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Description: Welcome to Fitness Trainer magazine, a digital publication written By Trainers, For Trainers.

1 st anniversary issue Cover Girl Kelly Collins Confides... lots on squats from nfl to CPt July August Issue Contents Volume 2 1 10 a more complete & honest body assessment Q&A w Charles M. Ware by Eric Richards 18 mobile scheduling 24 Kc360 blaster total body by Kelly Collins 18 38 covering your assests the need for liability insurance. by Nick Clayton 46 guess do not assess part 2 by John Paul Catanzaro 10 58 52 the science of by Steve Downs squating 58 fit finds ultimate product guide 52 62 life saver series heart disease by Dr. Edwin Adams by Wayne Brown 66 5 ways to increase your sales walKing 72 poleyour poles for exercise using by Jayah Faye Paley hiKing or just plain getting around 62 72 Fitnesstrainermagazine 24 let s get personal ftm celebrating one year As we celebrate our first anniversary I would like to remind our readers that Fitness Trainer springs from the classic Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness magazine. Most of us pioneers of FTM are former editors writers photographers and business staff members of NB&F. When it ceased to publish two years ago the need to eat gave birth to the publication you are seeing on your screen. We are proud to feature two members of the NSCA Nick Clayton returns with an important piece on insurance - you can never predict an accident and as Nick puts it Cover your assets Also an interview with Dr. Charles M. Ware reveals a less invasive yet all-inclusive method to measuring body fat percentage. The lovely Kelly Collins graces our cover and also provides a complete routine that can be done indoors or out with just a pair of dumbbells and a mat. Eric Richard brings us the story of NFL pro turned trainer Tim Lindsey who uses mobile scheduling software to increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of his business. Ed Adams embarks on a new series and some of our best contributors return for another round. If you d like to get to any of these stories quickly just use our interactive table of contents. If you didn t get a chance to finish our May June issue or you would like to access an archive of our previous issues simply click on the little folder on the top of this page (third icon from the left in the blue toolbar). When the new window opens select the cover of the issue you d like to read and enjoy Questions Comments Suggestions Just want to say hello Write to us at ftmeditor We love to hear from our readers and you may see your letter published in a future issue The Personal Training Annual is a compilation of the best editorial from Fitness Trainer. It will be available until November 2013 when the next one is released. Drop us a message at brexercisegroup with the subject line Personal Training Annual 2013 and we will send you a digital copy. We will also send you a link to each new issue of Fitness Trainer Magazine as they come out giving you a sneak peek of all our new features. We plan to implement more exclusive releases for our opted-in members including videos from top personal trainers specialists and athletes. Thanks for a great year and enjoy your summer Al Khoury Editorial Director Al Khoury is a former writer and editor for Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Magazine and various other publications. Al has always led an active life from his childhood soccer and little league weekends to more recently training in boxing and muay Thai. Since graduating from Hofstra University with a master s degree in English and creative writing he has written over 100 published articles related to health and fitness. A health crisis in 2008 pushed Al to learn even more about proper diet and exercise and he applies this knowledge to his everyday life. Al counts writing creating music martial arts and anything with wheels and a motor among his greatest passions. He uses what he has learned from working with trainers to create his own unique workouts. Al lives in New York City and can be spotted daily running through Central Park. letters to the editor Send us a note and tell us what you think of Fitness Trainer and what we can do to make it better fitness trainer book reviews The Personal Trainer By David L. Herbert The Must Read Book of the Year for Fitness Professionals. The Personal Trainer A Tale of Pain Gain Greed and Lust is a fictional legal thriller that hits to the very heart of the fitness professional and industry as a whole. David L. Herbert has been writing about legal and professional issues in the fitness industry for over 30 years. Some of the most compelling cases are brought to life in an effort to remind the public and the fitness industry the dangers of not having consensus minimal professional standards and ethical practices. Although the book is a fictional legal thriller fitness professionals can learn a lesson on the ramifications of practicing without sound ethics education and training. Unsafe and unethical practices can detrimentally affect clients and in some cases affect the families of those individuals as well as public perception of the profession. Mr. Herbert does an excellent job of painting the pictures from each party s perspective in the book. This style of writing and the fact that these stories are similar to actual cases is what will grab the reader s attention. The ASFP highly recommends this book to fitness professionals to learn from and understand that they should become more active in improving the profession. The ASFP applauds Mr. Herbert for writing such a book in an effort to educate the fitness professional. The ASFP is not financially tied to the book recommended in this article. The ASFP is promoting this book as an educational tool for the fitness professional on the need to conduct their professional businesses in a safe educated and ethical way. We encourage all fitness professionals to join the ASFP to address fitness professional issues as well as public health needs. Press Release from Phillip Godfrey MES CEO President at American Society of Fitness Professionals (ASFP) My name is Michael George and I am a certified personal trainer. I viewed the magazine and it is great. I loved your articles and the advertisements. I loved the personal stories. I loved the tips that your magazine gives on certain exercises. I am a two-time kidney transplant recipient as of March 19 2013. I work out almost everyday. I had been working out for two and half months before my surgery. I have been working out ever since. Michael G. I do lots of writing for Men s Health Fitness RX Muscle Mag Oxygen etc. along with industry mags like PFP and websites like and T-nation. com. I m always happy to contribute articles to help new publications reach new readers. Best Coach Nick Tumminello Director of Performance University http I would love to receive your magazine and think it would be great to submit an article as well. Tracy Little via LinkedIn 2 Time Olympian World Championship Medalist Fitness Instructor Dear Fitness Trainer At first I must admit I didn t like your magazine - I couldn t get the hang of how to read a digital magazine and I didn t see why you even sent it to me although I am a wellness facility owner in upstate NY. I now have the hang of reading it and must say I enjoyed the story about pole walking in your last issue as I have a few older members and we hike three times weekly. I also liked the one about needing insurance from another issue awhile back. That sure made good sense. So keep sending it - it may grow on me And you can t beat the price. Arnold R. Syracuse NY Fitness Trainer Magazine A subsidiary of the Mallarina Sales Corporation SUPPORTED BY THE NATIONAL STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING ASSOCIATION President and PuBlisher robert B.rose One Sassi Drive Croton On Hudson N.Y. 10520 brexercisegroup 1-914-739-0214 editorial director albert khoury ftmeditor distriBution manager leslie s. rose mallarinarose adVertising chuck colletti chuck creatiVe deVeloPer Jesse radford jesse contriButers Dr. Edwin Adams Wayne Brown John Paul Catanzaro Nick Clayton Kelly Collins Steve Downs Jayah Faye Paley Eric Richard Dr. Charles M. Ware coVer PhotograPhy By Serg Studios Fitness Trainer is published six times each year January February March April May June July August September October and November December. Personal Training annual is delivered to readers on November 25th and remains on Facebook and social media for a full year. the annual is offered free to opted-in members. click the cover to read Fitnesstrainermagazine TRAINERS much as they do with their physicians your clients come to you with the CONFIDENCE that you will recommend for them the safest and most effective diet and exercise supplements to fit their individual needs. With so many products out there and so many claims they are understandably concerned and confused. Since your relationship with them is based on this CONFIDENCE you in turn must have CONFIDENCE in the products you recommend. Introduced by Doctor Shawn Shirazi internationally renowned chemist and pharmacologist the CELL-U-RITETM superior brand of ALL NATURAL nutritional supplements supports weight loss health and wellness and was developed based on 20 years of experience in PHARMACEUTICALS AND NUTRACEUTICALS PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT. 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Dr. Shirazi has extensive knowledge of Pharmaceutical Regulatory requirements Clinical Trials Product Formulation and Quality control in addition to expertise in Traditional Eastern Medicines Acupuncture Herbal Extracts Homotoxicology and Nutrition. Q&A with Charles M. Ware D.H.Ed. MS Executive Director of Professional Fitness InstituteTM In our previous issue the Health Profile Institute helped us break down the methods of measuring a person s fat free mass and body fat percentage. This month we are featuring Dr. Charles M. Ware executive director of Professional Fitness Institute and his experience using the Integrative Body Composition assessment created by the Health Profile Institute. Fitness Institute. What does your organization provide At Professional Fitness Institute (PFI) we are developing the next generation of highly qualified certified personal trainers. PFI is a division of Pinnacle Career Institute and we work in concert with nationally accredited career colleges and professional certification organizations in the United States and Canada. As part of our curriculum we are continually on the watch for new products and innovative training methods for our students. executive Q You re the the Professional director of A the skin-fold technique. You end up pinching clients several times in uncomfortable places. This is intrusive and it often upsets them - nobody enjoys being repeatedly pinched. Then after the multiple pinches you tell them they are overweight or worse yet morbidly obese. The process alone creates two negative interactions. Second the IBC measures the waist and wrists and produces data that shows body fat percentage fat mass and lean body mass percentages as well as a healthy fat percentage range. Now you have established a positive path for you client before he or she begins the first exercise. trainer How often Q clients as a do you see professional I see clients throughout the year using a 12-week program to help them achieve their goals or get them on the proper path to do so. A Composition assessment to your clients for nearly three years. How have they responded to the results You ve offered the Q Integrative Body Why do you continue to use the Integrative Body Composition assessment The great thing about this assessment is that it is inclusive meaning that the measurement results show body mass index body fat percentage lean mass percentage and a healthy fat percentage range. Many of my clients appreciate the quantitative data which we use to determine the first set of fitness goals. It also helps me curb clients unrealistic expectations. Too often they want to achieve an unnatural Q A of this fact. When I present the results of the Integrative Body Composition--the IBC--they are surprisingly comfortable with the figures. I see two reasons for this positive reaction First the IBC is noninvasive. Let s say I use A or severely obese and they are aware Most of my clients are overweight and sometimes physically unattainable goal such as their high school body weight. The assessment s comprehensive data enables me to show them a healthy fat percentage range which gives them an initial more realistic goal to pursue. What s more this assessment is great for changing behaviors and lifestyles it is not just a device for showing numbers. This is very important since weight has to be considered in terms of health not as a mathematical calculation. assessments How do clients react Q during follow-up Q client How many times do you provide the IBC to each With rare exception my clients are very encouraged by the 8 and 12-week assessments. They love seeing their body fat percentage drop. And they often feel better about their routine because there is not always significant weight loss by this point. Telling them that they have gained muscle mass helps but showing that drop in fat percent and up-tick in lean mass percentage makes a huge difference. A I always A our first provide the assessment during meeting. Clients have the option for follow-up assessments at the 8 and 12-week marks. Once the initial assessment is complete follow-up tests require weight and waist measurements only which are the two factors that are most likely to change. additional revenue source for you Yes it does. Although it is included in my clients personal training packages I charge 25 to provide the assessment during wellness consultations. There is no maintenance cost or license to renew so it becomes profitable shortly after purchase. In fact mine paid for itself in a few weeks. Does the Integrative Body Q Assessment provide an A Do you have clients who Q come back unhappy Some clients have come back thinking they have gained too much weight and want help dropping the extra pounds. The IBC often shows that they are not that far from the results of their last training session or consultation. In many cases it s a diet or nutrition issue. Initially the clients may return discouraged but the follow-up data makes them feel better and enables us to realign or set realistic goals again. A In 2001 Dragon Door Launched The World s First-Ever Kettlebell Instructor Certification System The RKC--And Ignited a Worldwide Movement... It s Now 2013 and RKC Is Recognized as The Gold Standard for Training Excellence...Discover Why Kettlebells are like weightlifting times ten... If I could ve met Pavel in the early 80s I might have won two gold medals. --DENNIS KOSLOWSKI DC Minneapolis MN Silver and Bronze Olympic Medalist Greco-Roman Wrestling My experience with the workshop was a great insight into my mind and body connection through strength...I really loved Pavel s directness and ability to communicate difficult exercises in such few words. --SHANNON HARTNETT Gym Owner Sausalito CA 9x World Highland Games Champion 3x Word Powerlifting Champion All-Time World Record Holder in the Deadlift (552.5 lbs. 148 bodyweight) Member US Olympic Bobsled Team Pro Football running back San Francisco Scorcherss I was very impressed with the workshop One of the more thorough certifications I have been involved with. A combination of theory and teaching coupled with rugged training and technique practice --CHIP MORTON Cincinnati Bengals Strength and Conditioning Coach Cincinnati OH I m glad I took this weekend to empty my cup because it was expertly filled up again. John and Pavel have refined the single best introduction to safe strength based movement I have seen. It is the best use of the weekend I ve seen yet. The best course I ve attended in the past 5 years. It is sophisticated and raw at the same time much needed in western exercise philosophy Add nothing. Take nothing away. Try to keep the group together as long as possible. You guys are the Rolling Stones . Just keep playing and don t die--that s all you got to do. --GRAY COOK Author of Movement Co-founder FMS Physical Therapist Chatham VA big difference is truth. RKC teaches and lives by the truth. No big words and making stuff up to sound important. Material is excellent never had so much. --DONNIE THOMPSON Professional Powerlifter Health Club Owner Columbia SC 3rd highest powerlifting total in history WPO-SHW World Champion Arnold Classic winner The training was one of the most intense enjoyable and rewarding educational experiences I ve ever been through. The quality of instruction was first-rate and the quantity.... I ll be digesting all the info for a long time. These people are amazing. Very smart very accomplished very serious.... Yet with a great sense of humor. It was without a doubt the best practical instruction I ve ever had. Take the kettlebells away and it was still the best (and simplest ) explanation of training I ve ever been exposed to. Simple not easy. --STEVE MILLES Gym owner Muay Thai trainer New York City NY Intercontinental Champion (Welterweight) US Muay Thai Association US Champion (Welterweight and Jr. Middleweight) World Kickboxing Association Of all the strength and conditioning seminars I ve taken in the last ten years this makes the most sense to me. If you want usable strength and endurance KBs are the way to go As a strength coach I see how all the concepts taught here relate to everything I do in the weight room. --JOSE VAZQUEZ Texas Rangers Strength Coach Arlington TX This past weekend was one of the greatest moments in my training career. It made me believe in my ability more. --ELLEN STEIN Personal Trainer Brooklyn NY 6x IPF Masters World Powerlifting Champion CALL NOW 1-800-899-5111 OR VISIT workshops Q Are more trainers using this assessment I ve met and trained other trainers who are using the IBC. At PFI we provide the kit to our students as part of their tuition. I think we have given kits to more than 150 new trainers in the past two years. A What do the students Q think about the assessment They see the value almost immediately. The non-invasive measurements comprehensive results via the data and ability to set and monitor realistic goals makes the IBC a tremendous asset for new trainers. They graduate with a unique industry-changing tool that can be used immediately. A Charles M. Ware is the Executive Director of Professional Fitness Institute a division of Pinnacle Career Institute and the premier provider of education training and curriculum to the personal fitness training industry. He is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) the American College of Sports Medicine the National Physical Activity Society the American Alliance for Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance as well as the American Association for Health Education. In addition to holding a Certified Health Education Specialist certification Charles is also a certified Personal Trainer with the NSCA and a certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Health Coach with the American Council on Exercise. He holds a Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist certification in addition to the Exercise is Medicine Credential Level II with the American College of Sports Medicine. Charles earned his bachelor s and master s of Science degrees in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Central Missouri and his doctorate in Health Education from A.T. Still University in Kirksville MO. mobile By eric Richard sChedulinG for Personal Trainers The Key To SucceSS im Lindsey felt the burn of running a personal training business soon after he opened Certified Fitness Trainers in Morgantown W.Va. in 2009. The former NFL long snapper who starred at the University of West Virginia before going on to play with the Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks faced a challenge common among personal trainers properly managing client appointments. Like most personal trainers who are just starting out Tim didn t have an assistant to oversee this important yet very time consuming task and the responsibility fell squarely T on his shoulders. As he conducted most of his fitness sessions during the day he was unable to immediately schedule client appointments as they came in. Instead he took time each evening returning voice messages. All appointment times were then recorded in a day planner or Excel spreadsheet. The process was manageable at first as Lindsey initially had a small group of clients. However as the number of clients began to grow so too did the need for a more automated and mobile solution. Lindsey was soon spending 3-5 hours each evening tending to his client scheduling. As any personal trainer can attest it takes time and focus to grow a business and build a client base. Because of the time commitment required for managing client appointments Lindsey was unable to take his business to the next level. A new approach was needed. That approach came in the form of mobile scheduling. a mobile solution to Client sChedulinG ternet-connected device including smartphones and tablets. Realizing the potential of scheduling software Lindsey tested several online schedulers before selecting AppointmentPlus which offered advanced functionality and features. The addition of the software had an immediate impact on Lindsey s Lindsey s most pressing need was the ability to instantly access business especially the Android a calendar from his smartphone app which makes accessing his to manage client appointments. clients schedules even easier. I can now schedule my This would enable him to schedappointments instantly at the ule reschedule or cancel client appointments throughout the day without having to carry his paper day planner or the laptop containing his appointment spreadsheets. Additionally Lindsey needed more features and functionality than those found in personal calendars such as Google or Microsoft Outlook. He wanted to give clients the ability to book their own appointments and manage their accounts online without having to call. Anticipating the hiring of new personal trainers he also desired a system that would allow for multiple calendars. Lindsey s avid interest in technology made him aware of the possible Web-based solutions for his scheduling dilemma. While researching possible solutions online he discovered online scheduling software which had the potential to completely streamline the scheduling process. Additionally being a cloud-based technology it could be accessible from any In gym without having to wait until later in the day says Lindsey. We use the mobile app almost exclusively as it gives us instant access to our calendars between client sessions. Automating the scheduling process has allowed Lindsey to grow his business. Certified Fitness Trainers clients now book between 120 and 150 weekly sessions. Lindsey has also added four trainers to his staff. These individuals can instantly access their calendars online through the mobile app. In addition to the convenience of managing his clients appointments through his smartphone other system features have proved valuable for Lindsey when running his business. They include These apps are used by Lindsey and his trainers at Certified Fitness Trainers. They re typically found in the App Store (for iPhones and iPads) and the Google Play Store (for Android smartphones and tablets). These apps are automated email reminders downloaded directly onto a moSent out automatically through bile device with an icon placed the system these have dramation the screen for easy access. cally reduced the client no-show While any Web-based software Developed for specific rate. This in turn has increased application can be viewed operating systems native apps the consistency of weekly apon smartphones and tablets are generally faster and offer pointments thereby boosting a mobile app is typically the more functionality that Web overall revenue. best option for accessing and apps. Additionally they re managing online scheduling generally easier for the schedulonline client self-scheduling software. This is a major ing provider to update meanTo encourage clients to schedule consideration when selecting ing new software features will their own appointments online an online scheduling software be more readily available when Lindsey added a scheduling op- provider as not all offer mobile compared to a web app. tion to his business Facebook apps with their application. page. Clients can now select Mobile scheduling apps web apps These apps do not their instructors choose a spetypically fall into one of two have to be downloaded onto a cific service or activity view categories native apps and mobile device instead they run availability and then instantly web apps. within a mobile browser. This book their time. means that they recognize a What to looK for in mobile sChedulinG softWare native apps mobile device when a Web site is accessed by a smartphone or tablet. Created to make browsing Web pages easier they re not system-specific and can accessed by both Apple and Android devices. In addition to offering mobile scheduling apps other considerations revolve around the specific features and functionality a personal trainer needs from the scheduling software. These include the aforementioned client selfscheduling which is a necessity if you want clients to book their own sessions online rather than calling in and automated reminders which give trainers the ability to schedule automated email and text message reminders to clients prior to scheduled session times. Other considerations include online payment options Processing client payments is another tedious task that an online scheduling program can automate. Additionally requiring pre-payment of sessions also reduces missed sessions times as clients are less likely to skip a session if they already paid for it. QuickBooks and Google Calendar. Any changes made in the scheduling software are reflected in the software program (and vice-versa if it s a two-way sync). Talking with a live person is a true benefit especially when you have a pressing issue that needs to be integrations Some schedul- resolved quickly. Inquire on the ing systems give personal train- type of customer support the ers the ability to sync the appli- scheduling service provides to determine if it s substantial for cation with common software your business. they already use such as live support Manually scheduling client appointments over the phone is simply not an effective process when trying to grow your personal training business. Nor is it necessary. Advancements in mobile and Web-based technologies have made client management a breeze for personal trainers regardless of the size of their business or number of clients. As Tim Lindsey has proved mobile scheduling is not just an added convenience. It can have a tremendous impact on the success of a personal training business. Eric Richard is the senior public relations specialist at Appointment-Plus ( a leading worldwide provider of mobile and online scheduling solutions for personal trainers gyms and health clubs. Over 130 million appointments have been booked through its application since 2001. Build Your Body To Be Ripped Rugged and Spectacular--With Dragon Door s Best-of-Class RKC Kettlebell The Ultimate Handheld Gym -- Designed for A Lifetime of Hard High-Performance Use... E ven a man of average initial strength can immediately start using the 16kg 35lb kettlebell for two-handed swings and quickly gravitate to one-handed swings followed by jerks cleans and snatches. Within a few weeks you can expect to see spectacular gains in overall strength and conditioning--and for many--significant fat loss. Dragon Door re-introduced kettlebells to the US with the uniquely designed 35lb cast iron kettlebell--and it has remained our most popular kettlebell. Why Let Dragon Door s own satisfied customers tell the story Excellent Quality Unlike other kettlebells I have used Dragon Door is of far superior quality. 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Perfect balance perfect texturing non-slip paint and absolutely seamless. --Daniel Fazzari Carson City NV Dragon Door Kettlebells The Real Deal The differences between Dragon Door s authentic Russian kettlebell and the inferior one which I had purchased earlier at a local big box sports store are astounding The Dragon Door design and quality are clearly superior and your kettlebell just feels right in my hand. There is absolutely no comparison (and yes I returned the substandard hunk of iron to the big box store for a credit as soon as I received your kettlebell). I look forward to purchasing a heavier kettlebell from as soon as I master the 16kg weight --Stephen Williams Arlington VA Continually Impressed Dragon Door never fails to impress with their quality service and products. I bought the 16kg last month and since adding it to my kettlebell arsenal I am seeing huge improvement from the heavier weight. I have larger hands for a woman so the handle on the 16kg fits my hands perfectly and it feels great...This is my fifth month using kettlebells Made for Heavy-Duty Use These kettlebells are definitely made for heavyduty use They are heftier than they appear and the centrifugal force generated while swinging single or two-handed requires correct form. I have read numerous online reviews of different companies CALL NOW 1-800-899-5111 OR VISIT The KC360 Total Body Blaster is a circuit training program that targets the entire body building muscle and speeding up metabolism on a daily basis. By engaging many different muscle groups in a circuit you not only tone and strengthen but you also raise your heart rate to burn more calories during and even after the exercise. 360 is an effective and time efficient way to lose weight and tone up your entire body Kelly uses the 360 method herself and also shares it with her clients. This method is great for both men and women who want to achieve a toned sleek physique as well as those seeking fat loss sculpting and muscular hypertrophy. I try and teach my clients moderation says Kelly. Any fitness goal needs to be a lifestyle change to make sure you can maintain your results. It is important to learn to enjoy your life and occasionally indulge in order to stay on track. I moved to San Diego in 2006 to get my degree in kinesiology from SDSU. I began teaching spinning classes in 2008 and went on to begin personal training in early 2009. After graduating college I continued personal training full time while teaching spinning classes as well as plyometric group fitness classes and a boot camp. Kelly played soccer and practiced gymnastics as a child and was a cheerleader throughout high school. She completed the Spartan race in January 2011 placing 19th for women. She works out of the Fit Athletic Club in San Diego. My fitness level makes all the difference with my job. Making sure to work out consistently a minimum of six times a week gives me the energy I need to push people whether I m counting reps running stairs with my clients or teaching a class. Kelly s hobbies include running hiking and drawing. She is working towards participating in a bikini show within the next year. Kelly is careful when it comes to nutrition My diet is primarily vegetarian consisting mainly of veggies fruits and legumes. I have fish once a week and eggs most mornings. I eat every 2-3 hours starting within an hour of waking up to rev up my metabolism. When grocery shopping my biggest rule is to read labels. Don t eat anything if you look at the label and can t identify some of the ingredients Her supplements include a multivitamin B12 complex and a fat complex supplement that includes omegas CLAs and ALAs. 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All Rights Reserved (for shoulders triceps and core) a) Start on your forearms in a plank position b) Starting with the right arm push up with both arms until you re in a straight arm plank then lower back to start c) Complete 10 repetitions on the right side and then 10 on the left PushuP Plank overheaD TricePs exTensions (for triceps) a) Stand with one leg in front of the other holding the dumbbell above your head b) Lower the dumbbell behind your head keeping your elbows in and close to your ears c) Extend your arms back to start and repeat for 15 repetitions DumBBell swings (for hamstrings glutes shoulders and core) a) Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip width holding the dumbbell in both hands b) While keeping your back straight bend at the hips and swing the dumbbell between your legs then back up to start repeat sTraighT leg Bicycles (transverse abdominal muscle) a) Lying on your back with your hands behind your head hold one leg straight up and hover the other leg above the ground b) Switch legs back and forth and repeat for 30 repetitions D-B D-BOL METHADROSTENOLTM WINNI-V CYCLOSTANOZOLTM Since its introduction in early 2001 D-BOL has fast become the most popular oral pro-anabolic ever available D-BOL is the most popular MASS building oral on the market It has a special formulation containing methadrostenolTM that may exert a pronounced ergogenic action in the body after oral administration similar to those experienced by users of methandrostenoloneTM. MethandrostenoloneTM is the most popular oral anabolic steroid currently used today. D-BOL however lacks the c17 alpha alkylated configuration which may comparatively lower the risks of certain associated side effects. CyclostanozolTM is an extremely potent cutting agent and non-prescription chemical hybrid that is reputed to possess highly stimulating non-virilizing and pro-anabolic properties. It is commonly used as a pre-contest cutting agent. High quality muscle gains are reported with as little as 1-2 tabs taken before workout during a cycle. Many users claim of lypolytic (fat reducing) effects analogous to those experienced when using stanozolol tablets. The gains made while on a cycle of Winni-V have been reported to be very solid and well maintained once use has been discontinued. 1 Bottle - 79.95 Buy 3 Get 1 FREE (4 bottles) - 239.85 Save 79.95 1 Bottle - 79.95 Buy 3 Get 1 FREE (4 bottles) - 239.85 Save 79.95 LIQUID ANODROL OXYMETHOBOL TM TEST SUSPENSIONTM SUPRATESTIN DEPOT TM Many users claim to be the most powerful OTC Bulking agent available. Incredible mass and strength gains have been reported after only one week of use. Anodrol is an oral liquid that is designed for rapid assimilation for maximum pro-anabolic effects. The active ingredient in Liquid Anodrol called OxymethobolTM is not alkylated or methylated in structure and may possess a lower risk factor with use when compared to oral steroids with these toxic configurations. Liquid Anodrol Test Suspension is reported by many users to be the most powerful non-prescription water based oral pro-testosterone preparation commercially available. Muscle gains with SuspensionTM are being reported unusually high yet extremely lean dry and solid. SuspensionTM has virtually no capacity to aromatize into estrogen which helps prevent side effects such as water retention and bloating. SuspensionTM is orally administered using the special applicator provided. TM 1 Bottle - 109.95 Buy 3 Get 1 FREE (4 bottles) - 329.85 Save 109.95 1 Bottle - 109.95 Buy 3 Get 1 FREE (4 bottles) - 329.85 Save 109.95 OH MASTERBOLAN DROSTANOZOLTM SOMATROPH HCTM NUTROPIL RECOMBINEX TM Masterbolan (Drostanozol ) is powerfully effective when used as a muscle hardener and strength increaser. It has notably been able to sharpen the appearance of individuals that already carry a low bodyfat percentage. DrostanozolTM has a chemical structure that may assist in recovery from bouts of extreme body stress including heavy weight training. Upon administration of DrostanozolTM subdermal water levels may drop dramatically. Users often report of the skin taking on an almost paper thin appearance. TM Growth Hormone is a powerful fat burner and one of the only known substances to actually increase the number of cells in a muscle rather than size alone seen with standard anabolics. Somatroph HCTM is a breakthrough in chemistry that may allow dramatic increases of Growth Hormone blood levels without injections. Utilizing the active ingredient of Nutropil RecombinexTM Somatroph HCTM is considered by many to be the most powerful non-prescription oral form growth hormone enhancement product available. 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Clomex GonadotropolTM the active ingredient in OmifenTM stimulates the pituitary gland to increase levels of gonadotropic hormones. It may also naturally suppress estrogen levels which can make muscles appear rock hard and dense. Users have been very enthusiastic about OmifenTM with reports of greatly reduced post cycle crashes. 1 Bottle - 79.95 Buy 3 Get 1 FREE (4 bottles) - 239.85 Save 79.95 1 Bottle - 79.95 Buy 3 Get 1 FREE (4 bottles) - 239.85 Save 79.95 WARNING 1-888-256-6785 To order call LEGALSTEROIDS.COM or visit our website at SUPPLYING ATHLETES SINCE 2001 The products sold by our company may induce extreme muscle growth during weight training cycles. Due to their profound effects and potencies it is recommended to seek the guidance of a physician prior to use. COM COM Anabolic Cycle Information Utilizing empirical and anecdotal evidence scientific research has shown that anabolic compounds are most effective when used in a logical sequence referred to as a cycle. The term cycle refers to the duration of time that passes while concurrently taking pre-determined combinations and dosages of anabolic agents. A synergistic action or an amplified effect has been shown to occur when two or more anabolics are administered simultaneously. Along with stacking anabolics proper consideration must be addressed to the strategic development of the cycle which effectively maps the muscle cells for receptor downgrade. This deliberate planning prevents attenuation or ever allowing the body to build a tolerance to the administered agents. The following cycles have been carefully calculated to enhance cell receptor sensitivity anabolic synergism and to provide maximal ergogenic benefit. Each cycle has a brief description for use as each is designed for a specific length of time and benefit. Training intensity should be elevated as well as protein intake for the duration of each cycle. 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Product claims made regarding ergogenic benefit are based on the subjective results of users reported in non-controlled conditions. Individual results may vary. Use in conjunction with a well balanced diet and intense bodybuilding exercise program. The Internet domain name is representative of non-prescription products that may enhance blood levels of steroid hormones in the body. SDI LABS does not condone the illegal use and or possession of anabolic steroids or other controlled substances. Use of pro-anabolic products is strictly limited to healthy men above the age of 18. COM REAL TESTIMONIALS Dear SDI-LABS One week into the cycle and my muscles feel so full tight hard and pumped after my work out... It literally felt like they would explode Dan M Bronx NY Dear SDI-LABS Please send 4 more bottles of D-BOL... I am absolutely shocked at the intense muscle growth I am experiencing from your products George A Boynton Beach FL LEGALSTEROIDS Covering Your Assets The Need for Liability Insurance By Nick Clayton MBA MS CSCS D RSCC With the continuing trend towards litigation in the fitness industry it behooves personal trainers to cover their assets. Anyone can be sued for any reason the purpose of this article to shed some light on the keys to protecting yourself. scope of Practice standards of Care and Code of ethics Scope of practice refers to the parameters imposed by law on personal trainers and the fitness industry (and numerous other unrelated vocational pursuits). If a personal trainer provides services outside the scope of their certification they may be held liable and may even face criminal charges. Examples of overstepping the scope of certification in the personal training setting include providing specific diet plans diagnosing illness or injury providing massage therapy etc. Each jurisdiction (referring to the fitness industry not regulated by state licensure) defines its own standards personal trainers are held accountable to the standards that pertain to their certification. Take for example the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) you can find these complete documents at nsCa scope of Practice for nsCa-Certified Personal trainers NSCA-Certified Personal Trainers (NSCA-CPT) are health fitness professionals who using an individualized approach assess motivate educate and train clients regarding their health and fitness needs. They design safe and effective exercise programs provide the guidance to help clients achieve their personal health fitness goals and respond appropriately in emergency situations. Recognizing their own area of expertise personal trainers refer clients to other healthcare professionals when appropriate. conflict of interest or actions that adversely reflect on the profession or the NSCA. Additionally personal trainers should strive to safeguard the public by reporting violations of this Code of Ethics. The key point regarding the scope of practice and the code of ethics is that should you find yourself in a lawsuit your actions will be compared to the points officially outlined by your certifying body. Why Do Personal trainers need Liability insurance Simply put exercise increases the risk of injury (compared to inactivity) even when performed under professional supervision. Keep in mind you can be sued for any reason and even if you are innocent the cost to retain an attorney and defend yourself can be substantial. Most professional liability insurance policies cover these costs. you should highly consider adding liability insurance if you are an independent contractor in a facility or own a studio. are a personal trainer covered by a fitness facility s umbrella policy and trainer clients outside the facility building. In this case make sure you understand what your club s insurance policy covers. For example you go running with a client and they roll their ankle get bit by a dog and then are hit by a car. Collectively this would be a very bad day. As a personal trainer you would likely be liable for these injuries. train a client in their home. For instance during the session the client s child stumbles and trips on a bench and breaks her arm. As the personal trainer your duty is to supervise and create a safe training environment. You may be held liable for the child s safety in this situation. Policies are very specific and vary significantly these are general examples. General Description nsCa Code of ethics 1. Personal trainers shall not discriminate on the basis of gender race religion nationality or age. 2. Personal trainers should obey institutional guidelines and NSCA bylaws policies and procedures as well as local state and federal laws. 3. Personal trainers should not misrepresent their skills and only perform services for which they are qualified. 4. Avoid engaging in any be havior or form of conduct that would constitute a Protecting yourself K.i.s.s. Method Simply earning a certification is not enough to protect you from a lawsuit when something goes wrong. Remember you must adhere to your scope of practice and the standards set forth by the fitness industry and your certifying body. Here are a few steps you can take to defend yourself 1. Make sure your qualifications and education are current and meet industry standards. Select a certification(s) that is independently accredited. Accreditation is the official recognition that an organization s program or certification exam meets specified criteria. There are major differences between an accredited certification and an accredited certificate program (you can find more information at www. An accredited certification results from an assessment process and indicates mastery competency as measured against a defensible set of standards. These defensible standards are established through an industry-wide process such as job-task analysis role delimitation. Certifications require continuing education and recertification. There are roughly 11 companies offering accredited personal training programs in the United States and two companies largely recognized as the most reputable are the NSCA and American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). In contrast an accredited certification program results from an educational process that indicates completion of a course or series of courses with a specific focus. The content in a certification course is set in a variety of ways. Certification programs are valid indefinitely they simple verify that you completed a course of some type. An example of an accredited certification program would be the Crossfit Level 1 Course . It is important to understand that terminology is not regulated in the fitness industry. There are a number of companies calling their course a certification always use due diligence and confirm accreditation before spending the money. Note that I am not making any type of statement regarding the quality of certification programs the point here is in relation to scope of practice what you can and cannot do. As an example completing a nutrition certification course alone does not allow you to practice as a licensed nutritionist. 2. Make sure all clients receive proper screening medical clearance and fitness testing. I remember one of my first client consultations it came up that he was on beta blockers for a heart condition but told me his physician recommended working with a personal trainer. Wanting to impress my supervisor by closing the sale I talked about cardiovascular disease and pretended I knew the effects of beta blockers. I went on to put the client through a max exercise test and not only was the test invalid but had something bad happened I likely would have been held liable along with the gym I was working under. My career in the fitness industry would have been over. Make sure your program design and instruction are based on sound recognized principles based on the client s health and fitness status. 3. 4. 5. Diligent supervision and exercise instruction are expectations of a trainer. In addition a trainer must be able to recognize signs and symptoms of health issues (heat stress overexertion etc.) and take appropriate action. How many times have you seen a personal trainer talking to someone else while their client is doing a set of squats Always make sure your club or facility regularly inspects the training area equipment etc. Numerous lawsuits have been made as a result of a cable snapping equipment tipping over or equipment being misused. An example of misusing equipment that I see all the time is when after completion a set of leg extensions a personal trainer has their client performing reverse crunches while still hanging onto the back of the leg extension machine. Should an accident occur the personal trainer would have a hard time explaining the misuse of the equipment. Protect yourself Meet with your club manager and discuss the specific areas covered under the clubs umbrella policy. Does your club s policy cover you if you take a client outside Most accredited certification organizations offer very affordable insurance to their certified professionals. For example the NSCA offers Certified Professional Liability Insurance to its certified professionals. While you may need to contact the NSCA for specifics the policy covers up to 5 000 000 in General and Professional Liability for a free of about 19 per month. Summary Anyone can be sued for anything. As a personal trainer you are expected and required to follow the scope of practice code of ethics and standards of care set forth by the certifying organization. Legal issues vary state to state as do the validity of waivers and the specifics regarding insurance policies. The best way to cover your assets is to always be diligent in following industry standards and make sure you are covered. Remember even with the proper qualifications an injury resulting from carelessness will likely result in a lawsuit directed against you. Special thanks to Dr. Anthony Abbott Founder and President of Fitness Institute International. Dr. Abbott has contributed extensively to the fitness industry and is recognized as an expert witness in fitness instructor facility litigation cases. Dr. Abbott provided advice and guidance in the writing of this article. Nick Clayton is Program Manager 6. for Personal Training at the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). He has 15 years of experience as a personal trainer and strength coach and earned his Master s degree in Exercise Science and his MBA from the University of Florida. GUESS DO NOT ASSESS Part Two By John Paul Catanzaro attention all Personal trainers Functional Assessment In our last issue John Paul introduced the concept of assessing through training to help clients save time and money and obtain better results. Unique methods for body composition measurements and postural assessments were proposed and several popular methods of fitness testing were reviewed. Most people present the following issues when tested tight hip flexors and weak lower abdominals rounded shoulders and forward head syndrome and left-right discrepancies. It s pretty much a given that these problems pertain to the majority of people that request your services. These issues must be addressed in training assuming of course that it fits your clients goals. As I mention in my book The Elite Trainer (available at you may sometimes have individuals with recurring shoulder pain and extremely poor posture approach you with the goal of entering a powerlifting contest in the next few months. You must train them to bench press as much weight as possible even though it may further compromise shoulder integrity and deteriorate posture What it comes down to is that fitness professionals are not really qualified to assess dysfunction nor is that what most people are looking for according to strength and conditioning coach Nick Tumminello (2012). Clients use trainers primarily to get in shape and to look better. Clients do not use trainers for assessment leave that to the physical therapists. and posterior deltoid muscles by emphasizing the contracted position on exercises such as pelvic tilts and one-arm elbowout dumbbell rows respectively. The options are endless but the point remains the same guess the dysfunction do not assess the dysfunction. Work within your scope of practice and do what you do best train I have to admit that we re not big on assessments at Performance U. as we leave that stuff to the physical therapists because that s what they re better trained to do...Put simply we don t use assessments to determine dysfunction as that s not what we feel fitness professionals are qualified for. Nor is it why people are coming to us in the first place...Clients come to us to get fitter and better looking. We are the exercise experts and we re much better than any physical therapist will ever be at finding creative ways to get people training at the appropriate level to get them the results they re after regardless of their ability and or limitations. (http 2012 02 use-this-simple-kneeassessment-before-you-squat-or-lunge) The bottom line is that you can attempt to correct such dysfunction through appropriate training without the need of an assessment. It is safe to assume that most of your new clients will have short tight hip flexors pectorals and anterior deltoids so you can emphasize the stretched position on exercises such as split squats and lying dumbbell presses respectively. Following this strengthen the long weak lower abdominal your clients. By constantly monitoring their progress you can refine the prescription to suit their individual needs. other diagnostics In the mid 1990s I was one of the few kinesiologists to begin their career in the fitness sector rather than a rehabilitative setting. When I first started personal training I had clients take a detailed seven day dietary log. I entered the data into a Mosby Diet Analysis program which I learned about in school. By the way a kinesiologist takes a minimum of two full-credit nutrition courses in university. Most medical doctors receive only a few hours of nutrition training in their curriculum if at all and many simply hand out the Canada s Food Guide or Food Guide Pyramid to their patients. If you take into consideration formal education alone a kinesiologist is likely more qualified to give nutritional advice than an M.D. Anyhow the software would analyze food intake and energy expenditure then spit back a whole bunch of numbers based on dietary reference intakes recommended nutrient intakes and the food guide pyramid. What was the result of this approach In three words confusion regression and neuroticism. People were more confused than ever. Instead of simplifying the process these reports were difficult to understand and even more difficult to implement. Clients were not making the kind of progress they deserved for the effort expended and at times they even went backwards by gaining some body fat in the process. And finally trying to control all these variables by measuring food intake and counting calories for every single morsel eaten was not only tedious and inaccurate but resulted in a neurotic client that was on the verge of quitting at any moment. Food allergy testing was the next big thing. You could do some extensive (and expensive) blood work for this purpose or a less invasive (but still rather expensive) finger prick test. There is much debate over the accuracy and validity of many of these tests but I won t get into that. Suffice it to say that most people present dairy wheat and egg intolerances. So rather than testing why not just remove these foods from the diet altogether for a 6-8 week period and then gradually reintroduce them back in This act alone often cures many common complaints such as bloating gas indigestion acid reflux throat hoarseness leaky nose depressed immunity and headaches just to name a few and it eliminates a persistent stressor an insidious source of cortisol that often goes unrecognized. We all know that cortisol can contribute to fat deposition particularly android fat (aka big belly syndrome) and if I m not mistaken most people want to reduce the size of their midsection. There s an easy way to accomplish that objective and no testing is required give simple advice such as breaking the fast in the morning eating 5-6 small meals spread throughout the day at two and a half to three hour intervals and removing common food triggers. There you go nothing earth shattering Get your clients to try that first and see how it goes before considering a diagnostic such as the Adrenal Stress Index panel. I could go on about other tests as well. We have used numerous blood saliva hair urinary and fecal tests as well as a zinc tally DMPS provocation HCL challenge you name it. The list goes on and these are all useful but not mandatory. However when the pieces of the puzzle are not so big and evident testing may be necessary. With most clients though personal training is enough of a commitment that imposing additional time money and effort into testing is really unnecessary. Get them started on the path to good health with proper training and eating habits. Of course if they do not progress as expected there may indeed be an underlying anomaly that requires attention and diagnostics would be necessary. In my experience however this is more of an exception than a rule. Many times you are better off guessing than assessing Strength Training Parameters and Program Design. Visit for more information. Note John Paul has just released his new webinar References Kendall F.P. McCreary E.K. and Provance P.G. Muscles Testing and Function. 4th ed. Baltimore MD Williams & Wilkins. 1993. McGuff D. and Little J. Body by Science A Research-Based Program for Strength Training Body building and Complete Fitness in 12 Minutes a Week. New York NY McGraw-Hill. 2009. Tumminello N. Use this Simple Knee Assessment Before You Squat or Lunge Retrieved from http 2012 02 use-this-simple-knee-assessmentbefore-you-squat-or-lunge. 2012. The Elite Trainer Strength Training for the Serious Professional is a synthesis of the http wp. very latest thinking in strength training and an indispensable guide to developing individualized programs for your clients. The book features 55 programs dozens of training methods and cutting-edge techniques and over 100 exercise illustrations. Pick up your copy today at John Paul Catanzaro BSc Kin CSEP-CEP is a member of the Ontario Kinesiology Association and a CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist with a Specialized Honors Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and Health Science. He owns and operates a private facility in Richmond Hill Ontario providing training and nutritional consulting services. John Paul has authored a book The Elite Trainer (2011) and has released two DVDs Stretching for Strengthening (2003) and Warm-Up to Strength Training (2005) see the full page ad in this issue. For additional information visit his website at or call 905-780-9908. the science of By Steve Downs C.S.C.S. Most every gym rat knows that to build big strong muscular legs some type of squatting is a requirement. But far too many lifters use every excuse in the book to avoid the squat rack or worse yet they hide their stick-like legs inside sweat pants or shorts down past the knee. If this describes your physique or mindset you re missing the boat on the true anabolic value of this heavy compound leg exercise. Hormonal science tells us that extreme effort causes an escalation in testosterone and growth hormone secretion which improves the anabolic environment for muscle building. And guess which movements cause the greatest effort and therefore hormone secretion Full body compound exercises such as squats or deadlifts. So the old king of exercises theory does have scientific backing. The reason for this is that there is a great quantity of lower body musculature and stimulating the quads glutes hamstrings hip adductors and abductors and even the calves means that there s a lot of metabolic work going on. Squats are very efficient for producing high overall workload and anabolic growth. But just getting under the bar and squatting isn t the answer. A short primer on squats and other leg exercises is critical for maximum value. squating exercise Choice Identifying which lower body region(s) you want to hit hardest is key for choosing the right squat. If you are aiming for overall leg hip glute stimulation basic bodybuilding-style squats are best with the bar fairly high on the traps. For greater emphasis on your quads Smith machine or front squats would prove even better while low-bar free weight squats will aggressively target your glutes due to body positioning (a notable fact for women looking to tone their butt). fluence but in reality your own hip and leg structure is more important. To find the best width of your feet for squatting use this simple exercise sit on the end of a flat bench and with your feet at hip width and pointing slightly outwards atTo best judge the correct stance tempt to stand up without leanfor squatting don t listen to ing forward. If you have to lean the guys who say Go wide for forward to get up your feet are strength and close for bigger too close together. Continue quads. The position of the bar moving your feet outwards by a on your shoulders has some in few inches and keep standing the movement keeps your torso more vertical and pushes more tension into the quadriceps (which are not nearly as strong as your glutes). squatting stance Biomechanics The reason high-bar and lowbar squats differ is not just a result of bar placement but also because of the biomechanics at work. Simple leverage factors state that the farther the line of resistance (gravity in this case) is from the moving joint (referred to the moment arm ) the greater effort is required to cause movement. So a powerlifting squat with the bar carried low on the traps causes you to lean further forward which stimulates the glutes erectors and hams to a higher degree. This also helps you squat more weight because these hip extensor muscles are very strong. You won t be able to carry as much weight for a front squat because the biomechanics of up until you find the magic foot spread that allows you to stand and sit without any leaning. Interestingly enough if you spread your feet too wide you will again be forced to lean forward excessively which indicates an ineffective stance. Meet Mr. smith To really concentrate on your quads utilize the Smith machine which allows you to move your feet far forward of your body as you squat. From this stance by keeping your hips directly beneath the bar as you squat the leverage factors mentioned above dictate that more stress must be placed on the muscles that extend (straighten) your knees which are your quads No matter what you do make sure you don t stand with your feet right under the bar when using the Smith machine. Doing so will create even greater lower back strain than regular squats because the resistance is locked in a vertical path. You re actually defeating the purpose of using this unique machine Hack squat instead If you are more comfortable with machines or are afraid of the squat rack due to a history of lower back problems the hack squat unit could be a viable option. It provides the benefits of Smith machine squatting - your feet are pushed forward so the quadriceps are highly stimulated as compared to your glutes and hamstrings but with even greater support. Your back is placed flat against a pad and there are comfortable pads placed on your shoulders. This provides support and takes the balancing act off your spine. Caution be sure to move your feet high up on the foot pad so that when you are in the squatting position your knees and hips are both bent evenly at about 90 degrees. Leg Press Caution Lots of lifters avoid squats because they are too painful so While the amount of weight you can load on the press is more boastful the basic exercise is inferior even to squatting. The problem lies in the fact that your hips are bent at 90 degrees in the beginning position before you even begin the press. As you bend your knees to lower the weight your hips bend farther which then pulls your pelvis forward and causes your lower back to contract to maintain stability. Shift a little to one side or round out your lower spine too much and bingo - your lower back gets injured and you re laid up. I m not a big fan of the leg press due to this fact not to mention that it s not nearly as effective at building the confluence of muscle in the lower body to the same level as basic squatting. Get to it Alright now you have the basics of what to do under the squat bar as well as other pieces of leg equipment to build those twigs you call legs into tree trunks. We re not going to get into sets and reps here - you ll have to talk to your personal trainer about what s best for your individual circumstances. But what we will recommend is one kickass leg training workout per week. Forget about those guys who tell you to split hamstrings and quads on different days and hit calves three times a week. If you have that much time to train you should be spending more time at work or with your family Use leg extensions and leg curls to pre-exhaust your legs and then do some damn squats enough talking - get to it. fitness trainer maGazine ultimate product guide Carnivor beef aminos MuscleMeds Ultra-Concentrated CARNIVOR 100% BEEF AMINOS use a patented processing technology to provide high concentrations of quality amino acids. Made from the finest premium grade Beef Protein Isolate Beef Albumin Argentinian Desiccated Beef Liver and Beef Immunoglobulin each ultra-concentrated tablet provides a full spectrum of essential amino acids including high levels of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and bio-active growth factors. 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Founded in 1980 Desert Southwest Fitness Inc. is dedicated to the publication and distribution of the highest quality professional development materials for the health fitness Tucson AZ July 8 2013 - DSWFitness wellness and clinical professional. DSWFitness specializes in self-directed distance learning and offers the largest selection of home study courses. Established in 1991 ECA is the undisputed leader of innovative and quality programming. ECA s reputation for integrity is well known. ECA is a small family-owned business that prides itself on its commitment to fitness work the fitness industry and our planet. If you would like more information about this topic please contact Gwen Hyatt at 520 -2920011 or email at gwen You can download this press release at http ECA pressRelease.pdf. Lifesaver Series Heart Disease The burden of heart disease (also known as cardiovascular disease) is astounding. Data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( reports nearly 600 000 people die of heart disease every year - that s one in every four deaths. And yet after many years of perfecting medical treatments and honing preventative medicine techniques heart disease remains the leading cause of death for both men and women. Coronary heart disease or CHD is the most common type of heart disease. More than 385 000 deaths occur annually from CHD. The pivotal event of CHD that is the root cause of this reported morbidity and mortality is the heart attack also known as a myocardial infarction (MI). About 715 000 Americans have a heart attack each year. Approximately 525 000 are classified as a first heart attack. Primary prevention strategies referenced in the medical literature and treatment guidelines aim to reduce the rate of these first occurrences through risk factor modification or prevention. Examples of primary prevention may include helping a patient to reach their blood pressure and cholesterol goals through diet exercise and appropriate medication therapy. The other 190 000 attacks occur in people who have already had a heart attack. Thus secondary prevention strategies are used in this population since the primary event the heart attack has already occurred. Secondary prevention strategy is aimed at both control of risk factors and direct therapeutic protection of coronary arteries from another cardiovascular thrombotic event like the one that caused the first attack. A mantra often verbalized in the primary prevention arena is Get patients to goal. Making sure patients are achieving success in reaching their blood pressure goals blood sugar goals and blood cholesterol goals goes a long way in prevention. Getting these patients to their lifestyle goals is equally important. Proper nutrition and exercise is always at the core of any CHD prevention and treatment strategy. Prevention can not only save lives but it can also save dollars. Coronary heart disease alone phrase often spoken by those in the healthcare field simply because the sooner a patient can receive medical care after the onset of heart attack symptoms the more heart muscle can be saved. The first 90 minutes after symptom onset are the most precious moments to save heart muscle. Dead heart muscle does not regenerate and can lead to a severe im- costs the United States 108.9 billion each year. This total includes the cost of health care services medications and lost productivity due to workplace absence. Knowing the warning signs and symptoms of a heart attack are key to preventing death. Time is muscle is a pact on the victim s quality of life. People with severe heart muscle damage will not be able to perform many of the activities of daily living that we all take for granted walking exercise playing with our children or even shopping for groceries. But even with all of the healthrelated information available at our fingertips many people don t know the signs. In a 2005 survey most respondents 92% - recognized chest pain as a symptom of a heart attack. Only 27% were aware of all major symptoms and knew to call 9-1-1 when someone was having a heart attack. About 47% of sudden cardiac deaths occur outside a hospital. This suggests that many people with heart disease don t act on early warning signs. Heart attacks have several major warning signs and symptoms chest pain or discomfort upper body pain or discomfort in the arms back neck jaw or upper stomach shortness of breath and nausea lightheadedness or cold sweats. Risk factors for CHD are well-established. They include high blood pressure high LDL cholesterol and smoking. About half of Americans have at least one of these three risk factors. Several other medical conditions and lifestyle choices can also put people at a higher risk for heart disease including diabetes being overweight obese poor diet physical inactivity and excessive alcohol use. It is the modification of these risk factors in primary prevention that may prevent or delay the onset of a heart attack. And even in secondary prevention modification of the same risk factors plays an important role in preventing another cardiovascular thrombotic event. In this article series we will introduce a client who has risk factors for cardiovascular disease. In understanding the pathophysiology of the underlying disease processes and understanding the sometimes complicated medication regimens CHD patients may present with you will be better able to support your client in reaching their goals. Often it is the consistent reinforcement of the healthcare objective that keeps patients compliant with their medications and steadfast on the progress toward each of their unique prevention goals. Because in this case be it primary or secondary prevention risk factor modification can save a life. For some clients aesthetic improvement is the driving force that compels them to seek out certified trainers as a guide. For others it is because you can literally be a life saver. In part two of the Lifesaver Series we will meet Derek. He is a black male in his early 50s married with two children. Derek will have certain beliefs misconceptions and denials about his new CHD diagnosis. He will also have some struggles with the necessary lifestyle modifications recommended by his physician. So follow Derek s journey to wisdom and well-being through the Lifesaver Series. As always Be Informed and Stay Rx Fit. references Kochanek KD Xu JQ Murphy SL Mini o AM Kung HC. Deaths final data for 2009. [PDF-2M] National vital statistics reports. 2011 60(3). Roger VL Go AS Lloyd-Jones DM et al. Heart disease and stroke statistics--2012 update a report from the American Heart Association. Circulation. 2012 125(1) e2 220. CDC. Disparities in Adult Awareness of Heart Attack Warning Signs and Symptoms--14 States 2005. MMWR. 2008 57(7) 175 179. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. State Specific Mortality from Sudden Cardiac Death United States 1999. MMWR. 2002 51(6) 123 126. CDC. Million Hearts strategies to reduce the prevalence of Heidenreich PA Trogdon JG leading cardiovascular disKhavjou OA et al. Forecasting ease risk factors. United States the future of cardiovascu- 2011. MMWR2011 60(36) 1248 51. lar disease in the United States a policy statement from the American Heart Association. Circulation. 2011 123 933-44. Epub 2011 Jan 24. Heron M. Deaths Leading causes for 2008. [PDF-2.7M] National vital statistics reports. 2012 60(6). Prescribed Solutions for Fitness Health & Motivation Dr. Edwin H. Adams is a pharmacist with the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. He has over 18 years of clinical pharmacy experience in the areas of managed care pharmacy law sports medicine rheumatology and geriatric medicine among others. He developed his interest in pharmacy and sports medicine through his continuing work as a Doping Control Officer with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). Edwin holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Arkansas for the Medical Sciences and a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from Northeast Louisiana University. He completed his residency training at The Penn State Medical Center. WAys to increAse your sAles By Wayne Brown As with most professions it is important to find creative ways to increase sales while keeping expenses low. Most personal trainers are accustomed to the changes and fluctuations of income due to the changes of a client s circumstance which can contribute to a loss of revenues. For example relocation loss of employment or some other change to a client s financial situation can result in appointment cancellations or termination of your services. This will have a negative impact on your cash flow and ultimately your business. Whether your client appointments are dwindling or you want to diversify your business here are five ways to increase your sales. Attention PersonAl trAiners I n today s financial climate one of the key challenges in the personal training profession is cash flow. As with any business the goal is to ensure your sales numbers are higher than your expenses. Although it is important to focus on your clients and their progress understanding how your business is growing - or lack thereof - is essential. provide assistance with clients supplement regimen relationship directly with the supplement company can benefit all parties involved including the client the supplement In many cases your clients look company and the personal to you to provide assistance trainer. Some companies proon the choice of supplements vide rebates or affiliate comthey purchase. As a trusted missions to the person that advisor providing suggestions referred the new customer. on supplements from proA number of companies have tein powders to mass building affiliate programs and referproducts can help your clients ral parties can receive a rebate make progress. Many personal check for their referrals. The trainers have the academic supplement business is highly credentials and hands-on competitive and by differentiknowledge to assist clients in ating themselves they build a meeting their nutritional goals. loyal customer base. A number However in many cases cliof supplement companies use ents will independently purthis arrangement although it chase supplements from the may not be widely publicized local vitamin store or through on their website. By contactfriends. In many of these situa- ing the company directly or by tions the personal trainer may conducting research to identify not directly benefit financially a number of affiliate from providing these valuable recommendations. Sending your client to purchase supplements directly from the local vitamin store will usually result in either overpayment or the purchase of unnecessary products including those that were not suggested. So how can you assist clients and receive incremental revenues Since you know which products will benefit them the most building a arrangements you can help unlock additional sources of passive income to add to your bottom line. After all in most situations your clients will purchase supplements from somewhere - here is an opportunity to receive additional revenues for both your recommendations and assistance. In some cases personal trainers may be restricted from offering suggestions to their clients however in these cases providing a selection of different supplement companies allows them to make their own choices. Therefore in these situations the personal trainer can develop multiple affiliate program arrangements. start a boot camp In recent years the personal training in dustry has evolved beyond the oneon-one direct approach. Although this has its advantages allowing the client to receive personal attention in the last few years the method of training multiple persons simultaneously has grown. It is likely that a fitness boot camp may not be new to your area but applying a theme that resonates in your specific area may provide you with yet another source of incremental revenues. A fitness boot camp can be utilized in addition to your one-on-one personal training approach. For some the cost of a personal trainer may not be in the budget. However a group session may be more affordable. In addition some persons work harder when part of a group and the energy synergies of the group may contribute to the motivation of all those involved. The trainer s key responsibility is to not only make the boot camp enjoyable but also challenging and motivating. The attendees should feel that they are getting real value for their participation and this will lay the groundwork for repeat business and additional opportunities to sell them more services. Finding the exact location and choosing a theme are details that should be considered in planning the boot camp. Deciding on the number of participants and the price is the next step to consider. I would recommend listing all the key steps in a project list so you make sure nothing is omitted. Simply announcing that you are offering a fitness boot camp does not translate to the immediate generation of new sales. It is necessary to develop a marketing plan that will not break the bank. There are a number marketing methods to drive up awareness which will not cost much money. I am a strong advocate of social media because it reaches so many people for a minimal investment. Below are three additional ways to promote your fitness boot camp Here is where you can be creative. There are so many ways to promote via social media. I found find to be an excellent social tool for promoting an event in a localized market. is an online marketplace to connect with people who share your interests. There you can draw people who are fitness conscious or looking for an event such as a fitness boot camp in your local town or neighborhood. By becoming familiar with you will be able to reach potential customers with little financial investment. facebooK Many personal trainers use Facebook or Instagram but do not leverage these sites for their business. By promoting your event through these channels the word can be passed around for free. Uploading photos of the event with a short description will be part of your promotion engine. You can also use these forms of social media to post your press release announcing the event. use flyers to promote the event In this advanced digital age it is hard to believe that people still use print and paper to promote an event but it is still effective and relevant. A onepage flyer using colored paper could be an effective means to generate buzz. Giving the flyers to your customers leaving them in populated areas (if regulations permit) passing them out to friends and leaving some at coffee shops and grocery stores effectively communicates your message. referral program For the most part people like to talk about things they are interested in. Why not offer a referral program for your fitness boot camp When a person invites someone who participates they can receive a 1) Measure wrists Excellence in Body Composition We take pride in introducing a new way to measure body s fat and fat-free mass like no other on the market. From now on you can relate body frame and exercise routine with body composition The new Integrative Body Composition Assessment IBC is 2) Measure waist Fast and Non-invasive Accurate and Easy to Learn Reliable and Affordable A great tool for promoting your business The most non-invasive assessment available 3) Enter data in the software Calculates fat and fat-free mass in 5 minutes Incorporates exercise routine into the calculation The IBC Kit includes 4) E-mail or print the results Digital Caliper Measuring Tape Software for Windows USB Flash Drive with IBC Forms User Manual and Instructional Video A product of Health Profile Institute Inc. (702) 804-0100 rebate a training session a box of supplements or whatever else you feel they may find valuable. As you decide to build the referral program the only limits are your imagination. Brainstorm ideas and you will be on your way to building and effective referral program. If a boot camp is too big a project for you then start small and work your way up. Here are some more practical suggestions launch a partner program Some persons would like to have a personal trainer but the price may be out of their reach. But with a friend they may be able to share the cost. This would be a win-win situation for both the client and trainer. Rather than lowering the cost and devaluing the service sharing the costs could be the way to go. More and more personal trainers are providing a partner program in situations where a client may find the cost to be a hardship. In many cases your clients know people that can benefit from your services and by simply arming them with some key sound bites they can promote the service. To start a partner program one of the initial steps is to determine how many classes or sessions you have available in your calendar. Of course you may decide not to openly promote this program and mention it only when a session price creates a hardship. Perhaps during the breaks in the day when no sessions are scheduled a partner program can be promoted. As the trainer you will have to decide what is best and practical for your circumstance. As always a strong plan lays the groundwork to a successful endeavor. virtual trainer The Internet has opened up additional opportunities for a personal trainer to reach customers outside of their location. Building an online presence and providing consultations are smart ways to build additional revenues. PayPal and Skype are free tools which enable a client to access to both view the trainer and remit payments. Some trainers bundle sessions into various packages so that the client can pay either in advance or before the session. Building your business requires creativity and ingenuity. However if progress is slow do not give up. service some clients will be willing to pay for. In closing uncovering ways to increase your existing revenues is not an easy task and it requires both creativity personal shopper and patience. The suggestions provided above are practical We all know that at times cliand require little or no adents can become overwhelmed ditional funds for implemendealing with both a new work- tation. Remember if you try out regiment and supplement something and it does not get program. Combined with the you the results you are looking juggling of a work schedule for do not give it up entirely. and daily affairs of life it could Make some tweaks and try become a challenge for a client again or ask around for suggeseat properly. Some personal tions. In some situations you trainers have expanded their can even combine some initiaservices to include helping cli- tives together. The key is to be ents plan their meals. In some creative and to remember that situations a trainer can charge nothing is written in stone. After an additional fee for the conve- a short time you may be able to nience of providing their clients come up with some additional both a menu and groceries. ways to generate sales for your This is a convenience and personal training business. With patience some trainers have been successful in expanding their coaching business with athletes around the globe all from one location. Wayne Brown the managing partner of The Walker Group has over thirty years of experience in financial services. Before starting The Walker Group his previous role at Citigroup was Vice President North America Receivables Product Manager where he was responsible for a suite of electronic payment products. In addition he was also responsible for improving the capabilities of the Wholesale Lockbox product. Previous roles consisted of product and account management responsibilities at Metavante Corporation Deutsche Bank MasterCard Worldwide and Viewpointe LLC. He is also credited with co-authoring several financial services publications. Throughout his banking career he has developed products that have reduced operating expenses and others that have generated incremental revenues for the bank divisions. His interest on financial matters continues to grow through his blogging and research. Wayne has a Bachelor of Finance Degree from Bernard M. Baruch College. pole walking using poles for exercise hiking or just plain getting around By Jayah Faye Paley In Part 1 of this series we discussed the many benefits of using poles. We presented the two goals for mobility-challenged clients and three specific goals for hikers. For people facing mobility challenges we want to improve mindfulness and give them the tools and techniques to enable full body movement. For hikers all techniques focus on three goals 1. 2. 3. On flat terrain either ease of use or exercise On uphill terrain more power and improved endurance On downhill terrain joint stress reduction It s that simple. user from the pack is that when poles are used well or opLearning optimal use will entimally core muscles engage. able you to achieve these goals. In our seminars we rarely use When muscles are used the words correct or incorThis article will build on that they strengthen. Use of the large rect. We prefer optimal and discussion to address the foltorso muscles is healthy for the non-optimal because people lowing questions are different and they each have core and spine. Incorrect use of the straps encourages thumb different needs and goals. What are the three most But there is a correct way hand wrist elbow shoulder common mistakes that interfere with optimal pole to use the straps. Did you watch strain that can travel all the way up the arm to the neck. The the 2-minute video we recomuse Does it matter which poles mended in Part 1 of this series potential consequences of incorrect strap use are not just nonIf so read on. If not review you buy optimal performance but also Who are we and why do we the first article (page 8 in the joint stress or tendon strain. care about helping people May June 2013 issue) watch Correct use of straps is the video and then come back learn these skills to this article. Honestly there s where we start in a poles class. If you want to climb every no point in proceeding if you What gets in the way skip the most basic element of mountain then you really do need to start at the very beginlearning optimal pole use. of achieving the 3 ning. Learn how to place your Incorrect use of the goals of using poles hand correctly in the strap so straps puts you at risk for There are 3 common mistakes that you can recruit the big upper-body joint strain. Your we see that interfere with optimuscles in your torso to help knees will benefit to a degree mal pole use. power you on the up and supno matter what you do. What port you on the down. separates the proficient pole Mistake 1 Incorrect use of straps How tightly you adjust the strap is a matter of personal preference. Straps that are too loose mean that you have to hold more tightly onto the grips. This can cause strain or stress in the hands specifically in the thumb joints. Straps that are too tight also work against optimal use. Find the strap adjustment that enables you to feel connected to your poles. Generally a slightly snugger strap will provide more power on uphill and more support on downhill. Well-adjusted straps enable you to be more aware of your arm movement and less concerned about holding onto the poles. When using poles it s about your arms - not about the poles. There will be times when hikers may not want to use the straps especially if their poles have long foam grips (we ll discuss these at another time). Again experiment with how and when to use straps and different tensions so that you can determine what works best for you. Sometimes we adjust the strap tightness depending on the terrain and how much we want to up the power. Experiment with different strap adjustments and know that you don t have to always have the same tension on the strap. Most people with mobility concerns do not want to feel strapped in to their poles. Looser straps no straps or even incorrect use of straps are all legitimate choices if they re mindful choices. pole tip We use gloves inexpensive fingerless bike gloves. The padding in the gloves prevents chafing especially on steep downhills. The gloves take up some space so we adjust the strap to accommodate the extra padding. Mistake 2 Failure to set optimal pole length Majority opinion states to set your poles so that you achieve a 90-degree bend of the elbow. It s on the internet therefore it must be true. Try it. Set your poles so that your elbows are at a 90-degree angle with your forearms parallel to the floor. Walk around and see how natural it looks and feels. This pervasive advice recommending 90 degrees for everyone implies that all human beings are exactly the same. We don t agree. On flat and uphill terrain we want to see people using poles as if they re an extension of their natural arm movement. This is impossible if the poles are too long. Overly long poles don t provide optimal push going up. Plus they re more likely to slip and cause injury. Our next article will focus on setting pole length why how and when. Mistake 3 them. They test drive different top-quality models (yes you do get what you pay for) so they Many people purchase highcan see and feel what works quality adjustable poles and best. We use three criteria to then never adjust them. You are determine the best fit for that never ever going to change the individual terrain you can only change 1. Structure your response to it. If you and or your clients want to achieve 2. Issues the three goals you must 3. Goals change your pole length to acSTRuCTuRE pertains to a commodate changes in terrain person s height and hand size and vary your technique ac(sometimes weight will factor in cordingly. as well). Does it matter which ISSuES refers to what poles you buy medical conditions a person One of the things we do at our has or is dealing with. These seminars is help people determight include rotator cuff ismine which poles are best for sues elbow tendonitis carpal Not adjusting your poles at all tunnel syndrome MS Parkinson s peripheral neuropathy balance challenges back pain arthritis etc. We discuss GOAlS in terms of what the individual wants to accomplish and or continue to achieve. The reasons people use poles vary each person has his or her unique set of criteria. We encounter hikers who want to continue hiking into their 90s hikers who are planning a bucket list journey walkers who want to lose weight and people with mobility challenges. People with balance and mobility issues often take to the poles naturally because their bodies have been seeking (and missing) bilateral stability. Determining best fit - finding the poles with which you can establish a deep and lasting connection (as we have with our LEKI poles) - involves understanding what features and benefits best meet the three criteria. Once you ve found the poles that work best for you it then takes practice to become proficient with adjusting them so that you can anticipate changes in terrain and achieve the three goals of using poles. We offer a free pole purchase consultation form on our website on the Product Recommendations page. This form asks key questions that enable us to use the three criteria to make recommendations that help people demystify the pole selection process. who are we and why do we care Fifteen years ago I was facing knee surgery. My surgeon gave me permission to go on a bucket list hike before he worked on my knee. On this hike while dealing with knee brace chafing I met a man who seemed to fly up and float down the trails. Bob had started using poles to condition his upper body. As a cross-country ski instructor he d noticed that at the beginning of the ski season his arms were overly fatigued while his legs were in fine shape from hiking all summer. We connected and post surgery he gave me a pair of poles and we starting hiking together. He taught me how to use my body to help me hike better. I was hooked. What he taught me felt so good and yet it s not what I saw others doing. I needed more info so I looked around and found there was nothing - no books no videos. Facing doubt and even ridicule from friends and family several years and many thousands of dollars later I created the first training on how to use poles for hiking called POLES for Hiking Trekking & Walking. Since that original VHS tape there have been a total of five versions. To teach is to learn. Updates to the material cost us 10 000-15 000 each so at this point all our updates go onto the blog blog. The DVD which contains about 2 hours of training is available for 9.95. In this DVD we show how to adjust poles for varying terrain how to use poles optimally on uphill downhill flat traverses and even for snowshoeing. For people who do not live near us in Northern California this is the best option we know for learning how to improve performance with poles. Over the last 12 years I ve taught for wonderful organizations like Yosemite National Park Rocky Mountain National Park Point Reyes National Seashore other state parks the East Bay Regional Park District (the largest park district in the nation) senior community centers and city Parks & Recreation departments all over Northern California. I ve taught thousands of people to use poles. My small group classes are geared towards varying levels of experience and help people learn the skills to keep them hiking or walking or just living their lives. Every trainer should have this DVD in their library. Dr. Ken Kinakin DC CSCS CPT Soon after the beginning of each session even people who are there reluctantly (some under duress) start to feel the difference. They feel their power and they understand how hiking and walking with poles can help them for the rest of their lives. It s a powerful skill walking with your whole body. Our next article will focus on Setting pole length FAQ How long to adjust poles on the downhill How to improve performance on a vari ety of terrain How to learn how to use poles optimally We hope you enjoyed this month s article. Please do send your questions to the Pole Lady at Seminar Jayah Faye Paley is a fitness and wellness educator she presents hiking walking and fitness seminars for national and state park associations and health related organizations around the country. Jayah an AFAA & ACE-certified Personal Trainer and is the creator of comprehensive training on how to use poles which includes two award-winning DVDs. For over 15 years she has trained people of all ages abilities and physical conditions as well as hikers athletes trainers and physical therapists how to use poles to achieve regain and maintain mobility for hiking and walking. Jayah s website helps people demystify the pole learning and selection process. She has authored and delivers courses which provide continuing education credits so other personal trainers and therapists can learn how to help people use poles for mobility and exercise. Jayah is a breast cancer survivor she has and manages lymphedema. She is the co-founder of the Lymphedema Education Exercise & Prevention Group at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. Specialized Training & Continuing Education Course for Trainers POLES for Balance Mobility & Walking Inspire your aging and mobility-challenged clients with vital life-long skills that will help them remain active and to maintain quality of life. Benefits of Learning Optimal Use of POLES Achieve Maintain Even Regain Mobility Improve Posture Endurance & Confidence Facilitate a more rhythmic and fluid gait Reduce fall risk Strengthen the upper body muscles which helps preserve the joints Burn more calories whiles walking promotes weight loss Prepare for or recover more quickly from joint replacement surgery Using the whole body while walking restores function and movement to the spine and the entire structure. This training has been very beneficial to my patients many have been able to return to activities they thought were lost to them forever. Diane Kern Physical Therapist Presentation is clear and well organized. Participation of real clients helps accessibility. Pacing of examples and suggestions for practice are lively and realistic. Lucy R. Ferguson PhD Professor of Psychology Emeritus This course provides comprehensive and well organized information and guidance needed for trainers to successfully engage inspire and teach their clients to competently use poles in a safe and effective manner. Jayah has done a wonderful job of helping trainers to be proactive and holistic in their approach to training clients. Brenda M.Goodwin MBA Executive Coach This course will positively impact those with limited mobility. It could give someone their lives back or at worst get them exercising again. Steven Luibrand BS Kinesiology Jayah has obviously spent many years perfecting this teaching sequence. I have used the information successfully with a number of clients. Judith C. Dambowic Physical Therapist This course is very well taught and planned. Personal trainers will benefit greatly from learning how to teach clients to properly use poles. Susan Miller RN Feldenkrais Teacher To find out more information or to order this course visit Education Page Continuing Education ACE 0.50 ACSM 5.00 AEA 2.50 AFPA 5.00 BCRPA 5.00 CI 5.00 COPS-KT .50 ISSA 5.00 NAFC 0.50 NASN NCSF NETA NFPT NSPA SFA USAT W.I.T.S. 0.50 2.50 5.00 1.00 5.00 0.50 5.00 5.00