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Digital Publishing

Put your content online for the world to see, create new revenue from your work or send your message out to more people

Electronic publishing, digital publishing or ‘ePublishing’ is where content creators can put copies of their printed publications online for the world to see. Nearly everybody carries around a mobile device, tablet or laptop today, and electronic publishing makes it easy for you to turn these ‘users’ into an audience for your books, magazines, catalogues, brochures, articles and flyers.

Online bookstores and publishing websites like our own, Titlestand, offer you the opportunity to become a digital publisher with ease. Upload the PDF of your print edition to our website and we’ll turn your book, magazine or catalogue into an e publish copy that can be shared with the world, sold and subscribed to by anyone in the world. We make your content compatible with PC, Mac, mobile phones and tablets so that anyone in the world can access your digital edition online and with ease.

Titlestand and our sister site epublish4me gives you access to a huge audience that you just can’t reach with print alone. It costs less to publish online and still offers the potential for great revenue through sales and subscriptions. Our free Titlestand accounts let you get started viewing free content with users while an upgraded account gives you the ability to purchase paid publications online, whenever and wherever you like.

ePublish your content online and expand your reach and creates new opportunities. Interact with your audience in a new and exciting way by taking advantage of one of the fastest growing trends in the world of print media.

We make it easy to engage new audiences at Titlestand. Search for free titles and paid titles and never miss a publication of your favourite magazine. Contact the Titlestand team for more information.

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