above) it is important for the shotgunner to continue swinging the gun through the moving target. If you think of a shotgun as a water hose and the spray of shot pellets that are being discharged when the trigger is pulled as the stream of water it makes perfect sense that in order to hit a moving object with the spray one must keep the flow of water moving in the same direction and vicinity as the bird. This is an old analogy but it still remains valid. 36 With fast flying birds such as doves and some ducks this followthrough can be accomplished by pointing (not aiming) the barrel behind the bird and swinging the gun through the body of the bird. When there is an inch or so of daylight between the gun and the bird the trigger can be pulled WHILE the gun continues to follow the trajectory of the bird. This follow-through will enable the spray of shot to lead the bird appropriately. Keeping one s head down while following the through the bird s flight will is also an important part of this technique. The natural tendency after the trigger is pulled is to drop the barrel and watch the bird fall. Unfortunately by lifting one s head and dropping the barrel rather than continuing to swing the gun moves the spray of shot and usually results in a miss. THE NEED FOR SPEED Keeping the barrel of the gun moving at the same speed as the target is another difficult technique to master. Teal move faster than mallards. Doves move like bottle rockets. Quail seem to be moving faster because of the sound of those wings flapping hard but in fact with quail there is usually plenty of time to get a couple of shots off after the covey has been flushed. In order to lead these and other game birds it is critical to establish sight swing the shotgun at the same speed the bird is traveling and follow through with the bird s trajectory and speed. Some shooting instructors use the analogy of trying to get a photograph of a bird in flight. In order for the photo to be in focus the camera must be moving at approximately the same speed as the bird. As with most shotgun techniques developing a sense of the bird s speed can only occur after many hours in the field or at the gun range preferably both. This brings us to the final tip for mastering shotgun shooting in the off-season. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Mastering the techniques for shotgun shooting is done exactly the same way a violinist gets to Carnegie Hall practice practice practice. The only place this can be done in the off-season is at a sporting clays or skeet range. By spending a little time shooting a box of shells at the gun range each week during the summer a shotgunner will definitely have a much better opening day in the field than anyone else in the party. CAN T GET ENOUGH OF THE OUTPOST CLICK HERE TO GO TO THEOUTPOSTMAGAZINE.COM 37 THE OUTPOST SHOOTING SKILLS There are skeet ranges and sporting clay ranges in just about every major city and even small towns. Here s a website produced by the National Shooting Sports Foundation that will give you locations for ranges near you. If this link is not working just click on http Finally there s nothing like upland bird hunting and waterfowl hunting. Unlike deer and other large game where the hunter might get 1 or 2 shots for the entire day bird and waterfowl hunter have a constant stream of action and a good day means having a sore shoulder and an empty case of shells Mastering these shotgun techniques in the summer will pay big dividends in the fall and winter TRY TO SHOOT A QUARTER WITH A BB GUN...IN THE AIR 38 https watch v 1csuFmZ_Kyc TO REGISTER CLICK grand_prize.php THE OUTPOST CAMPING BREAKFAST One Skillet Breakfast Breakfast is Served...Outside B Because of the great weather the spring and summer months are perfect times to sleep under the stars. With all of the modern conveniences now available camping out can be as rough or as smooth as you want it to be. Some people even bring along a portable generator to power the air-conditioner for their tent No matter how manly or sissy your camp might be you gotta eat and just like your mama always said breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We ve assumed a bare bones kitchen (basic pots and pans and rudimentary fire) and have scoured the internet and cook books to find some recipes for the best breakfast under the (newly risen) sun. If you only bring one skillet this is the breakfast for you. This frittata is packed with carbs and combines all of the usual breakfast camping food staples to make one really hearty dish. This one is ideal for tent campers and backpackers. Serves 2 Preparation Time 15 minutes at home and 5 minutes at the campground Cooking Time 15 minutes Ingredients 2 medium potatoes 2 Tablespoons cooking oil 1 clove of garlic 1 2 small onion 1 3 lb. ground sausage 5 eggs 1 2 cup cheddar cheese or container of Gordo s Cheese Dip Salt & Pepper to Taste Instructions Before you leave home Dice the potatoes and onion into small bite-size pieces. Store them in separate airtight containers. Mince the garlic and place them in a separate container. Shred the cheddar cheese pack the Gordo s Cheese dip. Pack them in a separate container. At the Campground Add the oil to a large skillet and heat it on a stove or over the campfire . Fry the potatoes until golden. Add the onions and garlic and fry them until they start to change color. Fry the sausage until they are brown breaking it up as you cook it. Add the eggs into the skillet breaking the yolks and mixing them through the entire pan. Cook until the eggs have set. Add the shredded cheddar cheese or Gordo s Cheese Dip. Cover the pan for a few minutes to allow the cheese to melt. 40 THE OUTPOST CAMPING BREAKFAST Breakfast Burrito This breakfast camping food is a great crowd pleaser. For vegetarians simply omit the sausage. If you re camping with kids finely dice the veggies so that it s less noticeable and they still get their daily dose of Vitamin C. Serves 6 Preparation Time 10 minutes at home 5 minutes at the campground Cooking Time 20 minutes Ingredients 2 Tablespoons Cooking Oil 1 2 lb ground sausage 6 eggs 1 12-oz. jar of your favorite salsa 1 small onion 1 green bell pepper 1 red bell pepper 1 yellow bell pepper 1 dozen 10-inch flour tortillas Any sharp cheddar cheese or your favorite Gordo s Cheese DipCam Instructions At Home Dice the onion green bell pepper red bell pepper and yellow bell pepper. Shred the cheese or pack the Gordo s. Store each of these into separate airtight containers. At the Campground Add the oil into a deep skillet and heat over a RV or camping stove or over the campfire. Fry the sausage until it starts to change color breaking it up while cooking it. Add the onion and bell pepper. Cook until the peppers are tender. In a bowl whip up the eggs and then pour this into the pan stirring frequently until it starts to set. Add the cheese and half of the contents of the jar of salsa. Stir until the cheese is melted. Set aside. Heat the tortilla by putting these directly on the heat for 2 minutes each side. To serve add about 1 4 cup of the burrito filling into a tortilla and roll it up. Spoon some of the leftover salsa on top or on the side. LIKE THE OUTPOST ON FACEBOOK FOR A CHANCE TO WIN GREAT PRIZES 42 https watch v th6YGTIIa60 OLD YELLOW MOON SHINES BRIGHT FOR EMMYLOU AND RODNEY The old expression that you can hear her voice a mile away means that the style and quality of the voice is completely distinctive. That s the type voice Emmylou Harris has. Her partner on the new collection Old Yellow Moon Rodney Crowell has an uncanny ability with writing lyrics and melodies that are unmistakably his. Together these two have produced one of the best CD s of the year. Harris and Crowell first met when she included one of his early songs Blueberry Wine on her first country album. After getting to know him better she asked him to join her new band at the time The Hot Band as a guitar player and harmony singer. This band spawned a who s who of Nashville players and writers and the chemistry of Emmylou and Rodney was obvious. Years went by and the careers of the two artists continued build large fan bases. In an interview in 2012 Emmylou noted that they had always wanted to do a duet CD and since they were a lot older now it was getting late. Roots music lovers will forever be grateful that they decided to get this project together and record the tracks for Old Yellow Moon. There are several particularly good tracks on this collection. Hanging Up My Heart was the first radio single for obvious reasons. It s an old-school rollicking tune with a great hook that perfectly fits the textures of the two voices. Anyone addicted to coffee will revel in the message and melody of the bluesy Black Caffeine. That first song Emmylou found of Rodney s Bluebird Wine is another excellent vehicle for the harmonies of these two artists. 43 A bird in the hand... is worth two in the bush. If you know someone who enjoys getting their hands dirty while pursuing bobwhite quail whitetail deer wild turkeys largemouth bass feral hogs and every other species of wild game why not FORWARD this issue of The Outpost to them It s easy. They ll enjoy reading it. And they might even give you a hand. http watch v ypJ3dP7qCpE THE MAVERICKS ARE SUITED UP AND READY The new CD by the reunited Mavericks may be the perfect summer rock and roll record. Lead singer Raul Malo joins old and new band mates to capture classic melodies lyrics and musical arrangements that have been carefully reconfigured and updated for a stunning effect. The 5-track EP entitled Suited Up and Ready features Malo Robert Reynolds Paul Deakin (new member) Eddie Perez Jerry Dale McFadden and a horn section that could stop a train While this is vintage Mavericks music the songs especially the first single Back in Your Arms Again (written by Malo and top-tier Nashville writer Gary Nicolson) feature some classic touches from other artists. Cuban-born Malo must have surely listened to some Tex-Mex and Johnny Cash music when he was growing up because you can hear the friendly ghosts of San Antonio s Doug ( She s About a Mover ) Sahm Conjunto Hammond organist Augie Meyer Freddie ( Until the Next Teardrop Fails) Fender and the horn arrangement of Cash s Ring of Fire. Just take a listen and see what we mean. Even if you can t dance a lick these 5 tracks will have you tapping toes and snapping your fingers. Check out Suited Up and Ready. You won t regret it. WWW.THEOUTPOSTRADIO.COM http watch v Gsnrzr0Bm80&list PLLvi3U00VVMxbjq1vhBRGxEbXS-dBxLlh THE NEXT BIG THING IN ACOUSTIC MUSIC THE LONE BELLOW How in the heck can a group that comes from Brooklyn get the kind of harmonies that sound like they came from Knoxville TN It s a mystery...a good mystery but a mystery none the less. The Lone Bellow has forever raised the bar on how acoustic music will be played with their first self-titled CD. You haven t this kind of tight harmony since Vince Gill sang with Pure Prairie League. The band was first known as Zach Williams and The Bellow and they changed it to reflect the group s distinctive sound. In addition to Williams who is one of the singers and principle writers Lone Bellow includes singer and mandolin player Kanene Pipkin and singer-guitarist Brian Elmquist. The band s CD has gotten rave reviews from tiny publications like USA Today and People Magazine. When asked how they described themselves the band said The Lone Bellow isn t just a group of musicians we are an urban tribe a family away from family. When you hear these voices together you ll see the chemistry as it s reflected in the 3 and 4 part harmonies. Just take a listen to The Lone Bellow. You re going to be hearing a lot from this urban tribe in the future. BLUEGRASS FEATURE Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen On the Edge is the second album released by the band from DC. An outstanding sophmore effort this band has become one of the fasting climbing bluegrass bands around. With guest performances by Rob Ickes Tim O brien and Megan McCormich this album will not disappoint any fan of bluegrass. You can check them out at 46 THE oUTPOST ISSUE II ISSUE II ISSUE III HAVE YOU MISSED ANY ISSUES OF WADE FISHING THE SURF GOING HOG WILD ALL HAIL KING MACKEREL CHOOSING A HUNTING DOG EARL SCRUGGS ONE OF A KIND VENISON RECIPES BASS FISHING THE SPAWN THE NEW LAKE EFFECT ON FISHING WOMEN WITH WEAPONS HOW TO KEEP A HUNT ING DO G IN SHAP E IN TH E OFFSEA SON HUNTING AXIS DEER CATCHING CRAPPIE CATFISH RECIPES BETTER BANK FISHING WHAT S THE MOST POPULAR FISH WILLIE NELSON HEROES They re all waiting for you at our website WWW.THEOUTPOSTMAGAZINE.COM GO AHEAD. TAKE THE SAFETY OFF AND SQUEEZE THE TRIGGER. 47 bass FISHING THE SPAWN Spring Has Sprung and Bass are Spawning Spring is a great time to be chasing bass. As the weather turns warmer the buds start coming out on trees the birds start singing and bass begin getting their nursery ready. This is the time for bass to be moving from the deep water to the shallow and building spawning bed and it s also the perfect time to get one on the end of a hook. Once the spawn begins the male bass is in charge of guarding the eggs and anything that enters the area of the bed including a wellplaced lure is attacked. This protective aggression can make for some epic battles between the fisherman and the prey. Ancient fishermen spent a lot of time watching and even worshipping the moon. There s a very good reason for this. The moon phase is another factor in fish spawning with other conditions right the spawn will be strongest during the three or four days around the new and full moons each month of spring. If an angler can be on the water rod in hand during those times he can maximize his chances of finding active bass. What s the Best Gear to Use Bass fishing guides suggest that anglers use 6-foot 6-inch rod for medium casting or spinning reels line that is no more than 12-pound test. Extra sharp bass hooks in a 1 0 or 2 0 size are also suggested. These will be more expensive than standard hook but an angler will want to use them because of If however the area temperature is 65 de- the fierce strikes of these fish. grees or higher it s spawning time and the angler should be to be scouting the lake or If the weather is still somewhat pond for bass beds. Fishing experts suggest cool but approaching warm and that the best areas to check are the cleared the fish are in deeper water it s a out areas on the bottom in shallow water. good idea to use a faster retrieve During this spring season spawn most than one uses did during winter. bass make their nests in less than 5 feet of As with any outdoor sport there water and close to the bank. If what looks is a healthy debate about the best like a bed appears to be empty this could lures for snagging a big bass in mean that the bass have been spooked the spawning season. (most likely by that guy with a fishing rod in his hand ). When this happens guides sug- Some fishing guides suggest that gest that the angler retrieve the line back good lures include rattletraps up a few feet and wait a minute or two. If jigs spinnerbaits and crankbaits. Mr. Largemouth doesn t return promptly Others feel equally passionate about soft plastic lures such as a it s time to move to another area. Junebug colored Culprit lizard with The warmth of the water is also important a 2 0 hook. A fishing guide on and the spawn is likely to kick in first where Lake Texoma says The best bait the water warms up earliest. In general for fishing bedding bass is nearly that s going to be on northeast shorelines always the Texas rigged plastic where the afternoon sun strikes most often. worm throw it into the bed let Canals and slow-flowing creeks or spring it set twitch it a bit and let it set outlets might also be considerably warmer again. Usually the fish can t stand it. than open lake waters. The Temperature of the Water is Key Whether bass are swimming around in shallow water or still hiding out in the deep end depends on several factors the most important being the temperature of the water. Spring weather can be tricky and Mother Nature s indecision about whether it s going to be warm or cold can confuse the otherwise clever bass. It can also make for a slow day for the fisherman. Fishing guides note that if the daily temperature in the fishing area hasn t quite gotten up to the mid 60 s or hasn t stayed that way for at least a week the bass will probably be fattening up down in the deep water. They will be eating as much as they can before they have to go for long periods of time without food while spawning and guarding their beds. This can be a good thing because means that most lures will work at this time. 49 Other Tips for Bass Spawn Fishing After checking the water temperature and making sure that every possible piece of gear has been purchased there are five more tips that will help an angler haul in an early season bass. 1. Wear quality polarized glasses with side shields and a long-billed hat to shade the lenses. This will greatly improve vision through the water s surface. 2. When possible always ease along a shoreline with the sun at the angler s back. 3. Choose protected areas where wind riffle is minimal for scouting. 4. Choose a casting position that is as high as possible in order to have better vision of the swimming fish. Visibility is best between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. when the sun is at its highest. 5. Be aware that spawning beds are not always obvious. Sometimes they show up only as slightly lighter shades of green or brown. Quality spawning beds tend to have firm bottom of sand or clay not mud with vegetation cover nearby. Is it Right to Fish Bass that are Spawning Even with the overwhelming number of fishermen catching-and-releasing bass there is still a nagging guilt that comes from taking any fish that is preparing to reproduce. This begs the question Does catching spawners harm bass populations Biologists say that it does not. Bass that are caught handled gently and released in the same location nearly always go on to complete the spawning cycle. Mike Allen a fisheries professor with the University of Florida s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researched this topic and published his findings in the Transactions of the American Fisheries Society journal. He said We found that in most cases spawning area closures won t improve bass populations for a couple of reasons he said. One is there s a lot of catch and release nowadays. The other is if you lose some nests the ones that are left have higher survival rates. Allen and his colleagues published a study showing that the percentage of largemouth bass harvested by anglers had fallen by half since the 1980s. Fishing for bass during the early spring spawn is easily one of the most exciting experiences in the great outdoors. With a little planning the right gear and some old fashion recon to find the beds anglers can drop a lure in the middle of a swirling cauldron the most powerful freshwater game fish on the planet. And when the hook is set the real fun begins. Rural TV Saturdays at 12 30 PM (EST) RFDTV Saturdays at 4 00 PM (EST) Mondays at 7 00 AM (EST) Seen on Cable DirecTV 604 and DISH 240 Thurs 7 00pm Sun 2 30pm Fri 1 00pm All EST HERE S HOW TO BRING HOME A MESS OF THEM There are few outdoor sports more exciting than catching aggressive fish and if they happen to taste great then there s an additional bonus. This describes fishing for crappie perfectly and whenever the temperature of the water reaches 65 degrees in the spring the annual spawn begins. Throughout the South and especially in southern Louisiana where the Acadian culture calls this game fish sac au lait the weather has gotten warm enough for these fish to be on the move so now is a great time to pack up the gear and start casting. The best way to catch crappie is to think like one. They are ambush predators and they rely on concealment for finding food. If the fisherman can find the concealment present a credible prey in a tempting manner then the next thing you know... it s crappie time Fishing for crappie is great sport because they can be caught by the beginner angler and they offer a challenge to the most experienced fisherman. Crappies have been called nomads because they cruise a wide area especially after the spawn. They avoid the noon heat by going deeper and they tend to follow creek channels from deep to shallow water where they will feed in the late afternoon. Fishing for Crappie BLACK OR WHITE IT S HARD TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE There are two types of crappie white (Pomoxis annularis) and black (Pomoxis nigromaculatus). They are often found schooling together and unless the angler is a marine biologist or has a great deal of experience he she won t be able to tell the difference when one is caught. Black and white crappies are the same colors ranging from dark olive to black on top with silvery sides and black blotches and stripes. The pattern of the dark blotches is different. On black crappie the spots are irregular and scattered. While on white crappie this coloration is clearly arranged into 7 to 9 vertical stripes. Also black crappies have 7 or 8 dorsal spines and white crappie have only six. Even though they are fun to catch and even more fun to eat crappie are not that large. Wikipedia notes that the world record black crappie is 5 pounds and the record white crappie is 5 pounds 3 ounces. Most crappies that make it to the stringer are in the half to one pound range. In terms of minimum length for keeping or releasing them most states including Texas have a 10 inch size limit on crappie. Fishing guides say that black crappie tends to need slightly clearer and deeper lakes or ponds to flourish and white crappie tends to hold in more shallow water. However both are found in ponds lakes and rivers. Anglers tend to have more success finding crappie under bridges near pilings and areas that have submerged trees stumps and tires. HOW TO CATCH CRAPPIE This type of fish requires the angler to master the art of brush fishing. With brush fishing there is a constant challenge of losing hooks jigs and weights. Expert guides have a wide range of high tech electronics that help them find the exact depth where the crappie are congregating but for the beginner it seems logical to apply the famous KISS principle. The simplest way to catch crappie is to use a tandem hook rigged with a heavy weight on the end and two hooks tied to the line. With this configuration it is possible to feel the weight as it bumps into anything substantial (a stump old tire a scuba diver) in the water. Another simple technique it to tie a 1 32 ounce white or yellow jig to the main fishing line which is usually 12-pound test then tie a separate drop line of less strength (6 pound test) and cinch a split-shot to this line. The light drop line should extend 6 inches or so below the jig so that the fisherman can feel the stumps or other hang-outs for crappie. If the drop line snags and is lost it is easy to replace the split shot. Many fishing guides suggest trolling with a jig and minnow combination. In this scenario it is recommended that the angler uses a drop line with a light weight - maybe even something as simple as a nail. One can also use this technique to catch crappie at night. It helps to use floating lights for night fishing. Just make sure that are wired to a separate battery from the one that is used to start the boat THE JIG IS UP The best baits for catching crappie are jigs plastic grubs marabou spinners as well as good old fashion minnows. If minnows are used it is best to hook the minnow through the lip for trolling through the eye socket for jigging and behind the dorsal fin for bobber fishing. A jig is a type of fishing lure that consists of a lead sinker with a hook molded into it and usually covered by a soft body to attract fish. Jigs are intended to create a jerky vertical motion as opposed to spinner baits which move through the water horizontally. One well-respected guide in Texas Wally Marshall (aka Mr. Crappie ) notes that jigs are far superior to minnows because they don t die you don t run out of them in the middle of catching a bunch of fish you don t have to worry about them being too small or too large and you can get back to fishing quicker after catching something Needless to say Mr. Marshall doesn t use minnows to catch crappie. For successful jigging the fisherman needs to use a rod which is good for feeling a strike and needs to stay in contact with the lure and get it to where the fish are. Most fish caught by jigs are on or near the bottom. On his website ( ) Marshall suggests using a chartreuses or pink colored jig with a weight of 1 16 1 8 or 1 4 ounce. KNIT PURL AND CATCH One of the most important tricks to snagging crappie is to develop a fine tactile sense. If you think tactile is something you put on a bathroom floor think again. Crappie tends to be nibblers and more than a few have been caught by fishermen who have a keen sense when their line is moving. Interestingly women and young children tend have a better tactile sense because their hands are more sensitive than hands that have been involved in working on car engines and sawing tree limbs for years One cool technique that can be used to get a better feel for crappie thinking about taking the jig or minnow is called the knit and purl approach. Rather than using an up and down jigging motion an angler can try lifting and pulling the line with a forefinger while twisting the hand holding the rod around. By handling the rod this way it is possible to feel even the gentle nibbling of a crappie and it makes it easier to anticipate a crappie strike. Whether you have a tripped out boat with a side imaging sonar depth finder and a tackle box full of jigs in every color of the rainbow or you re 10 years old and have a cane pole with a string a couple of hooks and a bobber you can have a blast catching this game fish. And whether you call it crappie or Sac au lait all it takes is some patience a little luck and the good sense to change strategy whenever they re not buying what you re selling. Grilling What You re Killing THE OUTPOST FUNNY STUFF One wonders what our Homo erectus relatives - the prehistoric cave dwellers - would make of our love of grilling on a summer afternoon. If they had developed the part of their brain where the sense of humor resides they would probably be amused. Outdoor grilling is a throwback to the time when folks had to cook over an open flame in order to survive. In fact a learned professor at Harvard has postulated that the advent of using fire to cook raw meat was a critical advancement in the evolution of humans. In his book Catching Fire How Cooking Made Us Human Richard Wrangham professor of Biological Anthropology at Harvard notes Cooking is the signature feature of the human diet and indeed of human life. It s the development that underpins many other changes that have made humans so distinct from other species. Dr. Wrangham makes the case that the ability to harness fire and cook food allowed the brain to grow and the digestive tract to shrink giving rise to our ancestor Homo erectus 1.8 million years ago. Basically many evolutionary changes come down to feeding the vast amount of energy that the human brain consumes. When food is cooked over an open flame or in a swanky stainless steel stove it is easier to digest than if it is consumed raw making it better fuel for the old noggin. However this erudite analysis does not explain why seemingly intelligent highly evolved humans love to grill. Why do they enjoy getting out in the summer heat in somebody s backyard which is teeming with blood-sucking mosquitoes (many of whom are no doubt carrying the deadly West Nile virus or malaria) near a hot open flame grill to wait for a guy who has been drinking beer and breathing the fumes of charcoal fluid for the preceding three hours to properly cook the raw meat and vegetables Where are the signs of evolution here Where After extensive research or about as much as it takes to Google a couple of topics it is clear that the reason that we love to consumer food that is prepared on an outside grill is the novelty of the preparation and consumption experience. It s exactly the same phenomenon that makes camping so popular especially among those who have a more rustic outdoorsy bent. However having to eat an overcooked or undercooked hamburger every once in a while is one thing but having this same cuisine every meal would get very old very quickly. If year-round camping or grilling was mandated by some evil despotic force (perhaps an elected official who received campaign funds from the tent and charcoal lobby) the body politic would be up in arms. If you think the tax on tea that helped motivate the Revolutionary War between the British colonists and King George was compelling just imagine if we were forced to eat grilled salmon corn on the cob burgers and hot dogs every meal and sleep in a tent on an air cushion instead of the personalized TempurPedic mattress. There would be blood in the streets Grilling in the backyard reminds us of fun times we had with friends or family and fortunately memory is selective. We just remember the positive experiences perfectly prepared steaks ice cold beer and crisp salads not the time when Uncle Fred passed out in the sun after 15 gin and tonics and let the 40 brisket burn to a crisp. When you re out there grilling this summer there are several things to remember. Don t forget the sunblock make sure the chef is hydrated with non-alcoholic beverages keep the dog away from the preparation table and make mine medium rare. (This piece originally appeared in ME MAKE FIRE The Outpost The Outpost Liked The Outpost Facebook Flashback Posts Every day we post something funny weird silly brilliant or inspirational on The Outpost Facebook page. We like to think of it as a daily slice of life outdoors. You can get this must-have information in your very own Facebook feed by simply LIKING our page. Just click here (put a link to TO Facebook LIKE button) Here are some of the posts that you may have missed. 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