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What are the benefits to Publishers?

TITLESTAND is a FREE digital Newsstand for connecting Publishers and Readers Online.

TITLESTAND is ideal for Publishers of any size. It is the perfect platform for Publishers to reach new Readers through the web and take advantage of the explosive growth in the creation and availability of digital editions online.

All our digital publications are automatically enabled for PC, Mac, Tablet and mobiles devices for a highly interactive experience for the digital edition reader.

Your Digital Publications are automatically compatible with all devices.  No Apps required.  Your Editions are instantly viewable on any PC, Mac, Tablet and Mobile.

Your publications can be displayed on your website, added to your social media sites, emailed to your own audiences and added to our to further increase distribution.


  • Choose to distribute your Publications, for FREE
  • Instantly SELL your Publications Online.
    And KEEP all your Sales Revenue!


CREATE and SHARE your Digital Publications Online, FREE

Through our sister site,, publishers are able to instantly create their digital publications and Freely distribute their Publications through

Just open an Account and start unlimited ePublishing for FREE.

Add Stunning Animation with Advanced RICH MEDIA. Just a few simple clicks to add all your URL’s, Page and Email links, and Video & Sound clips. You can even add your own Brand and Advertising banners.

Instantly SELL your Digital Publications Online

Want to just SELL your individual editions?

Through our sister site,, publishers are able to instantly create their digital publications and make them instantly available for SALE on their website, added to their social media sites, emailed to existing and new audiences and added to to further increase distribution.

Simply choose the PRO or ONE SHOTPlans to instantly SELL your selected Issues Online.

There are no other costs, so you retain ALL your Sales revenue from your Subscription sales!
“You do not lose a penny to third party sites or platforms”.
After all, it's your publication.

  • Add your Price to activate, with automatically enabled eCommerce cart and Subscriber accounts.
  • You can even upload your existing subscriber lists.
  • With comprehensive tracking included.

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