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Description: Current issue of Fitness Trainer magazine chock full of fitness, nutrition, health, weight lifting, and more tips.

June 2014 contents PICK your favorIte story and CLICK to read Volume 2 6 10 COuNsEL fROm thE COuNCIL by NCCPT CEO John Platero 12 must PERsONAL tRAINERs BE REGuLAtED OR LICENsED by David L. Herbert by Leanne Neville 18 wILL thE REAL CORE musCLEs PLEAsE stAND uP 18 22 ChOOsE yOuR CERtIfICAtION(s) wIsELy by Gary Pitts 28 LIfE5 sAvER sERIEs wAy PARt thE OBstACLE Is thE by Dr. Edwin H. Adams 22 32 32 ANtAGONIst tRAINING fOR BEGINNERs BuILD musCLE fAst & EAsy by Steve Downs 46 PERsONAL tRAINING CERtIfICAtIONs by Nick Clayton 46 52 tALkING wIth mIkE LIPOwskI 56 ExCuLPAtORy AGREEmENts ARE thEy ALL whAt yOu thINk thEy ARE By Fred Fornicola by Lance Brenn 60 hOw tO PERfORm thE sNAtCh usING thE uLtImAtE sANDBAG by Dragon Door 78 66 thE REAL REAsON yOu by Mike Lipowski stRuGGLE wIth musCLE DEvELOPmENt 70 50 yEARs Of fItNEss tRAINING PARt 3 by Don Cestone by Rich Tuma 70 78 thE POwER Of A tEAm 84 BREtt hOEBEL A BIOGRAPhy 86 fIt fINDs GuIDE uLtImAtE PRODuCt 94 jImmy kOLB sEts wORLD BENCh PREss RECORD Email BreXerCIseGrouP aoL.CoM to request a media kit advertIsers fitnesstrainerMagazine 84 letter from the publisher The early hisTory of fiTness Trainer magazine hile this issue celebrates the 2nd anniversary of FTM the concept of bringing Personal Trainers your very own business magazine actually occurred to me six years ago. At the time I was hooked up with the Fitness and Bodybuilding Media group starring Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness and a few other print magazines based in NYC. Back then once or twice a month people would ask me how many of our readers were Personal Trainers. All this interest made me discover there was no business publication to help you guys solve your business headaches and improve service to clients. And so to fill this void FITNESS TRAINER came into being a few years later. With no experience in online publishing--I thought a server was the guy on the other side of the bar--I did what successful people do I hired the right people to help me out. I m most grateful to them as here we are two years later We re proud to bring you this Special All Business anniversary issue. We have really good stuff for you here including some thought-provoking items from our two legal mouthpieces. Gary Pitts advises you of the scams out there with a few certification groups and suggests you check out the legal aspects to consider future certifications. W David Herbert discusses the very real possibility of states mandating licenses for PTs. FTM is getting a load of ink on LinkedIn about this piece. Our regulars such as Nick Clayton (NSCA) John Platero (NCCPT) and Mike Lipowski (IART) chime in with their usual VERY compelling helpful hints on solving your business blues and our new writer Leanne Neville offers another slant on Pilates. All of these wonderful contributors make FTM the best new media concept to hit the industry in years and they remind me to say thanks especially to Dr. Edwin Adams who jumped on board with the first issue and hasn t jumped off since. Ed completes Part 5 in his series in this issue and has a few surprises in mind for August FTM. ( of them concerns an Air Force PT.) Without the loyal friendship of guys like Gerard Dente Steve Downs and Joe Mies--all of whom knew I didn t know Jack xxxx about digital publishing but supported me anyway--we wouldn t be where we are today. What can I say except Thank You And THANK YOU our trainer friends for reading and growing FTM. Hang in there with us and remember FITNESS TRAINER is For Trainers BY Trainers. Big News ahead...This space will be occupied in the August issue by our brand new Editor Amy Kierce. Amy comes to us from Ladies Home Journal and Parade. We re in the big leagues now Robert B. Rose President and Publisher Fitness Trainer Publications fitness fan mail Send us a note and tell us what you think of Fitness Trainer and what we can do to make it better Awesome issue Bob We ll be sending it to 40 000 people. Thanks for the coverage. Thank you John Platero CEO National Council For Certified Personal Trainers Thank you Mr. Rose I would like to continue receiving the magazine. Please add to the list. Justin donaldson Owner at Iron House Weightlifting Inc. Bob I d love to take a look at back issues. Thanks so much for your time ted rath Strength & Conditioning Coach The Detroit Lions BTW did I tell you that the new issue looked great Lots of pages too. Can you imagine how thick it would be if it were a paper mag You d be gloating all over the place Also appreciate the photo of me with Arnold and Zydrunas. Pretty cool Take care Pops steve downs M.s. C.s.C.s. MHP Marketing Director Thank you so much Robert I am really enjoying FTM I would greatly appreciate continuing to receive FTM. As your request my email is as follows In Best of Health - rf Thank you for the eMagazine Robert. This looks great. I am not in the fitness trainer area of the field. So my question is would sports performance content audio interviews pics etc be helpful to you I hope all is well. Have a great day - rob All letters from readers become the property of Fitness Trainer Publications Book Reviews by john Lepak Fitness Trainer Book Editor dvrt the ultimate sandbag training system For Dynamic Power Superior Athletic Performance and Enduring Strength By John Lepak In the full-contact arena athletes contend with an ever-shifting set of challenges sudden changes in velocity power force weight and energy-demand. The athlete needs to withstand powerful blows directed at any part of the body to accelerate and decelerate at a moment s notice to strike back with blinding power and to remain stable in a highly unstable environment. The athlete needs to be this dynamic--while simultaneously minimizing the risk of personal injury. He needs a cat s agile movement a bull s rock-like strength and a stallion s enduring power. The rest of us are everyday athletes. Yet--while the level of physical challenge may be less intense--we can still strive to cultivate the same foundational movement skills the same foundational strength and the same foundational power. Because we want to be in the best shape we can be--to be truly fit for anything life throws at us...high-energy less prone to injury more capable more self-reliant vigorous and physically appealing. Whether as a highly-ranked basketball player as a strongman as a coach or as a personal trainer Josh Henkin has been on a lifelong search for the perfect tools and the perfect system to cultivate this level of multi-functional athleticism. After years of frustration and years of diligent applied-research Josh designed a very specific type of sandbag device--and formulated a remarkably thorough training system--which has proven to meet exactly those functional athletic needs. As the name implies Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRTTM) prepares ANY athlete to handle whatever challenge comes their way--with a far greater likelihood of success and with a much-reduced chance of injury. Besides the magic design of the Ultimate Sandbag itself the great secret of DVRT is in the skillful use of incremental progressions for the development of strength power and elegant movement. As a result you ll find yourself mastering crucial moves like the squat pattern much faster. You ll find yourself a master of whole body synergistic connection. You ll find yourself challenged by true multi-planar training-- with extraordinary benefits for you in the real world. You ll find yourself with a new mastery of inter- and intra-muscular coordination--the key to high level athletic skill in all activities. In his extraordinarily thorough and meticulously illustrated DVRT book Josh Henkin provides a complete blueprint for developing your athletic skills to any level you wish--and for any physical arena in which you need to excel. Available in paperback or eBook formats from Fitness Trainer Magazine A subsidiary of the Mallarina Sales Corporation ENDORSED BY THE NATIONAL STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING ASSOCIATION THE NATIONAL COUNCIL fOR CERTIfIED PERSONAL TRAINERS AND THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION Of RESISTANCE TRAINERS PresIdent and PuBLIsher robert B. rose brexercisegroup edItorIaL dIreCtor amy Kierce amyck ChIef fInanCIaL offICer Leslie s. rose mallarinarose CreatIve deveLoPer Jesse radford abstracttheorydesign ContrIButers nick Clayton - Director of Training The National Strength and John Platero - CEO National Council for Certified Personal Trainers Michael Lipowski - CEO The International Association of Resistance Leanne neville - Pilates Editor don Cestone - Veteran Celebrity Trainer dr. edwin adams - Science and Health Author and lecturer Gary Pitts esq. - Fitness and Sports Attorney John Paul Catanzaro - Veteran International Trainer rich tuma - Award Winning IFBB Professional Trainer Cover PhotoGraPhy By Tom Ivicecic Cover ModeL Brett Hoebel & Whitney DuBose Trainers Conditioning Association ATHLETE CRAIG CAPURSO fitness trainer is published six times each year February April June August October & December. Personal training annual is a compilation of the best editorial from the year s issues of Fitness Trainer selected by editors and readers. The ANNUAL is downloaded each quarter during each calendar year to lists of 85 000 personal trainers and over 100 000 known consumers of fitness products and remains on social media for the full year. the annual is offered free to opted-in members. click the cover to read FITNESS ENTHUSIASTS FOR PRODUCT DEMOS Positions Available Nationwide. For more info Danielle WWW.CELLUCOR.COM SEEKING Consult publisher for advertising rates. faCeBooK.CoM fItnesstraInerMaGazIne Counsel from the Council Council For Certified Personal Trainers CEO John Platero Hi John It s really difficult when clients cancel their sessions. I lose the income for the session and it s almost impossible to fill that session even with a 24-hour notice. Sometimes it s even difficult to ask for the money when they don t give me a 24-hour notice and I clearly explain the 24-hour cancellation policy when they buy their sessions. Do you have any suggestions Devin Coury Northridge Ca. Hi Devin I don t think I need to remind anyone of the plight of health we re experiencing in our country. I recently heard on the radio that there are over 10 000 people retiring every day Social Security is supposed to go bankrupt in 2037. If we the people don t collectively take our health seriously we re doomed. As an industry at what point do we stop being nice Here s a new mindset I recently finished graduate school. When I registered for classes the times were set. I couldn t cancel with a 24-hour notice. If I missed class I missed it. I had to make up the work on my own. The teacher doesn t allow a student to reschedule. You basically paid in advance for that particular class in that particular time slot. I suggest you run your business the same way. When clients purchase sessions they are reserving a particular time slot for both the trainer s life and their own. Even with a 24-hour notice it s very unlikely that a trainer can find someone to fill that slot for that one day. With National Financially expenses didn t decrease for that day either so basically you ve lost time and time is money. If the trainer misses (which can happen) then either the client receives a refund for the session price or the trainer must make up the session for free. I recommend you begin to sell your sessions in the same manner. Everyone has attended school so they understand how it works. You pay for a semester and you need to show up. In fact if you miss too much school and don t pass with the minimum grade you get held back. You don t get a refund or a return on your money. When presenting or selling personal training commitment and consistency must be explained as a key ingredient to the client s success. This new mindset ensures that consistency must be met or not only will they be penalized financially but their fitness goals will be hindered. Graduating school is held in high regard and as a milestone for many people. Our health is even more important than graduating school. Our current health status is proof that most people take their health for granted until they get really sick and then we all pay...... It s time for a new mindset. Clients must make a serious commitment not only for themselves but for all of us. If they won t make it a priority then we have to do it for them. Hi John I have a few clients participating in the NCCPT Transform Me Challenge but for some of them I can t get them to eat regularly-spaced meals and or get them to adopt a healthy diet. What should I do Suzzie Horton Bend Oregon Hi Suzzie Here are some ideas Charge the client to text them when and what they need to eat. Have them purchase a watch with a countdown timer (some use them to monitor parking meters) and when it goes off it s time to eat Have them buy a small cooler to carry around their premade meals. Have them subscribe to a food service that delivers healthy foods. I hope that helps. John Platero CEO The National Council for Certified Personal Trainers 3481 Old Conejo Road Suite 102 Newbury Park Ca. 91320 Office 800-778-6060 ext. 2780 Cel 310-505-8116 fax 800-915-5545 NCCPT jplatero John Platero MA is a fitness educator who has consulted both nationally and internationally. He is the CEO of the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers an organization that has certified thousands of personal trainers all over the world. He is the trainer to the trainers. He has obtained 35 personal training certifications filmed over 30 fitness videos and infomercials and has been published in many prominent fitness magazines. As an athlete John was a champion bodybuilder turned cyclist winning multiple gold medals in road racing mountain biking and the velodrome. Take a minute to see this video and how your life can change in the blink of an eye---This could ve happened to you. Please do what you can to help----many thanks J.P. click here to view larger video Return to table of contents must PERSONAL TRAINERS BE REGULATED OR LICENSED By David L. Herbert Attorney at Law David L. Herbert & Associates LLC Attorneys & Counselors at Law Canton Ohio 44718 Editor The Exercise Sports and Sports Medicine Standards & Malpractice Reporter PRC Publishing Inc. Canton Ohio 44735 Author The Personal Trainer A Tale of Pain Gain Greed & Lust in some states to adopt regulatory enactments in those other jurisdictions. The D.C. law will require personal fitness trainers to register as such or refrain from holding oneself out as a personal trainer personal fitness trainer professional fitness trainer fitness instructor or any other similar term. A personal fitness trainer under the D.C. law is defined as For the purposes of this section personal fitness trainer means a person who develops and implements an individualized approach to exercise including personal training and instruction in physical fitness and conditioning for an individual and a person who performs similar physical fitness training regardless of the designation used. In February of this year the District of Columbia (D.C.) became the first United States jurisdiction to adopt legislation to regulate the profession of personal training. The law requires the registration of personal trainers and the payment of a fee in order to carry on personal training activities in that jurisdiction. Further regulations to implement the law will probably be adopted by the D.C. Board of Physical Therapy which will oversee the registration process. By D.C. s adoption of its personal trainer law the past 28 years of state efforts to do so have been reversed. Laws proposed during that period in the states of California Wisconsin Kentucky Texas Nevada Oregon Georgia Massachusetts Maryland New Jersey and Florida at least to date have not come to fruition. However new proposals to regulate personal trainers have recently been put forth in the states of Florida and Massachusetts at about the same time that the D.C. law was enacted. The passage of the D.C. law may well create a new push and the formation of the Florida Fitness Instructors and Trainers Management Corporation to assist the Board. The bill contemplates the licensure of personal trainers after their certification by a certifier accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) or the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). The law also requires personal trainers so certified to pass an examination administered by the Board. Under the proposed Florida law a personal trainer is defined as A person who evaluates a client s health and physical fitness develops a personal exercise plan or program or core-induced activity for a client or demonstrates with or without equipment exercises designed to improve cardiovascular condition muscular strength or flexibility or to assist a client in weight loss. The D.C. law does not provide for licensure as is contemplated by the recent Florida legislative proposal. In Florida this licensure legislation SB 1616 was introduced on March 10th of this year. The law provides for the creation of a Board of Personal Training Unlike what could become law in Florida another proposal Massachusetts House Bill No 209 proposes to require anyone holding themselves out as a personal Attention fit Pros and Bootcamp Instructors Double yOuR Profits with these 99 Never-seen-Before kettlebell Boot Camp workouts Dear fellow fitness Trainer You want more clients and your competitors are looking to crush your business. How do you build a fitness business where everyone wants to come and train with you and where competition is a non-issue There s only one thing your fitness bootcamp and personal training clients really want and that s results. And if you can deliver the fat-burning muscle-building and conditioning results that your clients want then your boot camps and training sessions will always be packed and profitable. Guaranteed. Get Everything You Need to Get Fantastic Fat-Burning and Conditioning Results for Your Fitness Bootcamp and PersonalTraining Clients (And for Yourself ) The World s Most Elite Militaries Use Kettlebells to Whip Their Soldiers Into Shape Just Imagine What They ll Do For YOUR Clients (And You) Once you start using our proven bootcamp kettlebell training strategies your clients are going to start getting fantastic results. They ll eagerly join every bootcamp program you offer. And they ll tell their friends that you re the one responsible for their new leaner bodies... End result for free KettLeBeLL BootCaMP WorKouts Get ready for an overflowing fitness bootcamp with more paying clients than you ever dreamed possible The two people behind this exciting product are Forest Vance and Georgette Pann who re both highly accomplished and credentialed professional fitness bootcamp instructors and trainers. Forest Vance holds a Master s degree in Human Movement and personal training certifications through the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Georgette Pann has decades of experience working in the personal fitness industry. As well as authored several Fitness Bootcamp manuals for fitness pros. Click on above link for the full story trainer in that state to be certified by an agency approved by either the NCCA or an agency recognized by the United States Department of Education (USDE) or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) which at this point is the DETC. Under the Massachusetts proposal a personal trainer is defined as dedicated to establishing quality standards for certifying agencies IHRSA has identified the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) the accreditation body of NOCA as being an acceptable accrediting organization. IHRSA will recognize other equivalent accrediting organizations contingent upon their status as an established accreditation body recognized by A person who develops a personal exercise plan or the Council for Higher Education program for an individual Accreditation (CHEA) and or the and demonstrates with or United States Department of Eduwithout equipment exercation (USDE) for the purposes cises designed to improve of providing independent thirdcardiovascular condition party accreditation. muscular strength flexibilIn accordance with this ity and or weight loss. resolution IHRSA subsequently The Florida and Massachusetts recognized DETC as an approved proposals reflect what has been accreditor of fitness certification recommended by the Internationagencies since DETC is recognized al Health Racquet & Sportsclub by both the USDE and CHEA. The Association (IHRSA) since 2006. NCCA is not so recognized. In that year IHRSA adopted the While the Florida proposal following resolution goes much further to regulate perWhereas given the increassonal trainers than the D.C. law or ing importance of personal training in health fitness and sports clubs IHRSA recommends that beginning January 1 2006 member clubs hire personal trainers holding at least one current certification from a certifying organization agency that has begun third-party accreditation of its certification procedures and protocols from an independent experienced and nationally recognized accrediting body. the Massachusetts legislation personal trainers need to consider what may be in store for them down the road. The broad definition used for personal trainers provided in the D.C. enactment as well as the Massachusetts and Florida proposals could include many fitness professionals who do not consider themselves personal trainers. In any case now that the D.C. law has been passed followed by the recent legislative proposals in Florida and Massachusetts those actions may well lead to the enactment of personal trainer regulatory laws in either state or in other states as similar proposals may be put forth. While many personal trainers applaud such legislation many others feel that the industry is adequately self-regulated or that the passage of such legislation will unduly interfere with their professional practices and their freedom to provide unregulated fitness services. What do you think PosTsCriPT The florida bill did not become law due to the fact that the florida legislature adjourned on may 2 2014 without action on the bill. Furthermore given the 26-year history of the National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA) as an organization The Exercise Sports and Sports Medicine Standards & Malpractice Reporter now in current form in its 27th year of publication. He has helped write and or served as legal counsel for published standards and guidelines developed for the health and fitness industry by ACSM NSCA NSF and AFAA. David has worked in law-related fields associated with these and other matters for over 35 years and has provided services to ACSM NSCA ACE AFAA ISSA NBFE and numerous other similar organizations. He has made presentations to various audiences for ACSM AHA NSCA NATA IHRSA NIRSA AACVPR HeartWatchers International the Cleveland Clinic as well as many other hospitals professional organizations and educational facilities. He is author of 45 books and or book chapters including a new fictional book entitled The Personal Trainer A Tale of Pain Gain Greed & Lust a legal thriller that focuses on the fitness industry s interaction with the legal system. See Return to table of contents david L. herbert JD is an Ohio lawyer and Editor of been several years now since fitness experts established the term core as the catchy buzz word synonymous with abdominal work. Every fitness-minded person went to work on his or her core using countless abdominal machines and taking core-training classes. We bought in to the late-night infomercials that sold us abdominal exercise gadgets that called for only five minutes per day to obtain the 6-pack of abs. Yes we have learned a whole lot about the importance of training the core. Yet when I meet with new clients I realize they really don t know what they should be doing for core work and furthermore it s no surprise that some are under the impression that it s the core is simply the rectus abdominis (better known as the 6-pack muscle group). There are so many good reasons to work the core muscles of the body but first our clients should understand what muscles are being engaged and why. It s good to point out that the core muscles or more specifically the deep postural muscles that hold us upright and assist in almost every movement in the body are not located in the abdomen. Let s break that down even further starting with the postural muscles These muscles help us stand or sit in an upright position and are the muscles that lie alongside and attach to the vertebrate specifically the Intertransversarii Interspinalis Multifidus and Suboccipital. All of these muscles are qualitatively different from the muscles responsible for most common movements referring to the movement muscles--known by abbreviated popular terms like Pecs Lats Traps Delts and Abs. I also explain to clients that the abs and the superficial muscles in the back are actually not part of the postural muscle group. Postural (core muscles) have the ability to do their work--supporting the body against gravity--by contracting for long periods of time without tiring. These deep endurance muscles of the spine perform this support function without us being consciously aware of their power. However we begin to realize how important they are only when they are weak as in chronic pain in the back. Conversely movement muscles usually very strong can contract very quickly to move the body or parts of the body but also tire quickly. For this reason they are ill-suited for postural support which is something that must be maintained all day. Movement muscles (upper back abdominals chest and lower back) help support but more often take over the work of the postural muscles (deep core support). The problem with weak core muscles is that they eventually atrophy because their work is being done (however inefficiently) by our movement muscles. To give this some merit think of bending over to pick up leaves over and over again. To do this we use the superficial movement muscles of the upper and lower back and secondarily the arms and legs. When these muscles begin to fatigue we need to take a break. On the other hand think about sitting at a computer all day There are deep neck extensors holding the head upright there are deep spinal extensors keeping the spine straight there are deep muscles around the lower back and pelvis keeping the hips flexed. All these muscles work along with us for an eight-hour workday. They do not fatigue or take a break. If they did we d crumple to the ground More to the point now how do we keep those deep core posture muscles strong We start with the deep spinal erectors. These deep spinal muscles determine posture stability and alignment. Keeping in mind that the core is commonly thought of as the abdominals (rectus transversus and obliques) and the lower back (quadratus loborius erector spinae and psoas) and while these muscles are important to work and essential to natural function to get to the true postural core muscles of the body we still must go much deeper. We must reach the intertransversarii Interspinalis Multifidus and Suboccipital. The core muscles we want to strengthen are internal (deep) and external (superficial) both need to be strong. In order to achieve efficiency within these muscles the exercise methodology chosen has to pay significant attention to the biomechanics of certain musculoskeletal movements. The exercise practice known as Pilates developed in the 1920 s by Joseph Pilates is a form of exercise that mixes flexibility resistance training and core-training. The exercises and apparatus he developed target the lengthening and strengthening of the spine and the deepening of the connection to the internal musculature of the entire torso. Results of doing the Pilates method vary. One can expect to have stronger spinal extensors stronger abdominals and overall conditioning. In every Pilates session a client will move his or her spine in all four planes of motion. The movements in Pilates are based in breath and stability whereby the deep muscles can be fired and mobilized. Most clients will experience muscle connections they did not know they could recruit consciously yet these muscles are overused daily When the internal corset is strong we can safely say true core strength has been attained. Not only will the abs become more streamlined and defined but after Pilates training clients will be standing tall and know without a doubt where the real core resides instructor and coordinator for Equinox Fitness in Roslyn N.Y. She has 26 years of experience in the fitness industry including personal training group fitness instruction nutrition and fitness competition. After 12 years of owning and operating a large fitness facility Leanne now enjoys helping private clientele achieve fitness goals and she writes for various fitness magazines. She can be reached at Leanne.Neville Leanne neville CPT is a Pilates Return to table of contents DVRT--A Complete Program of Functional Movements Designed to Enhance Your Athleticism Sculpt a Better-Looking Physique and Develop Dynamic Power... As a strength and conditioning professional for over 24 years I have literally seen it all . I have had the opportunity to meet and observe some of the best and worst fitness and conditioning professionals in the world. I have also had the opportunity to experience just about every training tool or piece of equipment ever made. I have had the great fortune to become good friends with Josh Henkin and I cannot say enough about how much I have benefitted from his knowledge and his Ultimate Sandbags. Josh is for lack of a better term a Renaissance man when it comes to training and conditioning. His background as a former Division I athlete along with his academic preparation host of other certifications and 20 plus years of experience has afforded him a great eye when it comes to analyzing and dissecting human movement and conditioning. The DVRT system he has developed is based on sound movement and mechanics and more importantly it is grounded in sound progressions and regressions based on individuals. This is a one of a kind training system that actually focuses more on movement than the tool itself. Josh has revolutionized the functional fitness industry in a very short period of time. His DVRT program has became a cornerstone for elite programs like the US Army Special Forces Recruiting Battalion SWAT teams and top fitness facilities from around the world. Coaches from over 80 countries are now using the DVRT system worldwide...and this population is growing at a record pace. Why IT WORKS. --ROBERT DOS REMEDIOS MA CSCS MSCC Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach Author Easy to understand and well thought out this is a complete breakdown of Henkin s DVRT system and all of the movement progressions that are contained within. Complete and thorough yet concise and simple at the same time--highly recommended --ALWYN COSGROVE owner of Results Fitness co-author of the New Rules of Lifting series In my 3 decades as an athletic preparation coach I ve studied practiced and applied all of the traditional methods of training athletes and clients of nearly all levels and ages. Josh Henkin s DVRT The Ultimate Sandbag Training System takes what is best from an old-style approach and fills in the holes of what is still missing. This newest book is a near bible to providing you with the principles to complete the package of program design. The focus is on the purpose of why you are training in the first place to perform--and look--better outside of the workouts. The demands needed for progressive adaptation are nearly built-in to training with the Ultimate Sandbag. The gripping options alone make it a worthy addition to anyone s training facility or home gym. Add in the stance variations and you ve got a library of exercises that are all based on basic movement patterns needed for optimal health and athletic performance. -- VINCE MCCONNELL Owner of McConnell Athletics trainer to NFL and NCAA athletes author of Invincible Abs I have always been a proponent of odd object lifting. Josh Henkin takes this type of training to a whole new level. The DVRT is a system that truly delivers functional strength gains. This book is not just about learning to lift Ultimate Sandbags it is about moving better becoming athletic and developing dynamic power. The progressions and programming will provide a blueprint for achieving your athletic goals. --JON BRUNEY author of Neuro-Mass Guinness Book of World Records holder DVRT --For Dynamic Power Superior Athletic Performance and Enduring Strength By Josh Henkin B73 34.95 eBook 19.95 The Ultimate Training System Paperback 8.5 x 11 274 pages 285 photos For more information or to invest in DVRT The Ultimate Training System today visit b74 or call 1-800-899-5111 E very aspiring personal trainer quickly learns that there are no legal requirements that license and or govern the personal training profession. Anyone can instantly become a personal trainer simply by printing out a card on a computer that says he IS a personal trainer. It s that simple. There exist no legal rules no licensing requirements and no legal and or uniform legal standards that apply to the fitness industry. Personal trainers quickly learn about Certification. In the fitness industry the word Certification is most often used to denote the certificate that says you are a certified personal trainer. For personal trainers this has no formal legal implications. It simply means that a certification organization has signed and issued your certificate which means you have fulfilled their requirements. So basically because there is no legislation governing the fitness industry the word certification has been adopted to provide the required cloak of quasi-legal authority to the educational program(s) supplied by a particular certification organization agency. In North America there are at least 90 different certifying organizations and about 300 certification programs. This huge number and variety of certification organizations are competing to win the hearts and minds of personal trainers. These not for profit organizations are also competing to earn the hard-earned cash of all potential trainers. Due to the lack of standardized and uniform rules or laws governing the fitness industry the reader may have heard about the term legally defensible certification. This is a rather complicated legal concept and goes to the essence of the quality of any certification its content process subject matter examining process fairness psychometric nature quality control examinations content etc. Personal trainers need not be concerned with this legal concept. It has very little practical legal significance. There exists a wide discrepancy among the various certifications being offered in the marketplace. You have the good the bad and the ugly (But this is true of most things in life.) Many certification organizations use their own proprietary language. That is to say each certification organization may have its own particular slant on personal training. Testing practices differ too. Many certification bodies have exams with questions that are cursory and simplistic requiring simple regurgitation of recall answers. Some exams pose proper content questions but the questions are patently unfair and intellectually dishonest. Other exams contain questions that are not covered in the course materials and or workshops. This dishonest tactic has the desired effect to fail a certain number of students. This means more fees for re-tests. It also gives the false appearance of a tougher exam. For those readers who wish to have a deeper understanding of legal certification testing procedures (proper exams) accreditation processes and how the judicial system controls the quality and testing of certifications you are invited to read the recent United States Supreme Court decision in Frank Ricci et al. v. John Stefano et al. NO. 071428 decided on June 29th 2009. (Just Google it it is very easy to read and understand.) In this landmark legal decision you can read the inspirational story of a New Haven dyslexic firefighter named Frank Ricci who desired a promotion to the rank of lieutenant captain and took his battle all the way to the Supreme Court. He won against several defendants who tried to thwart his ambitions A victorious Mr. Ricci stated When your life is on the line second best may not be good enough. Here s why this ruling is important to the fitness industry The Supreme Court scrutinized the entire legal certification examination process. Their goal was to ensure competency quality and proficiency through the application of stringent uniform national standards (both theoretical and practical) created by competent accredited third-party examiners who themselves were scrutinized for competency and independence Perhaps the most serious deficiency of many certification programs is the lack of practical testing and or a hands-on training component which is not provided by some certifications. For example would you hire a pilot who has not been taught to fly an airplane Would you hire an allopathic physician to demonstrate proper form for a Squat All personal trainers are strongly recommended to attend functional hands-on seminars provided by the best personal trainers or coaches available. To add a bit of confusion to the concept of certification this term is also sometimes used to describe continuing educational courses seminars certificates of completion etc. Another important point certified does not necessarily mean qualified. You can be certified and not qualified and you can be qualified but not certified. Moreover having many letters after your name is not a legal panacea. It will not protect you in a negligence lawsuit. (Readers may remember the standard of care discussed in a previous article.) A good litigation attorney may be able to convince a jury judge that the Phd after your name only means push here darling. Competency is competency. Expertise is expertise. Letters do not prove competency in any discipline. Many so-called fitness and or medical experts are sometimes exposed as non-experts with obsolete knowledge of proper functional training methods. As I say in my book Beware of the white smock. There are thousands of people using fake MA s and Phds. Personal trainers and all stakeholders in the fitness industry concerned with the quality of certifications should keep in mind the Latin maxim Caveat emptor or let the buyer beware. Personal trainers must do their own due diligence and evaluate the quality of the certification(s) that they wish to acquire. LADIES FIRST... and the men will surely follow A.R.D. Nutrition has put 15 years of pharmacology experience into BLENDING the FIERCE FIT formula specifically for women fitness fans. FIERCE FIT provides us gals with a source of energy weight loss and recovery all in one single salivating kiwi-strawberry dose No one disputes the scientific fact that ingredients in sports supplements work best when combined with other PROPER ingredients enhancing their actions. We at it Blending ---and with your women clients in mind we ve developed FIERCE FIT combining the very finest pure natural give them what the sweat time is all about... BOTTOM LINE.RESULTS So tell your clients to try FIERCE FIT today and the men will surely follow tomorrow (well actually in about a month) See our website for A.R.D.s other BLENDED supplements for BOTH women & men. TRAINERS learn how to CAPITALize on your sales. TRY IT NOW AT visit 25% OFF USE PROMO CODE FTM-25 Perhaps they need to acquire a certain certification solely for the purpose of being hired by the local gym. All trainers and coaches are strongly recommended to find a quality mentor and or to follow a quality mentorship program. In practice most clients will want results and will be obtained by referral. Which certification you possess and or other letters that you have after your name may be of secondary importance to your clients. Personal trainers need to do their own due diligence I have done my own due diligence. In my book I have strongly recommended the following three Certifications I wish to reiterate that I have no financial ties with these or any other fitness organizations. I retain my legal autonomy and independence as an officer of the Court. The take-home message Do your own due diligence and choose your certification(s) wisely This article has been extrapolated and excerpted from my book The Personal Trainer s Legal Bible. 1. 2. 3. FMS (Functional Movement Systems) PN (Precision Nutrition) founded by Dr. John Berardi PTA Global (the most comprehensive Certification in my estimation) Authored by Gary W. Pitts Sports & Fitness Lawyer Return to table of contents Lifesaver SerieS part 5 By Dr. Edwin H. Adams Pharm.D. CFT The ObsTacLe is The Way In Part IV of the Lifesaver Series we continued reviewing certain medication-related issues involving the training of a post-heart attack client. Derek the client was discharged from a hospital on five new medications for his recent heart attack and underlying coronary heart disease (CHD). The regimen included a beta-blocker for blood pressure heart rate reduction and heart muscle protection an ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) inhibitor for further blood pressure control an antiplatelet medication to help prevent clot formation in the cardiac vessels an aspirin to further assist in preventing clot formation and a statin medication to help him control his cholesterol levels - since cholesterolbased plaques are the cause of heart vessel disease. Having presented most of the exercise-related impacts of the beta blocker ACE inhibitor and anti-platelet classes of medications this final installment of Derek s return to fitness journey will include a discussion on the statin medications for cholesterol reduction. When there is too much cholesterol in the blood the lipid particles adhere to the lining of arteries causing a local inflammatory reaction. Over time this buildup and the subsequent inflammatory response cause the arteries to stiffen and become less responsive to dilating and constricting. As the lipid deposit grows in the lining of the artery it will develop fibrous cap over the lesion. These plaques as they are called are rich with lipid particles that are highly inflammatory. If exposed to the blood these particles will stimulate the blood s clotting cascade. The plaques themselves may cause the arteries to become narrowed and may lead to blood flow to the heart muscle being reduced or even blocked. And if the fibrous cap of one of these plaques were to rupture and expose the contents to the blood the resulting clot could reduce or cut off blood supply to a portion of the heart. The end result is a heart attack. Thus one of the goals of medication therapy for CHD is to reduce the level of circulating lipid (or cholesterol) particles in the blood. There are two forms of cholesterol that most Americans are familiar with Low-density lipoprotein (LDL or bad cholesterol) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL or good cholesterol). LDL is the main source of artery-clogging plaque. CHD alone caused approximately one of every six deaths in the United States in 2010. In 2010 379 559 Americans died of CHD. Each year an estimated 620 000 Americans have a new coronary attack (defined as first hospitalized myocardial infarction or coronary heart disease death) and approximately 295 000 have a recurrent attack. It is estimated that an additional 150 000 silent first myocardial infarctions occur each year. Approximately every 34 seconds one American has a coronary event and approximately every one minute twentythree seconds an American will die of one (American Heart Association http circ.ahajournals. org content 129 3 e28.full) Exercise-induced muscle injury is important to consider in subjects taking antilipidemic drugs because some of these agents have been associated with myopathy independent of intense exercise. However few studies assessing how antilipidemic drugs affect exercise performance are available. Once a class of drugs the statins or HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (Crestor(r) Lipitor(r) etc.) all possess the potential for an increased risk of myopathy independent of exercise. The clinical spectrum of statin-induced myopathy includes myalgia myositis rhabdomyolysis and an asymptomatic increase in the concentration of creatine kinase (CK). Muscle-related adverse events can be difficult to describe because the terminology used is inconsistent. The term myopathy is often used to include the entire spectrum of muscle-related adverse events. Symptoms of statin-induced myopathy include fatigue muscle pain muscle tenderness muscle weakness nocturnal cramping and tendon pain. The muscle symptoms tend to be proximal generalized and worse with exercise. Muscle symptoms that develop in a patient who has been taking statins for several years are unlikely to have been caused by these drugs. Yet onset of drug-induced myopathies have ranged from just a few days to months after initiation of therapy. Although the mechanism of statin-induced myopathy is unknown one proposed mechanism involves the impaired synthesis of cholesterol leading to changes in the cholesterol of myocyte membranes thus changing the behavior of the membrane. Another proposed mechanism is impaired synthesis of compounds in the cholesterol pathway in particular deficiency of coenzyme Q10 which could lead to impaired enzyme activity in mitochondria. Although low serum concentrations of coenzyme Q10 have been noted in patients taking statins concentrations in muscle have not consistently shown this pattern. A third proposed mechanism is depletion of isoprenoids--lipids that are a product of the hydroxymethyl glutaryl (HMG) coenzyme A reductase pathway and that prevent myofiber apoptosis (BMJ 2008 337 a2286). Regardless of the mechanism it appears that individuals who engage in strenuous exercise while taking a statin may be at an increased risk of myopathy particularly among older males. While it is always wise to avoid abrupt increases in exercise intensity de-conditioned clients taking statins should be cautioned about weightlifting or any other strenuous exercise in order to minimize the development of myopathy (S. Reents Sport and Exercise Pharmacology 2000). A trainer should consider complaints of muscle soreness from exercising individuals who are taking this type of medications as being potentially serious until proven otherwise. Exercise should still be encouraged in this client population however prudence on the appropriate amount and intensity of said exercise should be used. For it is an exercise prescription that could lead to the elimination of some of Derek s medication And thus ends this part of Derek s story. He will continue to adapt to his new normal of living with and managing chronic heart disease. And with the careful monitoring and attentive focus of his trainer Derek will be well-equipped to adapt to his new way of living. Until next time Be Informed and StayRxFit. The Possibility for a Healthy & Fit Nation particular order so too does the mentorship. And finally we recipe for success in health and surround our brand with peofitness. Without quality input ple who share our core values attentive focus to form and of faith friendship and fitness. proper sequencing of methods Our hope is that through this the recipe for success is tainted. community of connections Thus the purpose of people are changed life is lived StayRxFit is to educate people communities evolve nations in creating excellence from the prosper disease is eliminated ingredients within each of us and wellness reigns. Much At some point in our past we ve and to support the fitness and love mad respect God bless gone to a healthcare professional health transformations born MLMRGB to obtain a prescription for a from the mix of ingredients in What began as the final cure to one of life s ailments. our life recipes. We educate tag line in fitness magazine conOn the paper of the prescriphealthcare providers on changtributions Stay Rx Fit contintion there was most likely a ing the conversations that aren t ues as our mission supporting symbol in the shape of Rx emworking with their patients. We the recipe for success and excelblazoned in large lettering. For educate people who want to seek lence in health and fitness. For thousands of years in the mediexcellence in health and fitness it is through this personal revocal profession that symbol has but are deafened by the noise of lution that the evolution of the represented the Latin word for misinformation and misguided soul will begin. recipe. Before the standardized drug manufacturing processes edwin h. adams is a pharmacist certified of the pharmaceutical industry fitness trainer and founder of StayRxFit a patient would take their recan innovative health and fitness service ipe to a pharmacy. There the company providing tactical strategies to pharmacist would compound address obstacles to success in fitness the recipe into a tablet capsule health and motivation. Just as a recipe or or syrup for home use. From this prescription contains careful amounts of cherished history of the science special ingredients mixed in specific ways and art of pharmacy comes the and in a particular order so too does the recipe for success basis for the brand of StayRxFit... in health and fitness. Without quality input attentive focus the Rx symbol. to form and proper sequencing of methods the recipe for Dr. Adams is a pharmasuccess is tainted. cist certified fitness trainer and Thus the purpose of StayRxFit is to educate people in founder of StayRxFit an innovacreating excellence from the ingredients within each of us and to tive health and fitness service support the fitness & health transformations born from the mix of company providing tactical ingredients in our life recipes. Our hope is that the community of strategies to address obstacles connections made here will continue to grow and impact change to success in fitness health and through excellence in health and fitness. motivation. Just as a recipe or What began as the final tag line in freelance magazine prescription contains careful contributions Stay Rx Fit continues as our mission supporting amounts of special ingredients the recipe for success and excellence in health and fitness. mixed in specific ways and in a Return to table of contents s a personal trainer you are entrusted with helping people achieve their fitness dreams. Whether the goal is to build muscle trim body fat increase strength or improve performance all of us have to start somewhere. For many men and women the first step is to find a trainer and get on the correct physical fitness training program. When newcomers first decide to build muscle by lifting weights questions naturally arise. For instance they have to figure out what equipment to use -- free weights or machines They also have to consider how many days to work out and whether to do their full body together or use some type of split how to group body parts (if utilizing a training split) and how to judge proper resistance. The list is almost endless. It s a pretty daunting endeavor to be sure. But pumping iron needn t be all that confusing for the novice lifter. The last thing anyone needs is to psyche themselves out before even hoisting a weight. For the purposes of simplicity the critical point is to grasp the basics and then build from there. There will be plenty of time down the road to wrestle with the details of muscle physiology and the biomechanics of movement as beginners get more time under their weight belts. The basics start with the theory of full body fitness. This states that a worthwhile a IN EVERY SERVING 112 calories 24g protein 1g SUGAR 2G carbs FEATURED TEAM RTN ATHLETE & NPC CoMPETiToR Marisa savino Photography by FOTO ART PHOTOGRAPHY BIONIC EDGE WHEY. THE ALL NATURAL WHEY. RTN BIONIC EDGE WHEY is FREE of and contians NO artificial chemicals NO artificial sweeteners NO artificial flavoring NO gluten No casein NO MSG NO aspartame NO sucralose NO asesulfame-K NO artificial colors. MADE From Cows not treated with rBGH Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone SavE 10% off your order with coupon code fitnesstrainer RTN dietary supplements RTNsupplements RTN supplements RTNsupplements 1-800-508-0786 Also available at muscle-building program trains the entire body and not just the showy muscles that might be universal favorites (i.e. biceps or chest). The body is a balanced structure from front-to-back and side-to-side. It should always be trained in this manner to maintain its health and fitness. Second an important consideration is the time element. It is crucial to accomplish as much as possible in as little time as possible in order to improve strength and muscularity without sacrificing too much of other aspects of daily life. This will ensure continuity in a training program over time. That will mean both shortand long-term success. Speaking of daily life There arises the question of how many days to actually train. Beginner lifters don t want to overwhelm their body or mind so a three-days-per-week regimen is sufficient. Typically Monday Wednesday and Friday would be the workout days with the opposing days set for rest and weekends reserved for other activities. So long as lifters hit it hard when training they needn t be chained to a daily exercise schedule to get results. As they become more advanced they can increase the frequency of workouts break them up into different segments and so forth. The only way to guarantee longterm progress is by being flexible in a fitness routine. This makes a beginning lifter more apt to stick with the regimen if it doesn t represent too much of a sacrifice. The last consideration is of sets and reps the minutia that can make or break a training program. For best results stick with 3-6 sets per body part performing 10-15 repetitions per set. But there s more to it than just numbers. For instance this regimen calls for the use of supersets which is the completion of two exercises without rest in between. Exercising in such a nonstop manner speeds results and limits the time commitment to working out. The superset here however will be for antagonist exercises -- those that work opposing bodyparts. So after one set for chest immediately jump to a movement that targets the back muscles. The only rest comes when both sets are done then repeat the pair again for up to six supersets. On the subject of repetitions the best range of motion is 10-15 reps. This simply signifies a range within which one should train to muscular failure reaching total fatigue without sacrificing technique. This will ensure that the muscles are fully stimulated which will cause them to grow in strength and size. But there is one caveat here as well The timing of each rep should be in a 3-1-3-0 cadence. For instance when the bar is lowered down to the chest to start the bench press exercise it should be moved in a smooth three-second count. Then use a three-second pace to press the bar upward to arms length pausing for one second with the pectoral muscles tightened before repeating. Each rep of every set must be done in this manner to provide greatest muscle-building benefits while limiting the potential for injury. By the way when that 10-15 rep set for benches is finished that s only half the work. Immediately grasp a barbell and perform bent-over curl-grip rows in the same manner and for the same number of repetitions. After the superset rest for two minutes then repeat. Once all the chest back work is done rest 3-4 minutes before moving to the next grouping. What follows is a basic push pull antagonist training program for upper body. Here the plan is to hit chest and mid-back followed by shoulders and upper back. Then finish with biceps and triceps. Please note that every lifter should also include some lower body training as well. A good combination is leg extensions supersetted with leg curls. Abdominals are another body part necessary to include. These can be supersetted with lower back training (such as hyperextensions). Being a beginner in the weight room isn t something anyone should be ashamed of by any stretch of the imagination. Every champion bodybuilder weightlifter and pro athlete began in exactly the same way. Take the challenge and enjoy the musclebuilding rewards sUPerseT one DUMBBELL BENCH PRESS Lie flat on your back on a bench holding a barbell over your chest in a wide overhand grip. Keeping your body motionless bend your elbows and lower the bar until it lightly touches your chest. Reverse direction and press the weight back up to arms length. Repeat for 10-15 repetitions and then go immediately to bent-over rows. FUTURE CREATE IT CREATION BEGINS HERE PROUDLY CANADIAN PREDICT THE IS TO THE BEST WAY TO COMING SOON WWW.MUSCLEPLUSLABS.COM RETAILERS AND DISTRIBUTORS INTERESTED IN CARRYING MUSCLE PLUS LABS PLEASE CONTACT INFO MUSCLEPLUSLABS.COM OR CALL 1-866-702-4200 ALSO AVAILABLE AT OTHER FINE HEALTH FOOD STORES BENT-OVER CURL-GRIP BARBELL ROWS Bend over with your upper body parallel to the floor holding a barbell in your hands using a shoulder-width grip. Your palms should be facing forward in a curl grip. Keeping your back flat and head up pull the bar up into your lower chest. Pause then lower the bar back down and repeat. Repeat for 10-15 repetitions. sUPerseT TWo DUMBBELL SHOULDER PRESS Sit upright on a bench holding a barbell on the back of your shoulders with a wide overhand grip. Keeping your torso upright and body stable press the weight carefully overhead in a shoulder press. Pause briefly and then lower back down under control repeat. Perform 10-15 repetitions and then go immediately to chinups. CHIN-UPS Take a wide grip on an overhead bar and hang with your feet lifted. Without jerking your feet to assist pull yourself up until your chin nears the bar. Lower back down under control and repeat avoiding any swinging of your body. Repeat for 10-15 repetitions. Note If you cannot complete the required amount of pullups you can either have a partner assist you in meeting the target reps or use a cable machine in the gym for wide-grip pulldowns. sUPerseT Three BARBELL CURLS Stand upright holding a barbell at arms length in front of your thighs with a moderately wide grip. Without jerking your body to assist bend your elbows and curl the bar up to chest level. Pause briefly to squeeze your biceps then lower the bar back down under control and repeat. Perform 10-15 repetitions and then go immediately to triceps extensions. TRICEPS PUSHDOWNS Stand at the cable machine holding the V-handle in an overhand grip. Begin with your arms extended down in front of you. Keep your upper arms motionless as you bend your elbows until they are bent at about 90 degrees. Now extend your arms back down. Pause to squeeze your triceps tightly and repeat. Perform 10-15 repetitions. sUPerseT foUr LEG EXTENSIONS Sit on the end of a flat bench holding a single dumbbell between your feet. Grip the sides of the bench for support and keep your torso upright. Start with your feet lifted slightly off the floor. Now straighten your legs fully so they are parallel to the floor in the finished position. Pause briefly to squeeze your quadriceps muscles lower and immediately repeat. Perform 10-15 repetitions and then go immediately to leg curls. Note If you have access to a gym this exercise should be done on the leg extension weight stack machine. LEG CURLS Lie face-down on a bench with your knees at the edge holding a dumbbell between your feet. Beginning with your legs straight and parallel to the floor bend your knees and curl the weight up until it s above your glutes. Pause briefly to squeeze your hamstrings then lower your legs back down and repeat. Perform 10-15 repetitions. Note If you have access to a gym this exercise should be done on the leg curl weight stack machine. Return to table of contents H Google Nick Clayton ave you ever walked into a gym and looked at the credentials of its personal trainers with no idea what all those acronyms behind their name stand for These acronyms indicate that the trainer has been busy with something but what The personal training industry is riddled with certifications that require little more than 99 and internet access. It s a problem that causes confusion among those looking to hire personal trainers. It also causes a reduction in the quality of trainers as a whole. In this article I discuss why all personal trainers should have an accredited certification the differences between certification and certificate programs the pending move towards state licensure for personal training and finally how earning a certification is just the first step on the road to becoming a fitness professional. work as a personal trainer will need to be certified by an accredited program (among other requirements to be determined if passed). Certifications Accreditation and Pending Licensure Requirements The personal training industry is currently self-governed with no licensure requirements or set hiring standards. However when hiring the vast majority of fitness managers look at your education certification and experience (among other intangibles). Experience and education speak for themselves the more of it you have the more marketable you are. When it comes to certification however the waters become muddied. One constant remains fitness managers prefer personal trainers with accredited certifications. Any company can offer a training course and call it a certification however not all certifications are created equal. In fact there are approximately 75 personal training certification organizations in business only 11 of which are accredited by the National Commission of Certifying Agencies (NCCA). The NCCA establishes standards of excellence for certification programs and awards accreditation to programs that meet those standards. The importance of an accredited certification goes beyond simple quality assurance. The District of Columbia recently passed legislation requiring personal trainers to register in their jurisdiction in addition to D.C. Florida New Jersey and Massachusetts are working on similar laws. The primary purpose of these laws To protect the consumer and assure that fitness professionals are truly that professionals who operate within their scope of practice. And while it will take some time for these laws to work their way through the legal systems become enacted and have their details sorted out one thing seems certain a person looking to Certification versus Certificate Programs Going beyond the certification issue lies yet another point of confusion in the fitness industry namely certificate programs. Earning an accredited certification identifies that an individual has successfully demonstrated the knowledge skills and competencies to meet the minimum standards of a fitness professional. The material covered on a certification exam is based on a job task analysis study and questions are developed by an Exam Development Committee. Conversely earning a certificate demonstrates that an individual has successfully demonstrated understanding of specific learning outcomes. To provide an example of a certificate program consider the Crossfit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer Certificate Course. The CF-L1 Certificate Course requires participants to attend a twoday course and pass a 50-question test on the course material. As part of the completion requirement the participant must attend and participate in 100% of all lectures practical sessions and workouts. The take-home point here is in understanding that an accredited personal training certification is more in line with passing a standardized reviewed state licensure exam covering the key concepts that every fitness professional should know while a certificate program is more representative of a weekend continuing education course. This is not to say that certificates are not valuable. On the contrary they provide opportunity to continue your education and carve out a niche market. However if your goal is to break into or become a professional personal trainer earn an NCCA-accredited personal training certification prior to gathering certificates. Scope of Practice Scope of practice refers to the parameters imposed by law on personal trainers and the fitness industry. If a personal trainer provides services outside the scope of their certification they may be held liable for gross negligence. Scope of practice can be particularly confusing when it comes to certificate programs specifically those that address topics requiring licensure. Nutrition and corrective exercise are two hot topic areas when it comes to scope of practice and certificate programs. Personal trainers regardless of how many certifications or certificates they hold should be very wary when it comes to providing specific nutrition counseling diagnosing or fixing injuries and the like. Completing a certificate program does not expand your scope of practice especially when that practice crosses over into licensed professions. The personal training industry is always changing and to stay with it you need to read. However reading alone is not enough. Just as much as you read you need to practice your craft and increase Open any news-related webyour training competence. page and you re likely to see the When it comes to trainlatest way to get shredded in ing competence I was once told 15 minutes a day. As personal that if you can t teach an exercise trainers it is imperative that we to a 3rd grader you ain t comunderstand basic physiology in petent. A personal trainer with order to sift through the masa high level of training compesive amounts of information tence understands the technical (and misinformation) floating aspects of an exercise and breaks around in cyberspace. As I ve it down to such a rudimentary mentioned a quality education level that a 3rd grader can unand certification provide the esderstand it. sential foundation for a personal Competence comes with trainer but that s just the beginpracticing what you preach as a ning of your career. personal trainer never forget to Think of your career in practice what you preach. personal training as a tree a metaphor I adapted from Dan John s book Never Let Go A Philosophy of Lifting Living and Learning (a book I highly recommend The personal training industry has been self-regulating itself for as a must read). Education and years with a preference for indecertification are the seeds that spawn the roots of the tree upon pendently accredited certifications and desire for college and which the tree grows without the roots the tree will wither and continuing education. It does die. As you continue to learn and appear however that the next five years will bring about a shift grow in personal training your tree grows taller. However a taller towards licensure in the personal tree makes it harder to reach the training industry which will likely require personal trainers to limbs. The limbs represent the earn an accredited certification pinnacle of your personal trainin addition to other requirements ing career. So in order to reach (decided by individual states). the pinnacle or tree limbs you In addition to earning an need a ladder. accredited certification personal The rungs on the ladder represent your practical or experi- trainers can advance their knowlential knowledge which I ll refer edge base and carve a niche with specialty certificates but should to as your training competence. Certification Does Not Equate to Capable always work within their scope of practice. As a final point remember that certification is just the beginning step to becoming a career personal trainer always practice what you preach and strive for complete competence in your craft Remember if you can t teach it at such a basic level that a 3rd grader can understand you don t know it well enough Summary author nick Clayton is an Education Coordinator for the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). He has 15 years of experience as a personal trainer and strength coach and earned his Master s degree in Exercise Science and his MBA from the University of Florida. The NSCA offers NCCAaccredited certifications in Strength and Conditioning and Personal Training and provides peer-reviewed journals articles career support and more at Return to table of contents s certification company founded in 1995 in Ontario Canada by Brian D. Johnston. The company gained early popularity within the high-intensity trainome years back when Internet discussion boards were ing community because a large more about sharing than arguing I took notice of the portion of the research that was name Michael Lipowski. Mike s responses had merit originally used in supporting a deeper thought process than most and he expressed the principles being taught was himself in a professional and detailed manner. Long since being done by Arthur Jones (inventor involved on those boards I had not seen anything by Mike until I of Nautilus) and his company stumbled upon him on Facebook. He was promoting his personal MedX in connection with the training education company IART ( and University of Florida. There were again he was making great contributions to the industry by shar- also a number of HIT propoing his experiences and knowledge. nents who had contributed writRecently Mike and I had a chance to sit down and talk face- ing and points of view to many to-face. My initial impression of Mike was easily reinforced when of the organization s books. we met. Mike is a genuinely nice guy articulate professional and knowledgeable. He practices what he preaches and he s openThere is no denying minded. Above all Mike wants to make a difference. that Brian and those involved had done some very interestFor the past 15 years I ve worked ing work. I was floored at the So Mike amount of time and research please tell our readers a little bit as a personal trainer. I own a private personal training studio that went into the available about Mike Lipowski. documents via the IART and the called PURE PHYSIQUE. I m a way it was presented. To say it is Thanks Fred. fitness author writer educator and consultant as well as a pro- impressive would be an underI would start by saying I m simstatement. So Mike how did you ply a guy who is extremely pas- fessional natural bodybuilder. I become involved with the IART sionate about fitness. I ve been guess you could call me a Fit- Talking with Mike Lipowski By Fred Fornicola FF Fred Fornicola Mike Lipowski that way since I was young and that passion has guided nearly every decision professionally and personally I ve made. Right now I have a son on the way with my wife Corrie-Beth and he s our first child so we re extremely excited about that. In fact I ve already found a children s workout set complete with an adjustable bench barbell leg extension and leg curl. It s made of foam and meant for kids 4 and up but my son will have it by his first birthday. nesspreneur. FF ML Mike your attitude is really great. That was one of the first things I picked up on in your writing and when we met. You have a lot of positive energy and it s contagious. Please give our readers some insight and background about the IART. ML Sure Fred. The IART which stands for the International Association of Resistance Trainers was a personal training When I began my career I was introduced to HIT and was immediately drawn to the efficiency of the protocol and the logic behind it. I decided to become certified in the method but only the IART offered anything comparable. I enrolled in their course and wound up getting a lot more than I bargained for (in a good way). Although the IART had strong ties to HIT it turned out not to be a HIT certification. It wasn t an anything certification The organization was focused solely on evidence-based training and understanding the relationship between the traditional sciences exercise science and the individual. The more I learned the more I expanded my methods of exercise application and became more sought-after. As the organization moved forward I moved with it and contributed to some of their books. In 2008 when Brian Johnston decided it was time to step away from the IART I stepped in and moved the company from Canada to New York. After a couple of tough years I realized that we had to change our direction. There were far too many certification companies to compete with in the U.S. that were well established and dominating the landscape. Plus our courses were perceived as too advanced for newcomers which was not attractive to those trying to break into the industry. We evolved into a secondary education company for personal trainers who want to dominate their careers and have a major impact on people s lives. Our focus and passion is on advanced exercise education not certification. FF ML Give our readers some more information about who your courses materials and services are meant for We work with career-oriented personal trainers especially those who want to be leaders in the profession. I would describe us as a bridge between the certified personal trainer and the professional trainer who s adding value to people s lives and making a difference. Anyone can become a certified trainer but the number of true professionals are far and few. We offer a place for trainers who want to make that leap. It s a place where they can get information and an education that has real world value. FF ML I had a desire to complied the IART s teachings into pete in bodybuilding but once your own personal training I learned that all the bodybuildbusiness ers I looked up to were on gear [PED s] I extinguished the How haven t I applied notion. Shortly after graduating them My entire business is college and starting my career based on our core philosophy of as a personal trainer I learned doing the least amount of exabout natural bodybuilding and ercise necessary to get the best figured it would be a great learnresults. The science of stress ing experience to prepare for a physiology guides the direction competition. I was of the mindof each workout and what we do set that should someone hire me Mike tell us a bit more with every client. one day with the goal of having about the type of training the IART For business purposes six-pack abs I better know what promotes and its philosophy. we ve structured our services as it took to get them. 30-minute workouts typically Once I went through We don t support or performed 2-3 times a week the process of contest prep and deny any training methods. but we are flexible in how those stepped on stage I was hooked... How could we when you have 30-minutes are used and wheth- and I didn t even do well I a population of people all of er more or less exercise is neces- think I placed 6th out of eight whom have different objectives sary depending on the client s competitors. But every time I and needs goals needs and lifestyle. We are go through contest prep I learn That being said we do anything but cookie cutter. so much about myself and the have a very specific philosophy Many people who follow nuances of nutrition and trainwhen it comes to exercise We the 30-minute workout model ing it drives me to do it again. It believe that people should do are training every client using quenches my thirst for learning the least amount of exercise the same un-changing protocol. like nothing else. necessary to get the best or If that works for them that s So did the IART teachings desired result. Now whatever fine. I ve found personally that affect your own training bodythe least amount means will adapting workouts to meet the building and if so how depend on each individual s individual s physical and psyneeds goals abilities limitachological needs and preferWhat I learned through tions and preferences. ences without compromising the We teach exercise science. quality or core principles serves the IART has helped me to be a We present facts. We make logi- them better and is better for our more effective problem solver. Instead of throwing together cal deductions based on what business. random workouts or following we know to be true and teach I d like to shift gears here the most popular training methothers to do the same. We don t if you don t mind and discuss ods of the moment I ve been promote a way of training. We how and why you got into body- able to sit back examine where I simply provide people with the building. Can you give us some needed to improve and come up knowledge and tools to decide background on this big part of with a rational plan of attack. I for themselves what s best for your life can honestly say that in the them or their clients. FF Mike how have you ap- ML ML FF ML FF 14 years I ve been involved in bodybuilding I have never had a season when I stepped on stage and wasn t better than the year before in the area I set out to improve. ate you sharing so much great information. I d like to wrap up this interview by asking one last question. What s in store next for Mike Lipowski FF Mike I really appreci- ML I have a few things hap- pening right now that are all very exciting but I ll mention just two. First I recently partnered with Chris Lutz of S.P.A.R.T.A. and Dwayne Wimmer of Vertex Fitness on a project called the Fitness Leaders Alliance. We re connecting fitness professionals with people and information to help expand their personal and professional development. And second I m really juiced about the two-day Advanced Exercise Application Workshop we re putting on in September. It ll be an exclusive workshop and we ll be working hands-on with a small group of personal trainers so they can take the next big step in their career and in the process earn CEU s from some of the major personal training certification organizations. Return to table of contents O ver the course of a 30year career of handling personal injury claims and litigation it s rare a day goes by where an insured agent or business partner doesn t contact me concerning issues surrounding liability release waivers (also known as exculpatory agreements). Every inquiry contains a common denominator. If an injury occurs is my waiver worth the paper it is written on and would it be sustained by a court in the event a suit were filed That is the bottom line and the million dollar question. We want that warm and cozy feeling knowing that we are insulated in the event of an injury claim or lawsuit. A signed valid waiver should provide that security. After all they are adults and they should ve known what they were getting themselves involved in. Right Unfortunately in many instances it s not the case. A written or online electronic liability waiver is essentially a pre-injury contract subject to judicial interpretation and existing law. When drafted properly it can be a highly effective mechanism for defending and even barring a claim. Any liability waiver document is fair game for critical review and assault. On a litigated case I handled recently involving a health club I requested three law firms review the waiver. I was given three different opinions as to its legal sustainability. Confusing Absolutely. Enforceability and validity of liability waivers vary so much by state that I do not want to give legal advice. I do advise our insureds and agents to have the documents reviewed by an attorney in their states as to any legal issues and nuances that may arise. However there are bullet points and common threads that should be brought out which every waiver should contain. Font size should be at least 8 point or higher. If you can t read it the judge can t read it either. A court is not going to uphold a waiver if the print is too small. The releasing language and parties should be clearly visible and identified. Include any corporate entities or individuals who should be included. Avoid complicated and excessive language which may invalidate the intent and create confusion by releasor. Clearly identify the word Release on the document in bold print. Conspicuously include and release Negligence. Some states require waivers to provide language containing this to be considered valid. Omitting the word negligence in those states could render the waiver useless. Include both a printed name and signature line to ensure the name of the person signing the waiver is clearly identifiable. Maintain original signed documents for at least a period of one year from the expiration of your state s statute of limitations. It is advised to keep copies on computer storage devices. Injuries in a health club or personal training environment occur for a variety of reasons. In a law suit complaint allegations against a defendant are often strikingly similar. Generally they are identified as negligent supervision product or equipment defects improper maintenance and inspection of facilities equipment failure to make repairs failure to warn and possession of actual and or constructive knowledge of a dangerous and defective condition. Take for example the case of Jane Doe a 76-year-old female club member under the direction of our insured personal trainer. She was working out on a treadmill machine and had been previously instructed on its operation by both the club and the trainer. Our insured placed her on the machine for a fifteen minute program and left momentarily to complete paperwork. During this time Jane fell off the machine sustaining facial and rib fractures. She alleged the treadmill machine suddenly and unexpectedly increased speed causing her to be violently thrown off. The club s video surveillance cameras captured the incident which showed she was adjusting the speeds and failed to push the emergency stop button. Jane filed suit in a New Orleans area parish court alleging negligent supervision and instruction in placing her on the machine. In our defense we raised the issue with the court that Jane had signed a waiver of liability. We were essentially told by the judge that he would refuse to enforce it as he believed it to be invalid as a matter of public policy and allowed the case to proceed to trial rather than dismissing the matter on summary judgment. Jane was not to be denied her day in court. It was eventually mediated and the case resolved prior to trial. Unfortunately in this case the waiver provided us with little legal ammo other than a good conversation piece. Venue venue venue is what a previous litigation director instilled and beat into me. Looking back he was unequivocally correct. It s important to know your opponent and his home court. By this I mean there is a huge difference in the geographic judicial interpretation of liability waiver release documents as they relate to the law and public policy. The perfect example is the state of Wisconsin. In the past 25 years the Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled on exculpatory agreements six times and has ruled on each occasion that such waivers are unenforceable. Frustrating You bet it is. The American Tort Reform Association annually publicizes its list of jurisdictions that are extremely difficult and costly to defend. Signed release and waiver documents mean next to nothing. These areas include California West Virginia Madison County Illinois New York City Baltimore Philadelphia South Florida Cook County Chicago Illinois New Jersey and Louisiana. These jurisdictions are in tremendous need of tort reform and in where the judicial benches are extremely plaintifforiented. Any insurance professional worth his salt knows waiver and release agreements will not stand to dismiss or extinguish a liability claim. Conversely venues such as Tennessee Indiana Missouri (excluding St. Louis) and the Carolinas tend to receive favorable rulings and where it would be expected a well worded liability waiver would be sustained by the court. If waivers are worthless in many jurisdictions you may ask What are we to do My first response is we don t throw the towel and roll over. Absolutely not. Waiver and release documents are only a facet and small piece of the puzzle when defending a case. In certain instances the best defense may not be the waiver at all. As a trusted provider of sports and recreation insurance products K&K is committed to helping your business succeed by offering high-quality coverage and services designed for your needs. K&K s expertise is respected throughout the industry we are your solution for affordable insurance coverage. It s easy to work with K&K--visit our website now for more information. Competitive rates and coverage Extensive specialty insurance and claims knowledge Secure market with over 60 years of experience Rather the Assumption of Risk argument under certain circumstances is more viable and itself can be a complete bar to a claim such as in New York and many others. Essentially assumption of risk argues the plaintiff was aware and appreciated the risks and dangers that are inherent in the activity. Additionally whereas a judge would not dismiss the litigation on the merits of the case we have had many favorable instances where the judge would allow the waiver document to go to the jury and allow them to consider it as evidence. My best recommendation is not to use your liability waivers as though you are bullet proof. In many jurisdictions it is very difficult if not impossible to enforce. There is no substitute for best practices good management and business policies including inspection and maintenance of equipment conducting health assessments on individual clients good record keeping and visible safety procedures. Loss control and safety information is available through many sources including personal trainer associations and insurance providers take advantage of every means possible to protect your business. Analyst with K&K Insurance Group. He specializes in sports entertainment and recreation claims involving complex litigated issues. Lance holds BS and Master s degrees from Indiana State University. Contact him at 260-459-5037 lance.brenn Return to table of contents Lance Brenn is a Claims Litigation LIGHTNING BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Let our team design a strategic plan of action so you can achieve maximize results with your short and long term career objectives. Personalized branding imaging marketing sales and management services. Enhanced digital portfolio career CV resume and cover letter design. Lightning_JL 248.877.7082 By michael lipowski Ceo international association of resistance Trainers PUre PhysiQUe Remember when you first started weight training and the muscular gains came easy But how about after you ve been training awhile If you think about it it should make perfect sense to continue with initial good results especially if you ve developed knowledge and experience in building muscle and strength. That s how I felt after a decade of training when my gains were coming at a snail s pace. (And that s being generous.) When you master other areas of your life you naturally experience the same or better results with less effort so why not this one Here s what I found your body s best asset--its ability to adapt--is its worst enemy when muscle development is the goal. Packing on and maintaining muscle is a metabolic nightmare. It takes a lot of energy. Energy your body prefers to preserve when given the option. When your body adapts to any activity or task it is looking for the path of least resistance. Or in this case the path of fewest metabolic demands. If it can rely on a coordinated effort between several muscle groups to complete a task instead of adding more muscle tissue the choice is simple despite your opposition. The way to combat stagnation is by managing training demands. In this video you ll see how your total training demands determine the effectiveness of your routine in stimulating gains in muscular size and strength and how to manage them so you can make deliberate progress. click here to view large video Producing massive training demands requires intensity. As you saw in the video your total training demands are comprised of numerous factors. (You did watch the video right ) Intensity is a major factor that plays a key role in your results. But there s also a lot of confusion about the role it plays. Let s dive in click here to view large video Being intentional with your training volume makes all the difference. Ever wonder why some fitness gurus say you should do X number of sets or reps What is it they know about everyone s individual needs that has resulted in this sweeping prescription of training volume Training volume can either help or hinder you. It mainly depends on how aligned it is with your muscle fiber make up rate of fatigue and goals. In this video I ll share with you a tool so you can determine what s ideal. click here to view large video how often you work out controls the fate of your workouts. Exercise is a good thing until it becomes a bad thing. Here s what I mean Exercise is a stress. Sure it has a positive impact on you but exercise itself is a negative stress on your body. Your hope is that you adapt to this negative stress by developing larger stronger more functional muscles. But to adapt you first need to recover from the workout(s). Training frequency is the most central piece of exercise recovery. It can either hold your results hostage or set them free. Why don t we take a look how in this next video click here to view large video add it all together and you have a set of training demands that have the potential to catapult your muscle development. We re only scratching the surface. Other components such as load speed of movement repetition and set variables and equipment all contribute to the overall training demands. The more demanding and unusual your training (without getting to the point of being ridiculously weird and turning your workouts into a circus act) the greater your potential to stimulate muscular gains. In the next issue we ll cover more components of your overall training demands so you can manage them for maximum muscle and strength gains. Return to table of contents 50 fitness Part three Years of MY PASSIONATE JOURNEY THROUGH THE WORLD OF HEALTH FITNESS AND BODYBUILDING training By Don Cestone Part one of this series gave readers an overview of my early beginnings. Part two described some important turning points in my business life that made me achieve great success and longevity. Every journey has a first step. Steve Reeves as Hercules first inspired me in the 1950 s and 60 s movies. But the single greatest catalyst that started my passion was Vince Gironda. I would be remiss in telling my story if I didn t point out Vince s influence on me. When I speak with other trainers it amazes me how many people have never heard of Vince. It s like going into Physics and not knowing who Einstein is. Many of the nutritional and training concepts we teach were created refined and tested by Vince. Here is my story on how I met Vince and his great influence on me. In bodybuilding the word legend gets used many times without warrant. Very few in our sports history can truly be called legends. One man who can rightly be called a legend is Vince Gironda a man of vast complexities in temperament loved my many hated by some misunderstood by most. My 20 years of training at Vince s Gym gave me a firsthand look at Vince the man along with his training and nutritional concepts fitness and bodybuilding. first Recollections My first recollection of Vince was in 1964 when I read one of his articles in Muscle Builder magazine. It was completely different than anything I had ever read. Quite frankly it was hard for me to understand because most of the magazines at the time contained basic information. Vince s articles really made one think. At the time every major bodybuilder and movie star trained at his gym. It is safe to say that Vince s Gym was the number one gym in the United States. As I would read the magazines every month Vince his gym and his techniques almost became mythical. my Dad takes me to vince s Gym When I moved from New York to Sacramento California I realized the great contrast right away. My family had friends in Los Angeles and we would take brief trips to visit them. I distinctly remember after seeing the movie Muscle Beach Party starring Vince s star trainee Larry Scott asking my father if we could go to Vince s Gym the next time we were in Los Angeles. My father who was very supportive of my training was a little hesitant about going to Vince s but after constant pleading he agreed. Vince s Gym was located on the outskirts of Los Angeles in Studio City an area in the San Fernando valley. It took us a while to find the place. As we walked up to the door I remember stopping and looking up at the Vince s Gym sign. I couldn t believe that I was standing in front of Vince s. As we walked in we went up to the man at the front desk. He wasn t Vince. Celebrity Trainer Vince Gironda s gym Los Angeles circa 1960s. My father asked if we could take better dumbell. a look around but the man said he couldn t let us walk on the gym floor. We could however spend some time looking at the gym from the desk area. As I was standing there the moment was surreal All the equipment I had seen in the magazines was right As I was watching a few people before my eyes. training on the floor I realized they were doing the same exercises that I read about in Vince s magazine articles. My training at this point was done in my garage I will never forget that moment with a 110 lb. barbell set. I realized My first impression was that the how little I knew about training. gym seemed small. I would later As we were leaving I turned to find out that the gym upstairs the man at the desk and asked if and down was around 2 000 Vince was coming in today and he square feet which is small com- said no. I was disappointed but pared to today s massive gyms. still was in awe of finally seeing My second impression was that Vince s Gym. We walked outside the gym was dark. Vince had and I once again gazed up at the special lighting set up near each gym and its sign--it s a moment I piece of equipment so that when will never forget. someone was doing a movement it would dramatically show the highlights of the muscles. I also noticed there were no windows in the gym. The only other light was coming from an overhead skylight. My third impression was that there were no chrome weights or fancy apparatus as used by Jack LaLanne. Everything in Vince s looked like it was specially made and uniquely designed for his purpose. The benches were made of wood and covered in leather. The dumbells had pistol grip handles that fit your hand like a glove. To this day after training in thousands of gyms I have never used a I vowed I would Gym members were Return serious About following vince s training Advice In 1968 I moved back to New York. California and the memories I had made me vow that one day I would return. So in 1976 I made my return to Los Angeles. It felt like returning home even though I never lived there before. I couldn t wait to see Vince s Gym. Great Lighting and No windows Our first meeting vince Puts me in my Place and throws me Out I remember pulling up to the gym and parking my car. It was unbelievably hot that day. I walked in and low and behold Vince was sitting behind the desk. I walked up and said. Hi Vince my name is Don. How are you He did not look up at me. Stretching and Flexibility Secrets To Help Unlock Your Body--Be More Mobile More Athletic More Resilient And Far Stronger... The ultimate bodyweight mobility manual is here Al Kavadlo s previous two Dragon Door books Raising the Bar and Pushing the Limits are the most valuable bodyweight strength training manuals in the world. But strength without mobility is meaningless. Al has used his many years of training and coaching to fuse bodyweight disciplines such as yoga martial arts rehabilitative therapy and bar athletics into the ultimate calisthenics stretching compendium. Stretching your Boundaries belongs on the shelf of any serious athlete--it s bodyweight mobility dynamite -- COACH PAUL WADE author of Convict Conditioning In this book Al invites you to take a deeper look at the often overlooked and sometimes demonized ancient practice of static stretching. He wrestles with many of the questions dogmas and flat out lies about stretching that have plagued the fitness practitioner for at least the last decade. And finally he gives you a practical guide to static stretching that will improve your movement performance breathing and life. In Stretching Your Boundaries you ll sense Al s deep understanding and love for the human body. Thank you Al for helping to bring awareness to perhaps the most important aspect of physical education and fitness. --ELLIOTT HULSE creator of the Grow Stronger method An absolutely masterful follow up to Raising The Bar and Pushing The Limits Stretching Your Boundaries really completes the picture. Both easy to understand and fully applicable Al s integration of traditional flexibility techniques with his own unique spin makes this a must have. The explanation of how each stretch will benefit your calisthenics practice is brilliant. Not only stunning in its color and design this book also gives you the true feeling of New York City both gritty and euphoric much like Al s personality. --MIKE FITCH creator of Global Bodyweight Training Stretching Your Boundaries is a terrific resource that will unlock your joints so you can build more muscle strength and athleticism. Al s passion for human performance radiates in this beautifully constructed book. Whether you re stiff as a board or an elite gymnast this book outlines the progressions to take your body and performance to a new level. --CHAD WATERBURY M.S. author of Huge in a Hurry Al Kavadlo has done it again He s created yet another incredible resource that I wish I had twenty years ago. Finding great material on flexibility training that actually enhances your strength is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But look no further because Stretching Your Boundaries is exactly what you need. --JASON FERRUGGIA Strength Coach Top 10 Amazon Bestseller in Fitness & Exercise category Stretching Your Boundaries Paperback 8.5 x 11 214 pages 235 photos Flexibility Training for Extreme Calisthenic Strength By Al Kavadlo B73 39.95 eBook 19.95 Order Streching Your Boundaries B73 Then I said Excuse me Vince I am a big fan of yours and I have some questions I would like to ask you. He still did not look up at me. This threw me as I had never had someone not respond to me when asked a simple question. I finally leaned over and said Vince I would like to talk to you. He looked up at me and asked Do you want to join the gym I answered Maybe but first check out my arms and tell me what you think. He stood up and looked at me with those cold dark eyes and said You a hole I have champions come from all over the world who want to be trained by me and you are here for one minute showing me your arms. GET OUT I had just met Vince Gironda I would later find out the same thing happened to Arnold Schwarzenegger when he first came to Vince s. No this is not a folklore story but confirmed to me by Arnold and Vince. I was floored with emotions. How could someone whom I idolized be so mean I had heard Vince was bombastic and temperamental but to experience his fury firsthand was more than I could handle. I waited a few weeks and signed up for gym membership when Vince wasn t around. I loved training at the gym and met a group of guys who would come in around the same time that I did and we had a great camaraderie. I remember one day Vince coming in and walking from the front of the gym to the back area where the showers were. Everything about Vince from his posture to his walk to his facial expressions was one he would call studied arrogance. I looked at Vince who was a handsome man with strong Italian features. He had a thick head of hair and penetrating dark eyes. His body looked perfectly balanced. He was not a big man and he did not have a large frame but he moved like a dancer. I have only met a handful of men in my life who exhibited such presence that they would fill a room and Vince was one of them. As I started to study under Vince he would command attention bark out orders and give a critical critique of one s form. During this time I would try to talk to Vince on a personal level but he did not acknowledge me. When he was teaching he was a master. Any small talk you wanted to make had no interest to him. I finally gave up trying to talk to Vince on friendly level. I was thankful to be one of his students and to learn from him. custom-made equipment. I must give credit to my partner Sal as he was the real thrust behind this concept. Vince would come over to the store for bits and pieces of equipment and if I was there he would talk to me. He knew we were turning out quality equipment and he had heard about my reputation as a trainer. Slowly Vince finally started to talk to me. We had many heated discussions on training nutrition and fitness. I had to be careful to keep these debates short so as not to rattle his fury. vince was Passionate About training I don t want this article to come across as Vince being a monster. He was what I would describe as a purist. His manner was a reflection on how serious he was about the sport. A purist is someone who does something whether it s a profession or pursuing a goal with such passion that money adulation or any kind of recognition is unimportant. He was approached by everyone from Joe Weider to Arthur Jones but never got involved with them. The more I observed Vince the more I realized he had never started his gym to make big money. He loved teaching people and the rare smile that would come across his face when one of his students made progress was something to see. Vince s Gym really can t be called a gym. A Buddy and I Open an Exercise Equipment store Across the street from vince s As I mentioned in Part One of this series my expansion plans included having an exercise equipment store that sold cutting-edge equipment and ATHLETE CRAIG CAPURSO FITNESS ENTHUSIASTS FOR PRODUCT DEMOS Positions Available Nationwide. For more info Danielle These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. SEEKING It rightfully should be called a physical culture studio that was a small environment where one went to learn to observe and to reflect on the finer points of training. When I saw Vince a day or so later he showed be a much warmer side. We started to have some deep heavy conversations on philosophy nutrition world events and private matters. Vince became a dear friend. I could do a whole article on the specifics of each and every concept Vince has One day I had finished my work- contributed. That is enough for out and walked out to my car and another article. I asked Vince reached into my gym bag and in a private moment what pulled out a cigar. A rare treat makes a great trainer He said for me. I lit up the cigar and was observe nature your students leaning against my car taking a everything. Galileo Einstein few puffs when Vince walked out Newton and others who have of the gym. I remember reading changed the world did it by somewhere that Vince would observation. He also told me enjoy an occasional cigar but how can I teach something didn t know if it was really true. that has never been written. I expected him to yell at me but With enough time being a what happened next surprised trainer form your own ideas me. He yelled Cestony. (He and thoughts. It takes years never called me by my first name but you will reach the next and always used the Italian prolevel that way. nunciation.) I expected the wrath To sum up of Vince to come down on me Vince had one but he said I didn t know you of the longest liked cigars I really love cigars. running gyms I reached into my gym bag and of all time handed him a cigar. He carefully 1948 to the looked at the cigar and examined mid 1990 s. it with his intense eyes. I told It was an him I have a cigar now and then honor for as it is one of the rare vices that me to train I have which puts me in pure and study bliss. He fully agreed and after there. If you all these years the ice had been don t know broken between Vince and me who Vince is I went to the gym two days later do a little research and Vince s son Guy stopped to and find out. For to tell me his dad was smoking a study the past is to little bit of the cigar each day. know the future. Now that my story has been told I will begin to share some of my thoughts on training nutrition and all related areas. My concepts are out of the box and will provoke you to think and even raise a forum of debate and an exchange of ideas. Any questions email me at don or call me direct at 949-375-0877. It s Amazing what a Cuban Cigar Can Do Don nearing the 60-year mark. Return to table of contents Teamwork. It sounds like a clich strategy or maybe something we as personal trainers have heard countless times before. However it is more important than we may think. Team RTN always works together to achieve their physical fitness nutrition and lifestyle goals. When I implement a team fitness strategy with a group of two or more clients I always get to witness something great my clients actually working harder faster and more efficiently to blast through a tough workout. When we are alone when we train alone or when we train others alone it is far easier to do a set or a circuit and possibly complete the exercise with the incorrect form. Or worse we could get lazy about our intentions and start to slack taking the 35 lbs dumbells over the 40 pounders that we very well know we are capable of working with. Or maybe we stop on our 15th repetition instead of our 20th because we know no one will call us out on it. These are prime examples of when teamwork comes into play in a major fashion. When we work together as a unit it s less likely that we ll take the easy way out. When we work to attain our fitness and lifestyle goals together there is a greater probability that we will achieve them. For example when we take on circuit training workouts with a team we hold ourselves more accountable for our part or section of the workout. So we are more inclined to perform to our best ability. I have witnessed it thousands of times clients and trainers (myself included) simply work harder when the workout is set up as a team. Specifically TEAM RTN focuses on all aspects of self-improvement. TEAM RTN works with Jerry Wheeler s TEAM DOC for a complete experience. We don t just draw the line at training and nutrition. We also work toward the mental toughness that is required for everyday life. Being mentally sound and capable is the first step in realizing and achieving not only your fitness goals but your life goals See it believe it achieve it Return to table of contents C elebrity Trainer Brett Hoebel created his latest 20 Minute BodyTM program for a good reason The number one excuse for not working out is lack of time. This new proven program gives 20-minute interval-based workouts and 20-minute tasty meals that helps people burn fat fast and get in the best shape in only 20 minutes a day. Brett s goal was to create a simple and effective way to help keep people fit and stop making excuses for not working out. After years of training and as one of the trainers on NBC s The Biggest Loser (season 11) Brett is still challenging audiences and clients keeping them accountable on all fitness levels. Brett continues to motivate Americans as a health expert and starred in the Food Network s Fat Chef and he regularly appears on TV shows like Dr. Oz and The Talk to discuss topics such as weight loss bullying and emotional obstacles and contributes to national publications like SELF Fitness magazine and more. Return to table of contents CARNIVOR RAGING BULL Everyone knows that BEEf BUILDS MUSCLE Now you can get all the incredible anabolic power of beef with a shot of energizing caffeine in MuscleMeds new CARNIVOR Raging Bull Series. Thanks to advanced hydrolysis and isolation technologies CARNIVOR is a 99% pure premium grade protein supplement that s highly bioavailable and loaded with performance-enhancing BCAAs and creatine. 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Remember that if you are ever eating or drink something that has acidophilus in it - Combines nutrient-rich vegetables fruits and herbs with probiotic cultures - Supports the body s ability to cleanse detoxify and rejuvenate. Supports the body s antioxidant defense system and immune system functions. Supports detoxification and G.I. tract health To order go to and use coupon code fitnesstrainer and save 10% off your order. P.W.O. Multi-functional Pre & Post training formula P.W.O from fit Club Nutrition stands for Pre-Work Out & Post-Work Out which is a science based clinically dosed caffeine free powder formula designed to be taken before after and even during workouts Each daily dose of P.W.O. delivers full clinical dosages of key ingredients including 2grams of patented Leucine Nitrate 6 grams of Creapure 5 grams of BCAA s 2.5g Betaine 2 grams of Glutamine and several adaptogenic herbs all shown to support faster muscle building strength and repair. P.W.O. comes in two natural flavors--Cherry and Watermelon and contains ZERO artificial sweeteners As a bonus inside each tub of P.W.O. is a FREE bottle of STIM-BOOST Energy Pump to be used to adjust your pre-workout energy levels. P.W.O. is now available at all Vitamin Shoppe locations nationwide and CAPTURE YOUR RUN THE RUN ON YOUR BUCKET LIST You ve trained for months and months run hundreds of miles worn out shoes and patience and gotten sick and sore along the way. fACE THAT RACE Here comes the dark morning when you roll out of bed and step toward the starting line of your hardest run ever. REMEMBER IT Important times in your life your high school graduation your wedding deserve to be captured and shared with your family. Now your special 13.1 or 26.2 can be captured too. PICTURE YOUR TRIUMPH Be Athletic Pictures runs with you to photograph your whole run with images from every phase. Then we print your story into an epic album and plaque. We even produce a unique slideshow of your adventure. OUR CLIENTS I had a wonderful experience with Nat Seymour of Be Athletic Pictures and his unique on-the-move photography. I ve been sprinting and doing shorter runs for over 25 years but I decided to run only one full marathon. The challenge was how do I document that experience Nat offered a unique package that photographed me from pre-race all the way to the finish. The result was an amazing array of pictures of my run.... Thank you Nat and I recommend this experience to all runners Brandon Gatke 2013 Portland Marathon Runnert LEARN HOW we can capture your or your client s running odyssey isoPlus Now available a revolutionary isolate protein formula by Muscle Plus Labs. IsoPLUSTM is an incredible tasting Advanced Protein Isolate which is Ultra & Micro Filtered for greater absorption into the muscle tissue and easier digestion. With a superior amino acid profile and the best quality BCAA s on the market IsoPLUSTM support muscle repair and recovery speeds up muscle building immune support and with low fat and no trans fats helps reduce body fat and control appetite. IsoPLUSTM can also be used as a snack to curb those hunger pangs. Just use half the serving on its own with water or milk and can be blended with your favorite fruits. This special formula is designed for all athletes. Men and women alike can benefit from this formula to help them live a healthy lifestyle. IsoPLUSTM tastes great and is available now available at Delivered right to your door If you are a Trainer and wish to add value to your clients contact Muscle Plus Labs for more information about their Trainer Program... RTN Cutting Stack Will you be ready for the beach this Summer Try RTN Cutting Stack featuring Somatonin AM and PM with Bionic Edge Whey.Use together for helping you achieve results in losing Fat and maintaining muscle. Cutting Stack Includes 1 - Somatonin Am 1 - Somatonin PM 1 - 2lb Bionic Edge Whey (Chocolate or Vanilla) fREE 3 IN 1 SHAKER BOTTLE WITH PURCHASE Use coupon code fitnesstrainer and receive 10% off your order SECRET SAUCE BIOACTIVE POST-WORKOUT MUSCLE GROWTH & RECOVERY ACTIVATOR SECRET SAUCE from MuscleMeds is the world s first BIOACTIVE POST-WORKOUT FORMULA enhanced with pharmaceutical grade BSA (Bovine Serum Albumin) for fast potent anabolic action and recovery. BSA is an extensively researched bioactive protein derived from bovine blood plasma shown to have bioactive peptides and growth factors high concentrations of leucine and essential muscle building amino acids. BSA also has high osmolality and a unique ability to enhance the uptake and transport of nutrients such as creatine amino acids and glucose into blood plasma and speed delivery to muscle tissue for complete post-workout anabolic recovery. SECRET SAUCE also contains a 5g leucine loaded dose of BCAAs in an anabolic 10 1 1 ratio 50 grams of highly reactive carbs insulin amplifiers and MuscleMeds Power-AMP Cre3TM creatine complex. If you train hard and want to get the most out of your workouts SECRET SAUCE is your post-workout recipe for massive gains in muscle mass and super fast recovery Visit for more information or to order. Neuro-Grip Strongman and Neuro-Mass author Jon Bruney specializes in blitzing the body with special combinations of grinds isometrics and explosives. Jon calls them Neuro-Sets. When performed with proper intensity and in the correct sequence Neuro-Sets put your system into neural overdrive--and they explode your strength. When choosing an exercise for a Neuro-Set Jon looks for what will place the greatest possible demand on his muscles--then savagely attacks with every ounce of effort. The concept is what can make this harder The practice is to DO IT. No surprise then that Jon Bruney sought ways to intensify the Granddaddy of all bodyweight exercises the pushup. Jon found a suitably primitive device that was up to the challenge--a nail welded to a piece of pipe. Attempting to stabilize while performing perfect push-ups with this T-shaped tool was a Man-Buster alright But Jon felt the tool needed improvement. Let s make it more durable cooler-looking AND lighter. Dragon Door has obliged. These solid one-piece aeronautics-grade aluminum Neuro-Grips come in a grip-friendly anodized finish are space-age light and will stand up to years of abuse from the heaviest athlete. see more at products neuro-grip Dear Fellow Fitness Trainer You want more clients and your competitors are looking to crush your business. How do you build a fitness business where everyone wants to come and train with you and where competition is a non-issue There s only one thing your fitness bootcamp and personal training clients really want and that s results. And if you can deliver the fat-burning muscle-building and conditioning results that your clients want then your boot camps and training sessions will always be packed and profitable. Guaranteed. The World s Most Elite Militaries Use Kettlebells to Whip Their Soldiers Into Shape Just Imagine What They ll Do for YOUR Clients (And You) for free KettLeBeLL BootCaMP WorKouts NCCPT First Step Package You ve done the heavy lifting and got certified. Now get a foot in the door with the NCCPT First Step Package. Look like a pro with Personalized Business Cards the NCCPT Dry Fit Shirt and a ProFit Jobs Profile. We re so confident you ll be hired we include a Money Back Guarantee. If you aren t hired in 90 days you get money back Includes 1. 2. 3. 4. NCCPT Dry Fit Shirt NCCPT Personalized Business Cards Profit Jobs profile 90 Day Job Placement w Money Back Guarantee HOUSE OF PAIN APPAREL AND WEIGHTLIFTING GEAR Born in 1996 out of a garage in Fate TX from the sweat and power of one man alone sculpting his body to create the ideal combination of form function and inner strength required to achieve his goals... that garage was the original House of Pain. House of Pain the brand was built in a grass roots fashion by traveling to hundreds of small and medium sized events shows and schools to promote this lifestyle to the young and old alike. The House of Pain brand is a living monument to what a man can accomplish alone with his iron... and with a little pain thrown in. Fast-forward to 2014 and the House of Pain collection is the leading apparel brand within the lifting community with both domestic and international distribution. House of Pain is forever linked with the people and culture that view sculpting their bodies as one of life s necessary goals. Beyond the shirts outerwear and performance pieces you expect from a fitness apparel line House of Pain is also the number one distributor for Inzer Advance Designs and the cutting edge technology they put into their industry-leading wraps belts and suits. If you and your clients are ready to move past the off-theshelf generic supportive gear you find at the local sporting goods store and experience true and lasting quality is here for you. - Do you have a large number of clients or social media followers that would also be interested in the House of Pain brand Then join our Affiliate Program and get a personalized coupon code that gives your clients a 10% discount and pays you the same amount in commission along with free apparel for every 20 orders placed with your code - Do you own a gym supplement shop or other retail outlet Then join our Distributor Program to become a licensed distributor with access to our wholesale prices For more information on either program please email peter and see our advertisement in this issue for a better look at the House of Pain brand. Return to table of contents neuro-mass Success or failure in the quest for muscle mass is dependent on choosing the right path. Jon Bruney s Neuro-Mass system provides the fastest means for adding slabs of functional muscle to your frame. That s right - functional muscle...SMART muscle. Smart muscle is muscle that can multi-task. Neuro-Mass will not only increase your frame but also turbocharge your strength and athleticism. Everyone wants to add muscle but we all know that it s no easy task. Misinformation abounds as to how exactly this is accomplished. Neuro-Mass removes the confusion by giving you the exact protocols to create an impressive athletic physique. The Neuro-Mass system combines the best kettlebell resistance and bodyweight exercises with a new cutting-edge training method called Neuro-Sets. These Neuro-Sets create RAPID physique transformation. While most training programs focus on just one approach to create growth Neuro-Mass uses multiple stressors to create a BIGGER and BETTER body. For more information visit NCCPT Compression Shirt Highly breathable 100% wicking polyester will help keep you cool and dry and protected from the sun with a UPF rating of 30. The technically advanced nano-engineered fibers in Pro-Fit fabrics provide enhanced breathability that differentiate Pro-Fit from generic fabrics which use standard round fibers. NEW MUSCLEMEDS TRUCKING FLEET HITS THE HIGHWAYS MuscleMeds new tractor trailer is now rolling on highways nationwide Look for the giant 52-foot customized trailer adorned with classic hardcore photos of Mr. Olympia contender Kai Greene and with his favorite MuscleMeds Performance Technologies nutritional supplements. I couldn t be more excited about being on MuscleMeds new trailer said Kai. It s like a moving billboard of yours truly showcasing MuscleMeds great products. For more information on MuscleMeds or its dynamic line of innovative muscle building and performance enhancement supplements please visit PRE-x award Winning Pre training Body transformation formula PRE-X is another innovative breakthrough formula from fit Club Nutrition which won the 2013 Sports Nutrition Product of the Year Award PRE-X delivers clean energy improved performance and weight-loss results helping athletes lose fat while protecting and gaining muscle. Essentially PRE-X helps you to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously PRE-X contains five patented and clinically-studied ingredients including Appl InTM shown to reduce absorbed sugar calories by almost 60 percent CapsimaxTM proven to burn more calories before during and after exercise BioperineTM to boost metabolism and thermogenesis Advantra Z proven to increase lean muscle mass and ChromeMate with research showing it causes body fat loss without losing lean body mass. Other ingredients in PRE-X include natural caffeine to boost calorie-burning and Ursolic Acid. Preliminary studies show that Ursolic Acid increases muscle and decreases fat. For maximum results PRE-X was designed to be stacked with P.W.O. To learn more visit stim boost Liquid energy Pump fit Club Nutrition has released STIM-BOOSTTM the industry s first exact-dose high performance liquid energy pump STIM-BOOST is formulated for both athletes and everyday consumers to help control and customize their desired level of energy for any given workout. By adding a precise dose of STIM-BOOST boost to either their pre-workout beverage like fit Club Nutrition s P.W.O. or their daily water STIM-BOOST provides and sustains an immediate energy boost and pick-me-up. STIM-BOOST offers more energy for less cost with more than twice the caffeine per serving and more servings than energy drinks and shots STIM-BOOST also contains an innovative ingredient profile with added vitamins herbs and adaptogens to provide adjustable balanced smooth strong and long-lasting energy. With zero calories STIM-BOOST comes in two natural flavors--Cherry and Watermelon. For more information visit Carnivor Bars These great tasting soft baked protein bars taste so good you won t believe they are powered by Carnivor s premium beef protein isolate. Thanks to the latest developments in protein technology MuscleMeds CARNIVOR BARS have achieved amazing candy bar taste with 30 grams of protein powered by these primary sources of muscle building protein Beef protein isolate whey protein isolate and milk protein isolate. Feed your muscles with delicious CARNIVOR soft baked protein bars Available in Chocolate Peanut Butter and Cookies & Cream flavors Visit for more information or to order. BencH PRess RecoRD World class bench press competition returned to the Arnold Classic Expo main stage on Sunday March 2nd with the strongest men in the world vying for the 3 000 top prize at the MHP Bench Bash sanctioned by XPC. JIMMY KoLB sets WoRLD When the final press was completed Jimmy Kolb emerged as the victor with a whopping 950 lb. press at a bodyweight of 235 lbs. The 23-year-old powerlifter s mindblowing press was a new XPC world record. Jimmy is a Team MHP athlete who hails from Sugarcreek Ohio. More than 10 000 people gathered around the Arnold Classic Expo main stage to witness the historic lift and cheer on all 12 of the MHP Bench Bash competitors. Return to table of contents