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Titlestand offers you digital flip book that can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world.

Flip books are digital versions of print publications, easy to download all over the world and ready to be read today. They’re cheap to access through Titlestand - all you need is a Titlestand account and you can download a digital flip book that you can read anywhere.

Known as a flipbook because of the readers ability to ‘flip through the pages’ right on their screen, Titlestand allows readers to access their content online from any device. We’re compatible with PCs, Macs, mobile devices and tablets - readers can view digital editions anywhere at any time.

As digital distribution reaches new popularity and almost everyone has the ability to access publications online from any device, online magazines are the now and the future; so why are you still waiting? Register for a free account with Titlestand today and begin browsing copies of free editions and paid titles just waiting for you to read them. Download your preferred publication and read it whenever and wherever you choose. Titlestand even offers a wide range of interest categories to suit all readers.

You can even access publications designed to give you a truly interactive experience. Digital flip books can now be embedded with videos, audio and links so you get so much more than with a traditional print version. Gone are the days of simple print editions and their limited value. Join the new generation of digital flip books.

We make it easy to access and read a digital flip book from your mobile device. Add video, audio and links to your work and allow your audience to access your content with ease from any device - PC, Mac, mobile or tablet. Create a free account with Titlestand and read your content online with free editions and paid titles available.

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