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Description: Out now the February Issue of The Sticks digital magazine The number one what’s on magazine across Herts, Beds & Bucks with over 16,000 readers every month In this edition of The Sticks Exclusive interview with Strictly Come Dancing’s Brendan Cole Our Hero Cheese of the Month Our new HR column from Consensus HR BBC Radio 2’s Janey Lee Grace - Get Ready for Love We road test the Mercedes B–Class Electric And much more

Issue 27 February 2015 In this edition of The Sticks Exclusive interview with Strictly Come Dancing s Brendan Cole Our Hero Cheese of the Month Our new HR column from Consensus HR BBC Radio 2 s Janey Lee Grace - Get Ready for Love We road test the Mercedes B Class Electric And much more Plus pages of events listings across Herts Beds & Bucks -1- 2 Welcome to the February edition of The Sticks Magazine The most talked about magazine in Herts Beds & Bucks With over 16 000 readers a month In this issue Exclusive interview with Brendan Cole New HR Column from Consensus HR Curwens Column Divorce Advice Art Column Car Test Mercedes B-Class Electric Janey Lee Grace Get Ready for Love Hero Cheese of the Month Big Barn Food Column Black Horse at Woburn Listings Herts Beds & Bucks Page 4 7 10 11 12 14 16 18 19 20 23 Contributors Janey Lee Grace Terry Sullivan Andrew Merritt-Morling Jo Coker Sharon Struckman See you in March Editor & Sales Terry Sullivan Tel 07756 274444 Email thesticks9 Follow us on twitter thesticks9 sticksmag Listen to The Sticks Radio Show at 10am on Mondays on Secklow Sounds 3 Exclusive interview with star of BBC Strictly Come Dancing Brendan Cole Brendan Cole is a TV personality choreographer and ballroom dancer specialising in Latin American dancing. He is most famous for appearing on the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing in which a professional ballroom dancer is partnered with a celebrity amateur dancer. He has also judged New Zealand s own version of the show Dancing with the Stars. Brendan was born in Christchurch New Zealand. He has danced since he was six and moved to the United Kingdom when he was eighteen. Before becoming a professional dancer Cole was a builder and roof layer having left school at 17. Many people know you from Strictly but you re about to go out on a tour with a show called Night to Remember Yes indeed it is my big new show I have been touring the country for about 5 years now but this is a brand new show extended cast bigger and better than last year. It is my own creation and I absolutely love it it is the best thing I have ever done creatively and on stage. We have a fantastic cast with 8 professional dancers and a 14 piece band all on stage. A few of the guys people might recognise as some were on Britain s Got Talent - some from last year s semi final and the final the year before that it is very exciting for me choreographically and to do something different than we have done before. My leading lady is French Dancing With The Stars champion Fauve Hautot who returns after missing last years shows with a broken knee but she is absolutely phenomenal as is Germany s Patrick Helm who has been working as assistant to the artistic director on Strictly Come Dancing as well as professional ballroom and Latin dance instructor Crystal Main they are stars in their own right you can do so many exciting things with them that you would never dream of doing on stage so I am excited about it. It is a full on dance theatre showbiz type show I like to think of it as an evening with rather than just a dance show. It is most important that there is something for everybody in that. People of my age will be there people with younger kids even grandma and granddad will be there so I wanted something for everyone it is very important we touch all bases music wise and dance wise - ballroom latin and some other stuff thrown in as well. Are you doing the questions and answer session again this year Definitely it is one of my favourite things to do it is my opportunity to connect with the audience. Every night is different you never know what questions are going to come your way and I love that it -4- is live and very real some people can be a bit cheeky and ask something a bit more risky but generally most people want to find out a little a bit of behind the scenes. What is the most common question asked Well who is your favourite partner comes up a lot but I tend to want to get to the nitty gritty like who has been your worst partner and what has been the most interesting thing you have done behind the scenes back stage you boys and girls look like you re up to no good what s really going on all that sort of thing and people want to hear about the bits that go wrong that they don t necessarily see. I could tell them a 100 stories about me coming on stage with my flies open and of course the last series of Strictly I split my trousers I had danced 2 numbers without realising it then finished a big Paso doble movement playing to the front of the stage and the whole front row I thought were loving it but they were giggling away about my trousers but that s live TV Who is your worst partner Well it is pretty obvious her name starts with L and it is a four letter word in many ways. Who is your favourite partner so far I have had a few Kelly Brook the lovely Jo Wood but my favourite overall was the wonderful Sophie Ellis Bextor in 2013 we had a ball from start to finish I was really sad when the show was over but she danced with me on 2 of the tour dates last year and I have been trying to get her to join me again this year. You now live close to Aylesbury but you are originally from New Zealand why do you choose to live there I live about 15 miles from Aylesbury and I came over here wanting to follow my career and dance was what I had chosen. I met my wife and we now have a daughter and she will grow up a little English girl - home is where the heart is and my heart is very much here with them. My wife is a country girl so we live in the countryside. Happy wife happy life. You used to be a judge on Dancing with the Stars in NZ that must have been difficult Yes it was as I know the effort that goes into both the professional and celebrity getting it right on the show. It is a little bit like the prisoner becoming the jailer it was an interesting job. I did the judging for 5 years and had a lovely time and being a judge is a different thing - for one thing you never get sent home. When Craig (Revel-Horwood) came down to do it that was very interesting it was more like handbags at dawn than a dance show then the next day we would be having a beer down on the waterfront. I loved the judging role as you can give constructive criticism and you understand where they are coming from but I am a perfectionist so I was not the easiest judge but hopefully fair. It is one thing being able to dance but it is another thing being able to teach it and then perform it. The biggest job we have on strictly is the motivational side of it and the psychological side of training. After 10 years on the show I consider I have almost done a degree in psychology or at least the practical side because the things we go through it is full on trying to coach your given partner through the ups and downs of 5 a week being hammered on a Saturday by the judges and then picking them up on a Monday morning and teaching them a new routine it is a full on job. It is one I am very proud of but it is tough at times. When you are doing Strictly how many hours a day does it take up Most it is strange you can be with someone who can pick it up in no time. For example with Sophie 7 or 8 hours in the training room and then around 3 hours travelling back and forth to the dance studio so a good 10-11 hour days Monday through Thursday Friday you re in the TV studio most of the day doing camera and lighting run throughs and then Saturday all day doing the live show hopefully Sunday you will have off but quite often there is a group dance or something you have to do it is an all encompassing job there are phone calls emails to sort as well. We start rehearsing for Strictly in August it is a busy 4 months so by the end we are all blooming knackered I can tell you. Both you and Anton (Du Beke) have been on the show since series one how do you get on We are like schoolboys together we also have a lot of respect for each other we are very good friends outside of the show part of that is because we have been there since the start and we understand each other. After 12 series how many more do you think physically you will be able to do Every year it does get harder I am not going to lie and they up the anti with what they want from us as pro-dancers but it is ok. I look after myself and I still love what I do. Who knows when it will stop but hopefully not anytime soon. Which do you prefer the performing or the teaching Performing hands down - I am not the most enthusiastic on the teaching front occasionally you get someone who you can work with really really well and you love teaching them because you are on the same wavelength and a lot about teaching is about your rapport with the person you are teaching. See Brendan live in his new show A Night to Remember Saturday 31st January The Swan High Wycombe Sunday 1st February Aylesbury Waterside Theatre Friday 20th February Watford Colosseum 6 Five Big HR Changes for 2015 Here are five major HR changes planned for the year ahead. Is your business prepared Change 1 Shared parental leave The long awaited shared parental leave and pay will be introduced. This means that parents will have greater flexibility in how they share the care of their child in its first year. It will be available to couples with a baby due or children placed for adoption on or after 5 April 2015. The parents will be able to share the mother s maternity leave and if available maternity pay. Shared parental leave will also be available to employees who are or expect to be the parents of a child under a parental order where the child s expected week of birth begins on or after 5 April 2015. Change 2 Statutory adoption leave and pay The 26-week qualifying period to be eligible to take adoption leave will be removed bringing it into line with the eligibility requirements for maternity leave. Statutory adoption pay will be brought into line with statutory maternity pay by setting it at 90% of average weekly earnings for the first six weeks. Surrogate parents will also become eligible for adoption leave. The leave will be available to employees who are or expect to be the parents of a child under a parental order where the child s expected week of birth begins on or after 5 April 2015. Also there will be a new right for local authority parents who are prospective adopters to take adoption leave. Change 3 Child s age limit for parental leave raises to 18 Parental leave is the statutory right to a period of unpaid leave that may be taken by a parent during the first five years of the child s life. It is unrelated to shared parental leave. From 5 April 2015 the age limit for the child will increase from five to 18 years. Parents with sufficient qualifying service will have the right to 18 weeks unpaid parental leave up to the child s 18th birthday. Change 4 New right to take time off to attend adoption appointments A new right to attend adoption appointments will allow the main adopter to take time off to attend up to five appointments. The secondary adopter will be entitled to take time off for up to two such appointments. Change 5 New Fit for Work service The new Fit for Work service is scheduled to be introduced in England and Wales over the next year. It will offer employers access to free occupational assistance for employees who have been off sick for four weeks or more. Employers will be able to claim up to 500 tax relief on payments for medical treatment for their employees where the treatment has been recommended under the new scheme. The service can also be used to provide more generalised open-access occupational health 7 advice to employees employers and general practitioners regardless of the duration of any sickness. Is your business ready for 2015 2014 saw a wide range of Employment Law changes for businesses to adhere to. 2015 is looking very similar says Matthew from Consensus HR. We are continually advising our clients on the changes that have happened - or are about to take place - and how their business can accommodate these. Matthew explains We use a range of a range of methods from the introduction or update of company policies and procedures to creating and running a specific topic related development course. We take action to and ensure that our clients never have the unfortunate arrival of an ET3 (Employment Tribunal form). Is your business ready for 2015 Find out Contact Matthew via matthew or 01462 621 243. __________________________________________________________________________ 8 9 Divorce Day is there are a good time to split up Most of the newspapers christened Monday 5th January as Divorce Day apparently the day when family lawyers in this country are at their busiest. This is blamed on existing cracks in relationships widening after families spend too much time together and money over the Christmas period. Traditionally this is true to some extent in that we receive a lot of new matrimonial enquiries in the New Year. However if you get the correct advice it should not mean you then rush off to start divorce proceedings. Problems in a relationship can be highlighted and worsened by lots of external influences but you need to know whether reconciliation and rebuilding the relationship is possible (and what you both want). At an initial appointment with a good family law adviser you should be given a range of options to consider Reconciliation you and your spouse attending marriage guidance or relationship counselling with a view to staying together Trial Separation one of you moving out of the family home for an agreed period of time to give each of you space to consider what you want and interim financial terms would need to agreed Formal Separation usually with a written Separation Agreement setting out the financial and other terms being agreed between the two of you Divorce starting formal court proceedings to bring your marriage to an end Even if you decide one of the latter two options is the way forward there are still lots of ways to avoid lengthy and expensive court proceedings such as Mediation the two of you discussing issues which are important to you with the assistance of an independent mediator Collaborative Approach issues being discussed at round table meetings with the two of you and your specially trained collaborative family lawyers Arbitration seeking an official decision from a private judge on any points which cannot be agreed amicably between you and your partner If someone you know is going through difficulties in their relationship and needs to know their options please suggest that they give us a call for a different approach. At Curwens LLP we offer no obligation fixed fee appointments for a chat through your situation and the options available to you for 75 vat All our contact details are on our website Curwens LLP are your local solicitors based in Royston Hoddesdon and Enfield. 10 Divorce Advice Divorce is a very difficult and painful experience for the couple involved but for the children of the couple the experience can be overwhelming and hard to understand. Children need the support and love of both parents to give them the best chance of a secure and stable up bringing so as the adults involved in this situation you need to be strong and put your hurt feeling with each other to one side to enable you to be supportive of your children and reconfigure your family life. Your children need both of you and regular contact. The following tips may help those of you who are struggling with how to handle these issues. Keep the conflict between you as a couple. Try not to bring the children or indeed any other family members into your quarrel. Even if you are very hurt and angry try not to be openly negative or blame your partner to others. This will give the best possible hope of you being able to maintain a relationship with all the family. If this is hard then do get professional help to create a space to deal with your emotions. Try to be honest with your children. Talk to them as a couple and answer any questions as openly and honestly as possible in a respectful manner. Do not get into who did what to who and who thinks who was at fault. Explain the relationship has changed and how these changes will affect day-to-day life. Do reassure your child or children that this is not their fault and express your love for them. Suggest you make a plan together as to how you will move forward as a family including any suggestions that your child children may have that will help them. Allow your child to be upset and grieve. Children need time to adjust and potency to express how they feel about the situation. Do not dismiss this listen to it and give the child the opportunity to say what would help them going forward. Probably the most important action that parents can take is to co-operate with each other. Place your child at the centre and put your pain to one side to help build a strong environment for the child. Discuss how you will work together at parent s evenings school matches and extended family events. Divorce affects the whole family so think about grandparents and relations and their involvement with children also. How can you both negotiate these difficult events and make them positive for your children This will often involve you attending family events and putting your feelings on the back burner holding on to the pain and conflict you may feel. While this is not easy it does get easier with time and practice and will mean so much to children and extended family. Make sure you are on the same page and consistent re discipline and keep the rules you have always had. There is often a temptation to make up for the cannot and you need not to add the problem of manipulation of the parents by the child to this already complex situation. Divorce is not easy especially when children are involved as you are always related to each other through them you cannot cut each other out of their lives. Following these rules will not only help you negotiate this painful process but will set up a new configuration for your family that will allow for a positive outcome and enable your children to grow up secure in your love and care of them. Please contact us on 01462 674671 hello 11 Artist Profile Terry Wood The very talented Terry Wood was born in Tottenham North London and grew up in Potters Bar. He now lives in Stotfold Hertfordshire with his amazing wife Jan that is as passionate about his work as he is. Terry discovered painting at an early age and every spare moment was found drawing sketching or painting. When he was a teenager he painted his very first family portrait of his mother father and brother sitting in their front room a masterpiece for such a young person and entered it into the Royal academy of arts exhibition. Terry studied at St. Albans School of Art where he completed a BA-Hons. Degree in 2D Design. He then worked as a Commercial Artist but his passion was in traditional painting. He works in acrylics oils and watercolour and likes to explore other mediums such as pastels gouache and pen and ink. As for his subject matter Terry takes inspiration from many sources. He has travelled extensively and his sketchbook is usually a digital camera which he find very useful especially when time is in short supply. His talent enables him to paint the most spectacular landscapes vibrant abstracts and everything else that inspires him. His art is reasonably priced and would enhance any wall in your home He is presently exhibiting at PS Arts in Datchworth and will again this year be participating in Herts Visual Arts open studios. 12 13 Mercedes Goes Electric Mercedes-Benz has announced that its first volume electric car the B-class Electric Drive has gone on sale in the UK priced from 26 950. This price includes the 5 000 OLEV grant offered by the Government. The first deliveries of the car which features Tesla-developed technology are expected to start early next year. The lithium-ion battery pack is housed in the underbody which means boot space is precisely the same level as the conventional B-class hatchback. That means with the rear seats in place you can use up to 501-litres but should more space be required then the rear seats can be folded leaving you up to 1 456-litres to use. According to official figures the 177bhp petrol-electric combo produces 251lb ft of torque which is enough to propel the B-class Electric Drive to 62mph from a standing start in 7.9 seconds before going on to reach its top speed of 99mph. The German company says it is the both the most powerful and fastest accelerating 5-seat electric car in its class. And the company also says that with a range of up to 142 miles it has the greatest theoretical range on a single charge beating arch-rival BMW and its i3 with just 118 miles Nissan Leaf with 124 miles and even the just-launched Kia Soul EV with 132 miles. Charging on a conventional home-supply will take around 9-hours to complete but a fast charging cable (supplied with the car) reduces this to between three and four hours. The Mercedes-Benz B-class Electric Drive is available in two different trim levels Sport and Electric Art. The entry-level Sport starts from 31 950 and subject to approval can be eligible for the 5 000 OLEV grant. This will reduce the price to 26 950. It comes equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels LED daytime running lights and unique front and rear bumpers. Inside it gets a 7-inch central display Artico trim automatic climate 14 control a reversing camera and cruise control. You can order your B-class Electric Drive Sport in any one of eight colours. The Electric Art costs from 32 245 reducing to 27 245 with the OLEV grant applied. It is available in just two colours Cirrus White or South Seas Blue. It features contrasting mirrors and radiator grille elements which is complemented by the seats which have contrasting blue stitching. The interior ambiance is lifted by aluminium trim in the cabin. It sits on larger 18-inch bi-colour alloy wheels. A 945 Energy Assist Package is also available which uses a forward-facing radar to sense road conditions. If it detects traffic ahead it will employ an adaptive energy recuperation system to make the most of any deceleration. It is also capable of using signals from the COMAND system (when specified) to read the topography of the road ahead. It will then adapt accordingly to increase the potential range. It is possible for the driver to over-ride the regenerative cycle using the paddles mounted behind the steering wheel. The Energy Assist Package also includes a heated windscreen and privacy glass to reduce the load on the air conditioning system and increased insulation around the doors and windows. On occasional use you are able to make use of a Range Plus button which adds extra range to the battery capacity than would normally be feasible. In order to address safety concerns associated with silent electric cars a subtle but audible signal is emitted at speeds of up to 18mph to help warn pedestrians of the presence of the car. first4auto Twitter first4auto 15 Get Ready for Love It s February the month for Love but what about those for whom all is not lovey dovey Right now the zeitgeist tells us Self-Care is everything and we need to look to loving ourselves before we necessarily reach out to others. As a Hay house author I absolutely buy into the theme of Self Love it seems quite alien to many of us but is actually essential if we want a fulfilling relationship with others. Bettina Pickering a life coach offers a suggestion and it s all about saying NO Self-care is about setting boundaries for ourselves and others. Saying no to things that do give us a good feeling about ourselves. Find one thing to say no to every day it could be negative self-talk it could be that additional activity that you are being asked to do it could be eating that extra chocolate bar. And say yes to what you want in instead consciously and with as much positive energy you can summon. One small thing is enough to create a shift towards self-love and being in your power - Bettina Pickering Transformative Coach & Change Expert You can stay healthy too Nikki Harman is The Mindful Nurse she works as a nurse but also practices mindfulness to great effect with her patients she says ... Learning to develop a healthy relationship with ourselves is one of the most precious gifts of love we can give ourselves . Practising mindfulness and meditation helps us to realise how incredible our body is just close your eyes for a moment and be aware of your breath. Know that although we are not consciously aware of the mechanics of breathing our body s systems are constantly working regulating our physical self. Try practising being aware of this for a few minutes each day before you get up then literally send thanks and love to your body for keeping you as healthy as you are. Meditation has been proven in many studies to have wide-ranging physical and emotional benefits including one study which showed that meditation reduced the risk of stroke heart attack and death in high-risk individuals by 48 per cent. Local Herts author TJ Gibbs The Love Coach has just published an e-book called Get Ready for Love . In addition to helping you identify the trends of your previous partners and understand who you are actually attracting from your Love choices she also encourages that you fall in love with yourself . If that sounds way too cosmic remember that unless you are really happy and content in yourself it s hard to have a fulfilling relationship. TJ offers coaching programmes at 16 Meanwhile with both Valentines and Pancake day (plus feeling generally cold and in need of comfort) February is the perfect month to indulge.... My suggestion Chocolate and sweet treats .... Check out the awesome organic artisan chocolate bars from Seed and Bean the lovely raw and organic snacks from Taste by Martyn Brook and the raw chocolate starter kits from Chocchick. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- To advertise your event show restaurant or business in our March digital magazine Call 07756 274444 Or email thesticks9 Prices from 50 per month Twitter thesticks9 Facebook sticksmag 17 Hero Cheese Of The Month - The Blues Blue cheese an art-form in itself complex and difficult to produce consistently. It s an old wives tale says that blue cheese is made by putting copper wires in the cheese and waiting for the verdigrises to develop thus creating the blue. Let s now put that thought to bed as absolute nonsense With one exception at the stage of blending the milk the cheese-maker adds penicillin to the blend this stays inert until the cheese is pressed. The cheese maker then pierces the cheese with needles allowing air to enter the truckle where this contacts the bacteria the blue slowly develops. The size and concentration of needles is critical to the finished product. Thinner more concentrated needles produce a denser bluing larger diameter needles more random bluing. The exception to the rule is that some cheeses from Belgium and Switzerland Grevenbroecker and Murgu respectively are what is known as stacked curd blue cheeses. The cheese-maker cuts the curds and rolls them in the bacteria this creates a marbling effect on the face of the cheeses once cut. Obviously the most famous blue cheese in England is of course Stilton. This amazing cheese has never been made in Stilton only sold in Stilton Village The Bell Inn to be precise. Stilton is a PDO protected cheese that can only be made in 3 counties Derbyshire Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. One good treat is to dissolve the Stilton crust in port to make a paste then spread it on warm toast 26 High Street Buntingford Herts SG9 9AQ Tele 01763 271533 Email Toby 18 Winter Vegetables Winter vegetables are usually some of the less loved of the vegetable family. They take their fair share of bad cooking which sadly gives them a very bad rep. But the thing about winter vegetables like leeks and swedes is that they are the ones that love us and nurture us all the way through the cold and the dark filling us up with much needed vitamins. Many winter vegetables contains significant amounts of vitamin C for every 100g Swede contains 25 mg which is 42% of the daily recommended dose. Other veg like Beetroot also have cancer preventing anti-oxidants. Like potatoes we have only had Swede for a few hundred years and elsewhere it has different names. In America it s known as the rutabaga while Scots know it simply as neeps . What the swede isn t is a turnip. Although the two are both a part of the cabbage family the turnip tends to be a lot smaller and to have a whiter bottom half where the swede is noticeably yellow. However despite its rather ugly appearance swede can be a delicious vegetable and a stalwart of the winter larder. It s perfectly versatile (boil it bake it roast it) but there s no finer way to serve it than as a buttery mash (treat as you would potatoes basically) with tatties (mashed potato) and haggis. Hearty soup Personally I take all of my winter veg like carrots and parsnips roll them in a gentle coat of oil and rosemary and place on a hot tray with whole garlics and roast on high until they look delicious and soft enough to eat. Or chop finely fry in a large saucepan then add water or stock and simmer until the veg is soft the perfect healthy soup. 19 The Black Horse at Woburn The Black Horse offers a blend of traditional and modern exposed beams cosy d cor and a modern best of British menu teamed with an exciting and varied wine list and real ales and has recently celebrated its 10th birthday under the current ownership so 2 members of The Sticks team re-visited the restaurant to see if it as good as previously. The Black Horse offers an a la carte menu along side a daily specials board so we decided to choose one item from each menu. I ordered for a starter of Rabbit Croquettes with soused beetroot salad from the specials the rabbit was minced and seasoned to perfection and the tartness of the beetroot balanced the dish beautifully my colleague ordered the Herb Pancakes with Spinach & Mushroom Stuffing Gruy re Cream Sauce and Free-range Ham from the a la carte menu and loved them as they were packed with taste in a comforting creamy sauce an excellent dish. For mains I had Tidenham Duck & Duck Shepherd s Pie Baby Carrots Port & Juniper Reduction an interesting dish the duck breast was pink just as I had requested and the minced duck in the shepherds pie turned a traditional dish in to one of a different dimension. The Sausages and Mash with onion and red wine gravy my colleague ordered was amazing - the sausages were full of meat with a tasty mash and lashings of sweet and tasty gravy. We shared a portion of Maple & Thyme-roasted Carrots & Parsnips which were a delight. 20 For dessert we had a Pecan & Pumpkin Pie with Jude s Vanilla Ice Cream beautiful shortcrust pastry with a moist filling and Warm Ginger Parkin with Salted Toffee Sauce and Poached Rhubarb. The parkin was just like they make in Yorkshire oaty in texture rather than a plain ginger treacle sponge and wonderfully warming with the sweet sauce and slightly tart rhubarb To accompany the meal we had a sampled Freedom Cross Chenin Blanc from South Africa - a dry & zesty new world chenin blanc and Ca Solare Pinot Grigio Ros from Italy - a highly drinkable fruity pink The gastro pub in Woburn Bedfordshire is open every day from 11am for coffee lunch afternoon tea drinks and dinner. They take huge pride in serving the best ingredients that can be found from ethical producers freshly prepared by their chefs. Whether you pop in for a pint a business lunch or a special dinner a friendly welcome is promised and great dining experience every time. Black Horse 1 Bedford Street Woburn MK17 9QB Tel 01525 290210 21 The No1 what s on and lifestyle magazine in Herts Beds and Bucks Over 16 000 readers every month read about what s on where to go and what to do Subscribe free at Promote your event show restaurant or business in our digital magazine or on our website Call 07756 274444 Or email thesticks9 Prices from 10 per month Follow us on twitter thesticks9 sticksmag Listen to the Sticks Radio show every Monday at 10am at 22 Herts Listings Art from Fearnhill and Highfield - til Thur 26 Feb An opportunity to see the wealth of talent at the Highfield and Fearnhill schools with this display of A-Level work by local sixth-formers. Letchworth Arts Centre. 2 The Arcade Letchworth Garden City SG6 3EW Barbara Dickson - Sun 1 Feb Barbara Dickson OBE emerged from the Scottish Folk Revival of the 1960s and has become the biggest selling Scottish female album artiste of all time. Known to a wider audience in the 1970s and 1980s with hits including Answer Me Another Suitcase in Another Hall The Caravan Song and I know Him so Well she enjoyed ten years of chart success as a pop star. As an actress she has appeared in the award winning theatre productions John Paul George Ringo and Bert Blood Brothers and Spend Spend Spend . She was the original Mrs Johnstone and Willy Russell s muse. Barbara has returned to her roots once again after a musical odyssey of 40 years creating music playing guitar and piano acting and song writing and tonight is a culmination of her journey thus far. Asked what the highlight of her career has been she says I don t know. It hasn t happened yet Tickets 23.50 19.50 Watford Colosseum Rickmansworth Road Watford WD17 3JN 0845 075 3993 Octagon Music Society Martyn Jackson (violin) Petr Limonov (piano) - Sun 1 Feb Martyn Jackson will be performing Mozart Sonata in G K379 Debussy Sonata Bartok Ciaconna from Solo Sonata Brahms Sonata No 1 in G Sibelius Two Humoresques The venue has excellent acoustics level access and ample free parking. The Clarendon Muse Watford Grammar School for Boys 70 Rickmansworth Road Watford WD18 7JA Screaming Blue Murder - Mon 2 & 16 Feb Screaming Blue Murder (or SBM to its friends) pops up at regular fortnightly intervals to bring mirth to the masses. A regular comedy tonic infused with some of the best and brightest comedians on the circuit. Don t miss out Old Town Hall High Street Hemel Hempstead HP1 3AE Water and Rivers - Tues 3 to Thurs 26 Feb Local talent on display with work by the talented girls of Letchworth s St Francis College. To enhance worked covered in Geography prep 6 have looked at how two artists have portrayed water and rivers in their work. Letchworth Arts Centre 2 The Arcade Letchworth Garden City SG6 3EW Boyhood (15) - Wed 4 Feb & Tue 10 Feb Filmed over 12 years with the same cast Boyhood is a ground-breaking story of growing up as seen through the eyes of a child named Mason (a breakthrough performance by Ellar Coltrane) who literally grows up on screen before your eyes. Old Town Hall High Street Hemel Hempstead HP1 3AE Colosseum Comedy Club - Wed 4 Feb 8pm. Sit back relax and get ready to laugh Have a great night out with entertainment from three of the finest up-and-coming comedians a British beef or vegetarian burger and chips and a bottle of Mad Squirrel Czech Pilsner Tickets 18.00 includes entertainment burger and chips and one bottle of Mad Squirrel Czech Pilsner which can be substituted for 125ml glass of house wine or a draught soft drink. Watford Colosseum Rickmansworth Road Watford WD17 3JN 0845 075 3993 National Trust Watford and District Association - Thur 5 Feb Tony Earle talks about The Thames Barge. The Thames Barges we see today are the survivors of a fleet of over 2 000 that carried goods to London. The talk with models and pictures outlines their history and use to the present day. Stanborough Centre St Albans Road Garston Watford WD25 9JL Hertford House Comedy Night - Thur 5 Feb After a string of awesome comedy nights hosted by James Redmond we re back with the next one on Thursday 5th of February. This time with the brilliant Paul Sinha as the main act and Paul F. Taylor supporting. Not to be missed 1 Fore Street Hertford SG14 1DA Sing-A-Long-A Sound Of Music - Fri 6 Feb 50th Anniversary Celebratory Tour The smash-hit musical show that has been all around the world now returns to the UK for the 50th anniversary of the iconic movie. Yes the original Sing-a-long-a show is back. After a four year rest the spring 2015 tour celebrates the film s half century giving it a birthday party to remember. For those of you not yet converted Sing-a-Long-a Sound of Music is a screening of the classic Julie Andrews film musical in glorious full-screen Technicolor complete with lyric subtitles so that the whole audience can sing along. The evening begins with your host leading a vocal warm-up judging the fancy dress competition and teaching you how to use your items in your free magic moment fun pack which now includes a special commemorative brochure in celebration of the movie. The audience then takes over as the stars of the show and almost anything can happen the first rule of Sing-a-long-a is THERE ARE NO RULES So even if you ve been before come - 23 - back and re-experience this unique interactive show and don t forget to dress up as one of your favourite things Tickets 17.00 Watford Colosseum Rickmansworth Road Watford WD17 3JN. 0845 075 3993 Macmillan Cancer Support Film Night - About Time - Fri 6 Feb This film is a good-natured fantasy romance impossible to dislike. Written and directed by Richard Curtis writer of Love Actually Notting Hill. Harpenden Public Halls Southdown Road Harpenden AL5 1PD Christian O Connell - Breaking Dad - Fri 6 Feb Ten times Sony Award winning Christian O Connell (Absolute Radio) takes to the road in his highly anticipated debut stand-up tour following sell out runs at the 2013 and 2014 Edinburgh Fringe. O Connell is a dad on the edge. Old Town Hall High Street Hemel Hempstead HP1 3AE Live rockabilly with The Kopy Katz - Fri 6 Feb The Kopy Katz are a wild & fun 3-piece rockabilly band that cover songs by The Stray Cats as well as 50 s rockers like Eddie Cochran Carl Perkins Johnny Cash Elvis and others. The Old Bell 38 Bell Street Sawbridgeworth CM21 9AN Watford Sleepout - Fri 6 Feb This event is run by two charities YMCA Central & West Herts and New Hope. Starting on Friday evening and ending on Saturday morning the Sleepout is a night where people can partially experience sleeping rough. St Mary s Church Street Watford WD18 0EG Wish Tree Charity Event - Sat 7 Feb A night with Flamdaddy - Live music dancing cash bar. Charity fundraiser for Wish Tree Charity. (info Flamstead village school Trowley Hill Road Flamstead St Albans AL3 8DL Rock n Roll Paradise - Sat 7 Feb Rock n Roll Paradise continues to thrill British audiences with its high octane non stop performances of the world s most popular rock n roll hits. Featuring the country s top tributes to Elvis Buddy Holly Jerry Lee Lewis. The Rhodes Arts Complex Bishops Stortford CM23 3JG My Dog s Got No Nose by Ron Aldridge - Sat 7 Feb Brad Fitt Inc. Starring Damian Williams. My Dog s Got No Nose takes us on a journey through the events surrounding a stand-up comedian s first ever performance. Sometimes funny sometimes sad sometimes poignant and often laugh-out-loud. Old Town Hall High Street Hemel Hempstead HP1 3AE 24 Winter Market - Sat 7 Feb We will have our usual popular stalls of homemade cakes and marmalade bric-a-brac toys and books cards and clothes. Don t forget that there will be delicious refreshments. Letchworth Free Church Hall Gernon Road Letchworth Garden City SG6 3HS Comedy Club - Sat 7 Feb Another anarchic evening of great comedy hosted by Paul B Edwards and featuring some of the best standups around. Licensed bar. Letchworth Arts Centre 2 The Arcade Letchworth Garden City SG6 3EW A Night of Dirty Dancing is coming to Potters Bar - Sat 7 Feb Featuring all the hits from everyone s favourite dance movie Dirty Dancing an all-new spectacular stage show featuring all the hits from the film is coming to town. Billed as the sexiest song and dance sensation of 2014 . Wyllyotts Theatre Wyllyotts Place Darkes Lane Potters Bar EN6 2HN The Little Hadham Antiques Fair - Sun 8 Feb An established fair known for its wide range of quality antiques at reasonable prices. Little Hadham Village Hall (Signposted off the A120 between Puckeridge & Bishop s Stortford) SG11 2BP St Albans Country Market - Sun 8 Feb Local food cooperative. Selling cakes biscuits scones pies and preserves etc as well as handmade items such as hats cards and aprons. All produce is home made fresh and all cooks hold level 2 hygiene and food safety certificates. St Albans AL1 3DP Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - Tue 10 - Sat 14 Feb Bill Kenwright s Amazing Wonderful and Brilliant production of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber s sparkling family musical continues on its record breaking tour having sold to date an estimated 15 million tickets. Retelling the Biblical story of Joseph and the coat of many colours this magical musical the UK s longest running is full of unforgettable songs including Those Canaan Days Any Dream Will Do and Close Every Door To Me. X Factor finalist Lloyd Daniels will play the title role. Having reached the final of the competition in 2009 Lloyd then went on to perform in sold-out arenas across the UK and release his first single Suburbian Girl. Joining him is fellow X Factor star Marcus Collins in the role of the Narrator. Marcus came second in the competition and enjoyed immediate chart success with his self-titled debut album. Matt Lapinskas famed for playing Anthony Moon in BBC1 s EastEnders and being a finalist in Dancing on Ice plays the role of the Pharaoh. Book your tickets now and be part of the magic Tickets Tue 7.30pm 22.00 Wed Thur 2.30pm and Fri 5pm 26.00 24.00 19.50 Wed Thu 7.30pm and Sat 2pm 27.00 26.00 21.50 Fri 8pm Sat 5pm & 8pm 30.00 28.50 24.00 Watford Colosseum Rickmansworth Road Watford WD17 3JN 0845 075 3993. Acoustic Cafe - Thur 12 Feb The Old Town Hall Acoustic Caf is a monthly open mic night with an exciting and eclectic line-up of poets spoken word artists singer-songwriters and instrumentalists. Daria Kulesh acts as your MC. Old Town Hall High Street Hemel Hempstead HP1 3AE An Afternoon with Anita Harris - Thur 12 Feb Anita Harris has had a breathtaking career spanning over fifty years. She has been a film star television star graced the top of the pop charts become a pantomime legend as Peter Pan and starred in Cats in the West End. Borehamwood Community Centre WD6 2ND Watford Fire Walk - Thur 12 Feb Peace Hospice Care s next Fire Walk will take place at West Herts Sports and Social Club on 12th February 2015. After the huge success of our Potters Bar Fire Walk we re asking brave local s to take on the challenge of a lifetime. West Herts Sports & Social Club Watford WD18 7HP Rebels Robbers and Rogues - Fri 13 Feb Magna Carta 1215 - Celebrate 800 years of justice and your liberty. Joglaresa represent rebellion in medieval music - challenging supreme and arbitrary authority. With medieval harps fiddle lute percussion bagpipes and voices. Old Town Hall High Street Hemel Hempstead HP1 3AE Valentine s Afternoon Tea at Hertford Castle Sat 14 Feb 13.30 15.00 A unique experience for guests looking to celebrate Valentine s Day in the historical Grade I listed building. Hertford Castle SG14 1HR Casablanca (U) - Sat 14 Feb Valentine s Day Special This 1940s classic Bogart and Bergman film set in Morocco during World War II focuses on the themes of lost love honour duty selfsacrifice and romance within a chaotic world. Old Town Hall High Street Hemel Hempstead HP1 3AE Valentine s Evening at Hertford Castle - Sat 14 Feb Dine at Hertford Castle for an intimate romantic five-course meal. With the Castle once being a Royal Palace this exclusive venue will offer an idyllic setting to toast each other. Hertford Castle SG14 1HR 25 February Frolics - Sat 14 to Sun 22 Feb Live lambing daily in Willows Lambing Marquee with bottle feeding demonstrations and talk by Willows shepherd. Find Bo-Peeps lost sheep and win a prize plus woolly arts and crafts baarilliant family shows and a full day s programme of fun. Willows Activity Farm. Coursers Road London Colney St. Albans AL4 0PF Old Church Cottage - Open Garden for NGS Sat 14 and Sun 15 Feb Small garden around a 400yr old thatched cottage adjoining a disused churchyard with ancient yews and Norman tower being the remnant of a Chapel of Ease. Many species and varieties of snowdrops together with cyclamen & crocuses. Old Church Cottage Tring HP23 4QT Specialist Collectors Fair Autumn Extravaganza Sun 15 Feb Specialist collectors fair Advertising Bottles Postcards Enamel signs Doulton Stoneware Salt glazed stoneware Black glass Pot lids etc. etc. We have been Est. over 30 years Sports Space Berkhamsted Douglas Gardens Berkhamsted HP4 3QQ National Nestbox week - Sun 15 to Fri 20 Feb As it s National Nestbox week there will be the opportunity to come down and prepare nestboxes for birds ready for spring Rye Meads Nature Reserve Rye Road Stanstead Abbotts SG12 8JS Tinkerbell and The Legend of The Neverbeast (U) - Mon 16 Feb Fawn believes you can t judge a book by its cover or an animal by its fangs so she befriends a huge and mysterious creature known as the NeverBeast. Hertford Theatre The Wash Hertford SG13 1PS Light Up Your Half Term - Mon 16 to Fri 20 Feb Make and decorate your own jam jar lantern to take home with you or bring it along to our Candlelit walk on Friday 20th February. No need to book just turn up. Ashridge Estate Moneybury Hill Ringshall HP4 1LX Half term school holiday activities - Tue 17 to Thu 19 Feb Fun activities for children aged 4 . All activities suitable for age 4 . Sessions last for one hour. No booking required just come along at the start of the session as you will need a full hour to make your creations. Mill Green Mill and Museum AL9 5PD February Half-Term Activities - Tue 17 to Thu 19 Feb Fun 3-Day Football Course on Fantastic 3G Pitch at The Arena. Skills sessions penalty shoot-outs mini-tournaments & matches prizes certificates & HTFC match tickets. The Arena Norton Road Baldock SG7 5AU Octonauts and the Deep Sea Volcano Adventure - Wed 18 & Thu 19 Feb When there s trouble under the sea the Octonauts dive into action Get ready to embark on an exciting new mission with our underwater adventure super heroes Captain Barnacles Kwazii and Peso in the brand new live stage show Octonauts and the Deep Sea Volcano Adventure. Visit strange new worlds full of mysteries to unravel with surprises around every corner this action packed interactive show features music and all your favourite characters live on stage for the very first time Tickets 16.50 14.50. Family Offer (4 tickets. Available on top price tickets only.) 58.00 Watford Colosseum Rickmansworth Road Watford WD17 3JN 0845 075 3993 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Thur 19 Feb Spider-Man s most important conflict has always been within himself the struggle between the ordinary obligations of Peter Parker and the extraordinary responsibilities of Spider-Man. Old Town Hall High Street Hemel Hempstead HP1 3AE Heydon Animal carer experience day for 7 11 year olds Thur 19 Feb This fantastic experience will make a unique present for young animal enthusiasts Get up close and personal with some of our animals looking for homes and gain an insight into the care of these animals behind the scenes. Wood Green Heydon Centre Highway Cottage Chishill Road Heydon SG8 8PN Film Frozen Sing-a-long (PG) - Fri 20 Feb Fearless optimist Anna sets off on an epic journey teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven to find her sister Elsa whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Old Town Hall High Street Hemel Hempstead HP1 3AE All Roads Lead to Rome- Fri 20 Feb Chris Dobrowolski has lovingly repaired his family Triumph Herald Estate so that he can drive it from his childhood home in Braintree Essex to Rome via Turin where this quintessentially English car was designed. Letchworth Arts Centre 2 The Arcade Letchworth Garden City SG6 3EW Candlelit Walk - Fri 20 Feb Follow our trail around Meadley s Meadow lit by candles. At various points there will be featured lighting effects such as floodlit trees and Swedish candles. Suitable for all the family. Walk on a surfaced track. No need to book just turn up. Ashridge Estate Moneybury Hill Ringshall HP4 1LX 26 Brendan Cole - A Night To Remember - Fri 20 Feb Following his last sell out tour of Licence to Thrill Strictly Come Dancing s Brendan Cole is once again set to dazzle audiences across the UK with his brand new show A Night to Remember. Brendan one of Strictly Come Dancing s most charismatic choreographers and performers will host throughout as he leads his cast on a journey of music and dance in a spectacular night of theatrical entertainment. Loaded with ballroom magic and Latin excitement Brendan s newest live music and dance extravaganza will be A Night to Remember Tickets 37.50 32.00 29.00 25.00 Watford Colosseum Rickmansworth Road Watford WD17 3JN 0845 075 3993 Richard And Adam At The Movies In Concert With Special Guest Sophie Evans - Sat 21 Feb Following a sell-out tour to over 15 000 people and wowing the nation with their extraordinary harmonies on Britain s Got Talent sensational Welsh singing brothers Richard and Adam are back with their second UK Tour bringing their remarkable talent to Watford Colosseum. Their success on Britain s Got Talent was followed by their debut album The Impossible Dreamwhich sold over 1m copies shot to the number one spot in the album charts where it spent four consecutive weeks at number one making it the longest-running number-one album of 2013 in the UK.In this much-anticipated follow-up tour Richard & Adam at the Movies the boys escape into your favourite silver screen classics with memorable numbers such as Can You Feel the Love Tonight Goldfinger and Moon River performed by the duo with flawless technique and robust clarity. Special guest Sophie Evans is the Welsh singer and actress who came to prominence in 2010 when she named runner-up in the hugely popular BBC series Over The Rainbow. She was later chosen by Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber play the alternate Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz at the London Palladium a role she eventually took over full time. Together Richard Adam and Sophie will give you a theatrical show unlike any other and a performance for all to remember taking you back to the movies and into their hearts. Tickets 27.50 25.50 Watford Colosseum Rickmansworth Road Watford WD17 3JN 0845 075 3993 Sandon Village Market - Sat 21 Feb Sandon Village Market is a friendly farmers craft market showcasing locally created products. Our regular produce stalls include locally reared meat pork pies artisan breads fruit veg and cakes. Sandon JMI School Sandon Nr Buntingford SG9 0QS Simon s wildlife walk - Sat 21 Feb Join our friendly roving reserve guide for a walk round the reserve to see what you can find Get help with ID spotting techniques and using binoculars and telescopes. Suitable for all the family. Free of charge. Rye Meads Nature Reserve Rye Road Stanstead Abbotts SG12 8JS Supreme Queen Live in Concert - Sat 21 Feb Sweeney Entertainments Presents Supreme Queen have been paying homage to the world s most theatrical and dramatic Rock band Queen since 1995 and in that time have had a huge impact on audiences across the UK Europe and Asia. Rhodes Bishops Stortford 1-3 South Road Bishops Stortford CM23 3JG A Light & Laughter Workshop for Winter- Sat 21 Feb With a heart-warming blend of merry sounds songs and simple laughter exercises...come ... treat your soul to a big dollop of relaxation and playful delight in the company of like minds and hearts. Springfield House Community Centre 23 High Street Old Stevenage SG1 3EJ Cambridge Glass Fair Knebworth - Sun 22 Feb Leading specialist fair with around 70 exhibitors selling fine antique and collectable glass alongside contemporary artists showing their own work. Special in-fair exhibition of Whitefriars glass. A great day out for enthusiasts. Knebworth House Stevenage SG1 2AX The Ronnie Scott s All Stars Quintet - Sun 22 Feb Direct from London s world-famous jazz club Ronnie Scott s musical director James Pearson and the All Stars take to the stage at Watford Colosseum to present The Ronnie Scott s Story . Mixing classic music from the jazz greats who have performed at Ronnie Scott s such as Count Basie Nina Simone Ella Fitzgerald Sarah Vaughan and Miles Davis - with tales of old Soho miscreant musicians police raids and the mystery bottle of Mumm Champagne behind the bar - this is unique evening celebrating one of the world s most famous jazz venues it s music and history. Since 1959 the tradition at Ronnie Scott s has always been to have house musicians. That tradition continues with The Ronnie Scott All Stars Quintet led by pianist and Ronnie Scott s Club musical director James Pearson. Frequently to be found supporting some of the world s finest bands and orchestras they are also used by soloists who come to play at the club including Joss Stone Jeff Beck Katie Melua Will Young Dionne Warwick Housten Person Carleen Anderson Jon Hendricks ... to name just a few. Tickets 19.50 16.50 Watford Colosseum Rickmansworth Road Watford WD17 3JN 0845 075 3993 27 10CC - Mon 23 Feb Among the most inventive and influential bands in the history of popular music 10cc are one of the very few acts to have achieved commercial critical and creative success in equal measure with their current live incarnation still able to sell-out major concert halls. Testament to 10cc s ongoing appeal the band can count an array of fellow artists from Robert Plant Chrissie Hynde and Axl Rose to The Feeling s Dan Gillespie and Sophie Ellis Bextor among their many millions of fans. The band today are Rick Fenn (guitar bass and vocals) Mick Wilson (vocals percussion and guitar) Mike Stevens (keyboards guitar bass and vocals) Paul Burgess (drums) and Graham Gouldman (bass and vocals and guitar).The band will perform their classic album Sheet Music in its entirety with a special video contribution by Kevin Godley as well as all the classic hits including Rubber Bullets I m Not In Love The Wall Street Shuffle The Things we do for Love Donna and Dreadlock Holiday it s no surprise the band has sold 15 million albums in the UK alone. 10cc will be supported by Red Sky July. Red Sky July are husband and wife duo Ally Mcerlaine (guitarist in 15 million-selling band Texas) and Shelly Poole (previously one half of million-selling duo Alisha s Attic) along with former model Charity Hair (The Alice Band and latterly The Ailerons with Blur s Dave Rowntree). They came together to make music they love without boundaries or expectations. It was set to be a soul food side project however one day a week soon became seven and a group of songs with a hazy alt country americana inflected sound soon found their way into shaping and becoming a whole new venture. Tickets 30.50 28.50 Watford Colosseum Rickmansworth Road Watford WD17 3JN 0845 075 3993 The Dublin Legends formerly The Dubliners Tue 24 Feb Featuring Sean Cannon Eamonn Campbell Gerry O Connor & Paul Watchorn all true legends of Irish Folk music. Sean & Eamonn were members of The Dubliners for close to 30 years while Gerry joined them for the final part of their 50th Anniversary Tour. The Dublin Legends will continue the legacy started by Ronnie Drew Luke Kelly Ciaran Bourke Barney McKenna & John Sheahan back in 1962. As Barney himself said It s Too Late To Stop Now . The Lads are looking forward to entertaining & meeting all their old friends & fans in the UK & Europe in 2015 and will continue to play all the classic songs and ballads known the world over Whiskey in The Jar Dirty Old Town The Wild Rover Seven Drunken Nights The Rare Auld Times Finnegan s Wake Molly Malone The Monto Hand Me Down Me Bible The Irish Rover Black Velvet Band & many more. Tickets 23.00 21.00 Watford Colosseum Rickmansworth Road Watford WD17 3JN 0845 075 3993 Popular Peace Classics - Wed 25 Feb Join us once again for our prestigious Popular Peace Classics with a touch of Jazz . Enjoy an evening of outstanding music performed by the highly talented young musicians of the internationally renowned Purcell School of music. Purcell School for Music Aldenham Road Bushey WD23 2TS Ida (12A) - Wed 25 Feb Anna a young novice nun in 1960s Poland is on the verge of taking her vows when she discovers a dark family secret dating back to the years of the Nazi occupation. Old Town Hall High Street Hemel Hempstead HP1 3AE Simon Spillet Quartet - Thur 26 Feb The Cellar Club at the Old Town Hall Simon Spillet - saxes John Critchinson - piano Alec Dankworth - bass Clark Tracey drums. Described by the late Humphrey Lyttelton as formidable . Old Town Hall High Street Hemel Hempstead HP1 3AE Quiz Night in aid of Paul Strickland Scanner Centre Mount Vernon Hospital - Fri 27 Feb If you like a challenge and are up for a funpacked evening then join us at the Paul Strickland Scanner Centre Quiz Night. Teams will battle it out by answering questions from a wide variety of topics covering history music TV and sport. The Fairway Inn Rickmansworth Golf Club Moor Lane Rickmansworth WD3 1QL Ukes for Unicef 4 - Sat 28 Feb A Grand Ukulele Festival in aid of Unicef. There will be solo acts including Krabbers Ken Middleton Keef and Hamish Currie groups including last years stand out acts The Fog and the fabulous Sunnyside Serenaders and open mic sessions. Berkhamsted Civic Centre HP4 3HD Annabelle s Skirting Board Adventures - Sat 28 Feb Children s TV star Howard Read (Big Howard Little Howard) presents a new show for 3- to 6year olds with his unique blend of animation film and music all created live in front of the audience. Letchworth Arts Centre 2 The Arcade Letchworth Garden City SG3 3EW Arthur s Dream Boat- Sat 28 Feb Long Nose Puppets Theatre Company. One night Arthur has an amazing dream about a beautiful pink and green boat with a stripy mast. He can t wait to tell everyone about it but no one (not even his dog ) is interested. Old Town Hall High Street Hemel Hempstead HP1 3AE Beds Listings Exhibition by Eagle Gallery Members - til Sat 7 Feb Exhibition of Painting Print making Ceramics sculpture mixed media photographs jewellery textiles glass and more.101 Castle Road Bedford MK40 3QP Early Spring Exhibition - Sun 1 Tue 3 Feb to Sun 8 Tue 10 to Sun 15 Tue 17 to Sun 22 Tue 24 Feb to Sun 1 Mar Our next exhibition in our converted Grade II Listed Barn is to commence on 31st January through until 22nd March Our opening hours are from 11a.m. to 4.30p.m every Tuesday to Sunday inclusive (closed Mondays). Wood End Gallery Wood End Lane Pertenhall MK44 2AS Beacon Fairs - Sun 1 Feb Antique Fair at The Sharnbrook Hotel. An opportunity to buy quality antiques in a contemporary setting. This will be our 6th fair at this magnificent venue and as usual our stall holders will be offering a wide range of quality items. The Sharnbrook Hotel Park Lane Sharnbrook Near Bedford MK44 1LX Charity Quiz Night - Sun 1 Feb Charity Fun Quiz Night in aid of St John s Hospice Moggerhanger Bedfordshire. Cash and spot prizes. The Five Bells Henlow Village SG16 6AE Heart to Heart Psychic Fair - Sat 7 Feb The mind body and spirit fair with a heart. With proceeds going to the British Heart Foundation and Forest of Marston Valer Trust. With tarot readers spiritual gifts mediums and more entry is only 3. Marston Vale Forest Centre Station Road Marston Moretaine MK43 0PS Baby & Toddler Nearly New Sale - Sat 7 Feb 1.30-3.00pm. Come and grab a bargain on all baby & toddler essentials equipment and toys. Good quality items at low prices. Brickhill Community Centre Avon Drive Bedford MK41 7AF Highland Fling - Sun 8 Feb Have a great time and a real laugh dancing the evening away with friends. Excellent and experienced callers. The evening includes food and tea coffee. Bring your own alcohol. Jeremy & Grace will talk you through some simple Scottish dances. Eaton Bray Village Hall LU6 2DJ Learning Lunchtime Talk - General Sosabowski and WW2 - Mon 9 Feb General Sosabowski and the Second World War John Dale tell the tales of famous Polish General Sosabowski and the battle of Arnhem. Free talk no booking required 11am-12pm. Marston Vale Forest 28 Centre Station Road Marston Moretaine MK43 0PS Biggleswade Antiques Fair - Sun 15 Feb Over 45 stalls offering a range of antiques from silver quality jewellery glass china pictures postcards and kitchenalia. Our popular cafe serves lunches hot and cold drinks as well as a range of cakes jams and chutneys. The Weatherley Centre Eagle Farm Road Biggleswade SG18 8JH The Manor House Stevington - Open Garden for NGS - Sun 15 Feb Savour a Winter Walk through the Grasses Barks Stems Seedheads and Bulbs of the Manor House Garden. An avenue of white stemmed birch Betula utilis var jacquemontii Grayswood Ghost looks wonderful backed by creamy Pampass and Calamagrostis. The Manor House Stevington nr Bedford MK43 7QB Otter s Riverside Home - Kids Crafts - Tue 17 Feb Learn about the secretive otter and have fun creating a riverside scene in a shoe box. Sessions cost 3.50 per child and run for approx. 45 minutes at 10am 11am 1pm and 2pm. Parental supervision required and booking is essential. Marston Vale Forest Centre Station Road Marston Moretaine MK43 0PS Winter Adventure - Kids Outdoor activity - Fri 20 Feb Pull on your boots and wrap up warm for a winter adventure. A walk to the willow huts to enjoy storytelling around a fire warm up with a hot drink before beginning the search for spring. Sessions cost 4 per child and run for approx. 1hr15 minutes. Marston Vale Forest Centre Station Road Marston Moretaine MK43 0PS Blunham Book Sale - Sat 21 Feb Come and browse and buy our huge selection of nearly new books. Enjoy refreshments - teas coffee cakes & biscuits home made soup. All profits to Blunham Church Fabric Fund. St Edmund or St James Parish Church Blunham MK44 3NQ Car Boot Sale - Sat 21 Feb 9am -1pm. Have a winter clear out with pitches just 5 or come a long and have a browse. Milton Ernest Garden Centre Radwell Road Milton Ernest Bedford MK44 1SH Learning Lunchtime Talk - Splendour of the Ouse - Mon 23 Feb The Splendour of the Ouse Barrie Mason talks about this beautiful natural landmark and its significance in the local area. Free talk no booking required 11am12pm. Marston Vale Forest Centre Station Road Marston Moretaine MK43 0PS Philharmonia Orchestra Rachmaninov & Vaughan Williams - Sat 21 Feb The ecstatic virtuosity of Rachmaninov s Piano Concerto No. 3 meets the sweeping grandeur of Vaughan Williams s Fifth Symphony all led by the celebrated British conductor Martyn Brabbins. Bedford Corn Exchange St Paul s Square Bedford MK40 1SL Winter Wedding Fair - Wed 25 Feb A chance to view the Forest Centre as your potential wedding venue meet local suppliers of everything from dresses to cakes music to stationary - and get some inspiration for your big day. Free entry book in advance to receive your goodie bag.Marston Vale Forest Centre Station Road Marston Moretaine MK43 0PS Bedfordshire Symphony Orchestra - Romantic giants to wrap up the 19th Century - Sat 28 Feb Humperdinck - Overture Hansel and Gretel BRAHMS - Piano Concerto No. 2 in Bb Major Elgar - Enigma Variations. Soloist - Marina Nadirazde Conductor - Michael Rose. Three masterpieces from the last 20 years of the 19th Century. Bedford Corn Exchange St Pauls Square Bedford MK40 1LE Bucks Listings Boutique Cinema at Clayton s Marlow - Mon 2 Mon 9 Mon 16 Mon 23 Feb Every Monday Clayton s Marlow transforms into an intimate Boutique Cinema to show you the very best in film. Sit back in one of their comfy sofas sip on a cocktail grab a bite to eat and watch a film on their big screen. Clayton s Marlow 16 Oxford Road Marlow SL7 2NL Green Dragon Rare Breeds Farm and Eco Centre - til Fri 6 Feb Eco Centre caf and shop open. Great location for walking and cycling with stunning views over the Chiltern Hills. Claydon Road Hogshaw MK18 3LA Christmas 1914 Exhibition - Mon 2 to Fri 6 Mon 9 to Wed 11 Feb This exhibition from WW1 continues in the exercise yard. Buckingham Old Gaol Market Hill Buckingham MK18 1JX Tales from the Storytellers - Sun 1 Feb Join Peter Hearn and Sarah Law for an afternoon of enchanting tales interwoven with music poetry and song. Captivating for all ages Celebrating National Storytelling Week. Wycombe Museum Priory Avenue High Wycombe HP13 6PX Wing Book Fair - Sun 1 Feb The Wing Book Fair will be held once again at the stunning Village Hall in the delightful village of Wing. Wing Village Hall Wing LU7 0NW 29 Family History Talk Quaker Ancestry - Wed 4 Feb Quakers became a significant national religious group in the 1650s although their numbers declined dramatically after the 1740s. Many family historians have ancestors who were Quakers for two or three generations. Methodist Church Hall Queensway Bletchley Milton Keynes MK2 2HB Michael Jackson Tribute at B-Town - Wed 4 Feb This is thriller thriller night The King of Pop is back for one night only at B-Town. Robin Parsons from award-winning tribute act Forever Jackson is donning his sequin glove and moonwalking into Milton Keynes for a night of Wacko Jacko. B-Town 151 Grafton Gate Milton Keynes MK9 1AE Punch & Judy - Thur 5 to Sat 7 Feb Fantastic family pantomime. Punch is involved with smugglers and doesn t want his family to find out - so out comes the truncheon No truncheons were hurt in the making of this pantomime. Winslow Public Hall Elmfields Gate Winslow MK18 3JA The Magic Of Motown is coming to Aylesbury Fri 6 Feb Celebrating 50 years of UK number one hit singles the Magic of Motown brings its brandnew 2015 REACH OUT Tour to town. Aylesbury Waterside Theatre Exchange Street Aylesbury HP20 1UG Grease - Fri 6 & Sat 7 Feb Come along and watch this amazing fun-filled family friendly musical presented by Beaconsfield High School and The Beaconsfield School. Tickets are priced at 8 per adult 4 per child or a family ticket (2A & 2C) is 20. Beaconsfield High School HP9 1RR Archaeological Finds Identification - Sat 7 Feb Every year thousands of objects are found by members of the public. Ros Tyrrell will identify your finds and record them on the Portable Antiquities website. Wycombe Museum Priory Avenue. High Wycombe HP13 6PX Indoor Boot Sale - Sat 7 Feb Indoor Boot Sale in aid of 7th High Wycombe (Manor Farm) Scout Group Hazlemere Community Centre Rose Ave Hazlemere High Wycombe HP15 7UB Violin and piano concert - Sat 7 Feb Martyn Jackson (violin) and Petr Limonov (piano) play familiar and less familiar pieces for violin and piano duo. Programme Beethoven Kreutzer Sonata Ravel Sonata (1927) Dr Challoners High School Cokes Lane Little Chalfont HP7 9QB Amersham Concert Club - Sat 7 Feb Chamber Music Concert given by Martyn Jackson violin Petr Limonov piano Beethoven Kreutzer Sonata Ravel Sonata (1927) Prokofiev Five Melodies Wieniawski Faust Fantasy. Dr Challoner s High School Cokes Lane Little Chalfont HP7 9QB Awesome Animals Day Reptile Roadshow - Sat 7 Feb 12.30pm and 2.30pm Part of our Awesome Animals Activity Day. For 6 join our friends from the Reptile Roadshow and get in touch with your inner naturalist. 81 - 83 High Street Great Missenden HP16 0AL Twisted Soul Collective at Clayton s Marlow Sat 7 Feb Deck wizards Twisted Soul Collective grace the turntables at Clayton s Marlow to play selected cuts of disco soul funk rare groove nu-disco and house. Clayton s Marlow 16 Oxford Road Marlow SL7 2NL Free Piano Recital - Sat 7 Feb A tea-time recital of about one hour starting at 4pm with cakes and a cuppa thrown in. Voluntary donations for the church music fund. Our pianist Philip Garson played for us a couple of years ago and is coming up from Somerset again to play. Christ Church URC Oxford Road Marlow SL7 2NL Buckingham Garden Centre Potato Weekend Sat 7 & Sun 8 Feb Our Potato Weekend is the kick-start to the Grow Your Own Year. Tingewick Road Buckingham MK18 4AE Little Howard s Big Show For Kids - Sun 8 Feb Little Howard is the world s only live interactive animation. He s won so many awards and fantastic reviews and he s only just celebrated his 6th birthday (for the tenth year in a row) Stantonbury Theatre MK14 6BN Militaria Fair - Sun 8 Feb Arms and Armour UK are very proud to present The Bedford Militaria Fair at Stantonbury and hope that you will join us at the next event. As the press say Bedford is the miltaria fair with the big queue come and find out why Stantonbury Leisure Centre MK14 6BN Discover The National Archives - Tue 10 Feb The British National Archives span an unbroken period from the 11th century to the present day and is probably the world s most important archive collection. Community Centre Wakeman Road Bourne End SL8 5SX Model Railway Exhibition - Sat 14 Feb Always popular with families and children as well as experienced modellers our annual exhibition has expanded over the last few years to become one of the biggest and best-attended model railway 30 shows in the region. The Leisure Centre Stantonbury Arts & Leisure MK14 6BN Bourne End Community Food and Craft Market - Sat 14 Feb Bourne End Community Food & Craft Market 10am-1pm Second Saturday of every month in the Jackson Room of Bourne End Library Free Entry Disabled Access Public Car Park (reasonable charges 30p hour) on-site refreshments available. The Jackson Room Bourne End Library Wakeman Road Bourne End SL8 5SX The Seventh Bletchley Seed Swap - Sat 14 Feb It is time to be planning what you might grow in your garden or allotment this year Many plants vegetables fruit and herbs can be grown from seed. How our seed swap works. Freeman Memorial Methodist Church Buckingham Rd Bletchley MK3 5HH Model Railway Exhibition - Sat 14 Feb With over 40 layouts and 30 traders this is one of the largest model railway exhibitions in the region. With a new venue this year we have more exhibition space within two large halls so there should be less walking about Stantonbury Leisure Centre Stantonbury Milton Keynes MK14 6BN Clowning Around at Frosts The Big Top is Back - Sat 14 to Fri 20 Feb The tension of the tightrope the roar of the ringmaster and the comical mischief of the clowns...the best show in town is back as Frosts announces the return of the circus this February half term Newport Rd Woburn Sands Milton Keynes MK17 8UE Wheelchair Rugby - Sun 15 & Sat 28 Feb Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby (GBWR) are working in partnership with Milton Keynes Council and Stantonbury Arts & Leisure to bring this exciting Paralympic sport to Milton Keynes. Stantonbury Leisure Centre MK14 6BN Leafy Lantern Making - Mon 16 Feb Make a glowing lantern decorated with natural art materials to take home and brighten your garden over the long winter nights. Dress to go outside and get mucky. 2 donation and booking essential children must be accompanied by an adult. Colne Valley Park Visitor Centre Denham Country Park Denham UB8 5PG Talk RSPB Otmoor Reserve - past present and future - Tue 17 Feb Our speaker Barry Oxley was closely involved in the creation of this large wetland reserve in Oxfordshire which is open to all. The illustrated talk will start at 7.45 pm and finish by 10.00 pm. Great Missenden Memorial Centre HP16 9AE Children s Activities at Buckingham Old Gaol Wed 18 Feb A day late BUT Celebrate Pancake Day with us eating and playing Buckingham Old Gaol Market Hill Buckingham MK18 1JX Family History Talk Manorial Documents - Sat 21 Feb Manorial documents can be a valuable source to the family historian providing both genealogical and social information for the time prior to the creation of church records. Prebendal Farm Community Centre Somerville Way Fowler Road Aylesbury HP19 7QT Waterways in West Africa - Wed 25 Feb Dr David Hilling OBE is a Vice President of the Inland Waterways Association and lectures on all aspects of waterborne freight at Royal Holloway College. There are some 5 329 miles of inland waterways in Nigeria. Little Chalfont Village Hall Cokes Lane Little Chalfont HP8 4UD The Only Way is Downton - Wed 25 Feb Direct from a West End season comes this first national tour of Luke Kempner s tour-de-force impressions comedy in an extended version featuring exclusive new material. Stantonbury Theatre MK14 6BN Talk - Thur 26 Feb Well known David Jacques of the University of Buckingham will give a talk Time and Time and Time Again - a long-term Mesolithic encampment discovered at Stonehenge Buckingham Old Gaol Market Hill Buckingham MK18 1JX Buckingham Food Fair - Sat 28 Feb Come along and sample and purchase everything from cakes to locally brewed beer. Buckingham Community Centre Cornwall s Meadow Buckingham MK18 1RP MK Handmade & Vintage Weekend Extravaganza - Sat 28 Feb & Sun 1 Mar Forget Brighton or Camden Milton Keynes has one of the biggest handmade and vintage events in the country. In front of John Lewis Middleton Hall the centre mk Central Milton Keynes Shopping Centre MK9 3ES To be included in future listings Email thesticks9 Putting Listings in the subject line giving details of your event and contact details. Deadline for March Issue 15th February 31 - 32 - 33 34