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Scoop is a monthly (tabloid size) magazine focused on the African-American, urban perspective, it’s happenings, culture, people to know, places to go, what and where to eat, the sound of things all on beat. It’s benchmark for being in the know. We offer quality service in a friendly and professional environment resulting in a greater market share. We commit to informing our clients on the potential customer base in which they intend to serve to ensure that they have a clear understanding of Scoop the Entertainment Source's readership. We commit to providing superior customer service that far exceeds the client's expectation. Finally, through partnerships and active involvement in community programs and events, we commit to being significant in our efforts to report newsworthy information. We will provide our readers with the best urban message that Indianapolis has to offer. Scoop Entertainment focuses Indianapolis ’s current events, entertainment, as well as community developments within the surrounding areas. What's inside: Quality cover story about current events -"In The News" section, Business Profiles, interesting bits from the entertainment industry. Be sure to check out the new Scoop Entertainment Source Top R&B list!

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