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Description: Passionate about power? Crazy about classics? Then check out Classic, Performance & Retro!

e m l m owia u S Sh ec p S r News - Reviews - Road TesTs - show RepoRTs - TechNical Tips - caR clubs - caRs foR sale July 2013 - Issue 26 - FREE beaulieu birthday bash for Mini cooper Cholmondeley Magic Rare & exotic cars at the Pageant of Power London to Brighton Run Classic Kit & performance cars head South Le Mans 24 Hours Triumph & tragedy as Le Mans hits 90 years Ford - Chevrolet - Cobra Engine Crate Specialist - Camaro - Corvette WWW.ENGINEFACTORY.COM E Ford - Chevrolet - Cobra Engine Crate Specialist - Camaro - Corvette ngine Factory scan this bar code with your cell phone to see live run engines has been supplying engines since 1969. The engines shown are some of our recent builds. Over 75 000 satisfied customers worldwide. Look over and give Matt a call. We custom build the engines to exactly what you need. 001-800-326-6554 or 001-561-743-1879 Email info Engine Factory has 100 s of different engine combinations. We will custom build a carbureted or fuel injected engine with the horsepower and paint color you want. We offer many valve cover and ignition wire choices. We can supply the serpentine belt system with the alternator power steering pump and air conditioning compressor. We can also supply a complete automatic or standard transmission. We will work closely with you to custom build your engine. CALL MATT 00 1 561 743 1879 DIRECT SHIPPING TO YOUR DOOR OR MECHANIC. 1 YEAR WORLDWIDE WARRANTY editorial We get some strange e-mails here at CPR Towers. Quite a few are from people saying their password no longer works (please read the e-mails we send out folks ) but every so often one of them asks one of those really deep and meaningful questions. Take the recent message we got from Rob Sinclair in Northampton for example who asked What are you That s an odd question we pondered but it got us thinking. Classic Performance & Retro is a free digital car magazine. It is a little different from the rest because we cover such a wide range of cars. How best to describe that range is tricky but basically if its old looks cool goes fast or is just great fun to drive then chances are we will feature it. What you wont see in this magazine are shopping cars rep mobiles or hot hatches. As for our content well that s different too. We are big fans of classic historic and sports car racing so whether its a Ferrari 458 blasting down the Mulsanne Straight in Le Mans or an MGB at Silverstone we ll include them too. We like car shows as well simply because they are current provide a great opportunity to see some great machinery and hopefully they inspire people to get their own classic or sports car out and use it. We can confidently say that we produce bigger and better event reports that any other UK magazine so it you want to know about car shows this is the place to find them So what about cars features Well we could run articles comparing the MGB to the TR6 or buying guides covering all the popular classics but lets face it they have been done a million times before by all the printed magazines. We like to think we are just a little bit different Yes we still do features on individual cars but we like to concentrate on the experience of ownership rather than churn out endless road tests. So basically to answer Rob s question Classic Performance & Retro is a free digital magazine for car enthusiasts with a large dollop of historic and sometimes modern motorsport stirred in. We hope our coverage of shows and events gives you ideas of where you can go to for a great day out and also gives you an insight into how the classic car scene is right now. Of course if there is anything you would particularly like to see in the magazine just drop us a line to info and we will see what we can do. No promises...but if you don t ask you don t get Drive safe The Classic Performance & Retro team. Above 1934 Aston Martin Ulster starts its run at the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power. Editor Simon Hazeldine- Designer Chris Peacock - Sub Editor David Harrison - Marketing Peter Allinson. The entire contents of Classic Performance & Retro magazine are copyright. No part of it may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Classic Performance & Retro Magazine is a FREE monthly publication produced by AV8 Publishing Ltd Cambridge England. Contact Details PO Box 280 Ely Cambridgeshire CB7 9DH. Website - - E-mail - info - Telephone 44 (0)1353 777519. We are happy to accept photographs and articles with a view to including them in Classic Performance & Retro Magazine but please note all submissions are sent at contributors own risk and we will not be liable for any loss or damage. 018 Record setting at the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power. 058 London to Brighton Classic Run. 046 Mini Party At Beaulieu 4 contents 018 Issue 26 July 2013 Cholmondeley Pageant From Bugatti Veyrons to pre-war Bentleys The Cholmondeley Pageant of Power gives historic motorsport fans a chance to get really close to some amazing machinery. Simon Hazeldine reports. Le Mans 24 Hour race The 2013 Le Mans 24 Hour Race on June 22 23 promised to be one of the highlights of the sportscar racing season. Sadly it will be remembered more for a tragic fatal accident. David Harrison reports. Track Action At MG Live Described as the World s biggest MG event MG Live which was held at Silverstone circuit on June 15-16 played host to the third round of the MG Car Club s 2013 race series. Leanne Fahy reports. Mini Party The Mini Cooper S is half a century old this year which of course is a great excuse for a party The Mini Cooper Register thought so too and celebrated 50 years of the Cooper S at its annual rally in Beaulieu Hampshire. London to Brighton An eclectic mix of cars making a run for England s south coast results in a superb day out and the world s longest acronym. We tagged along and joined the London To Brighton Classic Kit and Sports Car Run 028 036 046 058 Regular features 006 News All the latest news and gossip from the Classic Performance & Retro worlds. 036 Track Action At MG Live 016 Club News A round-up of news from some of the best car clubs in the world. 056 New Stuff A look at what s hot...and what s not in the automotive marketplace. 070 What s On Never miss another show with our comprehensive events guide. 074 Auction News A round up of what s been happening in the auctions rooms around the world. Classic Performance & Retro magazine is a FREE monthly online publication produced by AV8 Publishing Ltd Cambridge England. July 2013 5 News Museum Piece The Latest Automotive News From Around The World Volunteers at HMC finish the restoration of a 1958 MGA chassis A team of 25 dedicated volunteers at the Heritage Motor Centre have completed the restoration of a 1958 MGA Twin Cam Coupe chassis. The work began in November 2012 and the restoration was completed in May this year. The MGA went on display for the first time on 25 June. The MGA dates from 1958 and has been part of the Museum s reserve collection for a number of years. Originally a complete car it was one of only 300 or so Twin Cam coup s made by MG and is thought to have been shown either on the Earl s Court Motor Show stand or at the New York Motor Show. Subsequently sectioned and painted in an array of colours as a technical demonstration for apprentices and students alike it eventually became a museum piece. Over the past seven months the volunteers have painstakingly stripped down cleaned restored and repainted the MGA retaining some of the unusual livery that the car has acquired over its lifetime. Now the restoration is complete the team will embark on two new projects. The first to restore a Rover gas turbine instructional unit which was designed to train students at technical colleges and universities and the second to restore a 1960 Standard Ensign which was the last model to roll off the line at Canley before the Standard marque disappeared in 1963. Sonja Dosanjh Volunteer Co-Ordinator at the HMC stated The team has thoroughly enjoyed working on this fascinating project. They have worked incredibly hard restoring the MGA to its former glory and the results have been worth the many months of dedication and commitment that the team has put in and we now look forward to our next few projects. Jaguars Re-Homed Historic Ferrari Racer Tops Bonham s Spa Sale The Coventry Transport Museum is set to open a new gallery which will feature 17 vehicles from the Jaguar Heritage collection. The gallery which is set to open this month will be situated on the first floor of the museum and will be based on the theme Jaguar a History of Design and Technical Innovation . The exhibition will cover the period from the Swallow Sidecar Company of 1922 through to the present day and will also include a look to the future. The 17 vehicles set to go on display have been chosen to illustrate some of the defining moments in Jaguar s illustrious history and will be complemented by displays of archive images specially designed historical display panels and digital information pods. The vehicles will range from a 1928 Swallow Side-car to one of the latest concept cars from Jaguar Design and will include many iconic models from the intervening years including Mark V Mark Vll Mark 2 and XJ saloons as well as XK120 XK150 E-type XJS and XK8 sports cars. Gary Hall Chief Executive of Coventry Transport Museum said We are thrilled that the trustees of Jaguar Heritage have chosen Coventry Transport Museum to display some of the most iconic and inspirational vehicles from the Jaguar collection and we are very pleased that the new exhibition will be open in time for the summer holidays. 6 WWW.CPRMAG.CO.UK Classic Astons On Sale Aston Martin Opens Heritage Showroom Fans of the Aston Martin marque will be pleased to hear that they can now buy classic Heritage models from the firms own showroom at Newport Pagnell Buckinghamshire. The new arm to Aston Martin s empire is housed in the revamped Olympia Building which fronted the former Aston Martin factory on Tickford Street. The company says that customers will be able to choose from a whole range of cars from the very earliest models right up to the DB7. The restored Olympia building has become synonymous with Aston Martin s history at Newport Pagnell. With its distinctive barrel vault roof the historic former aeroplane shed was named in recognition of its similarity to London s Olympia exhibition hall. For two years during the First World War the Olympia building accommodated a telegraphy school for Royal Engineers based in Newport Pagnell. In the 1920s the building was divided internally and used for a variety of purposes including vehicle finishing and trimming and a site for arms production in the Second World War. Since the 1950s Aston Martin has created prototypes and restored the bodywork of Aston Martin classics inside Olympia. First Of the Fives Wet Nellie To Star In RM Battersea Auction Now this might make a neat alternative to the Channel Tunnel. The Lotus Esprit submarine that starred in the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me is going under the hammer at RM Auction s Battersea Park sale on September 8-9. This car was one of six Esprit bodyshells used to make the film but is the only one capable of functioning underwater. During filming the car was operated by retired US Navy Seal Don Griffin in the underwater scenes. It gained the nickname Wet Nellie and was built by Perry Oceanographic in 1977. The auction takes place at Battersea on September 8-9. July 2013 7 News Grab A Bargain The Latest Automotive News From Around The World E-Types Could Be Sale Of The Century Having reported recently on barn-find cars fetching seemingly crazy prices at auction it now seems British auction house Brightwells might be bucking the trend by placing amazingly low estimates on a brace of roadworthy Jaguar E-type Coupes. The first car estimated to sell for 12 14 000 is a 1967 E-type S2 2 2 FHC with automatic gearbox and 72 000 miles on the clock. The second car is the more desirable manual two-seater 1968 S2 FHC. This car also has a full MOT and has another low estimate of 14-16 000. It is described as being basically in sound is somewhat scruffy cosmetically and would no doubt respond well to some smartening up here and there. If Brightwells have got their predictions right then these cars could represent excellent value for money but don t be surprised if both machines vastly exceed their estimates. We ll be expecting the press release 8 WWW.CPRMAG.CO.UK Russian Classics At Classic Silverstone Classic Promises Russian Classics & Lamborghini Feast The organisers of the Silverstone Classic say that this year s three-day festival held at Silverstone Circuit on July 26-28 has attracted an unprecedented number of car clubs displaying a record number of classic cars. Huge displays and parades are being organised to celebrate special milestones in the histories of Aston Martin Lamborghini and the Porsche 911 but perhaps the most interesting entry comes from further afield. Four intrepid members of the GAZ-21 Car Club are travelling all the way from Moscow to attend the Silverstone Classic and provide visitors to the show with two of the most unusual exhibits. The Volga GAZ-21 was originally developed with State approval in 1956 with a design heavily influenced by US vehicles of the same era. Over the next 14 years no fewer than 639 478 Volgas were produced including a special GAZ-23 Volga version for Soviet special services which was fitted with a V8 engine and capable of topping the 100mph mark. Vladimir Smagin and Dmitry Kilpio are driving the two cars all the way to Silverstone from Russia and the 6 000 kilometre round trip to the UK will take the plucky pair through Minsk Warsaw Poznan Hannover Antwerp Brugge and London en route to Silverstone. As well as the GAZ-21 Car Club other new clubs attending this year s Silverstone Classic include the Abarth Scorpion Club Corvette Club de France Karmann Ghia Owners Club and club. In total an unprecedented total of 8 269 classic cars have been registered for display on more than 80-car club stands over the weekend. And while we are on the subject of the Silverstone Classic the event hopes to have the biggest ever gathering of Lamborghinis seen in the UK to celebrate the marques 50th anniversary. The Italian supercars will take part in a special parade on the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit which is being organised by the Lamborghini Club UK for 6pm on Saturday evening. This glittering 100-car cavalcade is being supported by Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. and will be led by the company s latest amazing creation the Aventador LP7004 with the new Roadster version on display in the Lamborghini Club UK showcase. The parade will also feature just about every model produced by the famous sportscar manufacturer since originally founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini back in 1963 as a direct rival to Ferrari. July 2013 9 trackNews Break With Tradition News Gossip & Views From The World Of Motorsport Mini Brittania 2013 Details Revealed The 2013 Mini Britannia the one-day classic competition tour modelled on Tour Britannia will break new ground when it runs on Saturday 7 September from a base in London. Mini Britannia will give regular competitors some late-summer fun and new competitors the chance to sample this type of event. To encourage newcomers a completely new route will be used with the start at a landmark venue in London and the finish at the Royal Hospital Chelsea to tie in with the spectacular new Grand Rendevous event. The outline schedule opens on Friday evening 6 September for documentation. Mini Britannia will start on Saturday morning for a full day of action. Key attractions will include special stages at Dunsfold Park the home of BBC Top Gear and the Mercedes-Benz World track at Brooklands. Late on Saturday afternoon crews will return to London for the finish prize-giving and supper at The Royal Hospital Chelsea. The final control will be at the Hospital so that Mini Britannia cars can go on display not only on Saturday evening but throughout Sunday for the major show of classic road and race cars. This is a real break with tradition said event director Alec Poole. We want to take the event to a new group of competitors and making the route very accessible to London should make it even more attractive. We hope to get people hooked on this fabulous style of event with a one-day taster on Mini Britannia and then encourage them to sample the full Tour Britannia experience next spring. Obviously we also hope to see many of our regular contenders in September. Like its big brother Mini Britannia will comprise Competition and Regularity categories and will run on asphalt roads. Following the format of Tour Britannia crews in the Competition event will tackle a series of asphalt special stages while the Regularity competitors will follow the same route with straight forward average speed tests on the same stages. The category is simple to follow without tricky navigation or timekeeping. Regularity entrants are fully fledged competitors but competition licences are not necessary. We are really upbeat about the prospect of taking Mini Britannia into London. Access stipulations at some of the venues may limit numbers but we hope to be able to accommodate everyone who wants to take part said Poole. Friends Reunited Tiff Needell Joins Record Breaking Field Former F1 driver and now renowned TV personality Tiff Needell is gearing up to make history later this month at the 2013 Silverstone Classic (26-28 July). The 61-year-old will be turning back the clock and joining a capacity 54car grid in what s a record breaking field of Formula Ford single-seaters. Never before in the junior formula s 46-year history have more than 50 cars lined up on the same grid. It s going to be crazy said the man who once co-presented BBC Top Gear and today fronts the Fifth Gear motoring programme. Naturally I m hoping to be out in front at the start and more importantly out in front at the finish but with so many cars it s going to be busier than the M25 at rush hour. Whatever the result though it will be a fantastic experience for all involved whether they re racing or spectating. The two record-breaking races will be all the more special for Needell as he will be back behind the wheel of the very Formula Ford car that launched his racing career. It s a profession that took him all the way to the heights of F1 and the podium at Le Mans en route to becoming a familiar face on our TV screens. I m racing the same Lotus 69F that I won in a competition in Autosport magazine in 1971 without that I d probably never even been a racing driver he admitted. As a special Christmas present to myself I bought the car back six months ago I m thrilled to be reunited with the car and racing it again at Silverstone. 10 Time to get some work done to YOUR classic car TRGB are now established as one of the leading Triumph specialists in the country and have extensive and almost unrivalled experience on the restoration and maintenance of these cars. Along the way we have also gained years of experience working on other classic cars. Work and personal projects aside from our Triumphs include full restoration of an E-type 4.2 Jaguar full restoration of a Healey 3000 full engine build on a V12-E and full and detailed restoration of a Ferrari Dino (including full engine build). Our workshop is always very busy and to this end we have decided to expand this side of the business and are delighted to announce a new member of staff Mr Jason Wright. Jason brings with him a wealth of experience and has worked on many TRs as well as Jaguar and TVR from a well-known leading dealership and so will add his knowledge to the extensive experience of both Tim and Richard. To promote this new expansion we are offering a 10% discount ( 40.50 hr VAT) on all work booked in during the first three months of 2011. If you require any work on YOUR classic car please call Gary at TRGB. BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER Unit 1 Sycamore Farm Industrial Estate Long Drove Somersham Huntingdon Cambridgeshire Tel 01487 842168 or 01480 464443 (evenings) Fax 01487 740274 Mobile 07801 631632 trackNews Rally Planned For 2014 News Gossip & Views From The World Of Motorsport Carlisle Stages To Return In 2014 Good news for historic rallying fans Following the first running of the new DMACK Carlisle Stages plans are already under way for the 2014 event with a provisional date set of Saturday 21 June. This year s event round three of the West Wales Rally Spares R.A.C. Rally Championship was hailed as a great success and drew widespread praise from competitors. Superb stages slick and friendly organisation and a compact route and format drew universal acclaim from competitors. The event featured 45 stage miles and just 65 road miles with a 10am start and the first car back at the finish by 3pm. Organised by the Roger Albert Clark Rally Motor Club the rally had a superb start venue rally HQ and service area at the premises of the R J Murray & Sons Haulage Company in Longtown five minutes from the M6 at Carlisle. Crews reported that the stages in the Kershope and Newcastleton complexes were in first class condition. Even though the inaugural Carlisle Stages has only just been completed plans for 2014 are already being laid. This event has got great potential and we plan to grow it year on year said rally manager Colin Heppenstall. We had a couple of regional associations observing the rally this year and we hope that they will decide to include the Carlisle Stages in their 2014 championship calendars. The 2014 event is of course already included in the provisional calendar for the R.A.C. Rally Championship. Electric Power Transport Offer For Targa Iberia Cars Organisers of the inaugural Targa Iberia are hoping that a deal struck with a UK-based transportation specialist will help swell the number of British cars taking part in the event which takes place on October 22-26. CARS UK will offer special rates on round trips to the event for competitors in the UK France Switzerland and Monaco. The first Targa Iberia is offering action in two countries at four circuits over five days with 50 cars and 100 competitors. Over 2 000 kilometres of event route are on offer to teams and already organisers have received entries from Ford GT40s Jaguar E-types an Aston Martin DB4 Zagato Porsche 911s Austin Healey 3000s and Lotus Elans. Illustrating the variety of the entry recent commitment has come from owners of Ford Escort Mk1s Lotus XI and even pre-war cars. Competitors entering before the end of June are eligible for the early-bird entry fee of 6 000 (including VAT) and the entry is set to be capped at 50 cars for the 2013 edition of the event. 12 STRAIGHT XK 8 We are pleased to announce that our exclusive 128-page Jaguar XK8 parts catalogue is now available to order. 128 pages 2500 parts Order it online by emailing or by calling our UK sales office on 44 (0)1746 765432 UK - Bridgnorth 44 (0) 1746 765 432 USA - Manchester NH 1 800 452 4787 (toll free) sales.usa FRANCE - Charney les Macon 33 (0) 3 85 20 14 20 HOLLAND - Oisterwijk 31 (0) 13 52 11 552 T H E ULTI M ATE JAGUAR PAR TS SPE C I A L I S T w w w.s ng ba rra t t . co m trackNews Real Motor Race News Gossip & Views From The World Of Motorsport Le Mans Legends 2013 Hailed A Great Success As the Radio Le Mans commentator put it when the Two cars went off separately at Indianapolis Paul Chasechequered flag fell on the Le Mans Legend the 45-minute Gardener s 1952 Aston Martin DB2 flying sideways into historic race run by Motor Racing Legends as a curtain- the gravel trap digging in and rolling spectacularly. The raiser to the Le Mans 24 Hours That was a real motor driver was unhurt but the car was badly damaged. race a perfect start to the weekend. Light rain started to Spectators then focused on the great battle for second fall making the track treacherously slippery as the huge place between Minshaw Pearson Wills and Lynn 60-strong grid of 1949-65 Le Mans cars assembled for the which was resolved in that order after much drama and green flag lap and spectators then raised umbrellas as the overtaking. There was probably more overtaking in this rain came down harder. Derek Hill son of the late former 45-minute 9-lap race than we have seen in F1 in the past Le Mans winner and F1 World Champion Phil spun his 10 years said one spectator after the race. Maserati 151 Coup at Indianapolis dropping from his 9th Among the class winners Patrick Watts managed to bring position to the back of the field. He weaved his way back his Allard J2 home in an impressive 14th overall while Gary to his proper place well before the rolling start and the full Pearson s 3rd overall was also a remarkable performance grid arrived at the start in perfect order. for another of the older cars in the race. However Alex From the front row Ludovic Caron s AC Cobra Daytona Buncombe s mastery of the adverse conditions to win Coup put its nose ahead when the red lights went out outright by 43 seconds was the outstanding feature of the but Alex Buncombe s pole-sitting Lister-Jaguar Costin 2013 Le Mans Legend. had a narrow lead as they entered the Dunlop Chicane. A sad moment came with the failure of the engine of Immediately behind the action was frantic with Gary Georges Gachnang s Cooper Monaco in qualifying. Pearson pulling off a daring slide through the chicane to Georges a Swiss Toyota and VW dealer is now 82 years put his D-type in second place. By Tertre Rouge Carlos old. He competed in the 1960 Le Mans 24 Hours in an AC Monteverde had seized second place with his yellow and was looking forward to his return to the great French 250LM the Ferrari with which he won this race a few years circuit. His weekend was not entirely wasted however back. because two of his grandchildren were in the modern 24 However the action was only just beginning. The Hours Natacha Gachnang in a Morgan-Judd LMP2 car phenomenally fast qualifying speeds Alex Buncombe and none other than Sebastien Buemi in a works Toyota had averaged 174.7km h to take pole were not possible LMP1. in these conditions but the action was still fast and furious. Hill s Maserati had second place approaching the second Le Mans Legends 2013 Top Ten chicane but the D-types of Pearson and Anthony Reid were Buncombe s closest followers as they left it. While 1) 60 Alex BUNCOMBE 1959 Lister Costin Buncombe slithered impressively towards a lead of 10 2) 33 Jon MINSHAW 1959 Lister Jaguar Knobbly seconds on lap one Reid pulled off with engine worries 3) 7 Gary PEARSON 1955 Jaguar D-type at Arnage and Monteverde s smoking Ferrari headed 4) 36 Roger WILLS 1965 ISO Bizzarrini 5300GT slowly for the pits and retirement. Still the battle raged 5) 13 Shaun LYNN 1963 AC Cobra on unabated with Pearson coming under pressure from 6) 201 Ludovic CARON 1963 AC Cobra Coup Daytona Jon Minshaw s Lister Knobbly and Roger Wills s big ISO 7) 130 Gareth BURNETT 1964 Elva GT160 Bizzarrini while Gareth Burnett s little two-litre Elva GT160 8) 117 Chris HARRIS 1959 Lister Le Mans Coup was doing an incredible job of mixing it with the powerful 9) 37 Philip WALKER Danny WRIGHT 1958 Lotus 15 front-runners. 10) 49 Gavin PICKERING 1955 Jaguar D-type The rain then fell even harder and something had to give. 14 I NDEPENDENT Lotus S PECIALISTS Unmistakably Lotus PYDERCARS and Lotus go hand in hand when they turn basic Lotus shells or tired frames into distinctive classic Lotus cars and where Spydercars use their expertise to bring economic reality and individuality to your Lotus dreams. SPECIALISING for more than 30 years in Lotus restorations on a world-wide basis Spydercars have carried out proven quality workmanship to restore numerous classic Lotus Elan Lotus Elan 2 and Lotus Europa models with every car being unique to the detailed requirements of its owner. SPYDERCARS offers combined car workshop and manufacturing facilities to enable restorations to include where desired Spydercars own space frame chassis tubular design wishbones alloy fuel tank radiators and a range of personalised features from dashboards to interior finishes. SERVICING is also carried out in Spydercars well equipped workshop and covers all needs for Lotus from the early 1960 s Lotus Elan through to later Lotus Elise and Exige and the facilities notably include computerised geometry set up equipment for suspension setting. S SPYDERCARS continues to develop and expand its capabilities to now include the Spyder Zetec Conversion. This replaces the existing chassis and all suspension parts with reliable components. The engine and gearbox are replaced with a modern 2 litre 16 valve twin cam engine and a five speed gearbox. The suspension has been developed using double wishbone front and rear. The brakes are also fully replaced with larger vented disc brakes at the front and solid discs at the rear which also have larger modern brake callipers. Once the chassis has been built into rolling form the body and interior form the complete body and interior restoration can be completed. SPYDER ZETEC CoNVERSIoN therefore justifiably enters the Elite Spydercars classic Lotus innovations and developments and adds to the renovation expertise the skills of the imaginary conversion. The conversion in addition to providing a reliable classic Lotus it also gives modern benefits which few classic cars can offer. SPYDERCARS Unmistakably LoTUS Spydercars Ltd 136 Station Road Industrial Estate Whittlesey Peterborough Cambridgeshire PE7 2EY. England Telephone 44 (0) 1733 203986 email sales ClubNews Cambridge & District Classic Car Club Tell Us About Your Club Want to tell us about your club or event Then send details into Club News at info Club Plays Starring Role In Village Day Cars from the Cambridge and District Classic Car Club were the stars of the show at the recent Village Day at Sutton in Cambridgeshire. Each year the small Fenland village holds its Feast Week which is rounded off by the Village Day where the High Street is closed to traffic and turned into a street party complete with classic car displays. The day started off at 9.30am with a Best of British parade where a number of British-built classics followed a route around the village before arriving in the small square outside the local shop. About 30 cars took part in the event including a Triumph TR4 Morris Traveller MGB Austin Seven and even a 1927 Alvis. As well as the classic cars the event also had a flypast from the Battle of Britain Flight s Avro Lancaster bomber. MG Car Club Sunbeam Rapier Owners Club MGCC Revives Abingdon Works Car Show The MG Car Club s Abingdon Works Centre will be staging a revival of the original Abingdon Works Car Show on Sunday July 7. In the past this was an annual show held in Abingdon to showcase all the various cars built in the town s factory between 1930 and 1980. For 2013 the show is making a welcome return sponsored by Hartwell of Abingdon and Manor Garage of Wantage. Everyone is welcome from keen enthusiasts to families looking for a fun day out. The event which is in aid of charity is being jointly organised by the Rotary Club of Abingdon and supported by the MG Car Club to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support the Thames Valley Air ambulance and other charitable causes. Starting at 10am at Rye Farm Meadow on the banks of the River Thames there will be a variety of entertainment on offer including car displays an arena display gymkhana and a fun fair. Entry is free for all MG cars who pre-register. A registration form can be found here. Parking for the public or unregistered cars is available for only 5 per vehicle. SROC Plans For Return Of National Rally The Sunbeam Rapier Owners Club has announced that it plans to stage its first National Rally since 2008. The event is scheduled to take place on August 16-17 at Bodicote near Banbury Oxon. The rally is likely to include all the usual attractions but one of the highlights will be a visit to the nearby Association of Rootes Car Clubs archive. The club says that the event will also include tours of the local area and the weekend will be rounded off in style with a showground display. there will also be a special display marking the 50th anniversary of the Series IV Rapier in 1963. The club shelved the National Rally idea for a few years so it could concentrate on what it called elevated local rallies. The idea of these smaller regional events was to make it easier for members to attend but it seems that you just can t keep a good national rally down For further information see the club s website. 16 A winning formula JD Classics professional racing team prepares maintains and sells historic race cars. Each vehicle whether their own or their customers is meticulously prepared to the highest standards ensuring that each race car meets its true potential. Not only will the cars be mechanically perfected but they will also look their best because JD Classics uses Autoglym car care products exclusively for all its vehicles. Autoglym offers the most comprehensive range of car care products available and all are fast effective and will provide a perfect result inside or out. Your own car might not place you on the winners podium but you can still enjoy a winning shine. For more information on the complete Autoglym range visit the website at BY APPOINTMENT TO HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN SUPPLIER OF CAR CARE PRODUCTS AUTOGLYM LETCHWORTH ENGLAND BY APPOINTMENT TO H.R.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES SUPPLIER OF CAR CARE PRODUCTS AUTOGLYM LETCHWORTH ENGLAND For product and local stockist information visit our website or telephone 0800 515 779. Cholmondeley Pageant Of Power From Bugatti Veyrons to pre-war Bentleys The Cholmondeley Pageant of Power gives historic motorsport fans a chance to get really close to some amazing machinery. Simon Hazeldine reports. T here are a few things in this world that are an absolute certainty. For example night always follows day the sky is blue and it always rains at the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power. Okay so that last one shouldn t be a foregone conclusion but it s certainly starting to feel that way. Nearly every year since it was first held back in 2008 the show that has often been described as Goodwood of the North has been affected by rain to some degree or another. Last year in an attempt to dodge the wet weather the organisers moved the event from its traditional August slot 18 Below The Le Mans winning Bentley Speed 8 thunders round the track at Cholmondeley. to a weekend in June sadly to no avail. It still rained. This year proved no different and as I drove up the M6 the sky got gradually darker until the heavens opened just past Coventry. Oh deary me I muttered to myself...or words to that effect. It stayed like that all the way to Cholmondeley and by the time I got there on Friday lunchtime the ground was starting to feel rather soft underfoot. Thankfully I had stopped off at the shops on my way through Crewe and invested in a pair of new wellies it proved to be the smartest thing I did all weekend July 2013 19 The Show Must Go On So on my arrival I find Cholmondeley in full flight despite the rain. It s a desperate scene as literally millions of pounds worth of automotive history emerges undeterred from the rainsoaked tarpaulin shelters in the paddock and heads for the track. I watch the open-cockpit single-seaters line-up and wait stopped us doing anything their turn and notice that The show must go on and Gary Thomas in the Force PC to their credit just about is actually holding an umbrella every driver took their car out over his head and did a timed lap of the But hey we re Brits and when Cholmondeley circuit. has a little bit of rain ever Thankfully by mid afternoon Above Rain drops on the Arrows A3. Top Right Liebisch Bohmerland motorcycle. Centre Right The Hesketh bear looks up at dark skies. Right Gary Thomas takes cover the rain showers had stopped. Had it actually been warm and sunny the Friday would have been perfect from a spectator s point of view since there wasn t exactly millions of people there. If you want an unrivalled view of the track action this is definitely the day to go on. Brutus Returns Saturday got off to a much better start. The Sun actually managed to break through the grey overcast from time to time and the cool breeze quickly dried the track out which meant we would finally see some much quicker lap times. At 9am prompt the parade Roger Deans in the 1969 Lola T142. 20 The Pre-1940 GP cars provided some superb entertainment. When it rains at Cholmondeley... it really rains of Aston Martin Anniversary Cars set off on their demo runs followed almost immediately by the Classic Pre-War Cars. This gave us the first real competitive run of the day as Chris Williams held nothing back as he blasted round the track in the Napier-Bentley 24 Litre. Also in this class was the amazing Brutus BMW Aero 46.5 Litre belonging to the Sinsheim Museum in Germany. Powered by what is essentially a World War Two Heinkel 111 The Bugatti Veyron on track. bomber engine what Brutus lacked in speed it more than made up for with sheer noise and character. Line-up of historic F1 cars. Perhaps one of the most pleasing aspects of Cholmondeley is the variety of machines taking to the track. You kind of expect the supercars and singleseaters but there are some real oddities too. Take the Messerschmitt Kabinenroller KR200 for example. The main part of this car looks just like any other Messerschmitt KR200 bubblecar but attached to its rear end is a massive caged propeller which pushes the little two-seater along. The car comes from the same German museum as Brutus and looks (and drives ) more like an aeroplane without wings. However its sedate July 2013 21 Above A new course record was set by Rob Kerr in the Radical RXC. pace meant it was never going to set any records other than perhaps for the slowest ever lap Formula1 cars from the past and this year saw a superb collection of very interesting cars. Perhaps the star car in the distinguished line-up was the ex-Nigel Mansell JPS Lotus 87 which was being driven by Rich Hall. That famous black and gold JPS colour scheme was enough to cause Messerschmitt KR200 with propeller power thousands of great memories to come flooding back from the days when F1 somehow seemed more exciting. Rob Hall was also handling driving duties in the attractive 1983 Arrows A6 while Andy Willis took the controls of the slightly older Arrows A3 from 1980. Another car that attracted a lot of attention perhaps not all for the right reasons was the 1977 Hesketh Cosworth 308E. The politically incorrect car was sponsored by adult magazine Penthouse and cigarette paper company Rizla and featured a scantily-clad lady painted on the side of the car clutching an oversized packet of Rizlas. Can you imagine the uproar if someone tried that today Back in the paddock visitors got to see the exceptionally rare sight of not one but Politically Incorrect Cholmondeley is also a great event for getting up close and personal with some of the 22 Aston Martin DB4GT burns rubber Historic rally Mini Clubman. Cholmondeley Castle. three Bentley Speed 8 Le Mans cars all parked together. It would have been great to see them all out on track but sadly only one of the three would run over the weekend. Still it was a pretty impressive sight seeing the dark green Le Mans winning car blasting around the Cholmondeley estate a very cool car indeed. While on the subject of Le Mans the show s PR in the run up to the event hinted that a Le Mans winning Audi R18 car would be on show during the weekend and I have to admit I was really looking forward to seeing this car in the flesh again. I last saw it during the epic 2011 24 Hour Race in its famous battle with the Peugeot cars. Sadly the R18 didn t show up at the Pageant of Power instead visitors had to make do with the 2009 Audi R15 TDi which was only there as a static display and didn t go out on the track. Maybe next year VW Beetle rally car. site to explore some of the trade stands. There was an interesting mix some catered for motoring and motorsport fans but nowhere near as many as I had expected. Quite Lets Go Shopping Equipped with my shiny new wellies I set off around the The Bell Griffin helicopter. BRM P261 historic F1 car. July 2013 23 Bell 412 Griffin from RAF s SARTU giving search & rescue demo.. The hovering Flyboard. Audi R15TDi. Rachel Williams in the Austin Blackburn 1100. a few seemed to be aimed at country living and the Lifestyle Pavilion (actually a large marquee in the middle of the trade area) offered jewellery skin-care products and even wedding photography. There was also a good selection of food vendors and for once most seemed to be charging reasonable prices. Doughnuts pancakes fish & chips pizza and even hog roast were all on 24 offer although I was most impressed by the Vintage Tea stand that set up a small traditional tea shop where the staff dressed in 1940s style clothes and burst into song to entertain their customers. It was really rather jolly good Record Breaking Back to the track action and while some owners drivers were obviously there to have a good time and show off their cars to the assembled audience others were there for more competitive reasons. Main protagonists in that latter category were those from the Racing Saloons & Track Day Cars class which included some seriously quick machinery. Much pride was at stake as manufacturers such as Caterham Radical BAC and Ariel brought their latest creations along to see who could go fastest around the castle estate. There were Errr..... The Chevron Cars stand. The Bentley stand. Gutsy driving in the Proton. Caterham SP300R. Sporting Bears Dream Rides cars. some very close battles over each of the three days but as the results came it it was clear the fastest car in the class and indeed the whole weekend was the 430bhp road-legal Radical SR8 RX driven by Robbie Kerr. That was actually quite an impressive achievement considering the Radical was up against the track only Caterham SP300R and despite having no previous experience of the car or Concert in full swing. The awesome Maybach Zeppelin 23 Litre. July 2013 25 A swan queues up at the coffee bar only to discover they don t serve bread... There have to be easier ways of taking a shower Ultra rare Maserati 250F. course Kerr smashed the previous course record by 6.6 seconds to set a new record of 55.29s. The Caterham car - with Scott Mansell at the wheel - wasn t far behind though with a time of 56.53s while Gary Thomas in the Force PC single-seater notched up the third fastest time of the weekend with a respectable 58.59s. 26 Flying High Of course Cholmondeley isn t just about cars. Out on the lake there were some pretty impressive demonstrations from a freestyle jet-ski team a very competitive hovercraft race and powerboat rides for the public. A new addition to the waterborne activities was the Flyboard. This was a bit like a surf board that rose vertically up out of the lake on two huge jets of water. It was impressive at first but it couldn t actually go anywhere thanks to the huge water pipe attached to the bottom of the board so lost its appeal after a couple of minutes. Combining aerial activities with the water the RAF s Search and Rescue Training Unit used its Bell 412 Griffin helicopter to pluck a waterlogged victim from the lake while whipping up vast clouds of spray. It certainly looked spectacular Later on the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight with its World War Two Spitfire Lancaster and Hurricane aircraft put on a stunning display which had every eye at Cholmondeley turned skyward always a moving spectacle. Saturday evening saw the staging of a huge openair Last Night at the Proms style concert featuring the Manchester Camerata Brutus rumbles around the track at Cholmondeley. Three Bentley Speed 8s. Orchestra. The music was as you d expect faultless while the overhead fireworks were simply spectacular. Again this part of the event would have been so much better if it had been a lovely warm summer s evening and the ground was bone dry but unfortunately spectators had to contend with drizzle a cold breeze and very wet grass underfoot. Such a shame. The Sunday schedule was more or less the same as the previous two days with the same cars taking to the track for their final runs of the weekend. Those that stayed right until the end got to see the podium presentations where the fastest of each class picked up a trophy but by that time most were heading for the exits. The Cholmondeley Pageant of Power is a great event but I feel desperately sorry for the organisers who seem to have no luck with the weather at all. Surely after six years they deserve a break and lots of sunshine for next year s pageant. A bit of warm weather completely transforms events like this one and would turn it from a good show to a truly great one. Having said that the staff at Cholmondeley have their wet weather drills down to a fine art so if it does rain again just do what I did and buy some wellies take an unbrella and enjoy one of the best motoring events that the UK has to offer. July 2013 27 Le Mans 24 Heures Du Mans With 245 000 spectators packing Circuit de la Sarthe and 24 hours of intense racing the 2013 Le Mans 24 Hour Race on June 22 23 promised to be one of the highlights of the sportscar racing season. Sadly it will be remembered more for a tragic fatal accident. David Harrison reports. I n years gone by the Le Mans 24 Hour Race had the reputation for being one of the most dangerous motor races in the world. To underline that fact in 1955 the Circuit De La Sarthe is still credited with the most catastrophic accident in motorsport history when Eighty-three spectators along with driver Pierre Levegh died when the Frenchman s Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR flew into a crowd of spectators near the pit lane entrance. It was a devastating accident 28 and one that would result in new safety measures being introduced at racing circuits all over the world. Of course no matter what improvements are made it is impossible to eliminate all risk from any form of motorsport and the very nature of the Le Mans 24 Hour Race means that serious accidents are almost inevitable. Despite all that fatalities at Le Mans had become rare in recent times. Before this year s race the last fatal accident was in 1997 and the July 2013 29 one before that was in 1986 a vast improvement on the times when tragedy seemed to strike nearly every other year. Devastating Blow Sadly this year saw the latest tragedy-free period come to a shattering end when Danish driver Allan Simonsen crashed 30 heavily in his Aston Martin Vantage at Tertre Rouge less than 10 minutes in and died a short time later in the circuit s medical centre. It was a devastating blow and one that rendered the rest of the race almost irrelevant as drivers and teams just seemed to go through the motions of running the race but had little conviction or enthusiasm to continue with the proceedings. In fact the remaining Aston Martin cars would almost certainly have pulled out of the race were it not for a request from Simonsen s family who specifically asked them to continue. I can only imagine Below Rebellion Racing s beautiful Lola B12 60 enters the pit straight. how tough that must have been. of a new era of team rivalry. However continue it did and Recent years have seen the alllike it or not sometimes the conquering Audi Sport Team show must go on regardless of Joest go head-to-head with how some people feel. arch rivals Peugeot with the two works supported teams New Era becoming the Real Madrid and This year s race had been Barcelona of the sports car eagerly awaited for some racing world. The 2011 race time as it marked the start saw one of the closest finishes in the race s history when the winning Audi finished just 13.8 seconds ahead of the chasing Peugeot car. The final lap that year was also the first full race speed final lap (as opposed to the traditional staged photofinish) since that of the 1969 race due to the small gap between the two lead cars. July 2013 31 Above Dramatic night shot of the AF Corse Ferrari 458. Left The Proton Competition Porsche at dawn. The consolation of being the fastest loser that year proved too bitter a pill to swallow for Peugeot and the French manufactuer withdrew its team from endurance racing at the end of that year. Peugeot s vacant slot on the grid was taken by Toyota Motorsport GmbH with its TS030 Hybrid a machine that looked remarkably similar to the Peugeot cars it replaced. The qualifying sessions ahead of the big race suggested that Toyota was more than capable 32 of making a challenge on the previously untouchable Audi cars was the unthinkable really about to happen Toyota Challenge A successful foray in the qualifying saw Team Audi lock out the front row of the grid with its cars taking all top three slots. Toyota was just behind in forth and fifth and as the French Tricolour dropped to signal the start of the race the new boys stayed glued to the leading cars. Despite the complications caused by the numerous interruptions to the race Audi s R18 e-tron Quattros got the upper hand and as the race progressed through the afternoon the German cars maintained their position. The first twist occurred just as night was falling when in less than five minutes the No1 Audi (Lotterer-F ssler-Tr luyer) was pushed into its garage after being refuelled with an alternator problem. It seemed that the No3 car (Gene-Di Grassi-Jarvis) hadn t read the script either as it suffered a puncture. Oliver Jarvis took a big risk coming back to his pit at a spanking pace in his damaged car After a wheel change he rejoined in fourth place. The No8 (Davidson-Buemi-Sarrazin) and No7 (Wurz-LapierreNakajima) Toyotas took over second and third places in that order behind the No2 Audi in the lead. Toyota made the best tyre choices to cope with the wet track conditions caused by the Toyota TS030 Hybrid being hunted down by the race winning No2 Audi. showers that fell during the night and reduced the gap on the lead Audi to just two minutes. The two Toyotas showed stunning pace and displayed the sort of reliability you would associate with a Japanese car as neither machine experienced any mechanical problems. There were more twists in the closing stages of the race. Nicolas Lapierre went off in the rain losing third place while the No8 TS030 Hybrid did its best to catch the leader. It was a good effort but ultimately in vain as the lead Audi remained just out of reach. As the No2 Audi crossed the finishing line it gave Lo c Duval his first victory in the Le Mans 24 Hours Allan McNish his third and Tom Kristensen his ninth. In tears the Dane - regarded by many as Mr Le Mans dedicated his victory to his friend and fellow-countryman Allan Simonsen. Incredibly it was Audi s twelfth victory at the Le Mans 24 Hour Race. Other Classes In the LMP2 class the No35 (Baguette-Gonzalez-Plowman) and No24 (Pla-Heinemeier Hanson-Brundle) Oak Racing Morgan-Nissans demonstrated exemplary consistency and reliability racking up the laps in almost identical times from the start of the race. They secured first and second places in class by the eighth hour of the race and remained there until the chequered flag fell. Behind the French team s Aston Martin Racing s Art Car. July 2013 33 Above The Vipers put in a spirited performance in only their second year at Le Mans. Left The Audi crew takes the idea of alternative power one step too far plan. The team s race turned into a nightmare mainly because of two offs in the space of thirty minutes Still the attractive blue car finished a respectable ninth in class. In the LM GTE Pro category the race quickly turned into a ding-dong battle between four works cars the No 99 (Bell-Makowiecki-Senna) and (Dumbreck-M ckecars came the No26 Oreca Unfortunately the third works No97 03-Nissan (Rusinov-Martin- Morgan-Nissan No45 (Nicolet- Turner) Aston Martins and Conway) entered by G-Drive Merlin-Mondolot) a car which the No92 (Lieb-Lietz-Dumas) Racing in third place (although won public affection thanks to and No91 (Bergmeister-Piletthis car was later excluded due its art car livery experienced Bernhard) Porsches. Around to an oversize fuel tank) and too many problems and 10h00 on Sunday morning the the No42 Greaves Motosport eventually had to retire. The No99 Aston Martin leading the Zytek-Nissan (Mardenborough- hopes of French automotive category went off and had to Ordonez-Krumm) in fourth legend Alpine making its Le retire. The British team was later promoted to third. Only Mans return with the No36 visibly deeply shaken by this two laps separated first from A450 (Panciatici-Ragues- incident as they were hoping forth after 24 hours of racing Gommendy) didn t quite go to to dedicate a victory to Allan 34 Simonsen. The No92 Porsche then took the lead from the No97 Aston Martin and the other 911 No91 which finished in front of the English car giving the German make a double. The AF Corse Ferrari 458 Italias which were among the favourites were never in a position to pose a threat to the leaders it was the same story for the previously dominant works Corvettes while the Vipers showed great promise for a car that made its debut a just one year ago. In the LM GTE Am class the IMSA Performance Matmut team which hadn t had much luck in recent years was back in the winners circle with the No76 Porsche 911 GT3 RSR (Narac-Bourret-Vernay) its first victory since 2007 In second and third came the AF Corse Ferrari 458 Italias No55 (Perazzini-Case-O Young) and No61 (Gerber-Griffin-Cioci) The 8 Star Motorsports Ferrari 458 Italia. which went some way to saving Ferrari s honour in the LM GTE category. Hollywood A-lister Patrick Dempsey who had been the centre of attention since the beginning of the Le Mans 24-Hours week saw the flag in 30th place overall and fourth in the GTE Am category in the No77 Porsche he shared with Joe Foster and Patrick Long. After the third round of the 2013 FIA World Endurance Championship Duval Kristensen McNish now lead the drivers classification while Audi has consolidated its place at the head of the manufacturers title chase. The Porsche and Morgan-Nissan drivers and the respective makes now lead their championships as double points were awarded for this event. The next round will take place in Sao Paulo on 1st September 2013. Team Audi in Le Mans town square. July 2013 35 Joe Parrington in his MGBGT fends off Andy Green in the Morgan Plus 8. Rod Begbie leads the pack in his TVR Grantura MkIII 1800 in the Ecurie GTS race. MGCC Track Action At MG Live Described as the World s biggest MG event MG Live which was held at Silverstone circuit on June 15-16 played host to the third round of the MG Car Club s 2013 race series. Leanne Fahy reports from the pit wall. Images - Dickon Siddall Photography M G Live is huge. If you like MG cars you will certainly find something to interest you at this event. Millions of spare parts concours competitions club displays stunt shows live music and even an airshow provided plenty of distractions but this was Silverstone so naturally the best action was taking place out on that famous tarmac. Despite being a major MG event the cars taking part in the racing were not all products of the Abingdon factory. The weekend saw 36 Cars competing in the Drayton Manor Park MG Metro Cup. a wide variety of classics compete against each other and there was even separate races for the Morgans and Ferraris. Ecurie GTS cars hit Turn 1. Classic Battle With Saturday morning taken up with qualifying sessions the first race of the weekend was the MGCC Motoring Classics Thoroughbred Sports Cars Race. A packed grid promised some close racing from the off but ultimately it was Josh Files in his Triumph TR6 who would fight off Spencer McCarthy s MGBGT V8 to score top honours. After starting from pole Files initially slipped to second as McCarthy led Ross Chisholm-Brown s Triumph Spitfire Le Mans races Paul Freeman s Alexander Sprite. July 2013 37 Andy Green s Morgan Plus 8. MG Metros on track at Silverstone. the way. By lap three the 0.6 second gap separating the lead duo disappeared as McCarthy s lead fell to his pursuer. From here Files advantage was untouched as he steered towards a victorious finish. Behind McCarthy s second place came under threat when a steady pace allowed Andy Green to sneak through. 38 McCarthy in his MGB GT V8 held on for third. Porsche Power A rain shower before the start of the first Porsche Club Championship race presented the difficult decision of which tyres to use and as the field headed onto the first of their two green flag laps Mark Sumpter in his Porsche 964 dived into the pits to change to wet tyres. As the race got underway Adrian Slater also in a 964 led the way from Tom Bradshaw in his Boxter S as the field struggled on a slippery track. Now on wet tyres Sumpter fired towards the head of the field to make up an astonishing 28 places in just two laps. Before long the Porsche 964 pilot was leading the way trailed by Bradshaw. With the lead duo on different tyres a drying track caused excitement. However as the final laps arrived Sumpter appeared to have the upper hand with an eventual 35 second advantage over Bradshaw. Mark McAleer (Porsche 996) held on for third place ahead of Pete Morris (Porsche 996) and Slater. A dry outing second time around saw Bradshaw control The Ecurie GTS race saw some fierce racing. the pace to add another victory to his tally. Slater again led into Copse corner but a determined drive from Bradshaw gave him the lead during lap one. The battle for third was one to watch as Morris mounted a charge on Sumpter. As the pair rounded Luffield the inside line promoted Morris to third MGBs go head-to-head. before he turned his attentions to Slater in second. Before long second place fell to Morris when a slight moment from Slater saw him drop to fifth. As Bradshaw edged away to an eight second advantage it was all change behind when McAleer elevated himself to third ahead of Sumpter. Keen to make amends for his earlier spin Slater dismissed the challenge of Sumpter to finish fourth with Sumpter fifth and Marcus Carniel (Porsche Boxter S) sixth. No sooner had the Porsche dust settled on the track we had the first Ferrari Classic and Ferrari Open race. As the 33 car field thundered towards Copse for the first time Toby Tarrant-Willis in his Ferrari 458 Challenge immediately took control with Paul Bailey also in a 458 Challenge in second place and Arwyn Williams (GT3) in third. Determined to remove TarrantWillis from his lofty perch Bailey weaved his way ahead as the pair negotiated the tail enders. With less than four minutes left on the clock less than July 2013 39 Ferrari Open Tight racing in the Aero racing Morgan Challenge. James Wheeler s MGBGT V8 cocks a wheel. one second separated the top two and as the pair scrapped Tarrant-Willis found himself pirouetting out of contention as Bailey went on to take the chequered flag. Williams was victorious second time out on a drying track. Tarrant-Willis and Bailey again dominated early on but both were muscled out by Sam Smeeth who charged from the back of the grid to second. 40 Ferrari Open There was no doubting the quality of the racing in the Porsche and Ferrari races but with thousands of MG fans at Silverstone it was perhaps unsurprising that the excitement level went up a notch as the cars in the Ecurie GTS race lined up for the start of their race. The impressive 51 car field included various MGs Triumph TRs TVRs Elvas Lotus Elites Morgans Austin Healeys and Triumph Spitfires. With the race underway Robi Bernberg in his TVR Grantura led the pack on lap one before second placed Scott Quattlebaum (Elva Courier) seized his opportunity to sneak ahead. Upon seeing his rival advance forward James Cottingham followed shortly afterwards before Malcolm Gammons both in MGBs joined in the fun as well. With the top three positions filled by Quattlebaum Cottingham and Gammons the battle for control ignited. All three were engulfed in a fiercely entertaining tussle with each enjoying some time in the lead and determined to seal victory. As they reached the chequered flag it was Quattlebaum who was ahead when it counted. Gammons held onto second place whilst Cottingham swept past the flag third. Bernberg scored a strong fourth place finish whilst Brian Lambert (MGB) held off the hard charging Tom Smith (MGB) who had started at the back of the grid for fifth. Smith stormed to victory in race two after carnage struck the start. As the field raced towards Copse on lap one Jeff Handley (Triumph Spitfire) Alistair Pugh and Les Congdon s races were thrown into turmoil when a heavy collision brought out the safety car. After a short period the damaged cars were removed from the track and the race resumed. After trailing Cottingham in second for much of the race Gammons launched past on the final lap to score his third consecutive second place Pete Foster performed well in his Triumph TR4. finish. Cottingham held onto third ahead of Quattlebaum Bernberg and Mike Harris. As ever the MG Car Club was pleased with another triumphant MG Live event and with some spectacular racing I m sure the fans enjoyed it too. The sheer mix of wonderful classics combined with the home of British Motorsport that is Silverstone made this a really special race meeting. The next port of call on the club s 2013 map of adventure sees the series call at the ever challenging Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire on Sunday July 21. Make sure you don t miss it as it promises to be a really great weekend For people who love classic cars. My friends tried to put me off her at first. They said I should go for a younger model. But deep down I knew she was the one. It s those good old fashioned values. They don t make them like her anymore. Helping you protect your pride and joy Choice of Own Repairer Free Agreed Value Salvage Retention Rights Homestart and Roadside Accident and Breakdown Recovery - UK and Europe Discounts for Club Membership Call for a Classic Car insurance quote 0161 222 5477 Classic Performance Camper Van Military Specialist Call free from a landline on 0800 083 6296 or visit us online at Opening hours in the UK Mon-Fri 8am-8pm Sat 9am-5pm. Terms and conditions apply please visit Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. cn_classiccars Carole-Nash-Classic-Cars July 2013 41 Links To Track Day Organisers & Racing Circuits Apex Track Days - BHP Track Days Ltd - Bookatrack - Club MSV - Gold Track - Javelin Track Days - RMA Trak Days - Track Culture - Wheelsports Snetterton Park - Brands Hatch - Donington Park - Oulton Park Knockhill Racing Circuit - Blyton Park - Santa Pod - Silverstone Goodwood Circuit - Thruxton - Rockingham - Mallory Park Cadwell Park - Castle Combe - july 2013 Key db - Decibels ND - Noisy Day OPL - Open Pit Lane S - Sessions T - Timing Chrono RC - Road Cars Only RCN - Road Car Novice In the red Track day cars don t get much better than the Radical S3. 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Please check with venue before setting off to avoid disappointment. July 2013 43 Keeping the great marques alive from a spire nut to a supercharger Youles Racing supported by Moss Europe Ltd 2010 Classic Mini MG T-Type MGA MGB MGF Sprite & Midget TR2-4A TR5-6 TR7 PERFORM ONROAD &TRACK Bradford Mazda MX-5 Morris Minor Free London parts catalogues call 0800 281 182 Bristol Manchester 020 8867 2020 sales 01274 539 999 bradford 0117 923 2523 bristol 0161 480 6402 manchester Moss Europe Ltd. E&O.E. 2011 CPR Web Mag. 3 http pages Classic-Performance-Retro-Magazine 109644012433017 Please visit our Facebook page and click the Like This button. It will give you a preview of what s coming up in the next issue and keep you up to date with any happenings in the automotive world Mini Party The Mini Cooper S is half a century old this year which of course is a great excuse for a party The Mini Cooper Register thought so too and celebrated 50 years of the Cooper S at its annual rally in Beaulieu Hampshire on June 9th. Simon Hazeldine went along. I t s weird isn t it Between 1959 and 2000 over 5.3 million Minis were built here in the UK and not that long ago it seemed like there were more Minis on the roads than lampposts Sadly that is no longer the case and the little British icon is becoming a rarer sight by the day. The value of these cars is also increasing rapidly. Remember the days when you could by a tired-looking Mini with an MOT and even some road tax for under 46 July 2013 47 The event was blessed with some great weather. Lots of parts on offer Andrew Bond s ex-Works Mini Clubman rally car. 100.00 Nowadays you can add an extra zero to that figure and even then you ll be lucky if you can drive it away. The good news is that those cars that still remain are likely to find their way into the hands of enthusiasts who will ensure their continued survival and many of those 48 enthusiasts will find additional help from some of the well run Mini clubs dotted around the country. What not to do with an angle grinder in Hampshire. This year saw the club celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Mini Cooper S perhaps the most collectable of all the Mini variants and as birthday parties go this would be one not to miss. There isn t much that can be said about the Mini Cooper Happy Birthday One such club is the Mini Cooper Register which holds its annual rally at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu a Paddy Hopkirk autographed Mini. New BMW Minis made welcome too. The famous Cooper badge. Who says you cant tour in a Mini that hasn t been said a thousand times before so I wont bore you with a fullblown account of the Cooper s history suffice to say that it was a car that made a considerable impact in racing and rallying and also proved popular with drivers that wanted a serious pocket- Concours cars. rocket for everyday motoring. It was quick it was agile and it cornered like it was on rails and it is those qualities that still make it such a highlyprized car to many collectors today. As venues go it has to be said they don t get much better than Beaulieu especially for car shows and rallies. Located on the edge of the picturesque New Forest and home to the National Motor Museum the Beaulieu Estate pretty much has something for everyone. If you just fancy a break from the cars you can check out Beaulieu Abbey or the Palace House and gardens. The July 2013 49 Above Proud to be British Left Another patriotic Mini. Below More BMW Minis bask in the sun at Beaulieu. local village is like something straight off a postcard with wild horses grazing contently next to the mill pond on which swans gracefully glide. The first thing to quickly become apparent is that this event isn t just attended exclusively by Mini Coopers. In fact just about every type of Mini and their derivatives can be seen here including the modern BMW-built cars that now carry the Mini name. The actual event uses the same tried and tested format that many car show use there are display areas for each individual model or mark a live arena which is used to showcase some of the more notable cars a large marquee for the concours competition and trade stands Wide Variety When I arrive at Beaulieu there is already a steady queue of Minis heading through the Beaulieu gates and knowledgeable marshals identify each type of Mini and direct them to their own specific type parking area. 50 selling everything from wheels to complete cars. It s well laid out and appears to be well organised and the whole event has a friendly atmosphere. Works Cars My first port of call is the display area featuring the ex-works cars. This was a stunning line up of Mini Cooper competition cars some of which had been campaigned by manes like Paddy Hopkirk Rauno Top An ex-Rauno Aaltonen works rally Mini Cooper. Above Left Patrick Walker s 1962 Mini is the oldest surviving works car. Above 8 EMO is owned by celebrity chef James Martin and was once raced by Paddy Hopkirk. Aaltonen and Timo M kinen. One of the more identifiable ex-works cars - registration number 8 EMO - is owned by celebrity chef James Martin and was driven to 4th overall in the 1963 RAC Rally by Paddy Hopkirk and Henry Liddon. The owner was also at the rally and not content with just bringing along his Mini he also brought his Ferrari 275GTB which managed to find its way into the live arena July 2013 51 The rally featured some amazing cars 52 Left Graham Robson chats to owners in the arena. Below Left Mini Cooper Police car... or should that be Mini Copper (groan ) Below Mini Moke Rat Scamp had some interesting additions Bottom Unzip the flag Neat paintwork on Mini Cooper. at one point in the afternoon. Talking of the live arena it was good to see such a great variety of cars taking centre stage at this rally. Some one make rallies can get a bit tedious when numerous examples of the same model as paraded in front of visitors like some sort of bizarre spotthe-difference competition but thankfully this was not the case at Beaulieu. The tricky job of delivering the live commentary fell to the very knowledgeable motoring writer and historian Graham Robson who did a good job of keeping visitors both entertained and informed as the cars came in and out of the arena. James Martin also gave a talk in the live arena and Paddy Hopkirk made an appearance too as did other notable personalities from the Mini world. Across in the large concours marquee the standard of cars on display had to be seen to be believed. Take for example Michelle Pizzey s Mini Pick-Up July 2013 53 Concours Mini Pick-Up. Immaculate cars on show. Custom Clubman A tad extreme...but you get the point OEG 616X. Every last square inch of this car was polished to a mirror finish with not so much as a spec of dirt to be seen and that includes the bottom of the car as the strategically placed mirrors showed. Another equally attractive Mini Pick Up (to my untrained eye 54 at least ) was the one owned by Andrew Nash (UBD 625W). The engine bay on Andrew s Mini is a work of art and no doubt a labour of love too the engine is painted in the correct shade of A-series green the windscreen washer bottle is the glass type and even the SU carburettors have the early style brass dash-pot caps. The overall effect is stunning. Beautiful Day Back outside and the constant stream of cars continued into the live arena and with it being the 50th anniversary of the Mini Cooper S I was expecting to see a line-up Spotless engine bay Impressive line-up Think Mini - think pink The Sea King crew lines-up with the Bentleys. Walnut dash No thanks of the very earliest Cooper cars those fitted with the 1071 engines. Now unless it happened when I wasn t looking then it would seem that those cars that were actually 50 years old were overlooked which did seem a bit odd. A bit like having a birthday party and then leaving out the person whose birthday it is I spent the rest of the day marvelling at just how cheap Mini parts are especially when compared to the Triumph TR parts I usually buy (seriously...a front wing for less than 50.00 ) and generally soaking up the wonderful atmosphere down at Beaulieu. Overall it had been an excellent day and a very well attended rally. the drive home was entertaining too thanks to the hundreds of Minis chugging along the M3 and M25. Just like the good old days really July 2013 55 Cool Stuff To Spend Your Money On Bespoke Petrolhead Furniture Available from Viper Performance Prices From POA See You ve probably seen similar bespoke pieces at shows and in magazines but seldom do you get a chance to buy your own petrolhead furniture. 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Genuine Minilite 6x10 Alloy Wheels For Classic Mini Available from Mini Spares Price From 93.00 inc VAT See If you re one of those people who believe that the only true Minis were the ones with 10 wheels then you ll be pleased to hear that Mini Spares is now stocking genuine Minilite 6x10inch alloy wheels in a deep dish version. The supplier says that the wider wheels will aid handling and traction and make your Mini look uber-cool too The wheels are made by the new Minilite company and are similar (but not quite identical) to the original items produced in the late 60s to early 70s by Tech Del. The wheels are offset ET-15 and can be ordered as part number C-21A1902A. GAZ GHA Coilover Suspension for Triumph Dolomite Available from Gaz Price 568.59 VAT See The poor old Triumph Dolomite never quite gained the same sort of following as the Spitfire Herald or TR range which is a shame because they were great cars. Consequently they are often overlooked when it comes to new parts. However suspension specialists GAZ have at least helped things a little by introducing this new Coil-over Suspension Kit. It features fully height-adjustable dampers so you can set the ride height from -25mm to -55mm. The height adjusters have a coarse acme form thread for ease of adjustment and the damper units are zinc plated to ensure they remain in good order even after considerable service. Damper rates are also adjustable by means of an adjuster knob on the damper body. The kit isn t cheap at 568.59 plus VAT but if you use your Dolly for racing or track days then this could be a sound investment. 56 WWW.CPRMAG.CO.UK Universal Heater Kit Available From Mini Spares Prices From 135.00 inc VAT See Now this we like The UK isn t actually known for its tropical climate so an effective heater is a must have item in any car. We take them for granted in modern cars but many on classic cars heaters were offered as optional extras. If you have a car that lacks a heater it can be unpleasant to drive in the winter but now Mini Spares is offering this neat universal heater unit to help keep the chills away. The kit comes complete with heater matrix and electric fan and has two outlets for demisting the windscreen - thus complying with regulations for kit cars and two variable vents for heating the rest of the car. The unit is lightweight which makes it ideal for part-time track race cars or simply for those who want to replace their existing heater with something more affordable and lightweight. The heater hose coolant outlets are 1 2 so are ideal for early Minis however if you have a post-1988 Mini you will need adaptor MOC210 x 2 to fit the later 5 8 heater hoses. The all-in-one unit has a mounting plate that could be easily adapted to other classic cars and kit cars with only minimal work. A cool (or should that be hot ) piece of kit. Want to see your new product mentioned here Triumph GT6 T-Shirt Available From Hotfuel Price 19.99 inc VAT See Look cool in the Summer and update your wardrobe at the same time by grabbing one of these neat retro-look Triumph GT6 t-shirts. The large printed design features a distressed Union Jack flag with a front view of a GT6 Mk1 in outline form. the shirt itself is good quality too and made from 185gsm 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Not much more we can say except it looks good feels good and at 19.99 it wont break the bank either Just call us on 44 (0)1353 777519 or e-mail us at info July 2013 57 An eclectic mix of cars making a run for England s south coast results in a superb day out and the world s longest acronym. Simon Hazeldine tagged along and joined the London To Brighton Classic Kit and Sports Car Run held on June 2. ometimes it seems like just about every conceivable type of car has its own London to Brighton Run with Jaguars Minis Land Rovers MGs and Austin Sevens all making their pilgrimage from the capital down to the south S coast en-masse at least once a year. Of course the established London to Brighton Veteran Car Run - which caters for cars built before 1905 - is the original and best known of all these events and due to the fragile nature of the vehicles taking part it is more of an endurance test than a leisurely run to the seaside. Perhaps the run that attracts the widest variety of cars is the annual London to Brighton Classic Kit and Sports Car Run ( s that for an acronym ) organised 58 by GE Events. 2013 saw this particular run celebrating its 25th anniversary so a few changes had been made to make it a bit different from all the previous ones. Get Up & Go Traditionally the L2BCKSCR would set off from in front of the famous clubhouse building at Brooklands and stop off at a selected place of interest along the way before entrants finally crossed the finishing line on Brighton s Madeira Drive. This year the starting place was the same as previous years but the finishing line had been moved to Brighton Racecourse an issue that proved to be quite a talking point among some of the participating crews. More on that later though. If you are not a fan of early starts then this probably isn t an event for you. The majority of the cars start to assemble at Brooklands at 07.30am with the first ones getting waved-off half-an-hour later. Most of the crews look refreshed and wide awake which was probably thanks to the organisers arranging discounted rates at the nearby Brooklands Hotel and Cobham Hilton. It s a July 2013 59 Above David Rowlinson in his Jaguar D-Type replica is waved off by a mysterious racing driver Left The classic car run set off from in front of the Brooklands Club House building. nice forethought and makes me think that maybe next year I ll get my act together and get a room too. It would certainly be preferable to my early morning blast down the A1 and round the M25. Brooklands Like previous years the start line for the classic cars was in front of the club house where each car poses briefly for an official photo before being waved off by a Union Jack carrying flag bearer. The crews taking part in the kit and sports car run started their journey in front of Brookland s Concorde supersonic airliner and were waved off by someone looking suspiciously like a certain anonymous racing driver who stars in a popular BBC motoring programme. Could it really be... Nah. Well maybe The atmosphere at Brooklands was relaxed and some of the crews made time to explore 60 the buildings and exhibits that make up the amazing Brooklands Museum. Others were keen to get going and before long there was a steady stream of cars heading out into the Surrey countryside. Don t Follow Me Anyone planning a leisurely drive where they simply followed the car in front could have been in for an unwelcome surprise as the kit and sports cars were following a different route to the classics. And that wasn t the only potential gotcha because this year the classic run was split into two separate routes - a shorter run of approximately 60 miles for the thirstier or older vehicles with a stop-off point at the National Trust Sheffield Park and Garden or for drivers wanting to stretch their legs a bit a longer run of about 100 miles calling in at the historic village of Chiddingstone and Chiddingstone Castle in Kent. Top Panos Mavroudi s Alfa Romeo Giulia Police car once starred in the film The Italian Job. Above Battle of the Flags The flag bearers from the classic and kit car runs compare flags.. The kit and sports car run followed the classics as far as Stoke D Abernon just the other side of Cobham before heading south to pick up the A24 for the run down through Dorking. It was about this point where I elected to head straight to Sheffield Park the stopping point for the shorter classic run so that I could be their when the cars started arriving. It would also mean I could get away early and head down to July 2013 61 A brace of Jaguar E-Types at Sheffield Park. Veteran cars bask in the sunshine at Sheffield Park. Brighton and get there before the majority of the participating cars. The drive down to Sheffield Park was as picturesque as it gets in this part of the world with picture-postcard villages that seem to have changed little since World War Two and the leafy tree-lined lanes leading up to the park set the scene for what was in store. stop-off point by cars from the Veteran Car Club of Great Britain which were taking part in their own run on the same day. As a result the grass parking area at Sheffield Park was filled not only with classics but also some incredibly rare and valuable veteran cars dating back to the early 1900s. Cars like a 1911 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost a 1904 De Dion Bouton a 1910 Daimler and a 1904 Cadillac rubbed shoulders with Austin Healeys MGs Triumphs and Jaguars and rarely do you get to see such a wonderful mix of cars in one place. Beware Of Snakes Over on the kit and sports car run the crews were heading across southern England to their planned stopping point at Parham House in Sussex. The route had taken the cars through some beautiful countryside Meet The Ancestors Now by some strange coincidence and unbeknown to the run s organisers Sheffield Park was also being used as a 62 This Jaguar E-Type came all the way from Chesterfield to take part in the run. and gave the participants some wonderful views across the Aldbury Downs near Godalming. As always there was an interesting mix of cars taking part on this particular run and when ever a group of kit cars get together you can be sure there will always be a good selection of Cobra replicas to look at. In fact there was 16 Cobras taking part in the run by far the most popular type of kit car taking part. Six of those cars were built from kits supplied by Peterboroughbased AK Sportscars who seem to be thriving despite the current economic gloom. It was good to see the manufacturer getting behind the event too as AK Sportscars MD Jon Freeman and his wife wendi came along in a stunning white Cobra. Another AK Cobra this one owned by Graham Barnes sported a very newlooking Corvette LS3 V8 engine and it looked to be a very tidy Andrew Showell s Ferrari 400GT has an interesting history. Cyril Usmar s AK Cobra. July 2013 63 Paul Gillett s immaculate Ford Escort Mk1. Kevin Browne s gas-guzzling Daimler Ferret armoured car. Triumph TR6 at Sheffield Park. Graeme Hulme s Austin Healey 3000. installation. While on the subject of Cobras I also chatted briefly with Cyril Usmar who had only recently finished his own AK Cobra a culmination of a life-long dream. His car featured an unusual carbon-fibre dashboard which gave the interior a wonderful retro-modern look and according to the owner getting the carbon-fibre onto the car is quite a tricky process. Other kit cars to catch my eye were David Rowlinson s Jaguar D-type replica (who can resist those lines...even if it isn t the real deal ) Andrew Thurling s bright yellow Westfield SEi Lairy Canary which I noticed is fitted with an ingenious aircraft-style intercom system complete with headsets and Tim Mills Sebring TMX. offer much better facilities. The large function room inside the main stand was being used to cater for the crews and the bar was serving hot and cold drinks along with other refreshments. For once the entrants had somewhere comfortable to sit and a roof over their heads... even if it wasn t raining outside The organisers had booked an entertainer too who crooned his way through most of the songs Sinatra made famous. Outside the cars were parked separately again with the kit and Crossing The Line The finishing line this year as mentioned earlier had been moved to Brighton Racecourse and while it might not be as aesthetically pleasing as the town s Madeira Drive it did 64 Bill Williams crosses the finish line in his Jaguar E-type V12. Julia Hope Editor of MOG magazine in a Morgan. sports car taking up position in front of the main entrance while the classics parked next to the main stand. As I wandered around the classics parking area I found myself looking at some rather interesting and unusual cars. Kevin Brown came along in his 1953 Daimler Ferret armoured car which had seen military service in Jordan Aden West Germany and took part in the first Gulf War. A real head-turner but In wouldn t want his fuel bill Then there was Andrew Showell s Ferrari Andrew Thurling s Westfield SEi. Nigel Fisher s Rolls Royce Shadow. July 2013 65 66 Run organiser stephen Smith (left) presents the Oldest Classic award to Andrew Connell for his 1936 MG PB. 400GT which was once owned by Brian Clements a screenwriter and television producer best known for his work on The Avengers and The Professionals. Another car that had links to the world of film and television was Panos Mavroudi s 1970 Alfa Romeo Giulia which was used as an Italian police car in the film The Italian Job . One car that deserves a special mention is Anthony Connel s 1936 MG PB Supercharged which took the award for the oldest car taking part in the event. Even more impressive is the fact that Anthony has owned the car for 50 years and he drove it all the way from Norwich to take part in the run. Another special mention goes to Nigel Fisher and his wife who had driven their Rolls Royce Shadow One down from Hertfordshire for the weekend. Their car had the honour of wearing the No1 rally plate for the run but this was actually the 24th time the couple had taken part in the London to Brighton Classic Run an impressive record only ever missing one year since the event was started. I caught up with the event organiser Stephen Smith for a few words and he seemed fairly happy with how things had gone. I mentioned earlier that the use of the racecourse as the finishing point proved to be a talking point with some of the crews some of whom told me they preferred it when it was down on the sea front. From a personal viewpoint I can see where they are coming from but I can remember standing in the wind and rain on Madeira Drive at last year s L2BCKSCR and would have gladly swapped it for the comparative luxury of the race course. It was the event s 25th anniversary and it would have been ruined if everybody had to stand around in the rain so the organiser should be applauded for taking the bold move to relocate for this year s run. The good news for those that preferred the old finishing point is that next year should see a return to Madeira Drive so don t forget your bucket and spade... and your umbrella too July 2013 67 WITH THE PASSAGE OF TIME Keep stocks high - you cannot sell a product if you don t have the stock Never lie to a customer - if supply is going to be 6 weeks be honest and tell them so Try to get every order out the same day Keep the customer informed Never take a credit card swipe or raise an invoice unless the goods are to hand Sell value for money products - not the cheapest nor necessarily the best but that which our experience suggests is good for the job Offer advice if you feel capable of doing so but don t talk rubbish OUR DOCTRINE REMAINS THE SAME... 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If you would like us to include your event just send an e-mail with the details to info July 2013 Date 4 4 6 6-7 6-7 6-7 6-7 6-7 6-7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 9 12-14 13-14 13 13-14 13-14 13-14 14 14 14 14 14 Venue Witney Motor show Oxfordshire England Ace Cafe Classic Mini Meet London England Classic Car & Motorbike Show Harlow Essex England Cumbrian Rover Rally Dalton In Furness England American Car Show Tatton Cheshire England AMOC Centenary at Brands Hatch Kent England Pageant of Motoring Bath Wilts England COOC East Anglian Rally Holt Norfolk England Cars in the Park Lichfield Staffs England Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb Worcs England Leighton Hall Classic Car Rally Lancashire England Retro Show Santa Pod Northants England MG M Saloon Day IWM Duxford Cambs England Classic Car Show East Barnet England Italian Car Concours Lutterworth Leicestershire England Barleylands Farm Festival of Transport Billericay Essex England Lydiate Classic Car and Bike Show Liverpool England Ace Cafe Classic Car Night London England Goodwood Festival of Speed Goodwood Sussex England MGOC 40th Birthday Celebration Swavesey Cambs England Ace Cafe London Ford Corsair Celebration London England CBCCC Classic Gathering Exeter Devon England Classic Race Weekend Castle Combe Wilts England HSCC Brands Hatch SuperPrix Circuit Kent England Garstang Autojumble Garstang Lancs England Ace Cafe London Drivers Challenge London England Macmillan Classic Car Show West Clandon Surrey England Thames Valley Festival of Transport Maidenhead Kent England Classic Car Show Darlington County Durham England Website n a n a n a n a 70 14 14 14 14 14 19 20-21 20 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 26-28 26-28 26 27-28 27-28 27 27 27-28 27-28 27 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 Morgans at Curborough Lichfield Staffs England Charity Classic Car Show Kimbolton Cambs England Darling Buds Classic Car Show Ashford Kent England Classic Car Show Doncaster England Mid-Lincs Rover Club Rally East Kirkby Lincs England Austin Ten National Rally Buxton Derbyshire England Classic Car Show Middlewich Cheshire England Jensens At The Ace Cafe London England Elvetham Heath Car Show Hampshire England VSCC Mallory Park Hinkley Leics England Uxbridge Autoshow Uxbridge Middx England Alton Classic Rally Alton Hants England Fleetwood Festival of Transport Fleetwood Lancs England Old Ford Rally Gaydon Oxfordshire England Scottish Car Show Edinburgh Scotland MG Chesterfield Marcham Road Run Chesterfield England Ford RS Owners Club National Day Donington Park Leics England Bentley Museum Classic & Sports Car Show Lewes East Sussex England Minis ( classics) On The Rec Brighton Sussex England Norfolk Sea Scout Classic Car Show Wroxham Norfolk England Silverstone Classic Silverstone Circuit Northants England Land Rover Show Billing Aquadrome Northants England American Rod & Custom Show bridlington Yorkshire England Shelsley Classic Meeting Shelsey Walsh Worcs England Alvis Midland Day Gaydon Oxon England Classic & Supercar Show Chorleywood Hertfordshire England Brooklands Supercar Saturday Brooklands Museum Surrey England MGCC Wolds Rally Bishop Wilton Yorks England Tortworth Vintage Transport Show Bristol England Ace Cafe Consul Zephyr & Zodiac Meet London England Crich Mini Meet Critch tramway Museum Derbyshire England Classic Car & Transport Show Walsall West Mids England Sports Car Sunday Capesthorne Cheshire England Brooklands Retrojumble Brooklands Museum Weybridge Surrey England Cannon Hall Car Rally Barnsley South Yorks England Nene Valley Railway Classic Car Gala Peterborough Cambs England Classic Car Gathering Ripon Yorkshire England Classic Car Breakfast Meeting Blackbushe Hants England Riviera Classic Car Show Paignton Green Devon England Rotary Classic Car Show Ashover Derbyshire England London to Southend Classic Car Run Barkingside Essex England Festival of Transport Audlem Cheshire England n a n a July 2013 71 Classics in the making BY APPOINTMENT TO HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN SUPPLIER OF CAR CARE PRODUCTS AUTOGLYM LETCHWORTH ENGLAND BY APPOINTMENT TO H.R.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES SUPPLIER OF CAR CARE PRODUCTS AUTOGLYM LETCHWORTH ENGLAND JD Classics knows classic cars inside out particularly Jaguars it builds restores upgrades services and even races them. It has an international reputation for concours winning restorations and for rebuilds enhanced with special sports upgrades. Following the company s slogan When only the best will do it is only natural that JD Classics should choose Autoglym car care products to finish and protect its stunning vehicles which include Aston Martins Bentleys and Ferraris as well as Jaguars. Autoglym offers the most comprehensive range of car care products available. All are fast effective and will provide a perfect result inside or out. For the ultimate shine our recently introduced High Definition Wax is supplied as a complete kit and is quite simply our finest polish ever. Follow JD Classics example and use the best care and protection for your car. Find out more about the award winning Autoglym range by visiting our website at For product and local stockist information visit our website or telephone 0800 515 779. BYRON_BOOKAZINE5 1 7 09 17 42 Page 1 Buying and Selling your Aston Martin Researching your Aston Martin Choosing your Aston Martin Or just downloading the screensaver Insuring your Aston Martin In our third decade serving the Aston Martin enthusiast. AUTOMOTIVE BROKERAGE Latest News From The Auction Rooms Star buy was this 1967 Aston Martin DB6 which sold for 123 200. Aston DB6 Tops Brooklands Sale Historics at Brooklands Sale Brooklands UK. June 1 2013. Historics at Brooklands Sale. Type Aston Martin DB6 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Roadster Rolls-Royce Phantom II Mercedes-Benz 220S Ponton Cabriolet Mercedes-Benz 190SL Mercedes-Benz 190SL Year 1967 1967 1933 1958 1957 1957 Price 123 200 112 000 71 200 66 000 62 720 61 600 Barn-find Porsche 911T fetched 26 880. A 1967 Aston Martin DB6 topped the Historic at Brooklands sale on June 1 when it sold for a respectable 123 200. Total combined sales for the whole day reached 1.58million. The sale topping Aston Martin was a tidy two-owner car which the vendor claimed had only covered 130 miles over the last ten years. Despite that relative lack of use the engine is said to run well with a strong oil pressure and if the new owner has a vintage music collection he could always make use of the original 8-Track stereo which was still fitted to the car. As expected the British cars performed well at the sale with Jaguars proving especially popular with bidders. Notable big cat sales included a 1959 XK150S coup which went for 48 160 a 1974 E-type Roadster Series 3 fetching 44 800 and a 1966 Series 1 E-Type which sold at 112 000. 74 WWW.CPRMAG.CO.UK Good value Cool looking Lenham Healey Six sold for 20 720. One car that seemed to represent excellent value for money was the 1961 Lenham-Healey Six which would make an excellent historic racer or hill-climb car Selling for just 20 720 it seemed to be a great deal for the new owner. Top of the one that got away list must have been the pretty 1948 MG TC. A very presentable car it is finished in the traditional colour combination of green with tan interior and described by the vendor as being great fun to drive . A cracking little car but one that failed to meet its reserve. It s not often you hear of Porsche barn-find cars even less so when the car is a 911 but that was exactly what was on offer at this sale. Sold as found so still covered in dirt and dust the 1970 Porsche 911T still fetched an impressive (for its condition) 26 880. It just goes to show that the German marque still remains a safe bet if you want a car that The one that got away Pretty MG TC failed to sell on the day. rises in value. Talking of Germans marques the other big Teutonic name Mercedes-Benz - also made a splash with a pair of 1957 190SLs. Selling for 61 600 and 62 720. Buyers had a choice of black or silver with the latter being owned by the same family for the last 28 years. It was restored in the mid-80s and has had little use since. The black car had also been restored and was taken back to bare metal about ten years ago and repainted. The suspension was also rebuilt as well as the braking system and engine gearbox. the next Historic auction takes place at Brooklands Museum on August 31. July 2013 75 WWW.CPRMAG.COM AD December 2010 89 Top DVDs Videos & Movies Bristol Cars On Film Format PAL Running Time 62 minutes Price 13.95 Available From This souvenir DVD is based on two high-quality 16mm films shot by the late Ted Ashman Chief Photographer of the Bristol Aeroplane Company in the mid-1950s. Enhanced by modern location footage and informed commentary it will be greatly enjoyed by Bristol Car owners and enthusiasts. The first film traces the progress of a Bristol 403 making a journey from London to Paris in 1954. Its objective was to publicise Bristol Cars and to prove that travelling in a modern sports saloon on a long cross-channel journey would be comfortable and pleasant. Appropriately the car is air-lifted from Lympne Airfield in another BAC product the Bristol Freighter which was known as The Five Ton Lorry Of The Air. Some notable landmarks are passed en route including a memorial which commemorates the 46 passengers and crew who lost their lives following the R101 Airship disaster at Beauvais in 1930. The Le Mans film which was shot in colour in 1955 is truly remarkable. The event was a huge success for the Bristol team as they finished 1st 2nd and 3rd in their class. However as a result of the devastating Mercedes crash which killed driver Pierre Levegh and 83 spectators it is believed that the film was put away and never shown publicly. Prize money received by the Bristol Car Division was donated to the fund set up for the relatives of the victims a touching gesture typical of the caring nature of its Managing Director Sir George White. Both films are narrated by Bristol Car historian Christopher Balfour author of the most recent publication on the famous marque Bristol Cars A Very British Story . Apart from being a very watchable DVD about Bristol s cars it also gives the viewer a glimpse into the past and a taste of what life was like back in a 1950s England. It is easy to warm to the slower pace of life while at the same time the technological advances brought about a real buzz which you can still sense from watching this footage. Well worth watching and essential if you are a fan of Bristol cars. 78 FREE CATALOGUES OR CD ROM A BRITISH COMPANY SUPPORTING BRITISH CARS LAND ROVER PARTS CENTRE (All models) Rimmer Bros is an authorised Land Rover parts distributor FULL RANGE OF PARTS & ACCESSORIES l Genuine Land Rover parts l Quality Aftermarket parts l Worldwide mail order service l Extensive website (On-line ordering) (Retail & trade) l l l l l Counter service (Retail & trade) Vast stocks (For immediate delivery) Great prices l Great service Free catalogues Trade enquiries welcome (Local trade delivery service) CONTACT US FOR ALL YOU PARTS AND R ACCESSORIES EXHAUST for all Land Rover models STAINLESS STEEL VERSION 2.8 Dec 2007 CENTRE We are open - MON FRI 8.30am to 5.30pm SAT 8.30am to 1pm. VISITORS WELCOME PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE RANGE ROVER DISCOVERY FREELANDER DEFENDER. TR2-8 SPITFIRE GT6 STAG 2000 2500 HERALD VITESSE DOLOMITE SPRINT. Refer to outer sleeve for installation & system requirements Tel 01522 568000. Fax 01522 567600. E-mail sales PARTS SALES & ENQUIRIES Tel 01522 568000 Trade Enquiries 01522 567111 Fax 01522 567600 Please enquire for superb prices and off the shelf availability. MG ROVER & TRIUMPH CLASSIC PARTS We stock the full range too E-mail LRsales Rimmer Bros. Triumph House Sleaford Rd (A15) Bracebridge Heath Lincoln LN4 2NA Speedy Stories & Revving Reads Silverstone The Home of British Motor Racing Author Chaz Parker Price 37.00 Format Hardback. ISBN 978 0 85733 0727 Available From Once the home to USAAF B17 bombers the former wartime airfield at Silverstone in Northamptonshire has gained a reputation as being the UK s most important motor racing circuit and is best known as the home of the British Grand Prix which was first staged there in 1948. This excellent book traces Silverstone s history up to the present day covering the great races influential characters and unforgettable events as well as the evolution of the circuit itself. The book is profusely illustrated including plenty of rare photographs that have not been published before. Anyone who has visited Silverstone regularly over the past few decades will certainly have seen a lot of changes. In fact the circuit is barely recognisable from the one which was there just ten years ago but this book serves as a useful reminder and really brings back the memories of how it was back then. Produced with the full assistance of the British Racing Drivers Club (BRDC) and Silverstone Circuits this is the last word on the history of the much-loved home of British motor racing . An excellent book littered with great photographs and anecdotes it is a must for any serious motor racing fan. Volvo 700 900 Series - The Essential Buyer s Guide Author Tim A. Beavis Price 9.99 Format Paperback. ISBN 978-1-845844-56-1 Available From A friend of mine once owned a Volvo 900 and joked that the army would buy them if they had a gun fitted such was their tank-like construction. Maybe he had a point but those built to last qualities have given the chunky Swede a rapidly growing fan-base and this book is aimed at assisting anybody who might be thinking of buying either a 700 or 900 series. Packed with information illustrations and advice from a real marque expert this book takes you through detailed sections on what you need to know in deciding which model is for you. It tells you what it s like living with the car how much you should be paying and how when and where to inspect models for sale including a comprehensive condition checklist and guide to common concerns. You ll also discover what s involved in restoring the main problems caused by lack of use and potential for modification. For reference there s a vital statistics list for each model shape and engine and a guide to the key people organisations and companies within the Volvo community that you can look to for further advice. Does exactly what it says on the cover 80 World Encyclopaedia of Racing Drivers Author Peter Higham RRP 175.00 Format Hardback. ISBN 9781844254330 Available From Charting the lives and achievements of over 2 500 racing drivers from 1894 to the present day World Encyclopaedia of Racing Drivers is a remarkable work of unprecedented scale is packed with stories of racing suicide drug-running industrial espionage and elopement. Taking six years to complete and containing nearly a million words the World Encyclopaedia of Racing Drivers features the many great champions that have graced the world s circuits as well as the numerous obscure and little-known characters that have made the sport so compelling. Every driver to have featured in the Formula 1 World Championship is included in this three-volume set as well as pre-war Grand Prix stars race winners from IndyCars to NASCAR the leading lights at Indianapolis and Le Mans and national and international champions from all eras and across the globe. Each entry contains a list of key race and championship wins alongside biographical information and portrait photographs where possible many in colour. World Encyclopaedia of Racing Drivers unearths the stories behind the statistics of motor racing s great heroes and previously unheralded characters. This magnificent publication is a definitive biographical reference a reliable source of factual information and includes a diverse collection of portrait photographs. The result of many years of endeavour by a dedicated Peter Higham the World Encyclopaedia of Racing Drivers breaks new ground in motor racing research and will be treasured by anyone interested in the history of the sport. The Definitive Shelby Mustang Guide 1965-70 Author Greg Kolasa RRP 39.95 Format Hardback. ISBN 9781934709979 Available From All car enthusiasts know about Shelby Mustangs but what really separates them from their production-line relatives What really makes a Shelby a Shelby This new book from Shelby American Auto Club (SAAC) historian and registrar Greg Kolasa details the specifics on the performance and appearance alterations with both descriptive text and superb photographs. This book gives a detailed look at both the performance and styling characteristics of each year of the 1965-1970 Shelby Mustangs in text photographs and charts graphs and clears up many myths and misconceptions surrounding these legendary pony cars. In addition to his firsthand knowledge Kolasa relies heavily on factory documentation and interviews with Shelby American designers engineers stylists fabricators and race drivers to get the true as-ithappened story of these phenomenal pony cars. Additionally the cars included in the book were chosen specifically for their historical and technical correctness. The Definitive Shelby Mustang Guide 1965-1970 will serve as the illustrated Shelby Mustang sourcebook for years to come. For Mustang and Shelby enthusiasts especially but even for general automotive historians no automotive library would be complete without it. July 2013 81 The Online Marketplace for Classic Performance & Retro cars Advertise It You can advertise you car for sale in Classic Performance & Retro and it will cost you nothing Just send us a photograph of the car along with up to 50 words and we will include it in the next issue. We will advertise the car in subsequent issues free of charge until you advise us that the vehicle is sold. If you have not contacted us after three months the advert will be removed. Send advertisements to Selling Your Car Be Wise When You Advertise When you advertise always take steps to guard against identity fraud. Do not place personal details in your adverts. If you are selling a car remember that there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there who will use every trick in the book to part you from your car or your money. Take sensible precautions. If you are buying a car make sure you check it thoroughly. If it seems too good to be true it probably is Never meet a vendor on the street or at service stations. Research the type of car you are buying so you know what to look for. If you are unsure take an expert along with you. FREE classifieds 1974 MGB Roadster for sale which comes with a comprehensive service history and maintenance records. The car was delivered to Bradburn & Wedge Wolverhampton ( MG Main Dealers ) on the 25th September 1974 and the Heritage Certificate is with the vehicle. The car has been wax-oiled from new and has just passed an MOT with no advisories. It is fitted with overdrive spot lights woodrim steering wheel replica minilite road wheels cassette player mohair hood and full half tonneau covers. The original rostyle road wheels are with the vehicle. 6 950. Call 07542 283436. 1952 Jaguar XK120 has been built to period race specification but is still very much road legal. There is an extensive history file with the car which details much of the work done on the car and includes MSA FIA papers for the car. 75 000. Call 02392 570900. Historic Championship in 2004. Now fitted with a zero miles MASS Cosworth YB 2.2 litre engine producing 267bhp. Hewland Mk 9 gearbox. New clutch. Two sets of centrelock Chevron wheels fitted 1966 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 4.2litre FHC. with slick tyres. Two spare rear body Early model alloy dash and centre console sections one with an integral rear panels leather bucket seats highly- wing. 35 995. Call 01244 529500. desirable Moss gearbox and original Jaguar dark opalescent green exterior. Only 237 miles since full restoration. Engine and gearbox rebuilt by respected engineer Dick Bradley. Upgrades include braking system with enhanced piston calipers on front and rear of the vehicle and original narrow wheels have been replaced with new six inch chrome wire wheels to improve handling. Call for more details. 45 000. Call 0800 170 15 15. 1936 Austin 10 4 Litchfield nice example ideal car to be shown at the summer shows two tone Navy Black combination no rust Underneath the car is very solid Original works development Chevron with no rust or rot at all. Mechanically the car is good and starts well with plenty of B61 B61-01 built in 1984 and oil Pressure its engine pulls it around well originally fitted with a BDA engine. and it is generally a pleasure to drive. The It was run as a works entry in brakes operate well and transmission is Thundersports and raced with some smooth with no whining from the gearbox success by David Purley Roger or rear axle. Good interior Leather seats Andreason Marcus Pye etc. It was door cards and headlining are all in good subsequently modified and used as a condition as are the carpets. 7 995. Call super saloon before being restored by 01422 881 221 Zul Racing and winning the Spanish 2002 Chrysler Prowler finished in stunning Inca Pearl Gold with Luxury Leather Louis Vuitton seats passenger airbag power locks power windows 24 Valve V6 high output engine plus lots more - call for details 26 500. Call 01992 573564. Triumph Stag Mk11 Auto in Green 1976 Tan Interior Kenlowe Fan fitted large history folder of bills body Restored 4 000 miles ago and still looks great. Original Stag Alloy wheels diamond Cut radio fitted with electric aerial stainless exhaust electronic... ignition fitted new Mohair hood to be fitted with newly powder coated frame. 10 995. Call 01676 523520. 1956 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL LHD very original car from New Zealand finished in Solid Red with Black Leather Interior. Just undergone a full repaint new carpet new hood and chromework. 59 995. Call 020 8418 9191 or 07836 522234 Ferrari 360 F1 2000 Rosso Corsa with Nero hide and carpets silver calipers 6 speed F1 paddle shift power steering auto skid reduction electronic adjustable suspension ABS electric windows remote alarm locking electric mirrors 5 spoke alloy wheels pristine condition and only 2 owners from new with a full Maranello service record. it has now covered 48 233 miles. 39 995. Call 01474 874777. 82 WWW.CPRMAG.COM 1963 Jaguar Mk2 Superb example in Blue (Ecurie Ecosse) light grey 1970 Lotus Europa S2 Turbo Gold interior refurbished to very high Leaf 47 Replica Immaculate standard. Total nut & bolt rebuild car built on a Lotus Twin Cam in the late 90s (extensive history chassis with a fully re-built 1.5l file) straight port head (unleaded) turbo charged Renault Gordini Zeus brakes rack & pinion power engine and re-conditioned 5 speed assisted steering alternator Renault gearbox. Lots of history Harvey Bailey suspension new MOT. The car is hill climb upgrade stainless steel exhaust sprint prepared and has covered electric cooling fan. 17 750. Call 4 miles since rebuild. Features 02392 478803 include Lotus Twin Cam chassis Custom rocker cover with Lotus insignia red leather interior Kevlar dash custom dials and switchgear Lexan side windows under body protection plate body and paint by TVR snap off Sparco steering wheel 4 pot break calipers and much more. Call for list. 25 000. 1980 MGBGT Great condition Call 07543 228799 for 33 years old been well looked after and comes with12 mot and 6 months tax engine recently been retuned and body worked remopped to bring it back to its best.this car only got used in the warmer months so underneath all solid.comes with all the past 1965 2.0 Porsche 911 fully history right from the very start. rebuilt by Francis Tuthill in great fun car to drive and a real March 1998 incorporating all head turner will be sad to see go their modifications for FIA Historic but needs must.runs on unleaded. Rallying class B4. Campaigned 2 895. Call 07944 513366. regularly until 2000 then put into storage until 2010. The car has recently been rebuilt to a very high standard and is now ready to compete again. 155bhp engine on Webers close ratio gearbox with Tuthill gears 8.35 1 final drive and lsd immaculate Westfield SE 7 Tartan Red seam welded bodyshell with full black trim. Ford DHC engine roll cage front and rear sump alloys. Recently repainted. In guards Tuthill spec braking super condition. Massive fun system with bespoke adjustable very quick. Superb summer fun pedal box Leda front shocks car. 5 795 (less than the kit Bilstein rears perspex side and price ) Call for more details rear screens reconditioned 120 01953 717618 amp alternator Tuthill lightweight spec wiring harness and fuse box and much more. 64 995. Call 01244 529500. 1977 MG Midget 1500 6 months MOT & tax. Garaged restored 5 years ago and many new parts 1978 Triumph Spitfire 1500 Inca since including Anthracite club Yellow much loved car owned alloys centre console with stereo and dry-stored for 15 years. Major and speakers and new seat overhaul in 2007. Good starter. belts. Comes with dust cover and Bodywork good. Overdrive tonneau cover. Available with 4 stainless steel sports exhaust. spare wheels and tyres if required Just needs MOT. Great value at just 1 500. Call now on 01628 . 2 500. Call 07870 620613. 628101. 1979 Mk3 Ford Capri 3.0 Litre S in Black. Current owner since July 2010. Much spent in recent years. The Capri also has power steering fitted which helps when you are parking her. Iinterior is immaculate with the traditional Carla Check Fishnet Recaro seats. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask. 6 500. Call 07551-931593. 1971 Triumph Toledo 1500 2 Door Twin Carb Manual Tax exempt to Nov. Mot to 13 Nov 2013. Dolomite velour interior. Very reliable. New sills and plated floor. Brakes checked and adjusted all round new seals fitted to the master cylinder and bled right through. Needs some cosmetic work. It has been resprayed in the past not to a very good standard and there is now some blistering and cracking to the paintwork however there is only a few tiny spots of rust. The passenger seat has a small burn mark in it. No time wasters please. 1 150. Call Mark on 07912 509047. 1999 Rover Mini Cooper 1300 Sports 6 995. Nightfire red. Only 66 000 miles covered by the 1 lady owner since being purchased from John Cooper garages. Drives really well with a very responsive 1300 mpi engine and nice smooth 4 speed crunch free gearbox and positive steering from the wider 13 wheels and tyres. Good original unmodified Mini that is ready to drive away. 1966 Jaguar S Type 3.4 ltr For Comes with a 3 month warranty Sale This nice solid 3.4 S has and a full 1 years MOT included. been in dry storage for the last 20 Call 01322 665141 for more years. 6 200. Call 07989 417323 for more information or to view. details. July 2013 83 The Online Marketplace for Classic Performance & Retro cars Iso Rivolta Competition Special All alloy body built with superleggera type tubular body frame over which aluminium panels have been fitted. Chassis Number IR460368. Chevrolet 5.4 V8 engine. Set up for competition use this Iso would be extremely competitive in historic racing with full roll cage magnesium alloy knock on wheels full harness belts etc. It would also make a fantastic car for road use and tours and is road registered and has long MOT and historic road tax. 75 000. Call 01981 250147. 1990 Mini City Rover Rover mini city 60000 from new (1000cc) Welcome to the sale of this rust free mini city 1000cc. Genuine 60000 miles from new with no rust or rot to be found. Finished in flame red with a white roof with a set of minilite alloy wheels. This car can only be described in very nice condition with lovely finish to the paint work. Drives fantastic with its nippy 1000cc engine no crunching from any gears. Inside the car is all standard and in very good condition. Being a 1000cc this is the perfect car for a first time driver to just a town car. 3 850. Call on 01223 841141 for more info. 1973 Porsche 911 2.4E Targa. POA. Finshed in Purple coachwork with Black interior. Please call for more details and price. Immobilizer New MOT on purchase Petrol Radio Service Sports Seats Sunroof. Call 020 8870 9977. Triumph Stag Mk1 Auto in white with hard top and soft top in great original condition needs nothing just driving and enjoying. 43 000 miles great history Mot 12 Months 12 Months Tax which is Free. Pictures and more details to be added. 13 995. Please phone for more details 01676 523520 1967 Rover P6 2000 original burnt grey and red leather interior with that wonderful period smell inside Slight scrape on bodywork. Starts well not the fastest off the blocks but a period luxury cruiser. Boot full of spares. Extensive history file new MOT 6mths tax. I m an enthusiast and would like to see this P6 go to a good home only selling due to the excessive size of my car collection 2 500. Call 07950 943159. 1974 MGBGT 1950cc Engine On Weber Side Draught Carb Overdrive Gearbox Modified Suspension 4 Point Roll Cage 72 Spoke Wide Rim Wheels Semi Stripped Out. Oselli Fast Road Engine Lots of work - call for spec. 4 995. Call 07761 549454 1992 Mini British Open Classic limited edition of the Mini which was based on the Mini Mayfair and only 1 000 were produced. Finished in British Racing Green Metallic with Stone Beige Countryman Tweed upholstery with leather inserts and Green piping plus a label stitched to seats reading By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen Black Carpets with Green piping Cream leather Steering Wheel matching Door Cards and Seat Belts electrically operated full-length Webasto Sunroof. 1275cc Engine and 4 Speed Manual Gearbox. Wooden Mota-Lita Steering Wheel The car has covered 62 000 miles and has a full and comprehensive Service History from new. 5 995. Tel 020 8876 8171 call for details. 1968 Triumph TR250 for restoration Imported from Colorado USA 2 years ago and dry stored. All taxes and duties paid. All relevant documentation and original US Title Certificate. This car is very original and straight and a good candidate to restore non overdrive. The engine turns by hand and the car is all original panels. Floors and sills need attention the surrounding metal is solid. Bottom of the battery box needs replacing but other than this under the bonnet is sound and original. Chassis looks in good shape. Genuine reason for sale. 8 450. Call 01283 512787. 1953 Citroen 11 Normale Tax Exempt Mot d. LHD. 1911cc DS Engine and 4 speed gearbox 123 Ignition system Electrics converted to 12V. Body in excellent condition with new window door and boot seals. Full stainless steel exhaust system. Reconditioned interior with maroon leather seats beige cloth roof lining and new carpets. New Koni shock absorbers and new brake cylinder system. All mechanical parts in good working order. 11 000. Call 01828 633827. Jaguar E Type S1 4.2 FHC This E Type Jaguar is an original RHD S1 4.2 FHC finished in White with Old English Red. Having been in the same ownership since 1986 1972 VW Beetle Professional this E Type has been a very rebuild to resemble 64 model. chersihed Jaguar that has been 12 volt copper brake pipes gas MOT anually and has always shocks s s exhaust and bumper been garaged which has a lovely blades. Dry stored. Excellent clean patiana. Call for appointment to condition. Reliable good runner. view on 01922 749244. 56 950. 4 900. Call 07881363869 84 WWW.CPRMAG.COM 1999 MG MGF Limited Edition Metallic british racing green with cream leather and green piping. 5 speed manual pas electric windows over-mats stereo hood cover alloy wheels taxed and mot. 2 private owners from new with full main agent service history and all invoices. Mileage is from new an exceptional car with such a low mileage. Please call for any further details. 2 395. Call 07919 854037. 1950 Healey Silverstone A car with wonderful road presence very rare just 105 cars ever built offering Blue Chip Investment potential which can be realised very quickly. Cars with rock solid provenance such as this supported with mechanical integrity & with known fully documented regular past participation in events such as the Mille Miglia are oh so rare In Deep Navy paint with beautiful green leather this car arguably one of the prettiest to come to the market for many years. POA. Call 01394 459 493. 1937 Daimler Light Straight Eight 4 Door Saloon. Pre Select Gearbox. It is absolutely magnificent and totally original. Her beautiful unmarked coachwork is finished in the original livery of Black and Ivory. Her interior is finished in dark Tan leather totally original in beautiful condition with a lovely patina. Maintained regardless of cost. Stainless steel exhaust full length sunroof. All original manuals handbooks buff log books and of course stacks of history. 39 950. Call 01794 390895. 1959 Triumph TR3A Fully restored overdrive finished in gleaming red runs and drives really well comprehensive history unleaded conversion 87mm pistons liner kit HS6 carbs. rack pinion steering kenlowe electric thermostatic controlled fan new chrome tubeless wire wheels on new Dunlop Sport 195 65R15 tyres red leather upholstery with white piping and new set of wool carpets. Comes with two sets of weather gear (incl side screens) one in white the other in black with a black tonneau cover. 22 500. Call 01383 415591. 1977 Triumph Dolomite 1300 Very well presented in British Racing Green with tan vinyl interior all of which appear to be in good condition. Has been used recently as a daily driver and is running sweetly. At one time was owned by MGM Cars Elstree Film Studios and appeared in Ashes to Ashes. History file includes the Met Police ID for Alexandra Alex Drake played by Keeley Hawes and a CD of the TV series along with a few recent bills. While at MGM the car also appeared in Silent Witness and the film Awaydays. Also has original Passport to Service owner s handbook Leyland sales brochure and a service manual. 1 795. Call 07711 509600. 1970 MG Midget 1275 Fresh respray in bright red looks superb replacement gold seal engine and gearbox in the past history just been serviced so pulls keenly though all the gears slight whine in 1st but no other untoward noises from gearbox or rear axle. Recently replaced interior dashboard refurbished. 5 995. Call 01785 841177. 1951 Riley RME Drophead Coupe Complete rebuild chassis up colour bronze new white leather interior with matching bronze carpet new hood and hood foldaway cover Tax Mot exempt pristine condition. 24 995. Call 07585 778683. Advertise Your Car For Sale Here FREE Austin-Healey 3000 MK3 BRG with Black Leather Faced Seats fitted overdrive and new wheels and tyres. Panel fit and paint finish are excellent. Drives beautifully. Fully serviced and ready for the season 42 950. Call 07768 323466 1976 Triumph Tr8 Rally Car Competed from 1976 1982 in the hands of David Lambton in 1972 Lotus Elan Sprint Carnival many major events. A total rebuild Red over White walnut Dash was completed in 2009 to the Alloys Eared Spinners Stainless highest of standards. Dry sump Exhaust Electric Windows Roll engine by John Eales. Close Bar Car Cover Solid Driveshafts Ratio Box. Quaiffe LSD. Full cage Alternator Koni Shock Absorbers. Biltein Suspension. Every rally aid 25 500. Call 01234 750205. etc. 39 995. Call 01636 812655. Just E-mail a photo and the details to info July 2013 85 Get fRee back issues and Much More at our New website...